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In February, 1865, just after he had retired from busi- 
ness and when he was fifty-two years old, Mr. Deane wrote 
a brief sketch of the earlier part of his life, and brought the 
narrative down to a time when he had already formed those 
acquaintances which caused a good part of the enjoyments at- 
tending his less active but riper years. 

*' I was born in Biddeford, in the State of Maine, on the Saco River, Nov. 
10, 181 3. My father, Dr. Ezra Deane, was descended from Walter Deane, 
who with his brother John came from Chard, near Taunton in England, and 
settled in Taunton, Massachusetts, then in Plymouth Colony. My father was 
bom in Connecticut, and after getting his profession of a physician, he re- 
moved to Maine, and lived in different places before he settled in Biddeford. 
When old enough I went to the public school at Biddeford. For a few quar- 
ters I went to the Saco Academy. I also attended a classical school kept by 
Phineas Pratt, formerly preceptor of the academy. When not yet sixteen 
years of age I went to Kennebunkport to live with my mother's brother, Silas 
Moody, who kept there a shop, with such variety of merchandise as is usual in 
* Country Stores.' It was my duty to open the store in the morning, sweep it 
out, make the fire when needed, and attend on customers, as I was able. The 


preaching on Sunday was during my stay there a part of the time at the old 
meeting-house where my grandfather once preached, and a part of the time 
at the meeting-house in the village. They were two miles apart. The preach- 
ing was orthodox, and my uncle and aunts were of that persuasion. I remained 
in Kennebunkport about a year and a half, and then I went into the store of 
Mr. Joseph M. Hayes, of Saco (on Cutts or Factory Island). I was expected 
to sleep in the store with the older clerk, and to take my meals at Mr. Hayes's 
house very near the store. I had duties to perform similar to those in my 
uncle's store, but I had harder work. Saco was a flourishing place, and the 
York Company's establishment there gave us a good deal of business. I had 
the privilege of spending Sundays at my father's house and of going to church 
with the family. I served Mr. Hayes two years, and with letters of introduc- 
tion from my employer, I visited Boston and New York, in the spring of 1833, 
with a view to finding a situation. I had a letter to Messrs. Waterston, Pray, 
& Co. of Boston, into whose employ I finally agreed to go ; and entered their 
store, August 23, 1833, as a salesman. I was then over nineteen years of age. 
My situation was a pleasant one, and I believe I commended myself to my 
employers. My agreement for salary was two hundred dollars a year until I 
should be twenty-one. On arriving at that age I agreed again with them for 
three years. In 1840 I was advertised a partner in the house of Waterston, 
Pray & Co., and the next year was married to Mr. Waterston 's eldest daughter. 

** Soon after this I began to add to my slender stock of books. I 
date my love and taste for books and reading, in American history especially, 
from a summer spent in 1S43 at Hingham. I found I did not know the dis- 
tinction between the Old Colony and the Massachusetts Colony, and I desired 
to inform myself ; and soon after I began reading about our early history. I 
found at Bumham's book-shop a copy of Morton's * New England's Mem- 
orial,' edition of 1721. I bought it and read it. I also bought Young's 
* Chronicles of the Pilgrims,' which was published a few years before (1841). I 
also read Allen's' American Biography,' the first edition, 1806. I soon after 
became acquainted with Dr. Alexander Young and Edward A. Crowninshield, 
who were much interested in these early books, and their acquaintance gave 
me new zest for the buying of books. I also becanie acquainted with Mr. 
Henry Stevens of Vermont, who soon afterwards went to London, where he 
has acted as agent for American book-buyers. He has sent me a great many 
volumes, though few compared with what he has sent to other purchasers, like 
Mr. Brown of Providence, and Mr. Lenox of New York. My acquaintance 
also with my friend George Livermore has formed a pleasant circumstance in 
my life. 

** Before becoming so much interested in New England history, I had 
been a good deal occupied with the study of mental philosophy, or that part of 
it which relates to the freedom of the will, and I had bought and read a good 
many books on the subject. I had felt deeply that the necessitarians had the 
best of the arguments. I used as I had the opportunity to converse with my 
father on these themes. He was a believer in philosophical necessity. 


** t wrote occasionally for the newspapers, and intended to preserve 
such communications for future reference, and indeed have for the most part 
done so. 

" For the past ten years (now February, 1865) I have had considerable to 
do in connection with the volumes of the Historical Society." 

Here the brief sketch ends. 

Mr. Deane*s business career was a successful one; and 
when he left his mercantile connections, he did so with the 
satisfaction of having passed through his commercial experi- 
ence with credit and an untarnished name. 

Mr. Deane's studies early made him familiar with the as- 
pects of those beginnings of our American history which are 
associated with the banks of the James, in Virginia, and im- 
parted also so much of interest to the diversified shores of 
New England ; and his love of this history never ceased. It 
is not easy to say whether, in the estimation of scholars, he 
identified himself more with the problems of the opening years 
of the Plymouth than of the Virginia Colony. He naturally 
turned in the first instance to the oldest of the New England 
settlements; and the scrap-book which contains his early news- 
paper communications shows a great preponderance of interest 
in the Pilgrim story. 

The reputation which Mr. Deane has left behind him is 
that of an historical scholar almost peerless among his Ameri- 
can contemporaries, if we separate this condition from that of 
a writer. He has not associated his name with any great, 
long-sustained piece of historical writing, but he has raised as 
a monument of his labors the image of an untiring investi- 
gator, a conscientious painstaker in research, and an exemplar 
for judicial fairness. 

Harvard College conferred upon Mr. Deane the degree 
of Master of Arts in 1856; and when the University cele- 
brated its two hundred and fiftieth anniversary in 1886, and 


Representative men from all parts of the country were called 
to her festival to receive honor at her hands, Mr. Deane stood 
up before the assembly, and received from President Eliot the 
designation of ''antiquary and historian, a master among 
students of American history," while he was made a Doctor 
of Laws. Bowdoin had conferred the same degree upon him 
in 1871, 

He died on the 13th of November, 1889, having just com- 
pleted his seventy-sixth year. 

He was elected member of the Massachusetts Historical 
Society in 1849, ^^^^ of ^he New England Historic Genealogical 
Society, 1845; Rhode Island Historical Society, 1847; New 
York Historical Society, 1852; Newport Historical Society, 
1854; Wisconsin Historical Society, 1856; Historical Society 
of Delaware; Long Island Historical Society, 1868; Maine 
Historical Society, 1870; Virginia Historical Society, 1881; 
Essex Institute, 1887; American Historical Association, 1884; 
American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1866; London So- 
ciety of Antiquaries, 1878; American Antiquarian Society, 
1851; Northwestern Literary and Historical Society, Webster 
Historical Society, Numismatic and Antiquarian Society of 
Philadelphia, Harvard Historical Association, etc. 



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6'S 3 [Abbott.] The same. 8° cloth, uncut. 









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** Daniel Leonard, and not Jonathan Sewall, was the author of the 
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An autograph note signed by the author inserted. 

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half calf. 



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83 American Trade. That the trade to Affrica, is only Man- 

ageable by an Incorporated Company and a Joynt 
Stock, demonstrated in a Letter to a Member of the 
present House of Commons, by a Gentleman in the City, 
pp. 7. Folio, half calf. (London, 1690) 

84 American Weekly Messenger, or Register of State Papers, 

History and Politics, 1813-15. x vols, royal 8° half 
sheep. Phila., 1814-16 

85 Ames, Fisher. Works of; with Notices of his Life and 

Character. Portrait. 8° diamond russia. Boston, 1809 

86 Amory, Thomas C. William Blackstone, Boston's first in- 

habitant, n. p. n. d. ; — William Blaxton, 1595-1675; — 
General Sullivan not a Pensioner of Luzerne, 1815; — 
The same, second ed. ; — Memoir of Hon. William Sulli- 
van, 1879; — Daniel Sullivan's Visits to Gen. John Sulli- 
van, 1884. 5 pamphlets. 

87 Amos, Andrew. The Great Oyer of Poisoning; the Trial 

of the Earl of Somerset for the Poisoning of Sir Thomas 
Overbury, in the Tower of London, pp. 551. Portraits. 
8^ cloth, uncut. London, 1846 


8 Amyraldus, Mayses. A Treatise concerning Religions, 
pp. 539. 16** calf, (broken). London, 1660 

Anburey, Thomas. Travels through the Interior Parts of 
' America in a Series of Letters. By an Officer. Map 

I and plates. 2 vols. 8° half morocco. London, 1789 

90 Anburey. The same. New ed. pp. 414, 492. Plates. 
2 vols. 8° boards, uncut. London, 1791 

^i Anderson, Christopher. The Annals of the English Bible, 
pp. 592, 684. Portrait. 2 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. 

W. Pickering: London, 1845 

)2 Anderson, James S. M. The History of the Church of 
England in the Colonies and foreign Dependencies of 
the British Empire. Second ed. Maps. 3 vols. 16° 
cloth, uncut. London, 1856 

93 Anderson, Rufus. History of the Sandwich Islands Mis- 
sion, pp. 408. Portrait. 12° cloth. Boston, 1870 

94 Andover, Mass. History of, from its Settlement to 1829. 
By Abiel Abbot, pp. 204. 12° boards. Andover, 1829 

95 Andr^. The Life and Career of Major John Andrd, Ad- 
jutant-General of the British Army in America. By 
Winthrop Sargent, pp 471. 8*^ cloth, uncut. 

Boston, 1861 
Large Paper; Only 75 copies printed. 

96 Andr6. An Authentic Narrative of the Causes which lead 
to the Death of Major Andr^. By Joshua Hett Smith. 
Portrait, plate and map. 8** morocco, extra. 

London, 1808 

97 Andr^. Monody on Major Andr^, and Elegy on Captain 
Cook. By Anna Seward. Also Mr. Pratt's Sympathy, 
a Poem. Frontispiece. 16** calf, (broken). 

London, 1817 

98 Andr£. Proceedings of a Board of General Officers, Held 
by order of His Excellency Gen. Washington, Com- 
mander in Chief of the Army of the United States of 
America Respecting Major John Andr^, Adjutant Gen- 
eral of the British Army. Sept. 29, 1780. pp. 5-13. 
Small 4** calf. (Title-page and first leaf wanting). 

Printed by Francis Bailey in Market-St: (Phila., 1780) 

99 Andr6. Record of the Trial of Joshua Hett Smith, Esq. 
for alleged Complicity in the Treason of Benedict 
Arnold, 1780. By H. B. Dawson, pp. 116. 8** paper, 
uncut. ^orrisania, 1866 

Only jo copies printed. 



loo Andr£, a tragedy in five acts as now performing at the 
Theatre in New York, (by William Dunlap), to which 
is added the Cow-Cbace, a satirical poem by Major 
Andr^, with the proceedings of the Court-Martial and 
authentic documents concerning him. pp. no. 8^ cloth. 

London, 1799 

loi Andrew, John A. Address to Mass. Legislature, Jan. 9, 
1863; — Valedictory Address, Jan. 4, 1866; — Eulogy on 
J. A. Andrew, by E. P. Whipple, 1867; — Memoir of J. 
A. Andrew, by P. W. Chandler, April 1880; — Cor- 
respondence between Andrew and Butler, 1862. 5 

103 Andrews, C. C. Minnesota and Decotah; in Letters de- 
scriptive of a Tour through the North West, in the 
Autumn of 1856. pp.215. 12** cloth. Washington, 1857 

103 Andrews, John. History of the War with America, 

France, Spain, and Holland, commencing in 1775 and 
ending in 1783. 24 fine portraits and maps. 4 vols. 8® 
calf, (cracked). London, 1785 

104 Andrews. Letters of. 1772-1776. Compiled and edi- 

ted from the original MSS. By Winthrop Sargent. 
(Corrected in ink). 8° cloth. Cambridge, 1866 

105 Andros, Sir Edmund. A Narrative of the Proceedings of 

Sir Edmond Androsse and his Complices, who acted 
by an illegal and arbitrary Commission from the late 
K. James, during his Government in New England, 
pp. 12. Small 4** half calf. Printed in the year 1691 

106 Andros. The Revolution in New-England justified, and 

the People there vindicated from the Aspersions cast 
upon them by Mr. John Palmer, etc. pp. 59. 8° half 
morocco, gilt. (Title mended). Boston, 1773 

107 Andros. Memoir of. By W. H. Whitmore. Portrait. 

Royal 4° paper, uncut. Boston, 1868 

Reprinted from Andros Tracts. 

108 Qlngliarat loljann von. Die Schiffung mitt dem Lanndt 

der Gulden Insel gefunde durch Hern Johan vo Angliara, 

Hauptman des cristenlichen Kiinigs vo Hispania. 

JBlark £etta:. pp. 6. Small 4° half roan. Circa, 1520 

** Voyage to the land of the Golden Island." With a full trans- 
lation and notes, in manuscript, by F. 13. Perkins. 

109 Annapolis, Md. Annals of, from 1649 to 1812. By 

David Ridgely. pp. 283. Plate. 12° cloth. 

Baltimore, 1841 

no [Annesley]. Memoirs of an unfortunate young Noble- 
man, return'd from a Thirteen Years Slavery in Am- 
erica, etc. pp. 277. 16° half morocco. London, 1743 



111 Anson, George. A Voyage round the World, in the 

years 1740-44. Compiled by Richard Walter, pp. 536. 
Maps. 15th ed. 8° tree calf, gilt. London, 1780 

112 Antiquitates Americanae, sive Scriptores Septentrionales 

rerum Ante-Columbianarum in America. Edid. Societas 
Regia Antiq. Septentrion. pp. 479. With 17 plates, 
fac-similes of ancient MSS. antiquities and maps. Royal 
4** boards, uncut. Hafniae, (Copenhagen), 1837 

113 Apes, William. A Son of the Forest, experience of 

William Apes, portrait, N. Y., 1831; — Eulogy on King 
Philip as pronounced at the Odeon in Federal St., 
Bost., frontispiece, Bost., 1836. 2 vols. 16° sheep. 

114 Apiani, Petrus. Cosmographia Petri Apiani, per Gem- 

mam Frisium aucta. Additis eiusdem argumenti libellis 
ipsius Gemmae Frisii. With map-monde, wood-cuts, 
movable diagrams and an inserted portrait. Small 
folio, calf. Antuerpiae, 1545 

115 Apology for the Parliament, humbly representing to Mr. 

John Gailhard some Reasons, etc. In two letters by 
different hands, pp.43. Small 4° half calf. Lond., 1697 

116 Appleton, Nathaniel. Funeral Sermon on Spencer Phips, 

Esq., late Lieutenant-Governor of Massachusetts Bay, 
April 14, 1757. pp. 43. 8** calf, gilt. Boston, 1757 

117 Appleton, Samuel. Memorial of Samuel Appleton, of 

Ipswich, Mass., with Genealogical Notices of some of 
his Descendants. By I. A. Jewett. Plates. Royal 8° 
cloth. Boston, 1850 

118 Appleton, W. S. Ancestry of Priscilla Baker, who 

lived 1674-1731, and was wife of Isaac Appleton, of 
Ipswich. Small 4** cloth. Cambridge, 1870 

119 Appleton. Monumental Memorials of the Appleton 

Family. 4** paper. Boston, 1867 

Only i 50 copies privately printed. 

120 Appleton's American Cyclopaedia, and Register of impor- 

tant Events, 1861, 2, 3, 4. 4 vols, royal 8** half russia, 
gilt. • New York, 1864-5 

121 Appleton's Cyclopaedia of Biography. American ed., edi- 

ted by F. L. Hawks, pp. 1058. Royal 8® half morocco, 
(covers broken). New York, 1856 

122 Arber's English Reprints. 7 vols. 16° paper, uncut. 

London, 1869 

Comprises : — Sir Thomas More, Utopia 1516 ; — Stephen Gos- 
son. The Schoole of Muse, 1 579 ; — Edward Webb, His Trauailes, 
1590; — James Howell, Instructions for foreign Travell, 1642; — 
Geo. Villiers, The Rehearsal, 1671; — 'James I, Essays in Poesie, 
1585. A Counterblaste to Tobacco, 1604; — John Earles, Micro- 
cosmographie, 1628. 


123 Archaeological Institute of America. First, second, 

third and fifth Reports of the Executive Committee, 
1879-82. 4 pamphlets. Cambridge, 1880-84 

124 Argyll, Duke of. The Reign of Law, London, 1867; — 

The Science of Law, by Sheldon Amos, N. Y., 1872. 2 
vols. 8® and 12** cloth. 

125 Ariosto, Ludovico. Orlando Furioso. Translated with 

notes, by John Hoole. Plates after Angelica KauflFmau 
and Stothard, engraved by Bartolozzi. 5 vols. 8** calf, 
gilt. London, 1799 

126 Aristeus. The Ancient History of ; the Septuagint. 

Written in Greeke, by Aristeus 1900 years since. New- 
ly done into English. By J. Done. pp. 219. 16° 
sheep. London, 1633 

127 Arnold, Benedict. Life of. By Isaac N. Arnold, pp. 

444. 8** cloth. Chicago, 1880 

128 Arnold, Isaac N. Benedict Arnold at Saratoga, 1879; — 

William B. Ogden and Early Days in Chicago, 1881; — 
Abraham Lincoln, 1881; — Reminiscences of the Illi- 
nois Bar, forty years ago, 1881; — The Layman's Faith, 
1882; — Recollections of the Early Chicago and Illi- 
nois Bar; — Memoriam of Isaac N. Arnold and Arthur 
M. Arnold, 1885. 7 pamphlets. 

129 Arnold, S. G. History of the State of Rhode Island and 

Providence Plantations, 1 636-1 790. pp. 574, 592, 2 
vols. 8° cloth. New York, 1859 

130 Arnold, Thomas. Introductory Lectures on Modern 

History, pp. 315. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1845 

131 2l0Cl)ain, Boger. The Schoolmaster, or Play ne and perfite 

way of teaching children, to understande, write, and 
speake the Latin toong, etc. fol. 60. JBlack UttUv. 

Printed by Abell Jejffes: London, 1589 
In the same Volume: A Report and Discourse written by 
Roger Ascham, of the affaires and state of Germany 
and the Emperour Charles his Court, duryng certaine 
yeares while the sayd Roger was there, fol. 33. Slack 
£etUr. Small 4° calf, red edges. 

At London, printed by John Daye, n. d. 

132 Ash, Thomas. Carolina; or, a Description of the Pres- 

ent State of that Country, pp. 40. Small 4° vellum, 

gilt. London, 1682 

'* Contains the first account of the English settlers at Port Royal." 

133 [AsHE, Thomas.] Travels in America, performed in 1806, 

for the Purpose .of Exploring the Rivers Alleghany, 
Monongahela, Ohio and Mississippi. pp. 366. 12** 
boards, uncut, (name cut from title.) New York, 181 1 





134 AsHER, A. Bibliographical Essay on the Collection of 
Voyages and Travels, edited and published by Levinus 
Hulsius and his successors at Nuremberg and Franc- 
fort, from 1598 to 1660. pp. 118. 4® boards. 

London^ 1839 

AspiNWALL, Thomas. Catalogue of books relating to 
America, pp. 66, 8^ half calf. • 1858 

AspiNWALL, William. An Explication and Application of 
the Seventh Chapter of Daniel, etc. pp. 44. Small 
4** calf, yellow edges by Bedford. London, 1654 

Assembly's Catechism. The Confession of Faith, the 
larger and shorter Catechisms, with the Scripture 
Proofs at large, pp. 546, 22. 12° morocco. 

Glasgow, 1757 

138 AssiENTO (The); or, Contract for allowing to the Subjects 

of Great Britain the Liberty of Importing Negroes in- 
to the Spanish America, signed by the King at Madrid, 
March 26, 1713. In Spanish and English, pp. 48. No 
title, the heading on page i. Small 4° half roan. (1713) 

139 AsTLE, Thomas. Origin and Progress of Writing, as well 

hieroglyphic as elementary. Illustrated by engravings 
taken from marbles, manuscripts and charters, ancient 
and modern, also some account of the origin and pro- 
gress of printing. PP- (25) 235. 4° calf. London, 1734 

AsTOR Library. Catalogue or Alphabetical Index of the 
Astor Library. 5 vols, royal 8** paper, uncut. 

New York, 1857 

Atkinson, N. H. Memoirs of a New England Village 
Choir; with Occasional Reflections. By Mrs. Oilman. 
16® morocco, gilt, (title mounte;^). Boston, 1829 

142 Attleborough, Mass. Sketch of the History of Attle- 
I borough, from its settlement to the present time. By 

John Daggett, pp. 136. 8® boards. Dedham, 1834 

143 Atwater, Caleb. Remarks made on a Tour to Prairie 

du Chien, thence to Washington City, in 1829. 12° 
half sheep. * Columbus, O., 1831 

144 Aubrey, John. Letters written by Eminent Persons in 

the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. 3 vols. Lon- 
don, 1813; — Miscellanies upon the following subjects: 
Fatality, Omens, Voices, Apparitions, etc. London, 
1721. I vol. Together 4 vols. 8° full morocco, extra. 

145 Austin, Benjamin, Jr. Constitutional Republicanism in 

Opposition to Fallacious Federalism. With a prepara- 
tory address by B. Austin, jun. 8° half calf, gilt. 

Boston, 1803 




146 Autographic Souvenir. A collection of Autographic 

Letters, Interesting Documents, etc., executed in fac- 
simile, by F. G. Nethercliflf, with transcriptions by 
Richard Sims, ist series. Royal 4° cloth. London. 

147 Autograph Leaves of our Country's Authors. Royal 

4° cloth. Baltimore, 1864 

148 t^ACKUS, Isaac. A History of New England, with 
I J particular Reference to the Denomination of Chris- 
tians called Baptists. Vol. i. Boston, 1777. Vol. 2. 
Providence, 1784. 2 vols. 8° sheep. 

149 Backus. An Abridgement of the Church History of New 

England, from 1602 to 1804. pp. 271. 8° sheep. 

Boston, 1804 

150 Bacon, Francis. Works, collected and edited by James 

Spedding, Robert Leslie Ellis, and Douglas D. Heath. 
Portraits on India paper; the arms of Bacon in gold and 
colors on each title. 15 vols. 8° half morocco, (rox- 
burghe), gilt tops, uncut. 

Riverside Press: Cambridge, 1863 
Large Paper; only 100 copies printed. 

151 Bacon. The Essaies of Sr. Francis Bacon. His Reli- 

gious Meditations. Places of Perswasion and Disswa- 
sion. 24° calf extra, gilt edges. 

Printed at London for John Jaggard, 16 13 

152 Bacon. Essays and Colours of Good and Evil. With 

Notes and Glossary Index, by W. A. Wright, pp. 464. 
16° cloth, uncut. Cambridge, 1863 

153 Bacon. The Two Books of the Proficience and Advance- 

ment of Learning, pp. 402. 12** cloth, uncut. 

Pickering: London, 1825 

154 Bacon. Personal History of, from unpublished Papers. 

By W. H. Dixon, pp. 424. 8® boards, uncut. 

Boston, 1 86 1 
Large Paper ; only 75 copies printed. 

15s Bacon, Delia. The Philosophy of the Plays of Shakspere 
unfolded. With a Preface by Nathaniel Hawthorne, 
pp. 582. 8° half morocco, uncut, gilt top. Boston, 1857 

156 Baillie, Robert. A Disuasive from the Errours of the 

Time, wherein the Tenets of the principall Sects, espec- 
ally of the Independents, are drawn together, etc. By 
Robert Baylie. pp.252. Small 4** old calf. London, 1645 

157 Baillie. Anabaptism, the true Fountaine of Indepen- 

dency, Brownisme, and the most of the other Errours, 
in a Second Part of ** The Dissuasive, etc. pp. (i) 
30, 191. 4° calf. London, 1647 


158 Baillie, Robert. Letters and Journals, containing an 

impartial Account of Public Transactions, Civil, Ec- 
clesiastical, and Military, in England and Scotland, 
from 1637 to 1662. 2 vols. 8** calf. Edinburgh, 1775 

159 Baker, Sir Richard. A Chronicle of the Kings of Eng- 
land, from the Time of the Romans Government, unto 
the Death of King James, whereunto is added the Reign 
of King Charles the First, and the first Thirteen Years 
of King Charles the Second. Fifth impression, pp. 
771 and Index. Folio, calf, gilt. London, 1670 

160 Baker, W. S. The Engraved Portraits of Washington. 
4° cloth, uncut. Phila., 1880 

Only 500 copies printed. 

[61 Baker, Reed, and Jones. Biographia Dramatica; or a 
Companion to the Play House, with Historical Memoirs 
and Anecdotes, Dramatic Writers, Introductory Ac- 
count of the Rise and Progress of the English Stage. 
4 vols. 8° half calf. London, 1812 

162 Bakewell, F. C. Natural Evidence of a Future Life. 

pp. 372. 8® half calf. London, 1835 

163 Baltimore, Md. Picture of Baltimore, containing a De- 

scription of all Objects of Interest in the City. pp. 
249. Map and plates. 18° morocco. Baltimore, 1832 

164 Bancroft, George. History of the United States. Por- 

traits on India paper. 10 vols, imperial 8° cloth, un- 
cut. Boston, 1861, etc. 
Large Paper ; only 50 copies printed. 

165 Bancroft. The same. First editions Portraits. 10 

vols. 8® cloth. Boston, 1834-66 

166 Bancroft. The same. Vols. 1-7. Various editions. 

Portraits. 7 vols. 8° cloth. Boston, 1843-58 

167 Bancroft. The same. pp. 573. Map and portraits. 

Royal 8° cloth, uncut. Edinburgh, 1843 

168 Bancroft. General Index to Bancroft's History of the 

United States. 8° paper. Boston, 1875 

169 Bancroft. Poems. First ed. pp. 77. 12° boards, un- 

cut edges. Cambridge, 1823 

170 Bancroft-Reed Controversy. Joseph Reed, an histori- 

cal essay, by George Bancroft, pp. 64, 1869; — Rejoinder 
to Bancroft's Historical Essay on President Reed, by 
W. B. Reed, pp. 114, 1867; — President Reed of Penn- 
sylvania, a reply to Mr. Bancroft and others, pp. 132, 
1867. 3 vols. 8° cloth and paper. New York and Phila. 

171 Bancroft, H. H. History of the Pacific States of North 

America. Vol. I. pp. 704. Map. 8° paper, uncut. 

San Francisco, 1882 


172 Bandinel, James. Some Account of the Trade in Slaves 

from Africa as connected with Europe and America. 
Royal 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1842 

173 Banks, Dr. C. E. Colonel Alexander Rigby. a Sketch of 

his Career and connection with Maine as Proprietor of 
the Plough Patent and President of the Province of 
Lygonia, Portrait. Small 4® paper, uncut. 
Only 50 copies privately printed. Portland, 1885 

174 Barbados. Short History of Barbados, from its first 

Discovery and Settlement, to the present time. pp. 
132. 16° calf. London, 1768 

175 Barbary. a Complete History of the Piratical States of 

Barbary, viz. : Algiers, Tunis, Tripoli, and Morocco, 
pp. 368. Map. 8° old calf. London, 1750 

176 Barbauld, Anna L. Works of. With a Memoir by Lucy 

Aiken. 2 vols, sheep and i vol. boards. 3 vols. 12®. 

Boston, 1826 

177 Barb^-Marbois. Histoire de la Louisiane. pp. 485. 

Map. 8° half calf. Paris, 1829 

178 Barbi^-Marbois. History of Louisiana. Translated 

from the French, pp. 455. 8° morocco, gilt, red 
edges. Phila., 1830 

179 [Barber, J. W.] Historical Scenes in the United States. 

Map and 48 engravings. 16® cloth. New Haven, 1827 

180 [Barber.] New England Scenes; or, a selection of im- 

portant and interesting events which have taken 
place since the first settlement of New England. Il- 
lustrated. 18° half morocco. New Haven, 1833 

181 Barber. Historical Collections of Connecticut, pp.560. 

Map and illustrations. 8° sheep. New Haven, 1838 

182 Barber. Historical Collections of Massachusetts, pp. 

624. Map and illustrations. 8** half morocco. 

Worcester, 1839 

183 Barber. Historical, Poetical and Pictorial American 

Scenes, pp. 120. Map and illustrations. Small 8** 
cloth, uncut. New Haven, (1850) 

184 Barber. The same. Improved edition. Small 8** 

boards, uncut. New Haven, 1852 

185 Barber. Historical Collections of the State of New 

York. pp. 409, (8). Map and illustrations. 8** cloth. 

New York, .1851 

186 [Barclay, Robert]. Catechism and Confession of Faith, 

approved of, and agreed unto, by the General Assembly 
of the Patriarchs, pp. 159. 16° sheep. 

James Franklin: Newport, 1752 


187 Barclay. The Anarchy of the Ranters, and other Liber- 
tines; the Hierarchy of the Romanists, and other pre- 
tended Churches equally refuted, in a two-fold Apology 
for the Church and People called Quakers, pp. 112. 
(Also) An Epistle to the National Meeting of Friends 
in Dublin. By Joseph Pike. pp. 23. 16° antique 
calf, red edges. (Small piece at bottom of title men- 
dejfl). B. Franklin & D. Hall: Phila., 1757 

188 Barclay. An Apology for the True Christian Divinity; 
being an Explanation and Vindication of the Principles 
and Doctrines of the People called Quakers. Eighth 
ed. pp. 574. 4° sheep. London, 1780 

Large Paper. 

189 Barker, Jacob. Incidents in the Life of Jacob Barker 
of New Orleans, La., from 1800 to 1855. pp. 285. 8® 
cloth. Privately printed : Washington, 1855 

190 Barlow, Joel. The Vision of Columbus, a Poem. Fifth 
ed. pp. 304. Fine portrait. 8** half morocco, (title 
mended). Paris, 1793 

191 Barlow. The Columbiad, a Poem. pp. 427. 8** half 
calf. London, 1809 

192 Barlow. The Columbiad, a Poem. pp. 454. Illustrated 
with a portrait and fine plates after Smirke. Royal 4® 
boards, uncut edges. Phila., 1807 

The quarto edition was printed at the expense of Robert Fulton^ 
to whom it was dedicated. It is "a new edition, with great altera- 
tions of the * Visions of Columbus,' beautifully printed, and illustrated 
with fine engravings.'* — Rich. 

A magnificent copy, presented to Gov. Eustis by the author, 
with his letter of presentation, and his autograph on the fly leaf. 

93 Barlow, S. L. M. A Rough List designed as the basis 
of a more complete catalogue of the library of S. L. M. 
Barlow. Americana, 1477-1799. Compiled by J. O. 
Wright. Imperial 8° boards, uncut. New York, 1885 

Large Paper : only 100 copies printed. 

94 Barnard, Edward. Election Sermon, preached May 28, 
1766. pp. 39. 8** half roan. Boston, 1766 

195 Barnard, John. New Version of the Psalms of David, 
pp. 278. 16® sheep. Boston, 1752 

With 16 pp. of engraved music by James Turner. 

[196 Barnstable, Mass. Cape Cod Centennial Celebration, 
Sept. 3, 1889, pp. 92; — Description of the Eastern 
Coast of the County of Barnstable, from Cape Cod to 
Cape Malebarre, or the sandy point of Chatham, pp. 
15. 2 vols. 8** boards and half roan. 

Boston and Barnstable. 


197 Barnum, H. L. The Spy Unmasked; or memoirs of 

Enoch Crosby, alias Harvey Birch, the hero of Mr. 
Cooper's Tale of the Neutral Ground. Portrait and 
plates. First ed. 8** half calf, uncut. New York, 1828 

198 Barnum. The same. Portrait. Seconded. 12** boards, 

uncut, (loose in binding, stitching removed). 

Cincinnati, 1831 
With 1 5 illustrations laid in. 

199 Barnum. The same. First English ed. 2 vols. 16° half 

red morocco, gilt backs, yellow edges. London, 1829 

200 Barnum, P. T. Struggles and Triumphs; or Forty 

Years* Recollections. Illustrations. 8° sheep. 

Hartford, 1869 

201 Barrett, William. History and Antiquities of the City 

of Bristol, pp. 704. Numerous copper plates. Royal 
4** calf. Bristol, 1789 

With bookplate of Joseph Goodale. 

■ 202 Barrow, Sir John. Auto-Biographical Memoir of, in- 
cluding Reflections, Observations, and Reminiscences 
at Home and Abroad, pp. 515. Portrait. 8° half calf. 

London, 1847 

203 Barry, J. S. History of Massachusetts. 3 vols. 8° cloth. 

Boston, 1855 

204 Bartlett, John R. Dictionary of Americanisms. A 

glossary of Words and Phrases usually regarded as 
peculiar to the United States, pp.412. 8** half mo- 
rocco. New York, 1848 

205 Bartlett. A History of the Destruction of the Schooner 

Gaspee in Narraganset Bay on the loth of June, 1772. 
pp. 140. Imperial 8° paper, uncut. Providence, 1861 
Large Paper: Only 125 copies printed. 

206 Bartlett. Bibliography of Rhode Island. A Catalogue 

of Books and other Publications relating to the State of 
Rhode Island. Imperial 8° boards. Providence, 1864 
Large Paper : only 1 50 copies printed. 

207 Bartlett, Joseph. Physiognomy, a Poem; delivered at 

Harvard University, July 18, 1799. pp. 16. 4** half 
calf, gilt, (stained). Boston, 1799 

208 Bartlett. Aphorisms on Men, Manners, Principles and 

Things. 12** half sheep. Boston, 1828 

209 Bartlett, W. H. The Pilgrim Fathers; or the Foun- 

ders of New England in the Reign of James the First, 
pp. 240. 28 steel plates and numerous wood engrav- 
ings. Royal 8** cloth, uncut. London, 1853 


210 Bartlett, W. L. The Frontier Missionary; a memoir of 
the Life of the Rev. Jacob Bailey. With a Preface by 
Rt. Rev. George Burgess, pp. 365. Portrait. 8** cloth. 

Boston, 1853 

211 Bartolozzi, Francesco. Ricerche istorico-critiche circa 
alle Scoperte d'Amerigo Vespucci. 4° paper, uncut. 

Firenze, 1789 

212 Bartram, John. Observations on the Inhabitants, Cli- 
mate, Soil, Rivers, Productions, Animals and other 
matters worthy of notice. Made by Mr. John Bartram, 
in his travels from Pensilvania to Onondago, Oswego 
and the Lake Ontario, in Canada. To which is an- 
nexed, a curious account of the cataracts at Niagara, 
by Mr. Peter Kalm. Folded plan. 8** stitched. 

London, 1751 

213 Battle Abbey, descriptive catalogue of the original 
Charters, Royal Grants, Monastic Chartulary, etc., 
constituting the monuments of Battle Abbey, pp. 22; — 
Chronicle of Battle Abbey, from 1066 to 1176, now first 
translated with notes and an abstract of the subsequent 
history of the establishment, by M. A. Lower, pp. 
227. 2 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1835-51 

214 Baxter, J. P. The Trelawny Papers. Edited and il- 

lustrated with notes and an appendix, pp. 520. Maps 
and facsimiles. Royal 4^ cloth, uncut. Portland, 1884 
De Luxe Edition : only 20 copies. 

215 Baxter. The Great Seal of the Council for New Eng- 

land. 2 plates, pp. 30. Small 4° paper. 

Cambridge, 1884 
Only 50 copies printed. 

216 Baxter, Richard. The Life of Faith, in three parts, pp. 

607, 5. Engraved title and portrait. Small 4® calf. 

London, 1670 

217 Baxter. The Certainty of the Worlds of Spirits, fully 

evinced by unquestionable Histories of Apparitions and 
Witchcrafts, Operations, Voices, etc. pp. 252. 16 
crimson crushed levant morocco, uncut edges. 

London, 1691 

218 Bayle, p. a General Dictionary, Historical and Critical: 

in which a New and Accurate Translation of that of the 
Celebrated Mr. Bayle, with the corrections printed in 
the late Paris edition is included, interspersed with sev- 
eral thousand Lives never before published. By the 
Rev. J. Peter Bernan, Thomas Birch, John Lockman, 
and others. 10 vols, folio, old calf. London, 1734-41 



219 Baylies, Francis. Historical Memoir of the Colony of 

New Plymouth. The five parts complete, with the ad- 
ditions by S. G. Drake. 2 vols, full morocco and i vol. 
in boards. Together 3 vols. 8^ Boston, 1830 

220 Bay Psalm Book. The Whole Book of Psalms faithfully 

Translated into English Metre, Whereunto is prefixed a 
discourse declaring not only the lawfullness, but also 
the necessity of the Heavenly Ordinance of Singing 
Scripture Psalms in the Churches of God. Imprinted 
1640. A literal reprint of the Bay Psalm Book, being 
the earliest New England version of the Psalms, and 
the first book printed in America. 8° cloth, uncut. 

Cambridge, 1862 
Only 50 copies printed tor subscribers. 

221 Beamish, N. L. The Discovery of America by the North- 

men in the tenth century. Maps. 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1841 

222 Beard, Rev. J. R. Life of Toussaint L'Ouverture, the 

Negro Patriot of Hayti. pp. 335. Illustrations. 12** 
cloth. London, 1853 

223 Beard, Thomas. The Theatre of God's Judgements; or 

a Collection of Histories out of Sacred, Ecclesiasticall, 

and prophane Authors, pp. 1-469, (incomplete). 4** 

half calf, (title mended). Adam Islip: London, 1597 

** The Author is said to have been CromwelFs School Master." 

224 Beckwith, H. T. History of Block Island, (pp. 8, no 

title.) 4* half roan. (Boston, 1858) 

225 Beecher, H. W. Life Thoughts, gathered from the ex- 

temporaneous Discourses of Henry Ward Beecher. pp. 
299. 8° calf extra, gilt edges. New York, i860 

226 Belcher, Joseph. Historical Sketches of Hymns, their 

Writers, and their Influence. 12® cloth. Phila., 1859 

227 [Belknap, Jeremy.] The Foresters, an American Tale. 

Frontispiece. First ed. 16° antique calf, red edges. 

Boston, 1792 

228 [Belknap.] The same. Second ed. 18° antique calf, 

red edges. Boston, 1798 

229 Belknap. A Discourse intended to commemorate the 

Discovery of America, by Christopher Columbus, de- 
livered in Boston, Oct. 23, 1792. 8° morocco, gilt. 

Boston, 1792 

230 Belknap. American Biography. Portrait inserted. 2 

vols. 8® morocco, gilt. Boston, 1794 

231 Belknap. The same, with additions and notes, by F. M. 

Hubbard. 3 vols. 16** half sheep. New York, 1841 








f2 36 









Belknap. History of New Hampshire. Map. 3 vols. 
8° half calf. Dover, 181 2 

Belknap. The same. New edition, with notes by John 

Farmer. Portrait. Vol. i, (all published). 8° half 

morocco. Dover, 1831 

Manuscript notes on margins. 

Belknap. Journal of a Tour to the White Mountains in 
July, 1784. Map. With preface by Charles Deane. 
pp. 21. 8° cloth, uncut. Boston, 1876 

Belknap. Two Sermons on the Institution and Observa- 
tion of the Sabbath, April 27, 1788; — Fast Sermon, 
May 9, 1798; — Sermon at the Interment of Jeremy 
Belknap, by J. T. Kirkland, June 22, 1798. 3 vols. 8° 
half roan. Boston. 

Belknap. Life of, with selections from his correspon- 
dence and other writings. Portrait. 16° calf, gilt. 

New York, 1847 

Bell, Sir Charles. The Anatomy and Philosophy of Ex- 
pression, as connected with the Fine Arts. Third ed. 
pp. 265. Plates. Royal 8° cloth, uncut. Lond., 1844 

Bell, Luther V. Eulogy on Gen. Zachary Taylor, Aug. 
13, 1850; — Discourse on the Life and Character of, by 
1. Ray, 1863; — Memoir of, by George E. Ellis, 1863. 
3 pamphlets. 

Beltz, George Frederick. Memorials of the Most Noble 
Order of the Garter, from its Foundation to the Present 
Time; including the History of the Order; Biographi- 
cal Notices of the Knights in the Reigns of Edward 
III. and Richard II. pp. 438. Royal 8** half roan, un- 
cut. W. Pickering: London, 1841 

Benedict, David. A Poem delivered in Taunton, Sept. 
16, 1807. pp. 19. 8° half roan, gilt. Boston, 1807 

Benedict. General History of the Baptist Denomina- 
tion in America and other parts of the World, pp. 606, 
553. 2 vols, in I, 8** sheep. Boston, 1813 

Benedict. General History of the Baptist Denomina- 
tion in America and other parts of the World, pp. 970. 
Portrait. Royal 8° cloth. New York, 1849 

Benezet, Anthony. Historical Account of Guinea; — 
Extract from a Representation of the Injustice and 
Dangerous Tendency of tolerating Slavery. ' pp. 144, 
53. Bound together. 12'' half morocco. Phila., 1771 

[Benezet.] The Potent Enemies of America laid open, 
being some account of the baneful effects attending the 
use of distilled Spirituous Liquors, and the Slavery of the 

Negroes, pp. S^. 12® stitched. 

Phila., (1775) 


245 Benger, Miss. Memoirs of the Life of Anne Boleyn, 

Queen of Henry VIIL pp. 401. 8° half calf. 

Phila., 1822 

246 Bentham, Jeremy. Principles of Legislation. Edited 

by John Neal. pp. 310. Portrait. 8° cloth, uncut. 

Boston, 1830 

247 Benton, T. H. Thirty Years* View; or, the History of 

the Workings of the American Government for Thirty 
Years, from 1820 to 1850. pp. 739, 788. 2 vols. 8° 
sheep, (broken). New York, 1862 

248 Benzoni, Girolamo. Novae Novi Orbis Historiae, id est 

Rerum ab Hispanis in India Occidentali hactenus ges- 
tarum: Urbani Calvetonis Opera, ex Italicis, Commen- 
tariis descripti, Latini facti; adjuncta est, DeGallorum 
in Floridam Expeditione. 12** vellum. 

Apud Eustathium Vignon: Genevae, 1578 

Benzoni was the first regular European Traveller in the New 
World, who published his travels. His journeys occupied him 14 
years, 1541 to 1555. 

249 [Berkeley, George.] Alciphron; or, the Minute Philoso- 

pher. Second ed. pp. 356, 351. 2 vols. 8** half calf. 

London, 1732 

250 Berkeley. Treatise concerning the Principles of Human 

Knowledge, pp. 355. 8° half calf. London, 1734 

251 Berkeley. Memoirs of. Second ed. pp. 186. 8° half 

calf. London, 1784 

252 Berkshire Country, Mass. History of the County of 

Berkshire. By Gentlemen in the County, pp. 468. 
Maps and plates. 12° sheep, (broken). Pittsfield, 1829 

253 Bernard, Francis. Select Letters on the Trade and 

Government of America; and the principles of law and 
polity applied to the American Colonies, pp. 130. 8** 
half roan. London, 1774 

254 Bernard, John. Retrospections of the Stage, pp. 335, 

215. 2 vols, in I, 12** half calf. Boston, 1832 

255 [Berington, S.] The Adventures of Signor Gaudentio 

di Luca, being the substance of his examination before 
the'Fathers of the Inquisition, at Bologna, pp. 234. 
16° sheep. Wilmington, 1800 

256 Berrow, Capel. A Lapse of Human Souls in a State of 

Pre-Existence, the only Original Sin. pp. 188, 48. 12® 
half calf. London, 1766 

257 Betterton, Thomas. Life of Mr. Thomas Betterton, 

the late eminent Tragedian. To which is added. The 
Amorous Widow. pp. 176, 87. Portrait. Small 8** 
half morocco. London, 17 10 


258 Beverly, Mass. History of Beverly, civil and ecclesias- 

tical, from 1630 to 1842. By Edwin M. Stone, pp. 
324. Plate. 12° boards, uncut. Boston, 1843 

259 Beverly, Robert. History and Present State of Virginia 

in four parts. By a native and inhabitant of the place. 
First ed. 8 plates. 8** calf. London, 1705 

Bookplate of John Hughes, 1745, engraved by I. Skinner. 

260 Beverly. Histoire de la Virginie. Traduitedel'Anglois. 

Plates, pp. 1,4,433,16. 12° vellum. Amsterdam, 1707 

261 Beverly. History of Virginia in four parts By a native 

and inhabitant of the place. Second ed. 8 plates, pp. 
284. 8° crushed levant morocco extra, gilt edges, inside 
borders by Matthews. London, 1722 

262 Beverly. History of Virginia. Reprinted, with an in- 

troduction by Charles Campbell, pp. 264. Plates 8° 
cloth. Richmond, 1855 

263 Bewick. Looking-Glass for the Mind. pp. 271. Fifteenth 

ed., with 74 wood-cuts by Bewick. 12** mottled sheep. 

London, 182 i 

264 Bible. The Bible, that is the Holy Scriptures conteined 

in the Olde and Newe Testament, translated according 
to the Ebrew and Greeke. 4** russia. Printed at 

London by the Deputies of Christopher Barker, 1599 

The '* Breeches Bible, *' a good copy, but without the Apocrypha. 

265 Bible. Christian Soldiers Penny Bible, T,ondon, printed 

by R. Smith for Sam. Wade, 1693. Reproduced in fac- 
simile, with an introductory note, by Francis F^y. 16** 
half morocco. London, 1862 

266 Bible. The Souldiers Pocket Bible, pp. 16. 16° sheets 

folded. London, 1643 

Only 100 copies privately printed by Geo. Livermore. (This copy 
does not contain the prefatory note.) 

267 Bible. Soldier's Pocket Bible; issued for the use of the 

Army of Oliver Cromwell, pp. 24. 16° paper. 

Am. Tract Soc. ; New York. 

268 Bible. Illustrations of the Bible; consisting of News of 

the most remarkable Places and Objects mentioned in 
the Old and New Testaments. 46 plates. Royal 8° 
cloth. New York, 1835 

269 BiBLiA Pauperum. Reproduced in Fac-simile, from one 

of the Copies in the British Museum, with an Historical 
and Bibliographical Introduction, by J. P. Berjeau. 
Folio, half roan. London, 1859 

270 Bibliographical and Retrospective Miscellany, pp. 160. 

j?° boards, uncut, London, 1830 


271 BiGELOw, Timothy. Reminiscences of the Military Life 

and Sufferings of Col. Timothy Bigelow. By Charles 
Hersey. 8° half roan, gilt. Worcester, i860 

272 BiGELOW. Journal of a Tour to Niagara Falls in the year, 

1805, Bost., 1876; — Diary of a Visit to Newport, New 
York and Philadelphia during the Summer of 181 5, 
privately printed, Bost., 1880. 2 vols. 8° cloth. 

273 BiLLERiCA, Mass. History of, with a Genealogical Reg- 

ister. By Rev. H. A. Hazen. pp. 510. Plates. 8° 
cloth. Boston, 1883 

274 BiLLERiCA. Celebration of the 200th Anniversary of the 

Incorporation of Billerica, May 29, 1855. pp. 152. 8° 
half roan. Lowell, 1855 

275 Bingham, Hiram. A Residence of twenty-one years in 

the Sandwich Islands. Third ed. pp. 616. Map and 
plates. 8° half sheep. Hartford, 1849 

276 Biographies, American George B. McClellan, by G. S. 

Hillard; — Samuel Phillips, by Rev. John L. Taylor; — 
Hon. Jeremiah Smith, by John H. Morison; — Samuel 
Dexter, by (L. M. Sargent); — William T. Porter, by 
Francis Brinley; — John Bromfield, (privately printed); 

— Elder John Peak; — William Penn, by W. H. Dixon; 

— Samuel Breck, by H. E. Scudder; — Rev. Sylvester 
Judd ; — William W. Seaton ; — William Vans ; — Theo- 
dosia Dean; — Nicholas .Ferrar. 14 vols, 8° and 12° 
cloth and boards. 

277 Biographies, English. Public and Domestic Life of 

Edmund Burke; — Extraordinary Men, by William Rus- 
sell; — Bayne's Lessons from my Masters, Carlyle, Ten- 
nyson and Ruskin; — Samuel Rogers, by Clayden; — 
Life and Land of Burns, by Allen Cunningham; — 
William Lord Russell; — Sir Walter Scott; — John Wy- 
cliffe; — William Caxton; — John Sterling; — Matthew 
Hale. II vols. 12° cloth. 

278 Biographies, Foreign. Roscoe's Life of Lorenzo de 

Medici; — Beaumarchais and His Times, — Life and 
Campaigns of Victor Moreau; — Jean Marteilbe, the 
Huguenot Slave; — Journal of Maurice de Guerin; — 
Memoirs of Empress Catherine II; — A. von Kotzebue. 
7 vols. 12° cloth and half roan. 

279 Birch, Thomas. An Inquiry into the Share, which King 

Charles I. had in the Transactions of the Earl of Glam- 
organ, for bringing over a Body of Irish Rebels, to 
assist the King, in 1645 and 1646. pp. 343. 8® calf. 

London, 1747 




280 Birch, Thomas. The Court and Times of James the 

First. 2 vols. ; — Charles the First. 2 vols. Together 
4 vols. 8** cloth, uncut. London, 1848-49 

281 BisHOPE, George. New England Judged, by the Spirit of 

the Lord. In two parts. First, containing a Brief Re- 
lation of the Suffering of the People called Quakers in 
New England, from the time of their first Arrival there, 
in the Year 1656 to the Year 1660, etc. 3 tracts in one 
vol. pp. I, 6, I, 498, 212, 22. Small 8® calf. (Title 
page mended on top margin). London, 1702-3 

282 BissELius, Joannis. Argonauticon Americanorum, sive 

Historiae Periculorum Petri de Victoria. Thick 16® 
vellum. Gedani, 1698 

283 Blackstune, Sir William. Commentaries on the Laws of 

England. Edited by John L. Wendell. 4 vols. 8° 
sheep. New York, 1859 

284 Bladensburg Races; written shortly after the Capture 

of Washington City, August 24, 1814. Printed in 1816. 
pp. 16. Royal 4*^ paper, uncut. Brooklyn, 1865 

Only 75 copies reprinted. 

285 Blake, Rev. Mortimer. A Centurial History S the 

Mendon Association of Congregational Ministers, pp. 
348. 12° cloth. Boston, 1853 

286 Bland, Francis. The Souldiers March to Salvation, pp. 

50. Small 4° calf. London, 1647 

287 Bland Papers. Being a Selection from the Manuscripts of 

Colonel Theodore Bland, Jr., of Prince George County, 
Virginia. Edited by Charles Campbell, pp. 130, 160. 
2 vols, in I. 8® half morocco. Petersburg, 1840 

288 Bleeker, Leonard. The Order Book of Capt. Leonard 

Bleeker, in the early part of the Expedition under Gen. 
James Clinton, against the Indian Settlement of West- 
ern New York, in the Campaign of 1779. pp. 138. 
Small 4° boards. New York, 1865 

289 Blennerhassett Papers, embodying the Private Journal 

of Harman Blennerhassett, and the hitherto unpublished 
correspondence of Burr, Alston, Comfort Tyler, Dever- 
eaux, Dayton, Adair, Moir, Emmett, Theodosia Burr 
Alston, Mrs. Blennerhassett and others, their Contem- 
poraries. By W. H. Safford. pp. 665. 8° cloth. 

Cincinnati, 1864 

290 Bligh, William. A Narrative of the Mutiny on Board 

His Majesty's Ship Bounty, and the subsequent voyage 
of the crew in the ship's boat, from Tofa, one of the 
Friendly Islands, to Timor, a Dutch settlement in the 
East Indies. Maps. Royal 4^ calf. London, 179Q 


291 Blome, Richard. Description of the Island of Jamaica, 

with the other Isles and Territories in America, to 
which the English are related, together with the pres- 
ent state of Algiers. Fine portrait by Vaughan, and 
maps. 8^ calf. London, 1678 

Contains description of Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, New York, 
New England, New Foundland, pp. 56-88. With 2 maps. 

292 Blome. The Present State of his Majesties Isles and 

Territories in America. Portrait and maps. 12° mo- 
rocco. London, 1687 

One leaf in MSS. Portrait of James II. inserted, the original por- 
trait is missing. 

293 Bloody Assizes. A New Martyrology; or, the Bloody 

Assizes, comprehending a compleat History of the 
Lives, Sufferings, etc., of all those Eminent Martyrs, 
who fell in the West of England and elsewhere from 
1678 to 1689. Portraits. 12** sheep. London, 1689 
Bookplate of Sir Robert Burton. 

294 Bloom, Rev. J. H. Pulpit Oratory in the Time of James 

the First considered, and principally illustrated by 

^Original Examples, A. D. 1620-21-22. pp. 243. 8" 

half calf. . London, 1831 

295 [Blount, Thomas.] Boscobel; or, the History of His 

Sacred Majesties most miraculous preservation after the 
Battle of Worcester, Sept. 3, 165 1. pp. 91. Portrait. 
16^ boards, uncut. London, 1822 

296 iBlnnbetlUUf £SL. His Exercises, contayning eight Treat- 

ises, the Titles whereof are set downe in the next 
printed page: which Treatises are very necessary to be 
read and learned of all Young Gentlemen that have not 
beene exercised in such Disciplenes, and yet are desir- 
ous to have knowledge as well as Cosmographie. pp. 799. 
Black Ci^tUr. Seventh ed. 4** half morocco, uncut 
edges. London, 1636 

Description of Peter Plancin's his universall map, pp. 521. — De- 
scription of Molinaxe's Globe, p. 31. — A verie briefe and most 
plaine description of Mr. Blagrave his Astrolabe, p. 593. — A briefe 
description of Universall Maps and Cards, and of their use, p. 756. 
These essays have separate title-pages. 

297 Blunt, E. M. American Coast Pilot. 21st ed., by G. 

Blunt, pp. 821. 8° sheep. New York, 1867 

298 BoADEN, James. An Inquiry into the authenticity of 

various pictures and prints, which have been offered to 
the public as portraits of Shakespeare, pp. 143. 4** 
half morocco, gilt, uncut edges. London, 1824 

X^ARGS Papbr : Portraits on India Paper. 


299 Bobbin, Tim. Miscellaneous Works of Tim Bobbin, Esq., 

containing his View of the Lancashire Dialect, with 
large additions, pp. 203, 33. 10 copper plates. 16** 
half morocco. London, 1806 

300 Boccaccio, Giovanni. The Decameron, or Ten Day's En- 

tertainment, pp. 358, 329. Portrait. 2 vols, in i. 
12® calf. London, 1835 

301 BocKET, John. The Poor Mechanick's Plea against the 

Rich Clergy's Oppression, pp.48. 18° boards, (corner 
of title mended.) London, 1700 

302 BoETius, A. M. S. Of the Consolation of Philosophy. 

Made English by Richard Lord Preston, pp. 247. 
Portrait. 12° calf. London, 1695 

303 Bohn's Library. 15 vols. 12** cloth. London, 1846-70 

Comprises: Life of WoUey; — Life of Luther; — Life of Col. Hutch- 
inson; — Flaxman's Lectures on Sculpture; — Schiller's Thirty Years' 
War; — Sismondi's Historical View of Literature; — Beckman's Hbtory 
of Inventions; — Riley's Greek and Latin Quotations; — Travels of Marco 
Polo; — Hegel's Lectures on the Philosophy of History; — Table Talk, 
or familiar discourse of Martin Luther. 

304 BoLEYN, Anne. The Life and Death of Anne BuUen, 

Queen Consort of England, pp. 50. Portrait. Small 
4° paper, uncut. London, 1820 

305 BouNGBROKE, Viscount. Letters on the Spirit of pat- 

riotism, pp. 251. 8° half calf. London, 1749 

306 BonNGBROKE. Life of Henry St. John, Viscount Boling- 

broke. Secretary of State in the Reign of Queen Anne. 
By Thomas Macknight. pp. 728. 8° cloth. 

London, 1863 

307 BoLLiNG, Robert. A Memoir of a Portion of the Boiling 

Family in England and Virginia, pp. 68. Photo- 
graphic portraits. 4** cloth, uncut. Richmond, 1868 
Only 50 copies privately printed. 

308 [BoNDO, C] Scutum Regale, the Royal Buckler; or, 

Vox Legis, a Lecture to Traitors, who most wickedly 
murdered Charles L pp. 394, 14. 2 plates. 18** 
sheep. London, 1660 

309 BoNNEY, Mrs. C. V. R. A Legacy of Historical Glean- 

ings. Second ed. pp. 512, 544. Portraits. 2 vols. 
8** cloth. Albany, 1875 

310 Book of Common Prayer, with the Sacraments and other 

Rites and Ceremonies, and the Psalter, every page sur- 
rounded by beautiful wood-cut borders, including the 
Dance of Death, etc. By Holbein and Albert Durer. 8** 
half roan, red top. Pickering: London, 1853 

311 Book of Common Prayer. 12° morocco. London, 1807 

Book plate of James South, F. R. S. 


312 Book of Common Prayer. Pickering's Splendid Reprints 

of the Seven various Editions from Edward VI. to the 
present time. Printed in large black letter type, in 
red and black inks, by C. Wittingham. 7 vols, folio, 
boards, uncut edges. [London:] Pickering, 1844 

This choice set comprises: i. First Prayer-Book of Edward VI, 
Witchurch, 1 549; ii. Second Prayer-Book of Edward VI, Witchurch, 
1552; III. First Prayer-Book of Queen Elizabeth, Grafton, 1559; iv. 
King James's Prayer-Book, Barker, 1604; v. Scotch Prayer-Book of 
Charles I, (Laud's), 1637; vi. King Charles II Prayer-Book, (Sealed 
Book), 1662; VII. Edition of 1662 adapted to the present Reign, 1844. 

313 Book of Common Prayer. The Book of Common Prayer 

noted. By John Merbecke, 1550. Black letter re- 
print. 4° half roan, uncut. W. Pickering: London, 1844 

314 Book of Costume; or, Annals of Fashion, from the ear- 

liest period to the present time. By a Lady of Rank, 
pp. 482. Numerous illustrations. Royal 8^ cloth, un- 
cut. London, 1847 

315 Book (The) of Table-Talk. pp. 319, 319. Illustrations. 

2 vols. 16** cloth, uncut. London, 1836 

316 Boston, England. The History and Antiquities of Bos- 

ton, and the Villages of Shirbeck, Fishtoft, etc., com- 
prising the Hundred of Shirbeck in the County of Lin- 
^ coin. By Pishey Thompson. Illustrated with 100 en- 
gravings, pp. 824. Folio, cloth, uncut. Boston, 1856 
Large Paper: Subscription edition. 

317 Boston. Collections for a Topographical and Histori- 

cal Account of Boston and the Hundred of Shirbeck in 
the County of Lincoln. By Pishey Thompson, pp. 
382, 84. Plates. Royal 8** half morocco. Lond., 1820 

318 Boston, Mass. Bowen's Picture of Boston. Plates. 

First ed. 16° boards. Boston 1829 

319 Boston. The same. Third ed. 16® roan. Boston, 1838 

320 Boston. Drake, S. G. The History and Antiquities 

of Boston, Capital of Massachusetts, and Metropolis of 
New England, from its Settlement in 1 630-1 770. Also, 
an Introductory History of the Discovery and Settle- 
ment of New England, with notes, critical and illus- 
trative. Numerous portraits, plates, fac-similes, and 
wood-cuts. Small folio, morocco, gilt. Boston, 1857 
Large paper; only 100 copies printed with additional plates. 

321 Boston. Drake. Same. Small paper. Imperial 8** 

morocco. Boston, 1856 

322 Boston. Hales, John G. A Survey of Boston and its 

Vicinity. Plates. 12** boards, uncut, (name cut from 
title). Boston, 182 1 


323 Boston. Quincy, Josiah. Municipal History of the 

Town and City of Boston, from 1630 to 1830. pp. 444. 
Plates. 8** cloth. Boston, 1852 

324 Boston. Shaw, Charles. A Topographical and Histori- 

cal Description of Boston. Plates. 16° russia, gilt. 

Boston, 1817 

325 Boston. Shurtleff, N. B. A Topographical and His- 

torical Description of Boston, pp. 720. 2 maps. Im- 
perial 8° cloth, uncut. Boston, 1871 

326 Boston. Snow, C. H. History of Boston, from its Ori- 

gin to the present period, with some account of the 
Environs. Seconded. Plates. 8® half calf, gilt, front 
cover bound in. Boston, 1828 

327 Boston. A Geography of Boston, and adjacent Towns, 

with historical notes. Maps and engravings. 16° haljf 
roan. Boston, 1830 

328 Boston. Webster, Dr. Redford. Selections from the 

Chronicles of Boston and from the Book of Retrospec- 
tions and Anticipations. 8** half calf. Boston, 1822 

329 Boston. Past and Present, being an Outline of the His- 

tory of the City, as exhibited in the Lives of its Promi- 
nent Citizens, pp. 537. 61 steel portraits. Folio, full 
morocco extra, gilt edges. Boston, 1874 

330 Boston. Sketches and Business Directory of Boston and 

its Vicinity, for i860 and 1861. 4° half roan. 

Boston, 1 86 1 

331 Boston. Sketches of Boston, past and present. Maps 

and engravings. 12° cloth. Boston, 1851 

332 Boston. Vade Mecum, for America, or a Companion for 

Traders and Travellers, to which is added, the Names 
of the Streets in Boston, pp. 206. Narrow 8° sheep. 

Boston, 1732 

333 Boston. An Appeal to the World, or a Vindication of 

the Town of Boston, from many false and malicious 
Aspersions contained in certain Letters, written by Gov. 
Bernard, Gen. Gage, and . others, transmitted to the 
British Ministry, pp. 37 ; — Letters to the Ministry from 
Governor Bernard, General Gage and Commodore 
Hood, etc. pp. 108. 2 vols. 8*^ half roan. Boston, 1769 

334 Boston. Celebration of the Centennial Anniversary of 

the Evacuation of Boston by the British Army, March 
17,1776. pp.199. Numerous illustrations. Large 4® 
cloth, uncut. Boston, 1876 

Largs Paper. 


335 Boston. Centennial Celebration of the Wednesday Even- 

ing Club, June 21, 1877; — Constitution and By Laws of 
the Charitable Society, 1878; — Gleanings from the Re- 
cords of the Marine Society, 1742 to 1842, by Nathaniel 
Spooner, 1879; — Constitution and By-Laws of the 
Marine Society. 4 vols. 8** and 12° cloth and paper. 


336 Boston. Extracts from a Journal of Travels in North 

America, consisting of an account of Boston and its 
Vicinity. By Ali Bey (S. L. Knapp), 1818; — A Trip 
to Boston, (by E. C. Wines), 1838; — Stranger's Guide 
to Boston. By J. H. Stark, 1882. 3 vols. 12** cloth 
and boards. 

337 Boston. Fourth of July Orations, 1854, by A. L. Stone; — 

1855, by A. A. Miner; — 1856, by E. G. Parker; — 1859, 
by George Sumner; — 1860, by Edward Everett; — 1864, 
by T. Russell; — 1865, by J. M. Manning; — 1867, by G. 
H. Hepworth; — 1868, by Samuel Eliot; — 1870, by 
William Everett; — 1871, by H. B. Sargent; — 1872, by 
C. F. Adams, Jr.; — 1873, by J. F. W. Ware; — 1874, by 
R. Frothingham; — 1875, by J- F- Clarke; — 1879, by H. 
C. Lodge. 16 pamphlets. 

338 Boston. Memorials of Edward Everett; — Charles Sum- 

ner; — Joshua Bates; — Abraham Lincoln; — Dedication 
of Soldier's Monument: — Visit of Carl Schurz; — Recep- 
tion of Chinese Embassy; — Proceedings on death of 
Lincoln. 8 vols, royal 8** and 4** cloth. Boston, 1865-81 

339 Boston. Re-Dedication of the Old State House, July 

11,1882. pp.175. Plates. Royal 8** cloth. Boston, 1882 

340 Boston. Old State House. Prytaneum Bostoniense, 

Notes on the history of the Old State House, pp. 31, 
1885; — Same, Second Paper, pp. 80, 1886; — Same, 
Examination of Mr. W. H. Whitmore's Old State House 
Memorial, pp. 40, 1887. By George H. Moore; — Old 
State House Defended. A reply to Geo. H. Moore. 
By W. H. Whitmore, pp. 8, 1886; — Rededication 
of Old State House, 1882. 5 pamphlets 8® paper. 

341 Boston. ** Our First Men," a Calendar of Wealth, Fash- 

ion and Gentility; containing a List of those Persons 
taxed in the City of Boston, credibly reported to be 
worth one Hundred Thousand Dollars, pp. 48; — The 
Rich Men of Massachusetts. By A. Forbes and J. W. 
Greene, pp. 208. 2 vols. 8° half roan. Boston, 1846-51 

342 Boston. Reports of the Record Commissioners. First 

to 19th reports and special report of the Commissioners 
on the condition of the Records, 1885. 20 vols. 8° 
cloth and paper. Boston, 1876-87 


343 Boston. Suffolk Deeds, Liber i, 2, 3. 3 vols. 8° cloth 

and paper. Boston, 1880-85 

344 Boston. Historical Pamphlets relating to. Catalogue of 

Revolutionary Relics, 1875; — Recollections of the 
Private Centennial Celebration of the Overthrow of Tea, 
1873; — Ceremony of Sealing the Century Box of the 
Hon. and Ancient Artillery Co.; — Bostonian Society 
Proceedings, Jan. 1887; — Defence of the Merchants of 
Boston, 1866; — Pamphlets relating to the Introduction 
of Pure Water, etc. 29 pamphlets. 

345 Boston Sermons. Ebenezer Gay on Jonathan Mayhew, 

July 27, 1766; — Fast Sermon, by David Tappan, April 
II, 1793; — Peter Thacher's Sermon, Dec 29, 1799; — 
Discourse on the Execution of H. P. S. Davis, by 
Charles Lovell, March 16, 181 7; — Discourse by C. 
Lowell, Dec. 31, 1820; — Palfrey's Sermon, July 18, 
1824; — Case of Federal St. Meeting House, etc. 12 
vols. 8° half roan. 

346 Boston. First Church. Historical Sketch, by W. M. 

Emerson, 1812; — Discourse by the Rector, 1823; — 
History of, 1630-1880, by A. B. Ellis, 1881; — Com- 
memoration at the 200th Anniversary, Nov. 18, 1888. 
4 vols. 8° and 12° paper. Boston. 

347 Boston. Historical Notices of the New North Religious 

Society, 1822; — Historical Account of Christ Church, 
by H. Burroughs, 1874; — Memorial of the Federal St. 
Meeting House, by E. S. Gannett, i860; — Consecra- 
tion Services of Trinity Church, 1877. 4 pamphlets. 

348 Boston. History of the Church in Brattle St., by S. K. 

Lothrop, pp. 218, 185 1 ; — West Church and its Minis- 
ters, 50th anniversary of the ordination of Charles 
Lowell, pp. 242, 1856. 2 vols. 12° cloth. Boston. 

349 Boston. Old South Church. History of, by B. B. Wis- 

ner; — Address to the Members of the City Council, by 
H. G. Otis, 1830; — Consecration of the Flag of the 
Union, May i, 1861; — Memorial Discourse, by G. W. 
Blagden, May 23, 1869; — Opinion of Hon. B. R. Curtis, 
April, 1874; — Speech of Francis B. Hayes, April 16, 
1874; — History of the Old South Church, 1876; — 
History of, by E. W. Burdett, 1877; — Old South Leaf- 
lets, etc. 12 vols. 8® paper and half roan. Boston. 

350 Boston. Second Church. History of, by Chandler Rob- 

bins, 1852; — Address at the Laying of the Corner 
Stone, May 30, 1844, by C. R. Robbins. 2 vols. 8® 
cloth and half roan. Boston. 


351 Boston. Hollis St. Church. Sermon by John Pierpont, 

Dec. 8, 1833; — Letter from the Hollis St. Society to 
their Unitarian Brethren, 1849; — Sermon by J. T. Sar- 
gent, Dec. 8, 1844; — Discourse on Samuel West, by 
Lathrop, 1808, etc. 7 vols. 8° half roan. Boston. 

352 Boston Almanac from 1836 to 1864, 1867, '69 and '74, 

(lacking 1847 and '49). 28 vols. 18** cloth. Boston. 

353 Boston Athenaeum. Catalogue of the Library of the 

Boston Athenaeum, 1807-1871. Complete. 4 vols, im- 
perial 8" half russia, uncut. Boston^ 1874-80 

354 Boston Book. Being Specimens of Metropolitan Litera- 

ture for 1836, 1837 and 1850. 3 vols. 12° cloth. 

Boston, 1836-50 

355 Boston Massacre. A Short Narrative of the horrid Mas- 

sacre in Boston, perpetrated in the Evening of the 
Fifth Day of March, 1770, etc., with some Observations 
on the State of Things prior to that Catastrophe. Fold- 
ing plate inserted, pp. 88. 8** calf, gilt. Boston, 1770 
Title page reprinted and two leaves in MSS. 

356 Boston Massacre. Trial of William Wemms, James 

Hartegan, and others, Soldiers in His Majesty's 29th 
Regiment of Foot, for the Murder of Crispus Attucks, 
Samuel Gray, Samuel Maverick and others, on Monday 
evening, the 5th of March, 1770. Taken in Shorthand 
by John Hodgson, pp. 217. 8® calf, gilt. Boston, 1770 

357 Boston Massacre. A Narrative of the Horrid Massacre 

in Boston, perpetrated in the Evening of the fifth of 
March, 1770. pp. 122. Map and plate. 8** cloth. 

New York, 1849 

358 Boston Massacre. History of the Boston Massacre, 

March 5, 1770; comprising the Narrative of the Town, 
the Trial of the Soldiers, and a Historical Introduction. 
By Frederic Kidder, pp.291. Portrait, plate and map. 
8** cloth. Albany, 1870 

359 Boston Massacre. Orations, delivered at the Request 

of the Inhabitants of the Town of Boston, to commem- 
orate the Evening of the Fifth of March, 1770. Second 
ed. 8° calf. Boston, 1807 

360 Boston Massacre. Trial of the British Soldiers, etc. 12*' 

sheep. Boston, 1824 

361 BoTTA, Charles. History of the War of the Indepen- 

dence of the United States of America. Translated by 
G. A. Otis. Second ed. 2 vols. 8° sheep. Boston, 1826 

362 BoTTA. The same. Eighth ed. Frontispieces, pp.472, 

468. 2 vols. 8° sheep. New Haven, 1842 


363 Boucher, Jonathan. A Few of the Causes and Conse- 

quences of the American Revolution, pp. 596. 8° half 
calf. London, 1797 

364 BoucHETTE, Joseph. British Dominions in North Am- 

erica; or, a Topographical and Statistical Description 
of the Provinces of Lower and Upper Canada, New 
Brunswick, Nova Scotia, etc. Portrait and numerous 
plates. 2 vols. 4° half morocco. London, 1832 

365 BouDiNOT, Elias. The Age of Revelation; or, the Age 

of Reason shewn to be an Age of Infidelity, pp. 232. 
Portrait inserted. 8** boards, uncut. Phila., 1801 

366 BouTELL, Charles. Heraldry, Historical and Popular. 

Third ed. enlarged, pp. 547. 975 illustrations. S^ 
cloth, uncut. London, 1864 

367 BowDiTCH, N. I. Suffolk Surnames. Third ed. pp. 

757. Portrait. 8** cloth. Boston, 1861 

368 BowDiTCH. History of the Massachusetts General Hos- 

pital. Second ed., with a Continuation to 1872. pp. 
732. Plates. Royal 8** cloth, uncut. Boston, 1872 

369 BowDiTCH. Memoir of Nathaniel Bowditch. Second 

ed. pp. 172. Portrait. Royal 4® cloth. Boston, 1840 

370 BowEN, C. W. The Boundary Disputes of Connecticut. 

pp. 90. Maps and portrait. Large 4° cloth. 

Boston, 1882 

371 BowEN, Francis. Lowell Lectures on the Application of 

Metaphysical and Ethical Science to the Evidences of 
Religion, pp. 465. 8*^ cloth. Boston, 1849 

372 BowEN. Documents of the Constitution of England and 

America, from Magna Charta to the Federal Constitu- 
tion of 1789. pp. 142. 8° cloth. Cambridge, 1854 

373 Bowen's Boston News-Letter and City Record, J. V. C. 

Smith, Editor. From January 1826 to January 1827. 
2 vols. 8° boards, uncut. Boston, 1826 

374 BowYER, William. Origin of Printing, pp. 154, 1774; 

Short Comment on Sir L Newton's Principia, by W. 
Emerson, pp. 158, 1770 — Essay on Weighing Gold, by 
William Symons, pp. 60, 1766; — Directions for Im- 
pregnating Water with Fixed Air, by Joseph Priestly, 
pp. 22, 1772. Bound in i vol. 8° half calf. London. 

375 BoYNTON, E. C. History of West Point, and its Military 

Importance during the American Revolution; and the 
Origin and Progress of the United States Military Acad- 
emy, pp. 407. Imperial 8° cloth, uncut. 

New York: D. Van Nostrand, 1864 
Large Papevi: Only icx) copies printed, 


376 BozMAN, J. L. A Sketch of the History of Maryland 

during the first year after its settlement. Portrait of 
George Calvert, by Edwin. 8° mottled calf. 

Baltimore, 181 1 

377 BozMAN. History of Maryland, from 1633 to 1660. 2 

vols. 8® sheep. • Baltimore, 1837 

378 Bradbury, John. Travels in the Interior of America in 

the years 1 809-11, including a description of upper 
Louisiana. Second ed. pp. 346. Map. 8° half calf, 
gilt. London, 18 19 

379 [Bradford, Alden.] Massachusetts State Papers. 

Speeches of the Governors of Massachusetts, from 
1765 to 1775, and the Answers of the House of Repre- 
sentatives to the same. 8° morocco, gilt. Boston, 1818 

380 Bradford. History of Massachusetts, from 1764 to 

1820. 3 vols. 8^ half calf. Boston, 1822-29 

381 Bradford. History of Massachusetts. Vol. i. From 

1764 to July,i775. pp. 414. Boston, 1822. Vol. 2. 
From July 1775 to 1789. pp. 376. Boston, 1825. 2 
vols. 8^ boards, uncut. 

382 Bradford. History of Massachusetts for two hundred 

years, from 1620 to 1820. 8" cloth. Boston, 1835 

383 Bradford. History of the Federal Government for Fifty 

Years, from March 1789 to March 1839. 8° cloth. 

Boston, 1840 

384 Bradford. Biographical Notices of Distinguished Men 

in New England, pp. 464. 12° cloth, uncut. 

Boston, 1842 

385 Bradford. New England Chronology, from 1497 to 

1820. 12^ half calf, gilt. Boston, 1843 

386 Bradford, A. W. American Antiquities and Researches 

into the Origin and History of the Red Race. pp. 435. 
8° cloth. New York, 1843 

387 Bradford, William. History of Plymouth Plantation. 

Edited, with notes, by Charles Deane. pp. 476. 8** 
cloth, uncut. Boston, 1856 

388 Bradford. A Dialogue, or third Conference between 

some young men born in New England, and some an- 
cient men who came out of Holland and Old England. 
Edited, with notes, by Charles Deane. pp. 78. 8** 
cloth, uncut. Boston, 1870 

389 Bradford. A Genealogical Memoir of the Descendants 

of William Bradford, Second Governor of New Ply- 
mouth. By G. M. Fessenden. pp. 27. 8** half calf 
gilt. Boston, 1850 


390 Bradford Club. A complete set of the Publications of 

**The Club," and the '^Bradford Club". Illustrated 
with portraits and plates on India paper, fac-similes, 
etc. 9 vols, half morocco and i vol. cloth. Together 
10 vols, royal 8®. New York. 

This set is complete, and consists of Washington's "Dairy," Mel- 
vin's "Journal," published by "The Club," and Nos. i to 7 of the 
"Bradford Club," viz.: I. Papers concerning the Attack on Hatfield 
and Deerfield, 1859. II. The Croakers, i860. III. The Operations of 
the French Fleet under Count de Grasse, 1864. IV. Anthology of 
New Netherland, 1865. Y. Narradve of the Career of De Soto in 
Florida, 1866. VI. Northern Invasion, 1866. VII. The Laurens Cor- 
respondence, and the Allan Memorial, (by £. A. Duyckinck.) Of 
the earlier numbers seven ty-five copies only were printed, and a com- 
plete series cannot easily be procured. 

391 Bradley, Mrs. Eliza. An Authentic Narrative of the 

Shipwreck and Sufferings of Mrs. Eliza Bradley, on the 
coast of Barbary, in June 1818. pp. 108. Frontis- 
piece. 12^ half sheep. Boston, 1820 

392 [Bradshaw, William.] The Unreasonablenesse of the 

Separation, made apparent, by an Examination of Mr. 
Johnson's pretended Reasons, 1608; — (also) A Manu- 
diction for Mr. Robinson, and such as consent with him 
in privat communion. Small 4^ calf, gilt edges. 

Dort, 16 14 

See the Answer to the '^ Manuduction " by John Robinson, pastor 
of the Pilgrim Fathers. 

393 Bradstreet, Anne. Works of, in Prose and Verse. 

Edited by J. H. Ellis, pp. 434. Frontispiece. Impe- 
rial 8** paper, uncut. Charlestown, 1867 
Only 250 copies printed. 

394 Brainerd. Memoirs of the Rev. David Brainerd, Mis- 

sionary to the Indians. By Rev. Jonathan Edwards. 8^ 
sheep. New Haven, 1822 

395 [Braithwait, Richard.] Drunken Barnaby's Four Jour- 

neys to the North of England. Second ed. pp. 151, 
8. Frontispiece. 18® calf, (cracked). London, 1716 

396 [Braithwaite.] Barnabae Itinerarium, or Barnabee's 

Journal. The seventh ed. To which are prefixed an 
account of the Author, now first discovered ; a Biblio- 
graphical History of the former editions of the work, 
and illustrative notes, pp. 204. Frontispiece and en- 
graved title. 12® calf. London, 1818 

397 Brattleboro, Vt. Early History, with Biographical 

Sketches of some of its Citizens. By Henry Burnham. 
Edited by Abby M. Hemenway. pp. 191. Portraits. 
8** cloth. Brattleboro, 1880 


398 Brayley, E. W. An Enquiry into the Genuineness of 

Prynne's ** Defence of Stage Plays," etc., together with 
a Reprint of the said Tract, and also of Prynne's 
*' Vindication." pp. 16. 8** paper. London, 1825 

Only 50 copies printed. 

399 Breck, Samuel. Historical Sketch of Continental Paper 

Money. 4° boards. Phila., 1863 

Only 50 copies printed. 

400 Brevoort, J. C. Verrazano the Navigator, or Notes on 

Giovanni da Verrazano and on a Planisphere of 1529 il- 
lustrating his American Voyage in 1524. pp. 161. 
Map and India proof portrait of the author. 8^ cloth, 
uncut. New York, 1874 

Only 250 copies printed. 

401 Brewster, William. Chief of the Pilgrims; or, the Life 

and Times of William Brewster. By Rev. Ashbel Steele. 
Plates. 8*" cloth. Phila., 1857 

402 Brickell, John. Natural History of North Carolina, 

with an Account of the Trade, Manners, and Customs 
of the Christian and Indian Inhabitants, pp. 408. 
Map and plates. 8° half morocco, gilt, uncut edges. 
(Stamp on title and title mended.) Dublin, 1737 

403 Bridgewater, Mass. History of the early Settlement of 

Bridgewater, including an extensive Family Register. 
By Nahum Mitchell, pp. 402. Portrait. 8° boards. 

Boston, 1840 

404 Bridgewater. Epitaphs in Old Bridgewater, Mass. 

By William Latham, pp. 253. Illustrations. 8° cloth. 

Bridgewater, 1882 

405 Bridgman, Thomas. Epitaphs from Copp's Hill Burial 

Ground, Boston. With notes, pp. 252. 12** cloth. 

Boston, 1 85 1 

406 Bridgman. Memorials of the Dead in Boston; contain- 

ing Exact Transcripts of Inscriptions on the Sepulchral 
Monuments in the King's Chapel Burial Ground, in the 
City of Boston; with copious historical and biographical 
notices of many of the early settlers of the Metropolis 
of New England. Plates and woodcuts. pp. 339. 
12® cloth. Boston, 1853 

407 Bridgman. The Pilgrims of Boston and their Descen- 

dants, pp. 406. Portraits and illustrations. 8° cloth. 

New York, 1856 

408 Briefe (A) Methode of Catechizing. 26th ed. pp. 53. 

18® russia, gilt. London, 161 7 

A briefe Relation 




O F 






the yeere of our Lord M. dc. vii. to this 

prefent M. d c. x x i r. 

Together with the ftate thereof as now it ftatidcth} 
the generall fbrme of goaenraient intended ; and the> 

diuiiion of the whole Terricorie into Coun-- 
ti<$ ^ fiaronries , &c. 


Printed by fohn HayilartJ, and arc to be 

foldbyWl LLI A M Bl ADEN, 

M. D C. X X 1 1. 

Facsimile ok the Title Pace of "A Hrief Relation. London, 1622." Xo. 409. 


409 Brief (A) Relation of the Discovery and Plantation of 

New England, and of sundry Accidents therein occur- 
ring, for the yeere of our Lord, 1607, to this present 
1623. Together with the state thereof as it now stan- 
deth; the general forme of gouernment intended, and 
the division of the whole Territorie into countries, 
baronies, etc. 18 leaves, not paged. Small 4** full 
crimson crushed levant morocco extra, gilt edges, by 
Pratt. Printed by John Haviland, 

and are to be sold by William Bladen: London, 1622 

Dedicated to " The Prince his Highness " by the President and 
Council of New England. 

A few leaves are very skilfully mended in the upper comers, but 
the above copy must nevertheless be considered a very fine copy, the 
tract is of exceeding rarity. 

410 Brigham, W. T. Historical Notes on the Earthquakes 

of New England, 1638-1869, pp. 28; — Notes on the 
Volcanoes of the Hawaiian Islands, with a history of 
their various eruptions, pp. 342-472. 2 vols royal 4° 
paper. Boston, 1868 

411 Bright Genealogy. The Brights of Suffolk, England; 

represented in America by the Descendants of Henry 
Bright, Jr., who settled in Watertown, Mass. in 1630. 
By J. B. Bright. Illustrations. 8** cloth. Boston, 1858 

412 Brinley, George. Catalogue of his American Library. 

Parts I, 2, 3 and 4 sold by auction in New York in 1878, 
'81. Part I priced in ink, and price lists to parts i 
and 2. 4 vols. 8° boards. Hartford, 1878-86 

413 Bristol, England. Descent among Writers on Bristol 

History and Biography, by George Bryce; — Centenary 
Services of Bristol Tabernacle, Nov. 25, 1853. 2 vols. 
16* cloth and boards. London. 

414 Bristol and Bremen, Me. History of the Towns of 

Bristol and Bremen, Me., including the Pemaquid Set- 
tlement. By John Johnson, pp. 524. Map and por- 
trait. 8° cloth. Albany, 1873 

415 Britannia Triumphant; or, an Account of the Sea-Fights 

and Victories of the English Nation, from the earliest 
Times, down to the conclusion of the late War. New 
edition, pp.276. Portraitsof Francis Drake, Raleigh, 
Commodore Howe, Hawke, Boscawen. 8° sheep. 

London, 1777 

416 British Historical Intelligencer; containing a Catalogue 

of English, Scotish, Irish and Welsh Historians, an ac- 
count of authors, etc. pp. 216. 8° half roan, uncut. 

Westminster, 1829 


417 British Museum. Catalogue of Printed Books. (Titles 

under ** America" and ** American.") 28 pp. Folio, 
boards. London, 1883 

418 British Poets. A Complete Collection of the British 

Poets, from Chaucer to Wordsworth; embracing the 
whole works of the most distinguished authors, accom- 
panied with biographical, historical and critical notices. 
Edited by F. J. Child. 130 vols, crown 8° cloth, un- 
cut. Little, Brown & Co.: Boston, 1864-7 

Large Paper : only 100 copies printed. 

The above series includes Akenside, Beattie, Burns, Butler, Byron, 
Campbell, Chatterton, Churchill, Coleridge, Collins, Cowper, Donne, 
Dryden, Falconer, Gay, Goldsmith, Gray, Herbert, Herrick, Hood, 
Keats, Marvell, Milton, Montgomery, Moore, Pamell, Tickell, Pope, 
Prior, Scott, Shakespeare, Shelley, Skelton, Sou they, Spencer, Sur- 
rey, Swift, Thomson, Vaughan, Watts, Kirke White, Wordsworth, 
Wyatt, Young, and eight volumes of English and Scottish Ballads. 

419 Britton, John. The Authorship of the Letters of Junius 

elucidated; including a Memoir of Lieut. -Col. Isaac 
Barr^. pp. 96. Portraits. Royal 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1848 

420 Brock, R. A. Vestry Book of Henrico Parish, Virginia, 

1730-73, comprising a history of the erection of, and 
other interesting facts connected with the venerable St. 
John's Church, Richmond, Va., with notes and an in- 
troduction by R. A. Brock. Royal 4** paper, uncut. 
Large Paper: only 100 copies printed. Richmond, 1874 

421 [Brodhead, J. R.] Calendar to the Holland Documents 

in the office of the Secretary of State at Albany, pp. 
374. 8° half calf, gilt. Albany, 1845 

422 Brodhead. History of the State of New York, 1609- 

1691. Map. pp. 801, 680. 2 vols. 8® cloth. 

New York, 1853-71 

423 Brodie, Walter. Pitcairn*s Island, and the Islanders, in 

1850. pp. 260. Portrait. Small 8® cloth, uncut. 

London, 185 1 

424 Brodribb, W. J. and Besant, W. Constantinople, a Sketch 

of its History, from its Foundation to 1453. pp. 270. 
12® cloth. London, 1879 

425 Brooke, Henry. Fool of Quality. 5 vols. 16° sheep, 

(worn). London, 1792 

426 Brookfield, Mass. Sermon preached on the last day of 

the year, 1775, together with some marginal notes, etc., 
giving an account of the first settling of the Town in 
the year 1660, its desolation by the Indians in Philip's 
War, in 1675, its distresse in Queen Anne's War, and 
its increase and improvements to the present time. pp. 
315. 8° calf. Boston, 1776 


427 Brookfield. Sermon preached at Brookfield, Mar. 6, 

1778, on the Day of the Interment of Mr. Joshua 
Spooner, who was most barbarously murdered, pp. 19, 
4. Small 8** calf. Boston, 1778 

428 Brookfield. Historical Discourse, Nov. 27, 1828. By 

Joseph I. Foot. pp. 64. 8° calf. Brookfield, 1829 

429 Brookfield. Historical Discourse at West Brookfield, 

Nov. 27, 1828. With Capt. Thomas Wheeler's Narra- 
tive, (1676). pp.96. 8"* boards. West Brookfield, 1843 

430 Brookfield. Discourse at the South Parish^ by Micah 

Stone, July 23, 1812; — Communication from the Brook- 
field Association to the Ecclesiastical Council who or- 
dained Rev. Loammi I. Hoadly, 1824; — Sermon at the 
Dedication of the Meeting House of the Evangelical 
Society, Aug. 13, 1828, by M. Stone; — Sermon by Dr. 
Snell, June 1838; — Stone's Semi-Centennial Discourse, 
March 11, 1851. 5 pamphlets. 

431 Brookline, Mass. Proceedings at the Dedication of the 

Town Hall, Feb. 22, 1873, pp. 64, 1873; — Muddy River 
and Brookline Records, 1634-1838, pp. 703, 1875. 2 
vols. 8** cloth and half morocco. Boston. 

432 Brooks, Benjamin. The Lives of the Puritans. 3 vols. 

8® calf. London, 18 13 

With ex-libris of George Phillips Parker. 

433 Brooks, Charles. Laws of Reproduction, considered 

with Reference to the Intermarriage of near Blood- 
Relations. 8° half calf, gilt. Cambridge, 1856 

434 Brooks, Rev. Charles. The Tornado of 1851, in Med- 

ford. West Cambridge and Waltham, Mass. pp. 72. 18° 
cloth. Boston, 1852 

435 Brotherheai), William. American Notes and Queries. 

Nos. I to 4, (all published). 8° cloth, with original 
wrappers bound in. Philadelphia, 1857 

436 Brotherhead. The Book of the Signers, containing fac- 

simile letters of the Signers of the Declaration of Inde- 
pendence, illustrated also with 6S engravings of their 
residences, portraits, etc. pp. 113. Large folio, half 
morocco, uncut edges, gilt top. Philadelphia, 1861 

Large Paper. 

437 Brougham, Lord Henry. Historical Sketches of States" 

men who flourished in the Time of George III,; to 
which are added. Remarks on the French Revolution. 
First, second and third series. Numerous portraits. 
3 vols, royal 8** half morocco, gilt. London, 1843 


438 Brougham. Lives of Men of Letters and Science who 

flourished in the Time of George 111. With portraits 
engraved on steel. 2 vols, royal 8° half morocco, un- 
cut, gilt tops. London, 1845-1847 

439 Brown, Alexander. The Genesis of the United States. 

A series of historical manuscripts now first printed, to- 
gether with a reissue of rare contemporaneous tracts 
accompanied by bibliographical memoranda, notes and 
brief biographies. 100 portraits, maps and plans. 2 
vols, royal S^ cloth, uncut. Boston, 1892 

440 Brown, Charles Brockden. Novels, comprising: Wieland, 

Arthur Mervyn, Ormond, Edgar Huntley, Jane Talbot 
and Clara Howard. 5 vols. 12" half morocco, gilt. 

Boston, 1827 

441 Brown, H. A. Oration delivered in Carpenter's Hall on 

the 1 00th anniversary of the Meeting of the Congress 
of 1774. pp. 52. Royal 8^ boards. Philadelphia, 1875 
Privately printed. 

442 Brown, James. The Procedure, Extent and Limits of 

Human Understanding, pp. 477. 8^ sheep. 

London, 1728 

443 Brown. Life and Letters of John Brown, Liberator of 

Kansas and Martyr of Virginia. Edited by F. B. San- 
born. Portrait and plate. 8° cloth. Boston, 1885 

444 Brown, John. A Compendious History of the British 

Churches in England, Scotland, Ireland and America, 
pp. 418,489, (95). 2 vols. 8® cloth, uncut. 

Edinburgh, 1823 

445 Brown, John Carter. Bibliotheca Americana. A cata- 

logue of books relating to North and South America in 
the library of the late John Carter Brown, of Provi- 
dence, R. 1. With notes by John Russell Bartlett. 4 
vols, imperial 8° cloth. Providence, 1 865-1882 

Fifty copies only of the four volumes, privately printed. All were 
given away, and the complete work is out of print. 

Vol. I. comprises titles of 600 works printed between the years 
1482 and 1600. 

Vol. II. comprises 1642 works printed between the years 1600 and 

Vols. III. and IV. comprise 4173 works, printed between the years 
1700 and 1800. Altogether, the Catalogue is descriptive 6415 works, 
printed before the present century. Vol. I. contains 121 plates and 
and wood-cuts, consisting of fac-similes of title pages of rare books, 
maps, portraits, devices of early printers and vignettes. Vol. II. con- 
tains illustrations of the same character. Vols. III. and IV. are 
without pictorial illustrations. 

The set also contains the first editions of Vols. I. and II., which 
were re-issued, with large additions, as above. 


446 Brown, Rev. John. (Pastor in Haverhill.) Sermon 

preached at Arundel, Nov. 4, 1730, at the ordination 
of Rev. Thomas Prentice, pp. 30. 12° morocco. 

T. Fleet: Boston, 1731 

447 Brown, Thomas. Lectures on the Philosophy of the 

Human Mind. 3 vols. 8° half russia. Andover, 1822 

448 Brown, William. . Antiquities of the Jews. pp. 631, 526. 

Plates. 2 vols. 8® half calf. Philadelphia, 1823 

44*9 Brown, W. H. History of the First Locomotives in 
America, pp. 242. Plates. 8^* cloth. New York, 1871 

450 Brown. Genealogy of a Portion of the Brown Family. 

12° half roan, (broken). Providence, 185 1 

451 Browne, Robert. A Booke which sheweth the Life and 

Manner of all true Christians, etc. Small 4° morocco, 
gilt edges. 

Imprinted by Richarde Painter: Middelburgh, 1582 
By Robert Browne, founder of the " BrownUts." 

452 Browne, Thomas. Pseudodoxia Epidemica; or, En- 

quiries into very many received Tenents and commonly 
presumed Truths, together with the Religio Medici. 
Sixth ed. pp. 440, 12; — Religio Medici. The seventh 
ed., also Observation by Sir Kenelm Digby. pp. 144. 
4° calf. London, 1672 

453 Browne. Certain Miscellany Tracts, pp. 215, 6. 12** 

half calf. London, 1684 

454 Browne. The Lives of all the Princes of Orange, from 

William the Great. Portraits, pp. 305. 8° calf. 

London, 1693 

455 Browne. Christian Morals. First ed. pp. 128. 18** calf. 

Cambridge, 17 16 

456 Browne. Works, including his Life and Correspondence; 

edited by Simon Wilkin, F. L. S. Portrait, pedigree, 
and plates. 4 vols, royal 8° cloth, uncut. 

W. Pickering: London, 1835-36 
Best Edition. Large paper : only 50 copies printed. 

457 Browne. Religio Medici; a Letter to a Friend; Christian 

morals; Urn-Burial, and other Papers, pp. 440. Por- 
trait on India paper. 8° cloth, uncut. Boston, 1862 
Large paper : only 25 copies printed. 

458 Browning, Robert. Strafford; an Historical Tragedy. 

First ed. pp. 131. 8° half calf, uncut. London, 1837 

459 Brownists. An Apologie or Defence of such true Chris- 

tians as are commonly (but unjustly) called Brownists 
pp. 118. Small 4° panelled calf. (Title rebacked, also 
some leaves mended). n. p., 1604 


460 Brunet, J. C. Manuel du Ltbraire et de TAmateur de 

Livres. With the Supplement. 7 vols, bound in 14 
vols, royal 8** cloth, uncut. Paris, 1860-80 

461 Brunswick, Me. History of Brunswick, Topsham, and 

Harpswell, Me. By G. A. and H. W, Wheeler, pp. 
959. Portraits and map. 8° cloth. Boston, 1878 

46a Bryant and Gay. Popular History of the United States, 
pp. 583. Numerous illustrations. Vol. i. Royal 8^ 
cloth. New York, 1876 

463 Bryant,. W. C. Poems. First ed. Fine uncut copy. 

13^ boards. Cambridge, 1821 

V^ith a. /. s, of the author inserted. 

464 Brydges, Samuel Egerton. Sonnets and other Poems. 

New edition, pp. 113. 16^ half calf. London, 1795 

465 Brydges. Restituta; or Titles, Extracts, and Characters 

of Old Books in English Literature revived. 4 vols. 8** 
calf, gilt edges, (broken). London, 1814 

466 Brydges. Censura Literaria, containing Titles, Abstracts, 

and Opinions on old English Books. Second ed. 10 
vols, in 5. 8° half russta, gilt, uncut edges, gilt tops. 

London, 1815 

467 Brydges. Autobiography, Times, Opinions, and Con- 

temporaries of. pp. 424, 431. 2 portraits. 2 vols. 8** 
tree calf, gilt. London, 1834 

468 BuCANiERS. History of the Bucaniers of America, con- 

taining, I: The Exploits of the Grand, Lolonois, Roche 
Brasiliano, etc. II: The dangerous Voyage of Capt. 
Sharp, Watlin, Sandlims, and others. Ill: Journal of 
a Voyage into the South Sea by the Freebooters of 
America, from 1684 to 1689, etc. 25 maps and plates. 
8° calf. London, 1704 

469 Buchanan, Georgio. Rerum Scoticarum Historia, Libris 

XX. — De Jure Regni apud Scotos. pp. 721. 12® sheep. 

Francofurti, 1584 

With autographs '* Joseph Dudley, his booke." Wm. Dudley's 

470 Buchanan, James. Sketches of the History, Manners, 

and Customs of the North American Indians, pp. 371. 
8° half morocco, extra, uncut edges, gilt top. 

London, 1824 

471 Buck, Edward. Massachusetts Ecclesiastical Law. pp. 

310. 12** cloth. Boston, 1866 

472 Buckingham, Duke of. The Chances, a comedy, pp. iii. 

Frontispiece 16** calf, London, 1735 


473 Buckingham. Letters of the Duke and Duchess of Buck- 

ingham, chiefly addressed to King James I of England, 
pp. 39. 16^ cloth, uncut. Edinburgh, 1834 

Only 40 copies printed. 

474 Buckingham, J. T. Miscellanies. 2 vols, in i ; — Speci- 

mens of Newspaper Literature. 2 vols. ; — Personal 
Memoirs. 2 vols. Portrait. Together 5 vols. 12** 
cloth. Boston, 1822-1852 

475 BuGG, Francis. The Picture of Quakerism drawn to the, 

Life; — Brief History of the Rise, Growth, and Pro- 
gress of Quakerism, pp. 124, 196. Bound together. 
16^ sheep, (shaken). London, 1697 

The author deserted the Friends Society about 1684. 

476 BuGG. The Pilgrim's Progress, from Quakerism to 

Christianity. Second ed. Portrait and plate, pp. 
352. 12^ half morocco, red edges. London, 1700 

477 BuLKELEY, Peter. The Gospel Covenant; or the Coven- 

ant of Grace opened. Preached in Concord in New 
England, pp. 381, 4. Small 4^ calf. London, 1646 

478 Bullock, A. H. Addresses before Alumni of Amherst 

College, July 8, 1863; — Address at Williams College, 
Aug. I, 1864; — Valedictory Address, Jan. 7, 1869; — 
Intellectual Leadership in American History, 1875; — 
Centennial Situation of Woman, 1876. 5 pamphlets. 

479 Bunker Hill. Celebration of the Centennial Anniversary 

of the Battle of Bunker Hill. pp. 174. Plates. Royal 
8^ cloth. Boston, 1875 

480 Bunker Hill. Particular Account of the Battle of Bun- 

ker or Breed's Hill, by Alden Bradford, pp. 26, 1825; 
— History of the Battle, by Charles Coffin, pp. 36, 1835; 
— Account of the Battle, by H. Dearborn, pp. 12, 18 18; 
— Oration in Commemoration of the Battle, by G. £. 
Ellis, pp. 72, 1841; — History of the Battle, by G. E. 
Ellis, pp. 69, 1875; — The Battle, by William Emmons, 
pp. 144, 1859; — Battle-Field of Bunker Hill, by Froth- 
ingham, pp. 46, 1876; — The Command in the Battle of 
Bunker Hill, pp. 56, 1850; — Battle of Bunker Hill, pp. 
136, 1875, ^y Frothingham; — Doubts Concerning the 
Battle, by Hudson, pp. 41, 1857; — Swett's History of 
Bunker Hill Battle, pp. 58, Notes to his Sketch, pp. 34, 
1825-7; — Who was Commander, by S. Swett, pp. 39, 
1850; — Col. William Prescott, the Commander, by F. 
J. Parker, pp. 21, 1875; — Stories about Gen. Warren, 
etc., 1835; — New History of the Battle, by W. W. 
Wheildon, pp. 56, 1875; — Magazine Article on Battle 
of Bunker Hill. Together 17 vols. 8** and 12** cloth 
and boards. 


481 Bunker Hill. A Collection of the Proceedings of the 

Bunker Hill Monument Association at the Annual 
Meetings, held on the seventeenth of June, from 1871 
to 1889, inclusive. Bound in 10 vols. 8** half morocco, 
cloth and paper. Cambridge, 1871-89 

482 Bunker Hill. Celebrations by the Bunker Hill Monu- 

ment Association of the Anniversary of the Battle of 
Bunker Hill in 1850 and 1857; — Inauguration of the 
Statue of Warren, June 17, 1857. Plates. 8° cloth. 


483 Bunker Hill. Original Planing and Construction of Bun- 

ker Hill Monument, pp. 11, 1863; — History of the 
Bunker Hill Monument, pp. 33, 1853. 2 vols. 8° 

484 BuNN, Alfred. Old England and New England, in a Se- 

ries of Views taken on the Spot. pp. 315. 12° half 
roan. Philadelphia, 1853 

485 BuNYAN, John. The Barren Fig-Tree. pp. 143. Wood- 

cut portrait. 18® sheep. London, 1762 

486 BuNYAN. The Pilgrim's Progress from this World to that 

which is to Come. Sixteenth ed. pp. 205. Wood-cuts. 
18" half morocco, uncut. London, 1707 

487 BuNYAN. The Pilgrim's Progress. The second part. 

Seventeenth ed. pp. 166. Wood-cuts. 18® cloth. 

Boston, 1744 

488 BuNVAN. The Pilgrim's Progress. With a Life of the 

Author, by Robert Southey. pp. 411. Portrait and 
illustrations. S^ cloth, uncut. London, 1839 

489 Bun Y AN. The Pilgrim's Progress from this World to that 

which is to Come. pp. 354. Portrait and rubricated 
title. 8° cloth, uncut. W. Pickering: London, 1849 

490 BuNYAN. The Pilgrim's Progress. A New Edition, with 

a Memoir by J. M. Hare. pp. 336. Illustrations. 12° 
cloth. London, 1853 

491 BuNYAN. The Pilgrim's Progress. A Fac-simile Repro- 

duction of the First Ed. pp. 205. Wood-cuts. Small 
8** cloth. London, 1875 

492 BuNYAN. Profitable Meditations; a Poem. Now first 

reprinted from a unique Copy, and edited with intro- 
duction and notes by George Offor. pp. 21, 47. Small 
4° half roan. London, i860 

493 BuRDiCK, William. Oration on the Nature and Effects of 

the Art of Printing, July 5, 1802. pp. 31. 8° paper, 
uncut. Boston, 1801 


494 BuRBiCK. Massachusetts Manual, or Political and His- 

torical Register for 1 8 14-15. pp. 219. 12° boards. 

Boston, 1 8 14 

495 [Burgess, George.] Pages from the Ecclesiastical His- 

tory of New England, 1 740-1840. 12® paper. 

Boston, 1847 

496 BuRGOYNE, General. Substance of his Speeches, on May 

26 and 28, 1778; with an Appendix containing General 
Washington's Letter to General Burgoyne, etc. pp. 42, 
6. 8® half morocco, uncut. London, 1778 

With numerous notes in the handwriting of John Wilkes. 

497 Burgoyne. A Letter from Lieut. Gen. Burgoyne to his 

Constituents upon his late Resignation; with the Cor- 
respondence between the Secretaries of War and Him, 
relative to his return to America. Fourth ed. pp. 37. 
8° half roan. London, 1779 

498 Burgoyne. A Statement of the Expedition from Canada as 

laid before the House of Commons, by Lieutenant Gen- 
eral Burgoyne, and verified by evidence; with a Collec- 
tion of Authentic Documents, and an addition of many 
circumstances which were prevented from appearing 

before the House Written and collected by 

himself, pp. 140, 62. Maps and plates. 4° calf. 
Bookplate of Sir Henry Mainwaring, Esq. London, 1780 

499 Burgoyne. A Supplement to the State of the Expedition 

from Canada, containing General Burgoyne's orders, re- 
specting the Principal Movements, and Operations of 
the Army to the Raising of the Siege of Ticonderoga. 
London, 1780. pp. 26. Royal 4** paper, uncut. 
Only 75 copies reprinted. New York, 1865 

500 Burgoyne. Dramatic and Poetical Works of, to which 

are prefixed, Memoirs of the Author, pp. 248, 235. 
Plates. 2 vols. 8** russia, gilt. London, 1808 

Large paper. 

501 BuRiLLViLLE, R. I. Burillville, as it Was, and as it Is. 

By Horace A. Keach. pp. 167. (2 copies.) 16® cloth. 

Providence, 1856 

502 BuRK, John D. History of Virginia from the first Settle- 

ment to the present day. 4 vols. 8° half crimson mo- 
rocco, gilt. Petersburg, 1804-05-16 

The fourth volume is rarely found, as nearly all the copies were de- 
stroyed by fire. 

503 BuRK. Some Materials to serve for a brief Memoir of 

John Daly Burk, Author of a History of Virginia. Ed- 
ited by Charles Campbell, pp. 123. 8® cloth. 

Albany, 1868 
Two autograph letters of the author inserted. 


504 Burke, Edmund. Works of. Revised edition. Portrait 

on India paper. 12 vols, royal 8° cloth, uncut. 

Boston, 1866 
Large Paper. Only 100 copies printed. 

505 Burke. An Account of the European Settlements in 

America. 2 vols. 8** calf. Second ed. London, 1758 

506 Burke. An Account of the European Settlements in 

America. First American ed. 8** half morocco. 

Boston, 1835 

507 BuRLAMAQUi, J. J. The Principles of Natural and Poli- 

tic Law. Translated by Mr. Nugent, pp. 424. 8** 
morocco, gilt. Boston, 1792 

508 BuRLiNGAME, Anson. Defence of Massachusetts, Speech 

in the House of Representatives, June 21, 1856. pp. 
33. Portrait. 8° cloth. 

Privately printed: Cambridge, 1856 

509 Burn, J. L. The Fleet Registers; comprising the His- 

tory of Fleet Marriages, and some Account of the Par- 
sons and Marriage-House Keepers, pp. 123. 8** cloth, 
uncut. London, 1833 

510 Burnaby, Rev. Andrew. Travels through the Middle 

Settlements in North America, in the Years 1759 and 
1760. pp. 206. 16® sheep, (broken). Dublin, 1775 

511 Burnaby. The same, with observations upon the state 

of the colonies, pp. (8), 106. 4° half roan, uncut. 

London, 1775 

512 Burnaby. The same. pp. 199. 8° stitched. London, 1775 

513 Burnaby. The same. Map and plate. Third ed. 4° 

calf. London, 1798 

514 Burnet, Gilbert. History of his own Time, from the 

Restoration of Charles II to the Treaty of Peace at 
Utrecht. New edition, with notes and 51 portraits, 
pp. 949, 2 vols, imperial 8^ cloth, uncut. London, 1840 

515 Burnet. History of the Reformation of the Church of 

England. New edition, with notes and 47 portraits, 
pp. 864, 508. 2 vols, imperial 8** cloth, uncut. 

London, 1841 

516 Burnet. Some Passages in the Life and Death of John 

Earl of Rochester, pp. 182. Portrait. 12** cloth. 

London, 1875 
Facsimile of original edition of 1680. 

517 Burney, James. A Chronological History of North- 

Eastern Voyages of Discovery, and of the early Eastern 
Navigations of the Russians, pp. 310. 8** calf. 

London, 1819 


518 Burns. Poems, chiefly in the Scottish dialect. Kil- 

marnock: Printed by John Wilson, 1786. pp. 240. 
Fac-simile reprint of the original edition. 8** boards, 
uncut. (J. McKie: Kilmarnock, 1867) 

Ohly 600 copies printed. 

519 Burns, Robert. Poems, chiefly in the Scottish Dialect. 

The third ed. pp. 372. Portrait. 8° calf, gilt. 

London, 1787 

520 Burns. Poems, chiefly in the Scottish Dialect. New 

edition, considerably enlarged, pp. 237, 287. Por- 
trait. 2 vols. 8^ half morocco, uncut, gilt tops. 

Edinburgh, 1798 

521 Burns. Select Scotish Songs, ancient and modern. Edi- 

ted by R. H. Cromek. pp. 230, 270. 2 vols. 12** cloth. 

London, 1810 

522 Burns. Poetical Works of. With notes illustrative of 

his Poems, and an account of his life. By Gilbert 
Burns, pp. 631. Portrait. 8** sheep. Phila.. 1823 

523 Burns. Tarn O'Shanter and Souter Johnny, a Poem. 

Illustrated by Thomas Landseer. pp. 16. 12° boards. 

London, 1830 

524 Burns. Works of, with Life by Allan Cunningham, pp. 

807. Portrait and plates. Royal 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1845 

525 Burns. Poems and Songs. With life by James Currie. 

PP- 575- Frontispiece. 18® cloth, uncut. London, n. d. 

526 Burns. Celebration of the looth Anniversary of the 

Birth of Robert Burns, by the Boston Burns* Club, 
January 25, 1859. pp. 84. 12° cloth. Boston, 1859 

527 Burr. Reports of the Trials of Colonel Aaron Burr 

(late Vice-President of the United States), for Treason 
and for a Misdemeanor, in preparing the means of a 
military expedition against Mexico, a territory of the 
King of Spain, with whom the United States were at 
peace, etc., etc. By David Robertson, pp. 596, 539. 
2 vols. 8** half morocco, red tops. Phila., 1808 

528 Burr. Life of Harman Blennerhassett, comprising an 

authentic narrative of the Burr Expedition. By W. H. 
Safford, plate, pp. 239, Chillicothe, 1850; — Margaret 
Moncrieffe, the first love of Aaron Burr, by Charles 
Burdett, plate, pp. 437, N. Y., i860. 2 vols. 12® cloth. 

529 [Burroughs, Edward.] A Declaration of the sad and 

great Persecution and Martyrdom of the People of God, 
called Quakers, in New-England, for the worshipping 
of God, etc. pp. 32. Small 4° claret morocco, extra, 
gilt top. London, (1661) 


530 Burroughs, Stephen. Memoirs of. First ed. 8® calf, 

uncut edges. Hanover, N. H., 1798 

531 Burroughs. The same, (with additions). 18** cloth. 

New York, 1852 

532 Burton, John. The Genuineness of L* Clarendon's His- 

tory of the Rebellion vindicated, pp. 173. 8® calf. 

Oxford, 1744 
With other tracts bound in. 

533 Burton, John Hill. Narratives from Criminal Trials. in 

Scotland, pp. 310, 319. 2 vols. 12® cloth. 

London, 1852 

534 [Burton, R.] The English Empire in America, or a 

Prospect of His Majesties' Dominions in the West In- 
dies. Map and plate, pp. 209. 18** sheep (broken.) 

London, 1685 

535 Burton, Richard. The History of the House of Orange, 

or, a brief Relation of the Glorious and Magnanimous 
Achievements of His Majesty's renowned Predecessors, 
together with the History of William and Mary, etc. 
New ed. pp. 144. Frontispiece. Royal 4° boards, 
uncut. Westminster, 1814 

Large Paper. Only 50 copies printed. 

536 [Burton, Robert.] The Anatomy of Melancholy. En- 

graved titles, pp. 461, 612. 2 vols. 8° boards, uncut. 

London, 1826 

537 Burton. The Anatomy of Melancholy. By Democritus 

Junior. New ed., corrected, with an Account of the 
Author, pp. 583, 612. 2 vols. 8® calf, gilt. 

London, 1837 

538 [Burton, Rev. Warren.] The District School as it was. 

18** cloth, uncut. Boston, 1833 

539 Bush, G. G. Harvard the first American University. 

Plates. 12° boards, uncut. Boston, 1886 

540 Butler, Charles. Historical Memoirs of the English, 

Irish and Scottish Catholics, since the Reformation. 
Third ed. 4 vols. 8° tree calf, extra, by Riviere. 

London, 1822 

541 Butler. Reminiscences, fourth ed. pp. 404, 291. 2 

vols, in I. 8® morocco, gilt. London, 1824 

542 Butler, Rev. Joseph. Works of, with a Preface, giving 

some Account of the Character and Writings of the 
Author, by Samuel Halifax, pp. 340, 357. 2 vols. 8® 
calf, gilt, Oxford, 1849 


543 Butler, Samuel. Hudibras, written in the Time of the 

late Wars. Parts i and 2. pp. 268, 216. 2 vols, in i. 
Small 8** full crushed levant morocco extra, inside tool- 
ing, gilt edges, by Riviere. 

Printed by F. G. for Richard 
Marriot, 1663. Printed by T. R. for John Martyn, 1664 
This is the genuine Author's first Edition. 

544 Butler. Hudibras. The second Part 1664. pp. 216. 

The third and last Part, 1678. pp. 285. 2 vols, small 
8° morocco, gilt edges. London. 

Genuine first editions. 

545 Butler. Hudibras. The first Part. 1663. pp. 128. The 

second Part. 1664. pp. 125. 2 vols. 16® morocco, 

gilt edges. London, 1663-4 

First editions, published at the same time with the author's edition, 
but in a cheaper form, probably to compete in cheapness with the 
spurious edition. 

546 Butler. Hudibras. The first Part. pp. 125. 16® mo- 

rocco, gilt edges. London, printed in the year 1663 

The earliest ^ition of Hudibras, printed (surreptitiously) before 
the author's edition was published by Marriot in the same year. 

547 Butler. Posthumous Works in Prose and Verse, pp. 

243, 18. Portrait after Sir Peter Lilly. 18'' calf. 

London, 17 15 

548 Butterfield, C. W. Journal of Capt. Jonathan Heart on 

the March with his Company from Connecticut to Fort 
Pitt, Sept. to October, 1785. pp. 94. Small ^ paper, 
uncut. Albany, 1885 

Only i 50 copies printed. 

549 Buxton, Me. Address at the First Centennial Celebra- 

tion, by N. W. Williams, pp. 34, 1850; —r Records of the 
Church of Christ during the pastorate of Paul Coffin, pp. 
88, 1868; — Records of the Proprietors of Narraganset 
Township, No. i, now the town of Buxton from Aug. i, 
1733 to Jan. 4, 181 1, by W. F. Goodwin, pp. 400, 1871, 
(privately printed) ; — Report of the Proceedings at the 
Celebration of the First Centennial Anniversary of the 
town of Buxton, Aug. 14, 1872, by J. W. Marshall, pp. 
288, 1874; — Semi Centennial of York County Confer- 
ence, June 4-5, 1872, pp. 119, 1876. 5 vols. 8** cloth 
and paper. Portland. 

550 Byfield, Nathaniel. An Account of the late Revolution 

in New England, together with the Declaration of the 
Gentlemen, Merchants and Inhabitants of Boston, April 
18, 1689. pp. arb. Small 4® blue morocco, gilt edges 
by Hayday. London, 1689 


551 Byfield, Nicholas. The Principall Grounds of Christian 
Religion, pp. 33. London 1635; — Byfield, Richard. 
A Candle lighted at the Lamp of Sacred Scriptures. In 
one volume. 18^ russia, gilt. London, 1627 

553 Byles, Mather. The Character of the Perfect and Up- 
right Man, etc. pp. 37. Portrait inserted. 8® calf. 

S. Gerrish: Boston, 1739 

553 Byles. God Glorious in the Scenes of the Winter. Ser- 

mon preached in Boston, Dec. 33, 1744. pp. 14. 16° 
calf. B. Green & Co. : Boston, 1744 

554 Byrd, William. The Westover Manuscripts, containing 

the History of the Dividing Line betwixt Virginia and 
North Carolina, etc. pp. 143. Royal 8® boards. 

Petersburg, 1841 

555 Byrd. The History of the Dividing Line between Vir- 

ginia and North Carolina, as run in 1738-39. pp. 333, 
376. 3 vols, royal 4** boards. Richmond, 1866 

Large Paper. Only 40 copies privately printed. 

556 Byron, John. Narrative of. Containing an Account of 

the great Distresses suffered by himself and Companions 
on the Coast of Patagonia, 1740-46. pp. 357. 8** half 
morocco, uncut. London, 1768 

557 Byron, Lord. Poems, original and translated. Second 

ed. pp. 174. Frontispiece. 8° cloth. 

Newark, (Eng.), 1808 

558 Byron. English Bards and Scotch Reviewers. First 

American Edition, pp. 86. 8^ half roan. Phila, 181 1 

559 Byron. English Bards and Scotch Reviewers, a Satire. 

pp. 136. Imperial 4** boards, uncut. New York, 1865 
Large Paper. Only 75 copies. 

560 Byron. Letters and Journals of Lord Byron, with No- 

tices of his Life. By Thomas Moore. Third ed. Por- 
traits and plates. 3 vols. 8° calf, gilt. London, 1833 

561 Byron. Conversations on Religion with Lord Bryon and 

Others. By James Kennedy, pp. 461. 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1830 

563 1^ ABECA DE Vaca. Relacion of Alvar Nunez Cabeca 
^^ de Vaca. Translated by Buckingham Smith. Por- 
trait. Imperial 8** cloth. New York, 187 1 

Only 100 copies privately printed. A new edition, with many im- 
portant additions. 

564 Cabot. Memoir of Sebastian Cabot, with a Review of 

the History of Maritime Discovery. 8° sheep. 

t Phila., 1831 

565 Cabot, The same, 8** boards, uncut, London, 1832 



566 Cabot. The Remarkable Life, Adventures and Discover- 

ies of Sebastian Cabot, of Bristol. By J. F. Nichols. 
Portrait. Small 4° cloth, uncut. London, 1869 

567 Cabot. La Vera Patria di Nicold de' Conti edi Giovanni 

Caboto, di C. Bullo. pp. 91. Chioggia, 1880, ^2 copies); 
— Giovanni E. Sebastiano Cabota, notizie, di Augusto 
Zeri. pp. II. Roma, 1881; — Intorno a Giovanni 
Caboto Genovese, Scopritore del Labrodor e di altre 
regioni dell' Alta America settentrionale, di Carnelio 
Desimoni. pp. 63. Genova, 1881. 4 pamphlets. 

568 Cadets. Divisionary Corps of Cadets First Division M. 

V. M. Roll, — Constitution, — Bill of Dress, pp. 60, 
printed on one side only. 8^ half morocco, uncut. 

Boston, i860 
Only 30 copies privately printed. 

569 Cairnes, J. E. The Slave-Power; its character, career 

and probable designs, pp. 171. 8^ cloth. 

New York, 1862 

570 Calamy, Edmund. The Nonconformist's Memorial, be- 

ing an Account of the Ministers, who were ejected or 
silenced after the Restoration, particularly by the Act 
of Uniformity, Aug. 24, 1662. New edition by Samuel 
Palmer. Numerous brilliant portraits, pp. 551 (30,) 
648(36.) 2 vols. 8° calf, gilt (rebacked). London, 1775 

I 571 Calamy. Historical Account of my own Life, with some 

I Reflections on the Times I have lived in, 1671-1731. 

Edited, with notes, by J. T. Rutt. pp. 501, 561, Por- 
trait. 2 vols. 8^ half russia. London, 1829 

572 Calef, Robert. More Wonders of the Invisible World; 

or, The Wonders of the Invisible World, Displayed in 

Five Parts. Part I. An Account of the Sufferings of 

Margaret Rule, Written by the Reverend Mr. C. M. 

I Part II. Several Letters to the Author, etc. And his 

Reply relating to Witchcraft. Part III. The Differ- 
ences between the Inhabitants of Salem-Village, and Mr. 
Parris, their Minister in New England. Part IV. Let- 
ters of a Gentleman uninterested. Endeavoring to prove 
the received Opinions about Witchcraft to be Orthodox. 
With short Essays to their Answers, etc. pp. 156, with 
the scarce errata (mounted) and a fac-simile of an au- 
tograph note of the Author. Also a fac-simile title in- 
serted. Small 4^ antique morocco. London, 1700 

"This writer deserves unbounded praise for having withstood the 
delusion of his time. In his discussion with Cotton Mather, he is as 
superior to him in reasoning as he was in good sense and courage. 
This book was burnt at Harvard College by order of the President, 
Increase Mather." 


573 Calef. More Wonders of the Invisible World, etc. 12* 

calf. (2 leaves slightly damaged and neatly mended.) 

Reprinted: Salem, 1796 

574 Calef. The same. 12° half morocco. Salem, 1823 

575 Calef. The same. 18° sheep. Boston, 1828 

576 Calcoen. a Dutch Narrative of the Second Voyage of 

of Vasco de Gama to Calicut, printed at Antwerp circa 
1504. With introduction and translation by J. P. Ber- 
jeau. Black letter reprint, with fac-simile map. Small 
4** cloth, uncut. London, 1874 

577 Calhoun, John C. Works of. 6 vols. 8® half calf. 

New York, 1853 

578 Callendar, John. Historical Discourse on the Civil and 

Religious Affairs of the Colony of Rhode Island and 
Providence Plantations in New England and America, 
from 1638 to the End of the first Century, pp. 120. 
12° morocco, gilt edges. Boston, 1736 

579 Calmet, a. Dictionary of the Holy Bible. Eighth ed. 

Revised by Edward Robinson, pp. 1003. Maps and 
engravings. Royal 8® sheep. Boston, 1837 

580 Cambridge, Mass. Two Hundred Years Ago; or, a brief 

history of Cambridgeport and East Cambridge, with no- 
tices of some of the early settlers. By (Mrs.) S. S. 
S(impson). Plate. 16° cloth. Boston, 1859 

Suppressed by her family and relatives. With a, /. s. of Lucius R. 
Paige, historian of Cambridge, relating to the book, inserted. 

581 Cambridge. Atlas of the City of Cambridge, Mass. By 

G. M. Hopkins. 18 maps. Atlas folio, half roan. 

Phila, 1886 

582 Cambridge. Memorial to the Men of Cambridge who fell 

in the First Battle of the Revolutionary War; — Pro- 
ceedings, July 3, 1875, in Celebration of the Centennial 
Anniversary of Washington's taking command of the 
Continental Army ; — Proceedings at the Dedication of 
the Soldiers' Monument, June 1869; — Exercises in 
Celebrating the 250th Anniversary of the Settlement of 
Cambridge, Dec. 28, 1880. 4 vols. 8° cloth. 

Cambridge, 1870-81 

583 Cambridge. Lectures on the History of the First Church 

in Cambridge. By A. McKenzie, pp. 289, 1873; — An 
Account of the Controversy in the First Parish in Cam- 
bridge , 1827-29. pp. 58, 1829. 2 vols. 12® cloth and 
boards. Boston. 

584 Cambridge, Mass. Historical and Miscellaneous Pamph- 

lets, relating to. (19). 


585 Cambridge. Farewell Sermon, Dec. 8, 1833, by W. 

Newell; — Discourse on the Cambridge Church Gath- 
ering, Feb. 22, 1846, by W. Newell; — Account of 
some of the Bridges over Charles River, by William 
Newell. 3 vols. 8"* half roan. Cambridge. 

586 Cambridge Platform. A Platform of Church-Discipline, 

gathered out of the Word of God, and agreed upon by 
the Elders and Messengers of the Churches assembled 
in the Synod at Cambridge in New England, etc. pp. 
30. Small 4^ blue morocco, beveled sides, gilt edges. 
Printed in New England: Reprinted in London, 1653 

587 Cambridge Platform. A Platform of Church-Discipline, 

gathered out of the Word of God, and agreed upon by 
the Elders and Messengers of the Churches assembled 
in the Synod at Cambridge in New England, pp. 2, 10, 
33, I. (A few leaves somewhat closely trimmed at the 
top.) Small 4^ full blue crushed levant morocco extra, 
gilt edges, by Bedford. 

Cambridge: Printed by Marmaduke Johnson, 1671 
Fine copy of the rare Second (American) edition. 

588 Cambridge Platform. A Platform of Church Discipline, 

etc. pp. I, 22, 64. 18** calf. John Foster, Boston, i68o 
Lacks the table of contents at the end. 

589 Cambridge Platform. The Results of three Synods held by 

the Elders and Messengers of the Churches of Massa- 
chusetts Province, New England, pp. 118; — Confes- 
sion of Faith aloued and consented unto at the second 
session of the Synod, May 12, 1680. pp. 50. 16** half 
calf. Boston, 1725 

590 Cambridge and Saybrook Platforms of Church Discipline. 

12° half sheep. Boston, 1829 

591 Camden, Me. Sketches of the History of. By John L 

Locke, pp. 267. 12^ cloth. Hallowell, 1859 

592 Camden, William. Britannia, sive florentissimorum 

Regnorum, Angliae, Scotiaae, Hiberniae, et Insularum 
adiacentium. First ed. pp. 556, 12. Square 16^ an- 
tique calf, red edges. Londini, 1586 

593 Camden. Remaines concerning Britaine. The fifth im- 

pression, with many rare antiquities never before im- 
printed, by the industry and care of John Philipot. pp. 
422. Fine portrait, bright impression. Small 4^ calf, 
gilt. London, 1637 

594 Camden. The History of the most renowned and vic- 

torious Princess Elizabeth, late Queen of England, 
pp. 661 and table. Portrait by R. White. Folio, half 
morocco, uncut. London, 1688 


595 Campaigns of the Civil War. Outbreak of the Rebellion, 

by J. G. Nicolay; — From Fort Henry to Corinth, by 
M. F. Force. Maps. 2 vols. 12** cloth. New York, 1881 

596 Campbell, Charles. Introduction to the History of the 

Colony and Ancient Dominion of Virginia, pp. 200. 
Royal 8^ cloth, uncut. Richmond, 1847 

597 Campbell. History of the Colony and Ancient Dominion 

of Virginia, pp. 765. 8° cloth. Phila., i860 

598 Campbell, J. W. History of Virginia, from its Discovery 

till the year 1781. pp. 310. 12** sheep. Phila., 1813 

599 Campbell, Lord John. The Lives of the Chief Justices 

of England, from the Norman Conquest till the death 
of Lord Mansfield, pp. 588, 584. 2 vols. 8^ cloth, un- 
cut. Boston, 1850 

600 Canada. An Account of the French Settlements in 

North America, shewing from the latest authors, the 
towns, ports, islands, lakes, etc., of Canada. By a Gen- 
tleman. With an appendix, giving an account of Que- 
bec, by P. Charlevoix, pp. 26. 12** morocco, red edges. 

Rogers & Fowle: Boston, 1746 

601 Canada. A Letter from a Gentleman to his Friend, in 

England, descriptive of the different settlements in the 
Province of Upper Canada, pp. 30. 12° boards, un- 
cut. Phila., 1795 

602 Canada. Summary of Canadian History, by J. A. Boyd; 

— Map of Canada; — Northern Traveller; — Guide to 
Niagara Falls, by Johnson. 4 vols. 16** cloth. 

Phila., 1864 

603 Canada. Report on Canadian Archives, by Douglas 

Brymner, 1888; — Tables of the Trade and Navigation, 
1868; — Emigration to Canada. The Province of Que- 
bec, 1869. 3 vols, royal 8*^ paper. Ottawa and Toronto. 

604 Caner, Henry. Sermon preached at King's Chapel, Bos- 

ton, January i, 1761, upon occasion of the death of 
King George II. pp. 31. 8° half morocco. 

Boston, (1761) 

605 Canning, George. Select Speeches of. Edited by 

Robert Walsh, pp. 583. 8** cloth. Phila., 1843 

606 Capell, Edward. Prolusions; or, select Pieces of ancient 

Poetry. 8** calf. London, 1760 

607 Capell. MSS. Catalogue of Mr. Capell's Shakespeariana, 

presented by him to Trinity College, Cambridge, and 
printed from Mr. Hazlewood's copy, by Hartshorne, 
1829. Transcribed from Hartshorne's Reprint, 1842. 
Portrait, pp. 30. Royal 4° sheep. 
Of the Reprint only 20 copies were printed. 


608 Carey, Mathew. Miscellaneous Trifles in Prose, pp. 

176. 24° calf, gilt. • Phila., 1796 

609 Carey. A Plumb Pudding for the Humane, Chaste, 

Valliant, Enlightened Peter Porcupine, pp. 48. 8** 
half calf, gilt. Phila., 1798 

610 Carey. The Olive Branch; or, Faults on both Sides, 

Federal and Democratic. Fourth ed. pp. 241, 276. 2 
vols. 12° sheep, (foxed). Phila., 181 5 

611 Carey. A Short Account of the Malignant Fever which 

prevailed in Philadelphia in the year 1793, with other 
writings by the same author, pp. 472. 8° half morocco, 
uncut, gilt top. Phila., 1830 

612 Carleton. Letters from and to Sir Dudley Carleton, 

during his Embassy in Holland, from January, 16 15 to 
December, 1620. pp. 510. 4® half calf. London, 1757 

613 Carleton. State Letters of, during his Embassy at the 

Hague, A. D. 1627, now first edited by T. P. (Thomas 
Phillips), pp. 76. Royal 4® full morocco, extra. 

Midde Hill, 1841 

614 Carleton, George. A Thankful Remembrance of God's 

Mercie, etc. pp. 292. Plates by Hulsius. (Title- 
page wanting). 4^ half sheep, (broken). (London, 1624) 

615 Carleton. A Thankfull Remembrance of God's Mercy, 

in an Historicall Collection of the Deliverances of the 
Church and State of England. Third ed. revised and 
enlarged. With portrait, engraved title and numerous 
plates by Hulsius. pp. 291. Small 4** calf, gilt edges, 
(one leaf mended). London, 1627 

616 Carlisle, Earl of. A Relation of three Embasies from 

Charles II to the Great Duke of Muscovie, the King of 
Sweden, and the King of Denmark, performed in the 
years 1663 and 1664. Portraits. 12** calf. London, 1669 

617 Carlton, Robert. The New Purchase; or, seven and a 

half years in the Far West. pp. 300, 316. 2 vols. 12® 
boards. New York, 1843 

618 Carlyle, Thomas. Oliver Cromwell's Letters and 

Speeches, with Elucidations, 2 vols. ; — Critical and 
Miscellaneous Essays; — Past and Present. 4 vols. 12® 
half morocco and cloih. Boston and New York, 1839-45 

619 Carter, James G. Geography of New Hampshire. 18** 

boards. Portsmouth, 1831 

620 Cartier. Voyage de Jaqves Cartier au Canada en 1534. 

Nouvelle Edition, publi^e d'apr^s I'edition de 1598 et 
d'apr^s Ramusio. Par M. H. Michellant. Avec deux 
cartes. Documents in^dits sur Jaques Cartier et le 
Canada, pp. 71, 53. 12** paper, uncut. Paris, 1865 



621 Cartier. Bref Recit et Succincte Narration de la Navi- 

gation faite en 1535 et 1536 par le Capitaine Jacques 
Cartier aux iles de Canada, Hochelaga, Saguenay et 
autres. Reimpression. Pr^cddde d'une introduction 
historique. Par M. Davezac. pp. 69. 12® paper, un- 
cut. Paris, 1863 

622 Carver, J. Travels through the Interior Parts of North 

America, in the years 1766, 1767 and 1768. Third edi- 
tion, pp. 543. P'ine mezzotint portrait, maps and 
colored plates. 8° half sheep. London, 1781 

623 Cary, Henry. Memorials of the Great Civil War in 

England, from 1646 to 1652. pp. 445, 464. 2 vols. 8° 
cloth, uncut. London, 1842 

624 Cary, Robert. Memoirs of Robert Cary, Earl of Mon- 

mouth. Written by himself, and Fragmenta Regalia. 
By Sir Robert Naunton With explanatory annotations. 
2 portraits. Royal 8* russia. Edinburgh, 1808 

625 Casaubon, Meric. A Treatise concerning Enthusiasme, 

as It is an Effect of Nature. Second ed., revised, pp. 
297. 12° half morocco. London, 1656 

626 Case decided in the Supreme Court of the United States, 

in February, 1793, in which is discussed the Question 

** Whether a State be liable to be sued by a Private 

Citizen of another State? " pp. 120. 8° half sheep. 

Phila., 1793 
Autograph of " Jno. Pickering.** 

627 Castine, Me. History of Castine, Penobscot, and Brooks- 

ville, including the ancient Settlement of Pentagoet. 
By G. A. Wheeler, pp. 401. Plates. 8° cloth. 

Bangor, 1875 

628 Caswall, Rev. Henry. America and the American 

Church. Frontispiece. Small 8** cloth, uncut. 

London, 1839 

629 Catalogue of Books added to the Library of Congress, 

from Dec. i, 1866 to Dec. 11, 1868. pp. 323. 2 vols, 
imperial 8° cloth. Washington, 1868-69 

630 Catalogues of the Mass. State Library, 1858; — Boston 

Public Library, Lower Hall, 1873; — Bowdoin College 
Library, 1863; — Cincinnati Public Library, 1871. To- 
gether 4 vols. 8° and royal 8° half morocco. 

631 Catalogue of the Library of George Offor, sold in Lon- 

don, 1865; — Catalogue of a very curious collection of 
Prints of W. Shropshire, sold in London, 1770. (Con- 
tains the whole works of that celebrated master, Mr. 
John Smith, mezzotinto scraper.) 2 vols. 8° half mo- 
rocco and boards. London. 


632 Catalogues published by Bernard Quaritch, London, 

1873-90. 73 parts 8® paper. London. 

633 Catalogues. Catalogues of Americana, for sale by E. 

Dufoss^, Paris. 43 parts 8** paper. 

634 Catalogues of the Auction Sales of the Libraries of Wil- 

kinson, Stevens, E. A. Crowningshield, Corwin, Davis, 
Guild, Choate and Pickering. 9 vols. 8** half roan. 

New York and Boston, 1846-59 

635 Catalogues of Auction Sales of Libraries in New York and 

Boston, comprising catalogues of the more important 
sales for the last 20 years. 81 parts 8^ paper. 

636 Cattermole, Rev. Richard. The Great Civil War of 

Charles I and the Parliament, pp. 287, 311. Portraits 
and fine plates from drawings by George Cattermole. 2 
vols, square 8** cloth. London, 1842-5 

637 Caulfield, James. Calcographiana; the Printseller's 

Chronicle and Collector's Guide to the Knowledge and 
Value of engraved British portraits, pp. 163. Por- 
trait. 8° boards, uncut. London, 1814 

638 Caulfield. Portraits, Memoirs, and Characters of Re- 

markable Persons, from the Revolution in 1688 to the 
end of the Reign of George II, collected from the most 
authentic accounts extant. With upwards of 160 por- 
traits. 4 vols, royal 4° cloth, uncut. London, 1819-20 
Large Paper. 

639 Cavendish, George. The Negotiations of Thomas Wool- 

sey, the great Cardinall of England, containing his life 
and death, pp. 118. Fine portrait. Small 4^ calf, 
red edges. London, 1641 

640 Cavendish, Sir Henry. Debates in the House of Com- 

mons on the Quebec Bill, 1774, now first published by 
J. Wright, pp. 303. Maps. 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1839 

641 Caverly, R. B. Heroism of Hannah Duston, together 

with the Indian Wars of New England, pp. 408. Il- 
lustrations. 12** cloth. Boston, 1875 

642 Caxton, William. Ars Moriendi. Here begynneth a 

lytyel treatyse schortely compyled and called ars mor- 
iendi, that is to saye the craft for to dye for the helthe 
of mannes sowle. Folio, calf. 

[Reprinted: London, 1849] 

One of fifty copies reprinted from the unique copy in the Bodleian 

643 Caxton. The Game of the Chesse by William Caxton. 

Folio, half morocco. [Reprinted: London, 1855] 

Fac-simile reprint of the rare^original. 


644 Caxton. The Statutes of Henry VII in exact fac-simile 
from the very rare original, printed by Caxton in 1489. 
Edited, with notes and an introduction, by John Rae. 
Royal 4^ half morocco, uncut. London, 1869 

64s Caxton. The Life of Mayster Wyllyam Caxton, of the 
Weald of Kent, the first Printer in England. By John 
Lewis, pp. 156. Portrait and plates. 8® blue morocco, 
gilt edges. London, 1737 

Only i 50 copies printed. 

646 Centlivre, Mrs. Dramatic Works of, with a new account 

of her Life. 3 vols, small 8° boards, uncut. 

London, 1872 

647 Chahert, M. de. Voyage en 1750 et 1751 dans TAm^ri- 

que Septentrionale, pour rectifier les Cartes des cotes 
de TAcadie, de I'lsle Royale, et de Tlsle de Terre neuve. 
pp. 288. Maps. Royal 4** half morocco. Paris, 1753 

648 Chalmers, George. Political Annals of the present 

United Colonies from their Settlement to the Peace of 
1763. Book I. (All published.) Royal 4*^ calf, gilt. 

London, 1780 
Largk Paper Copy. With Chalmers' Ex-Libis inserted. 

649 Chalmers. An Introduction to the History of the Re- 

volt of the American Colonies. Vol. I. (all published.) 
pp. 496. (No title page ever printed for this book.) 
8° calf. (1782) 

650 Chalmers. Same. New edition, with a continuation. 

pp. 414, 376. 2 vols. 8° cloth. Boston, 1845 

651 Chalmers. An Estimate of the comparative Strength 

of Great Britain, during the present and four preced- 
ing Reigns. New edition, pp. 289, 17. London, 1794; 
— Opinions on Interesting Subjects arising from 
American Independence. New edition, pp. 200. In 
one vol. 8° calf. London, 1785 

652 Chalmers. Opinions of Eminent Lawyers on various 

Points of English Jurisprudence, chiefly concerning the 
Colonies, Fisheries and Commerce of Great Britain, 
pp. 787. Royal 8° sheep. Burlington, 1858 

653 Chambers, Robert. Cyclopaedia of English Literature. 

2 vols, royal 8° half calf, gilt. London, i860 

654 Chambers. Traditions of Edinburgh. New edition. 

pp. 389. 12° cloth. London, 1899 

655 Chamberlain, J. L. Maine, her place in history. Map. 

8° cloth, Augusta, 1877 


656 Chamberlain, Mellen. John Adams, the Statesman of 

the American Revolution; — Samuel Maverick's Pali- 
sade House of 1630; — Authenticity of the Declara- 
tion of Independence, July 4, 1776; — History of the 
People of the United States, a review of McMaster's 
History; — Address at the Dedication of Wilson Hall 
(Dartmouth College); — Address at the Dedication of 
the Brooks Library Building, Brattleboro, Vt. ; — Con- 
stitutional Relations of the American Colonies to the 
English Government at the Commencement of the 
American Revolution.. 7 pamphlets. 1884-8 

657 Champlain, Samuel de. CEuvres de Champlain, pub- 

li^es sous le Patronage de TUniversit^ Laval par I'Abb^ 
C. H. Laverdidre. Second ed, Numerous plates and 
maps. 6 vols, royal 4^ half morocco, uncut, gilt 
edges. Quebec, 1870 

658 Chandler, P. W. American Criminal Trials. 2 por- 

traits. 2 vols. 12° cloth, uncut. Boston, 1 841-4 

659 Chandler, Richard. The Life of William Waynflete, 

Bishop of Winchester, Lord High Chancellor of Eng- 
land in the Reign of Henry VI., and Founder of 
Magadalen College, Oxford: collected from records, 
registers, manuscripts, and other authentic evidences. 
Portrait, plates and index, pp. 428. Imperial 8^ mo- 
rocco, gilt edges. London, 181 1 
Largb Paper : Only 50 copies printed. 

660 Channing, William E. Works of. Second complete 

edition. 6 vols.; — Memoirs of. 3 vols. Together 9 
vols. 12° cloth. Boston, 1843-48 

661 Channing, W. E. Sermon at Dorchester, Dec. 7, 1808; 

— Infidelity, 1813; — Discourse, June 15, 1814; — Ser- 
mon at Baltimore, May 5, 1819; — Letters to Channing, 
by Moses Stuart, 181 9; — Evidences of Revealed Re- 
ligion, 1821; — Sermon at the Ordination of Jared 
Sparks, May 5, 1819; — Sermon at the Ordination of 
E. S. Gannett, June 30, 1824; — Tribute to Noah Wor- 
cester, 1837; — Address at Lenox, Aug. i, 1842; — Ad- 
dress at the Funeral of W. E. Channing, by E. L. Gan- 
nett, 1842; — Channing's Character, by R. G. Hazard, 
1845. II vols. 8° half roan. Boston. 

662 Chap Books. Cynthia, with the Tragical Account of the 

Unfortunate Loves of Almerin and Desdemona, Lon- 
don, 1726; — The Famous History of Montellion, Knight 
of the Oracle, London, 1720; — Honour of Chivalry, or 
the Famous and Delectable History of Don Bellianis of 
Greece. Curious wood-cuts. Bound in one vol. 18** 


663 Chap Book. The Picture Exhibition, containing original 

drawings of eighteen Disciples. Wood engravings. 24** 
paper. I. Thomas: Worcester, 1788 

664 Chap Books. Snow Storm, pp. 26, N. Y., 1823; — Ad- 

ventures of Don Quixote, pp. 28, Exeter, 1825; — 
Sleeping Beauty, pp. 24, Nottingham ; — History of 
Wat Tyler and Jack Straw, pp. 24, n. p. n. d. ; — Sketch 
of the Character and Manners of All Nations, pp. 35, 
Concord, 1830, (2 copies); — Lady's Polite Valentine 
Writer, London, pp. 40; — Doleful Death of Poor Old 
Robin, pp. 15, London. 7 pamphlets 16° paper. 

665 [Chaplin, Ebenezer.] Congregationalism, as contained 

in the Scriptures, explained by the Cambridge Platform, 
and by approved authors, pp. 86. 8° calf. Boston, 1794 

666 Charles I. A Discourse or Dialogue between the two 

now potent Enemies, the Lord General M*litia, and his 
Illegall opposite Commission of Array, pp. 8. Small 
4° paper. London, 1642 

667 Charles I. The Kings Cabinet Opened; or, certain 

packets of secret letters and papers,' written with the 
King's own hand, and taken in his Cabinet at Nasby- 
Field, June 14, 1645. pp. 56. Small 4** calf. 

London, 1645 

668 Charles L Reliquiae Sacrae Carolinae. The Works of 

that Great Monarch and Glorious Martyr King Charles 
the I St. 2 portraits. Small 8^ calf. Hague, 1648 

669 Charles I. Reliquiae Sacrae Carolinae, or the works of 

that great monarch and glorious martyr, King Charles 
I, collected together and digested in order according to 
their severall subjects, civil and sacred. Portrait, pp. 
(16), 324. 12° mottled calf, gilt, yellow edges. 

Hague, 165 1 

670 Charles I. Reliquiae Sacrae Carolinae. The Works of 

that great monarch and glorious martyr, King Charles 
I, both civil and sacred. Thick 12° half morocco. 

Printed by Sam. Browne: Hague, n. d. 
Title page in MSS. and frontispiece wanting. Portrait inserted. 

671 Charles I. King Charls his Tryal, or a perfect Narra- 

tive of the whole Proceedings of the Hfgh Court of 
Justice in the Tryal of the King. pp. 48. Small 4® 
stitched. London, 1649 

672 Charles I. King Charls, his Speech made upon the 

Scafifold, at Whitehall Gate, Jan. 30, 1648. pp. 8. Small 
4** paper. London, 1649 

673 Charles I, Majestas Intemerata, or the Immortality of 

the King. pp. 148. 18** sheep. Printed in the year, 1649 



674 Charles I. The Princely Pellican. Royall Resolves 

presented in sundry choice Observations extracted from 
His Majesties Divine Meditations, pp. 48. Wood-cut. 
Small 4** paper. Printed in the year, 1649 

675 Charles I. The Full Proceedings of the High Court of 

Justice against King Charles, in Westminster Hall, 20th 
of January, 1648. Portrait. i8° sheep. London, 1654 

676 Charles L The Royall Martyr, or King Charles the 

First, no Man of Blood but a Martyr for his People; — 
An exact List of the Names of those pretended Judges 
who sate, and sentenced our late Sovereigne King 
Charles the First; — Short History of Charles H. Fine 
portrait. In i vol. 16** sheep. London, 1660 

677 Charles I. King Charles the First's Declaration to his 

Subjects concerning Lawful Sports to be used on Sun- 
days, 1633. pp. 17. 8° half roan, uncut. 

Reprinted at the Chiswick Press: 1862 
Only 100 copies issued. 

678 Charles I. Eikon Basilike. Reprint of the Edition of 

1648 with an introduction by Edward J. L. Scott. 
Plate. 12** cloth, uncut. London, 1880 

679 Charles II. The Pourtraicture of His Sacred Majesty 

King Charles II. pp. 308. 12® calf, (lacking pp. 309- 
316). Printed in the year, 1694 

680 Charleston, S. C. Special Services held at St. Philip's 

Church, May 12 and 13, 1875, in Commemoration of the 
Planting of the Church of England in the Province of 
Carolina, pp. 172. 8** paper. Charleston, 1876 

681 Charlestown, Mass. History of. By Richard Froth- 

ingham. pp. 368. Map and plates. 8° half morocco, 
covers bound in. Boston, 1845 

682 Charlestown. A Century of Town Life. A history of 

Charlestown, Mass., 1775-1887. By J. F. Hunnewell. 
Plates. 8** cloth, uncut. Boston, 1888 

683 Charlestown. History of the Harvard Church in Char- 

lestown, 1815-1879; — History of First Church. By 
W. I. Budington. 2 vols. 8** cloth and paper. 

Boston, 1845-1879 

684 Charlevois, F. X. de. Histoire et Description Generale 

de la Nouvelle France, avec le Journal Historique d'un 
Voyage fait dans I'Amerique septentrionale. Nu- 
merous maps. 7 vols. 12'' calf. Paris, 1744 

685 Charlevoix. Journal of a Voyage to North America, 

containing the geographical description and natural his- 
tory of that country, particularly Canada. Map. 2 
vols. 8° half calf, gilt. London, 1761 


686 Charlevoix. History and General Description of New 

France. Translated, with notes, by John Gilmary Shea. 
6 vols, imperial 4° boards. New York, 1866-70 

Large Paper. 

687 Chastellux. Travels in North America, in the years 

1780, 1 781 and 1782. By the Marquis de Chastellux, 
one of the forty members of the P'rench Academy, and 
Major General in the French Army, serving under the 
Count de Rochambeau. Translated from the French by 
an English gentleman, who resided in America at that 
period. With notes by the translator, pp. 462, 432. 
Maps and plates. 2 vols. 8® calf. London, 1787 

688 Chastellux. Travels in North America in the years 

1780-82. pp 416. 8° morocco, gilt. New York, 1827 

689 Chateaubriand, Viscount de. Sketches of English Liter- 

ature, pp. 356, 361. Second ed. 2 vols. 8** cloth, un- 
cut. London, 1837 

690 Chatham. Correspondence of William Pitt, Earl of Chat- 

ham. Edited by W. S. Taylor and J. H. Pringle. 4 
vols. 8® cloth, uncut. London, 1840 

691 Chatterton, Thomas. Poetical Works of, with notices 

of his life, history of the Rowley controversy, etc. pp. 
728. Plate. 2 vols. 12° cloth, uncut. Cambridge, 1842 

692 Chaucer, Goeffrey. Canterbury Tales. A new Text, 

with illustrative notes, by Thomas Wright, pp. 226. 
Portrait. 8® cloth. (London.) 

693 Chauncy, Charles. Seasonable Thoughts on the State of 

Religion in New England. (Title repaired.) Boston, 
1 743 J — The Salvation of All Men. London 1784; — A 
Compleat View of Episcopacy. Boston 1771; — Twelve 
Sermons. Boston 1765; — The Benevolence of the 
Deity. Boston 1784; — Five Dissertations on the Fall. 
London 1785. 6 vols. 8° half morocco, gilt. 

694 Chauncy. Thanksgiving Sermon for the Reduction of 

Cape Breton, under the command of the Hon. William 
Pepperrell, July 18, 1745. pp. 23. 8** half roan. 

Boston, 1745 

695 Chauncy. Discourse on a Day of Thanksgiving for the 

Repeal of the Stamp-Act, July 24, 1766. pp. 32. 8® 
half morocco. Boston, 1766 

696 Chauncy. Sermon preached at the Ordination of Rev. 

Joseph Bowman, Aug. 31, 1762. pp. 50.; — Discourse 
occasioned by the death of Rev. Jonathan Mayhew,' 
1766. pp. 40. 2 vols. 8® half roan. Boston. 


697 Chauncy. a Letter to a Friend, containing remarks on 

certain passages in a sermon, by the Bishop of Landaff, 
Feb. 20, 1767, in which the highest reproach is unde- 
servedly cast upon the American colonies, pp. 56. 8° 
stitched. Boston, 1767 

698 Cheever, G. B. American Common-Place Book of Poetry. 

PP- 405- 16° half calf. Boston, 1831 

699 Cheever. The Journal of the Pilgrims at Plymouth, in 

New England, in 1620. Second ed. pp. 369. Small 8° 
cloth. New York, 1848 

700 Cheever. The Dream; or true history of Deacon *Giles' 

distillery, and Deacon Jones' brewery, pp. 16. Illus- 
trations. Royal 8** half morocco. New York, 1859 

701 Chelmsford, Mass. History of, from 1653 to 1820. To 

which is added a Memoir of the Pawtucket Tribe of 
Indians. By Wilkes Allen, pp. 192. 8** half roan. 

Haverhill, 1820 

702 [Cheney, Harriet V.] A Peep at the Pilgrims in sixteen 

hundred and thirty-six. 2 vols, in i. 8** calf. 

Boston, 1824 

703 Chester, J. L. The Marriage, Baptismal and Burial 

Registers of the Collegiate Church or Abbey of St. 
Peter, Westminster, pp. 631. Imperial 8** cloth, un- 
cut. London, 1876 
Private Edition. 

704 Chesterfield. The Letters of Philip Dormer Stanhope, 

Earl of Chesterfield. Edited with notes, by Lord 
Mahon. Portraits. 4 vols. 8® cloth, uncut. 

London, 1845 

705 [Child, Francis J.] Childe Harvard, a Romance of Cam- 

bridge. By Sefior Alguno. New edition, pp.186. 12** 
boards, (title damaged). Boston, 185 1 

706 Child. English and Scottish Ballads. 8 vols. 8** full 

blue morocco extra, gilt edges, by Riviere. Boston, i860 
Large Paper. 

707 Child, John. New England's Jonas cast up at London, 

1647. With an introduction and notes by W. T. R. 
Marvin, pp. 52, 40. 4*^ cloth, uncut. Boston, 1869 

Only 150 copies printed. 

Nearly sdl the copies of this book were burned in the fire of 1872. 

708 Child, Sir Josiah. A New Discourse of Trade, pp. 238. 

12° sheep. 

London, 1698 

709 Child. The same. 

Fourth ed. pp. 232. 12** calf. 

London, n. d. 

710 Child. The same. 

New ed. pp. 224. 12** calf. 

London, 1775 


711 Child, Mrs. L. M, Hobomok, a tale of early times; — 

Philothea, a romance; — History of the Condition of 
Women in various Ages and Nations. 4 vols. 12® half 
calf and half morocco. Boston, 1824-40 

712 Chittenden, L. E. Report of the Debates and Proceed- 

ings in the secret Sessions of the Peace Convention of 
1861. 8° cloth. New York, 1864 

713 Choate, Rufus. Reminiscences of Rufus Choate. By 

Edward G. Parker. Portrait. 8° cloth. New York, i860 

714 Christian, Bolivar. The Scotch-Irish Setlers in the Val- 

ley of Virginia, pp. 38. 8^ boards. Richmond, i860 

715 Christian Examiner and Theological Review. Vols, i to 

71. 1824-1862. 35 vols, half calf and 37 vols, in parts. 
Together 72 vols. 8°. (Lacks Mar. 1852.) 

Boston, 1824-62 

716 Christian Examiner, 1881 to 1897, irregular. 671 num- 

bers 8° paper. 

717 Christian Examiner. Index to the Christian Examiner, 

volumes 1-87. 1824-1869. By W. Gushing. 8° cloth. 

Boston, 1879 

718 Christian Plea (A) for Christians Baptisme, raised from 

the grave of Apostasie. By L. C. pp. 31. Small 4** 
half morocco. London, 1643 

719 Christina of Denmark. Memories of Leonora Chris- 

tina, daughter of Christian IV of Denmark. Written 
during her imprisonment in the Blue Tower at Copen- 
hagen, 1663-1685. Translated by F. E. Bunnett. Por- 
trait. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1872 

720 Chronological Abridgement of the History of England, 

its constitution and laws, from the Norman Conquest 
to the Revolution in 1688. 8° half morocco. 

London, 1815 

721 Chubb, Thomas. A Collection of Tracts on various Sub- 

jects, pp. 474. Royal 4® calf. London, 1730 

722 Church, Dr. Benjamin. An Oration delivered March 5, 

1773, to commemorate the Bloody Tragedy of the Fifth 
of March, 1770. pp. 20. 4® half morocco. Boston, 1773 

723 Church, Benjamin. The History of King Philip's War; 

— The History of the Eastern Expeditions of 1689, '90, 
'92, '96 and 1704 against the Indians and French. With 
an introduction and notes, by H, M. Dexter. 2 maps. 
Small 4° half morocco. Boston, 1867 

Only 250 copies printed' 


724 Church, Thomas. Entertaining Passages Relating to 

Philip's War which began in the Month of June, 1675, 
as also of Expeditions more lately made against the 
Common Enemy, and Indian Rebels, in the Eastern 
parts of New England; with some account of the Divine 
Providence towards Benj. Church, Esq. Second ed. 
pp. 198, (i). With rare original portrait of Philip King 
engraved by Paul Revere. Small 4® sheep. 

Newport, 1772 

The portrait of Col. Benj. Church, by Paul Revere, is of a later im- 

725 Church. History of King Philip's War. With an index, 

notes, and an appendix by S. G. Drake, pp. 304. Por- 
trait, (mended.) 12** sheep. Boston, 1825 

726 Church. The same. Second ed. pp. 360. Plates. 12® 

calf. Boston, 1827 

727 Church. The same. pp. 360. Revised edition. 12** 

sheep. Cooperstown, 1846 

728 Chyttraeus, Nathane. Variorum in Europo itinerum 

Deliciae; seu et variis Manuscriptis selectiora tantum 

Inscriptionum maxime recentium Monumenta. pp. 846. 

12** vellum. Herbornse, 1594 

Contains, on pp. 773-795 the Latin text of the Cabot map of 1544. 

729 Chyttraeus. The same. Editio Tertia. pp.655. 12** vel- 

lum. Apud Christophorum Corvinum, 1606 

730 Cibber; Colley. Plays, 2 vols. ; — Apology for the Life 

of, T vol. Portrait. 3 vols, royal 4® half calf. 

London, 1721-40 

731 CiBBER. An Apology for the Life of Colley Cibber, come- 

dian, with an historical view of the stage during his own 
time. Fourth ed. pp. 324, 303. Portrait. 2 vols. 16® 
half morocco. (Name cut from titles.) London, 1756 

732 CiBBER. Apology for the Life of. Written by Himself, 

and interspersed with characters and anecdotes of his 
theatrical contemporaries. New edition, by Edmund 
Belchambers. pp. 514, 7. Portrait. 8** cloth, uncut. 

London, 1822 

733 Cicwro, Marcus Tulius Ciceroe's three books of dueties, 

to Marcus his sonne, turned out of latine into English, 
by Nicolas Grimalde, whereunto the latine is adioyned. 
Fol. 169. jBlack Cetter. Square 18*^ russia. 

Rychard Tottill: London, 1558 

734 Cicero. Political Works of. Translated by Francis Bar- 

ham, pp. 322, 281. 2 vols. 8® cloth, uncut. 

London, 1841 


735 Cicero. Cato Major; or, a Treatise on Old Age. Trans- 

lated by Mr. Logan. i6** half calf. Glasgow, 1751 

736 Cincinnati, Ohio. Natural and Statistical View, or Pic- 

ture of Cincinnati. By Daniel Drake, pp.251. Map. 
12° sheep. Cincinnati, 1815 

737 Cincinnati in 1826. By B. Drake and E. D. Mansfield. 

pp. 100. Plates. 12° half morocco, uncut. 

Cincinnati, 1827 

738 Cincinnati in 184 i. By Charles Cist. pp. 300. Plate. 

12^ cloth. Cincinnati, 1841 

739 Cincinnati. Sketches and Statistics of Cincinnati in 

185 1. By Charles Cist. pp. 363. Plates. 12** cloth. 

Cincinnati, 1851 

740 Cincinnati. Directory for 1829. Map. 16® boards, 

Cincinnati, 1829 

741 Cincinnati. Record of the Distribution and sale of Lots 

in the Town of Losantiville (now Cincinnati), 1789. 8** 
boards, uncut. n. p. 

742 Cist, Charles. Cincinnati Miscellany, or Antiquities of 

the West. Vol. i, from Oct. i, 1844 to April i, 1845. 
pp. 272. 8° boards. Cincinnati, 1845 

743 Clap, Capt. Roger. Memoirs of, relating some of God's 

remarkable providence to him, in bringing him into 
New England, etc. ; with a short account of the author 
and his family, pp. 34, 10. 18^ russia, gilt. 

B. Green: Boston, 1731 

744 Clap. Memoirs of. pp. 39. 8** stitched. Boston, 1807 

745 Clap, Thomas. The Religious Constitution of Colleges, 

especially of Yale College in New Haven in the Colony 
of Connecticut, pp. 20. Small 4° calf. 

T. Green: New London, 1754 

Autograph of John Lathrop on title. 

746 Clarendon. History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in 

England. New edition, illustrated with 56 portraits, 
pp. 1364. 2 vols, imperial 8° cloth, uncut. Oxford, 1843 

747 Clarendon. Life and Administration of Edward, First 

Earl of Clarendon. By T. H. Lister. 3 vols. 8*^ cloth, 
uncut. London, 1837 

748 Claridge, John. The Shepherd of Banbury's Rules, to 

judge of the Changes of the Weather. Second ed. pp. 
54. 12® half sheep, (cracked.) London, 1748 

749 Clark, Daniel. Proofs of the Corruption of Gen. James 

Wilkinson, and of his connection with Aaron Burr. pp. 
199. 8® morocco, gilt. Phila., 1809 


750 Clark, John. Ill Newes from New England. London, 

1652. pp. 113. 8° cloth. (Reprint): Boston. 

751 Clark, Jonas. A Sermon preached at Lexington, April 

19, 1776, to commemorate the Concord Fight, April 

'9» ^775- PP- 3^» 7- ^^ boards. 

(Reprint); Boston, 1776 

752 Clark, J. V. H. Onondaga; or Reminiscences of Earlier 

and Later Times; being a series of historical sketches 
relative to Onondaga, with notes on the several towns 
in the county and Oswego, pp. 40a, 393. Portraits 
and map. 2 vols. 8^ half morocco. Syracuse, 1849 

753 Clarke, Mrs. Cowden. The Complete Concordance to 

Shakspere. Imperial 8° morocco. New York, 1846 

754 Clarke, James Freeman. Events and Epochs in Relig- 

ious History, pp. 402. Illustrations. 8^ cloth, un- 
cut. Boston, 1 88 1 

755 Clarke, John. Letters to a Student in the University of 

Cambridge, Mass. (Written to John Pickering) ; — 
Occasional Sermons. 2 vols. 12^ and 16^ sheep and 
morocco. Boston, 1 796-1804 

756 Clarke. Services at the Funeral of Martha, Wife of 

Hovey K. Clarke, Detroit, June 3, 1869. Portrait. 4** 
cloth. Privately printed: Cambridge, 1869 

757 Clarke, Mary Anne. The Rival Princes; or, a faithful 

narrative of Facts relating to Mrs. M. A. Clarke's politi- 
cal acquaintance with Colonel Wardle, Mayor Dodd, 
etc. pp. 180. 12** boards, uncut. New York, 1810 

758 Clarke, Samuel. .Discourses, being 16 sermons preached 

at St. Pauls, 1704-5. pp. 142, 35. 8** calf. 

London, 1711 

759 Clarke. A Collection of Papers, which passed between 

the late Mr. Leibnitz and Dr. Clarke, in the years 17 15 
and 1716, relating to the principles of natural philos- 
ophy and religion, pp. 416, 46. 8® old calf. 

London, 17 17 

760 Clarke. A Letter to Mr. Dodwell, etc. Fifth ed. pp. 

279. 8** calf. London, 17 18 

With book label of Samuel Parr. 

761 Clarke. A Paraphrase on the Four Evangelists, pp. 

360, 502. 2 vols. 8° calf. London, 1741 

With Chippendale bookplate of Dr. Blackett 

762 [Clarke, William.] Repertorium Bibliographicum; or 

some account of the most celebrated British Libraries. 
Portraits and plates. Royal 8^ half morocco, uncut, 
gilt top. London, 18 19 

Contains the scarce appendix, *' The Dialogue in the Shades." 

68 ca;talogue. 

763 Clarkson, Thomas. An Essay on the Slavery and Com- 

merce of the Human Species, particularly the African, 
pp. 167. 8® half morocco. London, 1788 

764 Clarkson. History of the Rise, Progress and Accom- 

plishment of the Abolition of the African Slave Trade 
by the British Parliament, pp. 592, 572. 2 vols. 8® 
half morocco. London, 1808 

With autograph of the author. 

765 Classic CuUings and Fugitive Gatherings. By an ex- 

perienced Editor, pp. 304. 8° half morocco. 

London, 1831 

766 Classics. Comedies of Terence, 1841; — Plato's Divine 

Dialogues, together with Apology of Socrates, 1845; — 
Caesar's Commentaries, 1837; — Whole Works of 
Xenophon, 1843, etc. 5 vols. 12** and 8® cloth. 

767 Clay, Rev. J. C. Annals of the Swedes on the Delaware. 

Portrait. 16** calf. Phila., 1835 

768 Cleaveland, N. History of Bowdoin College, with 

biographical sketches of its graduates, from 1806 to 
1879. Edited and compiled by A. S. Packard. Por- 
traits and plate, pp. 903. Large 8** cloth. 

Boston, 1882 

769 Cleveland, Henry R. Selections from the Writings of. 

With a Memoir by George S. Hillard. 12° boards, un- 
cut. Privately printed: Boston, 1844 

770 Cleveland, Richard J. Voyages of a Merchant Navi- 

gator of the days that are past. Compiled from jour- 
nals and letters, by H. W. S. Cleveland. Portrait. 12** 
cloth. New York, 1886 

771 Clinton, Sir Henry. Narrative of Lieutenant-General 

Sir Henry Clinton, relative to his Conduct, during part 
of his Command of the King's Troops in North Am- 
erica; particularly to that which respects the unfor- 
tunate issue of the Campaign in 1781, with an appen- 
dix containing copies and extracts of those parts of his 
correspondence with Lord George Germain, Earl 
Cornwallis, Rear Admiral Graves, etc. pp. 115. 8** 
half roan. London. 

772 [Cluny, Alexander.] The'American Traveller; or obser- 

vations on the present state, culture and commerce of 
the British Colonies in ^ America, pp. 122. Map and 
plate. Large 4® half morocco. London, 1769 

773 CoAD, John. A Memorandum of the Wonderful Provi- 

dences of God to a poor unworthy Creature, during the 
time of the Duke of Monmouth's Rebellion and to the 
Revolution in 1688. pp. 141. 16° cloth. London, 1849 


774 CoBBETT, William. History of the Protestant Reforma- 

tion in England and Ireland. 2 vols. 8° boards. 

London, 1829 

775 CoBURN, F. W. Centennial History of the Battle of Ben- 

nington, pp. 72. Portrait and plan. 8® boards. 

Boston, 1877 

776 CoDDiNGTON, William. A Demonstration of True Love 

unto you the Rulers of the Colony of the Massachusetts 
in New-England. By William Coddington of Rhode 
Island, pp. 20. Small 4° half calf. n. p., 1674 

William Coddington was a merchant of Boston, he came over with 
Winthrop and is said to have built the first brick house erected in 

He was one of the prominent adherents of Mrs. Hutchinson in the 
Antinominian controversy ; he removed to Aquidneck (Newport) after 
his banishment from Boston, and founded the Colony of Rhode 

777 CoDMAN, John. Memoir of. By William Allen, with 

Reminiscences by Joshua Bates, pp. 408. Portrait. 
8° cloth. Boston, 1853 

778 Coffin, Charles. Lives and Services of Major Gen. John 

Thomas, Col. Thomas Knowlton, Col. Alex. Scammell, 
Maj. Gen. Henry Dearborn. 12** cloth. New York, 1845 

779 Coffin, Paul. Memoir and Journals of. By Cyrus 

Woodman. Portrait. 8° cloth. Portland, 1855 

780 CoGGESHALL, George. Thirty-six Voyages to various 

Parts of the World, made between the years 1799 and 
1841. pp. 583. Portrait and plates. 8° cloth. 

New York, 1858 

781 CoGHLAN, Mrs. Memoirs of Mrs. Coghlan, (daughter of 

the late Major Moncrieffe). Written by herself, and 
dedicated to the British Nation; being interspersed 
with anecdotes of the late American and present French 
War, with remarks, moral and political. 2 vols, in i. 
12** half russia. London, 1794 

782 CoGHLAN. The same. 8° half morocco, uncut. 

Only 100 copies. Privately printed: New York, 1864 

783 CoLBURN, Jeremiah. Bibliography of the Local History 

of Massachusetts, pp. 119. Imperial 8** half crimson 
morocco. Boston, 187 1 

784 Coleridge, Samuel Taylor. Biographia Literaria. pp. 

352. 8® half morocco. New York, 1834 

785 Coleridge. Specimens of his Table Talk. Fourth ed. 

pp. 350. Portrait. 16° cloth, uncut. London, 185 1 

786 [Coleridge and Southey.] The Devil's Walk. pp. 31. 

Edited by H. W. Montague. Illustrations by R. Cruik- 
shank. 16° paper. London, 1830 


787 Golden, Cadwallader. The History of the Five Indian 

Nations of Canada, which are depending on the Province 
of New York, and are the barrier between the English 
and French, in that part of the world. With accounts 
of their religion, manners, customs, laws and forms of 
Government; their several battles and treaties with the 
European Nations; .... their several wars with the 
other Indians, and a true account of the present state 
of our trade with them. Second ed. pp. 204, 283. 
8® half morocco, uncut, gilt top. 

John Whiston: London, 1750 

788 Golden. The same. Map. Third ed. pp. 260, 251. 

2 vols. 12° calf. London, 1755 

789 Golden. The same. With an introduction and notes by 

J. G. Shea. pp. 141. Portrait. 8° paper, uncut. 

New York, 1866 
Only 125 copies printed. 

790 Coles. Sketch of Edward Coles, second Governor of 

Illinois, and of the Slavery Struggle of 1823-4. By E. 
B. Washburne. pp. 253. Portrait. 8° cloth. 

Chicago, 1882 

791 CoLEswoRTHY, D. C. The Year, pp. 122, 1873; — School 

is Out, pp. 508, 1876; — John Tileston's School, 1778- 
1789, also his diary from 1761-1766. 1887 3 vols. 8° 
and 16° cloth. 

792 Collection of Papers printed by order of the Society for 

the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, pp. 
45. 4** boards. London, 1706 

793 Collections of the American Statistical Association. 

Vol. I. (all published.) 8® cloth. Boston, 1847 

Contains much historical matter relating^ to Massachusetts 

794 Collet, Stephen. Relics of Literature, pp. 400. 8° 

half calf, gilt. London, 1823 

795 Collider, Samuel. Columna Rostrata; or a critical his- 

tory of the English sea-affairs, pp. 320. 8** half mo- 
rocco extra, uncut edges. (Top of title mended). 

London, 1727 

796 Collier, Jeremy. A Short View of the Immorality and 

Profaneness of the English Stage, pp. 288; — A Defence 
of the Short View of the Profaneness and Immorality 
of the English Stage, pp. 139. 2 vols. 12° calf. 

London, T698-9 

797 Collier. Essays upon several Moral Subjects. 3 vols. 

12® calf, gilt. London, 1703-9 


798 Collier, John Payne. The Poetical Decameron, or ten 

Conversations on English Poets and Poetry, particularly 
of the Reigns of Elizabeth and James I. pp. 336, 353. 
2 vols, small 8^ half morocco, gilt tops. 

Edinburgh, 1820 

799 Collier. History of English Dramatic Poetry to the 

Time of Shakespeare, and annals of the stage to the 
Restoration. 3 vols, small 8® cloth, uncut. London, 1831 

800 Collier. Shakespeare's Library; a collection of the 

romances, novels, poems and histories used by Shakes- 
peare as the foundation of his dramas. Now first col- 
lected, and accurately reprinted from the original edi- 
tions, with introductory notices, pp. 312, etc. 2 vols. 
8° cloth, uncut. T. Rodd: London, (1843) 

801 Collier. A Book of Roxburghe Ballads, pp. 340. Small 

4^ half morocco. London, 1847 

802 Collier. A Bibliographical and Critical Account of the 

Rarest Books in the English Language, alphabetically 
arranged, which during the last fifty years have come 
under the observation of J. Payne Collier, f.'s.a. pp. 
S55» 593- 2 vols. 8° half roan, uncut. London, 1865 

803 Collins, Anthony. Discourse of Free Thinking, occa- 

sioned by the rise and growth of a Sect call'd Free— 
Thinkers, 17 13; — A Philosophical Inquiry concerning 
Hunlan Liberty, 1717; — Discourse of the Grounds and 
Reasons of the Christian Religion, with a letter to the 
author of the Discourse of the Grounds and Reason, 
etc. Together 3 vols. 8® and 12° calf. London, 1713-37 

804 CoLLiNSON, Peter. Some Account of the late Peter Col- 

linson, F. R. S. pp. 18. Portrait. Royal 4° half mo- 
rocco. London, 1770 

805 CoLMAN, Benjamin. The Honour and Happiness of the 

Vertuous Woman; a funeral discourse on Mrs. Elizabeth 
Hirst, pp. 33. 16° polished calf, by Bedford. 

B. Green: Boston, 1716 

806 CoLMAN. The Case of Satan's fiery Darts in Blasphemous 

Suggestions and Hellish Annoyances, pp. 90. 8** half 
roan, (broken). Boston, 1744 

807 CoLMAN. Practical Discourses on the Parable of the 

Ten Virgins, pp. 344. 8° morocco extra, red edges. 

Boston, 1747 

808 CoLMAN. Sermons preached in Boston, Oct. 15, 1730 at 

the Funeral of Simeon Stoddard; — Satan's Fiery Darts, 
etc.. May, 171 1 and March, 1743; May 21, 1746 at the 
Ordination of Rev. Samuel Cooper. Bound together. 
8** half morocco extra, uncut edges. Boston, 1730-46 


809 CoLMAN, Benjamin. The Life and Character of. By 

Ebenezer Turell. pp. 238. 8** calf, red edges. 

Boston, 1749 

810 CoLTON, George H. Tecumseh; or, the West Thirty 

Years since; a Poem. pp. 312. 12° boards. 

New York, 1842 

811 Columbus. De Insulis inuentis Epistola Cristoferi Colom 

(cui etas nostra multu debet: de Insulis in mari Indico 

nuper inuentis. Tercio IcKs, Maij, 1493. 10 leaves, 5 

wood cuts. Small 4** half morocco, top edge gilt. 

Paris, (1858) 

[Letter of Columbus to Raphael Sanxis, 3d of the Calens of May 

1 4931- 
In fac-simile of the Libri Lenox copy, the only perfect one known,, 

without the repetition of the wood-cut on the back of the first leaf of 

the vessel found on the recto of the fifth leaf. 

812 Columbus. La Premiere Relation de Christopher Colomb 

(1493). Lettre sur une Edition de ** I'Epistola Christo- 

fori Colon." Appartenant a la Bibliotheque de Bruxelles. 

Par Ch. Ruelens. pp. 50, 10. S^ paper, uncut. 

Bruxelles, 1885 

With a fac-simile of [the letter on Holland paper ; only 38 copies 

813 Columbus. Memorials of Columbus; or, a collection of 

authentic documents of that celebrated navigator. Pre- 
ceded by a memoir of his life and discoveries, pp. 255. 
Map and portraits. 8° half calf. London, 1823 

Translated from the Italian of D. G. B. Spotorno. 

814 Columbus. Personal Narrative of the First Voyage of 

Columbus to America. From a manuscript recently 
discovered in Spain. (Translated by Samuel Kettell.) 
pp. 303- 8° boards, uncut. Boston, 1827 

815 Columbus. The Landfall of Columbus on his first Voy- 

age to America; with a translation of the Baron Bonne- 
foux's History of his previous life. By A. B. Belcher, 
pp. 376. Map and plate. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1856 

816 Columbus. Life of Christopher Columbus. By H. R. 

St. John. Portrait, pp. 196. 16° cloth. London, 1850 

817 Columbus. Life of Christopher Columbus. By Rode 

Lorgues. Translated by J. J. Barry, pp. 620. Por- 
trait. 8° cloth. Boston, 1870 

818 Columbus. Annde veritable de la Naissance de Christo- 

phe Colomb, et Revue chronologique des principales 
Epoques de sa Vie. Par M. de Avezac, pp. 64; — Re- 
lation authentique du Voyage du Capitaine de Gonne- 
ville ^s Nouvelles Terres des Indes, pp. 115. Par M. de 
Avezac. 2 pamphlets 8° uncut. Paris, 1869—73 


819 Columbus. Laureles de la Patria, par Antonio de San 

Martin, pp. 112; — Los Restos de Don Cristoval Colon, 
pp. 97, Sevilla; — Christopher Columbus, by Travers 
Twiss, pp. 22, 1873; — Restos de Colon, informe pres- 
entado a la Sociedad Literaria Amigos del Pais, pp. 40. 
1882; — Attempt to solve the Problem of the first land- 
ing place of Columbus in the New World, by G. V. 
Fox, pp. 68, 1882; — An Inquiry into the Variation of 
the Compass of! the Bahama Islands, at the time of the 
Landfall of Columbus, in 1492, by C. A. Schott, pp. 8. 
1882. 6 pamphlets. 

820 (EomtBtOX^ JfitiXUB. Historia Scolastica. Slack £etUr, 

printed in double columns, fol. 280. Small 4® boards. 

Jehan Petit: Parisiis, 15 13 

821 Concord, Mass. History of Concord, and of the adjoin- 

ing Towns of Bedford, Acton, Lincoln and Carlisle. 
By Lemuel Shattuck. pp. 392. Map. 8** cloth. 

Boston, 1835 

822 Concord Fight. History of the Fight at Concord, on the 

19th of April, 1775, by Rev. Ezra Ripley, pp. 60, Con- 
cord, 1827 — Concord Fight, by Rev. G. Reynolds, pp. 
16. Boston; — Concord Fight (Harper's Mag. May, 
1875) by Frederick Hudson. 3 vols. 8° half roan and 

823 Concord, N. H. History of Concord, from its Grant in 

1725 to 1853, with a History of Ancient Penacooks. By 
Nathaniel Bouton. pp. 786. Maps and portrait. 8** 
cloth. Concord, 1856 

824 Confederate Publications. Ahn, Dr. F. French Com- 

mercial Letter-Writer, pp. 227. 16® cloth, uncut. 

• London, 1861 

825 Confederate. Book of Common Prayer. 16® morocco, 

gilt edges. J. W. Randolph: Richmond, 1863 

826 Confederate. Branson, L. First Book in Composition. 

pp. 139. 12° boards. Raleigh, 1863 

827 Confederate. Constitution of the Confederate States in 

America, pp. 16. 8® boards. Richmond, 1861 

828 Confederate. Holy Bible. 8° full morocgo. 

London, 1862 

From the cargo of the Anglo- Rebel Blockade Runner, Minna, cap- 
tured Dec. 6, 1863, off Wilmington, by the government Dispatch 
ship, Circassian. 

829 Confederate. The Jack Morgan Songster, compiled by 

a Capt. in Gen. Lee's Army. pp. 64. 8° paper. 

Raleigh, N. C, 1864 


830 Confederate. Jamison, D. F. The Life and Times of 

Bertrand du Guesclin, a history of the fourteenth cen- 
tury, pp. 286, 314. Portrait. 2 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. 

Charleston, 1864 

831 Confederate. Johnson's Common School Arithmetic. 

pp. 154. 16° boards. Raleigh, N. C, 1864 

832 Confederate. Moore, M. B. Primary Geography, pp. 

48. Maps. Second ed. Small 4^ boards. Raleigh, 1864 

833 Confederate. New Testament. 2 vols. 8® cloth. 

London, 1861 

From the cargo of the Anglo-Rebel Blockade Runner, Minnat 
captured Dec. 6, 1863. 

834 Confederate. Palmetto Dictionary. (Walker's.) Por- 

trait. 16° cloth. Richmond, Va., 1864 

835 Confederate. Pollard, E. A. The First Year of the 

War. Second ed. pp. 406. 8° half roan. 

Richmond, 1862 

836 Confederate. Prisoner of War, or five months among 

the yankees. By A. Rifleman, Esq. Gent. pp. 120. 
8° paper. Richmond, 1865 

837 Confederate. Smythe, C. W. Our Own Elementary 

Grammar, pp. 148. 12° boards. Greensboro, N. C, 1863 

838 Confederate. Stewart, Rev. K. J. Geography for Be- 

ginners, pp. 223. Map and illustrations. 16*^ cloth. 

Richmond, 1864 

839 Confederate. Warder, T. B. and Cattlett, J. M. Bat- 

tle of Young's Branch; or, Manassa's Plain, fought July 
21, 1861. pp. 156. 18® paper. Richmond, 1862 

840 Congregational Convention. Proceedings of the Con- 

vention of Congregational Ministers in the Common- 
wealth of Massachusetts, 1795. pp. 18. 4® half mo- 
rocco, (title mended.) Boston. 

841 CoNGR^s International des Am^ricanistes. Compte Rendu 

de la seconde Session, Luxembourg. 1877. pp. 539, 
471. Maps. 2 vols. 8° paper, uncut. 

Luxembourg, 1877 

842 Congress. Reminiscences of Congress. By C. W. 

March. Portrait of Webster; — Lanman's Dictionary 
of Congress. 2 vols. 8° and 12® cloth. 

New York and Phila., 1851-9 

843 Congreve, William. Works of. Portrait and plates. 

Baskerville*s fine edition. 3 vols, royal 8° calf, gilt. 

Birmingham, 1761 

844 Congreve. Works of. New edition. pp. 260, 299. 

Portrait and plates. 2 vols. 12** calf. London, 1788 


845 CoNGREVE. Memoirs of the Life, Writings and Amours 

of William Congreve. By Charles Wilson, pp. 156, 
38. Portrait. 8® calf. London, 1730 

846 Connecticut. Records of the Colony and Plantation of 

New Haven, from 1638 to the Union. Edited by C. J. 
Hoadly. 2 vols. ; — Public Records of the Colony of 
Connecticut, prior to the Union with New Haven Col- 
ony, 1636 to 1689. Edited by J. H. Trumbull. 3 vols. 
Together 5 vols. 8® cloth. Hartford, 1852-58 

847 Connecticut. Collections of the Connecticut His. Soc. 

Vols. I and 2. 2 vols. 8® cloth. Hartford, 1860-70 

848 Connecticut. New Haven's settling in New England, 

and some Lawes for Government, published for the Use 
of that Colony. London 1656, (not paged.) Royal 4® 
half morocco. Reprint. 20 copies, (1858.) 

849 Connecticut Blue Laws. The Code of 1650. Frontis- 

piece. 16^ sheep. Hartford, 1828 

850 Connecticut. The same. Frontispiece. i6° boards. 

Hartford, 1836 

851 Constable. Memoirs of the Life of John Constable, R. 

A. composed chiefly of his Letters. By C. R. Leslie. 
Second ed. pp. 363. Portrait and plates. Small 4° 
cloth, uncut. London, 1845 

852 Constitution and Government of the Germanic Body. 

pp. 293. 8® sheep. London, 1745 

853 Constitution of the Presbyterian Church in the United 

States, pp. 215, 1789; — Same, pp. 470, 1806; — Con- 
stitution of the Reformed Dutch Church in the United 
States of America, pp. 354, 1793. 3 vols. 12** and 16** 
sheep. Phila. and New York, 1 789-1 806 

854 Constitution of the United States of America; Rules of 

the House of Representatives; Jefferson's Manual, etc. 
8° calf. Washington, 1837 

855 Constitutional Law; comprising the Declaration of In- 

dependence, the Articles of Confederation, the Consti- 
tution of the United States, and the Constitutions of the 
several states comprising the Union, pp. 409. 12^ 
boards, uncut. Washington, 1820 

856 Constitutions (The) of the several Independent States 

of America; "the Declaration of Independence; the Arti- 
cles of Confederation between the said States; the 
Treaties between His Most Christian Majesty and the 
United States of America. Published by order of Con- 
gress, pp. 226. 12° sheep. F. Bailey; Phila., 1781 

The first authoritative and original printed text. With autograph, 
"J. Brooks, 1781." 


857 Constitutions of the several Independent States of 

America, the Declaration of Independence, and the Ar- 
ticles of Confederation. With preface by Rev. William 
Jackson, pp. 473. Portrait of Washington, by Sharp, 
8® calf. London, 1783 

858 Constitutions of the United States, with the Declara- 

tion of Independence, and the Federal Constitution, 
pp. 176. 16° sheep. Phila., 1791 

859 Continental Congress. Journal of the Proceedings of 

the Congress held at Philadelphia, Sept. 5, 1774. pp. 

144. 8° boards. 

Printed by William and Thomas Bradford: Phila., 1774 

860 Continental Congress. Journals of the American Con- 

gress, from 1774 to 1788. 4 vols. 8° sheep. 

Washington, 1823 

861 Continental Congress. Secret Journals of the Acts and 

Proceedings of Congress. 4 vols. 8® sheep. Boston, 182 1 

862 Continental Congress. Address and Recommendations 

to the States by the United States in Congress assem- 
bled, pp. 62, Boston, 1783; — A Circular Letter from 
the Congress of the United States to their Constituents, 
pp. 15. Boston, 1779; — A Defence of the Revolutions 
and Address of American Congress in Reply to Taxa- 
tion no Tyranny, by the author of Regulus. pp. 96. 
London. 3 vols. 8° half roan. 

863 Conybeare, W. J. and Howson, J. S. The Life and 

Epistles of St. Paul. pp. 551, 692. Maps and illustra- 
tions. 2 vols. 8® cloth, uncut. London, 1857 

864 Cook, Ebenezer. The Sot-weed Factor, or a Voyage to 

Maryland, a Satyr, pp. 27. London 1708. Small 4® 
boards. (Reprint): Baltimore, 1865 

865 Cook, George. History of the Reformation in Scotland. 

3 vols. 8® half morocco, gilt. Edinburgh, 181 1 

866 Cook, John. King Charls his Case; or, an appeal to all 

rational men, concerning his tryal. pp. 43. Small 4° 
half calf. London, 1649 

867 Cooke, Joseph J. Catalogue of his Library, Part third, 

Americana, sold by auction, in New York, Dec. 1883. 

pp. 401. 8° boards, uncut. New York, 1883 


868 Cooke, William. The Elements of Dramatic Criticism. 

pp. 216. 8° calf, gilt, (cracked.) London, 1775 

869 Coolidge, a. J. and Mansfield, J. B. History and De- 

scription of New England. Vol. i. Maine, New Hamp- 
shire and Vermont, pp. 1023. Numerous illustrations. 
Thick 8^ cloth. Boston, 1859 


870 Cooper, C. H. and T. Athenae Cantabrigienses. 1500- 

1609. 2 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. Cambridge, 1858-61 

871 Cooper, George. Letters on the Irish Nation written 

during a Visit to that Kingdom, in an Autumn of the 
Year 1799. Second ed. pp. 354. 8° calf, gilt. 

London, 1801 

872 Cooper, J. F. The Battle of Lake Erie; or, answers to 

Messrs. Burges, Duer and Mackenzie, pp. 117. First 
ed. 16° boards. Cooperstown, 1843 

873 (EiooptV^ SI)Otna0. Cooper's Chronicle, contenynge the 

whole discourse of the histories as well of hys realme, 

as all other countreis, etc. Fol. 379. Slack &ttUt. 

4° calf, gilt edges, (broken.) Imprinted at London, in 

the house of the late Thomas Berthelettes, Anno, 1560 

This work was begun by Thomas Langnet, as tar as fol. 92, and 
continued by Cooper. 

874 Cooper, Thomas. Some Information respecting America. 

pp. 240. Map. 8° boards, uncut. Dublin, 1794 

875 Cooper, Rev. W. M. Flagellation and the Flagellants. 

A history of the rod in all countries, from the earliest 
period to the present time. pp. 544. Numerous illus- 
trations. 12° cloth, uncut. London. 

876 Cooper, W. History of South America. Plates, pp. 

168. 18° boards. London, 1789 

877 Copley. A Sketch of the Life and a List of some of the 

Works of John Singleton Copley; (with 2 supplements 
laid in.) By A. F. Perkins. 4° cloth, uncut. 

Privately printed: Boston, 1873 

878 Copley. The Domestic and Artistic Life of John Single- 

ton Copley, with notices of his works. By Martha B. 
Amory. pp. 478. Portrait. 8° cloth, uncut. 

Boston, 1882 

879 CopwAY, G. The Life, Letters and Speeches of Kah-Ge- 

Ga-Gah-Bowh, or, G. Copway. pp. 224. 12° paper. 

New York, 1850 

880 CoRDNER, Rev. John. The Vision of the Pilgrim Fathers, 

an Oration before the New England Society of Montreal, 
Dec. 22, 1856. pp. 54. 8° half roan, (broken.) 

Montreal, 1857 

88i Cornwall, Vt. History of. By Lyman Matthews, pp. 
356.' Portraits. 8° cloth. Middlebury, 1862 

882 CoRNWALLis, Earl. An Answer to that Part of the Narra- 
tive of Sir Henry Clinton, which relates to the Conduct 
of General Cornwallis during the Campaign in North 
America, in the year 1781. pp. 260. 8° half roan, 
(re-covered.) London, 1783 



883 CoRRY, John. History of Bristol, (England.) Civil and 

ecclesiastical, including biographical notices, pp. 479, 
445. Plates. 2 vols. 8° half sheep. Bristol, 1816 

884 CoRTEZ, Hernando. Despatches of Hernando Cortez, the 

Conquerer of Mexico, addressed to the Emperor Charles 
V, written during the conquest. Translated, with notes, 
by George Folsom. pp. 431. 8° boards. New York, 1843 

885 Cory AT, Thomas. The Odcombian Banquet; deshed 

foorth by Thomas the Coriat, and served in by a num- 
ber of noble Wits, in prayse of his crudities and crambe 
too. Small 4** calf, (leaf wanting at end and top of title 
mended.) Imprinted for Thomas Thorp: London, 161 1 

886 Coryat's Crudities; reprinted from the edition of 161 1. 

To which are now added his Letters from India, etc., 
and extracts relating to him, from various authors, etc. ; 
together with his orations, character, death, etc., with 
copper-plates. 3 vols. 8** calf. London, 1776 

887 CosTELLO, Louisa L. Memoirs of Eminent Englishwomen. 

Portraits. 4 vols. 8® cloth, uncut. London, 1844 

888 Cottle, Joseph. Early Recollections, chiefly relating to 

the late Samuel Taylor Coleridge, pp. 325, 346. Por- 
traits. 2 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1837 

889 Cotton. A Practical Detail of the Cotton Manufacture 

of the United States. By James Montgomery. Plates. 
Glasgow, 1840; — Introduction and early Progress of 
the Cotton Manufacture in the United States. By Sam- 
uel Batchelder. Boston, 1863; — Introduction of the 
Power Loom and origin of Lowell. By Nathan Apple- 
ton. Lowell, 1858; — History of the Cotton Manufac- 
ture of Great Britain. By Edward Baines. London, 
1835. Plates. 4 vols. 8® and 12® cloth and boards, 

890 Cotton, John. God's Promise to His Plantation. . . . 

As it was delivered in a sermon by John Cotton, B. D., 
and preacher of God's word in Boston, pp. (4), 20. 
Small 4° morocco extra, gilt. 

Wm. Jones for F. Bellamy: London, 1630 

Title cropped at the bottom, but supplied in manuscript. 

'*The first printed work by Cotton of which we have any record." 

"Cotton's sermon holds the same place in relation to the Massa- 
chusetts Colony which Robinson's famous sermon at Delfthaven 
holds in relation to the Plymouth Colony." 

"It was the farewell sermon to Winthrop's company, as Robinson's 
was the farewell to the Pilgrim Fathers." 

" To the Christian Reader," (4 pp.) signed I. H. (John Humphrey) 
is omitted in the Boston edidon of 1686. 


891 [Cotton.] An Abstract or [jiV] the Lawes of New Eng- 

land, as they are now established, pp. (2), 15, (3.) 
Small 4® cloth, uncut. 

For F. Coules & W. Ley: London, 1641 

These "Laws'* were never '^established/' or in force, in New Eng- 
land. The code was drawn up by Mr. Cotton, for Massachusetts, 
and ^'presented to the General Court," but was not adopted. 

With bookplate of *' James Bengough of ye Inner Temple, London, 
Gent. 1702." 

892 Cotton. An Abstract of Laws and Government, etc., 

collected and digested by Mr. John Cotton, and now 
published after his death, by William Aspinwall. pp. 37. 
Small 4° calf, gilt. London, 1655 

893 Cotton. A Copy of a Letter of Mr. Cotton of Boston in 

New England, sent in answer of certaine objections, 
etc. pp. 6. Small 4® calf, gilt. Printed in the year, 1641 

894 Cotton. Gods Mercie mixed with His Ivstice, or. His 

Peoples Deliverance in times of danger, laid open in 
severall Sermons, pp. (8), 135. Small 4® yellow calf, 
extra. London, 1641 

895 Cotton. The Way of Life; or, God's Way and Course, 

in bringing the Soule unto, keeping it in, and carrying 
it on, in the wayes of life and peace, etc. pp. (8), 481. 
Small 4** old calf. London, 1641 

Prefatory epistle "To the Reader," 6 pp., by William Morton. 

896 Cotton. The Churches Resurrection, or the Opening of 

the fift and sixt verses of the 20th Chap, of the Revela- 
tion, pp. 30. Small 4° calf, gilt, (corners neatly mended.) 

London, 1642 

897 Cotton. A Modest and Cleare Answer to Mr. Ball's Dis- 

course of Set Formes of Prayer, pp. (4), 49, (i). Small 
4° calf, extra. 

R. O. and G. 1). for H. Overton: London, 1642 

898 Cotton. The Pouring out of the Seven Vials. Preached 

in sundry sermons at Boston in New England. 4° half 
morocco, gilt. London, 1642 

899 Cotton. The True Constitution of a particular visible 

Church, proved by Scripture, pp. (2), 13. Small 4® 
calf, gilt. London, 1642 

900 Cotton. A Letter of Mr. John Cotton's, (Teacher of the 

Church in Boston, in New England), to Mr. Williams, a 
teacher there, pp. 13. Small 4° polished calf. 

London, 1643 

901 Cotton. The Keyes of the Kingdom of Heaven, and 

Power thereof, according to the Word of God. Second 
ed. pp. 59. Small 4** calf, extra. London, 1644 

" The most complete ^and influential statement of the actual early 
New England Congregationalism." 


902 Cotton. Sixteene Questions of Serious and Necessary 

Consequence, propounded unto Mr. John Cotton of 
Boston, together with his Answers to each Question, 
pp. 14. Small 4° yellow calf, gilt. London, 1644 

903 Cotton. The Way of the Churches of Christ in New 

England, pp. 116, 4. Small 4° half roan. London, 1645 

An answer to liaillie's Dissuasive, No. i c6. 
" This book furnished to the present writer the clew to the fact that 
John Winthrop was the author of the principal part of the contents 
of Weld's Short Story. ..." Charles Dearu's Narrative and Crit- 
ical History. 

904 Cotton. A Conference between Mr. John Cotton and 

the Eiders of New England. pp. 48. 18** polished 
calf, by Bedford. London, 1646 

Without a title ; the title-page ; " Description of the Spiritual Tem- 
ple by Francis Cornwel," bound up with the above, does not belong 
to it. 

905 Cotton. Milk for Babes, drawn out of the Breasts of 

both Testaments, pp. 13. 18° calf gilt, yellow edges, 
by Pratt. London, 1646 

Title inlaid, and 2 leaves at the end, are in contemporary manuscript. 
This is the earliest edition, of which only two copies are known ; 
not included in the John Carter Prown catalogue. 

906 Cotton. The Bloudy Tenent, Washed, And made white 

in the bloud of the Lambe: . . . whereunto is added a 
Reply to Mr. Williams Answer, to Mr. Cotton's Letter, 
pp. (2), 195, (i), 144. 4° old calf. 

Matthew Symmons, for Hannah Allen: London, 1647 

907 Cotton. The Grounds and Ends of the Baptisme of the 

Children of the Faithful, pp. 196. Small 4° half roan, 
gilt. London, 1647 

908 Cotton. Severall Questions of serious and necessary 

consequence profounded by the Teaching Elders, unto 
Mr. John Cotton of Boston in New England, pp. 10. 
Small 4° calf, gilt. London, 1647 

909 Cotton. The Way of Congregational Churches cleared 

in two treatises, pp. 104, 44. Small 4° half roan. 

London, 1648 

910 Cotton. The Controversie concerning Liberty of Con- 

science in Matters of Religion, pp. 14. Small 4** yel- 
low calf, gilt. London, 1649 

This is Mr. Cotton's letter to Roger Williams, in reply to the 
" Scriptures and Reasons written by a . . . prisoner in Newgate," 
etc. It was first printed by Williams in " The Bloudy Tenent." 

911 Cotton. Of the Holiness of Church-Members, pp. (4), 

95. Small 4° calf, gilt. London, 1650 

Dedicated by the author to his " honered, worshipf ull, and 
worthy Friends, the Major, and Justices, etc., together with the 
whole Congregation and Church at Boston " in England. 


912 Cotton. Singing of Psalmes a Gospel-Ordinance, pp. 

(2), 72. Small 4® half morocco. 

M. S. for Hannah Allen: London, 1650 

913 Cotton. The Covenant of Grace: discovering the 

Great Work of a Sinner's Reconciliation to God; where- 
unto are added, Certain Queries tending to Accommo- 
dation (st'c) between the Presbyterian and Congrega- 
tional Churches, by the same author; Also, A Discus- 
sion of the Civil Magistrates Power in the matters of 
Religion, by some Elders of divers Churches in N. E. 
18° calf, gilt. F. Allen; London: 1655-4 

These three tracts have separate title-pages and pagination, anci 
were separately published, in 1654. In this collection thev are pre- 
ceded by a general title-page, (as above,) an Epistle dedicatory by 
Wm. Retchforde, and "To the Reader" by Thos. Allen; pp. (34), 198; 
(2), 22; (2), 75, (i). The third tract is "The Result of a Synod at 
Cambridge in New England, Anno. 1646. Concerning the Power of 
Magistrates in matters of the First Table, [and] the Nature and 
Power of Synods," etc. 

914 Cotton. A Brief Exposition, with practical Observa- 

tions upon the whole Book of Canticles, pp. 238. 12^ 
sheep. London, 1655 

915 Cotton. The Exposition upon the Thirteenth Chapter of 

the Revelations, pp. 262, 8. Small 4** old calf. 

London, 1656 

916 Cotton. A Briefe Exposition with Practicall Observa- 

tions upon the whole Book of Ecclesiastes; published 
by Anthony Tuckney, D.D., Master of St. John's Col- 
ledge in Cambridge, pp. (8), 278. 12° original calf. 

T. C. for Ralph Smith; London, 1657 

917 Cotton. Memoir of. By John Norton, with a preface 

by Enoch Pond. 18° half roan. Boston, 1834 

918 Cotton, Rev. Henry. Editions of the Bible and parts 

thereof in English, from the year 1505 to 1850. pp. 
420. 8° cloth. Oxford, 1852 

919 Cotton, Josiah. Vocabulary of the Massachusetts (or 

Natick Indian Language.) pp. 12. 8® sheets folded, 
(mildewed). Cambridge, 1829 

920 Cotton, Sir Robert. Cottoni Posthuma; divers choice 

pieces, wherein are discussed several important ques- 
tions concerning the right and power of the Lords and 
Commons in Parliament, pp. 353. 12° morocco. 

London, 1679 

921 Cousin, Victor. Elements of Psychology. Translated 

by C. S. Henry, pp. 355. 8° half morocco.' 

Hartford, 1834 


932 CovERDALE. Memorials of Myles Coverdale, who first 
translated the whole Bible into English, pp. 260. Por- 
trait. 8° cloth. London, 1838 

923 CowpER, William. Works of, comprising his poems, cor- 

respondence and translations, with a life of the author. 
By Robert Southey. Frontispieces and vignette titles 
from designs by W. Harvey. 15 vols. 16** cloth, uncut. 

London, 1837 

924 Cox, Rev. F. A. History of the English Baptist Mis- 

sionary Society, from 1792 to 1842. 8° cloth. 

Boston, 1844 

925 Cox, Robert. Sabbath Laws and Sabbath Duties con- 

sidered in relation to their natural and Scriptural 
grounds and the principles of religious liberty, pp. 598. 
8° cloth, uncut. Edinburgh, 1853 

926 CoxE, Daniel. A Description of the English Province, 

by the Spaniards called Florida and by the French, La 
Louisiane. Map. pp. 122. 8** stitched. London, 1741 

927 CoxE, Tench. A View of the United States of America, 

1787-1794. pp. 512. 8° calf, (cracked). London, 1795 

928 Cranmer. Life of Archbishop Cranmer. By Rev. H. J. 

Todd. pp. 394, 541. Portrait. 2 vols. 8** cloth, un- 
cut. London, 1831 

929 Crantz, David. History of Greenland, containing a de- 

scription of the country and its inhabitants. Translated 
from the high Dutch. Maps and copper plates, pp. 
405, 497. 2 vols. 8° calf, gilt. London, 1767 

930 Crawford, Lucy. History of the White Mountains, from 

the first Settlement of Upper Coos and Pequaket. pp. 
205. 18*' cloth. White Hills, 1846 

931 Cresap. Biographical Sketch of the Life of the late 

Captain Michael Cresap. By J. J. Jacob. Reprinted 
from the edition of 1826; — Journal of Wayne's Cam- 
paign. By Lieut. Bayer, pp. 158, 23. Large 4** paper, 
uncut. Cincinnati, 1866 

932 Critical and Historical Account of all the Celebrated 

Libraries in Foreign Countries, as well as ancient and 
modern, pp. 206. 18® crimson morocco, gilt. 

London, 1739 

933 Crocker, U. H. Excessive Saving a Cause of Commer- 

cial Distress, 1884; — The Depression of Trade, 1886; — 
Over Production and Commercial Distress, 1887; — 
Tariff Policy of England and the United States, by E. 
B. Bigelow, 1877. 4 vols. 8® cloth. Boston. 

Presentation copies from the authors, 


934 Crittenden, John J. Life of, with selections from his 

correspondence and speeches. Edited by Mrs. Chap- 
man Coleman, pp. 389, 392. 2 portraits. 2 vols. 8® 
cloth. Phila., 1871 

935 Crockett, David. Col. Crockett's Exploits and Adven- 

tures in Texas; together with a topographical, historical, 
and political view of Texas. Written by Himself, pp. 
152. 12'' cloth, uncut. London, 1837 

936 Crockett. Sketches and Eccentricities of Col. David 

Crockett, of West Tennessee. New edition, pp. 209. 
12** half roan. New York, 1833 

937 Cromwell, Oliver. Killing, no Murder; with some ad- 

ditions briefly discourst. By William Allen, pp. 16. 4^ 
calf. London, 1659 

The real author of this pamphlet, according to Lowndes, was Col* 
Silas Titus, according to Mangin, (in the Parlour Window) it was 
Col. Edward Sexby. 

938 Cromwell. Killing is Murder, and no Murder; or an 

Exercitation concerning a scurrilous pamphlet of one 
William Allen, intituled Killing no Murder. By Mich. 
Hawke. pp. 56. 4° boards. London, 1657 

939 Cromwelliana; a Chronological Detail of Events in 

which Oliver Cromwell was engaged, from 1642 to his 
death, 1658, with a continuation of other transactions 
to the Restoration, with engravings of Cromwell's auto- 
graphs, house, lying-in-state, declaration of Faixfax 
and others, with their autographs, pp. 196. Imperial 
8® straight grained morocco, extra, gilt edges. 

Westminster, 18 10 
Extra Illustrated ; with portraits and plates. 

940 Cruden, Alexander. Complete Concordance to the Old 

and New Testament. Portrait. Royal 8® cloth. 

London, 1841 

941 CuLLUM, G. W. Historical Sketch of the Fortification 

Defenses of Narraganset Bay, since the founding in 
1638 of the Colony of Rhode Island. 8** paper. 

Washington, 1884 

942 Culverwell, Nathaniel. An Elegant and Learned Dis- 

course on the Light of Nature, pp. 207. Small 4" 
half morocco. (Stained and corner of title and last leaf 
mended). London, 1652 

943 CuNDALL, Joseph. On Ornamental Art, applied to ancient 

and modern bookbinding, pp. 15. 12 plates. 4® 
boards, (shaken). London, 1848 

944 Cunningham, G. G. History of England in the Lives of 

Englishmen. Portraits. 8 vols. 8° half calf. 

London, 1853 



945 Cunningham, Peter. Extracts from the Accounts of the 

Revels at 'Court in the Reigns of Queen Elizabeth and 
King James I. pp. 228. 8° cloth, uncut. 

Shakespeare Society: London, 1842 

946 Curtis, George T. History of the Origin, Formation, 

and Adoption of the Constitution of the United States, 
pp. 518, 653. 2 vols. 8® cloth. New York, 1854 

947 CuRWEN, Samuel. Journal and Letters of the late Samuel 

Curwen, an American Refugee in England, from 1775 
to 1784. By G. A. Ward. pp. 578. Portrait. 8'' cloth. 

New York, 1842 

948 Gushing, Abel. Historical Letters on the First Charter 

of Massachusetts Government, pp. 204. 18® cloth, 
uncut. Boston, 1839 

949 Gushing, Caleb. The Treaty of Washington, pp. 280. 

8"* cloth. New York, 1873 

950 Gushing. Extracts from the Minutes of Daniel Gushing 

of Hingham. With a photograph of his manuscript, 
entitled a list of the names of such persons as came out 
of the town of Hingham, and town adjacent, in the 
county of Norfolk, in the Kingdom of England, into 
New England and settled in Hingham in New England. 
Folio, paper, uncut. Boston, 1865 

Only 24 copies privately printed. 

951 CusHMAN, Robert. A Sermon preached 

New England, Dec. 9, 162 1. pp. 19. 
son levant morocco extra, by Bedford. 

Crowninahield's copy. 

The first edition of Cushman*8 sermon, and the earliest printed 
Sermon preached in New England. One of the rarest of books. 

952 CusHMAN. The Sin and Danger of Self-Love described 

in a Sermon preached at Plymouth, in New England. 
162 1. Third ed. pp. 30. 8° crimson morocco, uncut, 
(bottom of one leaf mended and some leaves re- 
margined). Plymouth, 1788 

953 GusHMAN. The same. Fourth ed. 8° half morocco. 

Boston, 1815 

Fifth ed. 8*^ half calf. 

Stockbridge, 1822 

Seventh ed. Plate. 8** paper. 

Boston, 1846 

Another copy. 8° half calf. 

Boston, 1846 

957 CusHMAN. The same. Eighth ed. 12*^ boards. 

Boston, 1846 

at Plimouth in 

Small 4^ crim- 

London, 1622 

954 CuSHMAN. 

955 GuSHMAN. 


The same. 

The same. 

The same. 


958 CusHMAN. The same. Ninth ed. 12° boards. 

New York, 1847 

959 CusHMAN. The same. Eleventh ed. 12® boards. 

New York, 1858 

960 CusHMAN. The same. Twelfth ed. (With notes by 

Charles Deane.) 4° half morocco. Boston, 1870 

Only 60 copies privately printed. 

961 CusHMAN. The same. Another copy. Royal 4° paper, 

uncut. Boston, 1870 

One of a few copies printed on Holland paper. 

962 CusHMAN. The same. Another copy on India paper. 

4® boards, uncut. Boston, 1870 

One of a few copies printed on India paper. 

963 CusHMAN Genealogy. Historical and Biographical Gene- 

alogy of the Cushmans; the descendants of Robert 
Cushman, the Puritan, from 1617 to 1855. By H. W. 
Cushman. Portraits. 8** cloth. Boston, 1855 

964 Cutter, Charles A. A Bibliographical Description of 

the Collection of ** Grands Voyages " of De Bry. pp. 
61. Royal 8® boards. New York, 1869 

Only 25 copies privately printed. 

965 Cyrus. The Travels of Cyrus; to which is annexed a 

Discourse upon the theology and mythology of the 
ancients. By the Chevalier Ramsay, pp. 139, 91, 69. 
8° calf. Dublin, 1728 

966 I AAGLEY, R. Death's Doings; consisting of numer- 
ic/ ous original compositions in verse and prose, prin- 

pally intended as illustrations of thirty copper plates, 
designed and etched by R. Dagley. pp. 472. 2 vols. 
8° calf. Boston, 1828 

967 Dahlmann, F. E. History of the English Revolution. 

Translated by E. Lloyd, pp. 340. 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1844 

968 Dall, Mrs. The Romance of the Association; or, one 

last glimpse of Charlotte Temple and Eliza Wharton. 
12° paper. Cambridge, 1875 

Autograph letter of the author, relating to the book inserted. 

969 [Dalrymple, Sir John.] The Rights of Great Britain as- 

serted against the Claims of America, being an answer 
to the Declaration of the General Congress. Eighth 
ed. pp. 123. 8° half roan. London, 1776 

970 Dalton, Michael. The Countrey Justice, conteyning 

the Practise of the Justices of the Peace out of their 
Session. First ed. pp. 370 and table. Folio, vellum. 

^ London, 1618 


971 Dalton. The Countrey Justice, (etc), pp. 535 and ad- 

denda. Folio, boards, uncut, (stained). London, 1682 

972 Dampier, Captain William. A Collection of Voyages. 

4 vols. 8° calf. London, 1729 

Complete copy of the best edition, comprising the entire voyages 
of Dampier and his associates among the Buccaneers, and Voyages 
of Wafer, Fannell, Sharpe, etc. 

973 [Dana, R. H.] The Idle Man. First ed. 6 parts com- 

plete. 8® half russia. New York, 182 1 

974 Dana. Poems. First ed. pp. 113. 16** boards, uncut. 

Boston, 1827 

975 Dane, John. A Declaration of Remarkable Providences 

in the Course of my Life, 1682; to which is added a 
Pedigree of the Dane Family, and a few notes, pp. 16. 
8° half roan. Boston, 1854 

976 Danforth, Samuel. Piety encouraged; brief notes of a 

discourse delivered unto the People of Taunton, pp. 
I, 4, 25. 16° morocco. B. Green: Boston, 1705 

977 Daniel, Samuel. The Collection of the History of Eng- 

land, pp. 263. London, 1634; — A Continuation of the 
Collection of the History of England, beginning where 
Samuel Daniell ended, with the Reigne of Edward the 
Third, and ending where the Viscount Saint Albones 
began with the life of Henry VII. By J. Trussell. pp. 
260. Folio, calf, gilt, red edges. London, 1636 

978 Danvers, Mass. History of, from its Early Settlement 

to 1848. By J. W. Hanson, pp. 304. Plates. 12® 
cloth. Danvers, 1848 

979 Danvers. Account of the Centennial Celebration, June 

16, 1852, together with the Proceedings of the Town in 
relation to the donation of George Peabody. Portraits. 
8® cloth. Boston, 1852 

980 Darby, William. A Geographical Description of the 

State of Louisiana, the Southern part of the State of 
Mississippi, and Territory of Alabama. Map. 8° half 
roan. New York, 181 7 

981 Darby. Memoir on the Geography and Natural and Civil 

History of Florida, pp. 96. Map. 8° boards, uncut. 

Phila., 1821 

982 Darnell, Elias. A Journal containing an account of the 

hardships, sufferings, captivity of those heroic Kentucky 
Volunteers and Regulars, commanded by General Win- 
chester in 1812-13. pp. 99. 18° half roan. Phila., 1854 


983 Darcie, Abraham. Annales. The True and Royall His- 

tory of the famous Empresse Elizabeth, Queene of 
England, France and Ireland, etc., True Faith's De- 
fendresse of divine renowne and happy memory; where- 
in all such memorable things as happened during hir 
blessed raigne, with such acts and treaties as past be- 
twixt hir Ma"' and Scotland, France, Spaine, Italy, 
Germany, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Russia and the 
Netherlands are exactly described. Engraved title by 
Vaughan, and portrait (both cut close.) 4® polished 
calf, extra, gilt edges. B. Fisher: London, 1625 

984 Dartmouth College. A Plain and Faithful Narrative of 

the original designs, rise, progress, and present state of 
the Indian Charity School at Lebanon, in Connecticut, 
by Eleazar Wheelock. pp. 55. 4° paper, uncut edges. 

Boston, 1763 

985 Dartmouth College. A Continuation of the Narrative 

of the state, etc., of the Indian Charity-School, from 
Nov. 27th, 1762, to Sept. 3d, 1765, and appendix, by 
Eleazar Wheelock. pp.25. 4** paper, uncut. Bost., 1765 

986 Dartmouth College. Appendix to the former narrative 

of the Indian Charity-School in Lebanon, Connecticut, 

New England, etc. By Eleazar Wheelock, pp. 49-64. 

8° paper. 

Probably an appendix to a second ed. of a London reprint of 1766. 

987 Dartmouth College. A Continuation of the Narrative, 
• etc., with an appendix, 79-145, containing the Declara- 
tion of the Trustees of that charity; a list of the names 
of the subscribers; an account of monies received and 
paid, etc. By Eleazar Wheelock. pp. 73 and appendix, 
together 145 pp. 8° boards. London, 1769 

988 Dartmouth College. A Continuation of the Narrative, 

etc., from the year 1768 to the incorporation of it with 
Dartmouth College, and removal and settlement in 
Hanover, in the Province of New Hampshire, 177 1, by 
Eleazar Wheelock. pp. 61. 8° paper, uncut. 

Hartford, 1771 

989 Dartmouth College. A Continuation of the Narrative, 

etc., (from May 6, 177 r, to Sept. 10, 1772), by 
Eleazar Wheelock. pp. 40. 8° paper, uncut. 

New Hampshire, 1773 

990 Dartmouth College, A Continuation of the Narrative, 

etc. (from Sept. 26, 1772, to Sept. 26, 1773), ^Y Eleazar 
Wheelock. Appendix containing an abstract of a mis- 
sion to the Delaware Indians, west of Ohio, by Rev. D. 
McClure and L. Frisbie. pp. 6S. S^ paper, uncut. 

Hartford, 1773 


991 Dartmouth College. A Continuation of the Narrative, 
•etc., from Sept. 26, 1773 to Feb. 20, 1775, ^*^^ ^ dedi- 
cation to the Honorable Trust in London. Added, an 
account of missions the last year, etc., by Eleazar 
Wheelock. 4'' paper, uncut edges. Hartford, 1775 

992 Dartmouth College. Sketches of the History of, and of 

Moors* Charity School, with a particular account of 
some late remarkable proceedings of the Board of Trus- 
tees from the year 1779 to 1815. pp. 88. N. p. n. d. 

993 Daubign^, J. H. M. History of the Reformation of the 

Sixteenth Century. Portrait. 5 vols. 12° cloth. 

New York. 

994 Davenport, A. B. History and Genealogy of the Daven- 

port Family in England and America, from 1086 to 
1850. pp. 398. Portrait. 12° cloth. New York, 1851 

995 [Davenport, Daniel.] The Sexton's Monitor, and Dor- 

chester Cemetery Memorial, pp. ^6. Second ed. 12*' 
half morocco. Boston, 1838 

996 Davenport, John. (Pastor at New Haven.) Profession 

of the Faith of that Reverend and worthy Divine, Mr. 
J. D. made publiquely before the congregation at his 
admission into one of the churches of God in New 
England. pp. 80. Small 4° half crimson morocco. 
(Lower edge mended.) London, 1642 

997 Davenport. The Power of Congregational Churches as- 

serted and vindicated, in answer to a treatise of Mj. J. 
Paget, pp. 163. 16° calf, gilt. London, 1672 

998 Davidson and Stuv^. A Complete History of Illinois, 

from 1673 to 1873. pp. 944, 9. Royal 8° half roan, 
uncut, gilt top. Springfield, 1876 

999 Davidson. Life of William Davidson, Secretary of State 

and Privy Counsellor to Queen Elizabeth. By N. H. 
Nicolas. Fac-similes. 8° half calf, gilt. London, 1823 

1000 [Da VIES, James.] The History of his Sacred Majesty 
Charles the IL pp. 236. Portrait. 18** sheep. 

London, 1660 

looi Davies, John. The History of the Caribby Islands, viz., 
Barbados, St. Christophers, St. Vincents, Martinico, 
Dominico, etc., with a Caribbian Vocabulary. Ren- 
dered into English by John Davies. Plates, pp. 351. 
Folio, full light sprinkled calf, gilt, extra, yellow edges. 

London, 1666 

1002 Davis, A. Lecture on the Antiquities of Central Amer- 
ica and on the Discovery of New England by the North- 
men. Sixth ed. pp. 24. 8** half roan. New York, 1840 


1003 Davis, Andrew McFarland. Indian Games, 1886; — 

Few Additional Notes concerning Indian Games, 1887; 

— Historical Study of Law's-System, 1887; — First 
Scholarship at Harvard College, 1888; — The Cam- 
bridge Press, 1888; — Site of the First College Build- 
ing at Cambridge, 1889; — Colony of Nox. 7 pam- 

1004 [IDatliBt Jfolflt.] The Seaman's Secrets, divided into 

two parts, wherein is taught the three kinds of Sayling, 
Horizontally Paradoxall and Sayling upon a great Cir- 
cle. Block tftttttt with movable diagrams. 4° half 
morocco, gilt. London, 1626 

1005 Davis, John. Travels of Four Years and a Half in the 

United States of America, durmg 1 798-1 802. pp. 454. 
8^ half sheep. London, 1803 

1006 Davis. The First Settlers of Virginia, an Historical 

Novel, exhibiting a View of the Rise and Progress of 
the Colony at James Town. Second ed. pp. 284. 
Cuts by Tanner. 12** crimson levant morocco extra, 
uncut edges. New York, 1806 

1007 Davis, William. An Olio of Bibliographical and Lit- 

erary Anecdotes and Memoranda, pp. 126. 12^ half 
roan. London, 18 14 

1008 Dawes, Thomas, Jun. An Oration delivered March 5, 

1781, to commemorate the Bloody Tragedy of the Fifth 
of March, 1770. pp. 23. 4** half morocco, (stained). 

Boston, 1781 

1009 Dawkins, VV. B. Cave Hunting: Researches on the 

Evidence of Caves respecting the early Inhabitants of 
Europe, pp. 455. Illustrations. 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1874 

loio Dawson, Henry B. Major-General Israel Putnam. A 
correspondence on this subject, with the editor of the 
»* Hartford Daily Post." pp. 169, i860 ; — The Assault 
on Stony Point, pp. 156, 1863; — Westchester County, 
New York, during the American Revolution. Portrait 
and map. pp. 281. 3 vols, imperial 8** paper, uncut. 

Morrisania and New York. 

loii Dawson. Correspondence between John Jay and Henry 
B. Dawson concerning the Federalist, pp. 48, 1864; 

— Mr. Jay's Second Letter on Dawson's Introduction 
to the Federalist, pp. 62, 1864. 2 pamphlets. 

1012 [Dayrell, John.] A Treatise of the Church, written 
against them of the Separation, commonly called 
Brownists. pp. 266. Small 4° parchment. 

London, 161 7 


1013 Dean, John Ward. The New England Bibliopolist, con- 

taining the **Book Notices" in the N. E. Hist, and 
Gen. Register. Nos. i to 12, old series, and volumes 
1 to 4, new series. 5 vols. 8° parts, uncut, (lacks last 
number). Boston, 1876-87 

1014 Dean. Story of the Embarkation of Cromwell and his 

Friends for New England, 1866; — Brief Memoir of 
Rev. Giles Firmin, 1866; — Sketch of the Life of John 
H. Sheppard, 1873; — Brief History of the New Eng- 
land Historical and Genealogical Register, 1847-76; — 
Descendants of Thomas Deane of Massachusetts and 
New Hampshire, 1883; — Memoir of Col. Joseph L. 
Chester, 1884. 6 pamphlets privately printed. Boston. 

1015 Deane, Charles. *The First Plymouth Patent. Printed 

on Antique Paper. Royal 4** cloth. Cambridge, 1854 
Only i copy so issued. 

1016 Deane. The same. Printed on Parchment. Royal 4** 

cloth. Cambridge, 1854 

Only 4 copies so issued. 

This volume is one of an edition of four copies of the First 
Work printed on Vellum in the United States. See Menzies Cat. 
No. 1606. 

1017 Deane. A Bibliographical Essay on Governor Hutchin- 

son's Historical Publications. Small 4® cloth. 

Boston, 1857 
Only 50 copies privately printed. 

1018 Deane. Bibliographical Tracts, Number One. Spurious 

Reprints of Early Books, pp. 19. Imperial 8** cloth. 

Boston, 1865 
India Paper copy, only 4 printed. 

1019 Deane, The same. Vellum Paper copy. Imperial 8** 

half morocco. Boston, 1865 

Only 8 so issued. 

1020 Deane. The same. Another copy. 8® cloth. 

Boston, 1865 
Edition of 131 copies. 

102 1 Deane. Spurious Reprints of Early Books. By Delta. 

pp. 12. Imperial 8° cloth. Boston, 1865 

Only 30 copies printed. Surreptitious edition, privately printed. 

1022 Deane. The Last Will and Testament of Captain John 

Smith, with some additional memoranda relating to 
him. pp. 7. Small 4** paper. Cambridge, 1867 

Only 50 copies printed. 

1023 Deane. Memoir of George Livermore. pp. 60. Large 

Paper, with photographic Portrait. Royal 4** cloth, 
uncut. Cambridge, 1869 


1034 Deane. a Discourse of Virginia, by Edward Maria 
VVingfield. Edited, with notes and an introduction, by 
Charles Deane. pp 44. 1859. (Cancelled edition); 
— The same. pp. 45, i860 — Letters of Phillis Wheat- 
ley, the negro-slave poet of Boston, 1864-9; — Records 
of the Council for New England, pp. 83, 1867; — His- 
tory of Bacon's and Ingram's Rebellion in Virginia in 
1 675-6, pp. 50; — Remarks on Sebastian Cabot's Mappe- 
Monde, pp. 8, 1867; — Contributions to the North 
American Review, 1868; — Memoir of George Liver- 
more, pp. 60, 1869; — A Brief Memoir of Robert 
Waterston, pp.ii, 1869; — Report of the Council of the 
Am. Antiq. Soc. 1868; — Forms in Issuing Letters-Pat- 
ent by the Crown of England, pp. 24, 1870; — Life of 
Mr Thomas Dudley, several times Governor of th*e 
Mass. Colony. Written, as is supposed by Cotton 
Mather, pp. 20, 1870; — Letter of Sir John Stanhope to 
Secretary Davison concerning Elder Brewster, pp. 
8, 1871; — Death of Matthew Cradock, pp. 3, 1871; — 
Roger Williams and the Massachusetts Charter, pp. 19, 
1873; — Gen'l Washington's Head-Quarters in Cam- 
bridge, pp. 9, 1873; — Judge Lowell and the Massachu- 
setts Declaration of Rights, pp. 9, 1874; — Brief Me- 
moir of James Savage, pp. 12, 1874; — Notes on a re- 
• cently discovered Indenture relating to David Thomp- 
son of Piscataqua, pp. 34, 1876; — Journal of a Tour to 
the White Mountains, in July, 1784. By Jeremy Belk- 
nap. Map. pp. 21, 1876; — Letters and Documents 
relating to Slavery in Massachusetts, 1867; — Memoir 
of John Appleton, M. D., pp. 3, 1877; — Lieut-Gen'l. 
John Burgoyne and the Convention of Saratoga, 100 
years ago, pp. 71, 1878; — Tutor Henry Flynt's Jour- 
ney from Cambridge to Portsmouth in 1754, 1878; — 
Letter of Paul Revere's, pp. 7; — Records of the Presi- 
dent and Council of New Hampshire, 1679-80, pp. 26, 
1878; — Memoir of Dr. Woods; — Rules, Orders and. 
Statutes of Harvard College, 1686, pp. 9, 1876; — 
White Kennett Library, pp. 8, 1883; — Memoir of 
Richard Frothingham, pp. 17, 1885; — Memoir of S. F. 
Haven, pp. 16, 1885; — John and Sebastian Cabot, a 
study. Maps, 1886; — A Summary History of New 
England, 1886; — Connection of Mass. with Slavery, 
pp. 34, 1886; — Remarks on Hubbard's map of New 
England, pp. 12, 1888; — Memoir of Edward Augustus 
Crowninshield, pp. 4; — Remarks on Dr. John G. Kohl, 
pp. 5 ; — Prefatory Note to the recently recovered pages 
of Hubbard's History, pp. 16. Together 38 vols. 8° 
cloth, boards and paper. Cambridge and Boston. 

All privately printed in limited editions. The above is a nearly 
complete set of Mr. Deane's publications. 


1025 Deane. Memoir of Samuel F. Haven, port. pp. 16, 

1885; — Memoir of Geo. Livermore, pp. 60, 1869; — 
Brief Memoir of Robert Waterston, pp. 11, 1869; — 
Death of Matthew Cradock, pp. 3, 187 1; — Brief Me- 
moir of James Savage, pp. 12, 1874; — Judge Lowell 
and the Massachusetts Declaration of Rights, pp. 9, 
1874; — Notes on a recently discovered indenture re- 
lating to David Thompson, pp. 34, 1876; — Memoir of 
John Appleton, pp. 3, 1877; — Memoir of Dr. J. G. Kohl, 
pp. 5, 1878; — Memoir of Richard Frothingham, pp. 17, 
1885; — Memoir of E. A. Crowninshield, pp. 3; — 
Summary of the History of New England, to the 
time of Andros, pp. 295-384. (From Narrative and 
, Critical History of America, only 12 copies privately 

printed.) 1886; — Remarks on Hubbard's Map of New 
England, pp. 12, 1888; — Prefatory note to Hubbard's 
History, pp. 10. Together 14 vols. 8® paper and cloth. 

Boston and Cambridge. 

1026 Deane. Memoir of George Livermore. pp. 60. 8® 

cloth, uncut. Cambridge, 1869 

Thick papbr copy, only a few so printed. 

1027 Deane. Death of Matthew Cradock. pp. 3. 8** cloth. 

With Cradock Pedigree inserted. (Boston, 187 1) 

1028 Deane. Notes on a recently discovered Indenture re- 

lating to David Thompson of Piscataqua and Massachu- 
setts Bay in New England, pp. 35. 8° cloth, uncut. 
Only 100 copies printed. Cambridge, 1876 

1029 Deane. The Struggle to Maintain the Charter of King 

Charles the First, and its final Loss in 1684. Imperial 

8° half morocco. Boston. 

Written for the Memorial Hist, of Boston. Vol. I. pp. 329-382. 
2 photographic plates laid in. 

1030 Deane, Capt. John. A Narrative of the Shipwreck of 

the Nottingham Galley, in her Voyage from England to 
Boston. Fifth ed. pp. 28. 8° half roan. London, 1762 
See Shurtleff's Sermon. Boston 1727. 

1031 Deane. A True Account of the Voyage of the Notting- 

ham-Galley of London, John Deane, Commander, from 
River Thames to New England, near which place she 
was cast away on Boon Island, Dec. 11, 17 10. pp. 36, 
London, 171 1; — Voyages and Adventures of Capt. 
Barth, Sharp and others in the South Sea, pp. 172. 
London, 1684; — History of Bavaria, from the First 
Ages to this present year, 1706. By Capt. John 
Stevens. Bound together. 8° calf. London, 1706 

"The first tract was an answer by three of the crew to Capt. 
Deane*s Narrative, published in 17 11." 


103a Deane, John G. Biographical Sketch of, and brief men- 
tion of his connection with the northeastern boundary 
of Maine, also family and other memoranda. Plate, 
pp. 70. 8° paper. Washington, 1887 

Privately printed. 

1033 Deane, Silas. An Address to the Free and Independent 

Citizens of the United States of North America, pp. 30. 
8** half calf. Hartford, 1784 

1034 Deane. The same. Portrait inserted, pp. 95. 8** calf. 

Hartford, 1784 

1035 Deane. Memorial of the Heirs of Silas Deane, to the 

Congress of the United States. 8** half roan. n. p., 1835 

1036 Debates in the Senate of the United States on the Judi- 

ciary, during the first Session of the seventh Congress, 
pp. 324. 8** calf. Phila., 1802 

1037 De Brv. Great Voyages in Latin. Part I — Admiranda 

Narratio fida tamen, de commodis et incolarum ritibus 
Virginias, nuper admodum ab Anglis, quikDn. Richardo 
Greinvile equestris ordinis viro ^o in coloniam anno 
MDLXXXV deducti sunt inventae, sumtus faciente Dn. 
Waltero Raleigh equestris ordinis viro fodinaru stanni 
praefecto ex auctoritate serenissimae Reginae Angliae. An- 
glico scripta sermone k Thoma Hariot eiusdem Walteri 
domesti-co, in eam coloniam misso ut regionis si-tum 
diligenter observaret. Nunc autem primum latio donata 
k C. C. A. Francofortii ad Moenum typis loannis Wech- 
eli, sumtibus vero Theodor de Bry anno MDXC. Venales 
reperiuntur in ofiicina Sigismundi Feirabendi. Part 
III. — Americae Tertia Pars Memorabile provinciae Brasi- 
liae Historiam contines, germanico primdm sermone 
scriptam k loane Stadio Homburgensi Hesso, nunc au- 
tem latinitate donatam k Teucrio Annaeo Priuato Col 
chanthe Po: & Med: Addita est Narratio profectionis 
loannis Lerij in eamdem Provinciam, qui ille initio 
gallic^ conscripsit, postea verb Latinam fecit. His ac- 
cessit Descriptio Morum & Ferocitatis incolarum illius 
Regionis, atque Colloquium ipsorum idiomate conscrip- 
tum. Omnia recens evulgata, & eiconibus in aes incisis 
acad vivum expressis illustrata, ad normam exem plaris 
praedictorum Autorum: studio & diligentia Theodori de 
Brij Leodiensis, atque civis Francofurtensis anno 
MDXCII. Venales reperiutur in officiana Sigismundi 
Feirabendii. Folio, vellum. Frankfort, 1590-92 

1038 De Bry. Narrative of Le Moyne, an Artist who accom- 

panied the French Expedition to Florida under Laudon- 
niere, 1564. Translated from the Latin of De Bry. pp. 
15. 44 heliotype fac-similes. Royal 4** half morocco. 

Boston, 1875 


1039 De Bury, Richard. Philobiblon, a Treatise on the Love 

of Books. Written in 1344 and translated from the 
first edition, 1473, with some collations, pp. 151. 12** 
cloth, uncut. London, 1832 

1040 Declaration by the Representatives of the United 

Colonies of North America, now met in General Con- 
gress at Philadelphia, pp. 13. 8° paper, uncut. 

(Reprint): Phila., 1775 

1041 Declaration of Independence of the United States of 

America, 1776; and Washington's Farewell Address to 
the People of the United States, 1796. pp. 57. Plate 
and fac-simile. Royal 4° cloth. Boston, 1876 

1042 Declaration of the Parliament of England, expressing 

the grounds of their late proceedings, and of setling 
the present Government in the way of a Free State, 
pp. 87. Small 4° half calf. London, 1648 

1043 De Costa, B. F. The Pre-Columbian Discovery of 

America by the Northmen. Illustrated by translations 
from the Icelandic Sagas. Edited with notes and a 
general introduction, pp. 118. 8® cloth, uncut. 

Albany, 1868 

1044 De Costa. Sailing Directions of Henry Hudson, pre- 

pared for his own use in 1608, from the Old Danish of 
Ivar Barden. With an introduction and notes; also A 
Dissertation on the Discovery of the Hudson River, 
pp. 102. 8® cloth. Albany, 1869 

1045 ^E CosTA. The Northmen in Maine: a critical examina- 

tion of Views expressed in connection with the subject, 
by Dr. Kohl, in Vol. i, of the new series of the Maine 
Historical Society, with criticisms on other portions of 
the work, and a chapter on the Discovery of Massachu- 
setts Bay. pp. 146. 8° cloth, top gilt. Albany, 1870 

1046 De Costa. Verrazzano, 1876; — Soldier and Sage, a me- 

morial of George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, 
1876; — The Lost City of New England, 1876; — Globe 
of Ulpius 1542, 1878; — William Blackstone in his rela- 
tion to Massachusetts and Rhode Island, 1880; — Rela- 
tion of a Voyage to Sagadahoc, 1880; — Inventio For- 
tunata, arctic exploration, with an account of Nicholas 
of Lynn, 1881; — Cavo de Baxos, or the place of Cape 
Cod in the old Cartology, 1881; — Notes of the Anni- 
versary Sermon at New York, May 15, x88i; — Notes 
of a Discourse and a Service in New York, Jan. 8, 1882, 
by S. Osgood and J. A. Smith; — Few Observations. on 
the Prince Society's edition of the New English Canaan. 
II pamphlets. Reprinted: New York. 


1047 De Costa. Rambles in Mount Desert, with sketches of 

travel on the New England coast, from the Isle of 
Shoals to Grand Menan. pp. 280. Frontispiece. 16** 
cloth. New York, 1871 

1048 De Costa. Verrazano the Explorer; being a vindication 

of his letter and voyage, with an examination of the 
map of Hieronimo da Verrazano, and a Dissertation 
upon the Globe of Ulpius. pp. 83. Maps and portraits. 
Royal 4** paper, uncut. New York, 1880 

1049 Dedham, Mass. Historical Address at the Second Cen- 

tennial Anniversary of the Town of Dedham, Sept. 21, 
1836, by S. F. Haven, pp. 79; — History of the First 
Church and Parish, by Alvan Lamson, pp. 104, 1839. 
2 vols. 8** cloth and boards. Dedham. 

1050 Dedham. History of, from 1635 to 1827. By Erastus 

Worthington. pp. 146. 8° morocco, gilt, red edges. 

Boston, 1827 

105 1 Dedham. Historical Annals of, from 1635 ^0 1847. ^y 

Herman Mann. pp. 136. 8® sheets, folded, uncut. 

Dedham, 1847 

1052 Dee, Dr. John. Private Diary of, and Catalogue of his 

Library of Manuscripts. Edited by J. O. Halliwell. 
4** cloth. London, 1842 

1053 Deerfield, Mass. Brief Sketch of the First Settlement 

of Deerfield. (By E. Hoyt.) 16® paper. 

Reprint: Greenfield, 1833 

1054 [De Foe, Daniel.] Life and Actions of Moll Flanders, 

containing her birth and education in Newgate, her 
ambition to be a gentlewoman, her being taken into a 
gentleman's family, her being debauched by her master's 
eldest son, and married to the younger, her marriage to 
her own brother, her going over with him to, and set- 
tling in Virginia, etc. Portrait and cuts. pp. 184, (lacks 
last leaf). London 

1055 Defoe. The Life and strange, surprising Adventures 

of Robinson Crusoe. Upwards of 100 illustrations. 
Royal 8® half calf, gilt. London. 

1056 Defoe. History of the Great Plague in London, in the 

year 1665. With an introduction by Rev. H. Stebbing. 
pp. 304. Portrait. 18® cloth, uncut. London. 

1057 Defoe. Daniel Defoe; his Life, and recently discovered 

Writings extending from 17 16 to 1729. By William 
Lee. Illustrations. 3 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1869 


1058 De Forest, J. W. History of the Indians of Connecti- 

cut, from the earliest known period to 1850. pp. 509. 
Map. 8° cloth. Hartford, 1853 

1059 D*Hauteville Case. Report of the D'Hauteville Case; 

— Review of the Case. (8° paper, laid in.) 8* half 
sheep. Phila. and Boston, 1840-41 

1060 Delancy. Considerations on the Propriety of imposing 

Taxes in the British Colonies, pp. 80. Second ed. 8** 
half roan. London, 1766 

1 06 1 Delaplaine's Repository of the Lives and Portraits of 

Distinguished American Characters. 18 jfine portraits. 
Complete set. 2 vols, royal 4** calf extra, yellow edges. 

Phila., 1815 

1062 De Laune, Thomas. A Plea for Non-Conformists. 

(With preface by Daniel Defoe.) pp. 144. 12° half 
morocco. London, 17 12 

1063 De-La-Warre, Lord. The Relation of the Right 

Honourable the Lord De-La-Warre, Lord Gouvernour 
and Captaine Generall of the Colonic, planted in Vir- 
ginea. 4° half morocco. London, 161 1 

Heliotype fac-simile. Only 20 copies privately printed. 
Presentation copy. 

1064 Delepierre, Octave. Analyse des Travaux de la Soci^t^ 

des. Philobiblon de Londres. pp. 134. 8** half roan. 

Londres, 186 
Only 300 copies printed. 

1065 De Lolme. The Rise and Progress of the English Con- 

stitution; with an historical and legal introduction and 
notes by A. J. Stephens. 2 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, 183S 

1066 Demonologia; or Natural Knowledge revealed. By J. 

S. F., pp. 438. Lond., 1831; — Fallacy of Ghosts, 
Dreams and Omens, with stories of witchcraft, life-in- 
death and monomania. By Charles Oilier, pp. 251. 
Lond., 1848; — Mysteries; or glimpses of the super- 
natural, pp. 273. N. Y., 1852. 3 vols. 12° cloth. 

1067 Dennis, J. The Usefulness of the Stage, occasioned by 

a late book written by Mr. Jeremy Collier, pp. 143. 
12° half calf, gilt. London, 1698 

1068 Denton, Daniel. A Brief Description of New York, 

formerly called New Netherlands. New edition with 
notes, by G. Fur man. 8** cloth. New York, 1845 

1069 De Peyster, J. Watts. History of the Life of Leonard 

Torstenson; — The History of Carausius; — Battle of 
the Sound or Baltic. 3 vols. 8° paper, uncut. 

Poughkeepsie, 1855-8 


1070 De Quincey, Thomas. Confessions of an English 

Opium-Eater. pp.190. 16** boards. Boston, 1841 

1071 Deux-Ponts, Count William de. My Campaigns in 

America, 1780-81. Translated, with an introduction 

and notes, by S. A. Green, pp. 176. Royal 4** boards, 

uncut. Boston, 1868 

Large Paper ; only 25 copies printed. 

1072 De Vinne, T. L. Invention of Printing, a collection of 

facts and opinions descriptive of early prints and playing 
cards, the block-books of the 15th century, the legends 
of Lourens J. Coster of Haarlem and the works of 
John Gutenberg and his associates. Illustrated with 
fac-si miles of early types and wood-cuts. Royal 8° 
cloth. New York, 1876 

1073 Dexter, F. B. Biographical Sketches of the Graduates 

of Yale College, with Annals of the College History, 
1 701-1745. pp. 788. Imperial 8® cloth, uncut. 

New York, 1885 

1074 Dexter. Sketch of the Life and Writings of John 

Davenport, Feb. i, 1875; — Memoranda concerning 
Edward Whalley and William GofiFe, 1876; — Governor 
Elihu Yale, 1882; — Founding of Yale College, 1882; — 
New Haven in 1784; — Estimates of Population in the 
American Colonies, 1887; — Report of the Trial of Mrs. 
Anne Hutchinson. 7 pamphlets. 

1075 Dexter, George. Argument of Tutor Nicholas Sever, 

1878; — Letters of Columbus and Vespuccius, 1878; — 
Journal of Thomas Wallcut, in 1790, 1879; — Influence 
of the English Universities in the Development of New 
England, 1880; — First Voyage under Sir Humphrey 
Gilbert's Patent of 1578, 1881; — Letters of Henry 
Wheaton, 1805-6; — Journal of a Tour from Boston to 
Oneida, June 1796, by Jeremy Belknap, 1882; — Suffolk 
County Bar Book, 1770-1805; — Tributes to the Memory 
of George Dexter, June 10, 1884; — Memoir of George 
Dexter, by C. C. Smith, 1885; — Letters of Gov. Andrew 
Eliot to his sons Samuel and John. 11 pamphlets. 

1076 Dexter, H. M. As to Roger Williams and his Banish- 

ment from the Massachusetts Plantation, pp. 146. Im- 
perial 8° cloth. Boston, 1876 

1077 Dexter. The True Story of John Smyth, the Se Bap- 

tist, as told by Himself and his Contemporaries; with 
an inquiry whether dipping were a new mode of Bap- 
tism in England, in or about 1641. pp. 106. Imperial 
8° cloth, uncut. Boston, 1881 

1078 [Dexter.] Common Sense as to Woman Suffrage, pp. 

33. Small 4® boards. Boston, 1885 



1079 Dexter, H. M. Pilgrim Memoranda, pp. 39, 1870; — 

Glance at the Ecclesiastical Councils of New England, 
pp. 68. 2 pamphles.t Boston. 

1080 Dexter, Lord Timothy. A Pickle for the Knowing 

Ones. 16** half morocco, gilt. Boston, 1838 

1081 Dexter. The same. Small ^ half calf. 

Newburyport, 1848 

1082 Dexter. Life of. By S. L. Knapp. 18° cloth. 

Boston, 1838 

1083 Dexter. The same. 18** cloth. Boston, 1848 

1084 Dialogue between the Ghost of General Montgomery 

and an American Delegate. Phila., 1776. pp. 16. 8® 
paper, uncut. Privately reprinted : New York, 1865 

1085 Diaz del Castillo, Bernal. Historia Verdadera de la 

Conquista de la Nueva Espafta. pp. 257. Folio, calf. 

Madrid, (1632) 

" The true history of the conquest of Mexico is, indeed, a delight- 
ful work, and the only account of that transaction on which we can 
rely."— Aw/^^. 

1086 Diaz del Castillo. The True History of the Conquest 

of Mexico. Translated by Maurice Keatinge. pp.514. 
Map. 4^ half morocco. London, 1800 

1087 Diaz del Castillo. The True History of the Conquest 

of Mexico. Translated by Maurice Keatinge. pp. 333, 
440. Map. 3 vols. 8° sheep, (broken and worn). 

Salem, 1803 

1088 Diaz del Castillo. Memoirs of, written by Himself, con- 

taining a true and full account of the discovery and 
conquest of Mexico and New Spain. Translated by J. 
T. Lockhart. pp. 399, 416. 2 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1844 

1089 DiBDiN, Rev. T. F. Bibliomania, or Book-madness. 

First ed. pp. 87. 8® boards, uncut. London, 1809 

1090 DiBDiN. Bibliomania; or Book-madness. First ed., pri- 

vately reprinted for the Club of Odd Sticks, pp. 87. 
Royal 8® paper, uncut. 

Club of Odd Sticks: New York, 1864 

Only 57 copies printed. 

1091 DiBDiN. Bibliomania; or, Book-madness; a biblio- 

graphical romance. Illustrated with cuts. New and 
improved edition, to which are now added preliminary 
observations and a supplement, including a key to the 
assumed characters in the drama. Plates. Royal 8** 
half morocco, gilt edges. London, 1842 


1092 DiBDiN. Typographical Antiquities; or the history of 

printing in England, Scotland and Ireland; containing 
memoirs of our ancient printers, and a register of the 
books printed by then. Begun by the late Joseph 
Ames. Considerably augmented by William Herbert, 
of Cheshunt, Herts; and now greatly enlarged, with 
copious notes and illustrated with appropriate engrav- 
ings; comprehending the History of English Literature, 
and a view of the progress of the art of engraving in 
Great Britain. By the Rev. Thomas Frognall Dibdin. 
Numerous portraits and fac-similes. 4 vols. 4° half 
morocco. Wm. Miller and Longman: Lond., 1810-19 

1093 Dibdin. A Bibliographical, Antiquarian and Picturesque 

Tour in France and Germany. Portraits and numerous 
beautiful plates, many upon India paper, including a 
full set of Lewis's etchings (India proofs), illustrating 
the physiognomy, manners, etc., of the people of France 
and Germany. 3 vols, royal 8° boards, uncut. 

London, 183 i 

1094 Dibdin. A Series of Etchings pourtraying the physi- 

ognomy, manners and character of the people of France 
and Germany. By George Lewis. 60 plates on India 
paper. 3 vols, royal 8° boards, uncut. London. 

1095 Dibdin. Descriptive Catalogue of Books printed in the 

Fifteenth Century, lately forming part of the library of 
the Duke di Cassano Serra. pp. 395. Imperial 8** half 
roan, uncut. London, 1823 

1096 Dibdin. The Library Companion, or the young man's 
. guide and the old man's comfort in the choice of a li- 
brary. Second ed. 8° boards, uncut. London, 1825 

1097 Dibdin. An Introduction to the Knowledge of rare and 

valuable editions of the Greek and Latin Classics; to- 
gether with an account of Polyglot Bibles, Polyglot 
Psalters, Hebrew Bibles, Greek Bibles and Greek Tes- 
taments, the Greek Fathers and the Latin Fathers. 
Fourth ed., greatly enlarged and corrected. Fac*simile 
plate of the ** Complutensian Polyglot." pp. 562, 580. 
2 vols, imperial 8° tree calf extra, gilt edges, by Riviere. 

London, 1827 

Best Edition: entirely rewritten. Large Paper; only 250 
copies printed. 

1098 [Dibdin.] Bibliophobia. Remarks on the present lan- 

guid and depressed state of literature and the book 
trade. In a letter addressed to the author of the 
Bibliomania. 'By Mercurius Rusticus. With notes by 
Cato Parvus, pp. 102. Royal 8** boards, uncut. 
Large Paper: only loo copies printed. London, 1832 



1099 DiBDiN. Reminiscences of a Literary Life; with anec- 
dotes of books and of book-collectors, with the index, 
pp. 982, 44. Portrait and plate. 2 vols. 8® boards, un- 
cut. London, 1836 

HOC Dickenson, Jonathan. God*s Protecting Providence, 
Man's surest Help and Defence, in the Remarkable De- 
liverance of Robert Barnard and others, from Ship- 
wreck, and also from the devouring jaws of the inhu- 
man Canibals of Florida, pp. 12, 126. 16° calf. 

London, 1759 

iioi DiEREviLLE. Relation du voyage du Port Royal de 
L'Acadie. Plate, pp. 236. 16° half sheep. 

Amsterdam, 17 10 

1 102 Dies Irae. Coles, Abraham. Dies Irae in thirteen orig- 

inal Versions, pp. 69. Frontispiece. 12** cloth. 

New York, 1859 

1 103 Dies Irae. (Dix, John A.) pp. 15. 16** boards, uncut. 

Privately printed; Cambridge, 1863 

1 104 DiGBY, Sir Kenelme. A Late Discourse made in a sol- 

emne Assembly of Nobles and learned Men, at Mont- 
pelier, in France, touching the Cure of Wounds, by the 
Powder of Sympathy. Rendered into English, by R. 
White, pp. 152, 6. 18® sheep, (broken). London, 1660 

1 105 DiGBY. Observations upon Religio Medici, pp. 124. 

18** sheep. London, 1643 

1 106 DiGBY. Private Memoirs of. Written by Himself, pp. 

328. Portrait. 8° calf. London, 1827 

1 107 DiGBY, K. H. The Broad Stone of Honour, or the true 

Sense and Practice of Chivalry, pp.289. Frontispiece. 
12® cloth, uncut. London, 1844 

1 108 DiGGES, Sir Dudley. The Compleat Ambassador; or 

Two Treaties of the intended Marriage of Qu: Eliza- 
beth, etc. pp. 441, 6. Frontispiece by Faithorne, 
(Cut down and mounted.) Folio, calf, gilt. 

London, 1655 

1 109 Disraeli, Isaac. An Inquiry into the Literary and 

Political Character of James the First. pp. 228. 
Small 8"* calf, gilt. London, 18 16 

Autograph signature of the Author inserted. 

mo Disraeli. Amenities of Literature. pp. 372, 431. 
2 vols. 8** cloth, uncut. London, 1842 

II 1 1 Disraeli. Curiosities of Literature; with a View of the 
Life and Writings of the Author, by his Son. Portrait. 
4 vols, large 12° cloth, uncut. Boston, 1859 


1 1 12 DiURNALL Occurrences, or Daily Proceedings of both 

Houses, in this great and happy Parliament, from the 
third of November, 1640, to the third of November, 
1641. Small 4^ sheep, (rebacked). London, 1641 

** Wednesday, 26th Day, Jan. It was reported in the House of 
Commons, that there were 52 Families of Norwich that went to 
New England, by Bishop Wrens pressing their conscience with 
illegal oaths, ceremonies, observations and many strange innova- 

1 1 13 DoBBS, Arthur, Esq. An Account of the Countries ad- 

joining to Hudson's Bay in the North West part of 
America. Map. 4** half calf, uncut. London, 1744 

1 114 DoDD, Rev. Stephen. Revolutionary Memorials, em- 

bracing Poems by the Rev. Wheeler Case, published in 
1778, with an Appendix. 16® cloth. New York, 1852 

1115 DoDiNGTON, George Bubb. The Diary of the last 

George Bubb Dodington, Baron of Melcombe Regis, 
from March 8, 1748-9, to Feb. 6, 1761. Now first pub- 
lished by H. P. Wyndham. First ed. pp. 502. 8® 
crimson straight grained morocco, gilt edges. 

Salisbury, 1784 

1 1 16 DoDWELL, Henry. An Epistolary Discourse, proving, 

from the Scriptures and the first Fathers, that the Soul 
is a principle naturally mortal, etc. pp. 313. 8® old 
calf. London, 1706 

1 1 17 Domesday Book or the Great Survey of England of Wil- 

liam the Conqueror, A. D., 1536. Fac-simile of the 
Part relating to Dorsetshire, pp. 20. Folio, cloth. 

Southampton, 1862 

1 1 18 DoNNE, W. B. The Correspondence of King George 

the Third with Lord North, from 1768 to 1783. pp. 
307, 452. 2 vols. 8® cloth, uncut. London, 1867 

1 119 Dorchester, Mass. History of Dorchester. By a Com- 

mittee of the Dorchester Antiquarian and Historical 
Society, pp. 672. 8° cloth. Boston, 1859 

1 1 20 Dorchester. Recovery of some Materials for the 

Early History of Dorchester, general and particular. 
By S. G. Drake. Plate, pp. 20. 8° cloth, uncut. 

Boston, 185 1 

H2I Dorchester. Dorchester in 1630, 1776 and 1855, An 
Oration by Edward Everett, 1855; — Proceedings of 
the Second Church and Parish, 1812; — Discourse at 
Dorchester to commemorate the completion of the 
Second Century from its settlement by our Pilgrim 
Fathers. By John Pierce. 1830. 3 vols. 8® cloth, 
half roan and paper. 


1 122 Dorchester. Hall, Nathaniel. Sermons preached in 

First Church, Dorchester, 1851-70. 5 pamphlets. 

1 1 23 Dorchester Antiquarian Society. Memoirs of Roger 

Clap, 1630; — Annals of the Town of Dorchester. By 
James Blake, 1750; — Journal and Life of Richard 
Mather, 1506-1669. 3 vols. 12° boards. Boston, 1844-50 

1124 Douglass, William. A Summary, Historical and Politi- 

cal of the First Planting, progressive improvements, 
and present State of the British Settlements in North 
America. 2 vols. 8** sheep, (name cut from titles). 

Boston, 1749-51 

Autograph signature of Rufus Choate on fly leaves. With an auto- 
graph Document : Deposition of the printers, Gamaliel Rogers and 
Daniel Fowle, that Dr. Douglas wrote " State of the British Settle- 
ments in North America,'* 1748. 2 pp. 4 ^ . 

1 1 25 Douglass. The same. 2 vols. 8** half morocco. 

London, 1760 

1 1 26 Douglass. Memoir of William Douglass, M. D. By 

Timothy L. Jennison, M. D. (From Medical Commu- 
nications of the Mass. Med. Society, Boston 1831. 8® 

With MSB. by Mr. Deane laid in. 

1 1 27 Dover, N. H. The First Parish in Dover, 20th anni- 

versary, including the Memorial Address by Rev. A. H. 
Quint. 8° cloth. Dover, 1884 

1 1 28 DowcET, Abraham. A Declaration delivered into the 

House of Lords, July 3, 1648 against Major Edward 
Ralph, whom hee charges to have laine in waite three 
houres to have pistold the King. pp. 6. Small 4** paper. 

London, 1648 

1 1 29 Downing, Sir George. A Reply of Sir George Downing 

Envoy Extraordinary from His Majesty of Great Britain, 
etc., to the Remarks of the Deputies of the Estates- 
General, upon his Memorial of Dec. 20, 1664. pp. 104. 
Small 4** polished calf, extra, by Pratt. (Title page in 
fac-simile.) London, 1665 

Relates to New Netherlands and Long Island. 

1 130 Dowse, Thomas. Catalogue of his Library presented to 

the Massachusetts Historical Society, July 30, 1856. 
8° cloth. Privately printed; Boston, 1856 

1 131 Dowse. The Will of Thomas Dowse, of Cambridgeport. 

pp. 7. Portrait. 8° paper. Cambridge, 1856 

Only 25 copies printed. 

1132 Dowse. The same. Copy on Parchment. 

Only 5 copies privately printed. 


1 133 Doyle, J. A. The English in America, Virginia, Mary- 

land and the Carolinas. pp. 556. Map. 8° cloth. 

London, 1882 

1134 Drake, Daniel. Memoirs of the Life and Services of, 

with notices of the early settlement of Cincinnati, and 
some of its pioneer citizens. By E. D. Mansfield. Por- 
trait. 12° cloth. Cincinnati, 1855 

1 135 Drake. Sir Francis Drake Reuiued: Calling vpon this 

Dull or Effeminate Age. to follow his Noble steps for 
Gold and Siluir. By this memorable relation of the 
rare occurrences (neuer yet declared to the World) in a 
third voyage made by him into the West Indies, in the 
yeares 72 & 73. pp. 80. Portrait on title and portrait 
inserted, by Philip Nichols. 8** polished calf, extra, by 
Pratt. Nicholas Bourne: London, 1628 

Title and many leaves cropped, but neatly remargined and restored 
in fac-simile. 

1136 Drake. Sir Francis Drake Revived. Who is, or may 

be a pattern to stirre up all heroicke and active spirits 
of these times to benefit their countrey and eternize 
their names by like noble attempts. Being a summary 
and true relation of foure severall voyages made by the 
said Sir Francis Drake to the West Indes, viz. : His 
dangerous adventuring for gold and silver with the gain- 
ing thereof. . . . His Encompass the World, etc. 
Portrait, (mounted). Small 4° calf. 

Nicholas Bourne: London, 1653 

1 137 Drake. The World Encompassed, by Sir Francis 

Drake, being his next voyage to that to Nombre de 
Dios formerly imprinted. Portrait, (inlaid), pp 108. 
4° maroon crushed levant morocco, gilt edges, by 
Zahnsdorf. (Title and corners of a few leaves mended.) 

London, 1628 

1 138 Drake. Life and Death of the Valiant and Renowned 

Sir Francis Drake, his voyages and discoveries in the 
West Indies, and about the World. By Samuel Clark, 
pp. 75. Small 4° olive morocco extra, gilt edges, by 
Haydav. London, 167 1 

The title page and the last two leaves in fac-simile. 

1139 Drake, F. S. List of Members of the Massachusetts 

Society of Cincinnati, including a complete roll of the 
original members. 8° sheets folded. Boston, 1872 

1 140 Drake, James R. The Culprit Fay, and other Poems. 

pp.92. First ed. Portrait and engraved title. 8° cloth. 

New York, 1836 


1 141 Drake, S. A. Bunker Hill; the story told from the 

battle-field, by British officers engaged ; — General 
Israel Putnam, the Commander at Bunker Hill. pp. 76, 
24. Plate. 8° cloth. Boston, 1875 

1 142 Drake, S. G. Indian Biography, containing the lives 

of more than two hundred Indian Chiefs, pp. 348. 12^ 
sheep. Boston, 1832 

1 143 Drake. Book of the Indians of North America. First ed. 

Early portrait of the author and other plates. 8® sheep. 

Boston, 1833 

1 144 Drake. Old Indian Chronicle. Map and illustrations. 

16** cloth. Boston, 1836 

1 145 Drake. Old Indian Chronicle, a collection of rare 

tracts, with introduction and dates by S. G. Drake. 
Map. Small 4° half morocco. Boston, 1867 

1 146 Drake. Genealogical and Biographical Account of the 

Family of Drake in America. Small 8° calf. 

Privately printed: Boston, 1845 

1 147 Drake. Tragedies of the Wilderness. Illustrations. 

12^ cloth. Boston, 1846 

Presentation copy from the author. 

1 148 Drake. Indian Captivities, or. Life in the Wigwam. 

Frontispiece. 12° cloth. Auburn, 1850 

1149 Draki^. Biography and History of the Indians of North 

America, from its first discovery. Eleventh ed. Royal 
8^ cloth, uncut. Boston, 185 1 

Special edition on larger paper, and with additional portraits and 

1 150 Drake. A Memoir of the Rev. Cotton Mather, with a 

genealogy of the family of Mather. Portraits. 8° cloth. 

Boston, 185 1 
Presentation copy. 

1 15 1 Drake. A Brief Memoir of Sir Walter Raleigh. Por- 

trait. 4** cloth. Privately printed: Boston, 1862 

1 152 Drake. Result of some Researches among the British 

Archives for Information relative to the Founders of 
New England, 1858-60. Map and portrait. Small 4® 
cloth. Boston, i860 

1 153 Drake. The same. Third ed. pp. 148. Portraits. 

Royal 4° cloth, uncut. Boston, 1865 

Large Paper: Only 75 copies printed. 

1 1 54 [Drake.] Narrative Remarks, expository notes, and 

historical criticisms on the New England Historical 
and Genealogical Society. 4** paper, uncut. 

Albany, 1874 


1 1 55 Drake. Catalogue of his Private Library, chiefly relat- 

ing to the antiquities, history and biography of America. 
8** half morocco. Boston, 1845 

1 156 Dreadful Visitation in a short account of the progress 

and effects of the Plague, in London, 1665, pp. 16; — 
Sermons or Declarations made by Stephen Crisp, one 
of the antient preachers amongst the people called 
Quakers, pp. 60. 2 pamphlets 18** paper. 

Joseph Crukshank : Phila., 1773-4 

1 157 Du Bartas. Bartas his Deuine Weekes and Workes. 

Translated and dedicated to the King's most excellent 
Maiestie, by Josuah Sylvester, pp. 715. Engraved 
title. Second ed. 4** calf. i^^^S) 

1 158 Dublin, N. H. History of, containing the address by 

Charles Mason, and the proceedings at the Centennial 
Celebration, June 17, 1852, with a register of families. 
PP- 433- Plates. 8** cloth. Boston, 1855 

1 159 Duch6, Jacob. Discourses on various Subjects. Fron- 

tispieces by B. West. Third ed. pp. 403, 430. 2 vols. 
8** half morocco, uncut. London, 1779 

1 1 60 Dudley, Dean. History of the Council of Nice; a 

World's Christian Convention, A. D. 325. pp. 86. 8® 
cloth. Boston, i860 

1161 [Dudley, Thomas.] Massachusetts, or the first Planters 

of New England, the end and manner of their coming 
thither, and abode there, in several epistles, pp. 56. 
18° half russia. B. Green & J. Allen: Boston, 1696 

These epistles are from John Allin, Thomas Shepard and John 
Cotton. The dedication to the Countess of Lincoln is signed T. D. 
(Thomas Dudley.) 

1 162 DuRER, Albert. The Humiliation and Exaltation of 

our Redeemer, in 32 prints, representing the original 
wood blocks of Albert Durer. Edited by John Allen, 
pp. 64. 12^ cloth. London, 1856 

1163 DuMMER, Jer. A Defence of the New England Char- 

ters. First ed. pp. 1,6,80. 8® calf, gilt. London, 1721 

Autograph of "Thos. Rtch" on title. 

1 164 DuMMER. A Defence of the New England Charters 

pp. 44. S^ calf, gilt. Boston, 1765 

1165 DuNBARTON, N. H. History of, from 1751 to i860. 

By Caleb Stark, pp. 272. 8° cloth. Concord, i860 

1 166 DuNLAP, William. History of the American Theatre. 

pp. 420. 8*^ calf, gilt. New York, 1832 

1 167 DuNLAP. History of the Rise and Progress of the Arts 

of Design in the United States, pp. 435, 480. 2 vols. 8° 
boards, uncut, (name cut from titles). New York, 1834 
Bookplate of George P. Parker. 


1168 DuNLOP, John. History of Fiction, pp. 452, 443. 2 

vols. 12** cloth. Phila., 1842 

1 169 Dunstable, Mass. History of the Old Township of 

Dunstable, including Nashua, Nashville, HoUis, Hudson, 
Litchfield and Merrimac, N. H., Dunstable and Tyngs- 
borough, Mass. By Charles J. Fox. pp. 278. Plate. 
12® cloth. Nashua, 1846 

1 1 70 DuNSTER, Charles. Considerations on Milton's early 

Reading, and the Prima Stamina of his Paradise Lost; 
together with extracts from a poet of the sixteenth cen- 
tury, pp. 249. 12° cloth, uncut. London, 1800 

1 17 1 [DuNTON, John.] The Compleat Library; or. News for 

Ingenious. Containing several original pieces, an his- 
torical account of the choicest books printed in Eng- 
land, and in the foreign Journals, etc. (Vols I and II.) 
From 1692 to December 1693. pp. 480, 458. 2 vols. 
4° calf. JohnDunton: London, 1692-93 

Three autograph letters of Geo. H. Moore relating to the rarity 
of these volumes, laid in. 

1172 [DuNTON.] The Dublin Scuffle; being a challenge sent 

by John Dunton, citizen of London, to Patrick Camp- 
bell, bookseller in Dublin, to which is added the Billet 
Doux, sent him by a citizen's wife in Dublin, tempting 
him to lewdness, with his answer to her. pp. 544. 8° 
half calf. London, 1699 

1 173 DuNTON. The Life and Errors of John Dunton, Late 

Citizen of London. Written by himself in solitvde. 
With an Idea of a New Life; Wherein is Shewn How 
he*d Think, Speak, and Act, might he Live over his 
Days again; Intermix'd with the New Discoveries The 
Author has made In his Travels Abroad, — And in his 
Private Conversation at Home. Together with the 
Lives and Characters of a Thousand Persons now Liv- 
ing in London, &c. Digested into Seven Stages with 
their Respective Ideas, pp. 251. Small 8** half calf, 
(foxed.) Printed for S. Malthus: London, 1705 

"This curious work abounds with interesting literary history, anec- 
dotes of Bostonians, etc." 

Eighty-four pages are occupied with the account of his visit to 
New England, his opening a bookstore in Boston ; intercourse with 
the Mathers, Cotton, Eliot, Hubbard, and several ladies of Boston, 
of some of whom he relates very curious particulars. 

1 1 74 DuNTON. The Life and Errors of John Dunton, with 

the Lives and Characters of more than a Thousand 
contemporary Divines and other Persons of Literary 
Eminence. Portrait. 2 vols, in one. 8** calf, gilt. 

London, 1818 


1175 [DuNTON.] Athenian Oracle; being an entire collec- 

tion of all the valuable Questions and Answers in the 
old Athenian Mercuries. 4 vols, small 8° half calf. 

London, 1728. 

1 176 DuRB'EE, Job. Complete Works of. With a Memoir of 

the Author, pp 523. 8** cloth. Providence, 1849 

1 1 77 DuRRiE, D. S. Bibliographia Genealogica Americana; 

an alphabetical Index to American Genealogies and 
Pedigrees. Third ed., enlarged, pp. 245. 8° cloth. 

Albany, 1886 

1178 DuxBURY, Mass. History of, with Genealogical Regis- 

ter. By Justin Winsor. Portrait. 8® cloth. 

Boston, 1849 

1179 DuYCKiNCK, E. A. Cyclopaedia of American Literature, 

embracing Personal and Critical Notices of Authors, 
and Selections from their Writings, complete with the 
Supplement. Portraits and fac-simile autographs. 
3 vols, imperial 8® cloth. New York, 1866 

1180 DwiGHT, Theodore. History of the Hartford Conven- 

tion, pp. 447. 8° morocco, gilt. New York, 1833 

1 181 DwiGHT, Timothy. The Conquest of Canaan, a Poem. 

pp. 304. First ed. 12° sheep. Hartford, 1785 

1 182 DwiGHT. Travels in New England and New York. 

Portrait and maps. 4 vols. 8® morocco. London, 1823 

1 183 p?ARTHQUAKES. An Essay on the Agitations of 
L^ the Sea, and some other Remarkables attending 

the Earthquakes of the Year 1755. pp 40. Small 8° 
half roan. Boston, 1761 

1 184 East Boston, Mass. History of, with Biographical 

Sketches of its Early Proprietors. By W. H. Sumner, 
pp. 801. Map and portraits. 8° cloth. Boston, 1858 

1185 Eastburn, Rev. J. W. Yamoyden, a Tale of the Wars 

of King Philip, in six Cantos. First ed. 8° morocco, 
gilt top, uncut. New York, 1820 

1 186 Eastham, Mass. Comprehensive History of Eastham, 

Wellfleet and Orleans, from 1644 to 1844. By Rev. 
Enoch Pratt, pp. 180. 8° cloth. Yarmouth, 1844 

1 1 87 East Haven, Conn. The East Haven Register. Part I 

containing a History of the Town from 1644 to 1800; 
Part II containing an Account of the Names, Marriages 
and Births; Part III containing an Account of the 
Deaths of the Families which tirst Settled in East 
Haven, from 1644 to 1823. By Stephen Dodd. pp. 
200, 24. Portrait. 12* sheep. New Haven, 1824 


1188 Easton, James. Human Longevity, recording the 

Name, Age, Place of Residence, and Year of the De- 
cease of 17 12 Persons who attained a Century and up- 
wards from A. D. 66 to 1799. PP- 292. 8° half calf, 
gilt. Salisbury, 1799 

1 189 Eaton, Gen. William. Life of. (By Charles Prentiss.) 

pp. 448. Portrait inserted. 8*" sheep. Brookfield, 1813 

1 190 EcKLEY, Joseph. Sermon delivered at the Installation 

of the Rev. Israel Evans, at Concord, N. H., July i. 
1789. pp. 32. Small 4** calf. 

George Hough: Concord, 1789 
The first book printed in Concord. With autograph of the Author. 

1 191 Eddis, William. Letters from America, Historical and 

Descriptive, comprising Occurences from 1769 to 1777. 
pp. 455. 8® half morocco, uncut, gilt top, (cracked). 

London, 1792 

1 192 (Sbttlf fiidjatb. The Decades of the Newe Worlde, or 

West India. Conteyning the nauigations and con- 
questes of the Spaniardes, with a particular description 
of the most ryche and large landes and ilandes lately 
founde in the west ocean, etc. . . . Translated into 
Englyssche by Rycharde Eden. Small 4** russia, gilt 
edges. William Powell: London, 1555 

1 193 (Eben. The History of Trauayle in the West and East 

Indies, and other countreys lying eyther way, towardes 
the fruitfull and ryche Moluccaes. As Moscouia, Per- 
sia, Arabia, Syria, ^gypte, Ethiopia, Guinea, China in 
Cathayo, and Giapan. With a discourse of the North- 
west passage. Gathered in parte, and done into Eng- 
lyshe by Richarde Eden. Newly set in order, aug- 
mented and finished by Richard Willes. pp. i, 16, i, 
479. Small 4° polished calf extra, gilt edges, by Bed- 
ford. Richard lugge: London, 1577 

The following are the contents of this volume, two-fifths being oc- 
cupied by the Decades. 

1. The three Decades of the New World, by Peter Martyr. 

2. Ovledo's History of the West Indies and New Spain. 

3. Notable things of the forin land of the West Indies, including 
Peru, Florida, and Labrador. 

1 194 Eden. The First Three English Books on America. 

(? 151 1) — 15551 A. D. Being chiefly Translations, Com- 
pilations, etc., by Richard Eden, from the Writings 
of Pietro Martire, of Anghiera (1455-15 26), Sebastian 
MUnster, the Cosmographer (1489-155 2), Sebastian 
Cabot of Bristol (1474-1557). With Extracts, etc., 
from the works of other Spanish, Italian, and Ger- 
man Writers of the Time. Edited by Edward Arber. 
pp. 408. Royal 4° cloth, uncut. Birmingham, 1885 


1 195 Edes, H. H. a Memorial of Josiah Barker, of Charles- 

town, Mass. pp. 25. 8® paper, uncut. Boston, 1871 
Only 100 copies privately printed. 

1 1 96 Edwards, Bryan. History, Civil and Commercial, of 

the British Colonies in the West Indies. Maps and 
plates, including a good impression of the ** Sable 
Venus " by Stothard, and a fine frontispiece by West, 
engraved by Bartolozzi. 2 vols. 4** calf. London, 1794 

1 197 Edwards. History, Civil and Commercial, of the 

British West Indies. Fifth ed. Portrait, maps and 
plates. 5 vols. 8° of text, and 4° Atlas of plates and 
map. Together 6 vols, half morocco. London, 1819 

1 198 Edwards. Historical Survey of the French Colony in 

the Island of St. Domingo, pp. 247. 4® half calf. 

London, 1797 

1 199 Edwards, Edward. Memoirs of Libraries, including a 

handbook of library economy, pp. 841, 1184. Plates. 
2 vols. 8° cloth. London, 1859 

1200 Edwards, Jonathan. A Faithful Narrative of the sur- 

prizing Works of God in the conversion of many hundred 
souls in Northampton, and the neighboring towns and 
villages of New Hampshire in N. E. pp. 132. 16® 
morocco. London, 1737 

" First ed., written in form of a letter to Dr. Colman of Boston, 
and sent by him to England and there published bv Dr. Isaac Watts 
and Dr. John Guyse, with a long preface by them." 

1201 Edwards. Works of; with a memoir by Sereno E. 

Dwight. Revised by Edward Hickman. Portrait, 
pp. 691, 969. 2 vols, imperial 8** cloth, uncut. 

London, 1835 

1202 Edwards. Life and Character of, together with a num- 

ber of his sermons, pp. 98, 279. 12° morocco, red 
edges. . Boston, 1765 

1203 Edwards, Thomas. Antapologia; or a full answer to 

the Apologeticall narration of Mr. Goodwin, Mr. Nye, 
and other members of the assembly of divines. 4° calf, 
(corner of title mended). London, 1644 

1204 Edwin, John. The Eccentricities of John Edwin, come- 

dian. Arranged and digested by Anthony Pasquin, 
Esq. pp. 326, 349. 2 vols. 12° half calf. 

London, (1791) 

1205 Eliot, John. The Indian Primer; or the way of training 

up our Indian youth in the knowledge of God, 1669. To 
which is prefixed the Indian Covenanting Confession. 
Reprinted from the originals in the Library of the Uni- 
versity of Edinburgh. With an introduction by John 
Small. 12° cloth, uncut. Edinburgh, 1880 


1206 Eliot, John. The Christian Commonwealth; or the 

civil policy of the rising kingdom of Jesus Christ- 
Written before the interruption of the government, by 
Mr. John Eliot, teacher, etc., at Roxbury ' in New- 
England. And now published (after his consent given) 
by a Server of the Season, pp. (22), 35. Small 4" 
crimson morocco extra, gilt edges, by Bedford. 

Por Livewell Chapman, n. d. : London, {1659) 

On the 1 8th of March, 1660, the Governor and Council of Massa- 
chusetts passed a formal judgment of condemnation against this 
book, as they found it *' full of seditious principles and notions." It 
was most rigorously suppressed, and Eliot was forced by the General 
Courti in the following May, to hand in a humiliating written 
recantation, which was posted in the public places of all the chief 
towns of the Colony. — Sparks* Life of Eliot. 

1207 Eliot. A Sketch of the Life of the Apostle Eliot. By 

H. A. S. Dearborn. 2 plates. 8° half calf. 

Roxbury, 1850 

1208 Eliot. Life and Labors of John Eliot, the Apostle 

among the Indian nations of New England, together 
with an account of the Eliots in England. By R. B. 
Caverly. Illustrations, pp. 98. 12° boards, uncut. 

Lowell, 1881 

1209 Eliot Indian Tracts. New England's First Fruits; in 

respect, first, of the (conversion of some, conviction of 
divers, preparation of sundry) of the Indians. 2. Of 
the progresse of learning in the colledge at Cambridge 
in Massachusetts Bay, with divers other speciall matters 
concerning that countrey. pp. 26. 4° calf. 

London, 1643 

" The oldest extant document which in type clearly recognizes the 
existence of Harvard College, is a precious pamphlet with this title, 
" New England's First Fruits,'* etc. It is a letter dated ** lioston, 
Sept. 26, 1642." It was published in London in 1643. '^^^ letter 
gives a graphic and vigorous account of the first Commencement." 

— Rev, George E. Ellis^s Address at the Dedication of the Harvard 
Statue at Cambridge^ 1884. 

1 2 10 Eliot Indian Tracts. Day-Breaking if not the Sun- 

Rising of the Gospell with the Indians in New England. 
[By Thomas Shepard.] pp. 25. 4° calf. London, 1647 

1211 Eliot Indian Tracts. Clear Sunshine of the Gospel 

breaking forth upon the Indians of New England; or, 
an historicall narrative of God's wonderfull workings 
upon sundry of the Indians, both chief governours and 
common people, in bringing them to a willing and de- 
sired submission to the ordinances of the gospel, pp. 
38. 4° calf. London, 1648 

Contains a long letter from J. Eliot, the Apostle to the Indians. 


1 21 2 Eliot Indian Tracts. The Glorious Progress of the 

Gospel amongst the Indians in New-England, mani- 
fested by three letters, under the hand of that famous 
instrument of the Lord, Mr. John Eliot and another 
from Mr. Thomas Mayhew, Jr., both preachers of the 
word, as well to the English as Indians in New-England, 
pp. 28. 4** calf. London, 1649 

With a dedication to the Parliament of England. 

1213 Eliot Indian Tracts. The Light Appearing more and 

more towards the Perfect Day, or, a farther discovery 
of the present state of the Indians in New-England, 
concerning the progresse of the gospel amongst them. 
Manifested by letters from such as preacht to them 
there. Published by Henry Whitfield, late pastor of 
the Church of Christ at Gilford in New-England, who 
came late thence, pp. 46. 4° calf. London, 165 1 

1 2 14 Eliot Indian Tracts. Strength out of Weakness, or a 

glorious manifestation of the further progresse of the 
gospel amongst the Indians in New England. Held 
forth in sundry letters from divers ministers and others 
to the Corporation established by Parliament for pro- 
moting the gospel among the heathen in New-England 
and to particular members thereof, since the late 
treatise to the effect, formerly set forth by Mr. Henry 
Whitfield, late pastor of Gilford in New England, pp. 
40. 4° calf. London, 1652 

The first tract issued by the Corporation. 

1 2 15 Eliot Indian Tracts. Tears of Repentence, or, a 

further narrative of the progress of the gospel amongst 
the Indians in New England: Setting forth, not only 
their present state and condition, but sundry confes- 
sions of sin by diverse of the said Indians, wrought 
upon by the saving power of the gospel, together with 
the manifestation of their faith and hope in Jesus 
Christ, and the work of Grace upon their hearts. Re- 
lated by Mr. Eliot and Mr. Mayhew, two faithful 
labourers in that work of the Lord. Published by the 
Corporation for Propagating the Gospel there, for the 
satisfaction and comfort of such as wish well therunto. 
pp. 47. 4° calf. London, 1653 

The second tract issued by the Corporation, dedicated to the Pro- 
tector, Cromwell. 

12 16 Eliot Indian Tracts. A Late and Further Manifesta- 

tion of the Progress of the Gospel amongst the Indians 
of New England, pp. 23. 4° morocco. London, 1655 

Cai^i's Address, pp. 4, in fac-simile. 


1 217 Eliot Indian Tracts. A Further Accompt of the Pro- 
gresse of the Gospel amongst the Indians in New Eng- 
land, etc. Small 4° half morocco. 

(Reprint): London, 1659 

13x8 Eliot Indian Tracts. A Further Account of the Pro- 
gresse of the Gospel amongst the Indians in New Eng- 
land and of the means used effectually to advance the 
same. Set forth in certaine letters sent from thence, 
declaring a purpose of printing the Scriptures in the 
Indian tongue, into which they are already translated, 
pp. (10), 76, (2). Small 4** half morocco. London, 1660 

1219 Eliot Indian Tracts. A Brief Narrative of the Progress 

of the Gospel among the Indians of New England, 

1670. With introductory notes by W. T. R. Marvin. 

pp. 36. Small 4° half roan. Boston, 1868 

Only i 50 copies printed. Large part of the edition was burned 
in fire of 1872. 

1220 Eliot, John. Biographical Dictionary, containing a 

brief account of the first settlers and other eminent 
characters in New England. 8® calf, extra. Salem, 1809 

1 22 1 Eliot, Samuel. History of Liberty. Part II. The 

Early Christians, pp. 413, 431. 2 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. 

Boston, 1853 

1222 Eliot, Samuel A. A Sketch of the History of Harvard 

College and of its present State, pp. 190. 16° boards. 

Boston, 1848 

1223 Eliot, W. H., Jr. Genealogy of the Eliot Family. Re- 

vised and enlarged by W. S. Porter. Plate inserted. 
8° half roan. New Haven, 1854 

1224 Elliott, C. W. New England History, from 986 to 

1776. pp. 479, 491. Portraits. 2 vols. 8® cloth. 

New York, 1857 

1225 Ellis, George. Specimens of the Early English Poets. 

Third ed. 3 vols. 12® calf. London, 1803 

1226 Ellis, George E. A Half-Century of the Unitarian 

Controversy, pp. 511. 8° cloth. Boston, 1857 

1227 Ellis. Memoir of Jared Sparks, pp. 102. Portraits 

and photograph inserted. Royal 4** cloth, uncut. 

Cambridge, 1869 
Large Paper. 

1228 Ellis. The Red Man and the White Man in North 

America, from its Discovery to the present Time. pp. 
642. 8° cloth, uncut. Boston, 1882 

1229 Ellis. The Puritan Age and Rule in the Colony of 

Massachusetts, 1 629-1684. pp. 576. 8® cloth, uncut. 

Boston, 1888 


1230 Ellis. Introduction to the History of First Church in 

Boston, pp. 74; — Memorial of John Harvard, pp. 19, 
1884; — Sermons preached at Harvard Church, Charles- 
town, 1842-69; — Discourse before Ancient and Hon- 
orable Artillery Company, 1846; — Commemorative 
Discourse in New South Church, 1864; — Memoir of 
Charles W. Upham, 1875; — Address at Dedham, 1888, 
etc. 1 1 pamphlets. 

1 23 1 Ellis, Henry. A Voyage to Hudson's Bay by the Dobbs 

Galley and California, in the Years 1746 and 1747, for 
Discovering a North West Passage, pp. 336. Maps 
and plates. 8° calf (broken). London, 1748 

1232 Ellis. Voyage k la Baye de Hudson, fait en 1746-1747. 

pp. 413. Map and plates. 8° half morocco, uncut 

Paris, 1750 

1233 Ellis, Sir Henry. Original Letters illustrative of Eng- 

lish History, including numerous Royal Letters, from 
Autographs in the British Museum. Engravings and 
fac-similes. 11 vols. 8°. London, 1824-46 

The three Series complete. First and Second Series, 7 vols, in 
half morocco ; the Third Series, 4 vols., cloth. 

1234 Emerson, Joseph. Thanksgiving Sermon, preached at 

Pepperell, January 3, 1760. pp. 25. 8° half roan. 

Boston, 1760 

1235 Emerson, R. W. Oration delivered before the P. B. K. 

Society at Cambridge, Aug. 31, 1837. First ed. pp. 
36. 8° paper. Boston, 1837 

1236 Emerson. A Historical Discourse delivered at Concord, 

Sept. 12, 1835, on the Second Centennial Anniversary 
of the Incorporation of the Town. pp. 48. 8** boards. 


1237 Emerson. English Traits. First ed. 1856; — Essays. 

First ed. 1841. 2 vols. 12° cloth. Boston. 

1238 [Emerson.] Memoirs of Margaret Fuller Ossoli. First 

ed. 2 vols. 12** cloth. Boston, 1852 

1239 Emerson. His Maternal Ancestors. By Daniel Green 

Haskins. Portrait. 16° boards. Boston, 1887 

1240 Emery, S. H. The Ministry of Taunton, with inci- 

dental Notices of other Professions, pp. 394, 360. 
Portraits. 2 vols. 12° cloth. Boston, 1853 

1241 Encyclopedia Britanica, or a Dictionary of Arts, Science 

and Miscellaneous Literature. Third ed. 20 vols, 
large 4® sheep. Edinburgh, 1797 


1242 Endicott, Charles M. Memoir of John Endicott, first 

governor of the Colony of the Massachusetts Bay; being 
also a succinct account of the rise and progress of the 
Colony, from 1628 to 1665. pp. 116. Portrait. Royal 
4° cloth. Salem, 1847 

1243 Endicott. Account of Leslie's Retreat at the North 

Bridge, in Salem, Feb. 26, 1775. pp. 47. 8** half roan. 

Salem, 1856 

1244 English Constitution and other political essays by Wal- 

ter Bagehot, 1877; — Our Constitution, by A. C. Ewald, 
1867; — British Constitution, by Lord Brougham, 1844; 
— Passages from the History of Liberty, by Samuel 
Eliot, 1847; — On Liberty, by J. S. Mill, 1865;— De 
Lolme's Constitution of England, 18 10. 6 vols. 12^ and 
8** cloth and boards. 

1245 Episcopal Historical Club. Fac-similes of important 

documents connected with the early history of the 
American Church. By W. S. Perry. 2 vols. 8® paper. 

New York, 1874 

1246 EsQUEMELiNG. Bucaniers of America: or, a true Ac- 

count of the Most remarkable Assaults Committed of 
late years upon the Coasts of The West-Indies, by the 
Bucaniers of Jamaica and Tortuga, both English and 
French. Wherein are contained more especially, the 
unparalleled Exploits of Sir Henry Morgan, our English 
Jamaican Hero, who sack'd Puerto Velo, burnt Panama, 
&c. Written originally in Dutch, by John Esquemeling, 
one of the Bucaniers, who was present at those Trage- 
dies: and thence translated into Spanish by Alonso de 
Bonne-Maison. Second ed. Maps and plates, includ- 
ing the portrait of Morgan, often missing. 2 vols. 4** 
old calf. London, 1684-85 

1247 English, G. B. The Grounds of Christianity examined. 

PP- 183; — A Letter to the Rev. Mr. Cary, containing 
Remarks upon his Review of the Grounds of Christian- 
ity examined, pp. 143; — A Letter to the Rev. Mr. 
Channing. pp. 41. 12° calf. Boston, 181 3 

1248 English. Narrative of the Expedition to Dongola and 

Sennaar, under the command of Ismael Pasha, pp. 
177, 48. Map. 8** cloth, uncut. Boston, 1823 

1249 Erasmus, Desiderius. Moriae Encomium; or a Panegy- 

rick upon Folly. Done into English, and illustrated 
with above fifty curious cuts, design*d and drawn by 
Hans Holbeine. pp. 171. 8° calf. London, 1709 

1250 Erasmus. The Life of. (By John Jortin.) Mezzotint 

portrait by Houston, pp. 628. Royal 4° calf. 

London, 1758 


1251 Essays and Reviews, bv Rev. F. H. Hedge, 1862; — 

Whence, What, Where? by J. R. Nichols, 1885; — 
Handbook of the History of Philosophy, by Schwegler, 
1868; — A Physician's Problems, by C. Elam, 1869; — 
Short Studies on Great Subjects, by J. A. Froude, 
1871; — Out of the Past, by Parke Godwin, 1870; — 
Essays, by H. T. Buckle, 1869. 7 vols. 12*" cloth. 

1252 Essex, Mass. History of, from 1634 to 1700. By Rob- 

ert Crowell. pp. 166. Map and plate. 12** cloth. 

Boston, 1853 

' 1253 Essex Institute. Historical Collections of the Essex In- 
stitute. 23 vols., half morocco and 2 vols, in parts. 
Together 25 vols. 8° and 4®. (Lacks vol. 24, part 4). 

Salem, 1859-86 

1254 European Life and Manners. By Henry Colman, 1849; 

Manners and Customs of the English Nation. By John 
Brookes; — Thirty Years in the Harem, 1872; — Men 
and Things. By James L. Baker, 1858. 5 vols. 12® 

1255 EusTis, Henry L. The Tornado of Aug. 22., 185 1, in 

Waltham, West Cambridge and Medford, Middlesex 
County, Mass. Folding map. (From Memoirs of 
Am. Acad, of Arts and Sciences, pp. 169-178). 4° pa- 
per, uncut. Cambridge, 1853 

1256 Evelyn, John. Memoirs illustrative of the Life and 

Writings of John Evelyn, Esq., comprising his diary, 
from the year 1641 to 1705-6, and a selection of his 
Familiar Letters, (etc.) The whole now first published 
from the Original MSS. ; Edited by William Bray. Sec- 
ond ed. pp. 671, 336. Portraits, views, plans, pedi- 
gree, etc. 2 vols, royal 4® half calf. London, 181 9 

1257 Evelyn. The Life of Mrs. Godolphin. Now first pub- 

lished and edited by Samuel, Lord Bishop of Oxford, 
pp. 265. Portrait. 16° antique calf, by Riviere. 

W. Pickering: London, 1847 

1258 EvERARDUS, Dr. Aegidius. Panacea; or the Universal 

Medicine, being a discovery of the wonderfull vertues 
of tobacco taken in a pipe. Portrait, pp. 16, 79, 55, 8. 
16° calf. London, 1659 

1259 Everett, A. H. New Ideas on Population; with re- 

marks on the theories of Malthus and Godwin, pp. 
125. 8*^ half roan, uncut. Boston, 1823 

1260 Everett, David. Common Sense in Deshabille; or the 

Farmer's Monitor. 16® calf. 

I. Thomas Jr.: Worcester, 1799 


1261 Everett, Edward. Orations and Speeches on various 

Occasions, pp. 637. 8° cloth. Boston, 1836 

1262 Everett. The same. Seconded. Large paper except 

vol. 3. Portraits. 4 vols, imperial 8** and 8** cloth, un- 
cut. Boston, 1850-59 

1263 Everett. American Poets. (Phi Beta Kappa Poem, 

delivered at Harvard in 1814). 8** half morocco. 
Privately printed. Presentation copy from Geo. Ticknor. 

1264 Everett. A Defence of Christianity against the Work 

of George B. English, entitled, the Grounds of Christ- 
ianity examined, pp. 484. 12^ calf. Boston, 18 14 

1265 Everett. Sermon at New York, Jan. 20, 1821; — Ora- 

tion before the Citizens of Charlestown, on the 50th an- 
niversary of the Declaration of Independence; — Ad- 
dresses at the Inauguration of Everett as President of 
the University of Cambridge; — Eulogy on Thomas 
Dowse, 1859. Steel portrait. 4 vols. 8° half roan. 

1266 Everett. An Address upon the Life and Services of 

Edward Everett, Cambridge, Feb. 22, 1865. By R. H. 
Dana, Jr. Royal 4^ paper, uncut. Cambridge, 1865 
Large paper : only 50 copies privately printed. 

1267 Everett. Tribute of the Massachusetts Historical So- 

ciety, to the memory of Edward Everett, January 30, 
1865. pp. 90. Portrait. Royal 8® cloth. Boston, 1865 

1268 Exeter, N. H. Men and Things of Exeter, Sketches 

from the History of an old New Hampshire Town. (By 
Charles H. Bell). 8° cloth, uncut. Exeter, (1871) 

Only 100 copies printed. 

1269 l-^ AIRBANKS, Jason. Report of the Trial of Jason 
I Fairbanks for the Murder of Miss Elizabeth Fales. 

pp. 87. 8° half roan. Boston, 1801 

1270 Fairfax, Sir Thomas. A Particular Charge or Impeach- 

ment, in the name of his Excellency Sir Thomas Fairfax, 
against Daniel Hollis, and other members of the House 
of Commons, pp. 29. Small 4*^ half calf. London, 1647 

1271 Fairfax. A Remonstrance of Thomas Lord Fairfax, 

Lord Generall of the Parliaments Forces, and of the 
Generall Councell of Officers, held at St. Albans, i6th 
of November, 1648. pp. 71. Small 4° half calf. 

London, 1648 

1272 Fair France, impressions of a traveller, by Miss Muloch; 

— Ramsay's Reminiscences of Scottish Life and Char- 
acter; — Gleanings from Pontresina, by H. P. Arnold; 

— Sketches of the State of the useful Arts, etc., in 
Great Britain, France and Holland. 5 vols. 12** cloth. 


1273 Fairholt, F. W. Tobacco, its History and Associa- 

tions. Illustrations. 12° cloth, uncut. London, 1859 

1274 Falconer, William. The Shipwreck, a Poem. Edited 

by J. S. Clarke. Plates by Pocock. pp. 220. Royal 
8° full russia, gilt. London, 1804 

1275 Fall River, Mass. Historical Sketch of, from 1620 to 

the present time, with notices of Freetown and Tiver- 
ton. By Orin Fowler, pp. 64. 8** half roan, gilt. 

Fall River, 1841 

1276 Fall River, an authentic narrative, pp. 198. Frontis- 

piece. 18° boards. Providence, 1834 

1277 Familiar Words, by J. H. Friswell, 1866; — Bartlett's 

Familiar Quotations, 1855; — Handbook of Familiar 
Quotations, 1853; — Hall's Collection of College Words 
and Customs, 1856; — Dictionary of select and popular 
Quotations, (by John Grigg), 185 1. 5 vols. 12° cloth 
and sheep. 

1278 Fanning, David. Narrative of Colonel David Fanning, 

giving an account of his adventures in North Carolina 
from 1775 to 1785, with notes, pp. 86. 8° cloth, un- 
cut. New York, 1865 
Only 200 copies printed. 

1279 Farmer, Hugh. Essay on the Demoniacs of the New 

Testament; — On Temptation; — On Miracles; — Letter 
to the Rev. Dr. Worthington; — Memoirs of the Life 
and Writings of Hugh Farmer, by Michael Dodson. 5 
vols. 12° and 8° half morocco. London, 1778-1818 

1280 Farmer, John. Genealogical Register of the First 

Setlers of New England. 8** half morocco. 

Lancaster, 1829 

1281 Farmer. A Memorial, with reminiscences, historical, 

personal and characteristic of. By J. Le Bosquet. 12° 
cloth. Boston, 1884 

1282 Farmer, John and Moore, Jacob B. Gazetteer of the 

State of New Hampshire, pp. 276. Map. 12° sheep. 

Concord, 1823 

1283 Farmer and Moore. Collections, topographical, his- 

torical and biographical, relating principally to New 
Hampshire. Vols, i and 2, half morocco, and vol. 3 
boards, uncut. Together 3 vols. 8®. Concord, 1824-31 

1284 Farnham, Luther. A Glance at Private Libraries, pp. 

79. 8** cloth. Boston, 1855 

1285 Farquhar, George. Works of, containing all his poems, 

letters, essays and comedies. Eighth ed. 2 vols. 16** 
calf. London, 1742 


1286 Farrar, a. S. a Critical History of Free Thought in 

Reference to the Christian Religion, pp. 487. 8° cloth, 
uncut. New York, 1863 

1287 Faux, VV. Memorable Days in America; being a journal 

of a tour to the United States, including accounts of 
Mr. Birkbeck's settlement in the Illinois, etc. Fron- 
tispiece. S^ half morocco, uncut, gilt top. 

London, 1823 

1288 Fearon, H. B. Sketches of America. A narrative of 

a journey of five thousand miles through the Eastern 
and Western States of America. Third ed. pp. 454. 
8° half calf. London, 1819 

1289 Featley, Daniel. The Dippers Dipt. A description of 

the severall sorts of Anabaptists, with their manner of 
rebaptizing. Fine portrait and engraved title by 
William Marshall, pp. 258. Small 4** calf. 

London, 1660 

1290 Federalist (The), on the New Constitution, written in 

1788, by Mr. Hamilton, Mr. Madison and Mr. Jay. 
New edition, pp. 484. 8° sheep. Hallowell, 1842 

1 291 Fcederalist. a Collection of Essays, written in favor 

of the New Constitution, as agreed upon by the Foederal 
Convention, Sept. 17, 1787. Reprinted from the orig- 
inal text, with an historical introduction and notes by 
H. B. Dawson, pp. 659. Portrait on India paper. 
Imperial 8° cloth, uncut. Morrisania, N. Y., 1864 

Volume I, all published ; but the entire text is included in this 
Large Paper. Only 200 copies printed. 

1292 Federalist. The same. Portrait. 8** cloth, uncut. 

Morrisania, 1864 

1293 Federalist (The), a Commentary on the Constitution 

of the United States; a collection of essays by Hamil- 
ton, Jay and Madison, also the Continentalist and other 
papers by Hamilton. Edited by John C. Hamilton, 
pp. 659. Portrait. 2 vols, imperial 8** cloth, uncut. 

Phila., 1865 
Large Paper : only 100 copies printed. 

1294 Fellows, John. The Veil removed; or reflections on 

David Humphreys' Essay on the life of Israel Putnam. 
12° cloth. New York, 1843 

1295 Fellows, W. D. Historical Sketches of Charles the 

First, Cromwell, Charles the Second, and the principal 
personages of that period, including the King's trial 
and execution, pp. 432, 86. 50 plates. Royal 4" 
half morocco, gilt top. London, 1828 


1296 Felt, J. B. The Customs of New England, 1853; — 

Who was the First Governor of Massachusetts, 1853. 2 
vols. 8° half roan. Boston. 

1297 Felt. Historical Account of Massachusetts Currency. 

Plates. 8° cloth. Boston, 1839 

1298 F'elt. Ecclesiastical History of New England. Portrait 

laid in. 2 vols. 8° cloth. Boston, 1855 

1299 Fenelon, S. de la Mothe. Characters and Criticisms 

upon the ancient and modern orators, poets, painters, 
musicians and other arts and sciences, pp. 211, 13. 
Frontispiece. 8** calf. London, 17 14 

1300 Fenelon. The Adventures of Telemachus, the Son of 

Ulysses. Translated by John Hawkesworth, corrected 
by G. Gregory, pp. 436, 10. Plates by Stothard. 
Royal 4** calf. London, 1795 

1301 Fenelon. Life of. By Chevalier Ramsay, pp. 340. 

Portrait. 1723; — Dialogues of the Dead, 2 vols. 1756; 
— Adventures of Telemachus. pp. 436. 1839. 4 vols. 
16° calf, morocco and cloth. 

1302 Fenn, Sir John. Original Letters written during the 

Reigns of Henry VI, Edward IV and V, Richard III, 
and Henry VII by various persons of rank and conse- 
quence. Portraits showing the costumes, coloured, and 
numerous fac-similes. 5 vols. 4** calf, yellow edges. 

London, 1787-1823 

1303 Fenn. Paston Letters; original letters written during 

the Reigns of Henry VI, Edward IV and Richard III 
by various persons of rank and consequence. 1435- 
1483. New edition, by A. Ramsay, pp. 200, 168. 
Illustrations. 2 vols, in i. Small 4° morocco, gauffered 
edges. London, 1840 

1304 [Fessenden, T. G.] The Modern Philosopher: or ter- 

rible tractoration, by Christopher Caustic. Second 
American ed. pp. 271. 8° sheep. Phila., 1806 

1305 Feurbach, Anselm von. Narratives of Remarkable 

Criminal Trials. Translated by Lady Duff Gordon, pp. 
368. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1846 

1306 Feyj5(). Eight Essays or Discourses on various sub- 

jects. Translated from the Spanish, pp. 367. 8° calf. 

London, 1779 

1307 Field, Thomas F. An Essay towards an Indian Biblio- 

graphy, being a catalogue of books relating to the his- 
tory, antiquities, languages, etc., of the American 
Indians, with bibliographical and historical notes. 8° 
cloth, uncut. New York, 1873 


1308 Fielding, Henry. Works of; with an essay on his life 

and genius, by Arthur Murphy. Portrait. Best edi- 
tion. 10 vols. 8^ diamond russia. London, 182 1 

1309 FiLMER, Sir Robert. Works of, comprising; Free-Hold- 

er's Grand Inquest; — Patriarcha; or, the natural power 
of kings, pp. 346, 141. Portrait. 8** calf. 

London, 1680-84 
Treats of witchcraft. 

1 3 10 FiLSON Club Publications. Portraits and maps. 4 

vols, royal 4° paper, uncut. 

Filson Club: Louisville, 1884-6 

Comprises : Life and Writings of John Filson, the First Historian 
of Kentucky, by R. T. Durrett ; — The Wilderness Road, by Thomas 
Speed ; — The Pioneer Press of Kentucky, by W. H. Pen in; — 
Life and Times of Judge Caleb Wallace, by W. H. Whitsitt 

131 1 [Finch, Sir Heneage.] An Exact and Most Impartial 

Accompt of the Indictment, Arraignment, Trial, and 
Judgment, of nine and twenty Regicides, the murtherers 
of his late Sacred Majesty, began October 9, 1660. 
pp. 287. Portrait inserted. Small 4^ calf. 

London, 1660 

131 2 [Finch.] The same. Portrait. 8® calf London, 1724 

1313 FiRMiN, Giles. The Real Christian; or a treatise of 

effectual calling. 4° calf. London, 1670 

The Rev. Firmin Giles, was a son-in-law of Rev. Nathaniel Ward, 
of Ipswich. 

1314 FiRMiN. The same. pp. 328. 12° sheep. Boston, 1742 

13 15 [P'iSH, Phineas.] Memorial on his Mission to the 

Marshpee Indians, pp. 11. 8° half morocco. 

Marshpee, 1834 

1 316 Fisher, Elijah. Journal of, while in the War for Inde- 

pendence, and continued two years after he came to 
Maine, 1 775-1784. pp. 29. 8° paper. Augusta, 1880 

1317 Fisher, E. T. Report of a French Protestant Refugee 

in Boston, 1687. Translated from the French, pp. 42. 
Small 4° boards. Brooklyn, 1868 

Only 125 copies printed. 

1318 Fisher, R. S. New and Complete Statistical Gazetteer 

of the United States of America. Not paged. Royal 
8° sheep. New York, 1853 

1319 Fisher, Walter M. The Californians. pp. 236. 12" 

cloth, uncut. London, 1876 

1320 Fitzgerald, Percy. Charles Lamb; his friends, his 

haunts, and his books. Second ed. pp. 229. Por- 
traits. Small 4^ cloth, uncut. London, 1866 


1321 Fishery Question, by Charles Isham; — Mackerel Fish- 

ery of North America, by S. Rich; — Relation of the 
Fisheries to the Discovery and Settlement of North 
America, by C. L. Woodbury; — Letter to J. Q. Adams, 
relating to the Fisheries of the Mississippi, by Amos 
Kendall; — Report on the Principal Fisheries of the 
American Seas, by Lorenzo Sabine^ (Senate Report, 
1^53-) 5 vols. 8° cloth and half roan. 

1322 FiTZwiLLiAM, G. W. Pleasures of Love; being amatory 

poems, original and translated from Asiatic and Euro- 
pean languages. Frontispiece by Edwin. 12° half calf. 

Boston, 1808 

1323 Flags of the Maritime Nations. Prepared by the Bureau 

of Navigation. Fifth ed. Colored plates. 4® paper. 

Washington, 1882 

1324 Fletcher, Rev. J. C. and Kidder, D. P. Brazil and the 

Brazilians, portrayed in historical and descriptive 
sketches. Ninth ed. pp. 646. Illustrations. 8° 
cloth. Boston, 1879 

1325 [Flint, Timothy.] Francis Berrian, or the Mexican 

Patriot, pp. 299, 285. 2 vols. 12° half calf, gilt, un- 
cut edges. Boston, 1826 

1326 Flint. Recollections of the last ten years passed in 

occasional residences and journeyings in the valley of 
the Mississippi, pp. 395. 8° morocco, gilt. 

Boston, 1826 

1327 Florida. Conquest of Florida by Hernando de Soto, 

by Theodore Irving, 1851; — Exiles of Florida, by J R. 
Giddings, 1858. 2 vols. 12° cloth. 

1328 Fogg, Major Jeremiah. Journal of, during the Expedi- 

tion of Gen. Sullivan in 1779 against the Western 

Indians. 8** paper, uncut. Exeter, 1879 
Only i 50 copies printed. 

1329 FoLSOM, Charles. The Choice of Hercules, a poem by 

Prodicus. pp. 16. 4° paper. 

Published in honor of the marriage of Loyall Farragut and Gertrude 
Metcalfe, March 29, 1869. 

1330 FoLSOM, George. Catalogue of Original Documents in 

the English Archives, relating to the early history of 
the State of Maine, pp. 137. Royal 8° boards. 
Only 50 copies privately printed. New York, 1858 

1331 FoNBLANQUE, E. B. dc. Political and Military Episodes 

in the latter half of the eighteenth Century, derived 
from the life and correspondence of John Burgoyne, 
General, Statesman, Dramatist, pp 500. Maps and 
illustrations. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1870 


1332 FoNTANEDA, Hernando de. Memoir respecting Florida, 

written in Spain about the year 1575; — Letter from 
Hernando de Soto, in Florida, July 9, 1539. Translated 
by Buckingham Smith, pp. 67. Map. Folio, cloth, 
uncut. Washington, 1854 

Only ico copies printed. 

1333 FooTE, Samuel. Dramatic Works of. pp. 366, 434. 2 

vols. 16° half calf. London, 1797 

1334 FooTE. Life of Andrew Hull Foote, Rear-admiral 

United States Navy. By J. M. Hoppin. pp. 411. 
Portrait and illustrations. . 8* cloth. New York, 1874 

1335 FooTE, H. W. Annals of King's Chapel, from the Puri- 

tan age of New England to the present day. Vol. I. 
pp. 551. Illustrations. 8^ cloth. Boston, 1882 

1336 FooTE. James Freeman and King's Chapel, 1782-87, 

pp. 29; — Sermon preached at King's Chapel, pp. 48, 
1875; — King's Chapel and the Evacuation of Boston, 
pp. 23, 1876; — Sermon at King's Chapel, Dec. 28, 1879. 
4 pamphlets. 

1337 FooTE, Rev. W. H. Sketches of Virginia, historical 

and biographical. First and second series, pp. 568, 
596. Portrait. 2 vols. 8** cloth. Phila., 1850-55 

1338 FooTE, T. E. Five Years in China, from 1842 to 1847; 

with an account of the occupation of the Islands of 
Lahuan and Borneo, pp. 405. Illustrations. 8^ cloth, 
uncut. London, 1848 

1339 Forbes, Robert B. Personal Reminiscences, pp. 382. 

Small 8** cloth. Boston, 1878 

1340 Force, Peter. Tracts and other Papers, relating princi- 

pally to the Origin, Settlement and Progress of the 
Colonies in North America, from the Discovery of the 
Country to the Year 1776. 4 vols, royal 8** cloth, 
uncut. Washington, 1836 

1 341 Force. Grinnell Land. Remarks on the English Maps 

of Arctic Discoveries, in 1850 and 185 1; — Supplement 
to Grinnell Land. pp. 22, 52. Maps. 8° half calf. 

Privately printed: Washington, 1853 

1342 Force. The Declaration of Independence, or Notes on 

Lord Mahon's History of the American Declaration of 
Independence, pp. 66. 8** boards, uncut. 

Privately printed: London, 1855 

1343 [Ford, E.] The Most Famous Delectable and Pleasant 

History of Parismus, the most renowned Prince of 
Bohemia. Portrait. The fifteenth Impression, pp. 
181. Small 4° vellum. London, 1704 


1344 Form AN, Simon. The Autobiography and Personal 

Diary of Dr. Simon Forman, the celebrated Astrologer, 
from A. D. 1552 to A. D. i(So2. Edited by J. O. Hal- 
liwell. pp. 32. 4° half roan. 

Privately printed: T^ondon, 1849 

1345 FoRSTER, J. R. History of the Voyages and Discov- 

eries made in the North, pp. 489, 20. Maps. 4° 
half sheep. London, 1786 

1346 FoRSTER, T. Original Letters of Locke, Algernon Sid- 

ney, and Anthony Lord Shaftesbury, pp. 279. 12® 
half calf, gilt. London, 1830 

1347 [Foster, Hannah.] The Coquette; or the History of 

Eliza Wharton; a Novel founded on Fact. Third ed. 
16° sheep. Newburyport, 181 1 

1348 Foster. The same. New edition, with a Memoir of 

the Author. Plate. 12** cloth. Boston, 1855 

1349 Fouch£, Joseph. Memoirs of Joseph Fouch^, Duke of 

Otranto, Minister of the General Police of France, 
pp. 474. 8° half morocco, gilt. Boston, 1825 

1350 [FouLis, Henry.] History of the Feuds and Conflicts 

among the Clans in the Northern Parts of Scotland and 
in the Western Isles, from 1031 to 1619. pp. 148. 
18** calf. Glasgow, 1764 

135 1 Fowler, George. History of the English Settlement in 

Edwards County, Illinois, founded in 1817 and 1818 by 
Morris Birkbeck and George Fowler. With Preface 
and Footnotes, by E. B. Washburne. pp. 402. 2 por- 
traits. 8® cloth, uncut. Chicago, 1882 

1352 Fox, C. A Portrait of George Washington, from an 

Original Drawing, as he appeared while reviewing the 
Continental Army on Boston Common, in 1776; A His- 
tory of the Portrait and Documentary Evidence in 
proof of the Correctness of the Likeness, pp. 37. Por- 
trait. Royal 8° cloth. Boston, 1851 

1353 Fox, George. An Answer to Several New Laws and 

Orders made by the Rulers of Boston in New England, 
the Tenth Day of the Eighth Month, 1677; — Some- 
thing of an Answer to a Letter of John Leverat, Gov- 
ernor of Boston, to Governor W. Coddington of Rhode 
Island, pp. 7, II. Small 4® half calf. n. p., 1678 

1354 Fox, George, and Rous, J. The Secret Workes of a Cruel 

People made manifest; whose little finger is become 
heavier than their persecutors the Bishops Loyns, who 
have set up an Image amongst them in New England, 
etc. pp. 26. Small 4° crimson crushed levant morocco, 
inside tooling, uncut edges, by Bedford. London, 1659 


'355 Fox, George, and John Burnyeat. A New-England Fire 
Brand Quenched, Being an answer unto a Slanderous 
Book, Entituled: George Fox digged out of his Bur- 
rowes, &c. Printed at Boston in 1676, by Roger Wil- 
liams, of Providence, in New-England, which he Dedi- 
cateth to the King, with Desires, That if the Most- 
High please. Old and New-England may flourish, when 
the Pope and Mahomet, Rome & Constantinople are in 
their Ashes. Of a Dispute upon XIV of his Proposals 
held and debated betwixt him, and said Roger Williams, 
on the one part, and John Stubs, William Edmundson 
and John Burnyeat on the other. At Providence and 
Newport in Rode Island, in the Year 1672, etc. pp. 
^33^ 256' Small 4** sheep. Printed in the Year 1678 

" It was on the occasion of this " Dispute," that Roger Williams 
paddled his own log canoe to Newport." 

1356 Fox. A Journal or Historical Account of the Life, 

Travels, Sufferings, Christian Experiences, and Labour 
of Love in the Work of the Ministry of that Servant of 
Jesus Christ, George Fox. pp. 679, 28. Third ed. 
Folio, half morocco. London, 1765 

1357 Fox. Instructions for Right Spelling and Plain Direc- 

tions for Reading and Writing true English, pp. 120. 
18° calf. Rogers & Fowle: Boston, 1743 

1358 Fox, John. An Abridgement of the Booke of Acts and 

Monumentes of the Church. Abridged by Timothe 
Bright, pp. 504, 288 and table. 8° old calf. Lond,, 1589 

1359 Fox. An Universal History of Christian Martyrdom. 

Edited by Rev. J. Milner. pp. 1015. Numerous illus- 
trations. 8° half morocco. London, 1837 

1360 Fox. Actes and Monuments. A new and complete 

Edition; with a preliminary Dissertation by Rev. 
George Townsend. Edited by Rev. S. R. Cattley. 
Portrait. 8 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1841 

1361 Fox, Sir Stephen. Memoirs of the Life of Sir Stephen 

Fox, from his first Entrance upon the Stage of Action, 
under the Lord Piercy, till his Decease, pp. 119. 
Mezzotint portrait by Earlom. 8^ morocco, gilt. 

London, 17 17 

1362 FoxBOROUGH, Mass. Foxborough's Official Centennial 

Record, June 29, 1878. pp. 248. Illustrations. 8** 
cloth. Foxborough, 1879 

1363 FoxcROFT, Thomas. Observations, Historical and Prac- 

tical, on the Rise and Primitive State of New Engl&nd, 
with a special Reference to the Old or first gather'd 
Church in Boston, pp. 46. 8® half roan, uncut. 

Boston, 1730 


1364 FoxcROFT. A Sermon preached at the Old Church Lec- 

ture in Boston, January i, 1746-7. pp. 76. 8° antique 
calf, gilt. Boston, 1747 

1365 FoxE, Luke. Northwest Fox, or Fox from the North- 

west passage. Beginning with King Arthvr, Malgar, 
Octhvr, the two Zenis of Iseland, Estotiland, and Dor- 
gia; Following with briefe Abstracts of the Voyages of 
Cabot, Frobisher, Davis, Weymouth, Knight, Hudson, 
Baffin, etc. Mr. James Hall's three Voyages to Green- 
land With the author's owne Voyage being the 

XVIth, with the opinions and Collections of the most fa- 
mous Mathematicians and Cosmographers; . . . pp. 273. 
4° calf. London, 1635 

The Crowninshield copy, with bookplates. 

The map and 2 leaves after pp. 168 are in fac-^imile. 

The author's own narrative is of his Voyage for the discovery of a 
Northwest Passage made in 1631 in the pinnace, the Charles, of 
seventy tons burden, manned by twenty men and two boys, with pro- 
visions for eighteen months. He passed through Hudson's Strait, 
and followed the whole western coast of Hudson's Bay, but made no 
new discoveries. 

1366 Framingham, Mass. History of Framingham, Mass., 

including the plantation, from 1640 to the present time. 
By William Barry, pp. 456. 8° cloth. Boston, 1847 

1367 iTtaitkfotb SronbUe. A Brieff Discourse off the Troubles 

begonne at Franckford in Germany, Anno 1554, abawte 
the Booke off Common Prayer and Ceremonies, pp 226. 
Small 4° calf. n. p., 1575 

1368 Frankford Troubles. The same. pp. (8) 184. 4° half 

calf, gilt. London, 1642 

1369 Frankford Troubles. The same. 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1846 

1370 Franklin, Benjamin. Works of, with notes and a Life 

of the Author, by Jared Sparks. Portraits. 10 vols, 
imperial 8^ cloth, uncut. Boston, 1840 

Large paper. 

1 37 1 Franklin. W'orks, consisting of his Life, written by 

himself, together with Essays. Second American edi- 
tion, pp. 206, 142. Portrait by Tanner. 2 vols, in r. 
12** calf. New York, 1794 

1372 Franklin. The same. pp. 300. 12° sheep. 

Charlestown, 1798 

1373 Franklin. W^orks of, consisting of his Life written by 

himself, together with his Essays, chiefly in the manner 
of the spectator. Third ed. pp. 317, 290. 2 vols in i. 
12° half calf. London. 


1374 Franklin. Works of. pp. 303. Portrait, (curious). 

8° calf. Dublin, 1793 

1375 Franklin. Complete Works in Philosophy, Politics and 

Morals. Portrait. 3 vols. 8° half calf, gilt. 

London, 1806 

1376 Franklin. Political, Miscellaneous and Philosophical 

Pieces. (Edited by Benjamin Vaughan). pp. 574. 8° 
calf, (cracked). London, 1779 

Autograph letters of Franklin and Vaughan inserted, also portrait 
of Franklin from European Magazine. 

1377 Franklin. Posthumous and other Writings of. Pub- 

lished from the originals by W. T. Franklin. Third ed. 
pp. 493, 522. 2 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1819 

1378 Franklin. Letters to Benjamin Franklin, from his 

Family and Friends, 1751-1790. pp. 195. Portraits on 
India paper. Royal 4° paper, uncut. New York, 1859 
Large Paper. Only 10 copies printed. 

1379 Franklin. The Private Life of, originally written by 

himself, and now translated from the French, pp. 324. 
8** calf. London, 1793 

1380 Franklin. Life of, including a sketch of the War of 

Independence, pp. 407. Portrait by Landseer. 12° 
half roan. London, 1826 

1381 Franklin. Memoirs of the Life and Writings of, 

written by himself to a late period, and continued to the 
time of his death, by W. T. Franklin. New edition. 
Portrait by Chas. Pye. 6 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1833 

1382 Franklin. A Lecture on the Life of Dr. Franklin, de- 

livered at Liverpool, Nov. 17, 1841. By Rev. Hugh 
McNeile. With a prefatory note by J. B. Murray, 
pp. 47. Fac-similes. 8® half roan. New York, 1841 

1383 Franklin. Life and Times of. By James Parton. 

Portraits on India paper. 2 vols, imperial 8® cloth, un- 
cut. New York, 1865 
Large Paper : only 100 copies printed. 

1384 Franklin. Life of, written by himself; now first edited 

from original manuscripts and from his other writings. 
By John Bigelow. 3 vols. 8** cloth. Phila., 1875 

1385 Franklin. Memorial of the Inauguration of the Statue 

of Franklin. Plate. Imperial 8° cloth, uncut. 
Large paper. Boston, 1857 

1386 Franklin before the Privy Council, White Hall Chapel, 

London 1774 on behalf of the Province of Massachu- 
setts, to advocate the removal of Hutchinson and Oliver, 
pp. 134. Plate. 8'' cloth. Phila., i860 


1387 Franklin in France. From original documents most 

of which are now published for the first time. By Ed- 
ward E. Hale and E. E. Hale, Jr. Portraits. Large 
8° cloth, uncut. Boston, 1887 

1388 Franklin Family Primer. Eighth ed. Wood-cut por- 

trait. 18° boards. Boston, 1807 

1389 Franklin Imprint. Philadelphia Library Company. 

Charter, Law and Catalogue of Books. 8° half mo- 
rocco. Printed by B. Franklin and Hall: Phila., 1764 

1390 Franklin Papers. A Report of Theodore F. Dwight on 

the papers of Benjamin Franklin, offered for sale by 
Mr. Henry Stevens, and recommending their purchase 
by Congress, pp. 99. 8® boards. Washington, 1881 

1391 Franklin, Sir John. Arctic Expedition of 1845. R^" 

ports to House of Commons. Maps. 2 vols, small folio, 
paper, uncut. London, 1848-50 

1392 Eraser, James. Second Bishop of Manchester. A Me- 

moir, 1818-1885. By Thomas Hughes. Portrait. 8° 
cloth. London, 1887 

1393 Freeman, Frederick. History of Cape Cod ; the annals 

of the thirteen towns of Barnstable County, pp. 803, 
803. Portraits. 2 vols, royal 8® boards, uncut. 

Boston, 1858-65 

1394 Freeman. Civilization and Barbarism, illustrated by es- 

pecial reference to Metacomet and the extinction of his 
race. pp. 186. 8° cloth. 

Privately printed: Cambridge, 1878 

1395 French Revolution. Tracts relating to: Desmoulins. 

History of the Brissotins, 1794; — Short Account of the 
Revolt and Massacre in Paris, Aug. 10, 1792; — Oration 
of Deseze in Defence of Louis XVIth at the Bar of the 
National Convention, Dec. 26, 1792; — Genuine Trial of 
Marie Antoinette; — Trial of Louis XVIth. Portraits. 
8° calf. London, 1792-3 

1396 French, B. F. Historical Collections of Louisiana. 

Part 2. pp.301. Map. Phila., 1850; — Historical Me- 
moirs of Louisiana, pp. 291. Portrait. New York, 
1853; — Historical Collections of Louisiana and Florida. 
New series, pp. 362. 3 vols. 8°- cloth. New York, 1869 

1397 French, Jonathan. The True Republican, containing 

the Inaugural Addresses, together with the first annual 
addresses of each President, from 1789 to 1841. pp. 
468. Portraits. 12° cloth. Phila, 1842 

1398 Frost, John. Pictorial History of the United States of 

America. 4 vols, royal 8® morocco, gilt, uncut edges, 
gilt tops. Phila., 1843 


1399 Frobisher, Martin. De Martini Forbisseri Angli Navi- 

gatione in Regiones Occidentis et Septentrionis. Narra- 
tio historica, ex Gallico sennone in Latinum translate 
per D. Joan. T. Freigium. Plate, pp. i, i, 43 un- 
numbered leaves. 18° calf. Norimbergae, 1580 
The first Latin edition of Frobisher*s Voyages. 

1400 Frothingham, Richard. History of the Siege of Bos- 

ton, and of the Battles of Lexington, Concord, and Bun- 
ker Hill. pp. 420. Maps. 8® cloth. Boston, 1849 

1 401 Frothingham. The same. Fourth ed. pp. 42 2t 8° 

cloth. Boston, 1873 

1402 Frothingham. Illustrations of the Siege of Boston. 

pp. 40. 8° boards. Privately printed: Boston, 1876 

1403 Frothingham. Rise of the Republic of the United 

States, pp. 640. Portrait on India paper inserted. 8** 
cloth. Boston, 1872 

1404 Froude, James A. Oceana, or England and her Colo- 

nies. Illustrations. 8** cloth, uncut. New York, 1886 

1405 Fry, Edmund. Pantographia; containing accurate copies 

of ail the known alphabets in the world, together with 
an English explanation of the peculiar force or power of 
each letter, pp. 318. Royal 8® half calf. London, 1799 

1406 Fry, Francis. The Bible by Coverdale, 1535. Remarks on 

the titles; the year of publication; the preliminary, the 
water-marks, etc. pp. 40. 15 plates. 8** half morocco, 
uncut. London, 1867 

1407 [Fry, John.] Bibliographical Memoranda, in illustra- 

tion of Early English Literature, pp. 403. 4® half 
calf. Bristol, 1816 

Only 100 copies printed. 

1408 Fry. Memoir of Col. Joshua Fry, sometime Professor 

in William and Mary College, Va. and Washington's 
Senior in command of Virginia Forces, 1754. By Rev. 
P. Slaughter, pp. 112. 8° cloth. Richmond. 

1409 iTrgtljt Mo\)n. A Boke made by John Fryth, Prysoner in 

the Tower of London, answering unto M. More's letter 
which he wrote agayst the fyrst lytle treatyse that John 
Fryth made concerning the sacrament of the body and 
bloude of Christ. Slack better, fol. 108. 18° morocco, 
extra, gilt edges. Now 

newly revised, corrected and printed in the year 1548. 

1410 Fuller, Thomas. The Historie of the Holy Warre. 

Second ed. pp. 286, 26. Map and engraved title. 
Cambridge 1640; — The Holy State, and the Profane 
State, pp. 441. Portraits. In one volume. Folio, 
calf. Cambridge, 1642 


141 1 Fuller. The Church History of Britain, from the Birth 

of Jesus Christ until the year 1648. Third ed. With 
a preface and notes, by James Nichols. Plates. 3 vols. 
8^ cloth, uncut. London, 1843 

1412 Fulton, A, R. The Red Men of Iowa; being a history 

of the various aboriginal tribes whose homes were in 
Iowa. pp. 567. Illustrations. 8** half morocco. 

Des Moines, 1883 

141 3 Fulton, Robert. Life of. By Cadwallader D. Colden. 

8° sheep. New York, 181 7 

1414 FuNNELL, William. Voyage round the World, contain- 

ing an account of Captain Dampier's expedition into the 
South Seas, in 1703-4. Maps and plates, pp. 300. 8^ 
calf. London, 1707 

1415 Funeral Sermons. Discourse on Eliot, by Lathrop, 

Feb. 21, 1813; — Freeman, on Eliot, Feb. 14, 1813; — 
Upham, on Pickering, 1829; — Bellows, on Channing, 
1842; — Greenleaf, on Story, 1845; — Knapp, on Pierce, 
1849; — Ware, on Livermore, 1856; — Wayland, on 
Granger, 1857. 8 vols. 8® half roan. 

141 6 FuRMAN, Gabriel. Notes, Geographical and Historical, 

relating to the Town of Brooklyn, Long Island, pp. 

117, 39. Royal 4® cloth, uncut. 

Faust Club: Brooklyn, 1865 
Only 120 copies printed. 

141 7 FusELi, Henry. Life and Writings of. Edited by John 

Knowles. Portrait. 3 vols. 8° half calf, gilt. 

London, 1831 

1418 ^^ADBURY, John. The Nativity of the late King 
^J Charles, astrologically and faithfully performed. 

pp. 128. Fine portrait of the author, by T. Cross, and 
of Charles I, by W. Marshall. 12° sheep. London, 1659 

1419 [Gade, Helen.] The Ancient Vessel found in the Parish 

of Tune, Norway. Illustrations, pp. 6. 4° paper. 

Privately printed: Christiania, 1872 

1420 Gage, Thomas. A New Survey of the West Indies, or 

the English American, his Travail by Sea and Land. 

Second ed., enlarged by the Author and beautified with 

maps. pp. 220, 6. Folio, crimson morocco, extra, 

uncut edges. London, 1655 

"In the later editions, after expurging from the dedication certain 
passages in honor of Fairfax, the remainder was dexterously con- 
verted into a preface ; and the 2 2d chapter, as containing particulars 
relative to the artifices used by the " Paiulins " to convert the writer, 
totally omitted. It was afterwards printed separately." — Wrangham. 


142 1 Gage. Nieuwe ende seer naeuwkeurige Reyse door de 

Spaensche West-Indien. pp. 450 and Index. Maps and 
plates. Small 4** half morocco, uncut. Utrecht, 1682 

1422 Galileo. The Private Life of Galileo; compiled princi- 

pally from his Correspondence and that of his eldest 
daughter, Sister Maria Celeste, pp. 307. Portrait. 
12° cloth, uncut. London, 1870 

1423 Gallagher, W. D. Facts and Conditions of Progress 

in the North-West, being the Annual Discourse for 1850 
before the Ohio Historical Society, pp. 88. 8® paper. 

Cincinnati, 1850 

1424 Galloway, Joseph. Speech, in answer to the Speech 

of John Dickinson, Esq., delivered in the House of As- 
sembly of the Province of Penn., May 24, 1764, pp. 
(20), 45, Phila., 1764; — Examination of Joseph Gal- 
loway, late Speaker of the House of Assembly of Pa., 
before the House of Commons in a Committee on the 
American Papers, pp. 85, 1780; — Letters to a Noble- 
man, on the Conduct of the War in the Middle Colo- 
nies, pp. loi, 1780; — Cool Thoughts on the Conse- 
quences to Great Britain of An^erican Independence, 
pp. 70, 1780; — Plain Truth; or, a letter to the Author 
of Dispassionate Thoughts on the American War, pp. 
76, 1780; — A Reply to the Observations of Sir Wm. 
Howe, pp. 157, 1781. Together 6 vols. 8** half roan. 

1425 Gannett, Ezra S. Sermons and Discourses at Arling- 

ton St. Church, etc., 1845-187 1. 5 pamphlets. 

1426 Ganong, W. F. Jacques Cartier's First Voyages. 

(From Trans. Roy. Soc, Canada, pp. 1 21-136.) Plate. 
4° paper. 1887 

1427 Garden, Alexander. Anecdotes of the Revolutionary 

War in America, pp. 459. 8° half calf. Charleston, 1822 

1428 Garden. Anecdotes of the American Revolution. 

Second series, pp. 240. 12** boards, uncut. 

Charleston, 1828 

1429 Garden. Anecdotes of the American Revolution. 3 

vols, large 4® boards, uncut. Reprinted: Brooklyn, 1865 
1 50 copies printed. 

1430 Gardiner, C. C. The Papers and Biography of Lion 

Gardiner, 15 99-1 663. pp. 106. Royal 4** paper. 

St. Louis, 1883 

1431 Gardiner. Life of Colonel Gardiner, who was slain in 

the Battle of Prestonpans, with an appendix relating to 
the ancient family of the Munroes of Fowlis. By P. 
Doddridge. Portrait and 7 plates, pp. 284. 8° half 
calf. London. 


1432 Gardiner, Me. History of Gardiner, Pittston and West 

Gardiner, with a Sketch of the Kennebec Indians, and 
New Plymouth Purchase, 1602-1852. By J. W. Han- 
son, pp. 343. Plates. 12° cloth. Gardiner, 1852 

1433 Gardiner, Richard. An Account of the Expedition to 

the West Indies, against Martinico, with the Reduction 
of Guadelupe, 1759. Third ed. With English and 
French text. pp. 91, 91. Plates. 4° half calf. 

Baskerville: Birmingham, 1762 

1434 Garrick, David. Private Correspondence of David 

Garrick with the most celebrated Persons of his Time, 
pp. 660, 636. Portrait. 2 vols, imperial 4° cloth, 
uncut. London, 1831 

1435 Gauden, John. The Religious and Loyal Protestation 

* of John Gauden, against the present declarjed Purposes 

and Proceedings of the Army and others, about the 
trying and destroying our Sovereign Lord the King, 
pp. 12. Small 4^ calf. London, 1648 

1436 Gauden. Discourse concerning Publick Oaths, and the 

Lawfulness of Swearing in Judicial Proceedings, pp. 
I 47. Small 4° half roan. London, 1662 

1437 Gaule, John. Select Cases of Conscience touching 

Witches and Witchcraft, pp. 208. (Title page missing 
and corners worn.) 18® calf, gilt. London, 1646 

1438 Gaule. The Mag-Astro-Mancer; or, the Magicall-As- 

trologicall-Diviner posed and puzzled, pp. 377. 4** 
half morocco, gilt, uncut edges. London, 1652 

1439 Gay, Ebenezer. The Old Man's Calendar, a Discourse 

delivered in the first Parish of Hingham, Aug. 26, 1781. 
pp. 24. 8° half morocco. Boston, 1781 

MSB. notes added by Mr. Deane. 

1440 Gay, John. Plays, to which is prefixed an account of 

the Life and Writings of the Author, pp. 359. Por- 
trait. 16° calf. London, 1772 

1441 Gay. The Beggar's Opera. Eleventh ed. pp. 60. 12® 

paper. London. 

1442 Gee, Joshua. A Sermon preached on the Lord's Day 

after the Death of the Rev. Cotton Mather, pp. 34. 
8° half morocco, uncut. S. Gerrish: Boston, 1728 

I 1443 Gee. The Trade and Navigation of Great Britain con- 

sidered. Third ed. 16° mottled calf. Glasgow, 1750 

1444 Gee. The same. New edition, pp. 288. 12° calf. 

London, r767 


1445 Genealogical Pamphlets. History of the Thomas 

Adams and Thomas Hastings Families of Amherst, Mass. 
pp. 66. (priv. printed,) 1880; — Genealogical Memoir 
of the Chase Family of Chesham, Bucks and of Hamp- 
ton and Newbury, in New England, pp. 19, 1869; — 
Descendants of Thomas Clarke, Plymouth, 1623-1697. 
PP- 43i 1869; — Descendants of Peter Cooper of Row- 
ley, Mass. pp. II, 1885; — English Ancestry of Rev. 
John Cotton of Boston, pp. 12, 1868; — New England 
Ancestors of Katharine-Brattle and William-Cary Har- 
ris, pp. 32. (priv. printed,) 1887; — Descendants of 
Capt. William Leighton of Kittery, Me. pp. 127, 1885; 
— Genealogy of the Leonard Family, pp. 20, 1851; — 
Genealogy of the McKinstry Family, pp. 46, 1866; — 
Memoirsof the Marstons of Salem, pp. 48, 1873; — The 
Oxen-bridges of Brede Place, Sussex and Boston, Mass. 
pp. 20, (Lond.), i860; — Name of Perkins as found on 
Essex County Record, pp. 16; — Salem Press Hist, 
and Gen. Record, Jan. 1892; — Account of the Temple 
Family, pp. 15; — Genealogical and Biographical Ac- 
count of the Descendants of Elder William Wentworth, 
of Dover, N. H. pp. 20, 1850; — Wentworth Family of 
England, by J. L. Chester, pp. 16, 1868. Together 
16 pamphlets. 

1446 General Repository and Review. 4 vols. 8** half calf, 

uncut edges, gilt tops, the covers laid in. 

Cambridge, 1812-13 

1447 Geneva Testament. New Testament of Our Lord and 

Saviour Jesus Christ; a fac-simile reprint of the cele- 
brated Genevan Testament 1557. pp. 455. 12° vellum. 

Bagster: London. 

1448 Genlis, Comtesse de. Sacred Dramas. Translated into 

English. By Thomas Holcroft. pp. 347. 8** sheep. 

London, 1786 

1449 Gent, Thomas. Life of Mr. Thomas Gent, Printer, of 

York. Written by himself, pp. 208. Portrait. 8® 
cloth, uncut. London, 1832 

1450 Geography. Thesaurus Geographicus; a New Body of 

Geography; or, a compleat description of the earth, pp. 
506, 14. Maps. Folio, calf. London, 1695 

145 1 George the Third, his Court and Family. New edition. 

PP- 477» 4^^' Portraits. 2 vols. 8® half morocco. 

London, 1824 

1452 Georgia. Collections of the Georgia Historical Society. 

PP- 307, 336. Vols. I and 2. 2 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. 

Savannah, 1840-42 


1453 Georgia. Reason for Establishing the Colony of Geor- 

gia, with some account of the country and the design of 
the trustees. (By Benj. Martin.) Map and plate, pp. 
48. Small 4^ stitched. London, 1733 

The second tract issued by the Trustees. The map is generally 

1454 Georgia. Memorial (to the President of the United 

States.) Relates to Georgia and New England Mississ- 
ippi Land Co.) pp. 19. 16° boards, uncut. n. p. n. d. 

1455 German Theatre (The). Translated by Benjamin 

Thompson. Portrait and plates. 6 tols. 16^ calf. 

London, 1801 

1456 Gerry, *Elbridge. Life of, with contemporary letters to 

the close of the American Revolution. By J. T. Austin, 
pp. 520, 408. Portrait. 2 vols. 8** half sheep. 

Boston, 1828-9 

1457 Gessner, Salomon. The Death of Abel in dve Books. 

Attempted from the German of Mr. Gessner. pp. 275. 
Portrait and plates by Stothard. 8° half morocco. (Por- 
trait and frontispiece mended). London, 1797 

1458 Gesta Romanorum; or, entertaining moral stories; in- 

vented by the monks as a fire-side recreation, and com- 
monly applied in their discourses from the pulpit, whence 
the most celebrated of our own poets and others, from 
the earliest times, have extracted their plots. Trans- 
lated from the Latin with preliminary observations and 
copious notes. By the Rev. Charles Swan. New edi- 
tion, with an introduction by Thomas Wright, pp. 388, 
545. 2 vols. 12° cloth, uncut. New York, 1872 

Limited edition. 

1459 Ghillany. Geschichte des Seefahrers Ritter Martin 

Behaim, nach den altesten vorhandenen Urkunden 
bearbeitet von Dr. F. W. Ghillany. . . . Eingeleitet 
durch eine Abhandlung: Ueber die altesten Karten des 
neuen Continents und den Namen Amerika, von Alex- 
ander von Humboldt, etc. pp. 122. 3 maps and portrait. 
Imperial 4** boards. Ntirnberg, 1853 

From the Emperor Maximilian's Collection. 

1460 GiBBES, R. W. Documentary History of- the American 

Revolution. 1764-82. pp. 288, 293, 292. 3 vols. 8** 
cloth. Columbia, S. C, 1853; New York, 1857 

1461 Gibbon, Edward. History of the Decline and Fall of 

the Roman Empire. With notes by Dean Milman and 
M. Guizot. Edited with additional notes by William 
Smith. Portrait and maps. 8 vols. 8° calf extra, 
marbled edges. Boston, 1854 


1462 GiBBS, George. Memoirs of the Administrations of 

Washington and John Adams. Edited from the Papers 
of Oliver Wolcott. pp. 574, 555. Portrait. 2 vols. 
8° cloth. New York, 1846 

1463 GiDDiNGS, Joshua R. History of the Rebellion; its 

Authors and Causes, pp.498. 8° cloth. New York, 1864 

1464 Gilbert Family. A Genealogical Memoir of the Gil- 

bert Family, in both Old and New England. By J. W. 
Thornton. 8'' half calf, gilt. Boston, 1850 

Only 50 copies privately printed. 

1465 Giles. Memoirs of Odd Adventures, Strange Deliver- 

ances, etc., in the captivity of John Giles, commander 
of the Garrison on Saint George River, Mtiine. Written 
by himself. Originally published at Boston, 1736. pp. 
64. 8° paper, uncut. Cincinnati, 1869 

With an extra copy containing corrections by Mr. Deane from the 
original edition. 

1466 Gillies, John. History of Ancient Greece; its Colo- 

nies and Conquests. Map. 4 vols. 8° sheep. 

Philadelphia, 1822 

1467 Oilman Family traced in the line of Hon. John Oilman, 

of Exeter, N. H., with an account of many other Gil- 
mans in England and America. By Arthur Oilman. 
Portrait. Small 4** cloth, uncut. Albany, 1869 

Presentation Copy, with autograph letter of the Author. 

1468 GiLMANTON, N. H. History of Gilmanton, including 

what is now Gilford, to the Time it was disannexed. 
By Daniel Lancaster, pp. 304. 8° boards. 

Gilmanton, 1845 

1469 Gilpin, William. The Lives of Hugh Latimer and of 

Bernard Gilpin. Third ed. pp. 368. 8° calf, (broken). 

London, 1780 

1470 Gladstone, W. E. Juventus Mundi, the Gods and Men 

of the Heroic Age. pp. 554. 8® cloth. Boston, 1869 

147 1 Glanvil, Joseph. Saducismus Triumphatus; or, Full 

and plain Evidence concerning Witches and Appari- 
tions. Third ed. pp. 598. 8® old calf. London, 1689 

1472 Glas, George. History of the Discovery and Conquest 

of the Canary Islands, pp. 368. Map. 4° half sheep 
(broken). London, 1764 

1473 [Gleig, G. R.] a Subaltern in America; comprising 

his Narrative of the Campaigns of the British Army, at 
Baltimore, Washington, etc. pp. 206. 12° boards, 
uncut. Philadelphia, 1833 

1474 Gleig. Story of the Battle of Waterloo, pp. 305. 12® 

cloth, uncut. London, 1847 


1475 Gloucester, Mass. History of the Town of Gloucester, 

Cape Ann, including the Town of Rockport. By John 
J. Babson. pp. 610. Map. 8** cloth. Gloucester, i860 

1476 Gloucester. Notes and Additions to the History of 

Gloucester. By J. J. Babson. pp. 94. 4** paper. 

Gloucester, 1876 

1477 GoDWYN, Thomas. Moses and Aaron. Civil and Ec- 

clesiastical Rites, used by the ancient Hebrews, pp. 
332. 4° calf. (Title mounted.) London, 1625 

With autograph, " Nathi Rogers his Book given by Mr. John Pal- 
frey.** With inscription giving a history of the book, by J. G. Cotton. 

1478 GoDDARD, Delano A. Newspapers and Newspaper 

Writers in New England, 1787-1815. pp. 39. 8** 
boards. Boston, 1880 

1479 Godwin, William. Enquiry concerning Political Jus- 

tice, pp. 464, 545. Portrait. 2 vols. 8° half calf. 

London, 1795 

1480 Godwin. Fleetwood; or, the New Man of Feeling, pp. 

246, 234. 2 vols. 16° sheep. Alexandria, 1805 

1481 Godwin. Lives of the Necromancers, pp. 465. 8** 

morocco. London, 1834 

1482 GoMARA, F. L. de. Historia de Mexico, con el Descu- 

brimiento de la nueua Espaiia, conquistada por el my 
illustre y valeroco Principe Don Fernando Cortes. Thick 
id"* old calf. Anvers, 1554 

£x-libris of Emperor Maximilian. 

1483 GoMARA. La Historia General de las Indias, con todos 

los Descubrimientos. 287 leaves. 16° half sheep. 

Anvers, 1554 

1484 CSomara. The Pleasant History of the Conquest of the 

Weast-lndia, now called New Spayne, atchieued by the 
worthy Prince Hernando Cortes, Marques of the valley 
of Huexacac, most delectable to reade. Translated 
out of the Spanish tongue, by T. N. [Thomas Nicholas.] 
Jilack tfttttV. Small 4"^ calf. (Title mounted). 

London, by Henry Bynneman, (Anno, 1578) 

1485 Goodell, a. C, Jr. Trial and Execution for Petit 

Treason of Mark and Phillis, slaves of Capt. John Cod- 
man, pp. 39, 1883;^— Seals of the Colonial and Provin- 
cial Courts of Mass., pp. 14; — Further Notes on the 
History of Witchcraft in Massachusetts, with a helio- 
type plate of the Act of 17 11, pp. 52, 1884. 3 pamph- 
lets 8" paper, uncut. Boston and Cambridge, 1882-3 

Only 200 copies printed. 


i486 Good Society; — Library of Anecdote and Information; 
— Lift for the Lazy; — Scientific Dialogues for the In- 
struction and Entertainment of Young People; — Cham- 
bers's Repository of Instructive and Amusing Tracts. 
6 vols. 12° cloth. 

1487 Goodman, Dr. Godfrey. The Court of King James the 

First. Now first published from the original manu- 
script. By J. S. Brewer, pp. 421, 424. Portraits. 2 
vols. 8** cloth, uncut. London, 1839 

1488 Goodrich, C. B. The Science of Government as ex- 

hibited in the Institutions of the United States, pp. 
343. 8° cloth. Boston, 1853 

1489 Goodwin, Nathaniel. Genealogical Notes, or contri- 

butions to the family history of some of the first set- 
tlers of Connecticut and Massachusetts. 8^ cloth. 

Hartford, 1856 

1490 GooLD, William. Col. Arthur Noble, of Georgetown, 

Fort Halifax; — Col. William Vaughan, of Matinicus 
and Damariscotta. Portrait. 8° cloth. Portland, 1881 
Presentation copy. 

1491 GooLD. Burning of Falmouth, pp. 16, 1873; — Early 

Papermills of New England, pp. 8, 1875. 2 pamphlets. 

1492 Gordon, Mrs. The Home Life of David Brewster, pp. 

482. 12° cloth, uncut. Edinburgh, 1870 

1493 Gordon, John and William. Full Report of the Trial 

for the murder of Amasa Sprague; — Full Report of 
Arguments of the Council. 2 vols. 8° half roan. 

Providence, 1844 

1494 Gordon, William. A Sermon preached before the Gen- 

eral Court, July 4, 1777. 8** half roan. Boston, 1777 

1495 Gordon. History of the Rise, Progress, and Establish- 

ment of the Independence of the United States of 
America. Map. 4 vols. 8° mottled calf. London, 1788 

1496 Gore, Mrs. Paris in 1841. With 21 highly finished en- 

gravings, from drawings by Thomas Allom. pp. 268. 
Royal 8° cloth. London, 1842 

1497 Gorges Society Publications. Portraits and plates. 3 

vols, small 4° paper, uncut. Portland, 1884-87 

Limited edition. 

Comprises: I. New England's Vindication, by Henry Gardiner, 
London, 1660. Edited with notes by C. E. Banks. II. George 
Cleeve of Casco Bay, 1 630-1 667. With collateral documents, by 
J. P. Baxter. III. Hosier's Relation of Waymouth's Voyage to 
the coast of Maine, 1605. With introduction and notes, by H. S. 


1498 Gorges, Ferdinando. America Painted to the Life. 

The true history of the Spaniards proceedings in the 
conquests of the Indians and of their civil wars among 
themselves, from Columbus his first discovery to these 
later times. As also, of the original undertakings of 
the advancement of plantations into those parts. With 
a perfect relation of our English discoveries, shewing 
their beginning, progress and continuance from the 
year 1628 to 1658. Part II. Brief narration of the 
original undertakings of the advancement of the plan- 
tations in America. Part III. The Manners, Customs, 
Wars, etc., of the Indians. Part IV. The History of 
the Spanish proceedings in America. With photographs 
of the 2 folding plates and a map from Hondy's 
Mercator, 1606. Small 4° antique calf, gilt. 

London, 1659 

" Containing a good deal of important information relative to 
the early history of New England, particularly the District of 
Maine, which was granted originally to the author's grandfather." — 
Rich's Cat. 

1499 Gorges. Pedigree of. By Rev. Frederick Brown, pp. 

10. 8** paper, uncut. Boston, 1875 

Only 100 copies privately printed. 

1500 GoRHAM, Me. History of. By Josiah Pierce, pp. 239. 

8** cloth. Portland, 1862 

1501 Gorton, Samuel. Simplicities Defence against seven- 

headed Policy, etc. pp. iii. 4° morocco extra, gilt 
edges. London, 1646 

The titlepage and 3 first leaves in manuscript. 

" Master Gorton having abused high and low at Aquidneck, is 
now bewitching and bemadding Providence, both with his meleane 
and foule censures of all the ministers of this countrie.'* — Winslow^s 
Hypocrisie Unmasked. See Part II of this catalogue. 

" A historical narrative of the difficulties between the first settlers 
of Warwick, (R. I.), and the Colony of Massachusetts Bay, growing 
out of the attempt of the government of the latter to extend its juris- 
diction over the persons and lands of the former." — Mackie, 

1502 Gorton. An Antidote against the Common Plague of 

the World, etc. pp. i, 20, 296. Small 4° calf. 

London, 1657 

1503 Gorton. An Account of Samuel Gorton, one of the 

Early Settlers of Rhode Island. 16° claret morocco. 

A MS. of 26 pages. Printed in the N. £. Hist, and Geneal. Reg- 
ister, for July, 1850. 

1504 Goss, E. H. Early Bells of Massachusetts, pp. 34, 1874; 

— Historical Address, Melrose, 1876. 2 vols. 8** boards 
and paper. Boston and Melrose, y874-6 


1505 Gottfried, J. L. Newe Archontologia Cosraica, das ist 

Beschreibung aller Kayserthumben, Konigreichen und 
Repiiblicken der gantzen Welt. pp. 760, (24). Num- 
erous maps and plates. Folio, vellum. Franckfurt, 1646 

1506 Gould, S. B. Curious Myths of the Middle Ages. pp. 

660. 12^ half roan. Philadelphia, 1869 

1507 Gowan's Bibliotheca Americana. 3 vols, royal 4** cloth, 

uncut. New York, 1845-62 

Large Paper : only 50 copies printed. 

Comprises : I. Denton's Brief Description of New York ; — 
Wooley's Two Year's Journal in New York ; — Miller's Description 
of the Province of New York. 

1508 Grafton, Mass. Address before the Inhabitants of 

Grafton, on the first Centennial Anniversary of that 
Town, April 29, 1835. By William Brigham. pp. 40. 
8° boards (stained). Boston, 1835 

1509 Graham, James. History of the United States of North 

America. 4 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1836 

15 10 Graham. History of the United States of North Amer- 

ica. Second ed. Portrait. 4 vols. 8° cloth. Boston, 1845 

15 1 1 Granger, Rev. James. Letters between the Rev. 

James Granger and many of the most eminent Literary 
Men of his Time, composing a copious History and 
Illustration of his Biographical History of England. 
Edited by J. P. Malcolm. Plates, pp. 419, 114. 8® 
russia. London, 1805 

1512 [Grant, Mrs.] Letters from the Mountains. First 

American edition, pp. 275, 268. 2 vols. 12** boards, 
uncut. Boston, 1809 

15 13 [Grant J Memoirs of an American Lady, with Sketches 

of Manners and Scenery in America. Second ed. pp. 
322, 344. 2 vols. 16° half calf. London, 1809 

1514 Grantham, Sir Thomas. An Historical Account of 

some memorable Actions, particularly in Virginia, 17 16. 
With an Introduction by R. A. Brock, pp. 71. 8° 
paper, uncut. Richmond, 1882 

Only 250 copies printed. 

1515 Grattan, T. C. History of the Netherlands, pp. 358. 

16® cloth, uncut. London, 1830 

15 16 Grattan. Civilized America, pp. 444, 517. 2 vols. 

8® cloth, uncut. London, 1859 

1517 Graves, R. H. The Arguments for Predestination and 

Necessity contrasted with the established Principles of 
Philosophical Inquiry. 8° boards, uncut. London, 1829 


1518 Graves, W. Two Letters from W. Graves, Esq., Re- 

specting the Conduct of Rear-Admiral Thomas Graves 
in North America, during his Accidental Command 
there for Four Months in 1781. pp. 39. Royal 4® paper, 
uncut. London, 1782, Reprint: Morrisania, 1865 

Large Paper : only 100 copies printed. 

15 19 Gray, Francis C. Poem spoken at Cambridge before 

the Phi Beta Kappa Society, Aug. 27, 1840. pp. 36. 
8° half roan. Boston, 1840 

1520 Gray. Remarks on the Early Laws of Massachusetts 

Bay, with the Code adopted in the year 1641 and called 
the Body of Liberties, now first printed, pp. 49. 8® 
paper. Boston, 1843 

1521 [Gray, Harrison.] The Huguenots in France and Amer- 

ica. Second ed. pp. 236, 302. 2 vols. 12° cloth. 

Cambridge, 1843 

1522 Gray, Horace. The Case of the Roxbury Flats. From 

Ninth Vol. of Gray*s Reports. 8"* boards. Cambridge. 
Only a few copies privately printed. 

1523 Green, S. A. Centennial Address delivered in the San- 

ders Theatre, Cambridge, June 7, 1881, before the 

Massachusetts Medical Society, pp. 112. 8° boards, 

uncut. Groton, 1881 
Presentation copy. 

1524 Green. Story of a Famous Book, 187 1; — School His- 

tories, 1872; — Bibliography of the Massachusetts 
Historical Society, 187 1; — Paul Lunt's Diary, 1872; — 
Notice of M. Jean Fr^d^ric de Waldeck, 1876; — Copy 
of the Laws of Harvard College; — Percival and Ellen 
Green and their descendants, 1876; — Historical Ad- 
dress at Groton, July 4, 1876; — Epitaphs from the Old 
Burying Ground in Groton, 1878; — Early Land Grants 
of Groton, 1879; — Early Records of Groton, 1662- 
1678, 1879; — Historical Address at Groton, Feb. 20, 
1 880 ; — Address at Centennial Anniversary of the Mass. 
Medical School, 1781-1881; — Two Chapters in the 
Early History of Groton, 1882; — Groton during the In- 
dian Wars, 1883; — Groton in the Witchcraft Times, 
1883; — Remarks on the early appearance of the North- 
ern Lights in New England, 1885; — Boundary Lines of 
Old Groton, 1885; — Geography of Groton, 1886; — 
Population of Groton, 1888; — Congregational Churches 
in Nova Scotia, 1888; — Bathsheba Spooner, 1888; — 
Note Book of Robert Keayne, 1889. 22 vols. 8® cloth 
and paper. Boston. 

Presentation copies. 


1525 Gray, William. Historical Sketch of the Origin of 

English Prose Literature, and of its Progress till the 
Reign of James I. pp. 103. 8° cloth, uncut. 

Oxford, 1835 

1526 Graydon, Alexander. Memoirs of a Life, chiefly passed 

in Pennsylvania, within the last sixty years, pp. 378. 
12** boards, uncut, (broken). Harrisburgh, 1811 

1327 [Graydon.] The same. 8° boards. Edinburgh, 1822 

1528 Green, G. S. Oliver Cromwell, an Historical Play. 

Portrait. 8° half calf. London, 1752 

Among the "Dramatis Personae" of this play, is Hugh Peters, 
Oliver's Chaplain, a pulpit bufEoon. 

1529 Greene, G. W. A Short History of Rhode Island, pp. 

356. Frontispiece. 12** cloth. Providence, 1877 

1530 Greene. Historical View of the American Revolution, 

pp. 460, 1872; — German Element in the War of the 
American Independence, pp. 211, 1876. 2 vols. 12® 
cloth. New York. 

1 53 1 Greene. Nathanael Greene ; an examination of some 

statements concerning Major Gen. Greene, in the ninth 
volume of Bancroft's History. 8® paper. n. p. 

1532 Greene. Life of Nathanael Greene, Major-General in 

the Army of the Revolution. By G. W. Greene. Vol- 
ume I. Portrait. 8° cloth, uncut. New York, 1867 

1533 Greene, Nathanael. Sketches of the Life and Corre- 

spondence of Nathanael Greene, Major-General of the 
Armies of the United States in the War of the Revolu- 
tion. By William Johnson, pp. 515, 476. Portrait and 
map. 2 vols, in one. Royal 4** half morocco. 

Charleston, 1822 

1534 Greenfield, Mass. History of. By D. Willard. pp. 

180. 16° half roan. Greenfield, 1838 

1535 Greenhow, Robert. History of Oregon and California 

and the other Territories on the North-West Coast of 
North America. Second ed. pp. 497, 7. Map. 8** 
cloth. Boston, 1845 

1536 Greenleaf, Jonathan. Sketches of the Ecclesiastical 

History of the State of Maine, pp. 293, 78. 16° mo- 
rocco, gilt, (name cut from title.) Portsmouth, 182 1 

1537 Greenleaf, Moses. A Survey of the State of Maine. 

pp. 468. 8® sheep. (Map missing.) Portland, 1829 

1538 Greenwood, F. W. P. History of King's Chapel, in 

Boston, the First Episcopal Church in New England. 
Plate. 12® half morocco. Boston, 1833 



1539 Grey, Lady Jane. The Literary Remains of Lady Jane 

Grey, with a Memoir of her Life. By N. H. Nichols, 
pp. 148,59. Portrait. Small 8^ half calf. London, 1825 

1540 Grey. The Life, Death and Actions of the most chast, 

learned and Religious Lady, the Lady Jane Gray. pp. 
38. 8° boards, uncut. (Reprint): London, 1615 

1 541 Griffin, A. P. C. The Discovery of the Mississippi, a 

Bibliographical Account, pp. 20. With a fac-simile of 
the map of Louis Juliet, 1674. Folio, paper. 

New York, 1883 

1542 Griffiths, A. F. Bibliotheca Anglo-Poetica; or, a De- 

scriptive Catalogue of a rare and rich Collection of 
Early English Poetry. Illustrated by occasional Ex- 
tracts and Remarks, Critical and Biographical. 18 
wood-cut portraits, pp. 481. Royal 8** half russia, un- 
cut. London, 1815 
Only i 50 copies printed. 

1543 Griffith, Thomas W. Sketches of the early History of 

Maryland, pp. 77. Portrait. 8® half roan. 

Baltimore, 1821 
Early lithographic portrait, by Penniman, Balto. 

1544 Grigsby, H. B. The Virginia Convention of 1776. pp. 

206. 8* cloth. Richmond, 1855 

1545 Griswold, R. W. The Poets and Poetry of America, 

to the middle of the nineteenth century. pp. 550. 
Plates. 8^ cloth. Phila., 1851 

1546 Griswold. The Prose Writers of America. Fourth 

ed. pp. 552. Portraits. 8° cloth. Phila., 1852 

1547 [Groom, S.] A Glass for the People of New England, 

in which they may see themselves and Spirits, and if 
not too late repent, etc. pp. 43. Small 4° half morocco. 

n. p., 1676 
Relates to the Antinomian controversy. 

1548 Grose, Francis. A Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar 

Tongue, pp. 182. 12** half roan, uncut. 

(Reprint): London, 1785 

1549 [Grose.] The same. Second ed. 8° sheep. Lond., 1788 

1550 Grose. The Olio, being a Collection of Essays, Dia- 

logues, Anecdotes, Bon Mots, Epigrams, etc. Second 
ed. pp. 321. Portrait. 8° half calf. London, 1796 

1551 Grotius, Hugo. The Truth of Christian Religion. 

Translated by Simon Patrick. Fourth ed. pp. 242. 
Frontispiece. 12° half morocco. London, 1694 

1552 Groton, Mass. History of the Town of Groton, includ- 

ing Pepperell and Shirley. By Caleb Butler, pp. 497. 
Map and plates. 8^ cloth. Boston, 1848 


1553 Groton. Results of an Ecclesiastical Council con- 

vened at Groton, July 17, 1826; — Jubilee of the Law- 
rence Academy, July 12, 1854; — Proceedings at the 
Centennial Celebration, July 4, 1876; — Historical Ad- 
dress at the Bi-Centennial Celebration, by S. A. Green, 
July 4, 1876; — Groton Historical Series, No. i, 2 and 
3, 1884; — Proceedings of the 90th Anniversary Cele- 
bration of Lawrence Academy, July 21, 1883; — Old 
Highways and Landmarks of Groton, by F. M. Bout- 
well, 1884; — Old Homesteads of Groton, by Boutwell, 
1883. II pamphlets. 

1554 Guild, Reuben A. The Librarian's Manual; a Treatise 

on Bibliography, pp. 304. 4** boards, uncut. 

Only 500 copies printed. New York, 1858 

1555 Guild. History of Brown University, with illustrative 

Documents, pp. 443. 12 portraits and plates. Small 
4** paper, uncut. Providence, 1867 

Only 300 copies printed. 

1556 GuiLLERMiN, Gilbert. Precis Historique des derniers 

fev^nements de la Partie de V Est de Saint-Domingo, 
py. 494. Map and plates. 8® half morocco, uncut. 

Paris, 181 1 

1557 GuizoT, F. P. On the Causes of the Success of the 

English Revolution, 1640-1688. pp. 138. 8° boards, 
uncut. London, 1850 

1558 GuTCH, J. M. Robin Hood Garlands and Ballads. A 

collection of all the poems, songs and ballads relating 
to this celebrated yoeman. Cuts by Fairholt. 2 vols. 
8° cloth. London, 1850 

1559 GuTTENBERG. John Gutteuberg, First Master Printer, 

his Acts, and most remarkable Discourses, and his 
Death. From the German, by C. W. pp. 141. 8° 
half roan, uncut. London, i860 

Only 100 copies printed. 

1560 p^ACKE, Capt. William. Collection of Original 
I i Voyages, containing: I, Capt. Cowley's Voyage 

round the Globe; II, Capt. Sharp's Expedition into the 
South Seas; III, Capt. Wood's Voyage into the Straights 
of Magellan, etc. Maps and plates, pp. 45, 100, 53. 
8° calf. London, 1699 

1561 Hackelton, Mrs. M. W. Jamestown of Pemaquid, a 

Poem, read on the Site of Fort Frederick, August 26, 
1869. 12** cloth. New York, 1869 


1562 Hadley, Mass. History of Hadley, including the early 

History of Hatfield, South Hadley, Amherst, and 
Granby. By Sylvester Judd. pp. 636. 8** cloth. 

Northampton, 1863 

1563 Hadley. Celebration of the 200th Anniversary of the 

Settlement of Hadley, June 8, 1859, pp. 98; — Gene- 
alogies of Hadley Families, embracing the early settlers 
of the Towns of Hatfield, South Hadley, Amherst and 
Granby. pp. 168. 2 vols. 8° half roan and paper. 

Northampton, 1859-62 

1564 [Haines, Z. T.] Letters from the Forty-fourth Regi- 

ment, M. V. M. By •* Corporal." pp. 121. 8® boards. 

Boston, 1863 

1565 ^fSklngt, Kuljatb. Divers voyages touching the dis- 

couerie of America and the Hands adjacent unto the 
same, made first of all by our Englishmen, and after- 
wards by the Frenchmen and Britons. And certaine 
notes of aduertisements for obseruations, necessarie for 
such as shall hereafter make the like attempt. With 
two Mappes annexed heereunto for the plainer under- 
standing of the whole matter. (Maps in fac-simile.) 
Small 4® morocco extra, gilt edges. Imprinted at 
London for Thomas Woodcocke, dwelling in paules 
Church-yard, at the signe of the black beare, 1582 

This volume contains fourteen pieces, of which the following are 
notable : 

3. A verie late and great probabilitie of a passage by the North- 
west part of America in fifty-eight degrees of northerly latitude. 

5. Letters Paten tes of King Henrie the Seventh, granted vnto 
lohn Gabote (Cabot) and his three sonnes, Lewes, Sebastian and 
Santius, for the discouering of newe and vnknowen landes. 

6. A note of Sebastian Gabotes voyage of Discouerie, taken out 
of an old Chronicle, written by Robert Fabian, sometime Alderman 
of London, which is in the custodie gf John Stowe, Citizen, a dili- 
gent searcher and preserver of Antiquities. 

9. The discouerie of the Isles of Frisland, Iseland, Kngroueland, 
Estotiland, Drogeo, and Icaria, made by M. Nicolas Zeno, Knight, 
and M. Antonio his brother. 

10. To the most Christian king of Fraunce, Fraunces the First. 
The Relation of lohn Verarzanus, a Florentine, of the lande by him 
discouered in the name of his Maiestie, written at Diepe the eighth 
July 1524. 

11. IT The true and last discouerie of Florida, made by Captain 
John Ribault in the yeere 1 562. Dedicated to a great noble man of 
Fraunce, and translated into Englishe by one Thomas Hack it. 

The most important piece is the relation of Verazzano, describing 
his voyage along the coast of North America, which is accompanied 
by a folding map bearing date of 1582, dedicated to Sir Philip Sid- 
ney. This early navigator was the first to enter the harbor, now 
known as New York, and Narragansett Bay. It is a volume of 
excessive rarity. 


1566 jQaklltSt, ftiti)arb. Principall Navigations, Voiages. and 

Discoveries of the English Nation, made by Sea or over 
Land, to the most Remote and Farthest Distant Quar- 
ters of the Earth, at any time within the Compasse of 
these 1500 Yeeres; Divided into three severall parts, 
according to the Positions of the Regions weereunto 
they were directed. First ed. Black iDetter. Folio, 
full antique calf extra, gilt edges. London, 1589 

A very good copy with the exception of the title page, which is in 
a perfect fac-simile. The copy contains Sir Francis Drake's Voyage 
on six leaves, between pages 643 and 644, and a copy of the Ortilius 
map of 1 570. 

On page 776 is an Autograph signature of Thomas Candish (Cav- 
endish), the first English Circumnavigator. 

1567 iQaklngt The Principal Navigations, Voiages, Traf- 

fiques, and Discoueries of the English Nation, made by 
sea or overland to the remote and farthest distant quar- 
ters of the Earth, etc. Second ed. Black fittUt. 3 
vols, folio, calf. 
Imprinted at London, by George Bishop, 1 599-1 600 

The first volume contains the Voyage to Cadiz reprinted in fac- 
simile, (see folio 607), and Vol. Ill an admirable autotype fac-simile 
of the very rare map which belongs to copies of this edition, but 
which is rarely found in them. It is spoken of by Hakluyt in the 
preface to his first edition as being then preparing by Mr. Molyneau. 

Vol. I. was first issued with a title page dated 1598, and containing 
on it a mention of the voyage to Cadiz, which was published with 
the book. The title page was reprinted with date of 1 599, (as in this 
copy,) and no mention of the voyage to Cadiz, and the voyage itself 
castrated. See Oldy^s Brituh Librarian copied in Evans* ed. of Hak- 
luyt, Vol, I. 

1568 Hakluyt. The Historie of the West Indies, containing 

the acts and adventures of the Spaniards, which have 
conquered and peopled those countries. Written in 
Latin by R. Hakluyt, translated into English by M. 
Lock. Inserted fac-simile map from the Peter Martyr 
of 1587. 4** old calf. London, n. d. (1612) 

1569 Hakluvt's Collection of the Early Voyages, Travels, 

and Discoveries of the English Nation. Volume 5. 
Royal 4*^ half morocco, uncut. London, 1812 

1570 Hakluyt. Discourse concerning Western Planting, 

written in the year 1584. With a preface and an intro- 
duction by Leonard Woods. Edited, with notes in the 
appendix, by Charles Deane. pp. 241. 8° cloth, un- 
cut. Cambridge, 1877 

157 1 Hakluyt Society's Publications, consisting of rare and 

valuable voyages, travels, and geographical records. 
Complete set, from beginning of the publications in 
1846 to 1889. 79 vols, and 2 maps, 8° in the original 
blue cloth, uncut. London, 1846-89 


1572 Hakluyt. a Particular Discourse concerning the grate 

necessitie and manifolde comodyties that are like to 
growe to this Realme of Englande by the western dis- 
coveries lately attempted, written in the year 1584 by 
Richard Hakluyt. (Manuscript copy of the original 
manuscript, printed in the Maine Historical Society 
Collections, Second series, vol. 2.) Folio, boards. 

1573 Hale, John, (Pastor in Beverly.) Modest Enquiry into 

the Nature of Witchcraft, pp. 158. 16° half sheep. 

Boston, 1 77 1 
Presentation copy from George Livermore with name on title. 

1574 Hale, Nathan. Life of Captain Nathan Hale, the Mar- 

tyr-Spy of the American Revolution. By* I W. Stuart. 
Second ed. pp. 271. Illustrations. 12® cloth. 

Hartford, 1856 

1575 Hales, John. Several Tracts on Religion, pp. 228. 

Portrait. 16° calf. Printed in the year 1721 

1576 Haliburton, Thomas C. Historical and Statistical Ac- 

count of Nova Scotia, pp. 340, 453. Map and plates. 
2 vols. 8® morocco, extra, red edges. Halifax, 1829 

1577 Haliburton. Judge Haliburton's Yankee Stories, pp. 

192. Illustrations. 12° cloth. Phila., 1844 

1578 [Haliburton.] Traits of American Humour, by Native 

Authors. 3 vols, small 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1852 

1579 Halifax, Lord. Miscellanies. 12® calf, gilt. 

London, 1700 

1580 Hall, Captain Basil. Patchwork. Second ed. 3 vols. 

18° cloth, uncut. London, 1841 

1581 Hall, Francis. Travels in Canada, and the United 

States, in 1816 and 181 7. Map. 8° half calf. 

London, 1819 

1582 Hall, Joseph. Satires and other Poems, pp. 166. 8° 

calf. London, 1838 

1583 Hall, James. Letters from the West, containing 

sketches of scenery, manners and customs of the first 
settlements of the Western Sections of the United 
States, pp. 385. 8° boards, uncut. London, 1828 

1584 Halliwell, J. O. The Merry Tales of the Wise Men of 

Gotham, pp. 24. 12° paper. London, 1840 

1585 Halliwell. The Harrowing of Hell, a Miracle-Play, 

written in the Reign of Edward the Second, now first 
published, with an introduction, translation and notes. 
PP- 3^' 8° half roan. London, 1840 

1586 Halliwell. An Account of the only known Manuscript 

of Shakespeare's Plays, pp. 24. 8* half roan. 

London, 1843 


1587 Halliwell. The History of John Winchcomb, usually 

called Jack of Newbury, the famous clothier, 1597. By 
Thomas Deloney. Edited by J. O. Halliwell. pp. 
125. 4° half roan, uncut. London, 1859 

Only 26 copies printed. 

1588 Halliwell. Shakesperiana. A Catalogue of the early 

editions of Shakespeare's Plays, and of the com- 
mentaries and other publications illustrative of his 
Works, pp. 46. 8° half roan. London, 1841 

1589 Halliwell. The Autobiography and Correspondence 

of Sir Simonds D'Ewes, during the reigns of James 
1. and Charles L pp. 458, 439. Portraits. 2 vols. 
8° cloth, uncut. London, 1845 

1590 Halliwell. Letters of the Kings of England, now first 

collected. With an historical introduction and notes, 
pp. 403, 477. Portraits. 2 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1848 

1591 Halliwell. A Dictionary of Archaic and Provincial 

W^ords, obsolete phrases, proverbs, and ancient cus- 
toms, from the fourteenth Century. Second ed. pp. 
960. 2 vols, in I. 8° morocco, (shaken). London, 1850 

1592 Halliwell. A lyttle Boke geving a true and brief ac- 

counte of some reliques and curiosities added of late to 
Mr. Halliwell's Shakespeare collection, pp. 18. Royal 
4® cloth, uncut. London, 1856 

Only 25 copies privately printed. 

1593 Halliwell. Conceits, Clinches, Flashes and Whimzies; 

a jest-book of the seventeenth century, reprinted from 
the unique copy of 1639. pp. 48. 4° half roan, un- 
cut. London, i860 

1594 Halliwell. Outlines of the Life of Shakespeare. 

Second ed. pp. 703. Thick 8° cloth, uncut. 
Only 26 copies printed. London, 1882 

1595 Hallowell, R. p. The Pioneer Quakers; — Quaker 

Invasion of Massachusetts. 2 vols. 12° cloth, uncut. 

Boston, 1883-7 

1596 [Hamilton, Alexander.] The History of the United 

States for 1796; including a variety of interesting par- 
ticulars relative to the federal government previous to 
that period. (By J. T. Callender.) pp. 312. 8° calf, 
(foxed and title neatly mended). Phila., 1797 

1597 Hamilton. Observations on certain Documents con- 

tained in No. V and VI of ** The History of the United 
States for the year 1796," in which the charge of specu- 
lation against A. Hamilton is fully refuted. 8° calf, 
gilt, uncut, red top. Phila., 1797 


1598 Hamilton. Letter concerning the Public Conduct 
and Character of John Adams, written in the year 
1800. pp. 56. 1809; — No. 1, of a Collection of 
Facts and Documents relative to the death of Major 
General Alexander Hamilton, (by William Coleman.) 
pp. 46, 1804; — A Letter from Phocion to the consider- 
ate citizens of New York, on the politics of the day. 
pp. 19, 1784; — The Hamiltoniad; or, an extinguisher 
for the royal faction of New England. By Anthony 

^ Pasquin. pp. 104. 1804. 4 vols. 8° boards and half 

i^ roan. Boston and New York. 

1599 Hamilton, Anthony. Memoirs of Count Grammont. 

New edition. Illustrated with 64 portraits engraved by 
Scriven. pp 262, 356. 2 vols, large 4° full russia, 
extra, gilt edges, by Lewis. London, 181 1 

r Large Paper, with proof impressions of the portraits.^ 

1600 [Hamilton.] Memoirs of the Court of Charles the 

Second, by Count Grammont. With numerous addi- 
tions and illustrations, as edited by Sir Walter Scott. 
pp.546. Portrait. 12° cloth, uncut. 

Bohn's extra vol. London, 1846 

1601 Hamilton, S. History of the National Flag of the 

United States of America. Colored plates. 12° cloth, 
uncut. Phila., 1853 

1602 [Hamilton, T. C] Men and Manners in America. 2 

vols. 8** half roan, gilt tops. Edinburgh, 1833 

1603 Hammett, Charles E., Jr. A Contribution to the Bibli- 
1 ography of Newport, R. I. 4° paper, uncut. 

Newport, 1887 

1604 Hamor. Raphe. A True Discourse of the Present Estate 

of Virginia, and the successe of the affaires there till 
the 18 of June, 1614. Together with a relation of the 
severall English townes and forts, the assured hopes of 
that countrie and the peace concluded with the Indians. 
, The christening of Powhatan's daughter and her mar- 

riage with an Englishman, pp. (8), 70. Small 4** 
polished calf extra, gilt edges. 

For John Beale for Wm. Welby: London, 1615 

Original Edition of the " Contemporaneous account of 

; 1605 Hamor. a Trve Discovrse of the Present Estate of 

Virginia; and the successe of the affaires there till the 

i8th of June, 1614. . . . Written by Raphe Hamor 

the yonger, late Secretarie in that colony, pp. 70. 

Folio, paper, uncut. [Reprinted: Albany, i860] 

Only 200 copies privately printed. 



1606 Hamor. Dreyzehnte Schiffahrt darinnen eiii Warhaff- 

tiger unci GriindlicherBericht von dem jtzigen Zustandt 
der Landschaft Virginen; audi wie nun mehr Friede 
mit den Indianern beschlossen, etc. Plates, pp. 76. 
4® crimson crushed levant morocco, extra, gilt edges, 
by Bedford. (Title mended). Hanau, 1617 

1607 [Hampden, John.] The Arguments of Sir Richard Hut- 

ton and Sir George Coke, together with the certificate 
of Sir John Denham, upon a Scire facias brought by the 
King against John Hampden, etc. pp. 112, 64, 17. 
Small 4° morocco. London, 1641 

1608 Hampden Pulpit. Sketches of the Churches and Pastors 

in Hampden County, Mass. pp. 144. 12° cloth. 

Westfield, 1854 

1609 Hampton, N. H. Historical Address, by Joseph Dow, 

in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the set- 
tlement of the town, Dec. 25, 1838. pp. 44. 8° boards. 

Concord, 1839 

1610 Hanbury, Benjamin. Historical Memorials relating to 

the Independents, or Congregationalist, from their 
rise to 1660. 3 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1839 
Includes an historical account of the Pilgrims. 

161 1 Hancock, Rev. John, (of Lexington.) The Prophet 

Jeremiah's Resolution, etc. (Thursday Lecture, Nov. 
21, 1734) pp. 26. 8** half calf. Boston, 1734 

1612 Hancock, John. An Oration delivered March 5, 1774 

to commemorate the bloody tragedy of the fifth of 
March, 1770. pp. 20. 4° half morocco. Boston, 1774 

1613 Hancock. Discours de son Excellence Monsieur Jean 

Hancock, President du Congres de Philadelphie. pp. 
32. 8° paper. Phila., 1776 

1614 Hancock. Ten Chapters in the Life of. Now first 

published since 1789. (By S. Higginson.) 8° cloth. 

New York, 1857 

1615 Hannav, James. History of Acadia, from its first dis- 

covery to its surrender to England by the treaty of 
Paris, pp. 440. 8° cloth. London, 1880 

1616 Hanover, Mass. Historical Sketch of, with family 

genealogies. By John S. Barry, pp. 448. 8° cloth. 

Boston, 1853 

161 7 Hanson, Elizabeth. Account of the Captivity of Eliza- 

beth Hanson, late of Kachecky in New England. A 
new edition. Taken in substance from her own mouth, 
by Samuel Brownas. pp. 28. 12® light calf, gilt, yellow 
edges, by W. Pratt. London, 1787 


16 18 Hanseri) Knollys' Society's Tublications, complete, 

comprising the works of early English and other 
Baptist writers. 10 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. 

Printed for the Members only: London, 1847-54 

A valuable set of books, comprising : — 

Tracts on Liberty of Conscience and Persecution, 161 6-1 661. 

Broadmead Records, 1 640-1 688. 

Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, with collations and introduction by G. 

Roger William's Bloudy Tenent of Persecution Discussed, 1644. 

J. Canne on Necessitie of Separation from the Church. 

The Dutch Martyrology, translated by Underbill. 2 vols. 

Du Veil's Exposition of the Acts of tne Apostles. 

Records of the Church of Christ at Fenstanton, Warboys, and 

Confessions of Faith, and other Public Documents of the XVI Ith 

1619 Harcourt, Robert. A Relation of a Voyage to Guiana. 

pp. 71. 4° calf. London, 1613 

Titlepage and 5 leaves in printed fac-simile. With a memorandum 
in the handwriting of Rev. Thomas Prince. 

1620 [Hardinge, George. J Another Essence of Malone; or, 

the ** J)eauties " of Shakspeare's Editor, pp. 128, 186. 
2 vols, in one. 8° half calf, uncut. London, 1801 

1621 Hardwick, Mass. History of, with a Genealogical Reg- 

ister. By Lucius R. Paige, pp. 555. Portrait. 8° cloth, 
uncut. Boston, 1883 

1622 Hardwick. An Address at the Centennial Celebration 

in Hardwick, Mass., Nov. 15, 1838. By Lucius R. 
Paige, pp. 76, 8** boards. Cambridge, 1838 

1623 Hariot, Thomas. A briefe and true report of the New- 

foundland of Virginia, of the commodities and of the 
nature and manners of the naturall inhabitants. Dis- 
couered by the English Colony there seated by Sir 
Richard Greinuille Knight in the yeere 1585. Which 
Remained vnder the gouernement of twelue monethes. 
At the speciall charge and direction of Sir Weaker 
Raleigh Knight, Who therein hath beene fauoured and 
authorised by Her Maiestie and her letters patents. 
Francoforti ad Moenvm typis loannis Wecheli svm- 
tibvs vero Theodori De Bry anno [1590.] Folio, 
half morocco, uncut. An admirable fac- 

simile reprint for Joseph Sabin: New York, 1872 

One hundred and twenty-five copies only printed. This forms the 
first volume in the famous collection of De Bry's Voyages. 

1624 Harland and Wilkinson. Lancashire Folk-Lore; illus- 

trative of the Superstitious Beliefs and Practices, Local 
Customs and Usages of the People of the County Pala- 
tine, pp. 308. 12° cloth, uncut. London, 1867 


1625 Harlkian Miscellany. A Collection of Scarce, Curious, 

and Entertaining Pamphlets and Tracts, as well in man- 
uscript as in print. Selected from the Library of Ed- 
ward Harley, Second Earl of Oxford. Interspersed 
with Historical, Political and Critical Annotations, by 
Wm. Oldys, and additional notes by Thomas Park. 
Best edition. 10 vols. 4® calf, gilt. London, 1808-12 

1626 Harper, R. G. Observations on the Dispute between 

the United States and France. Sixth ed. pp. no. 8° 
half calf. London, 1798 

1627 Harper's Family Library, Comprising Bruce's Life and 

Travels; — Pitcairn's Island, Otaheite, etc. ; — Dwight's 
History of Connecticut; — Tytler's Historical View; — 
Letters on Natural Magic, by Brewster; — Southey's 
Life of Nelson; — Polar Seas and Regions, by Leslie; 

— History of Louisiana, by Bunner; — Russell's Life 
of Cromwell; — Lives of Early Navigators, by Drake; 

— Lewis and Clarke's Expedition; — Travels of Marco- 
Polo; — Brewster's Martyrs of Science. Steel portraits 
and plates. 15 vols. 16° cloth. New York, 1845 

1628 Harrington, James. Oceana and other Works. With 

an Account of his Life, by John Toland. pp. 598. 
Portrait. Royal 4^ calf. London, 1771 

1629 Harrington, Sir John. Nugae Antiquae; being a Mis- 

cellaneous Collection of Original Papers in Prose and 
Verse. With illustrative notes, by Thomas Park. pp. 
397, 416. 2 vols. 8° calf, gilt. London, 1804 

1630 Harriott, Lieut. John. Struggles through Life, exem- 

plified in the various Travels and Adventures in Europe, 
Asia, Africa and America, pp. 304, 257. 2 vols. 12** 
half morocco, uncut. New York, 1809 

1631 Harris, C. F. Index to American Poetry and Plays, in 

the Collection of C. Fiske Harris, pp. 171. 12° paper, 
uncut. Privately printed: Providence, 1874 

1632 Harris. Anthony Memorial. A catalogue of the Har- 

ris Collection of American Poetry, with biographical 
and bibliographical notes, by John C. Stockbridge. 
Portrait. 8° cloth, uncut. Providence, 1886 

1633 Harris, E. D. A Copy of the Old Epitaphs in the 

Burying Ground of Block-Island, R. I. pp. 66. Small 
4** cloth, uncut. Cambridge, 1883 

Only 100 copies printed. 

1634 Harris, T. M. Journal of a Tour into the Territory 

Northwest of the Alleghany Mountains, made in 1803; 
with a Geographical and Historical Account of the 
State of Ohio. Maps and views. 8° half calf, gilt, un- 
cut edges. Boston, 1805 


1635 Harris, J. A Complete Collection of Voyages and 

Travels, consisting of above six hundred of the most 
Authentic Works [from] Hackluit, Purchass, Ramusio, 
Labat, De Brye, Gryneus, Herrara, Oviedo, Coreal, &c. 
Originally Published by Dr. John Harris, with Large 
Additions, pp. 984, 1056. 2 vols, large folio, half 
calf, uncut edges. London, 1744 

Contains many translations from the early voyages to America not 
to be found elsewhere. 

1636 Harris, T. W. Treatise on some of the Insects Inju- 

rious to Vegetation. Third ed. 8 colored plates and 
numerous other illustrations, pp. 640. 8** cloth. 

Boston, 1862 

1637 Harris, \V. T. Epitaphs from the Old Burying-Ground 

in Cambridge, pp. 192. 12** boards, uncut. 

Cambridge, 1845 

1638 Harris. Epitaphs from the Old Burying-Ground in 

Watertown. VVith notes by E. D. Harris, pp. 70. 
Small 4** cloth. Boston, 1869 

1639 Harris, William. Historical and Critical. Account of 

the Lives and Writings of James I and Charles I and 
of the Lives of Oliver Cromwell and Charles II. New 
edition. 5 vols. S° half calf, gilt. London, 1814 

1640 Harrison, Gabriel. The Stratford Bust of William 

Shakspeare, and a critical Inquiry into its Authenticiity 
and Artistic Merits, pp. 13. Photograph. Royal 4° 
paper, uncut. Brooklyn, 1865 

Only 75 copies printed. 

1641 Harrison, James. The Biographical Cabinet; contain- 

ing a collection of portraits of eminent and distinguished 
persons of every age and nation, with memoirs. Up- 
wards of 250 portraits. 2 vols. 8° half morocco. 

London, 1823 

1642 Harrisse, H. Bibliotheca Americana Vetustissima. A 

Description of Works relating to America published be- 
tween the Years 1492 and 1551. pp. 519. Imperial 8° 
half morocco, uncut edges, gilt top. New York, 1866 
Only 400 copies printed. 

1643 Harrisse. Bibliotheca Americana Vetustissima. Addi- 

tions, pp. 199. Imperial 8° half morocco, uncut, gilt 
top. Paris, 1872 

1644 Harrisse. Notes pour servir a I'Histoire, a la Biblio- 

graphie, et a la Cartographie de la Nouvelle France et 
des Pays adjacents, 1545-1700. pp. 367. Small 8° pa- 
per, uncut, Paris, 1872 


1645 Harrisse. Notes on Columbus, pp. 227. Photogra- 

phic portrait and fac-similes. Small folio, cloth, uncut. 

Privately printed: New York, 1866 
Only 99 copies privately printed for S. L. M. Hariow. 

1646 Harrisse. Fernand Colomb, sa Vie, ses Oeuvres; Essai 

critique, pp. 231. Imperial 8° half morocco, gilt top. 

Paris, 1872 
Holland Paper Copy; only 200 copies issued. 

1647 Hart, C. H. Memoir of the Life and Services of Col. 

John Dixon. 1877; — Mary White-Mrs. Robert Morris, 
an address delivered June 7, 1877 on the occasion of 
the reinterment of the remains of Col. Thomas White, 
1878. 2 vols, royal 8° boards, uncut. Phila. 

1648 Hart. Memoir of Lewis H. Morgan; — Richard S. 

Field; — Stephen S. Haldeman; — William Willis; — 
Robert Morris; — George Ticknor; — Remarks on Ta- 
basco, Mexico, etc. 8 pamphlets. 

1649 Hartford, Conn. Hartford in the Olden Time, its 

first Thirty Years. By »*Scaeba." Edited by W. M. B. 
Hartley, pp. 316. Illustrations. 8° cloth. Hartford, 1853 

1650 Harvard College, 1636-1886. A record of the Com- 

memoration, Nov. 5-8, 1886, on the 250th Anniversary 
of the founding of Harvard College. Plate. Royal 8® 
cloth, uncut. Cambridge, 1887 

165 1 Harvard College. Sibley, J. L. Father Abbey's Will; 

to which is added a letter of courtship to his virtuous 

and amiable widow; with historical and biographical 

notes. 8° half calf. Cambridge, 1854 

Only 50 copies privately printed. One of 2 copies on tinted paper. 

1652 Harvard College. Speech by Josiah Quincy, Feb. 25, 

1845; — Memorial concerning the history and constitu- 
tional rights of Harvard College, 185 1; — Plea for Har- 
vard, by an **Alumnus," 1849; — Letter to the Presi- 
dent, by a member of the Corporation, 1849; — Pro- 
ceedings of the Overseer^, Aug. 25, 1834; — Documents 
relating to Harvard College, 1820; — Facts and Docu- 
ments, by Hollis, 1829; — Report on the Rights and 
duties of the President of Harvard College, 1856, etc. 
9 vols. 8° half roan. Boston. 

1653 Harvard College. Phi Beta Kappa Poem, by George 

S. Hillard, 1843; — Oration by George Putnam, 1844; 
Oration by A. P. Peabody, 1845. 3 vols. 8° half roan. 

1654 Harvard College. Catalogue of the Library of Har- 

vard University, with the first supplement, and the 
catalogue of maps and charts. 5 vols. 8° boards, un- 
cut. Cambridge, 1830-34 


1655 Harvard College Catalogues, Reports, etc. (100) 

1656 Harvard. The Collegian, in six numbers, pp. 290. 

8® half calf. Cambridge, 1830 

Contains 24 anonymous poems by O. W. Holmes, also the first 
printed composition of John Lothrop Motley. 

1657 Harvard Lyceum, published in 1810 and 181 1. pp. 

432. 8° half calf. Cambridge, t8ii 

"Edited and largely contributed to by Edward Everett, the other 
editors were N. L. Frothingham, J. F. Cooper, D. Damon, J. H. Far- 
nam, H. H. Fuller, S. Oilman all of the class of 181 1." 

1658 Harvard Register, 1827-28. pp. 384. 8° half calf. 

Cambridge, 1828 

"Edited largely by Pres. Felton, G. S. Hillard, F. H. Hedge, R. 
W. Emerson, R. C. Winthrop, James Freeman Clarke, B. R. Curtis, 
etc. With the names of contributors added in pencil.'* 

1659 Harvard Register, an illustrated monthly. Vols, i, 2 

and 3. 3 vols, bound in 2 vols. 4® and 8° boards. 

Cambridge, 1880-81 

1660 Harvard Memorial Biographies, pp. 477, 512. 2 

vols. 8** cloth, uncut, gilt tops. Cambridge, 1866 

1 66 1 H ASSAM, John T. Ezekiel Cheever and some of his de- 

scendants, pp. 64; — Bartholomew and Richard Cheever 
and some of their descendants, pp. 11 ; — Boston Tav- 
erns, with some suggestions on the proper mode of in- 
dexing the Public Records; — Dover Settlement and 
the Hiltons; — Descendants of William Hilton. 5 pam- 

1662 Hastings, Warren. Memoirs relative to the State of 

India. New edition. pp. 196. Fine portrait. 8® 
calf. London, 1786 

1663 Haven, N. A. The Remains of Nathaniel Appleton 

Haven, with a Memoir of his Life. By George Tick- 
nor. pp. 351. 8® morocco, gilt, red edges. 

(Cambridge,) 1827 

1664 Haven, Samuel F. Archaeology of the United States. 

pp. 168. Royal 4° cloth. Washington, 1855 

From Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge. 

1665 Haven. Narrative of a Voyage to Spitzbergen in the 

Year 1613, with an introduction and notes, by S. F. 
Haven. Inserted portrait. 8** cloth. Boston, i860 
Only 50 copies privately printed. 

1666 Haverhill, Mass. History of, from 1640 to i860. By 

G. W. Chase, pp. 663, 20. Map. 8° cloth, 

Haverhill, 1861 


1667 Haverhill. Fast Sermon, preached at Haverhill and 

Bradford, Apr. 12, 1764 by £dw. Barnard, pp. 22. 
Portsmouth, 1764; — Sermon preached at the Ordina- 
tion of Mr. Benj. Parker, Haverhill, Nov. 28, 1744. 
pp. 30. Boston, 1744. 2 vols. 8® half roan. 

1668 Hawaiian Hymn Book. £x Bue Raa Himene. pp. 43. 

12** half roan, uncut. Tahiti, 1287 (1827) 

1669 Hawes, Joel. A Tribute to the Memory of the Pilgrims, 

and a vindication of the Congregational Churches of 
New England. Second ed. 12** cloth. Hartford, 1836 

1670 Hawkins, J. S. History of the Origin and Establish- 

ment of Gothic Architecture, pp. 251. Plates. 8® 
morocco, gilt. London, 181 3 

167 1 Hawkins, Joseph. History of a Voyage to the Coast of J 

Africa, and travels into the interior of that country. 
Second ed. pp. 180. 16® sheep. Troy, 1797 

1672 Hawkins, Sir Richard. The Observations of Sir Rich- 

ard Hawkins, in his voyage into the South Sea, Anno 
Domini 1593. Small folio, calf, gilt edges. 

London, 1622 
Reprinted in Vol. I of Hakluyt Society Publications. 

1673 Hawks, Francis L. Contributions to the Ecclesiastical 

History of the United States. 2 vols. 8° cloth and 
boards. New York, 1836-9 

1674 Hawks. History of North Carolina, pp. 254, 591. 

Portraits and maps. 2 vols. 8° sheep. 

Fayetteville, 1857-58 

1675 Hawthorne, Nathaniel. Liberty Tree. First ed. 16** 

cloth. Boston, 1842 

1676 Hawthorne. Grandfather's Chair. Second ed. 16** 

cloth. Boston, 1842 

1677 Hawthorne. Famous Old People. Second ed. 16** 

cloth. Boston, 1842 

1678 Haves, John L. Vindication of the Rights and Titles, 

Political and Territorial, of Alexander, Earl of Stirling 
and Dovan. pp. 52, 76. Fac-similes. 8® half mo- 
rocco. Washington, 1853 

1679 Hayes. The Fleece and the Loom; an address before 

the National Association of Wool Manufacturers, Phila- 
delphia, Sept. 6, 1865. pp. 80. Royal 4° paper, un- 
cut. Boston, 1865 
Large Paper ; Only 50 copies printed. 

j68o Hayes. Bulletin of the National Association of Wool 
Manufacturers, from 1869 to 1873. 4 vols. 8® cloth. 

Boston, 1869—73 


1681 [Hays, A. L.] The Generations of a New England 

Family. Imperial 8** paper, uncut. 

Privately printed: Cambridge, 1885 

1682 Hazard, Ebenezer. Historical Collections; consisting 

of state papers and other authentic documents, intended 
as materials for a history of the United States of 
America. 2 vols. 4° half morocco, uncut. Phila., 1792 

1683 Hazlitt, William. The Spirit of the Age, or contem- 

porary Portraits. Second ed. pp. 408. 8® clofti, uncut. 

* London, 1825 

1684 Hazlitt. Lectures on Dramatic Literature of the Age 

of Elizabeth, 1840; — Criticisms on Art, 1843; — Lec- 
tures on the English Poets, 1841; — The Round Table, 
1841; — Lectures on the English Comic Writers, 1841; 
— Sketches and Essays, 1839; — Characters of Shak- 
speare's Plays, 1838. 7 vols. 16** cloth, uncut. London. 

1685 Hazlitt. Literary Remains of; with a notice of his 

life, by his son, and thoughts on his genius and writ- 
ings, by E. L. Bulwer and Mr. Sergeant Talfourd. 
pp. 362, 468. Portrait. 2 vols. 8° half roan. 

London, 1836 

1686 Head, Sir Francis B. A Narrative. (Relates to 

Canadian Affairs, 1836-38.) 8® half morocco. 

London, 1839 

1687 [Head.] Bubbles from the Brunnen of Nassau. By an 

Old Man. pp. 363. Sixth ed. 16° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1841 

1688 Heath, James. A Chronicle of the late Intestine War 

in the three kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ire- 
land, with a continuation to this present year, 1675, 
by J. P. pp. 604. Portraits. Folio, calf. 

London, 1676 

1689 Heath, Major-General William. Memoirs of, contain- 

ing anecdotes, details of skirmishes, battles, and other 
military events, during the American War. Written 
by Himself. Portrait inserted. 8® half morocco. 

Boston, 1798 

1690 Heckewelder, John. Life of. By John Rondthaler. 

Edited by B. H. Coates. pp. 149. Portrait. 12'' cloth. 

Phila., 1847 

1 69 1 Heeren, a. H. L. Historical Treatises, pp. 441. 8® 

cloth, uncut. Oxford, 1836 

1692 Helper, H. R. The Impending Crisis of the South, 

how to meet it. pp. 420; — Compendium of the Im- 
pending Crisis of the South pp. 214. 2 vols. 12** cloth 
and paper. New York, 1860 


1693 Helps, Arthur. The Conquerors of the New World and 

their Bondsmen; being a narrative of the principal 
events which led to Negro Slavery in the West Indies 
and America. Vols, i and 2. pp 264, 300. 2 vols. 
12° cloth, uncut. W. Pickering: London, 1848-52 

1694 [Helps.] Friends in Council; a series of readings and 

discourse thereon, pp. 228, 370. 2 vols. 12** cloth, 
uncut. W. Pickering: London, 1849 

1695 Helps. The Spanish Conquest in America, and its re- 

lation to the history of slavery and to the government 
of colonies. 4 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1855 

1696 Helps. Life of Las Casas, the Apostle of the Indies; — 

Life of Pizarro, with some account of his associates in 
the Conquest of Peru; — Life of Columbus, the dis- 
coverer of America. 3 vols. 12® cloth, uncut. 

London and Phila., 1868-9 

1697 Hennepin, Louis. Description de la Louisiane, nouvelle- 

ment ddcouverte au Sud Otiest de la Nouvelle France, 
par ordre du Roy. Avec la Carte du Pays: Les Moeurs 
& la Maniere de vivre des Sauvages. Dedide k sa 
Majesty. With the map in fac-simile. 12° old calf. 

Chez la veuve Sebastien Hure: Paris, 1683 

1698 Hennepin. A New Discovery of a Vast Country in 

America, extending above four thousand miles, between 
New France and New Mexico; with description of the 
great lakes, cataracts, rivers, plants, and animals. 
Also the manners, customs, and languages of the sev- 
eral native Indians; with a continuation giving an ac- 
count of the attempts of the Sieur de la Salle upon the 
mines of St. Barbe, etc. The taking of Quebec by the 
English, etc. 2 vols, in one. 2 maps and 5 plates. 8° 
calf, gilt, (rebacked). London, 1698 

1699 Hennepin. The same, (i map and 2 plates wanting.) 

2 vols, in one. 8° calf, (cracked). London, 1699 

1700 Hennepin. A Description of Louisiana. Translated 

by John G. Shea. pp. 407. Map. 8** paper, uncut. 

New York, 1880 
Only 250 copies printed. 

1 701 Henry IV. Interesting Anecdotes of Henry IV. of 

France, containing sublime traits and lively sallies of 
the wit of that monarch. Translated from the French, 
pp. 279. 16° calf. Dublin, 1792 

1702 Henry VIII. Assertio Septem Sacramentorum; or, an 

Assertion of the Seven Sacraments against Martin Lu- 
ther. Second ed. pp. 118. Portrait. Small 8® calf. 

London, 1688 


1703 Henry, John Joseph. An Accurate and Interesting Ac- 

count of the Hardships and Sufferings of that Band of 
Heroes, who traversed the wilderness in the campaign 
against Quebec in 1775. pp. 225. 16'' sheep. 

Lancaster, 181 2 

1704 Henry, Patrick. Sketches of the Life and Character of 

Patrick Henry. By William Wirt. Ninth ed. pp. 468. 
Portrait. 8° half calf. Phila., 1838 

1705 Herbert, George. Works of, in Prose and Verse, pp. 

414, 384. Portrait and view. 2 vols. 8** antique calf, 
red edges. W. Pickering: London, 1846 

1706 Herbert. Life of Edward Lord Herbert of Cherbury; 

written by himself, and continued to his death. (By 
Horace Walpole.) pp. 360. Portrait. 8** half roan, 
uncut. London, 1826 

1707 Herbert, William. History of the worshipful Company 

of Fishmongers of London, pp. 120. 8° half morocco. 

London, 1837 

1708 Herrera, Antonio de. Novis Orbis, sive Descriptio In- 

dae Occidentalis, Auctore Antonio de Herrera. Meta- 
phraste C. Barlaeo. Accesserunt et aliorum Indiae Occi- 
dentalis Descriptiones et Navigationis nuper ac Austra- 
lis Jacobi le Maire, Historia uti, et navigationum per 
Fretum Magellanicum succincta narratio. Fol. 82, 11. 
Maps. Folio, vellum. Amstelodami, 1622 

1709 Herring, Richard. Paper and Paper Making, ancient 

and modern, pp. 125. 8° cloth. ^ London, 1855 
With specimens of different kinds of paper. 

17 10 Hetherington, Rev. W. M. History of the Westmin- 

ster Assembly of Divines, pp. 390. 16** morocco, gilt. 

Edinburgh, 1843 

171 1 Heylyn, Peter. Microcosmus, or, a Little Description 

of the Great World. First ed. London 162 1 ; — A Briefe 
Descriptionof the whole World. Fifth ed. London 1620; 
— A Geographicall and Antologicall Description of all 
the Empires, etc. London 1618; — The Commonwealth 
of England, and the Manner of Government thereof. 
London, 162 1. Bound in i vol. 4** old calf. 
Autograph of Carew Raleigh. 

17 12 Heylyn. Mikrokosmos, a little description of the Great 

World. Fourth ed. revised, pp. 809. 4° boards. 

Oxford, 1629 
Contains 40 pp. relating to America. 

1713 Heylyn. The same. Seventh ed. pp. 820. 4° half 

morocco, gilt, uncut edges. (Title cut down and 
mounted.) Oxford, 1636 


17 14 Heylyn. The same. Eighth ed. pp. 809, 13. 4** calf, 

(broken). Oxford, 1939 (1639.) 

1 7 15 Heylyn. Aeriiis Redivivus; or, the History of the 

Presbyterians, from the year 1536 to the year 1647. PP- 
482. Folio, calf. Oxford, 1670 

1716 Heylyn. Cosmography in four Books, containing the 

Chorography and History of the whole World. Numer- 
ous maps. Folio, half morocco, uncut. London, 1674 

1 7 17 HiBBERT, George. Catalogue of his Library, sold by 

auction in London, March 1829. pp. 484. Fac-similes. 
8** half morocco, gilt top. London, 1829 

17 18 Highborn, Benjamin. An Oration delivered March 5, 

1777, to commemorate the Bloody Tragedy of the Fifth 
of March, 1770. pp. 18. 4° half morocco. Boston, 1777 

1 7 19 HiCKOx, John H. Historical Account of American 

Coinage, pp. 151. 5 plates. Royal 8** boards. 
Large paper. Albany, 1858 

1720 HiGGiNSON, T. W. A Larger History of the United 

States of America, to the close of President Jackson's 
Administration. pp. 470. Maps and illustrations. 
Royal 8** cloth. New York, 1886 

Presentation copy from the author. 

1721 HiGciNSON, Waldo. Memorials of the Class of 1833 of 

Harvard College, pp. 164. 8® cloth. Cambridge, 1883 

1722 [Hildreth, Richard.] The Slave; or Memoirs of Archy 

Moore, pp. 123, 115. 2 vols, in i. 12° boards. 

♦ Boston, 1840 

1723 HiLDRETH. History of the United States of America. 

Vols. I and 4. 2 vols. 8** cloth. New York, 1849-51 

1724 Hill. The Trial of Jeremiah Hill, Esq. for Heresy, be- 

fore the Church of Christ in Biddeford, Me., May 2, 
1793. pp. 24. 8® half morocco. n. p. n. d. 

1725 HiLLER, Rev. O. P. Pocahontas; or the Founding of 

Virginia, a poem. 12° cloth. London, 1865 

1726 HiNGHAM, Mass. History of. By Solomon Lincoln, Jr. 

View inserted. 16° half calf. Hingham, 1827 

1727 Hingham. Commemorative Services of the First Parish, 

on the 200th anniversary of the building of its Meeting 
House, August 8, 1881. pp. 169; — Discourse by E. A. 
Horton, on the 200th anniversary of the opening of the 
Meeting House of the First Parish, January 8, 1882. 
pp. 57. Plates. 2 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. Hingham, 1882 

1728 Hingham. Cohasset and Duxbury. Historical pamph- 

lets relating to. (17). 


1729 HiNMAN, R. R. Letters from the English Kings and 

Queens to the Governors of the Colony of Connecticut, 
together with the answers thereto, from 1635 to 1749. 
Portrait and plates, pp.372. 12° cloth. Hartford, 1836 

1730 [HiNMAN.] The Blue Laws of New Haven Colony, usu- 

ally called Blue Laws of Connecticut, Quaker Laws of 
Plymouth and'Massachusetts, etc. pp. 336. 12° cloth. 

Hartford, 1838 
Note on fly leaf by the author. 

1731 Hinman's Catalogue of the First Puritan Settlers of the 

Colony of Connecticut. Nos. i, 2, 4, 5 and 6. Por- 
traits. 5 parts 8** paper. Hartford, 1852-56 

1732 HiLLHOUSE, James A. Dramas, Discourses, and other 

pieces, pp. 296, 248. 2 vols. 12® cloth, uncut. 

Boston, 1839 

1733 Hinsdale, B. A. The Old Northwest, with a view of 

the thirteen colonies as constituted by the Royal char- 
ters. Map. 8° cloth, uncut. New York, 1888 
An autograph letter of the author inserted. 

1734 Historical Magazine, and notes and queries concerning 

the antiquities, history and biography of America. 
Complete set, with all the extra numbers. 23 vols. 4** 
half roan, uncut edges, red tops. 

Boston and Morrisania, 1857-74 

1735 Historical Pamphlets. Merian*s Sermon at Falmouth, 

Oct. 17, 1764; — Pemberton's Sermon at Marblehead, 
May I, 1771; — Cunningham's Oration at Fitchburg, 
July 4, 1803; — Hancock's Sermons at Braintree, Sept. 
^^> '739? — Upham's Lecture on the First Church, 
Salem, 1829; — Reid's Historical Address at Salisbury, 
Nov. 20, 1844, etc. 14 vols. 8° half roan. 

1736 History of the Life and Adventures of Mr. Anderson, 

containing his strange varieties of fortune in Europe 
and America, pp. 243. 16'' half calf, gilt. 

Berwick, 1782 

The scenes of his adventures are mostly laid in Maryland and 

1737 History of Congress; exhibiting a classification of the 

proceedings of the Senate and the House of Represen- 
tatives, from March 4, 1789 to March 3, 1793. pp. 736. 
Royal 8° half calf, gilt. Phila., 1843 

1738 History of North America; comprising a geographical 

and statistical view of the United States and of the 
British Canadian possessions, pp. 498, 454. Maps 
and plates, portrait of Washington by S. Topham. 2 
vols. 8° half calf. Leeds, 1820 


1739 History of Maritime and Inland Discovery. 3 vols. 16° 

cloth, uncut. London, 1830 

1740 History of the British Dominions in North America, 

from the first discovery of that vast continent, by 
Sebastian Cabot in 1497 to 1763. pp. 275. Royal 4° 
sheep. London, 1773 

1741 History of the War between the United States and 

Tripoli, and other barbarous powers, pp. 144. 16° 
half sheep. Salem, 1806 

1742 History. Epitome of Ancient, Mediaeval and Modern 

History, by Carl Ploetz; — Studies in General History, 
by M. D. Sheldon; — Higginson's Young Folk's History 
of the United States; — Voyages and Adventures of 
Vasco de Gama, by G. M. Towle; — Paragraph History 
of the U. S., by E. Abbott; — American's Own Book, 
by J. R. Bigelow; — New America, by W. H. Dixon; — 
Prophetic Voices concerning America; — Great Events, 
by Francis Lieber; — Historical and Classical Diction- 
ary. 10 vols. 12** cloth and sheep. 

1743 Hoar, George F. Historical Pamphlets, Orations and 

Speeches. 11 pamphlets. 

1744 HoBBS, Thomas. Of Liberty and Necessity. 12** calf. 

London, 1684 

1745 HoBBS. The same. New edition. 12** paper, uncut. 

Manchester, 1839 

1746 HoDDER, James. Arithmetick, or that necessary art 

made most easy. pp. 1-2 12. 16** calf, gilt. 

Printed by J. Franklin: Boston, 17 19 
Portion of the portrait and some pages at the end, are wanting. 

1747 Hodgson, Adam. Remarks during a Journey through 

North America in the years 1819-21. With an appendix 
containing an account of several of the Indian Tribes, 
etc. pp. 335. 8** boards, uncut. New York, 1823 

1748 Hodgson, Rev. J. T. Memoir of the Rev. Francis 

Hodgson, scholar, poet and divine, pp. 297, 347. 
Portrait. 2 vols. 12° cloth, uncut. London, 1878 

1749 Hogarth, William. Graphic Illustrations of Hogarth, 

from pictures, drawings, and scarce prints in the pos- 
session of Samuel Ireland, pp. 183, 150. Numerous 
plates. 2 vols, royal 8° half calf. London, 1799 

1750 Hogarth. Anecdotes of William Hogarth, written by 

Himself, with essays on his life and genius, and criti- 
cisms on his works, pp. 416. 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1833 


1 75 1 Hogg, James. The Jacobite Relics of Scotland, being 

the songs, airs, and legends of the adherents to the 
House of Stuart. Second series, pp. 480. 8® cloth, 
uncut. Edinburgh, 1821 

1752 Hole, Richard. Remarks on the Arabian Nights' En- 

tertainments, pp. 258. 12® boards, uncut. 

London, 1797 

1753 Holland, H. W. William Dawes and his Ride with 

Paul Revere; to which is appended a genealogy of the 
Dawes Family, pp. 128. Portraits. Small 4® cloth, 
uncut. Boston, 1878 

Only 100 copies privately printed. 

1754 Holland, J. G. History of Western Massachusetts, 

the counties of Hampden, Hampshire, Franklin, and 
Berkshire, pp. 520, 619. Map. 2 vols. 12** cloth. 

Springfield, 1855 

1755 HoLLiSTON, Mass. View of HoUiston in its First Cen- 

tury; a century sermon delivered, Dec. 4, 1826. By 
Charles Fitch, pp. 36. 8** half roan, gilt. 

Dedham, 1827 

1756 HoLLis. Memoirs of Thomas Hollis, Esq. (By Francis 

Blackburne.) pp. 839, 24. 2 vols, imperial 4° half 
russia, gilt. Lond^on, 1770 

Large Papbk copy. 

The plates are by Bartolozzi, Cipriani, and others. Between pp. 
532 and 533 come pp. 533^-576*, 577^-5841 579**-S8o. These 
pages are sometimes deficient. The subject of this memoir was a 
liberal benefactor to Harvard College. 

1757 Holmes, Abiel. Annals of America, from the Discovery 

by Columbus in the year 1492 to the year 1826. 
Second ed. 2 vols. 8® half morocco. Cambridge, 1829 

1758 [Holmes, O. W.] The Harbinger; a May-gift. First ed. 

pp. 96. 8° cloth. Boston, 1833 

1759 Holmes. Homoeopathy and its kindred Delusion. 

First ed. pp. 72. 12° boards. Boston, 1842 

1760 Holmes. Poems, pp. 175. 16° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1846 

1761 [Home, Henry.] Essays upon several Subjects concern- 

ing British Antiquities. Third ed. pp. 216. 16° half 
calf. Edinburgh, 1763 

1762 Homes of American Statesmen, with anecdotical, per- 

sonal and descriptive sketches. By various writers. Il- 
lustrated with engravings on wood from drawings by 
Dopier and daguerreotypes. 8® cloth, gilt edges. 

New York, 1854 


1763 Homer. The Iliad and Odyssey. Translated by Alex- 

ander Pope. pp. 549, 415. Frontispieces. 2 vols. 18° 
cloth, uncut. London, 1840-41 

1764 Hone, William. The Three Trials of William Hone, for 

publishing three Parodies, viz., the late John Wilkes*s 
Catechism, the Political Litany, and the Sinecurist's 
Creed. 8° half sheep. London, 1818 

1765 Hone. The Apocryphal New Testament. Fourth ed. 8** 

boards, uncut. London, 182 1 

1766 Hone. The same. 8** morocco, gilt. New York. 

1767 Hone. Ancient Mysteries described, especially the 

English Miracle Plays, founded on the Apocryphal New 
Testament Story, pp. 298. Engravings. 8° morocco, 
gilt. London, 1823 

1768 Hood, George. History of Music in New England, with 

Biographical Sketches of Reformers and Psalmists, 
pp. 252. 12^ cloth, uncut. Boston, 1846 

1769 Hood, Thomas. Hood's Own; or. Laughter from Year 

to Year. pp. 568. Portrait and illustrations. 8® cloth, 
uncut. London, 1846 

1770 HooKE, William. (Minister at Taunton.) New Englands 

Teares, for Old Englands Feares; preached in a Ser- 
mon July 23, 1640. pp. 23. Small 4** blue morocco, 
gilt edges. London, 1641 

The author removed from Taunton to New Haven, and returned 
to England in 1656, to become one of the domestic chaplains of 

177 1 Hooker, Thomas. The Danger of Desertion; or a 

Farewell Sermon, preached immediately before his De- 
parture out of Old England, pp. 20. Small 4** half 
morocco. (Name or words erased from middle of title 
page.) London, 1641 

1772 Hooker, Thomas, and John Cotton. A Survey of the 

Summe of Church-Discipline, wherein the Way of 
the Congregationall Churches of Christ in New Eng- 
land, is warranted and cleared. 4° antique calf, red 
edges. London, 1648 

1773 Hopkins, Mark. Lectures on the Evidences of Chris- 

tianity, before the Lowell Institute, January, 1844. pp. 
383. 8° cloth. Boston, 1856 

1774 [Hopkins, P. R.] Prisoners' Memoirs; or, Dartmoor 

Prison, containing a complete History of the entire 
Captivity of the Americans in England. Plan. 12** calf. 

New York, 1815 


1775 [Hopkins, Dr. Samuel.] A Dialogue concerning the 

Slavery of the Africans; showing it to be the Duty and 
Interest of the American Colonies to emancipate all 
their African Slaves. 8** half calf. Norwich, 1776 

1776 Hopkins, Samuel. The Puritans; or, the Church, Court 

and Parliament of England during the Reigns of Ed- 
ward VI and Queen Elizabeth. 3 vols, royal 8** cloth. 

Boston, 1859 

1777 HoPKiNSON, Francis. The Old Farm and the New Farm, 

a Political Allegory. With notes by B. J. Lossing. pp. 
76. 16*" cloth. New York, 1857 

1778 HoRNE, T. H. Manual of Biblical Bibliography, pp. 

431. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1839 

1779 HoRNE. An Introduction to the Critical Study and 

Knowledge of the Holy Scriptures. Ninth ed. 5 vols. 
8® cloth, uncut. London, 1846 

1780 HoRNius, Georgi. De Originibus Americanis, Libri 

quatuor. 16** paper. Hagae Comitis, 1652 

1 781 HoRSFORD, E. N. John Cabot's Landfall in 1497 and 

the site of Nurembega, pp. 42, 1886; — Problem of the 
Northmen, a letter to Judge Daly on the opinion of 
Justin Winsor. That ** though Scandinavians may have 
reached the shores of Labrador, the soil of the United 
States has not one vestige of their presence.*' 1889. 
Maps. 2 vols. 4** paper, uncut. Cambridge. 

1782 HoRSFORD. The Indian Names of Boston, and their 

Meaning, pp. 26. Maps. Royal 4° paper, uncut. 

Cambridge, 1886 

1783 HoRSFORD. Discovery of America by the Northmen, 

address at the unveiling of the statue of Leif Eriksen, 
delivered in Faneuil Hall, Oct. 29, 1887. Maps, col- 
ored plate and fac-similes. pp. 113. 4** cloth, uncut. 
Large Paper. Boston, 1888 

1784 HoRSMANDEN, Daniel. The New York Conspiracy; or, 

a History of the Negro Plot, with the Journal of the 
Proceedings against the Conspirators at New York in 
the Years 1 741-2. pp. 385. 8** sheep. New York. 1810 

1785 HosMER, Zelotes. Catalogue of his Choice Collection of 

Books, sold at Auction, Boston, May 7, 1861. pp. 116, 
3. Priced in ink. 8** half morocco. Boston, 1861 

1786 HoTTEN, John Camden. Our Early Emigrant Ances- 

tors. The Original Lists of Persons of Quality, Emi- 
grants, Religious Exiles, Political Rebels, etc., who 
went from Great Britain to the American Plantations, 
1600-1700. Second ed. pp. 580. 4** cloth. 

New York, 1808 


1787 Hough, Franklin B. History of St. Laurence and Frank- 

lin Counties, New York. pp. 719. Maps. 8° cloth. 

Albany, 1853 

1788 Hough. Papers relating to Pemaquid and parts adja- 

cent in the present State of Maine, known as Cornwall 
County, when under the Colony of New York. pp. 136. 
8° half calf, gilt. Albany, 1856 

Only 150 copies printed. 

1789 Hough. History of Dury^e's Brigade, during the Cam- 

paign in Virginia under Gen. Pope, and in Maryland 
under Gen. McClelland, pp. 200. Portrait. 8® paper, 
uncut. Albany, 1864 

Only 300 copies printed. 

1790 Hough. Bibliographical List of Books and Pamphlets 

containing Eulogies, Orations, Poems or other Papers, 
relating to the Death of General Washington, pp. 59. 
Imperial 8** paper, uncut. Albany, 1865 

Only 24 copies privately printed. 

1 791 Hough. Notices of Peter Penet, and of his Operations 

among the Oneida Indians, including a Plan prepared 
by him for the Government of that Tribe, pp. 36. 
Royal 8** paper, uncut. Lowville, N. Y., 1866 

1792 How. Diary of David How, a Private in Colonel Paul 

Dudley Sargent's Regiment of the Massachusetts Line 
in the Army of the American Revolution. Notes by 
Henry B. Dawson, pp. 51. Imperial 8° paper, uncut. 

Morrisania, N. Y., 1865 
Only 250 copies printed. 

1793 Howard, B. C. Report of the Decision of the U. S. 

Supreme Court in the Case of Dred Scott vs. John F. 
A. Sandford. pp. 633. 8** half roan. New York, 1857 

1794 Howe, Henry. Historical Collections of Virginia, pp. 

544. Map and illustrations. 8° cloth. 

Charleston, S. C, 1852 

1795 Howe, Nathaniel. A Century Sermon, delivered in 

Hopkinton, Mass., Dec. 24, 181 5. Third ed. pp. 32. 
8** boards. Boston, 1825 

1796 Howe. The same. Fourth ed., with notes by Elias 

Nason. pp. 56. 8** boards. Boston, 1851 

1797 Howe, W. The Narrative of Lieut. Gen. Sir William 

Howe, in a Committee of the House of Commons, on 
the 29th of April, 1779, relative to his conduct during 
his late command of the King's Troops in North Amer- 
ica: To which are added, some observations upon a 
pamphlet, entitled. Letters to a Nobleman, &c. pp. 
no. 4® half morocco, gilt. London, 1780 

CATAL0GU6. 165 

1798 [Howell, James.] Englands Teares for the present 

Wars, which for the Nature of the Quarrell, the Diver- 
sity of Battailes, etc., cannot be paralleled by any pre- 
cedent Age. pp. 18. Small 4** half morocco. 

London, 1644 

1799 [Howell.] Some Sober Inspections made into the Car- 

riage and Consults of the late Long Parliament, pp. 
184. 18** sheep. London, 1656 

1800 Howell. Divers Historicall Discourses of the late 

Popular Insurrections in Great Britain and Ireland, 
pp. 411. The first Tome. 16® half calf, rebacked. 

London, 1661 

1801 Howell. Epistolae Ho-Elianae; Familiar Letters Do- 

mestick and Foreign, upon emergent Occasions. Tenth 
ed. pp. 418, 10. Frontispiece. 8° calf. London, 1737 

1802 Ho.wGiLL, Francis. The Popish Inquisition newly 

erected in New-England, whereby their Church is 

manifested to be a Daughter of Mysterie, etc. pp. 72. 

Small 4*^ half calf. London, 1659 

Contains an account of the reception which the Quakers met with 
in Boston. 

1803 HowGiLL. The Deceiver of the Nations discovered and 

his Cruelty made manifest, etc., more especially his 
cruel works of Darkness in Maryland and Virginia, pp. 
29. Small 4° calf, gilt. (One leaf remargined.) 

London, 1660 

1804 HoYT, E. Antiquarian Researches, comprising a His- 

tory of the Indian Wars. in the Country bordering Con- 
necticut River and Parts adjacent, pp. 312. Engraved 
title. 8° morocco, gilt. Greenfield, 1824 

1805 HoYT Genealogy. Genealogical History of John Hoyt 

of Salisbury, and David Hoyt of Deerfield, and their 
Descendants. By D. W. Hoyt. pp. 144. Portrait 
and plate. 8** paper. Boston, 1857 

1806 Hubbard, William. The Present State of New England, 

being a narrative of the troubles with the Indians in 

New England, from the first planting thereof in the 

year 1607, to this present year, 1677: But chiefly of 

the late troubles in the two last years, 1675 and 1676. 

To which is added a discourse about the War with the 

Pequods in the year 1637. 4°* calf, gilt. 

Tho. Parkhurst: London, 1677 

License, one leaf, Title, one leaf, 5 prel. leaves. Text, pp. 131, "Ta- 
ble of Towns in New England,'* 7 pp. **A Postscript," pp. 6, "Narra- 
tive of Troubles," pp. 88. Lacks the original map, but has Harris' 
fac-similes of both the Wine Hills and White Hill's maps. 


1807 Hubbard, Rev. William. The Happiness of a People 

in the VVisdome of their Rulers Directing and in the 
Obedience of their Brethren Attending unto what 
Israel ought to do. Election Boston, May 3, 
1675. pp. 63. Small 4® full morocco, red edges. 

Printed by John Foster, Boston, 1676 

1808 Hubbard. A Narrative of the Troubles with the In- 

dians in New England, from the first planting thereof in 
the year 1677. But chiefly of the late troubles in the 
last two years, 1675 and 1676. To which is added a 
discourse about Warre with the Pequods in the year 
1637. Small 4° full crimson crushed levant morocco, 
gilt back, sides and edges. 

Printed by John Foster: Boston, 1677 

Fine, clean, perfect copy, with the rare "Wine Hills*' map. Also a 
fac-simile "White Hills*' map inserted, both mounted on linen. Hook- 
plate of Henry Stevens of Vermont and London. 

License, one leaf. Title, one leaf, "Epistle dedicatory," signed Wil- 
liam Hubbard, pp. 4, **An Advertisement to the Reader," pp. 2. "To 
the Reverend Mr. William Hubbard," etc., signed J. S. pp. i. "Upon 
the elaborate Survey," signed B. T. pp. 2. "The Printer to the 
Reader" pp. i. "A map of New England, Being the first that ever 
was cut here," etc. Text, "A Narrative," etc. pp. 132. "A Table of 
Towns in New England," pp. 7. "A Postscript." pp. 1,7-12. "A 
Narrative of the Troubles with the Indians in New England from 
Pascataqua to Pemmaquid," pp. 88. "The Happiness of a People," 
etc. 1670. Title, one leaf, to the Hon. John Leverett, 3 leaves. Text, 

PP- 63. 

1809 Hubbard. Narrative of the Indian Wars in New Eng- 

land, from 1607 to 1677. Fac-simile map. 16** calf, 

gilt. Boston, 1775 

An abridgment of the Boston ed. of 1677. 

1810 Hubbard. The same. 16° half blue morocco, gilt 

edges. Printed by Stiles Nichols: Danbury, 1803 

A reprint, somewhat abridged, of the Boston ed. of 1775. 

181 1 Hubbard. The same. 16° mottled sheep. 

Brattleboro, 1814 
A reprint of the Boston ed. of 1775. 

1812 Hubbard. History of the Indian Wars in New Eng- 

land, from the first settlement to the termination of the 
War with King Philip, in 1677. Edited, with notes, by 
S. G. Drake, pp. 292, 303. Fac-simile Wine Hills 
map. 2 vols, royal 4° boards. Roxbury, 1865 

Large Paper : only 50 copies printed. 

1813 Hubbard. General History of New England, from the 

discovery to 1680. pp. 676. 8° sheep. Cambridge, 1815 

1 814 Hubbard. General History of New England, from the 

discovery to 1680. Second ed. pp. 768. 8° cloth, un- 
cut. Boston, 1848 
With 3 autograph letters of Peter Orlando Hutchinson laid in. 





laNE py-ENGL AND, from the firft planting thereof in tb« 

year 1607.10 this prefentyear i<77." But chiefly of the late 

Troubles in the cwoIaS^ears, 167$. and 1675. 

To which is added a Djicourfc about the tVdrr: with the 

P E a U O D S 

In ihc year 16 J7* 

'By W. Hubbard, Mw/A'' 0/ Ipfwich. 

Aid tbe Lord [aid unto CMoftSiWriuthisfhr a kicmoriallha S.tofi, and rtbfdrfe it U 
tbi ears 9f Jofhua-^ for 1 viUmtetlj fhtout-the Rememkaife of AmMeii from 
uvdi r beavtn. Expc*. 1 7 ' 4 . 

tilomfttt It m f.iid i« the 5w/fe •/ the ivarrs of the Lordy vhat be did in tbe red fea^ and k 
tbe BYsok^ofArn:n. Nutrib.'^i -4 

As cold waters to a tbirfi; foul, fols food news from a far Coatry, Prov. tf • xy . 

■ — ■ ■■ ■ . ■ ■ 

Exprcflk Itnago, c*- qaafi fprculum quod lam nx hiimi«^ eft hift)rii, ^iia tali» 

vci (i tiiif a kcmpicr pvlTaiu in mvmdo accidcrc, thucyd. 
Hiftoriacrajdirq^f^fafti iinr^ccqu^ Temper (lAC fucura.doDtc cadeDi manet homi* 

numaafura M.'M* 
Hiftorif rogDiit«u]iifl[imaiiin^Qrio, ecpr^paratioeftad afiiones policica^^ ct iliu^ 
(Iris M Jgiftra ad pcrfcrcndas fortune vices. ?ol)b. 

Pnthfied tj Author it j. 


Printed by John F^fitr^ in the year i o 7 7^ 

F'ac-simile of the Title Page ok "IIuubard's Nakrativk. Boston, 1677." No. 1808. 


1815 Hubbard's Map of New England, engraved probably by 

John Foster, the first printer of Boston ; remarks made 
before the Mass. Hist. Society, Nov. 8, 1888, with a 
fac-simile of the map. By S. A. Green, pp. 10, 1888; 
— Remarks on Hubbard's Map of New England. By 
Charles Deane. pp. 12. 1888. 2 pamphlets. 

1816 [HuBER, Madame.] The World Unmasked; or the 

Philosopher the greatest cheat. Translated from the 
French. Second ed. pp. 359, 300. a vols. 16° half 
gilt. London, 1743 

1817 HuDiBRAS continued, in two cantos; written in the time 

of the unhappy contest between Great Britain and 
America, in 1777 and 1778. 16° calf. London, 1778 

i8i8 Hudson. A Historical Inquiry concerning Henry Hud- 
son, his Friends, Relatives and early Life. By J. M. 
Read, Jr. pp. 209. Frontispiece. Royal 8® cloth, 
uncut. Albany, 1866 

1819 Hudson. Sketch of Henry Hudson, the Navigator. By 

Dr. G. M. Asher. pp. 23. 8** sheets folded in original 
wrapper. Brooklyn, 1867 

1820 Hughes, Griffith. The Natural History of Barbados. 

pp. 314 and appendix. Illustrated with copper plates. 
Folio, calf, (rebacked). London, 1750 

182 1 Hull, Brig. General William. Trial of, by a Court 

Martial held at Albany, January 1814; — Memoirs of 
the Campaign of the Northern Western Army, A. D. 
1812. In one volume. 8® half calf. 

New York and Boston, 18 12-14 

1822 Hull. Revolutionary Services and Civil Life of; pre- 

pared from his Manuscripts by his Daughter, Mrs. Ma- 
ria Campbell. 8° cloth. New York, 1848 

With ••Wheeler's Speech, Feb. 18, 1883 in House of Rep." in rela- 
tion to Hull's Surrender, laid in. 

1823 Humboldt, Alexander von. Cosmos, a sketch of a physi- 

cal description of the Universe. Translated by E. C. 
Ott^. Portrait. 5 vols. 12° cloth. Bohn : London, 1849 

1824 Humboldt. Letters to Varnhagen von Ense, written 

between the years 1827 and 1858; together with Varn- 
hagen's Diaries and Letters from Varnhagen and others 
to Humboldt, pp. 334. 8° cloth, uncut. London, i860 

1825 Humboldt. Life of. By Karl Bruhns. Translated by 

Jane and Caroline Lassell. pp. 412, 447. Portraits. 
2 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1873 

1826 Hume, Rev. A. The Learned Societies and Printing 

Clubs of the United Kingdom, pp. 294, 72. 12® cloth. 

London, 1853 


1827 Hume, David. History of England, from the Invasion 

of Julius Caesar to the Revolution in 1688. New edi- 
tion. Portrait. 6 vols. 8° polished calf, extra, mar- 
bled edges, by Riviere. Boston, 1854 

1828 Hume. Philosophical Works of. 4 vols. 8® polished 

calf, extra, marbled edges, by Riviere. Boston, 1854 

1829 Humphreys, David. An Historical Account of the in- 

corporated Society for the Propagation of the .Gospel in 
Foreign Parts, pp. 356. 8° calf. London, 1730 

1830 Humphreys. Miscellaneous Works. Portrait. 8" mot- 

tled calf. New York, 1804 

Autograph letter of the Author and 2 portraits inserted. 

1831 Humphreys. Essay on the Life of Major Gen. Israel 

Putnam; with a sketch of Bunker Hill Battle, by S. 
Swett. Portrait, pp. 276. 12° half calf, gilt. 

Boston, 1818 

1832 Hunnewell, James. Journal of the Voyage of the 

** Missionary Packet " Boston to Honolulu, 1826. With 
maps and plates and a memoir, pp. 77. Royal 4" 
boards, uncut. Charlestown, 1880 

Only 100 copies privately printed. Presentation copy. 

1833 Hunnewell, James F. An American Shrine, pp. 13, 

1870; — Commemoration of 250th Anniversary of 
First Church, Charlestown, Mass. pp. 60, 1882. 2 

1834 [Hunt, Freeman.] American Anecdotes; original and 

select. 2 vols. 12** half calf, uncut, gilt tops. 

Boston, 1830 

1835 Hunt Genealogy. Genealogy of the Name and Family 

of Hunt. By T. B. VVyman, Jr. 4® cloth. Boston, 1862 

1836 Hunt, Leigh. Lord Byron and some of his Contem- 

poraries; with recollections of the author's life and of 
his visit to Italy, pp. 450, 450. Second ed. 2 por- 
traits. 2 vols. 8° boards, uncut, (shaken). London, 1828 

1837 Hunt, William. Historic Towns. Bristol. Maps. 12** 

cloth. London, 1887 

1838 Hunter, John D. Manners and Customs of Several 

Indian Tribes, located west of the Mississippi, pp. 
402. 8° sheep. Phila., 1823 

1839 [Hunter, Joseph.] Who wrote Cavendish's Life of 

Wolsey? pp. 56. Small 4** half russia. London, 1815 
With bookplate of Thomas Bell, 1797. 

1840 Hunter. The Hallamshire Glossary. pp. 164. 12° 

calf, gilt edges, W. Pickering: London, 1829 


184 1 Hunter. English Monastic Libraries. I. A Catalogue 

of the Library of the Priory of Bretton; IL Notices of 
the Libraries belonging to other Religious Houses, pp. 
30. Small 4° paper. London, 1831 

1842 Hunter. New Illustrations of the Life, Studies, and 

Writings of Shakespeare, supplementary to all the 
Editions, pp. 425, 373. 2 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1845 

1843 Hunter. Critical and Historical Tracts. L Agin- 

court. n. Collections concerning the early history of 
the founders of New Plymouth. III. Milton. IV. 
Robin Hood. 4 vols. 12° paper. London, 1849-52 

1844 Hunter. (Collections concerning the Church or Con- 

gregation of iVotestant Separatists formed at Scrooby, 
in the time of King James 1, the P'ounders of New 
Plymouth, pp. 205. Second ed. Frontispiece. 8° 
cloth, uncut. London, 1854 

1845 Hunter. A Brief Memoir of the late Joseph Hunter, 

with a descriptive catalogue of his principal separate 
publications and contributions to the ** Archaeologia. " 
pp. 48. 8° boards. Privately printed : London, 1861 

1846 Hunter. Alienation and Recovery of the Offley Estates, 

1841; — Roll of Battle Abbey, 1853; — King Henry the 
VIII in Yorkshire; — Nature, Purpose and Resources of 
Topography; — Henry the Eighth in Lincolnshire; — 
Book of Devotions. 6 pamphlets. 

1847 HuRD, John C. The Law of Freedom and Bondage in 

the United States. 2 vols. 8° cloth. Boston, 1862 

1848 Hutchinson, Francis. Historical Essay concerning 

Witchcraft. Second ed. pp. 336. 8° calf, gilt. 

London, 1720 

1849 Hutchinson, Thomas, History of the Colony of Massa- 

chusetts Bay, from 1628 to 1750. First ed. 2 vols. 8** 
half morocco. Boston, 1764-7 

1850 Hutchinson. The same. Second ed. 2 vols. 8° calf. 

London, 1760-68 

185 1 Hutchinson. The same. Third ed. 2 vols. 8° sheep. 

Boston, 1795 

1852 Hutchinson. History of the Province of Massachusetts 

Bay, from 1750 to 1774. Vol. 3. Portrait. 8° morocco. 

London, 1828 

1853 Hutchinson. The same, with following title: History, 

etc., from 1 749-1774, comprising a detailed narrative of 
the origin and stages of the American Revolution. 
With preface 16 pp. inserted, also a plate. 8° morocco, 
uncut, London, 1828 


1854 Hutchinson. History of the Colony of Massachusetts 

Bay. Third ed. Fragment of 128 pp. published in 
the ** Royal American Magazine/' January, 1774 to 
April, 1775 and discontinued on that date. 8° half mo- 
rocco. I. Thomas: Boston, (1774) 

1855 Hutchinson. Collection of Original Papers relative to 

the History of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay. pp. 
576. 8® morocco, (corner of title mended). Boston, 1769 

1856 Hutchinson. Diary and Letters of. Compiled from 

the original documents, by P. O. Hutchinson. Portrait 
and fac-similes. 2 vols. 8^ cloth, uncut. Boston, 1884-6 

1857 Hutchinson and Oliver. Copy of Letters sent to Great 

Britain, by Thomas Hutchinson, Andrew Oliver, and 
several other persons, born and educated among us. 
pp. 94. 8® cloth, (last leaf mended). Boston, 1773 

1858 Hutchinson. The same. Second ed. 8** half calf. 

London, 1774 

1859 ImLAY, Gilbert. The Emigrants, etc., or the His- 
1 tory of an Expatriated Family, being a Delineation of 

English Manners, drawn from real Characters. 3 
vols. 12° sheep, (broken). London, 1793 

i860 Imlay. a Topographical Description of the Western 
Territory of North America. Maps. Third ed. 8° 
half morocco. London, 1797 

1861 Inchiquin*s Letters. Inchiquin, the Jesuit's Letters 

during a late Residence in the United States. By C. 
J. Ingersoll, New York, 1810; — The United States 
and England; being a Reply to the Criticism on Inchi- 
quin's Letters, contained in the Quarterly Review, Jan., 
1814, New York, 1815; — Remarks on the Review of 
Inchiquin's Letters. By Timothy Dwight. 3 vols. 8** 
boards. Boston, 181 5 

1862 Impartial History of the War in America, between 

Great Britain and her Colonies, from its Commence- 
ment to the Year 1779. . . . Illustrated with a variety 
of beautiful copper-plates, representing real and ani- 
mated Likenesses of those celebrated Generals who 
have distinguished themselves in the important contest, 
pp. 608, 44. S^ half calf, gilt. London, 1780 

Map and 13 full-length Portraits of American and British Gen- 

1863 Indian War, 1655. A Brief and true Narrative of the 

Hostile Conduct of the Barbarous Natives towards the 
Dutch Nation. Translated by E. B. O'Callaghan. pp. 
48. Royal 8° paper, uncut. Albany, 1863 


1864 Indians. A Voice from the Marshpee Indians, Jan., 

1834. pp. 14. 8° half morocco. (Boston.) 

1865 Indians. Laws of the Colonial and State Governments 

relating to Indians and Indian Affairs, from 1633 to 
1831. pp. 250, 72. 8° half calf, gilt. Washington, 1832 

1866 Indians. Speeches on the Passage of the Bill for the 

Removal of the Indians, delivered in the U. S. Con- 
gress, April and May, 1830. pp. 299. 12° half morocco. 

Boston, 1830 

1867 Indians. Buk of Djenesis in Mikmak. pp. 213. 16^ 

sheep. Eizak Pitman: Bath, 1857 

1868 IifDiANs. Comparative Vocabulary of Algonquin Dia- 

lects, from Heckewelder's Manuscripts, pp/7; — Vo- 
cabularies, by Zeisberger. pp. 20. 2 vols. 4® paper. 

Cambridge, 1887 

1869 Indians* Dakota and English Service Book. pp. 135. 

12'' cloth. New York, 1875 

1870 Ingersoll, Ernest, flistory of the Oyster Industry. 

Plates. 4® paper. Washington, 1881 

1871 [Ingraham, E. D.] a Sketch of the Events which pre- 

ceded the Capture of Washington by the British, on the 
24th of August, 1 814. pp. 66. Map. 8° boards, uncut. 

Philadelphia, 1849 

1872 Inquiry (An) respecting the Original Copies and An- 

cient Versions of the New Testament, pp. 31. 8° half 
roan. Liverpool, 1820 

1873 Instructions by the Commissioners of His Majesty's 

Customs in America, to . . . who is appointed . . . 
of the Customs at the Port of ... in America, pp. 35. 
(No title.) 8° half calf. (177 1) 

1874 Instructions to the Envoys Extraordinary and Minis- 

ters Plenipotentiary from the United States of America 
to the French Republic, June 22, 1798. pp. 131. 8® 
half roan. Philadelphia. 

1875 Ipswich, Mass. History of Ipswich, Essex and Hamil- 

ton. By Joseph B. Felt. 8° full morocco, gilt. 

Cambridge, 1834 

1876 Irish Eloquence. The Speeches of the celebrated Irish 

Orators, Philips, Curran and Grattan. pp. 370. 8*^ 
sheep. Philadelphia, 1843 

1877 Ireland, W. H. (Shakespeare Forgeries.) Miscellan- 

eous Papers and Legal Instruments under the Hand 
and Seal of William Shakspeare in the Possession of 
Samuel Ireland, pp. 156, 7. Fac-simile. 8° half calf, 
gilt. London, 1796 


1878 Ireland, W. H. (Shakespeare Forgeries.) [Melton, 

John.] A Sixe-Folde Politician. Together with a Sixe- 
Folde Precept of Policy, pp. 241. Small 4° morocco. 

London, 1609 

Large Paper : only 3 copies believed to be in existence. 

This is one of the books, which Ireland, the author of Shakes- 
peare's Forgeries, pretended to have found among Shakespeare's 
Library, with Shakespeare's signatures on title and MSS. notes in 
the text. 

This book contains the signature in three different places. 

George Steevens ascribes this work (noted by him as " so uncom> 
mon as to have escaped the researches of our most industrious col- 
lectors of ancient publications ") to the father of John Milton, the 
poet. Isaac Reed, however, and Dr. Farmer both confider it the 
production of John Melton, author of the Astrologaster. 

1879 Ireland. (Shakespeare Forgeries.) Miscellaneous Pa- 

pers and Legal Instruments under the Hand and Seal 
of William Shakspeare, including the Tragedy of King 
Lear, and a small Fragment of Hamlet, from the origi- 
nal MSS. in the Possession of Samuel Ireland, of Nor- 
folk Street. pp. 107, 7. Fac-similes. Large folio 
boards, uncut. London, 1796 

1880 Ireland. (Shakespeare Forgeries.) An Authentic Ac- 

count of the Shaksperian manuscripts, etc. By W. H. 
Ireland, pp. 43. 8" calf. London, 1796 

1 88 1 Ireland. (Shakespeare Forgeries.) Shakspeare*s 

manuscripts, in the possession of Mr. Ireland e\amined. 
By Philalethes. pp. 34. 8° half calf. London, 1796 

1882 Ireland. (Shakespeare Forgeries.) An Inquiry into 

the authenticity of certain miscellaneous papers and 
legal documents, published Dec. 24, 1795 and attributed 
to Shakspeare, Queen Elizabeth, and Henry, Earl of 
Southampton. By Edmond Malone. pp. 424. 8° 
boards, uncut. London, 1796 

1883 Ireland. (Shakespeare Forgeries.) An Investigation 

of Mr. Malone's claim to the character of scholar or 
critic, being an examination of his Inquiry into the 
Authenticity of the Shakespeare manuscripts. By Samuel 
Ireland, pp. 154. 8° calf. London, (1797) 

1884 Ireland. (Shakespeare P'orgeries.) Vortigern, an 

Historical Tragedy, and Henry the Second, an Histori- 
cal Drama, supposed to be written by the author of 
Vortigern. pp. 76, 78. 8° calf. London, 1799 

1885 Ireland. (Shakespeare Forgeries.) Vortigern under 

Consideration; with general remarks on Mr. James 
Boaden's letter to George Steevens relative to the 
manuscripts, etc., ascribed to Shakespeare, pp. 67. 8° 
calf. London, 1796 


1886 Ireland. (Shakespeare Forgeries.) Vortigern; an 

historical play, with an original preface. By W. H. 
Ireland, pp. 58. 8** calf. London, 1832 

1887 Ireland. (Shakespeare Forgeries.) Passages selected 

by distinguished personages on the great Literary Trial 
of Vortigern and Rowena, a comi-tragedy. Eighth 
ed. pp. 104, 128. 2 vols, in one. 16° calf, gilt. 


1888 Ireland. (Shakespeare Forgeries.) A Comparative 

Review of the opinions of Mr. James Boaden, in 1795 
and of James Boaden, Esq., in February, 1796, relative 
to the Shakspeare MSS. pp. 59. 8° calf. London, n. d. 

1889 Ireland. (Shakespeare Forgeries.) An Apology for the 

Believers in the Shakspeare Papers, which were exhibited 
in Norfolk Street. (By Geo. Chalmers.) pp. 628. 8° 
boards, uncut. London, 1797 

1890 Ireland. (Shakespeare Forgeries.) A Supplemental 

Apology for the Believers in the Shakespeare Papers, 
being a reply to Mr. Malone*s answer. By George 
Chalmers, pp. 656. 8° boards, uncut. London, 1799 

1891 Ireland. (Shakespeare Forgeries.) The Confessions 

of William Henry Ireland, containing the particulars of 
his fabrication of the Shakespeare Manuscripts, pp. 317, 
18. Frontispiece. 8° half calf. London, 1805 

1892 Ireland. Stultifera Navis, the Modern Ship of Fools. 

pp. 295. Plate, colored. 16** half calf. London, 1807 

1893 Irving, Washington. The Sketch Book of Geoffrey 

Crayon, Gent. pp. 326, 343. 2 vols. 8** half calf, un- 
cut. London, 1821 

1894 Irving. The Sketch Book. pp. 296, 316. Frontis- 

pieces. 2 vols. 18' cloth. Murray: London, 1845 

1895 Irving. History of New York. By Diedrich Knicker- 

bocker, pp. 452. 12° cloth. New York, 1848 

1896 Irvingiana; a memorial of Washington Irving. No 

paging. Portraits on India paper. Royal 4** boards, 
uncut. New York, i860 

Large Paper : only no copies printed. 

1897 Jackson, Andrkw. Brief and Impartial History of 
^J the Life and Actions of Andrew Jackson. By a 

Free Man. pp. 216. Portrait. 12° boards, uncut. 

Boston, 1 83 1 

1898 Jackson. Life of. By James Parton. Portraits. 3 

vols. 8"* cloth. New York, i860 


1899 [Jackson, Jonathan.] Thoughts upon the Political Sit- 

uation of the United States of America, in which that 
of Massachusetts is more particularly considered, with 
some observations on the Constitution for a Federal 
Government addressed to the people of the Union, pp. 
209. 8° half calf, uncut. Worcester, 1788 

1900 Jamaica. The Laws of Jamaica, pass'd by the Gover- 

nour's Council and Assembly in that Island, pp. 457. 
8** calf. London, 17 16 

1901 Jamaica. A New History of Jamaica, from the Earliest 

Accounts, to the Taking of Porto Bello by Vice Ad- 
miral Vernon, pp. 340. Maps. 8° calf, (cracked.) 

London, 1740 

1902 James, G. P. R. History of the Life of Edward, the 

Black Prince, pp. 416, 371. 2 vols. 12° cloth. 

Phila., 1842 

1903 James. Life of Henry the Fourth, King of France and 

Navarre. Portraits. 3 vols. 8** cloth, uncut. 

London, 1847 

1904 James I. God and the King: or, a dialogue shewing 

that our Soveraign Lord, the King of England, being 
immediate under God within his Dominions, doth rightly 
claim whatsoever is required by the Oath of Allegiance. 
Portrait, pp. 40. Small 4® stitched. London, 1663 

1905 James I. The Connexion; being choice collections of 

some principal matters in King James his Reign, pp. 
C75. 18° half morocco. London, 1681 

1906 James I. Truth brought to Light; or, the History of 

the First 14 years of King James L Portrait. 12® calf. 

London, 1692 

1907 James, Capt. Thomas. The Strange and Dangerovs 

Voyage of Captaine Thomas lames, in his intended Dis- 
couery of the Northwest Passage to the South Sea. 
Wherein the miseries indvred both Going, Wintering, 
Returning: and the Rarities obserued, both philosophi- 
call and mathematicall, are related in this lournall of it. 
pp. 120, 22. With a fac-simile map. Small 4** light 
polished calf, extra, gilt edges, by Pratt. (Neatly re- 
paired on inner margins.) London, 1633 

"James's expedition was fitted out with the aid of merchants of 
Bristol, under the patronage of King Charles I., to whom the book is 
dedicated. He left Bristol on the 3d of May, 1631, and returned on 
the 23d of October, of the following year. 

1908 James. The same. Second ed. Map. pp. i, 8, 142. 

8** half morocco. London, 1740 


1909 Jameson, Anna. Memoirs of the Beauties of the Court 

of Charles the Second, with their Portraits. Second 
ed., enlarged. 21 fine portraits, pp. 183, 243. 2 vols, 
imperial 8** cloth, uncut. London, 1838 

1910 Jameson. Visits and Sketches at Home and Abroad. 

2 vols; — Characteristics of Women, moral, poetical 
and historical. Together 3 vols. 12° cloth. 

London and Boston, 1839-46 

1911 Janewav, James. A Token for Children; to which is 

added, a Token for the Children of New England, pp. 
156. 16° antique calf. Z. Fowle: Boston, 1771 

1 91 2 J ANSON, William. A View of the present Condition of 

the States of Barbary. pp. 206. Maps. Second ed. 
12** sheep. London, 1816 

1913 Jay, John. Life of, with selections from his corres- 

pondence and miscellaneous papers. By William Jay. 
Portrait. 2 vols. 8** half calf, gilt. New York, 1833 

1914 [Jebb, Dr. Samuel.] Life of Robert Earl of Leicester, 

the Favourite of Queen Elizabeth, pp. 277 and appen- 
dix. 8° calf. London, 1727 

1915 Jefferson, Thomas. Writings of, being his autobiogra- 

phy, correspondence, reports and other writings. Edited 
by H. A. Washington. 9 vols. 8** cloth. New York, 1861 

1916 Jefferson. Memoir, Correspondence and Miscellanies 

from the Papers of Thomas Jefferson. Edited by 
T. J. Randolph. Second ed. Portrait. 4 vols. 8° 
boards, uncut. Boston, 1830 

191 7 Jefferson. Notes on the State of Virginia, written in 

the year 1781, somewhat corrected and enlarged in the 
winter of 1782. pp. 391, 14, 4. 8° sheep. (Fac-simile 
title page.) Paris, (1784) 

This is the first edition of Jefferson*s Notes privately printed in 
Paris, in 1 784. 
Only 200 copies printed. 

1918 Jefferson. Observations sur la Virginie. Traduites de 

I'Anglois. Map. pp. 290,4. 8° half sheep. Paris, 1786 
The first published edition. 

1919 Jefferson. Notes on the State of Virginia, pp. 382. 

Maps. 8° half morocco, uncut. London, 1787 

1920 Jefferson. The same. First American edition, pp. 

244. 8** sheep. * Phila., 1788 

1921 Jefferson. The same. Second American edition, pp. 

336. Map... 8° sheep. Phila., 1794 

1922 Jefferson. The same. With appendix relative to the 

murder of the Logan family, pp. 336, 58. 8° sheep. 

Phila., 1794 


1923 Jefferson. Notes on the Sale of Virginia. pp. 194, 

53,21. 8^ slieep. ll.ltimorL, 1800 

1924 Jefferson. The same. Third Amcri'Mii 1 uitl. n. pp. 

392. Map and portrait by Scult^. 8' h t rus^ia, 
(broken). \ w V<;rk, 1801 

1925 Jefferson. The same. pp. 364. Map [> rtriit. 8" 

half calf, (name on title). ! ... iSoi 

1926 Jefferson. The same. pp. 436, 56. M {) . i li por- 

trait by Harrison, Jr. 8° sheep. i'i.Ki., 1801 

1927 Jefferson. The same. pp. 363. Fort r. it I ;, V>. Tan- 

ner. 12° sheep, (cracked). 1 ic.Uon, 1803 

1928 Jefferson. The same. pp. 368. roiir. ", -y (iridley. 

16° sheep. I'.i ston, 1802 

1929 Jefferson. The same. pp. 344. i2°shi^p. 

rivi.:., 1825 

1930 Jefferson. The same. pp. 280. 16° tliv v j). 

boston, 1829 

1931 Jefferson. The same. pp. 280. 16° slicrp. 

Ji-.'>ion, 1832 

1932 Jefferson. The same. pp. 275. Maps ..ihI plates. 8® 

cloth. ki. hni 1 tl, 1853 

1933 Jefferson. Life of. By Henry S. Rand. ill. l\)rtraits. 

3 vols. 8° cloth. New V rk, 1858 

1934 Jefferson. Life of. By George Tucker. Portrait. 

PP- 545» 5^5- 2 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. Tliila., 1837 

1935 Jefferson at Monticello. The private life of 'Ihomas 

Jefferson. By Rev. H. W. Pierson. pp. 13S. Plate 
and fac-similes. 8° cloth. K'ew York, 1862 

1936 Jefferys, Thomas. The Natural and Civil History of 

the French Dominions in North and South America, 
pp. 168, 246. Maps and plans. 2 vols, in one. Folio, 
half russia. London, 1760 

1937 Jefferys. The American Atlas; or a geographical de- 

scription of the whole continent of America: wherein 
are delineated at large its several regions, countries, 
states and island; and chiefly the British colonies, com- 
posed from numerous surveys, several of which were 
made by order of government, etc. Engraved on 
forty-nine copper plates. Folio, half calf. London, 1776 

This valuable collection is composed of separate maps mostly 
executed by the surveyors of the various states on a large scale. 
New England, 1774, by Ilazzen, etc. ; New York and New Jersey, 
by Major Holland, 1776; Pennsylvania, by Wm. Scull, 1770; 
Virginia and Maryland, by Fry and Jefferson, 1775; North and 
South Carolina, by Henry Mouzon, 1775 ; Lake Champlain, by Wm. 
Braasier, 1762, etc. 


1938 Jefferys. West-India Atlas, or a correct description of 

the West Indies. 40 maps. Large folio, half calf. 

London, 1775 

1939 [Jenks, William.] Memoir of the Northern Kingdom, 

written a.d. 187a. By Williamson Jahnsensykes. pp. 
48. 8° stitched. Quebeck, a.d., 1901. (1808) 

1940 Jenks, William. An Eulogy illustrative of the Life of the 

late James Bowdoin, with notices of his family, pro- 
nounced in Brunswick, Me., Sept. 2, 1812. pp. 40, 
Royal 4** half calf, gilt. Boston, 1812 

1941 JenKvS. Explanatory Bible Atlas and Scripture Gazetteer. 

PP- 157- Plates. Royal 4** half roan. Boston, 1850 

1942 Jenness, J. S. The Isles of Shoals, an historical sketch. 

Second ed. Maps and illustrations, pp. 214. 12° 
cloth. New York, 1875 

1943 Jenness. Transcripts of Original Documents in the 

English Archives relating to the early history of the 
State of New Hampshire. Map; — Notes on the First 
Planting of New Hampshire and on the Piscataqua 
Patent. Map. 2 vols, royal 8® boards and paper. 
Privately printed: New York and Portsmouth, 1876-8 

1944 Jesse, J. H. Memoirs of the Court of England, during 

the Reign of the Stuarts, 4 vols., 1840; — George 
Selwyn and his Contemporaries, 4 vols., 1843; — 
Memoirs of the Court of England to the Death of 
George the Second, 3 vols., 1843; — Memoirs of the 
Pretenders and their Adherents, 2 vols., 1845; — 
Literary and Historical Memorials of London, 2 vols., 
1847. Portraits and plates. Together 15 vols. 8° cloth, 
uncut. London. 

1945 Jewitt. Narrative of the Adventures and Sufferings of 

John R. Jewitt, only Survivor of the Crew of the Ship 
Boston, during a Captivity of nearly three Years among 
the Savages of Noatka Sound. Plate. 12° sheep. 

Middletown, 1815 

1946 JoGUES, Rev. Isaac. Novum Belgium; an account of 

New Netherland in 1643-4. With a fac-simile of his 
Original Manuscript, his portrait, a map and notes by 
J. G. Shea. pp. 55. Royal 4® cloth, uncut. 
Large Paper. Privately printed: New York, 1862 

1947 Johnson, Captain Charles. General History of the Rob- 

beries and Murders of the most notorious Pyrates, from 
1 7 17 to 1724. Plates, pp. 320. 8** calf. London, 1724 

1948 Johnson. The same. Second ed. pp. 427. 8® calf. 

London, 1724 


1949 Jesuit Relations. Cramoisy Series of Jesuit Memoirs, 
Relations, etc., relating to the French Colonies in North 
America. Edited by J. G. Shea. 13 vols, half calf, 8 
vols, cloth and one vol. in sheets. Together 22 vols. 
8** and royal 8**. Nouvelle York, 1857-66 

Only 100 copies printed, and sets seldom occur for sale. 


I. Bigot, Jacques. Copie d'une Lettre escrite TAn 1684. Man- 
ate, 1858. 

II. Bigot. The same. Cancelled edition. Manate, 1858. 

III. Bigot. Relation de ce qui s'est pass^ de plus remarquable 
dans la Mission Abnaquise, 1* Ann^e, 1685. Manate, 18 q8. 

IV. Bigot, Vincent. Relation de ce qui s'est passe de plus re- 
marquable dans la Mission des Abnaquis i TAcadie, TAnnee 1701. 

V. Cavelier, M. Relation du Voyage entrepris par feu M. Robert 
Cavelier, pour decouvrir dans le golfe du Mexique Tembauchure du 
Fleuve di Mississippi. Manate, 1858. 

VI. Chaumonot, P. J. M. La Vie du R. P. Pierre Joseph Chaumo- 
not, de la Compagnie de Jesus, Missionaire dans la Nouvelle France 
^crite par lui-m^nie, TAn 1688. Nouvelle York, 18 q8. 

VII. Chaumonot. Suite de sa Vie, avec la maniere d'orasion du 
venerable p^re, ^crit par lui-m^me. Nouvelle York, 1858. 

VIII. Franchepain, Rev. Mer^. Relation du Voyage des premieres 
Ursulines k la Nouvelle Orleans et de leur (^tablissement en cette 
VUle. Nouvelle York, 1859. 

IX. Duquesne. Registres des Baptesmes et Sepultures qui se 
sontfaitsau Fort Duquesne pendant les annees 1753-1756. 

X. Journal de la Guerre du Micissippi contre les Chicachas en 
1739 et finie en 1740. Par un officier de TArmee de M. de Nouaille. 

XL Gravier, R. P. Jacques. Relation ou Journal du Voyage, en 
1700 depuis de pays des Illinois jusqu'a I'embouchure du Mississippi. 

XIL Dablon, Claude. Relation de ce qui s'est pass^ de plus re- 
marquable auz Missions des Peres de la Compagnie de Jesus en la 
Nouvelle France, 1672 et 1673. Nouvelle York, 1861. 

XIII. Dablon. Relation de ce qui s'est pass^ de plus remarqua- 
ble aux Missions des Peres de la Compagnie de Jesus en la Nouvelle 
France, 1673 et 1679. Map. Quebec, i860. 

XIV. Shea, J. G. Relations diverses sur la Bataille du Malan- 
gueul^, gagne le 9 Juillet, 17^5 par les Fran9ois sous M. de Beaujeu, 
sur les Anglois, sous M. Braddock. Portrait. Nouvelle York, i860. 

XV. Montigny, St. Cosne et de la Source. Relation de la Mission 
du Mississippi en 1700. Nouvelle York, 1861. 

XVI. Jogues, Isaac. Novum Belgium. Description de Nieuw 
Netherland et Notice sur Rene Goupil. Large Paper. 

XVII. Sagean, Mathieu. Extrait de la Relation des Avantures et 
Voyage de M. Sagean. Nouvelle York, 1863. 

XVIII. Milet, Pierre. Relation de sa Captivity parmi les Onnei- 
outs en 1 690-1. Large Paper. Nouvelle York, 1864. 

XIX. Shea, J. G. Recueil de Pieces sur la Negociation entre la 
Nouvelle France et la Nouvelle Angleterre, es annees 1648 et 
suivantes. Nouvelle York, 1866. 

XX. Gravier, Jacques. Relation de ce qui s'est pass^ dans la Mis- 
sion de I'Immaculate Conception ou Pays des Illinois, 1 693-1 697. 

XXI. Dreuillettes, Rev. Gabriel^s. Epistola ad Dominum Illust. 
Joannem Wintrop. Neo Eboraci, 1869. 

XXII. Bigot, Jacques. Relation de ce qui s'est pass^ de plus re- 
marquable dans la Mission Abnaquise de Sainct Joseph de Sillery, 
('ann^e 1684. Manate, 1857. 


1950 Johnson, Edward. A History of New England from 

the English planting in the Yeere 1628 until the Yeere 
1652. Declaring the form of their Government, Civill, 
Military and Ecclesiastique. Their Wars with the In- 
dians, their Troubles with the Gortonists, and other 
Heretiques. Their manner of gathering Churches, the 
Commodities of the Country, and description of the 
principall Towns and Havens, etc. pp. 236, (2). Small 
4® antique calf, red edges. Nath. Brooke: London, 1654 

Generally known as Johnson's " Wonder Working Providence," 
which is the running-title of the book. The author came in the fleet 
with Governor Winthrop in 1630. In 1643, ^^ went with Captain 
Cooke and forty men to Rhode Island, to take Samuel Gorton, who 
had become obnoxious to the Massachusetts government. For 
twenty-eight years he was a member of the General Court of Massa- 
chusetts, and at one time Speaker. 

1 95 1 Johnson. Wonder-working Providence of Sions Saviour 

in New England, London, 1654. With an Historical 
Introduction and an Index, by W. F. Poole, pp. 154, 
265. 4® half morocco, uncut, gilt top. Andover, 1867 
Only 200 copies printed. 

1952 Johnson, Francis. Hitopadesa, or the Counsels of 

Vishnu Sarman in a Series of connected Fables. Trans- 
lated literally, from the Sanscrit, pp. 121. Imperial 
8® boards. London, 1848 

1953 Johnson, John. Typographia; or the Printers' Instruc- 

tor; including an account of the origin of printing, with 
biographical notices of the printers of England, from 
Caxton to the close of the Sixteenth Century: A Series 
of Ancient and Modern Alphabets and Domesday Char- 
acters, etc. 2 vols. 12° boards, uncut. London, 1824 
Largs Paper. 

1954 Johnson, L. D. Memoir of Mrs. Thomazin Johnson, of 

Braintree, Mass., with an account of her lineage from 
John Alden. 18° cloth. Boston, 1835 

1955 Johnson, Mrs. Narrative of the Captivity of Mrs. John- 

son, containing an account of her sufferings, during four 
years with the Indians and French. First ed. 16° calf, 
red edges. Walpole, N. H., 1796 

1956 Johnson. The same. Fourth ed. 18° calf. Lowell, 1834 

1957 Johnson, Samuel. Dictionary of the English Language. 

First ed. 3 vols, large folio, calf, (cracked). 

London, 1755 

1958 Johnson. English Dictionary. 8*" sheep. Phila., 1834 

1959 Johnson. Life of Samuel Johnson, including a Journal 

of his Tour to the Hebrides. By James Boswell. New 
edition, with notes and additions, by J. W. Croker. 
50 plates. 10 vols. 16® cloth, uncut. London, 1844 

t8o CAtALOGtrfi. 

i960 Johnson, W. S. Life and Times of William Samuel 
Johnson, first Senator in Congress from Connecticut, 
and President of Columbia College, New York. By E. 
W. Beardsley. pp. 218. Portrait. 8° cloth. 

New York, 1876 

1961 Johnson, Charles. A Narrative of the Incidents attend- 

ing the Capture, Detention and Ransom of Charles 
Johnson , who was made prisoner by the Indians on the 
River Ohio, in 1790. pp. 264. 12° boards, uncut. 

New York, 1827 

1962 Jones, Charles C. Jr. Historical Sketch of Tomo-Chi- 

Chi, Mico of the Yamacraws. pp. 133. 8° boards, un- 
cut. Albany, 1868 
A. L. S. of the author inserted. 

1963 Jones. Hernando de Soto. The adventures encountered 

and the route pursued by the Adelantado during his 
march through the territory embraced within the pres- 
ent limits of the State of Georgia, pp. 43. Portrait. 
8° boards. Privately printed: Savannah, 1880 

1964 Jones. Addresses before the Confederate Survivors 

Association, 1885-9. 5 pamphlets. Augusta, Ga. 

1965 Jones. Sepulture of Major Gen. Nathanael Greene and 

of Brig-Gen. Count Casimir Pulaski, pp. 14; — Life and 
Services of Ex-Gov. C. J. Jenkins, a memorial address, 
July 23, 1883; — Biographical Sketch of Major John 
Habersham of Georgia, pp. 30, 1886; — Life and Ser- 
vices of Major Gen. Samuel Elbert of Georgia, 1887. 
4 vols. 8° paper. 

1966 Jones. Letters of Joseph Jones of Virginia, 1771-1787. 

(By W. C. Ford.) pp. 157. Royal 8° paper, uncut. 

Washington, 1889 
Only 250 copies printed. Presentation copy. 

1967 Jones, George. History of Ancient America, anterior 

to the Time of Columbus. Vol. i. The Tyrian Era. 
Third ed. pp. 461. Royal 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1843 

1968 Jones, Paul. Life of Paul Jones, from Original Docu- 

ments in the Possession of John Henry Sherburne, pp. 
320. 8° half russia, uncut, gilt top. London, 1825 

1969 Jones. Memoirs of, compiled from his Original Jour- 

nals and Correspondence, pp. 331, 341. 2v0ls.ini, 
12** cloth. London, 1843 

1970 Jones, Thomas. History of New York during the Revo- 

lutionary War, and the leading events in the other 
Colonies at that period. Edited by E. F. DeLancy. 
Maps and portraits on India paper. 2 vols, royal 8** 
cloth, uncut, gilt tops. New York, 1879 


1971 JoNSON, Ben. The Works of Beniamin Jonson. pp. 

1015. Engraved title and 2 inserted portraits. Small 
folio, half russia, (broken). 

William Stansby: London, 1616 

Jonson's own edition. 

With bookplates of Richard Morgan Graves, engraved by M. Dar- 
ling, and of £. D. Ingraham. 

1972 Jordan Memorial. Family Records of the Rev. Robert 

Jordan, and his Descendants in America. By T. F. 
Jordan, pp. 488. . Portraits. 8° cloth, uncut. 

Boston, 1882 

1973 JossELYN, John. New England's Rarities Discovered in 

Birds, Beasts, Fishes, Serpents and Plants of that Coun- 
try, pp. (1), I, H4, list of books, pp. 2, and dragon, 
pp. I. 16® calf, by Hayday. London, 1672 

Many wood cuts, with cut of lavender plant inserted. 
"The earliest work on the Natural History of New England, and 
deserves credit for its originality." 

1974 JossELYN. New England's Rarities. With an introduc- 

tion and notes by E. Tuckerman. pp. 169. Small 4° 
cloth, uncut. Boston, 1865 

Only 75 copies printed. 

1975 JossELYN. An Account of Two Voyages to New 

England .... A Description of the Countrey, Natives 
and Creatures, with their Mercantil and Physical use; 
the government of the countrey as it is now possessed 
by the English, pp. (i), 4, 279. 16° sheep. 

London, 1674 
With the Dragon opposite the title. 

1976 JossELYN. An Account of two Voyages to New Eng- 

land, made during the years 1638, 1663. pp. 211. 
Small 4° cloth, uncut. Boston, 1865 

Only 75 copies printed. 

1977 Journal of American Folk-Lore. Vols, i and 2. 2 

vols. 8° in parts, uncut. Boston, 1888-9 

1978 Journal, Acts and Proceedings of the Convention, 

assembled at Philadelphia, September 1787, which 
formed the constitution of the United States, pp. 510. 
8** sheep, (broken.) Boston, 1819 

1979 Juan and Ulloa. A Voyage to South America, describ- 

ing the Spanish cities, towns, provinces, etc., on that 
continent. Translated by John Adams, pp. 479, 420, 
(28). Map and plates. 2 vols. 8** cloth, uncut. 

London, 1806 

Autograph of Robert Southey, the binding by his daughters, with 
bookplate on reverse of first title. 


1980 JouTEL. Journal Historique du Dernier Voyage que M 

de la Sale fit dans le Golfe de Mexique,- pour trouver 
Tembouchure & le cours de la Riviere de Missicipi nom- 
m^e k present la Riviere de Saint Louis, qui traverse la 
Louisiane. Map. pp. 386. 12° old calf. Paris, 17 13 

1981 JouTEL. A Journal of the last Voyage performed by 

Mons. de la Sale, to the Gulph of Mexico, to find out 
the Mouth of the Mississippi River. Written in French 
by Monsieur Joutel. Map. pp. 210. 8** calf. 

London, 1714 
First English edition. 

1982 JuARROS, Don Domingo. Statistical and Commercial 

History of the Kingdom of Guatemala, in Spanish 
America. Translated by J. Baily. pp. 520. 2 maps. 
8** boards, uncut. London, 1823 

1983 JuDD, Rev. Sylvester. A Moral View of the Revolu- 

tionary War, a discourse delivered in Augusta, March 
13, 1842. pp. 48. 8° half roan. Hallowell, 1842 

1984 Junius. The Genuine Letters of Junius. To which are 

prefixed anecdotes of the author, pp. 366. 8° calf, 
(rebacked). London, 1771 

First collected edition, issued the year before the first authorized 

1985 Junius. (The first authorized Edition.) pp. 208, 356. 

2 vols. 16° calf. 

Printed for H. S. Woodfall: London, 1772 

1986 Junius; including letters by the same writers under 

other signatures. New and enlarged edition, by John 
Wade. pp. 476, 458. 2 vols. 12° cloth. 

Bohn: London, 1850 

1987 Junius. The History of Junius and his Works, and a 

review of the controversy respecting the identity of 
Junius, with appendix. By John Jaques. Portraits. 
8° cloth, uncut. London, 1843 

1988 Justice over Unjust Judges, pp. 27. 4° half roan, 

(name cut from title). Re-printed in the year 1732 




lation of (uch occur- 
rences and accidents of noateas 

hath bapncdinViigioiifincethefiiA 

planting of thai CoUoayjwhicbunow 

rcfilieDt in tbe South part thcreo^till 



IfritteiiijiCtftmiiStmibCtrMtlbftiefiiiJCfBmf, ft 

vtrJbrffitUiitnitA\ai ia Etiglatu]. 

L H^DO 3^ 

Pilmed foi Iihn Tifft, and arc to bcc loldc « the Gteys 

hvand in Pauln-Cinrcb yard, b> W. W. 

or "Smcth's True Relation, iCo8." 
•■ 327'- 

CATALOGUE, part ii 








EARLY VOYAGES AND DISCOVERIES, Linschoten, 1596 and 1598; Peter Martyr, 
1516,1533,1574,1612; Pomponius Mela, 1512 and 1518; Ptolemy, 1542; 
Purchas Pilgrimes, a beautiful set of all editions, Vespucius Cosmogjaphia, 
1507, etc., etc. 


The Mathers, John Norton, Thomas Prince, Thomas Shepard, Thomas Lech- 
ford, Nathaniel Morton, Thomas Morton, George Mourt, Thomas Pynchon. 
John Robinson, John Underbill, William Vaughan, P. Vincent, Nathaniel Ward, 
John White, Richard Whitbourne, Thomas Welde and John Winthrop, Michael 
Wigglesworth, Roger Williams, Edward Winslow, William Wood, Arthur 
Woodnoth, etc., etc. 

RARE BOOKS relating to the Indians, Quakers, Puritans, Pilgrims, Roundheads, 
Witchcraft, Shakespearana, Town Histories, Genealogies, Revolutionary Tracts, 
New England Primers, etc. 

Complete Set of Publications of the Massachusetts Historical Society. Prince Society, 
19 vols., N. E. and Gen. Register, 42 vols., Sabin's, Munsell's and other Histori- 
cal Reprints. 






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J- goods ^ on orders by mail upon receipt of goods; no credit 
given under any circumstances. 

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and bids by mail, or otherwise, must be made accordingly. 

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attend the sale. To purchasers present at saleSj books are 
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sent to us, books are guaranteed as catalogued, in good, sound, 
second-hand condition, imperfect books (not so described) may 
be returned. 

Claims for errors or allowance must be made within three 
days of receipt of goods. 

In all c€ues of disputed bids, the lot shall be resold. 


1989 l^ALM, PiETER. Reis door Noord Anierika. pp. 
i^ 223, 240, (8). Map and plates. 2 vols, in one. 

Large 4° half calf. Utrecht, 1772 

1990 Kant, Emmanuel. Logic. Translated by John Rich- 

ardson, pp. 243. Portraits. 8° half calf, (broken). 

London, 18 19 

199 1 Keach, Benjamin. Distressed Sion Relieved, a poem, 

wherein are discovered the grand causes of the churches 
trouble and misery under the late dismal dispensation, 
with a complete history of and lamentation for those 
renowned worthies that fell in England for Popish rage 
and cruelty from the year 1680-1688. pp. (14), 154, 
12. 12° half morocco, uncut. London, 1689 

1992 Keach. War with the Devil; or, the young man's con- 

flict with the powers of darkness. Plate. The eighth 
impression, pp. 208. .18° half morocco. London, 1684 

1993 Keach. The same. Twenty-second edition, pp. 156. 

Cuts. 18° sheep. London, 177(5 



1994 Keach. The Travels of True Godliness, from the be- 

ginning of the world to the present day. Sixth ed. 
pp. 168. Portrait and cuts. 18° morocco. 

London, 1760 

1995 Kean, Edmund. Life of Edmund Kean. pp. 216, 

219. Portrait. 2 vols. 12** boards, uncut. London, 1835 

1996 Keate, George. A Short Account of the Ancient His- 

tory, present Government and Laws of the Republic of 
Geneva, pp. 218. Map. 12° sheep. London, 1761 

1997 Keene, N. H. Annals of the Town of Keene, from 

1734 ^o 1790, with corrections, additions and a con- 
tinuation, from 1790 to 1815. ^y Salma Hale. pp. 
120. Map. 8° half roan. Keene, 1851 

1998 Keightley, Thomas. The Fairy Mythology, illustrative 

of the romance and superstition of various countries, 
pp. 560. Frontispiece by Cruikshank. 12° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1850 

1999 Keith, George. The Presbytarian and Independent 

visible Churches in New England and elsewhere, brought 
to the test and examined, etc. pp. 230. 16® calf, gilt, 
uncut. London, 1691 

2000 Keith. A Journal of Travels from New-Hampshire to 

Caratuck, on the continent of North-America, pp. 92. 
Small 4° calf. London, 1706 

2001 Keith, William. The History of the British Plantations 

in America, with a chronological account of the most 
remarkable things, which happened to the first adven- 
turers in their several discoveries of that new world. 
Part I. Containing the History of Virginia, etc. (all 
published.) 2 maps. 4° old calf. London, 1738 

2002 Keith. Collection of Papers and other Tracts, written 

occasionally on various subjects. 12° sheep. 

London, 1740 

This work contains " A Discourse on the present state of the 
British Plantations in America, with respect to the interest of Great 
Britain. Sir William Keith was Governor of Pennsylvania from 
1717 to 1726. 

2003 Kelty, Mary Ann. Memoirs of the Lives and Persecu- 

tions of the Primitive Quakers. Second ed. 8° cloth, 
uncut. London, 1844 

2004 Kendall, E. A. Travels through the Northern Parts 

of the United States, in the years 1807 and 1808. 3 
vols. 8** sheep. New York, 1809 

2005 Kent, James. Commentaries on American Law. Tenth 

ed. 4 vols. 8® sheep (broken), Boston, i860 


2006 [Kennett, White.] Bibliotheca Americanae Primordia. 

An Attempt towards laying the Foundation of an Amer- 
ican Library, in several Books, Papers and Writings, 
humbly given to the Society for Propagation of the Gos- 
pel in Foreign Parts, for the perpetual Use and Benefit 
of their Members, their Missionaries, Friends, Corre- 
^ spondents and Others concern'd in the Good Design of 

Planting and promoting Christianity within her Maj- 
esty's Colonies and Plantations in the West-Indies. 4** 
half morocco. Printed for J. Churchill: London, 1713 

*' This, as far as it goes, is the best Catalogue of Books relating to 
^ America extant, the titles being copied at full length with the greatest 

exactness, together with name of the printer, and the number of pages 
in each volume. It is rich in English tracts relating to New Eng- 
land." — Rick. 

2007 Kettell, Samuel. Specimens of American Poetry, with 

Critical and Biographical Notices. 3 vols. 12** half 
morocco, uncut, gilt tops. Boston, 1829 

2008 [Kettell.] Yankee Notions. A Medley. By Timo. 

Titterwell, Esq. pp. 255. 16** cloth. Boston, 1838 

2009 Kevser, C. S. Penn's Treaty with the Indians, pp. 99. 

Illustrations. 8** cloth. Philadelphia, 1882 

2010 KiDD, Captain. A Full Account of the Proceedings in 

Relation to Capt. Kidd. pp. 51. Small 4° half mo- 
rocco. London, 1701 

20 1 1 Kidder, Frederic. The Expeditions of Capt. John 

Lovewell, and his Encounters with the Indians, pp. 
134. Map. Royal 4° paper, uncut. Boston, 1865 

Large Paper : only 25 copies printed. 

2012 Kidder. Military Operations in Eastern Maine and 

Nova Scotia during the Revolution, pp. 336. Map 
and portrait inserted. 8** paper, uncut. Albany, 1867 

2013 Kidder. History of the First New Hampshire Regi- 

ment in the War of the Revolution, pp. 184. 8° cloth, 
uncut. Albany, 1868 

2014 Kidder. Adventures of Capt. Lovewell, pp. 10; — The 

Abenaki Indians; their treaties of 1713 and 1717, and 
a vocabulary, with a historical introduction, pp. 25, 
1859; — The Swedes on the Delaware and their inter- 
course with New England, pp. 13, 1874; — Discovery 
of North America, by John Cabot, pp. 15, 1878. 4 

2015 Kimball, D. T. The Fruits of Congregationalism; a 

Centennial Discourse, delivered before the First Church 
and Religious Society in Ipswich, Aug. 10, 1834. 8° 
half roan, gilt. Boston, 1834 


2016 KiNGSBOROUGH, Lord. Antiquities of Mexico: compris- 

ing Fac-similes of Ancient Mexican Paintings and Hier- 
oglyphics, preserved in the Royal Libraries of Paris, 
Berlin and Dresden, in the Imperial Library of Vienna; 
the Vatican Library, the Bodleian Library at Oxford, 
etc. Together with the Monuments of New Spain. By 
M. Dupaix. The whole illustrated with inedited manu- 
scripts. The drawings on stone by A. Aglio. 9 vols, 
imperial folio, half green morocco, uncut edges, gilt 
tops. London, 1831-1848 

2017 KiNGSLEY, Charles. Hypatia; or, New foes with an old 

face, 2 vols., 1854; — Lectures delivered in America, 
1874; — Westward Ho (Works, Vol. 6), 1881; — Plays 
and Puritans, and other historical essays (Works, Vol. 
16). 5 vols. 12° cloth. 

2018 Kingston, Mass. Report of the Proceedings and Exer- 

cises at the 150th Anniversary of the Incorporation of 
the Town of Kingston, June 27, 1876. pp. 151. Maps. 
4** paper. Boston, 1876 

2019 Kingston, W. H. G. John Deane of Nothingham, his 

Adventures and Exploits, pp. 416. Illustrations. 12° 
cloth. London. 

2020 Kip, W. 1. Early Jesuit Missions in North America. 

Plate. 2 vols, in one. 12** full morocco, gilt, red edges. 

New York, 1846 

2021 KiRKE, Henry. The First English Conquest of Canada; 

with some Account of the earliest Settlements in Nova 
Scotia and Newfoundland, pp. 227. Map. 8° cloth, 
uncut. London, 1871 

2022 [KiRKLAND, Mrs. C. M.] Forest Life. pp. 250, 234. 

2 vols. 12® cloth. New York, 1842 

2023 Knapp, S. L. Biographical Sketches of eminent Law- 

yers, Statesmen and Men of Letters, pp. 360. 8° blue 
morocco, red edges. Boston, 1821 

2024 [Knapp.] Sketches of Public Characters, drawn from 

the Living and the dead. pp. 259. 12** boards, uncut. 

New York, 1830 

2025 Knapp and Crowinshield. Trial of John F. Knapp for 

the murder of Joseph White, pp. 74. Salem, 1830; — 
Second Trial of J. F. Knapp, pp. 72. Salem, 1830; — 
Trials of J. J. Knapp. Jr. and George Crowninshield 
for the Murder of Joseph White, pp. 31. Boston, 1830; 
— Biographical Sketch of the celebrated Salem Mur- 
derer, pp. 24. Boston, 1830. Bound in one volume. 
8® boards. 


2026 Kneeland, Abner. Trial of, for Blasphemy. Argu- 

ments of the Attorney of the Commonwealth; — Speech 
by Andrew Dunlap; — Review of the Prosecution against 
Kneeland; — Speech in his own Behalf. (With auto- 
graph of Rufus Choate.) 4 pamphlets. Boston, 183^4-5 

2027 Knight, Charles. Pictorial History of England, being 

the history of the people as well as a history of England, 
from B.C. 55 to 1820, by C. Knight, Prof. Craik, C. 
Macfarlane, etc. 8 vols. ; also, Martineau's History of 
England during the Peace, 1800-46, 2 vols. Standard 
edition. Illustrated with upwards of 2000 engravings 
and numerous portraits on steel, with the index. To- 
gether II vols, thick imperial 8** cloth, uncut. 

London. 1847-50 

2028 Knight's Gallery of Portraits, with memoirs. 168 fine 

portraits, original impressions. 7 vols, imperial 8** 
half morocco, gilt edges. C. Knight: London, 1833-8 

2029 Knight,' Madam. The Private Journal of a Journey from 

Boston to New York, in the year 1704, kept by Madam 
Knight, pp. 92. Small 4° half morocco, uncut. 

Albany, 1865 
Only 300 copies printed. 

2030 Knight and Buckingham. Private Journal kept by 

Madam Knight in a journey from Boston to New York, 
in the year 1704; — Private Journals kept by Rev. John 
Buckingham of the expedition against Canada, in the 
years 17 10 and 17 11. 12° calf, gilt. New York, 1825 

2031 Knox, John. Life of; containing illustrations of the 

history of the Reformation in Scotland. By Thomas 
M'Crie. New edition, pp. 539. 2 portraits. 8® cloth, 
uncut. Edinburgh, 1861 

2032 Knox, John Jay. United States Notes; a history of the 

various issues of paper money by the government of 
the United States. Second ed. revised, pp. 247. 
Plates. 8° cloth. New York, 1885 

2033 Knox, Robert. The Races of Men; a philosophical 

enquiry into the influence of race over the destinies of 
nations. Second ed. 12° cloth, uncut. London, 1862 

2034 [Knox, William.] The Controversy between Great 

Britain and her Colonies reviewed, pp. 207, 55. 8° half 
calf. London, 1769 

2035 Koops, Matthias. Historical Account of the Substances 

which have been used to describe events and to convey 
ideas from the earliest date, to the invention of paper. 
PP 273. Second ed. 8** calf. London, i8oi 

Printed on stxaw paper. 


2036 Kohl, J. G. Popular History of the Discovery of Am- 

erica from Columbus to Franklin, pp. 284. 12° cloth, 
uncut. London, 1865 

2037 Kohl. Descriptive Catalogue of those maps» charts and 

surveys relating to America which are mentioned in vol. 
3 of Hakluyt's Great Work, pp. 86, Wash., 1857; — 
Lecture on the Plan of a Chartographic Depot for the 
history and geography of the American Continent, pp. 
146. 2 vols. 8° half roan. 

2038 f ABAT, Pere. Nouveau Voyage aux Isles de 
L.^ I'Amerique. Numerous maps and plates. 2 vols. 

4® calf. La Haye, 1724 

2039 Cact, Joanne de. Nieuvve Wereldt ofte Beschrijvinghe 

van West-Indien, wt veelderhande Schriften ende 

Aen-teeckeninghen van verscheyden Natien by een 

versamelt. Slack £ietter. pp. 510, (16). First ed. 

Folio, vellum. Leyden: Isaack Elzevier, Anno 1625 

" This work," says Charlevoix, " which was ere long translated 
into French and published by the same Elzevirs in 1640, is full of ex- 
cellent research, as well in regard to the European settlements in 
America, as in regard to the natural history and the character and 
manners of the Americans. The author has followed the best 


2040 Caet. Beschrijvinghe van West-Indien. (Second ed.) 

Slack f^titCX, pp. 622, (18). Engraved title and maps. 
Folio, vellum. Tot Leyden, bij de Elzeviers: 1630 

2041 Laet. Novvs Orbis, seu descriptionibus Indae occiden- 

talis libri XVIIL pp. 690, (18). Folio, vellum 

Lugd. Batav., 1633 

2042 Lafayette. Memoirs of General Lafayette, with an 

account of his present visit to this country, and a de- 
scription of his tour through the United States, pp. 
24. Portrait. 8° half roan. Boston, 1825 

2043 Lafayette. Recollections of the Private Life of Gen- 

eral Lafayette. By Jules Cloquet. Embellished with 
numerous engravings, as in the original Paris edition. 
PP- (30)' 339- ^° h^^^ calf, gilt, uncut. London, 1835 

2044 La Fontaine, Jean de. Fables. Translated by Elizur 

Wright, Jr. Illustrated by J. J. Granville. 2 vols, 
royal 8® cloth, uncut. Boston, 1841 

Large Paper. 

2045 [Lamb.] A Fresh Suit against Independency; or the 

National Church-way vindicated, the Independent 
Church-way condemned, pp. 304. 12° old calf. 

London, 6771 


2046 [Lamb, Charles and White, James.] Original Letters, 

etc. , of Sir John Falstafif selected from genuine MSS. 
Second ed. pp. 123. Plate. 16** calf. London, 1797 

2047 Lamb, R. An Original and Authentic Journal of Occur- 

rences during the late American War from its Com- 
mencement to the year 1783. pp. 438. 8^ boards, un- 
cut. Dublin, 1809 

2048 Lamb. Another copy. 8° sheep. Dublin, 1809 

2049 Lamb. Memoir of his own Life. pp. 296. 8° half roan, 

uncut. Dublin, 181 1 

2050 Lambert, John. Travels Through Lower Canada and 

the United States of North America, in the years 1806- 
1808. Numerous colored plates and maps. 3 vols. 8° 
boards, uncut. London, 1810 

2051 Lancaster, Mass. ('entennial Celebration, Willard's 

Address, 1853; — Dedication of Lancaster Memorial 
Hall, 1868; — Address at Lancaster, July 4, 1876, and 
Memorial Addr'ess, May 29, 1880, by John D. Wash- 
burn. 4 pamphlets. 

2052 Lancaster, N. H. Centennial Celebration of the Settle- 

ment of the Town of Lancaster, July 14, 1864. PP- 72. 
8** boards. Lancaster. 

2053 Lane, S. Joanna Southcott, M. A. detected, her 

Prophecies disected, etc. pp. 10 1. 8° calf. 

Yeovill, (1811) 

2054 Langbaine, Gerard. An Account of the English Dra- 

matick Poets, pp. 556, 29. 12° calf. Oxford, 1691 

2055 Language. Essay on Language, by Hazard, 1857; — 

An Essay on the Source and Constitution of the Eng- 
lish Language, by Clarke; — On the Study of Words, 
by Trench, 1882; — Treatise on English Punctuation, 
1855. 4 vols. 16° cloth. 

2056 Lapham, J. A. Wisconsin, its Geography and Topo- 

graphy, History, Geology and Mineralogy. Second ed. 
pp. 208. 12** cloth. Milwaukee, 1846 

2057 La Rochefoucault-Liancourt. Due de. Travels 

through the United States of North America, the 
Country of Iroquois, and Upper Canada, in the years 
i795» ^796* ^"^ 1797; with an Authentic Account of 
Lower Canada. (Translated by H. Newman.) pp. 
642, 686. Maps. 2 vols. 4° half russia. London, 1799 

2058 Larwood, J. and Hotten, J. C. History of Signboards, 

from the earliest Times to the present Day. pp. 536. 
100 illustrations. 12° cloth, uncut. London, 1868 


2059 La Salle. An Account of Monsieur de la Salle's last 

Expedition and Discoveries in North America. Pre- 
sented to the French King, and published by the Cheva- 
lier Tonti, Governour of Fort St. Louis, in the province 
of the Illinois. Also, the adventures of the Sieur de 
Montauban, Captain of the French Buccaneers on the 
Coast of Guinea, in the year 1695. pp. 211, 44. 12** 
calf, gilt, extra, gilt edges, by Riviere. 

J. Tonson: London, 1698 

2060 Las Casas, 6. de. Histoire des Indes Accidentales ou 

Ton reconnoit la bont^ de ces Pais, et de leurs Peuples, 
et les Cruautez Tyranniques des Espagnoles. pp. 8, 
299. 12° vellum, uncut. Lyon, 1642 

2061 Las Casas. The Tears of the Indians; being an 

historical and true account of the cruel massacres and 
slaughters of above twenty millions of innocent people 
committed by the Spaniards in the Islands of Hispaniola, 
Cuba, Jamaica, etc., as also in th« Continent of Mexico, 
Peru, and other places of the West Indies, to the total 
destruction of those countries. Written in Spanish by 
Casaus, an eye witness of those things, and made En- 
glish by. T. C. Printed by T. C. for Nath. Brook, at 
the Angel in Cornhill. pp. (28), 134. 16° calf. 

London, 1656 
With four curious plates from the 1699 edition inserted. 

2062 Las Casas. Life of. Compiled from the French of 

Touron and Charlevoix. 12° cloth. New York, 1871 

2063 Lathrop, John. A Discourse preached on March the 

Fifth, 1778. pp. 24. 8° half calf. Boston, 1778 

2064 Laud, Dr. William, (Archbishop.) Autobiography of. 

16° cloth, uncut. Oxford, 1839 

2065 Laurens. Correspondence of Henry Laurens of South 

Carolina. (Materials for History, edited by Frank 
Moore.) pp. 1-232. Portrait. 2 vols. 4° paper, un- 
cut. New York, 1861 
Only 250 copies printed. 

2066 Law Quibbles; or, a treatise of the evasions, tricks, 

turns and quibbles commonly used in the profession 
of law. Second ed. pp. 125, 76. 8° calf. 

London, 1726 

2067 Lawne, Fowler, Sanders and Bulward. The Profane 

Schisme of the Brownistes or Separatists, with the 
impietie, dissensions, lewd and abhominable vices of 
that impure sect. pp. 88. Small 4° morocco, red 
edges. N. p., 161 2 


2068 Lawrence. Memoir of Abbott Lawrence, by H. A. 

Hill, portrait, privately printed; — Diary and Corres- 
pondence of Amos Lawrence, portrait; — Memorials of 
T. Bigelow Lawrence, portrait, privately printed. 3 
vols. 8® cloth and morocco. 

2069 Lawrence, R. T. New Hampshire Churches; compris- 

ing histories of the Congregational and Presbyterian 
Churches in the state, with notices of other denomina- 
tions, pp. 624. Frontispiece. 8** cloth. 

Claremont, 1856 

2070 Lawson, Deodat. Christ's Fidelity the only Shield 

against Satan's Malignity, asserted in a sermon de- 
liver'd at Salem Village, the 24th March, 1692, being a 
time of publick examination of some suspected for 
witchcraft. Second ed. pp. 120. 18° half calf, (top 
of title mended). Boston: Reprinted, London, 1704 

This second edition contains an appendix, pp. 93-120, not in the 
Boston edition. 

2071 Lawson, John. History of Carolina, pp.390. 12° cloth. 

Raleigh, i860 

2072 Lechford, Thomas. Plain Dealing, Or, News from 

New-England. A short view of New-England's present 

Government, both Ecclesiasticall and Civil, compared 

with the anciently received and established Government 

of England, in some materiall points; fit for the gravest 

consideration in these times, pp. 80. Small 4° red 

calf, gilt edges, by Bedford. 

Nathaniel Butler: London, 1642 
Thomas Lechford was the first lawyer in Boston. 
" One of the most interesting and authentic of the narratives re- 
lating to the Colonies." — Charles Deane in the Narrative and Criti- 
cal History of America. 

2073 Lechford. Plain Dealing, or News from New England. 

With an Introduction and Notes by J. H, Trumbull, 
pp. in. Small 4° cloth, uncut. Boston, 1867 

Only 285 copies printed. 

2074 Lecky, W. E. H. History of the Rise and Influence of 

the Spirit of Rationalism in Europe, pp. 405, 386. 2 
vols. 8** cloth. New York, 1866 

2075 Le Clkrcq, Christian. First Establishment of the Faith 

in New France, Now first translated, with Notes, by 

J. G. Shea. pp. 410, 354. Map and portraits. 2 vols. 
8° paper, uncut. New York, 1881 

Only 250 copies printed. 

2076 Le Clerc, John. Five Letters concerning the Inspira- 

tion of the Holy Scriptures. • Translated out of French. 
(By John Locke.) pp. 239. 16° calf, (broken). 

Printed in the Year 1699 


2077 Le Clerc. a Treatise of the Causes of Incredulity. 

pp. 327. 16** calf. London, 1697 

2078 Lee, Charles. Memoirs of the Life of the late Charles 

Lee, second in Command in the Service of the United 
States during the Revolution; to which are added his 
Political and Military Essays, Letters, etc. pp. 439. 
8° half roan, uncut, gilt top. London, 1792 

2079 Lee. The Life and Memoirs of the late Major-General 

Lee, second in Command to General Washington, dur- 
ing the American Revolution, pp. 352. 8® half roan. 

New York, 1813 

2080 Lee. Proceedings of a General Court- Martial held at 

Brunswick, N. J., for the Trial of Major-General Lee, 
July 4, 1778. pp. 239. 8° paper, uncut. 

Privately printed: New York, 1864 
Only icx) copies printed. 

2081 [Lee, Mrs. E.] Sketches of a New-England Village, in 

the last Century. 18** cloth. Boston, 1838 

2082 Lee, Henry. Memoirs of the War in the Southern De- 

partment of the United States, pp. 466. 8° boards, 
uncut. Washington, 1827 

2083 Lee. Observations on the Writings of Thomas Jeffer- 

son, with particular Reference to the Attack they con- 
tain on the Memory of the late Gen. Henry Lee. 8^ 
half roan, gilt. New York, 1832 

2084 Lee. The same. 8° cloth. Philadelphia, 1839 

2085 Lee, Mass. History of. Hy Rev. Amory Gale. pp. 

48. 8° half roan. Lee, 1854 

2086 Leicester, Mass. Historical Sketches of the Town of 

Leicester, during the first Century from its Settlement. 
By Emory Washburn, pp. 467. Map and plates. 8° 
half morocco (broken). Boston, i860 

2087 Leicester. Sermon at 50th Anniversary of the Rev. 

John Nelson as Pastor of the First Church, pp. 116, 
1862; — Celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the 
organization of the town of Leicester, 1871. 2 vols. 
12*^ and 8** cloth and paper. 

2088 Leominster, Mass. History of Leominster, or the 

Northern Half of the Lancaster New or Additional 
Grant, from 1701 to 1852. By David Wilder, pp. 264. 
12° cloth. Fitchburg, 1853 

3089 Leominster. Centennial Discourse delivered to the 
First Congregational Church in Leominster, Sept. 24, 
1843. By R. P. Stebbins. pp. 112. 8° half roan. 

Boston, 1843 


2090 I.E Sage. Adventures of Gil Bias of Santillane. A New 

Translation by T. Smollett. Plates. 4 vols. 12** calf. 

London, 1782 

2091 Lescarbot, Marc. Histoire de la Nouvelle France, con- 

tenant les Navigations, D^couvertes et Habitations 
faits par les Francois ^s Indes occidentals et Nouvelle 
France. Nouvelle Edition. Maps. 3 vols. 12** paper, 
uncut. Paris, 1866 

2092 Lenox, James. The early Editions of King James' 

Bible in Folio, pp. 12. Royal 4** half calf, gilt. 

Privately printed: (New York, 1861) 

2093 Lenox. Shakespeare's Plays in Folio pp. 5. Royal 

4° half calf, gilt. Privately printed: (New York, 1861) 
Presentation Copy. 

2094 Lenox Library. Contributions to a Calalogue of the 

Lenox Library. I. Voyages of Hulsius, etc. II. The 
Jesuit Relations, etc. III. The Voyages of Th^venot. 
IV. Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress. V. Works of Shakes- 
peare, etc. 5 vols, small 4** paper, uncut. 

New York, 1877-80 

2095 Leslie, Charles. The Snake in the Grass; or, Satan 

transformed into an Angel of Light, discovering the 
deep and unsuspected Subtility which is couched under 
the pretended Simplicity of many of the principal Lead- 
ers of those People called Quakers, pp. 342, 271. 8° 
calf. London, 1696 

*' Gives a long acccount of the " Fourth or New Quakers ** who 
reside mostly in Long Island and East Jersey in America, one of 
which was Mary Ross, who went to meeting stark naked carrying a 
fiddle." — SaMfi's Dictionary. 

2096 Leslie and Checkley. A Short and Easie Method with 

the Deists, by Charles Leslie, (followed by) Checkley's 
Discourse concerning Episcopacy, pp. 132. (Also) A 
Discourse showing who is a true Pastor of the Church 
of Christ, pp. 16. Speech of Mr. John Checkley, upon 
his Tryal at Boston, pp. 40. Specimen of a True Dis- 
senting Catechism. Bound together. 8** sheep. 

London, 1723-38 

2097 Lester, C. E. The Glory and Shame of England, pp. 

253» 293. 2 vols. 12° cloth. New York, 1842 

2098 Leverett. Memoir, Biographical and Genealogical of 

Sir John Leverett, Governor of Massachusetts, 1673-9, 
of Hon. John Leverett, Judge of the Supreme Court, 
and of the Family generally, pp. 203. Portraits. 1856; 
— Genealogical Memoir of the Family of Elder Thomas 
Leverett, of Boston. By N. B. Shurtleff. pp. 20. 1850. 
2 vols. 8° cloth and paper. 


2099 Letters of the Martyrs, collected and published in 

1564. With a Preface by Miles Coverdale, and with 
Introductory Remarks, by Rev. E. Bickersteth. pp. 
531. Portrait. 12° cloth. London, 1837 

2100 Lewis, Alonzo. Poems, pp. 208. Portrait. 12° cloth, 

uncut. Boston, 1831 

2101 Lewis, J. H. Historical Account of the Rise and Pro- 

gress of Short Hand. pp. 214. Small 8** calf, gilt. 


2102 Lewis, John. A complete History of the several Trans- 

lations of the Holy Bible and New Testament into Eng- 
lish. Third ed. pp. 415. 8° half calf. London, 1818 

2103 Lewis. History of the Life and Sufferings of John Wi- 

clif, pp. 389; — Life of the Learned and Right Rever- 
end Reynold Pecock, Lord Bishop of St. Asaph, pp. 
235. 2 vols. 8° calf, gilt. Oxford, 1820 

2104 Lexington, Mass. History of the Battle at Lexington, 

April 19, 1775, pp. 40, 1825; — The Battle of Lexington 
with personal recollections, 1877 ; — Sermon preached at 
Lexington, April 19, 1783, by Zabdial Adams. 3 vols. 
8° boards and half roan. 

2105 Leycester's Commonwealth; conceived, spoken, and 

published with most earnest protestation of all dutifull 
good will and affection towards this realm; — Leyces- 
ter's Ghost, pp. 182, 35. Small 4** morocco, gauffered 
edges. Printed, 1641 

2106 Library of New England History. Maps. 4 vols, royal 

4** paper, uncut. Boston, 1865-7 

Large Paper: Only 35 copies printed. 

Vol. I. Mourt's Relation, or Journal of the Plantation at Plymouth, 
with Introduction and Notes, by Henry Martyn Dexter. 

Vol. II, III. History of King Philip's War, by Benjamin Church, 
with Introduction and Notes, by H. M. Dexter. 

Vol. IV. Lechford*s Plain Dealing, or News from New England, 
with an Introduction and Notes, by J. H. Trumbull. 

2107 LiEBER, Francis. Encyclopaedia Americana; a popular 

dictionary of arts, sciences, literature, history, politics 
and biography. 13 vols, sheep and i vol. cloth. To- 
gether 14 vols. 8°. Phila., 1840 

2108 Lilly, William. True History of King James the First 

and King Charles the First, pp. 108. 16° sheep. 

London, 1715 

2109 Lilly. History of his Life and Times, from the year 

1602 to 1681. Written by himself, pp. 260. 11 por- 
traits. Royal 8° russia, gilt. 

Reprinted for Charles Baldwin: London, 1822 
Large paper. 


21 10 Lincoln, Noah. A Sermon preached after the Funeral 

of Noah Lincoln, July 1856, with genealogical and bio- 
graphical notes. By Chandler Robbins. 8° cloth. 

Boston, 1856 

21 1 1 Lincoln, Abraham. Eulogies on. 8 pamphlets. 

21 12 Lincoln and Douglas. Political Debates between Abra- 

ham Lincoln, and Stephen A. Douglas, in the Campaign 
of 1858, in Illinois, pp.268. 8° cloth. Columbus, i860 

2 1 13 LiNDSEY. Memoirs of the late Rev. Theophilus Lindsey; 

also a General View of the Progress of the Unitarian 
Doctrine in England and America. By Thomas Bel- 
sham. Second ed. pp. 423. 8® half calf. London, 1820 

2 1 14 £in0cl)OUn, Ian foggtll ban. Itinerario, Voyage ofte 

Schipvaert naer Oost afte Portugaels Indien, etc. Part 
11. Reys-gheschrift Vande Navigatien der Portugal 
oysers in Orienten, etc. Part 111. Beschryvinghe van 
de gantsche Custe van Guinea, etc. pp. 160, 149, 82. 
iBlatk £etter. 35 plates and 8 maps, all colored. Folio, 
vellum. Amstelredam, by Cornells Claesz, 1596 

The scarce first edition. 

2115 CinacijOten. lohn Hvighcn Van Linschoten, his Dis- 

cours of Voyages into y* Easte & West Indies. Deuided 
into foure Bookes. Translated out of the Spanish into 
Low Dutch, and out of Dutch into English, by W. P. 
Slack CetUt. With 10 maps only, (the maps of China 
and Molusca wanting.) Folio, full crimson morocco, 
extra, uncut edges. (Margin of title repaired.) 

John Wolfe: London, [1598] 
"This inestimable book, a treasure of all the learning respecting 
the East and West-Indies and the navigation thither, at the end of 
the sixteenth century, has been in the highest esteem for nearly a cen- 
tury, and was given to each ship sailing to India, as a log-book. 
Hence the many editions (6 in Dutch, 3 in French and i in Latin), 
which is also the cause why fine copies, especially with all the plates 
and maps, are so very rare. A large part of the book is occupied by 
translations of original Spanish and Portuguese documents on geog- 
raphy, ethnography, statistics and navigation, etc., and in these re- 
spects it is of the highest importance and authority. The description 
of America occupies pp. 17-82, of the third part." — F, Muller. 

21x6 Cinecljoten. The same. pp. 462. Engraved title. 
Blatk Cotter, i map. (n maps wanting.) Folio, calf. 

John Wolfe: London, (1598) 

21 17 Linschoten. Navigatio ac Itinerarium Johnannies Hu- 

gonis Linscotani, in Orientalem sive Lusitanorum In- 
diam Descriptiones, etc. Maps and plates. Folio, vel- 
lum. Hagae-Comitis, 1599 

21 18 Lippincott's Complete Pronouncing Gazeteer of the 

World. Edited by J. Thomas and T. Baldwin. Thick 
royal 8® sheep. Phila., 1864 


21 19 [Lisle, Henry M.] Milton Hill, a Poem. pp. 15. 4® 

half roan. Boston, 1803 

2120 List (A) of the Names of the Long Parliament Anno 

1640, likewise of the Parliament holden at Oxford, as 
also of the three ensuing Parliaments holden at West- 
minster in the years, 1653, 1654, 1656. pp. 70. 12® 
calf. London, 1659 

21 21 Litchfield County, Conn. Centennial Celebration, held 

at Litchfield, Conn., 13th and 14th of August, 1851. pp. 
212. Frontispiece. 8° cloth. Hartford, 185 1 

2122 Literature. Lectures on American Literature, by S. 

L. Knapp, 1829; — Pleasures, Objects and Advantages 
of Literature, by R. A. Willmott, 1857; — History of the 
Transmission of Ancient Books to Modern Times, by 
Isaac Taylor, 1859; — The Parlor Window, or anecdotes 
and original remarks on books, by Edward Mangin, 
1841. 4 vols. 12° and 16° cloth and half roan. 

2123 LiVERMORE, George. An Historical Research respecting 

the Opinions of the Founders of the Republic on Negroes 
as slaves, as citizens, and as soldiers. First ed. pp. 
236. 8° paper, uncut. Boston, 1862 

2124 LiVERMORE. The same. Royal 4° cloth, uncut. 

Boston, 1862 
Large Paper. Only 50 copies printed. 

2125 LiVERMORE. The same. Fifth ed. Large paper. Royal 

4° paper, uncut. Boston, 1863 

2126 LiVERMORE. The same. Fourth ed. 8° cloth, (2 copies). 

Boston, 1862 

2127 LiVERMORE. Remarks on the Publication and Circula- 

tion of the Scriptures, pp. 31. 8° cloth. 

Cambridge, 1849 

2128 [LiVERMORE.] The Origin, History and Character of 

the New England Primer: being a series of articles 
contributed to the Cambridge Chronicle, by ** The 
Antiquary." pp. 44. 4° cloth. Cambridge, 1849 

Presentation copy. Only 1 2 copies privately printed. 

2129 LiVERMORE. Remarks on Public Libraries, 1850; — 

Memoir by Charles Deane. (Large paper) pp. 60, 1869; 
— Funeral Sermon on the death of, by E. E. Hale, 
Sept. 3, 1865; — Same, by Rev. H. C. Badger, Sept. 3, 
1865; — Tribute of the Mass. Hist. Soc. ; — Newspaper 
Notices of the late George Livermore, (collected by Mr. 
Deane.) 6 pamphlets. 

2130 Lives of Distinguished Shoemakers, pp. 340. 12° cloth. 

Portland, 1849 


2131 Lives of the Chief Fathers of New England. 6 vols. 12** 

cloth. Boston, 1870 

Library edition : only 100 copies printed. 
Comprises : Lives of John Cotton, John Wilson, John Norton, 
John Davenport, John Eliot, Thomas Shepard, Increase Mather, 
William Phipps, Thomas Hooker. 

2132 Lives (The) of those Eminent Antiquaries John Leland, 

Thomas Hearne and Anthony A Wood; with an au- 
thentick account of their respective writings and pub- 
lications, from original papers, in which are occasionally 
inserted memoirs relating to many eminent persons and 
various parts of literature; also several engravings of 
antiquity never before published. (Edited by T. War- 
ton and W. Huddesford.) Fine impressions of the 
portraits and plates, engraved by Vertue, Grignion, 
etc. 2 vols. 8^ calf. Clarendon Press: Oxford, 1772 

2133 Livingston, Edward. Life of. By C. H. Hunt. With 

an introduction by George Bancroft, pp. 447. Portrait 

on India paper. Imperial 8° cloth, uncut. 

Large paper. New York, 1864 

2134 Livingston. The same. Portrait. 8^ cloth, uncut. 

New York, 1864 

2135 Livingston, William. Memoir of. By T. Sedgwick, Jr. 

pp. 449, 7. Portrait. 8° half morocco, gilt. 

New York, 1833 

2136 Livius, Titus. History of Rome. Translated, with 

notes and illustrations by George Baker. Second ed. 
6 vols. 8° polished calf, gilt. London, 1814 

2137 [Lloyd, David.] Never Faile; or, that sure Way of 

striving under all revolutions in an eminent instance 
from 1639 to 1661. pp. 64, 48. 18° calf. London, 1663 

2138 Lloyd, Thomas. The Trials of William S. Smith and 

Samuel G. Ogden, for misdemeanours, in July 1806. 
pp 287. 8° half morocco. New York, 1807 

Autographs of A. Burr and Rufus Choate. 

2139 Locke, John. An Essay concerning Human Under- 

standing. Thirteenth ed. pp. 372, 340, (28). Portrait. 
2 vols. 8° calf. London, 1748 

2140 Locke, J. S. Shores of Saco Bay, an historical guide. 

pp. 105, 1880; — Old Orchard, Maine, pen and pencil 
sketches, pp. 48, 1879. Maps and illustrations. 2 
vols. 12° boards. Boston. 

2141 Locke, R. A. The Moon Hoax; or, a discovery that the 

moon has a vast population of human beings. Frontis- 
piece. 8° half roan. New York, 1859 


2142 Lodge, Edmund. Life of Sir Julius Caesar, Judge of the 

High Court of Admiralty, Chancellor of the Exchequer, 
and a Privy Councellor to King James and Charles the 
First; with memoirs of his family and descendants. By 
Edmund Lodge. Eighteen portraits and other engrav- 
ings, original impressions, with India proof of the por- 
trait of Eliza Aberdein, which is usually wanting, pp. 
116. Imperial 4** cloth, rough edges. London, 1827 
Large Paper. 

2143 Lodge. Portraits of Illustrious Personages of Great 

Britain, engraved from authentic pictures in the galleries 
of the nobility, and the public collections of the country; 
with biographical and historical memoirs of their lives 
and actions. 240 portraits. 12 vols, large 4** half 
morocco, gilt edges. London, 1823-24 

Large paper ; superb India proof impressions. 

2144 Lodge, H. C. A Short History of the English Colonies 

in America, pp. 560. 8** half roan. New York, 1881 

2145 London. New Remarks of London; or, a survey of the 

cities of London and Westminster. Collected by a 
Company of Parish Clerks. Plates, pp. 410. 12° 
russia. London, 1732 

2146 London. Fifty Years of London Life, by Edmund 

Y'ates, 1885; — Hand-book of London, by Peter Cun- 
ningham, 1850; — Greater Britain, by C. W, Dilke, 
1869; — Handbook for Readers at the British Mu- 
seum, by Thomas Nichols, 1866; — Handbook to the 
Library of the British Museum, by Richard Sims, 1854; 
— Dodd's Manual of Dignities, 1844; — Scottish Tour- 
ist, 1852. 7 vols. 12° cloth. 

2147 Londonderry, N. H. History of Londonderry, com- 

prising the towns of Derry and Londonderry. By Rev. 
E. L. Parker, pp. 358. Portraits and plate. 12° cloth. 

Boston, 185 1 

2148 Long, J. Voyages and Travels of an Indian Interpreter 

and Trader, describing the manners and customs of the 
North American Indians; with an account of the posts 
situated on the river St. Laurence, Lake Ontario, etc. 
To which is added a vocabulary of the Chippeway lan- 
guage, pp. 295. Map. Royal 4° half morocco. 

London, 1791 

2149 Longfellow, H W. Kavanagh, a tale. First ed. pp. 

188. 12° cloth. Boston, 185 1 

2150 Longfellow. Voices of the Night and other poems. 

Illustrated with sixty-four engravings on wood, from 
designs by Jane E. Benham, Birket Foster, etc. 12** 
morocco, gilt edges. Boston, 1852 


2 15 1 Longfellow. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Seventy- 

fifth Birthday. Proceedings of the Maine Historical 
Society, Feb. 27, 1882. pp. 171. Portrait. 12° cloth, 
uncut. • Portland, 1882 

2152 Lord, Joseph. Reason Why, not Anabaptist Plunging, 

but Infant-Believer's Baptism ought to be approved, 
pp. (2), 8, 170. 18° boards (lacks upper half of title). 

Boston, 1 7 19 

2153 LoRiNG, J. S. The Hundred Boston Orators appointed 

by the Municipal Authorities and other Public Bodies, 
from 1770 to 1852. pp. 694. 8° cloth. Boston, 1852 

2154 LoRiNG. The same. Fourth ed. pp. 730. 8** cloth. 

Boston, 1855 

2155 LoSKiEL, G. H. History of the Missions of the United 

Brethren among the Indians in North America. Trans- 
lated by C. J. La Trobe. Map. 8° half calf. 

London, 1794 

2156 LossiNG, B. J. Pictorial Field-Book of the Revolution. 

Several hundred illustrations on wood. 2 vols, royal 
8° full morocco, red edges. New York, 1851 

2157 LossiNG. History of the United States. pp. 672. 

Numerous illustrations. Royal 8° embossed morocco, 
(broken). New York, 1857 

2158 Loudon, Archibald. Selection of some of the most in- 

teresting narratives of outrages, committed by the In- 
dians in their wars with the white people, also an 
account of their manners, customs, traditions, etc. pp. 
(io)» 3o'» 357- 2 vols. 8** cloth, uncut. 

Carlisle, 1808; reprinted, 1888 
Only 100 copies reprinted. 

2159 Louisiana Treaty. Debates in the House of Represen- 

tatives on the Bills for Carrying into Effect the Louisi- 
ana Treaty, pp. 171. 8° half morocco, gilt. 

Philadelphia, 1804 

2160 LovEjov. The Martyrdom of Lovejoy. An Account of 

the Life, Trials and Perils of Rev. Elijah P. Lovejoy, 
who was killed by a pro-slavery mob at Alton, 111., Nov. 
7, 1837. 8° cloth, uncut. Chicago, 1881 

2i6i^LovELL, John. A Funeral Oration deliver'd in Faneuil 
Hall in Boston, March 14, 1742, occasion'd by the 
Death of the Founder, Peter Faneuil, Esqr. pp. 14. 
4° half morocco. Boston, 1743 

2162 Loves (The) of Mirtil, Son of Adonis, a Pastoral, pp. 
139. Fine copper plates. 16° sheep. London, 1770 
With pictorial bookplate of Rev. H. S. Cotton. 


2163 Lowell, J. R. A Fable for Critics. First ed. pp. 80. 

12** boards. New York, (1848) 

2164 Lowell. The Biglow Papers. First ed. pp. 163. 12° 

cloth, uncut. Cambridge, 1848 

2165 Lowell. Democracy and other Addresses. First ed. 

12° cloth, uncut. Boston, 1887 

2166 Lowell, Rev. John. Review of Morse's Appeal; — 

Peace Without Dishonour, 1807; — Thoughts upon 
the Conduct of Our Administration, 1808; — New Eng- 
land Patriot, 1810; — Constitution of Congregational 
Churches in Mass., 1816; — Hanover St. Church Trust 
Deeds, 1828; — Memoir of J. Lowell, Jr., by Everett, 
1840. 8 vols. 8° half roan. 

2167 Lowell, Mass. Lowell, as It was, and as It is. By 

Rev. H. A. Miles. Map. pp. 234. 18° cloth. 

Lowell, 1845 

2168 Lower, M. A. English Surnames; Essays on Family 

Nomenclature, Historical, Etymological and Humorous. 
Second ed. pp. 292. 12® cloth, uncut. London, 1844 

2169 Lower. The same. Third ed. 2 vols. 12° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1849 

2170 Lowndes of South Carolina, an Historical and Geneal- 

ogical Memoir. By George B. Chase, pp. 81. Por- 
trait. 8° boards. Boston, 1876 

2 171 Lowndes, William Thomas. The Bibliographer's Man- 

ual of English Literature, containing an account of rare, 
curious, and useful books published in, or relating to, 
Great Britain and Ireland. 2 vols. 8° half morocco, 
gilt tops. VV. Pickering: London, 1834 

2172 Lowndes. The same. New edition by H. G. Bohn. 

10 parts in 5 vols. 12° half calf and i vol. cloth. To- 
gether 6 vols. London, 1863 

2173 Lucas, Samuel. Charters of the Old English Colonies 

in America; with an introduction and notes. 8° boards, 
uncut. London, 1850 

2174 LuDEWiG, H. E. The Literature of American Local 

History, pp. 180. 8° half roan. New York, 1846 

2175 LuNT, W. P. Two Discourses at Quincy, Sept. 29, 1839; 

— Discourse at Quincy, Sept. 15, 1850; — Memoir, by 
N. L. Frothingham, 1858; — Discourse on W. P. Lunt, 
by Chandler Robbins, June 7, 1857. 4 vols. 8° cloth 
and half roan. Boston. 

2176 £iitt)er, Martin. A Right Comfortable Treatise contain- 

ing sundrye pointes of consolation for them that labour 
and are laden. Englished by VV. Gace. pp. 84. Slack 

jDetter. 18** half calf. 

Printed by Thomas Vautrollier : London, 1580 



2177 Luther. A Commentary on the Psalms, called Psalms 

of Degrees, pp. 450. Frontispiece. 8** cloth, uncut. 

London, 1819 

2178 Luther. The Way to Prayer, pp. 68. Portrait. 16** 

boards. VV. Pickering: London, 1846 

2179 Luther. The Life of Martin Luther, the German Re- 

former, in Fifty Pictures, from designs by Gustav 
Konig. pp. 207. Royal 8° cloth, (loose in binding). 

London, 1853 

2180 Lyell, Sir Charles. Manual of Elementary Geology. 

Third ed. entirely revised. Illustrations. 8® cloth, 
uncut. Murray: London, 185 1 

2 18 1 Lyman, Theodore, Jr. The Diplomacy of the United 

States. Second ed. 2 vols. 8° blue morocco, gilt. 

Boston, 1828 

2182 Lynde. The Diaries of Benjamin Lynde and of Benja- 

min Lynde, Jr,. with an appendix, pp. 251. Portrait. 
8^ half morocco, uncut, gilt top. 

Privately printed: Boston, 1880 

2183 Lynn, Mass. History of Lynn, including Nahant. By 

Alonzo Lewis. Second ed. pp. 278. Plates. 8** cloth. 

Boston, 1844 

2184 Lynn. Centennial Memorial of Lynn, embracing an 

historical sketch, 1629-1876. By James R. Newhall, 
and notices of the mayors, pp. 204. Portraits. 8° 
half morocco. Lynn, 1876 

2185 [Lyttelton, Lord George.] Dialogues of the Dead. 

pp. 321. 8° calf. London, 1760 

2186 l^x^ABLYy Abb£ DE. Remarks concerning the Gov- 
/ A\ ernment and the Laws of the United States of 

America, in four Letters addressed to Mr. Adams, pp. 
280. 8° calf. London, 1784 

2187 Macaulay, Catharine. History of England, from the 

Accession of James I to the Elevation of the House of 
Hanover. Portrait. 5 vols. 8** half morocco. 

London, 1769 

2188 Macaulay, T. B. Critical and Miscellaneous Essays. 

5 vols. 12** cloth. Philadelphia, 1843 

2188* Macaulay. History of England from the Accession 
of James the Second. Fourth ed. 5 vols. 8° cloth, 
uncut. London, 1849 

2189 M'Culloch, J. R. Universal Gazetteer. Maps. No 

paging. 2 vols, royal 8° sheep. New York, 1849 


2190 McClellan, G. B. Army of the Potomac. Report of 

Maj. Gen. Geo. B. McCIellan, August 4, 1863. With 
an Account of the Campaign in Western Virginia, pp. 
484. Imperial 8® cloth, uncut. New York, 1864 

Large Paper : only 250 copies printed. 

2191 Macdiarmid, John. Lives of British Statesmen. New- 

edition, pp. 514. 8° half calf, gilt. London, 1838 

2192 Machias, Me. Memorial of the Centennial Anniversary 

of the Settlement of Machias. pp. 177. 8** cloth. 

Machias, 1863 

2193 Machiavel, Nicolas. Works of. Translated into Eng- 

lish, pp. 529, 16. Folio, calf, with coat of arms on 
side. London, 1675 

2194 Mackav, Charles. Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular 

Delusions and the Madness of Crowds. Second ed. 
PP- 303, 322. Illustrations. 2 vols. 12® cloth. 

London, 1852 

2195 Mackay. Life and Liberty in America; or, Sketches of 

a Tour in the United States and Canada, in 1857-8. 
Plates. 2 vols. 12® cloth, uncut. London, 1859 

2196 M'Keen, Rev. Joseph. Inaugural Address delivered at 

Bowdoin College, Sept. 9, 1802; with an Eulogy pro- 
nounced at his Funeral, by the Rev. William Jenks. 8° 
half roan, gilt. Portland, 1807 

2197 M'Kenney, Thomas L. Memoirs, Official and Personal, 

with Sketches of Travels among the Northern and 
Southern Indians. Second ed. pp. 340, 136. Plates. 
2 vols, in one. 8° cloth. New York, 1846 

2198 Mackenzie, Alexander. Voyages from Montreal, through 

the Continent of North America, to the Frozen and 
Pacific Oceans, in 1789 and 1793. pp. 414. Portrait 
and maps. Royal 4° calf. London, j8oi 

2199 Mackenzie. The same. pp. 392. Map. 8** boards, 

uncut. Philadelphia, 1802 

2200 Mackintosh, Sir James. Miscellaneous Works of. 3 

vols. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1846 

2201 Maclean, John. History of the College of New Jersey, 

from 1746 to 1854. pp. 414, 415. 2 vols. 8® half mo- 
rocco, uncut, gilt tops. Philadelphia, 1877 

2202 [Macray, W. D.] Manual of British Historians to A. D. 

1600, containing a Chronological Account of the early 
■ Chroniclers and Monkish Writers, their printed Works 
and unpublished MSS. pp. 109. 8® half roan, uncut. 

W. Pickering: London, 1845 


2203 Macray. Annals of the Bodleian Library, Oxford, A. D. 

1598-A. D. 1867. 8** cloth, uncut. London, 1868 

2204 Macy, B. F. Lecture on Mysterious Knockings, Mes- 

merism, etc., with a brief History of the Old Stone 
Mill, and a Prediction of its P'all. pp. 8. Royal 8° 
half morocco. Newport, R. L, 185 1 

2205 Madison, James. The Papers of James Madison, pur- 

chased by Order of Congress, being his Correspondence 
and Reports of Debates during the Congress of the 
Confederation, etc. 3 vols. 8° sheep. Washington, 1840 

2206 Madison. History of the Life and Times of. By W. 

C. Rives. 3 vols. 8° cloth. Boston, 1859 

2207 Maffitt, John N. Tears of Contrition; or. Sketches 

of the Life of John N. Maffitt, with Religious and 
Moral Reflections. Written by Himself, pp. 260, 40. 
12° sheep. New London, 182 1 

2208 Magazine of American History, with Notes and Queries. 

Maps and illustrations. Vols, i to 22. 17 vols, bound 
in 20 vols, half red morocco and 5 vols, in parts. 
Together 25 vols, small 4**. New York, 1877-86 

2209 Mahon, Lord. Historical Essays, pp. 311. 12° cloth. 

London, 1849 

2210 Mahon. History of England, from 17 13 to 1783. 5 

vols. 16° half roan. Leipzig, 1853-54 

221 1 Maillet, M. Telliamed; or Discourses between an 

Indian Philosopher and a French Missionary on Sub- 
jects relating to Natural History, pp. 284. 8° calf. 
Bookplate of Henry Dawkins, Esq. London, 1750 

2212 Maine Historical Society. Collections of the Maine 

Historical Society. First Series 9 vols. Second Se- 
ries Vols. I, 2, 3, with a Duplicate of Vol. i. (Reprint, 
1865, with corrections and additions.) 13 vols. 8° 
cloth. Portland, 1831-84 

2213 Maine. Historical Society Address, by George Folsom, 

1846; Memoir of Nathan Clifford, by James Ware Brad- 
bury, 1881; — Complimentary Dinner to James Ware 
Bradbury, 1887; — Ordination Sermon of Rev. Jona- 
than Gould, by Enos Hitchcock, Port,, 1793; — List 
of Persons ordained Deacons, 1785-1857. By Bishop 
Burgess, etc. 8 pamphlets. 

2214 Maine Sermons. Coffin's Sermon, May 7, 1783; — 

Tappan's Sermon, Sept. 3, 1800; — Faith, Hope and 
Love, by Coffin, Oct. 24, 1810; — Fletcher's Sermon on 
the Death of Coffin, June 8, 182 1; — Emery's Oration 
at Saco, July 4, 1839; — Nichols's Sermon at Saco, 
May 16, 1852. 6 vols. 8** half roan. 


2215 Maitland, R. S. R. The Dark Ages; a Series of Es- 

says intended to illustrate the State of Religion and 
Literature in the 9-1 2th Centuries, pp. 498. 8° cloth, 
uncut. London, 1844 

2216 Major, R. H. Life of Prince Henry of Portugal, sur- 

nanied the Navigator; and its Results, comprising the 
Discovery within one Century, of Half the World, pp. 
487. Portraits, maps, etc. Royal 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1868 

2217 Major. The True Date of the English Discovery of 

the American Continent under John and Sebastian 
Cabot, pp. 26. Royal 4** boards. London, 1870 

2218 Malcolm, Howard. Travels in South-Eastern Asia. 

PP- 273, 321. Plates. 2 vols. 12° cloth. Boston, 1839 

2219 Malcolm, J. P. Anecdotes of the Manners and Cus- 

toms of London during the eighteenth Century, pp. 
490, 6. 50 engravings. Royal 4** calf. London, 1808 

2220 Malden, Mass. Oration by James D. Green, on the 

200th anniversary of the incorporation of the town, 
May 23, 1849. ^y James D. Green, pp. 53. 8"" 
boards. Boston, 1850 

2221 Malden. Bi-Centennial Book of Maiden, containing 

the oration and poem delivered on the 200th anniver- 
sary of the incorporation of the town, May 23, 1849 
pp. 251. 12° cloth. Boston, 1850 

2222 Malebranch, Father. Search after Truth; or a Treatise 

of the Nature of the Human Mind. 2 vols. 8® old calf. 

London, 1695 
Autograph, "Thomas Welde, 1703." 

2223 Malone. Life of Edmond Malone. Editor of Shakes- 

peare, with selections from his manuscript anecdotes. 
By James Prior, pp. 476. Portrait. 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, i860 

2224 Malthus, Rev. T. R. Principles of Political Economy. 

pp. 472. 8'' half roan, uncut. Boston, 1821 

2225 Manchester, N. H. History of Manchester, formerly 

Derryfield, in New Hampshire. By C. E. Potter, pp. 
763. Illustrations. 8° cloth. Manchester, 1856 

2226 [Mandeville, B.] Free Thoughts on Religion, the 

Church, and National Happiness, pp. 364, 12. 8° 
calf. London, 1720 

2227 [Mandeville.] The Fable of the Bees; or. Private 

Vices, Publick Benefits, pp. 477, 432. 2 vols. 8** calf. 

London, 1733 


2228 [Manley, T ] Veni, Vidi, Vici: the Triumphs of the 

most excellent Oliver Cromwell, set forth in a Panegy- 
ricke. pp. 93, 20. 18® sheep. London, 1652 

2229 Mammoth Cave. Rambles in the Mammoth Cave, dur- 

ing the year 1844. 12° cloth. Louisville, Ky., 1845 

2230 Mann, Horace. Remarks on the Seventh Annual Report 

of Horace Mann; — Observations on the same; Reply 
to the Remarks; — Rejoinder to the Reply; — Speech 
on Slavery, 1850; — Dangers to Freedom, 1850; — 
Fourth of July Oration, 1842; — Correspondence be- 
tween Mann and Smith; — Lectures on Popular Educa- 
tion, by Combe, etc. 9 vols. 8° half roan. Boston. 

2231 Manvpenny, G. VV. Our Indian Wards, pp. 436. 8° 

half blue morocco, gilt top. Cincinnati, 1880 

2232 Marblehead, Mass. History and Traditions of. By 

Samuel Roads, Jr. pp. 423. Illustrations. 8° cloth. 

Boston, 1880 

2233 Marchant and Curtis. The Trials of J. D. White alias 

Charles Marchant, and W. Curtis, alias Sylvester Col- 
son for the Murder on the High Seas of Edward Sel- 
fridge, and Thomas P. Jenkins, of the Schooner Fairy, 
of Boston, pp. 176. 8° boards. Boston, 1827 

2234 Marcou, Jules. Origin of the Name America, pp. 8, 

1875; — Notes upon the First Discoveries of California 
and the origin of its Name, pp. 6, 1878; — Nouvelles 
Recherches sur I'origine du nom d'Amerique, pp. 85, 
1888; — Derivation of the Name America, 1890. 4 

2235 Margaret, Queen of Navarre. The Heptameron. Il- 

lustrations by Leopold F'lameng. pp. 384. Square 12° 
cloth, uncut. Phila. 

2236 Markham, a. H. The Great Frozen Sea; a personal 

narrative of the voyage of the **Alert*' during the Arctic 
expedition of 1875-6. Fourth ed. pp. 384. 12® 
cloth. London, 1880 

2237 Markham, Francis. The booke of Honour; or. Five 

Decades of Epistles of Honour, pp. 200. Small folio, 
half morocco. London, 1625 

2238 Marlborough. An Account of the Conduct of the 

Dowager Duchess of Marlborough from her first coming 
to court to the year 1710, pp. 316. Portrait inserted; 
— The Other Side of the Question; or, an attempt to 
rescue the characters of the two Royal Sisters, Q. Mary 

and Q. Anne, out of Hands of the D s D of 

. By a Woman of Quality, pp. 467. 2 vols. S° 

calf. London, 174^ 


2239 Marryat, Capt. Diary in America, with Remarks on 

its Institutions. Both series complete. 2 maps. 6 vols. 
S^ half crimson morocco, uncut, gilt tops. London, 1839 

2240 Marsden, J. B. History of the early Puritans, from the 

Reformation, to 1642; — History of the later Puritans, 
from 1642 to 1662. pp. 426, 474. 2 vols. 8** panelled 
calf, red edges. London, 1850-52 

2241 Marsden, William. History of Sumatra. Second ed. 

PP- 373» ^- Map. 4° calf. London, 1784 

2242 [Marsh, A. C] The Protestant Reformation in France, 

or History of the Hugonots. pp. 471, 459. Portraits. 
2 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1847 

2243 Marshall, H. History of Kentucky, pp. 465, (9), 

524. 2 vols. 8° sheep. Frankfort, 1824 

2244 Marshall, John. History of the colonies planted by 

the English on the Continent of North America, pp. 
486.- 8° sheep. Phila, 1824 

2245 Marshall. Writings of, upon the Federal Constitution. 

pp. 728. 8** cloth. Boston, 1839 

2246 Marshall, Orsamus H. Historical Writings of, relat- 

ing to the early history of the west. With an introduc- 
tion by W. L. Stone. Portrait and map. Small 4® 
cloth, uncut. Albany, 1887 

2247 Marshfield, Mass. Memorials of Marshfield and Guide 

Book to its Localities at Green Harbor. By Marcia A. 
Thomas, pp. 108. Plates. 12° boards. Boston, 1854 

2248 Martin, B. L. H. History of France, from the most 

remote period to 1789. Authorized translation; from 
the Fourth Paris ed., by Mary L. Booth. Map, por- 
traits, etc. 4 vols, imperial S^ cloth, uncut edges. 
Large Paper: Only 75 copies printed. Boston, 1865-66 

2249 Martin, M. Voyage to St. Kilda. Map. pp. 79. 8° 

stitched. London, 1773 

With name of *'£dmand Burke, Beaconsfield" on title. 

2250 Martyr, Peter. loannes ruiffus foroliuiensis Archiepus 

Cosentin'; legata': apo. ad lectore de orbe nouo. 
Accipe non noti praeclara uolumina mundi Oceani: & 
magnas noscito lector opes. Plurima debetur typhis 
tibi gratia: gentes Ignotas: & aues qui uehis orbe nouo. 
Folio, full light polished calf, extra, gilt edges, by Bed- 
ford. Alcala, Arnoldi Guillelmi, 15 16 

**Thi8 edition of the first three Decades of Peter Martyr is little 
known even to the most diligent bibliographers. Brunet mentions an 
edition of Madrid, 1 516, as being noticed in the catalogue of the Col- 
lege of Clermont, which is probably the same book as this, the dedi- 
cation to Charles V. being dated from Madrid, October, 151 6." — 
Bibliotheca Grenvilliana, 


2251 Martyr. Petri Martyris ab Angleria Mediolanen. 

Oratoris clarissimi Fernandi & Helisabeth ... de 
rebus Oceanicis & Orbe novo decades tres: quibus 
quiequid de inventis riuper terris traditum, novarum 
rerum cupidum lectorem retinere possit, copiose, fideli- 
ter, eruditeque docetur. Eivsdem praeterea legationis 
Babylonicae libri tres Folio, vellum. 

Basileae, loannem Bebelium, 1533 

Lakgx Papkr. 

This edition of Peter Martyr contains but the first three decades, 
and an abridgment of the fourth. 

2252 Martyr. De Rebus Oceanis et Novo Orbe, Decades 

tres. Item eivsdem, de Babylonica legatione, libri III. 
pp. 655. 12° half morocco. Colonije, 1574 

With autograph *' Robert Southey, Keswick, 11 June, 1836." 

2253 Martyr. De Nouo Orbe; or the histories of the West 

Indies contayning the actes and aduentures of the 
Spanyards, which haue conquered and peopled those 
countries, inriched with a varietie of pleasant relation 
of the manners, ceremonies, lawes, gouernments, and 
warres of the Indians. Comprised in eight decades. 
Whereof three haue beene formerly translated into 
English, by R. Eden, whereunto the other fiue, are 
newly added by the industrie and paineful trauaile of 
M. Lok, Gent. 4" russia, (worn). 

Thomas Adams: London, 161 2 

2254 Martyr. Petrus Martyr, der Geschichtschreiber des 

Weltmeeres Eine Studie von Hermann A. Schumach- 
er. Map. Small 4° half morocco, gilt top. 

New York, 1879 

2255 Martineau, Harriet. Society in America. 3 vols. 12° 

boards, uncut. London, 1837 

Bookplates of Edward Press 

2256 Martineau. Retrospect of Western Travel, pp. 276, 

239. 2 vols, in I. 12° half morocco. New York, 1838 

2257 Mary, (Queen). A Brief History of the Pious and Glori- 

ous Life and Actions of Mary, Queen of England, etc. 
Faithfully done by J. S. Second ed. pp. 136. Portrait. 
18° half roan. London, 1695 

2258 Maryland. A Relation of Maryland; together with a 

map of the country, the condition of plantation, his 
Majestie's charter to the Lord Baltemore, translated 
into English, pp. (i), 56, 25. Small 4° calf. N. p., 1635 
The map and 4 pp. in fac-simile. 

2259 Maryland. A Relation of the successefull beginnings 

of the Lord Baltemore's plantation in Maryland. 
Anno Domini 1634. pp. 23. Small 4^ boards. 
Only 150 copies printed. Baltimore, 1865 


2260 Maskell, Rev. William. History of the Martin Marpre- 

late Controversy in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, pp. 
224. 12® cloth, uncut. W. Pickering: London, 1845 

2261 Mason, Jeremiah. Memoir and Correspondence of. 

(By G. S. Hillard.) pp. 467. Portrait. 4'' cloth. 

Cambridge, 1873 
Only 200 copies privately printed. 

2262 Mason, Major John. Brief History of the Pequot War, 

especially of the memorable taking of their Fort at 
Mistick in Connecticut in 1637. pp. 22. 8° morocco. 

Boston, 1736 

Edited by Thomas Prince, from the original MS. of Major Mason. 
One of the rarest books connected with New England history. 

2263 [Mason, John M.] The Voice of Warning to Christians, 

on the ensuing election of a President of the United 
States, pp. 40. 8® half roan. New York, 1800 

2264 Masonic. Lodge of Saint Andrew and the Massachu- 

setts Grand Lodge; Centennial memorial, 5756-5769. 
pp. 292. Illustrations. 4° cloth. Boston, 1870 

2265 Massachusetts. Acts and Resolves, public and private 

of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay, 1 692-1 780. 
Vols. I to 5. 5 vols, royal 8° sheep. Boston, 1869-86 

2266 Massachusetts. Colonial Laws. Reprinted from the 

edition of 1672, etc., under the supervision of W. H. 
Whitmore. Small folio, half morocco. Boston, 1887 

2267 Massachusetts. The Charter granted by their majesties 

King William and Queen Mary to the inhabitants of the 
Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England, 
pp. 14. Folio, half sheep. Boston. 1759 

2268 Massachusetts. The Charters and General Laws of the 

Colony and Province of Massachusetts Bay. pp. 830 
and index. Royal 8** half morocco. Boston, 1814 

2269 Massachusetts Records. Records of the Governor and 

Company of the Massachusetts Bay in New England, 
1628-1686. Edited by N. B. Shurtleff. 6 vols, small 
folio, cloth, gilt tops. Boston, 1853 

The first and second volumes are of the second issue, with addi- 
tions from Col. Aspinwairs manuscript. 

2270 Massachusetts. The same. Vols, i and 2 of the first 

issue. 2 vols, small folio, cloth. Boston, 1853 

2271 Massachusetts. The Case of the Provinces of Massa- 

chusetts Bay and New York, respecting the boundary 
line between the two provinces, pp. 31. Small folio, 
boards. Boston, 1764 

The last two leaves in fac-simile. 


2272 Massachusetts. The Proceedings of the Council and 

the House of Representatives of the Province of the 
Massachusetts Bay relative to the holding the General 
Assembly at Harvard College in Cambridge, pp. 83. 8** 
half roan. Boston, 1770 

2273 Massachusetts. Proceedings of the Council, etc. 

Another copy. pp. 83. With the continuation of the 
proceedings, pp. 66. In one vol. 8° half roan. 

Boston, 1770 
" Ebenezer ^ yeth, his Book, being a gift from Mr. Samuel Adams 
of Boston.** 

2274 Massachusetts. A Speech intended to have been 

spoken on the bill for altering the charters of the Colony 
of Massachusetts Bay. Third ed. pp. 36. 8® half roan. 

London, 1774 

2275 Massachusetts. Journals of each Provincial Congress 

of Massachusetts, in 1774 and 1775, and of the Com- 
mittee of Safety, pp. 778. 8° sheep, (rebacked). 

Boston, 1838 

2276 Massachusetts. A Constitution and Form of Govern- 

ment for the State of Massachusetts Bay, agreed upon 
by the Convention, Feb. 28, 1778. pp. 23. 8** half 
roan. Boston, 1778 

This constitution was not adopted by the people, and a new con- 
vention was called. 

2277 Massachusetts. A Constitution or Frame of Govern- 

ment. agreed upon in Convention held in Cambridge in 
September, 1779 and March 1780, to be submitted to 
the revision of their constituents. pp. 53. 8® boards. 

Boston, 1780 
This constitution was adopted by the people. 

2278 Massachusetts. The Constitution or Frame of Govern- 

ment for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, pp. 
24. Small folio, boards. Boston, 1781 

2279 Massachusetts. An Address of the Convention for 

Framing a new Constitution of Government for the 
State of Massachusetts Bay to their constituents, pp. 
18. 8° half roan. Boston, 1780 

2280 Massachusetts. Result of th« Convention of Delegates 

holden at Ipswich, who were deputed to take into con- 
sideration the Constitution and form of government 
proposed by the Convention of the State of Massa- 
chusetts Bay. pp. t68. 8° half calf, uncut. 

Newburyport, 1778 

9281 Massachusetts. Debates, Resolutions and other Pro- 
ceedings of the Convention convened at Boston, Jan. 9, 
1788. 12*' half calf. Boston, 1808 


2282 Massachusetts. Journal of the Convention for Framing 

a Constitution of Government for the State of Massa- 
chusetts Bay, Sept. 1779-June, 1780. pp. 264. 8° 
sheep. Boston, 1832 

Bookplate of W. H. Prescott. 

2283 Massachusetts. Manuscript. An accurate copy of 

many documents of historic value and much rarity, ap- 
pertaining to the formation and establishment of the 
State Government of Massachusetts. Written by Israel 
Warren, pp. 242. 8° half roan. 1792 

2284 Massachusetts. Journal of Debates and Proceedings 

in the Convention of 1820. 8° cloth. Boston, 1853 

2285 Massachusetts. Discussions on the Constitution pro- 

posed to the people of Massachusetts by the convention 
of 1853. pp. 306. 8° cloth. Boston, 1854 

2286 Massachusetts. The Patriotick Proceedings of the 

Legislature of Massachusetts, during their session from 
Jan. 26 to March 4, 1809. 8° half calf. Boston, 1809 

2287 Massachusetts. Lectures delivered in a Course before 

the Lowell Institute, by members of the Massachusetts 
Historical Society, on subjects relating to the early 
history of Massachusetts, pp. 498. 8° cloth. 

Boston, 1869 

2288 Massachusetts Election Sermons for 1777, *S^, '88, 

'99, 1826 and 1849. ^ vols. 8** half roan. Boston. 

2289 Massachusetts Historical Society. The American 

Apollo. Vol. 1. January to Sept., 1792 in the original 
8° wrappers, uncut. Boston, 1792 

The extra signatures containing the historical collections in this 
set have been removed and added to the next title. 

" The first publication of the Massachusetts Historical Society ap- 
peared on Jan. 6, 1792, in The American Apollo, a weekly magazine 
beginning at that time. Successive numbers were printed in connec- 
tion with the periodical during thirty-nine weeks, and comprised 
usually a signature of eight pages, which could be separated from 
the rest of the pamphlet, and was called Part I. of each number." — 
S. A. Green. 

2290 Massachusetts Historical Society Collections. Vols. 

1-5, as issued in the original numbers, uncut, in blue 
covers. Boston, 1792-96 

Volume I consists of pp. i to 208, taken from the American 
Apollo, and vols, i to 4 of the Collections in numbers. 

2291 Massachusetts Historical Society Collections. Plrst to 

fifth series, and vols, i, 2 and 3 of sixth series. Com- 
plete set of first editions throughout. 30 vols, of ist, 
2d, and 3d series, bound in 15 vols, half morocco, extra, 
21 vols, in cloth, uncut and 2 vols, boards, uncut. To- 
gether 38 vols. 8°. Boston, 1 792-1889 


2292 Massachusetts Historical Society Collections. Re- 

prints of vols. I, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, io. First series. Vols. 
I, 2, 3, 4, 10. Second series. 13 vols. 8° boards, un- 
cut Boston, 1806-43 

2293 Massachusetts Historical Society Collections. Second 

reprint of vol. i. First series. 8° boards, uncut. 

Boston, 1806 

2294 Massachusetts Historical Society Collections. Reprint 

of vols. 5, 6. Second series. (Hubbard's New Eng- 
land, with title page and preface laid in.) 2 vols. 8° 
boards, uncut. Boston, 1848 

2295 Massachusetts Historical Society Collections. Sec- 

ond ed. of vols. 2 and 3. Fifth series. (Belknap Papers.) 
Vols. 5 and 6. Fifth series. (Sewall Papers.) 4 vols. 
8® cloth, uncut. Boston, 1877-79 

The Nos. 2289 to 2295 comprise an absolutely perfect and complete 
set of the collections, including the original volumes as well as the va- 
rious reprints and reissues. 

2296 Massachusetts Historical Society Proceedings, from 

1 791 to 1894. First series, 20 vols, with index, and 
Second series, vols. 1 to 8. Illustrated with portraits, 
fac-similes, etc. 29 vols. 8** cloth. Boston, 1879-94 

With many notices of meetings, newspaper clippings, autograph 
letters, etc., laid in. 

2297 Massachusetts Historical Society Proceedings. Vols. 

I, 2 and 3, 1791 to 1858. Steel portraits. 3 vols. 8** 
cloth. Boston, 1859-80 

2298 Massachusetts Historical Society. Proceedings in 

memory of W. H. Prescott, Feb. i, 1859; — Report of a 
Committee on Exchanges of Prisoners during the Am- 
erican Revolutionary War, Dec. 19, 1861; — Memoir of 
Abbott Lawrence, 1856. 3 vols. 8** half roan. Boston. 

2299 Massachusetts Historical Society. Act of Incorpora- 

tion, with the by-laws, list of resident members, etc. 
1857 and 1873. 2 vols. 8** cloth. 

2300 Massachusetts Historical Society. Catalogue of Books, 

Pamphlets, etc. (By Rev. Timothy Alden.) 8° half 
roan. Boston, 181 1 

2301 Massachusetts Historical Society. Catalogue of 

Books in the Massachusetts Historical Society Library. 
8° half calf, gilt. Boston 1796 

2302 Massachusetts Historical Society. Catalogue of the 

Library, pp. 732, 651. 2 vols. 8** cloth. Boston, i860 

2303 Massie, J. W. Continental India, pp. 477, 478. Map. 

2 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1840 


2304 Massinger, Philip. A New Way to pay Old Debts, a 

comedie. First ed. Small 4° half fussia, (worn). 

London, 1633 

2305 Mather, Cotton. Late Memorable Providences relating 

to witchcrafts and possessions. The second impression, 
pp. 144. 16^ sheep. London, 1691 

2306 Mather. The Wonders of the Invisible World, being 

an account of the tryals of several witches lately exe- 
cuted in New England, etc. pp. 98. 4** calf, extra. 

London, 1693 
Half title inlaid and restored, also top of title mended. 
** Mather was the principal mover of the prosecutions against the 
unfortunate persons condemned as witches in New England." 

2307 Mather. The Wonders of the Invisible World: Being 

an Account of the Tryals of Several Witches Lately 
Executed in New England: And of several Remarkable 
Curiosities therein Occurring. Published by the Special 
Command of his Excellency the Governour of the Prov- 
ince of Massachusetts Bay in New England. The Sec- 
ond ed. pp. 62. 4° full red morocco. (4 leaves crop- 
ped at bottom, but restored in manuscript.) 

Printed first, at Boston in New Eng- 
land, and reprinted at London, for John Dunton, 1693 

This second edition is exceedingly rare, and omits much that is 
found in the first edition. The paging is very irregular, jumping from 
24 to 43 — then following p. 50 is 41. 

2308 Mather. The Wonders of the Invisible World, being 

an account of the Trials of several Witches lately exe- 
cuted in New England, with a farther account, by In- 
crease Mather. Portrait. 16° cloth, uncut. London, 1862 

2309 Mather. The Life and Death of the Rev. Mr. John 

Eliot, who was the first preacher of the gospel to the 
Indians in America, pp. 168, 4. Third ed., carefully, 
revised. 16° calf, gilt edges. 

John Dunton: London, 1694 

2310 Mather. Johannes in Eremo. Memoirs Relating to 

the Lives of the Ever-Memorable Mr. John Cotton, Mr. 
John Norton, Mr. John Wilson, Mr. John Davenport 
and Mr. Thomas Hooker. 16° crimson morocco, gilt, 
uncut. Printed for Michael Perry: Boston, 1695 

The lives are separately paged: pp. 32, 80, 39, 46, 30. Preface by 
Increase Mather (pp. 3-12). "To the Reader," 10 pp., by Increase 
Mather. After the Introduction, is the Advertisement of the au- 
thor's projected "Church History of New England" (The Magnalia), 
with "A Schaeme of the Whole Work" (pp. 28-32). 

The Memoir of Thomas Hooker is wanting. 

231 1 Mather. A Good Man making a Good End. The Life 

and Death of the Rev. Mr. John Baily. pp. 88. 16** 
original sheep, uncut. B. Green & J. Allen; Boston, 1698 


2312 Mather, Cotton. Ecclesiastes. The Life of the Rev- 

erend and Excellent Jonathan Mitchel; a pastor of the 
church, and a Glory of the College in Cambridge, 
New England, pp. 112. 16® claret morocco, red edges. 

B. Green & J. Allen: Boston, 1697 
"Edward Langdon's Book, 1722'* **£lizabeth Sumner, 1766." 

2313 Mather. Magnalia Christi Americana: or, the Eccle- 

siastical History of New England from its Planting in 
the year 1620 unto the year 1698. In Seven Books. I. 
Antiquities. II. The Lives of the Governours. III. 
The Lives of sixty famous Divines. IV. An account 
the University at Cambridge. VI. A Faithful Record 
of Illustrious Providences. VII. The Wars [with the 
Indians], etc., etc. With the original map, also inserted 
fac-simile of portrait of Increase Mather by I. Sturt, 

ionly 25 printed), and a portrait of Cotton Mather, 
both inlaid). Folio, calf, (rebacked). 

London, printed for Thomas Parkhurst 
at the Bible and Three Crowns in Cheapside, 1702 

Large Paper. Size I4|^x8ji^ (The Brinley copy measuring 13^ 
xSj^ was called by Mr. Trumbull a very large copy). 

The above has the original map, the list of books, and a fac-simile 
of the Errata. 

2314 Mather. Reprint of the Errata to the Magnalia. pp. 2. 

Small folio. (2 copies). 

2315 Mather. Magnalia Christi Americana. P'irst American 

edition, pp. 573, 595. 2 vols. 8° sheep, (worn). 

Hartford, 1820 

2316 [Mather.] A Good Evening for the best of Dayes; 

An Essay to manage an Action of Trespass against 
those who mispend the Lord's Day Evening, pp. 26. 
16° morocco. B. Green: Boston, 1708 

2317 [Mather.] Things to be more thought upon; a Brief 

Treatise on the Injuries offered unto the Glorious and 
only Saviour of the World, pp. 108. 18° sheep. 

T. Fleet: Boston, 1713 
Autograph: "Samuel Sewall, his book, July 23, 1713, Brooklin. 
The gift of Mr. William Dummer.*' 

2318 Mather. Nuncia Bona e Terra Longinqua; a Brief Ac- 

count of some Good and Great Things a doing for the 
Kingdom of God, in the midst of Europe, pp. 14. 16** 
calf. B. Green: Boston, 17 15 

2319 Mather. Psalterium Americanum. The Book of 

Psalms, in a translation exactly conformable unto the 
original; but all in blank verse, fitted unto the tunes 
commonly used in our churches; . . Added, some other 
portions of the Sacred Scriptures, to enrich the car- 
tional. pp. (2), 36, 426. 16° sheep. Boston, 1718 


2320 Mather, Cotton. India Christiana. A Discourse 

Delivered unto the Commissioners for the Propagation 

of the Gospel among the American Indians, etc. pp. 

4), 88 [92].) i8° morocco, ,witha rare slip of corrigenda 

pasted inside of cover. B. Green, 172 1 

"That the more Curious may have a Taste of the Language where- 
in, the Indians are instructed in Religion, Mather prints (pp. 52- 
55 doubled,) * The Religion which all good men are united in,' in In- 
dian, with English translation opposite." 

2321 Mather. The Christian Philosopher; a Collection of 

the best discoveries in nature, with religious improve- 
ments, pp. 304. 8° half calf, gilt. London, 1721 

2322 Mather. Parentator; Memoirs of Remarkables in the 

Life and Death of the ever-memorable Dr. Increase 
Mather, who expired August 23, 1723. pp. 245. 12*' 
sheep. B. Green: Boston, 1724 

2323 Mather. Parentator. Another copy. Portrait by R. 

White, pp. 245. 12° full crimson morocco, extra, un- 
cut. (Top of title and of portrait mended.) 

B. Green: Boston, 1724 

2324 Mather. Ratio Disciplinae Fratrum Nov-Anglorum; a 

faithful account of the discipline professed and prac- 
ticed in the churches of New England, pp. 207, 3. 
Portrait inserted. 16** calf, gilt, yellow edges, by Bed- 
ford. S. Gerrish: Boston, 1726 

2325 Mather. Essays to do Good ; addressed to all Christ- 

ians. New edition. 12° half sheep. Boston, 1808 

2326 Mather. The Life of Mr. Thomas Dudley. Edited 

by Charles Deane. pp. 20. 8® cloth, uncut. 

Only 100 copies printed. Cambridge, 1870 

2327 Mather. The Discipline practised in the Churches of 

New England. From Magnalia Christi Americana. 12'' 
half calf. London, n. d. 

2328 Mather. Life of. By Samuel Mather, pp. 186. 8** 

calf. S. Gerrish: Boston, 1729 

2329 Mather. Abridgment of the Life of. Taken from the 

account of him, by Rev. Samuel Mather, pp. 143. 16° 
calf. London, 1744 

2330 Mather, Increase. The First Principles of New Eng- 

land, concerning the Subject of Baptisme and Com- 
munion of Churches, pp. 40, 7. Small 4° half calf, 
uncut. (Corner of title neatly repaired.) 

S. Green: Cambridge, 1673 

2331 Mather. An Earnest Exhortation to the Inhabitants 

of New England, etc. (Title, preface and pp. i to 16 
only.) John Foster: Boston, 1676 


2332 Mather, Increase. A Brief History of the War with 
the Indians Jn New-England. From June 24, 1675 
(when the first Englishman was Murdered by the 
(Indians to August 12, 1676, when Philip, alias Meta- 
comet, the principal Author and Beginner of the War, 
was slain. . . . Together with a serious Exhortation to 
the Inhabitants of that Land. 4 preliminary leaves, pp. 
51, (i), 8. Small 4^ smooth calf extra. 

Printed for Richard Chiswell: London, 1676 

This copy has the leal preceding the title page, with half title, in 
large type :' " The Wars of New-England," (The " Serious Exhorta- 
tions,*' though named in the Title, is not given in this edition.) 

Inserted is a fac-simile of the map published with Hubbard's In- 
dian Wars, no map was issued with this book. 

** No epithet can be too strong to characterize the scarcity of the 
one introuvable which so long escaped the search of American 
collectors ; so rare, that Prince did not secure it for his New England 
Library." — Brinley Catalogue. 

2333 Mather. A Relation of the Troubles which have 
, hapned in New-England, by reason of the Indians there. 

From the year 1614 to the year 1675. Wherein the fre- 
quent Conspiracyes of the Indians to cutt off the Eng- 
lish, and the wonderful providence of God, in disap- 
pointing their devices, is declared, etc. pp. 76, 19. 
Small 4° calf, uncut. (Corners of few leaves mended.) 

John Foster: Boston, 1677 

With the Autograph of Increase Mather on the title page, also of 
Jorusha Mather, his daughter. 

2334 Mather. An Essay for the Recording of Illustrious 

Providences. Wherein an account is given of many re- 
markable and very memorable events, which have hap- 
pened in this last age; especially in New-England, pp. 
(22), 372. 16° sheep. Printed 

by Samuel Green for Joseph Browning: Boston, 1684 
The Crowninshield copy. 

" This book is extremely rare, and is not to be found in the library 
of the Antiquarian Society at Worcester, nor in the library at Cam- 
bridge." — E. A. Crowninshield. 

The table of contents at the end is missing. 

2335 Mather. Pray for the Rising Generation. Last Ser- 

mon, preached the third day of the 5th moneth, 1678. 
The third Impression, pp. (i), 2, 165-198. t6° mo- 
rocco. Printed by R[ichard] P[ierce]: (Boston), 1685 

This is the third part of Mather's " A Call from Heaven," etc., 
first printed by Foster in 1679. 

2336 Mather. The Mystery of Christ opened and applyed. 

pp. 214. 18° polished calf extra, gilt edges, by Bed- 
roRp. Boston, 1686 

2j8 catalogue. 

2337 [Mather, Increase.] A Sixth Collection of Papers re- 

lating to the present juncture of Affairs in England, 
contains: A Narrative of the Miseries of New England 
by reason of an arbitrary Government errected there. 
(By Increase Mather.) pp. 34. 4® half morocco. 

London, 1689 

2338 Mather. A Further Account of the Tryals of the New- 

England Witches. With the observations of a person 
who was upon the place several days when the suspected 
Witches were first taken into examination. To which 
is added, Cases of Conscience concerning Witchcrafts 
and evil spirits personating Man, written at the request 
of the ministers of New England. Written by Increase 
Mather, President of Harvard College, pp. 2, 10, 4, 
39, 8. Small 4® full polished calf extra, gilt edges, by 
Pratt. Printed for John Dunton: London, 1693 

2339 Mather. A Further Account of the Tryals of the New 

England Witches, pp. 10. Small 4**. London, 1693 

These are the title page and 10 pp. of text "collected by Deodat 
Lawson/* prefixed to the English edition of Mather's Cases of Con- 
science, etc. 

2340 Mather. Cases of Conscience concerning evil Spirits, 

personating Men, Witchcrafts, infallible Proofs of Guilt 
in such as are accused with that Crime, pp. 67, 7. 16** 
sheep. B. Harris; Boston, 1693 

2341 [Mather.] Gospel Order revived, being an Answer to a 

Book lately set forth by the Rev. Mr. Increase jMather, 
entituled, The Order of the Gospel, etc. By sundry 
ministers of the Gospel in New England, pp. 40. Small 
4° polished calf, uncut, by Bedford. 

Printed in the Year 1700 
Advertisement and last leaf in fac-simile. 

2342 [Mather.] A Collection of some of the many offensive 

Matters contained in a Pamphlet, entituled. The Order 
of the Gospel revived, pp. 24. 18° calf. Boston, 1701 

The preface *' To the Reader '* is by Increase Mather, and the 
body of the book is by Cotton Mather. 

2343 Mather. A Discourse concerning the Maintenance due 

to those that preach the Gospel, etc. pp. 60. 16° inlaid 
to 4°, the last leaf in MSS. 4° half morocco. 

B. Green: Boston, 1706 

2344 Mather. A Discourse concerning the Grace of Cour- 

age, pp. 44. 16® morocco. B. Green: Boston, 17 10 
Artillery Sermon preached at Boston, June 5, 17 10. 

2345 Mather. Remarkable Providences illustrative of the 

earlier days of American Colonization. Portrait. 16'' 
cloth, uncut, London, 1856 


2346 Mather, Increase. A Disquisition Concerning Ecclesi- 

astical Councils. Proving, that not only Pastors, but 
Brethren delegated by the Churches, have equally a 
Right to a decisive Vote in such Assemblies. To which is 
added, Proposals concerning Consociation of Churches, 
pp. ^2), 20,47, (i). 18° calf. 

Printed for Nicholas Boone, 1716 

The Preface is dated' Oct. 30, 17 16. In the preface to "Two 
Discourses,*' published in (July) 17x6, Mather says: "Some years 
ago, I wrote a Disquisition concerning Ecclesiastical Councils. . . . 
In suppressing the Publication of it so long, I have attended the 
Old Advice, In nonum prematur ad Annum ... I have designed 
that Discourse as my Last and Dying Advice to the Churches in 
New-England, (p. ix.) 

2347 Mather. History of King Philip's War, also a history 

of the same war by Rev. Cotton Mather. With an in- 
troduction and notes, by S. G. Drake, pp. 281. Por- 
traits. Royal 4° boards. Boston, 1862 
Largs paper. 

2348 Mather. Early History of New England. With an 

introduction and notes, by S. G. Drake, pp. 309. 
Small 4° cloth, uncut. Boston, 1864 

2349 Mather. The same. Large Paper. Royal 4® boards. 

Boston, 1864 

2350 Mather. Memoirs of the Life of. With a preface by 

the Rev. Edmund Calamy. Portraits of Mather, R. 
White and Edward Calamy inserted, pp. 88. 8** 
polished calf, extra, red edges, by Bedford. 

London, 1725 

2351 Mather. Increase Mather, the Agent of Massachusetts 

Colony in England for the concession of a charter. By 
William H. Whitmore. Small 4® paper, uncut. 

Boston, 1869 

2352 Mather, Nathaniel. A Sermon wherein is shewed that 

it is the duty and should be the care of believers in 
Christ, to live in the constant exercise of grace, pp. 
28. 16° calf. Printed by R. P.: Boston, 1684 

2353 Mather, Richard. A Modest and Brotherly Answer 

to Mr. Charles Herle, his book against the independence 
of churches, pp.58. Small 4° half roan. London, 1644 

2354 Mather. The Life and Death of that Reverend Man of 

God, Mr. Richard Mather, teacher of the church in 
Dorchester in New England. Inserted portrait, pp. 
38. Square 16** light calf, yellow edges. 

Printed by S. G. and M. J. : Cambridge, 1670 
Title in fac-simile by Harris. 


2355 [Mather, Richard.] Church-Government and Church 
Covenant discvssed, in an answer of the Elders of 
the severall churches in New England to two and 
thirty questions sent over to them by divers minis- 
ters in England. . . Together with an apologie of 
the said Elders in New-England for Church-Covenant. 
... As also in an answer (by John Davenport) to 
nine positions about Church Government (Address to 
the reader, by Hugh Peters.) pp. (4), 84, (2), 78. 
Small 4° old calf. (Bottom of title and margin of leaf 
of preface mended). I^ondon, 1643 

*' The 32 Questions, the Answer whereof was Mr. Richard Mather, 
and not any other Elder or Elders in New England ; who is likewise 
the author of the discourse concerning Church Covenant printed 
therewith ... as he writes in a letter to a son of his now in 
England." — Preface to a Disputation concerning Church-Members^ etc., 
London, 1659. 

'* The 9 Positions (though written by Mr. Davenport) had the 
approbation of the rest of the Elders in New England.*' — /. Mather's 
Discourse concerning the Unlawfulness of Common Prayer ^ p. 14. 

*' An Apologie '' and " x\n Answer . . . unto Nine Positions*' have 
separate title-pages, but continuous paging. 

2356 Mather, Samuel. A Sermon after the Decease of the 

very Reverend and Learned Cotton Mather, who ex- 
pired Feb. 13, 1727-8. pp. 26. Small 8° calf, gilt. 

G. Rogers: Boston, 1728 

2357 Mather. An Apology for the Liberties of the Churches 

in New England, pp. 216. 8° half calf, gilt. 

T. Fleet: Boston, 1738 

With autograph of Edmund Quincy. 

2358 [Mather.] An Attempt to Shew that America must be 

known to the Ancients, made at the request and to 
gratify the curiosity of an inquisitive gentleman, to 
which is added an appendix concerning the American 
Colonies and some modern managements against them, 
pp. 35. 8° half roan, uncut. Boston, 1773 

2359 [Mather.] (Reply to.) Diana's Shrines turned into 

Ready Money by Priestly Magic; or, virtue given up. 
Being remarks on remarks in the northern Priest's 
Pamphlet, entitled A — a known to the a — ts. pp. 23. 
8** half morocco, (title mended). New York, 1773 

2360 Mather. The Mather Family. By Enoch Pond. Por- 

trait. 16° cloth. Boston, 1844 

2361 [Mauduit, Israel.] A Short View of the History of the 

Colony of Massachusetts Bay, with respect to their 
original Charter and Constitution, pp. 71. 8° half calf. 

London, 1769 


2362 Mauduit. a Short View of the History of the New 

England Colonies, with respect to their Charters and 
Constitution, pp. 100. Fourth ed. 8** half roan. 

London, 1776 

2363 Mauduit. The same. Third ed. pp.93. 8** half mo- 

rocco. London, 1774 

2364 Maundeville, Sir John. The Voiage and Travaile of 

Sir John Maundeville, which treateth of the way to 
Hierusalem; and of Marvayles of Inde. pp. 391. 8** 
diamond calf. London, 1725 

2365 Maverick, Samuel. A Briefe Description of New Eng- 

land and the severall towns therein, 1660. Small 4° 
paper, uncut. Boston, 1885 

2366 Maxwell, William. Virginia Historical Register and 

Literary Note Book. Vols. 1-6. 6 vols, in 3 vols. 8° 
half roan. Richmond, 1848-53 

2367 May, Col. John. Journal and Letters of Col. John May 

of Boston, relative to two journeys to the Ohio country, 
in 1788 and '89. With a biographical sketch by Rev. 
R. S. Edes, and notes by W. M. Darlington, pp. 160. 
8** cloth, uncut. Cincinnati, 1873 

2368 May, T. E. Constitutional History of England, since 

the accession of George Third, 1 760-1860. pp. 484, 
596. 2 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. Boston, 1863 

2369 Mayer, Brantz. Tah-gah-jute, or Logan and Captain 

Michell Cresap; — Calvert and Penn, or the Growth of 
Civil and Religious Liberty in America, as disclosed in 
the planting of Maryland and Pennsylvania. 2 vols. 8** 
boards and half roan. Baltimore, 185 1-2 

2370 Mayer. Tah-gah-jute; or Logan and Cresap, an his- 

torical essay, pp. 204. 8° paper, uncut. Albany, 1867 

2371 Mayer. Captain Canot; or, twenty years of an African 

slaver. Plates. 12° cloth. New York, 1856 

2372 Mayhew, Experience. Indian Converts; or, some ac- 

count of the lives and dying speeches of a considerable 
number of the christianized Indians of Martha's Vine- 
yard in New England, pp. 310, 16. 8° calf. 

London, 1727 

2373 Mayhew. Grace defended, in a Modest Plea for an 

Important Truth, pp. 208. 8** straight grained mo- 
rocco, red edges. Boston, 1744 

2374 Mayhew. Observations on the Indian Language. Pub- 

lished from the original MS. by J. S. H. Fogg. Small 
4** paper, uncut. Boston, 1884 

Only 100 copies printed. 


2375 Mayhew, Jonathan. A Discourse wherein the Mystery 

of King Charles* Saintship and Martyrdom is unriddled, 
preached Jan. 30, 1749-50. pp. 55. 8° half morocco, 
gilt. Boston, 1750 

2376 Mayhew. Observations on the Charter and Conduct of 

the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign 
Parts, pp. 176. 8° calf. Boston, 1763 

2377 Mayhew. Defence of the Observations on the Charter 

and Conduct of the Society for the Propagation of the 
gospel in Foreign Parts, pp. 144; — Remarks on an 
Anonymous Tract entitled An Answer to Dr. Mayhew's 
Observations, pp. 87. 8** morocco, gilt. 

Boston, 1763-64 

2378 Mayhew. Verses on Dr. Mayhew's Book of Observa- 

tions. By a Gentleman of Rhode Island Colony, pp. 
19. 8° paper, uncut. Providence, 1763 

2379 Mayhew. A Letter of Reproof to Mr. John Cleaveland 

of Ipswich, occasioned by a defamatory Libel published 
under his Name. pp. 49. 8° half roan. Boston, 1764 

2380 Mayhew. Memoir of the Life and Writings of Rev. 

Jonathan Mayhew. By Alden Bradford. Portrait. 8** 
cloth. Boston, 1838 

2381 Mead, Matthew. The Almost Christian Discovered, 

Seven Sermons preached at London, 1661. Eighth ed. 
pp. 180. 18° sheep. London, 1684 

2382 Meade, William. Old Churches, Ministers and Fami- 

lies of Virginia, pp. 490, 496. Plates. 2 vols. 8** 
cloth. Phila., 186 1 

2383 Medfield, Mass. Exercises at the Bi-Centennial Com- 

memoration of the Burning of Medfield by Indians in 
King Philips War, Feb. 21, 1876. pp. 56. 8° boards. 

Medfield, 1876 

2384 Medford, Mass. History of, from 1630 to 1855. By 

Charles Brooks, pp. 576. Portraits and plates. 8** 
cloth. Boston, 1855 

2385 Medford. Register of Families settled at the Town of 

Medford, ass. By W. H. Whitmore. Portraits and 
plates. 8° half roan. Boston, 1855 

Private edition. 

2386 Meier, G. ¥. The Merry Philosopher; or. Thoughts on 

Jesting, pp. 213. 16° calf, gilt. London, 1764 

2387 illela, |)oni]10nitt0. Cosmographia Pomponii Mele: tribus 

libris digesta parvo quodam compendio Joannius Coelii 
adaucta etc. Slack better. 4^ boards. 

No place or date. Probably Norimberga, 15 12 


2388 Mela. Libri de situ orbis tres, adiectis loachimi Va- 

diani in eosdem Scholiis. 135 folios. First ed. Folio, 
boards. Vienna Panoniae, 15 18 

'*The first place in which we find the name of America, used a little 
further a-field is in a letter dated Vienna, 151 2, from Joachim Va- 
dianos to Rudolphus Agricola, and inserted in the Pomponius Mela 
of 1 518, edited by the former. The expression used is "America dis- 
covered by Vespucius." — H. H, Major ^ Prince Henry the Navigator^ 

See Vespucius, for the first occurrence of the name " America." 

2389 Melish, John. Geographical Description of the United 

States. Maps. 8° half roan. Phila., 1822 

2390 Melvin, James. A Journal to the Expedition to Quebec 

in the year 1775, under the command of Col. Benedict 
Arnold, pp. 34. 8° sheets, folded. 

Franklin Club: Phila., 1864 

2391 Memoirs of a certain Island adjacent to the Kingdom of 

Utopia. Written by a celebrated Author of that 
Country, pp. 294, 278. Second ed. 2 vols. 8® calf. 

London, 1726 

2392 Memoir of William Sturgis, by Loring; — Charles W. 

Upham, by Geo. E. Ellis; — Everett's Eulogy on 
Dowse; — Memoir of Nathaniel Thayer; — Memoir of 
John Bigelow; — Memoir of James Savage, by Geo. S. 
Hillard; — Daveis Memoirs; — Life and Character of 
Lafayette; — Memoir of T. M. Harris; — Memorial of 
Caleb Gushing; — William Smith Shaw, by J. B. Felt; 

— James Brown, by G. S. Hillard. 12 vols. 12 and 8° 

2393 Memoirs of C. G. Loring; — Charles Sprague, by Quin- 

cy; — Joseph Willard; — Nathan Appleton; — N. L. 
Frothingham, by Hedge; — James Savage, by Hillard; 

— Jared Sparks; — Edward Tuckerman; — Leonard 
Woods, by Park; — Levi Lincoln; — T. B. Chandler 
and others. 39 pamphlets. 

2394 Memorial Biographies. James Deane, by H. I. Bow- 

ditch; — Nicholas Brown, by W. Gammell; — Notice of 
W. T. Harris, by (S. (7. Drake); — John Bromfield, by 
Josiah Quincy; — Parker Cleveland, by Woods; — Char- 
lotte A. H. Brooks; — James Johnson, etc. 9 vols. 8** 
half roan and paper. 

2395 Memorials of S. F. B. Morse, Ezra Abbott, George Al- 

len, Garrett Davis, J. Q. Adams, W. H. Seward, F. W. 
Hackett, George Livermore, Gardner Colby and others. 
10 vols. 8° and royal 8° cloth. 

2396 Menuham, Rev. Joseph. An Index of Prohibited Books 

by Command of the present Pope Gregory XVI, in 1835. 
pp. 130, 12, Portrait. 12** cloth, uncut. London, 1840 


2397 Menzies. Catalogue of the Books and Manuscripts form- 

ing the Private Library of William Menzies of New 
York. pp. 469. Royal 8** cloth, uncut. 

New York, 1875 

2398 Mercator and Hondius. Historia Mundi; or Merca- 

tor's Atlas, containing his Cosmographicall Description 

of the Fabricke and Figure of the World. Thick folio, 

calf. London, 1637 

Second Edition, with the scarce map of Virginia, by Ralph Halb 
1636 ; the map of New England is in fac-simile. 

2399 Merchant's Dayly Companion, pp. 396. 16** morocco, 

extra, red edges, (few leaves stained.) London, 1684 

2400 Merivale, Rev. Charles. History of Rome under the 

Emperors. The Augustan Age. pp. 172. 8° half 
roan (broken). London, 1854 

2401 Merrill, Rev. G. E. The Story of the Manuscripts. 

pp. 205. 12° cloth. Boston, 1881 

2402 Merryweather, F. S. Bibliomania in the Middle Ages, 

1849 ; — Glimmerings in the Dark, or Lights and Shadows 
of the Olden Time, 1850; — Lives and Anecdotes of 
Misers, 1850. 3 vols. 8° and 12° cloth. London. 

2403 Mexican War. War with Mexico, by A. A. Livermore, 

1850; — A Review of the Causes and Consequences of 
the Mexican War, by William Jay, 1849; — Last Leaves 
of American History, comprising Histories of the Mex- 
ican War and California, 1849. 3 vols. 12° cloth. 

2404 Meyrick, Sir Samuel Rush. A Critical Inquiry into An- 

tient Armour, as it existed in Europe, particularly in 
Great Britain, from the Norman Conquest to the Reign 
of King Charles H. ; with a Glossary of Military Terms 
of the Middle Ages. Second edition, corrected and en- 
larged. Contains 81 large plates, including the new 
plate of the Battle of the Locks and Keys; 71 of which, 
and the initial letters, are highly illuminated in gold, 
silver and colors, 3 vols. ; — Engraved Illustrations of 
Antient Arms and Armour, from the Collection at 
Goodrich Court, Herefordshire; after the Drawings, and 
with the Descriptions of Sir Samuel Rush Meyrick, 
By Joseph Skelton. Portrait of Meyrick, engraved 
titles, and 154 plates of arms and armour in detail. 
2 vols. Together 5 vols, imperial 4° half crimson 
morocco, extra, gilt edges. London, 1842-54 

2405 MiDDLEBOROUGH, Mass. Book of the First Church in 

Middleborough, with Notices of other Churches in that 
Town. pp. 55. 8° cloth. Boston, 1852 


2406 MiDDLEBURY, Vt. History of the Town of Middlebury, 

Vt. By Samuel Swift, pp. 444. Portraits. 8** cloth. 

Middlebury, 1859 

2407 MiDDLETOWN, Coiin. Centennial Address, by David D. 

Field; with Historical Sketches of Cromwell, Portland, 
Chatham, Middle-Haddam, Middletown and its Parishes, 
pp. 295. Plates. 12° cloth. Middletown, 1853 

2408 Miller, Thomas. History of the Anglo-Saxons, from 

the earliest Period to the Norman Conquest, pp. 363. 
Plates. 12** cloth, uncut. London, 1848 

2409 [MiLLiGAN, Jacob.] Short Description of the Province 

of South Carolina, with an account of the air, weather 
and diseases at Charlestown. Written in the year 1763. 
pp. 96. 8** stitched. London, 1770 

2410 [Milton, John.] The Judgement of Martin Bucer, con- 

cerning Divorce, pp. 26. Small 4° calf. London, 1644 

241 1 Milton. Poems of Mr. John Milton, both English and 

Latin, composed at several Times. Printed by his true 
Copies, pp. 120, 87. Portrait by Marshall, with the 
Greek inscription by Milton (cut down and mounted). 
16° sprinkled calf extra. Printed by 

Ruth Raworth for Humphrey Moseley: London, 1645 
First collective Edition, and the first work bearing Milton's name. 

2412 Milton. Poems, etc., upon several Occasions; both 

English and Latin, etc., with a small Tractate of Edu- 
cation to Mr. Hartlib. pp. 117. 16** blue calf extra, 
gilt edges. London, 1673 

Second Edition of the ** Collective Works.** 

2413 MiLTON. Tetrachordon; Expositions upon the foure 

chief places in Scripture, which treat of Marriage, or 
nullities in Marriage. First ed. pp. 98. Small 4° 
calf. London, 1645 

2414 Milton. Paradise Lost. A Poem in Ten Books. The 

Author John Milton. Small 4° calf, gilt edges. 

Printed by S. Simmons: London, 1668 

First Edition, with the sixth title page; the address to the reader 
and the Arguments. 

2415 Milton. Paradise Lost. Second ed., revised and 

augmented by the same Author, pp. 333. Portrait by 
W. Dolle. 12** calf. S. Simmons: London, 1674 

2416 Milton. Paradise Lost. Third ed. pp. 331. Portrait 

by W. Dolle. 16° morocco, gilt edges. London, 1678 

2417 Milton. Paradise Lost. Fourteenth ed., to which is 

prefix'd an Account of his Life (by Elijah Fenton). pp. 
350 and index. Plates by Foudrinier. 16® calf. 

J. Tonson: London, 1730 


2418 Milton. Paradise Lost, a Poem. From the Text of 

Thomas Newton, pp. 416. Portrait. 4** russia, extra, 
gilt edges. 

Printed by John Baskerville: Birmingham, 1759 

2419 Milton. Paradise Lost. pp. 248. Frontispiece. 48** 

cloth, uncut. London, 1835 

Pickering's miniature edition. 

2420 Milton. Paradise Lost, in Ten Books. The Text ex- 

actly reproduced from the first ed. of 1667, with an 
Appendix, containing the Additions made in later Is- 
sues, etc. Small 4** cloth, uncut. 

Pickering: London, 1873 

2421 Milton. Paradise Regain'd, a Poem in Four Books; to 

which is added Samson Agonistes. First ed. pp. 102, 
III. 8** calf. (Title neatly mended.) London, 167 1 

2422 Milton. Works of. pp. 568. Folio, calf (rebacked). 

Printed in the Year 1697 

2423 Milton. The Works of John Milton in Verse and 

Prose, printed from the Original editions with a Life of 
the Author, by the Rev. John Mitford. Portrait. 8 
vols. 8° cloth, uncut. 

W. Pickering: London (Boston), 1851 

2424 Milton. The State of Innocence and Fall of Man, de- 

scribed in Milton's Paradise Lost, rendered into Prose, 
with notes. By a Gentleman of Oxford, pp. 436. 8^ 
old calf (shaken). London, 1745 

2425 Milton. A Treatise on Christian Doctrine, compiled 

from the Holy Scriptures alone. Translated from the 
Original by Charles R, Sumner, pp. 714. Royal 4** 
boards. London, 1825 

2426 Milton. Life of. By J. Toland. pp. 165. 8® mo- 

rocco, gilt. London, 1699 

2427 Milton. Life of John Milton, pp. 165; — Amyntor; or, 

a Defence of Milton's Life, pp. 172. By (J. Toland). 
8° half calf, gilt. London, 1699 

2428 Milton. New Memoirs of the Life and Poetical Works 

of John Milton. By Francis Peck. Fine mezzotint 
portrait by P'aber. 4'' half sheep. London, 1740 

3429 MiNADOi, John Thomas. The History of the Warres 
betweene the Turkes and the Persians. Translated 
into English by A. Hartwell. pp. 500, 18. Small 4® 
calf. John Wolfe: London, 1595 

?43o Miner, Charles. History of Wyoming, Pa. pp. 488, 
104. Maps. 8^ cloth, Phila., 1845 



2431 Minnesota Historical Society. Transactions of the 

Department of American History. 8° paper. 

Minneapolis, 1879 

2432 Minnesota. Pamphlets relating to. (7) 

2433 MiNOT, G. R. Continuation of the History of the 

Province of Massachusetts Bay, from the year 1748 to 
1765. 2 vols, in one. pp. 304, 222. 8^ calf, (cracked), 

Boston, 1798-1803 
With an autograph of the author. 

2434 MiNOT. History of the Insurrections in Massachusetts, 

in 1786 and the Rebellion consequent thereon. Second 
ed. 8° half roan. Boston, 1810 

2435 MiRABEAU. Recollections of Mirabeau, and of the two 

first legislative assemblies of France. By £. Dumont. 
pp. 399. 8** half morocco. Phila., 1833 

2436 Miscellanea Curiosa. Containing a Collection of some 

of the principal phenomena in Nature, accounted for by 
the greatest philosophers of this age. Maps and plates. 
3 vols. 8° calf. London, 1726 

Vols. I and II consists wholly of scientific papers. Vol. Ill con- 
tains extracts from voyages and travels in various parts of the world. 
Also, John Clayton's Letters, giving an account of observations in 
Virginia, and of his voyage thither. Also a journal of a voyage 
from Scotland to New Caledonia by Dr. Wallace. 

2437 Miscellaneous Pamphlets. Speech of Mr. Burges, 

Feb. 3, 1831; — Ballantyne on Lockhart's Life of Scott, 
1838; — Peters's Guide to the Chinese Museum in the 
Marlboro Chapel, Boston, 1845; — Howe on Prison 
Discipline, 1846; — Gray on Prison Discipline, 1847; — 
Trial of Thomas Sims, April 7-1 1, 185 1; — Hudson 
River and the Hudson River Railroad, with map, 185 1, 
etc. 19 vols. 8** half roan. 

2438 [Mitchell, Jonathan.] A Defence of the Answer and 

Arguments of the Synod met at Boston in the year 
1662, against the reply made thereto, by the Rev. John 
Davenport. . . . With an answer (by Richard 
Mather) to the apologetical preface, set before that 
essay, pp. (2), 46, 102. Small 4** half roan. S. Green 
and M. Johnson, for Hez. Usher: Cambridge, 1664 

2439 Mitchell, J. and Dickie, J. The Philosophy of Witch- 

craft, pp. 424. Frontispiece. 16° cloth, uncut. 

Paisley, 1839 

2440 MoLiERE, J. B. de. Works of. Portrait. 6 vols, in 3 

vols. 16° half morocco. London, 17 14 

2441 MoLLOY, J. Fitzgerald. Famous Plays. 12° cloth, un- 

cut. London, 1886 


2442 jSBLottaxbt^ ISicolo, Joyful! Newes out of the newfound 

World, wherein are declared the rare and singular ver- 
tues of diuers herbs, trees, oyles, plants and stones, etc. 
Englished by John Frampton. Slack better, with 
illustrations, pp. 181. Small 4*" antique calf, gilt. 

W. Norton: London, 1580 
Title and one or two leaves slightly mended at the top. 

2443 MoNETTE, John VV. History of the Discovery and Settle- 

ment of the Valley of the Mississippi, pp. 567, 595. 
Maps. 2 vols. 8° sheep, (broken). New York, 1848 

2444 Money. History of Banks, by (R. Hildreth); — Age of 

Greenbacks; — Opinions of the Judges of the Court of 
Appeals on Treasury Notes; — Currency and Banking, 
by Appleton; — Money, by A. Walker; — Twenty Years 
of the Boston Stock Market, by J. G. Martin, etc. 9 
vols. 8° cloth and half roan. 

2445 Monmouth. Life, Progress and Rebellion of James, 

Duke of Monmouth, to his capture and execution. By 
George Roberts, pp. 338, 346. Portrait and maps. 2 
vols. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1844 

2446 Monroe, James. A View of the Conduct of the Execu- 

tive, in the Foreign Affairs of the United States, con- 
nected with the mission to the French Republic during 
the years 1794, 5, 6. pp. 407. 8° half roan, uncut. 

■ Phila., 1797 

2447 Monroe. Letters Between James Monroe, Secretary of 

War of the U. S. and Augustus J. Foster, British Minis- 
ter in relation to the orders in council, and the affair 
of the Little Belt. pp. 59. 16° half morocco. 

New York, 1812 

2448 Monroe. A Narrative of a Tour of Observations made 

during the summer of 181 7 by James Monroe, through 
the North-Eastern and North-Western Departments of 
the Union, pp. 228, 36. 12° boards, uncut. (Stamp 
on title). Phila., 1818 

2449 Monroe. The Tour of James Monroe through the 

Northern and Eastern States in 1817, his Tour in the 
year 1818, together with a sketch of his life. By S. P 
Waldo, pp. 348. Portrait. 12° sheep. Hartford, 1819 

2450 Montagu, Mrs. An Essay on the Writings and Genius 

of Shakspeare, compared with the Greek and French 
dramatic poets, pp. 296. 8° half calf, gilt. 

London, 1810 

2451 Montague, Lady Mary Wortley. Letters and Works 

of. Edited by Lord Wharncliffe. Second ed. revised. 
3 vols. 8° tree calf, gilt. London, 1837 


2452 MoNTES. Commissions du Roy et de Monseigneur 

TAdmiral, au Sieur de Monies pour I'habitation es terres 
de Lacadie Canada, et autres endroits en la Novelle 
France, pp. 39. 16° calf, gilt, gilt edges, by Bedford. 

Par Philippes Patisson: Paris, 1605 

2453 Montesquieu, Baron de. Miscellaneous Pieces, pp. 

334. 8** mottled calf. London, 1759 

With bookplate of Benjamin Vaughan. 

2454 Montgomery, James. Lectures on Poetry and General 

Literature, pp. 394. 12° half calf. London, 1833 

2455 Monthly Anthology and Boston Review. Vols, i to 10 

bound in 9 vols. 8** half sheep. Boston, 1804-11 

** James Savage*s copy, with the names of the writers in the Antho- 
logy, by him." — NoU by Mr. Deane, 

2456 MoNTPELiER, Vt. History of, from 1781 to i860. By 

D. P. Thompson, pp. 312. Portrait. 8° cloth. 

Montpelier, i860 

2457 Montreal. Hochelaga Depicta; the early history and 

present state of the City and Island of Montreal. Edited 
by N. Bosworth. Numerous engravings and map. 12** 
calf, red edges. Montreal, 1839 

2458 MooDEY, Joshua. The Great Sin of Formality in God's 

Worship. (Boston Lecture.) pp. 42. 12® morocco. 

B. Harris: Boston, 1691 

2459 MooDEY Practical Discourse concerning the choice 

benefit of communion with God. (Thursday Lecture.) 
pp. 88. 16° morocco. Boston, 1746 

2460 MooDEY, Samuel. The Doleful State of the Damned, etc. 

being Sermons preached at York, Me. pp. 182. 16° 
half morocco. (The last leaf in MSS., also a portion of 
2 other leaves.) T. Green: Boston, 17 10 

2461 MooDEY. The Vain Youth summoned to appear at 

Christ's Bar. Sermon preached at York, June 25, 1701. 
pp. 90. 24® sheep. T. Green: Boston, 17 13 

2462 MooDEY. Judas the Traitor hung up in Chains. Ser- 

mon preached at York, Me. pp. 84. 18° calf. 

B. Green: Boston, 1714 

2463 MooDEY. The same. pp. 39. 8** stitched, uncut. 

New Haven, 1761 

2464 MooDEY. Dialogue, containing Questions and Answers, 

from Judas' Fall, improved. 12^ half calf. pp. 19. Por- 
trait. 12° half calf, (title mended). New London, 1768 

2465 MooDEY. The Gospel Way of escaping the Doleful 

State of the Damned, (pp. 58-155 wanting), pp. 172. 
12® sheep. Boston, 1739 


2466 MooDEY. The Debtor's Monitor, Directory and Com- 

fort. 18® calf. Newburyport, 1804 

2467 MooDEY. Sketch of a Sermon preached in York, Me. 

July 25, 1 72 1. Wood-cut on back of title. 16° calf. 

Nathaniel Willis: Boston, 18 13 

2468 Moody, C. C. P. Biographical Sketches of the Moody 

Family, embracing notices of ten ministers and several 
laymen, from 1633 to 1842. 18° cloth, (2 copies). 

Boston, 1847 

2469 Moody, Silas. Sermon preached at Arundel, Jan. 12, 

1800, on the death of George Washington, Portsmouth, 
1800; — Sermon at Arundel, Me., Boston, 1856; — An 
Attempt to point out the fatal and pernicious conse- 
quences of Joseph Bellamy *s Doctrines. By Samuel 
Moodey, Boston, 1759. 3 vols. 8° half roan. 

2470 Moore, Mrs. Bloomfield. The Warden's Tale, San 

Moritz, the Magdalene and other poems, new and old. 
Small 4** cloth, uncut. London, 1883 

2471 Moore, Frank. Songs and Ballads of the American 

Revolution, pp. 394. 12° cloth. New York, 1856 

2472 Moore. Diary of the American Revolution, pp. 528, 

559. Portraits. 2 vols. 8° cloth. New York, i860 

2473 MoORE. Heroes and Martyrs; Notable Men of the 

Time. Biographical Sketches of the Military and Na- 
val Heroes, Statesmen and Orators, distinguished in 
the American Crisis of 1861-62. pp. 253. Numerous 
portraits. Royal 4® cloth. New York. 

2474 MooRE, George H. The Treason of Charles Lee, Major 

General, Second in Command in the American Army of 
the Revolution, pp. 115. Portraits and fac-similes. 
8** cloth, uncut. New York, i860 

2475 MooRE. Notes on the History of Slavery in Massachu- 

setts, pp. 256. 8** cloth, uncut. New York, 1866 

2476 Moore, J. B. Memoirs of American Governors. Vol. 

I. (all published.) Portrait, pp. 439. 8° cloth. 

New York, 1846 

2477 Moore, Mark. Memoirs and Adventures of Mark 

Moore, late an Officer in the British Navy. Written by 
Himself, pp. 267. 8° boards, uncut. London, 1795 

2478 [Moore, Thomas.] Poetical Works of the late Thomas 

Little, Esq. Eleventh ed. pp. 172. 16** half roan. 

London, 181 2 

2479 Moore. Lalla Rookh, an Oriental Romance. Ninth 

ed. pp. 397. Plates by Westall. 8** wrinkled calf, 
gilt. London, 1818 


. ♦ 

a ftatM/ 

anl» pleafottfit ixio^&e of ^e 

beCte Sate ota pnblpmt UiraCe^ aali 

of t(|e netoe p(e catfed Jbtopia^toiittm 

iti JFaeine bp fipi ir^oma» moae 

bipg^t) anb (eandateti tnto iPng^f^e/ 

l^)Sapbe Kobpnfon jCM^o Attik 

iflsrobimptfie of iCondon , at t^ 

pzocacement^ii taxntixt^ 

qatft of dBTeozge Cablotot 

iCtttjrin ^ i^abectiafl]^ 

kp Abza^^am l^elr^titoeiUng {n paobi 
c^ttttbepacoe at t{^ Tpgae of 

Fac-simile of Title Page of **Mork's 
Utopia, 1551." No. 2484. 


2480 Moore. Irish Melodies. New edition. With orna- 

mental border and illustrations by D. Maclise. 4** 
cloth. London, 1853 

2481 More, Hannah. Poetical Works of. With a memoir of 

the Author, pp. 504. Frontispiece. 18° cloth, un- 
cut. London, 1839 

2482 More, Henry. The Immortality of the Soul, so farre 

forth as it is demonstrable from the Knowledge of Na- 
ture and the Light of Reason, pp. 549. 12° old calf. 

London, 1659 

2483 More. Collection of the Philosophical Writings of. 

Folio, half sheep, (broken and stained). London, 1722 

From the library of Charles Lamb, with notes in his handwriting. 
Also catalogue of Charles Lamb's Library and letter from Bartlett 
& Welford, referring to this book, etc. 

2484 Biovtt Sir Sljomaa. A fruteful and pleasaunt worke of 

the beste state of a publyque weale, and of the newe 
yle called Utopia, written in Latine by Syr Thomas 
More, Knyght and translated into Englyshe by Raphe 
Robynson, etc. Slack ^ttttXf not paged, in single col- 
umns. 16** full morocco, gilt edges. 

Imprinted at London by Abraham Vele, 155 1 

The first English Edition, exceedingly scarce. 
This is a remarkably fine copy with full margins, without a stain or 
defect whatever. 

2485 More. A most pleasant, fruitful and witty Work, called 

Utopia; translated into English by Raphe Robinson, 
A. D. 155 1. A new edition with notes by Rev. T. F. 
Dibdin. pp. 180, (141), 320. Portrait and fac-similes. 
2 vols. S° half levant morocco, uncut. London, 1808 

2486 More. Utopia, or the Happy Republic. To which is 

added. The New Atlantis. By Lord Bacon. With a 
Preliminary Discourse by J. A. St. John. pp. 271. 16® 
calf. London, 1838 

2487 More. Life of, by William Roper, with Notes and an 

Appendix of Letters. New edition, by S. W. Singer, 
pp. 195. Portrait. 16® cloth. Chiswick, 1822 

2488 More. The Life of Sir Thomas More. By C. More, 

with a Biographical Preface, Notes and other Illustra- 
tions by the Rev. Joseph Hunter, pp. 376. Portrait. 
S^ cloth, uncut. W. Pickering: London, 1828 

2489 More. Sir Thomas More, his Life and Times. By W, 

J. Walter. 18° half morocco. Philadelphia, 1839 

2490 MoREHEAD, James T. An Address in Commemoration 

of the first Settlement of Kentucky, delivered at Boones- 
borough, May 25, 1840. pp. 181. 8® half morocco. 

Frankfort, 1840 


2491 MoRELL, J. D. An Historical and Critical View of the 

Speculative Philosophy of Europe in the Nineteenth 
Century. Second ed. pp. 591, 666. 2 vols. 8** half 
calf, gilt. New York, 1847 

2492 Morgan, Appleton. The Shakespearean Myth; William 

Shakespeare and Circumstantial Evidence, pp. 342. 8® 
cloth. Cincinnati, 1881 

2493 Morgan, Lewis H. League of the Ho-de-no-sau-nee, 

or Iroquois, pp. 477. Map and plates. 8® cloth. 

Rochester, 1851 

2494 Mormon Bible. The Book of Mormon. Translated by 

Joseph Smith, Jun. 16° half morocco. Liverpool, 1841 

2495 Mormonism and the Mormons, by D. P. Kidder, 1842; — 

The Mormons, their history, by J. W. Gunnison, J852; 
— Adventures in the Far West and life among the Mor- 
mons, by Mrs. C. V. Waite, 1882; — Origin, Rise and 
Progress of Mormonism, by Tucker, 1867; — The Mor- 
mons; or Latter Day Saints, with Memoirs of the Life 
and Death of Joseph Smith, 1852. 5 vols. 16° cloth 
and sheep. 

2496 Morris, Gouverneur. Life of, with Selections from his 

Correspondence and Miscellaneous Papers. By Jared 
Sparks. Portrait. 3 vols. 8" half calf. Boston, 1832 

2497 Morse, Jedidiah. American Geography; or, a View of 

the Present Situation of the United States of America. 
Fine copy, with numerous maps of States. 4** half 
morocco. London, 1794 

2498 Morse. Report on Indian Affairs, comprising a Narra- 

tive of a Tour performed in 1820, for the Purpose of 
Ascertaining the Actual State of the Indian Tribes in 
Our Country. Map and plate. 8® boards, uncut. 

New Haven, 1822 

2499 Morse. Annals of the American Revolution, pp. 399, 

50. Plates. 8** sheep. Hartford, 1824 

2500 Morse, Jedidiah, and Parish, E. Compendious History 

of New England, pp. 388. Map. 12° half morocco. 

Charlestown, 1804 

2501 Morse. The same. pp. 336. Map. 12** sheep. 

Newburyport, 1809 

2502 Morse's American Gazetteer, 1797; — American Geog- 

raphy, 1792; — Hay ward's New England Gazetteer, 
1857; — Freeman's Remarks on the American Universal 
Geography, 1793; — Compendium of Ancient Geogra- 
phy, 1810; — Coleman's Historical Text Book and Atlas 
of Biblical Geography, 1854. 7 vols. 8** half calf, sheep 
and cloth. 


2503 Morton. Nathaniel. New England's Memorial; or, a 

Brief Relation of the most Memorable and Remarkable 
Passages of the Providence of God, manifested to the 
Planters of New England, in America; With special 
Reference to the first Colony thereof, called New Pli- 
mouth. As also a Nomination of divers of the most 
Eminent Instruments deceased, both of Church and 
Commonwealth, improved in the first beginning and 
after-progress of sundry of the respective Jurisdictions 
in those Parts; in reference unto sundry Exemplary 
Passages of their Lives, and the time of their Death, 
pp. (12), 198, (10.) Small 4° calf, gilt, red edges. 
Cambridge. Printed by S(amuel) G(reen) and M(ar- 
maduke J(ohnson), for John Usher of Boston, 1669 

First edition, with autograph of John Farmer. 

This book is one of those commonly referred to as " the comer 
stone " of the early history of New England. 

" Concerning the extreme rarity of this first edition of this im- 
portant writ, it will be sufficient to remark, that we know of but 
three perfect copies in the United States.'* — Sabin^s Dictionary. 

2504 Morton. New England*s Memorial. Small 4^ sheets 

folded. Boston, 1669 

Imperfect copy of the first edition, comprises, text, pp. 1-198, (last 
leaf and pp. 39-40 imperfect.) 

2505 Morton. The same. Second ed. pp. 249. 16** calf, 

(foxed.) Reprinted for Nicholas Boone: Boston, 1721 

2507 Morton. The same. Third ed. pp. 208, (8.) Small 

4** sheep. Reprinted: Newport, 1772 

2508 Morton. The same. Fourth ed. 12° half morocco. 

Plymouth, 1826 

2509 Morton. The same. Fifth ed., with notes by John 

Davis. Fac-simile map inserted and manuscript notes 
by the Editor. 8° mor., extra, uncut edges. Boston, 1826 

2510 Morton. The same. Sixth ed. pp. 515. Portrait 

and plate. 8° cloth. Boston, 1855 

25 n Morton, Thomas. New English Canaan, containing an 
Abstract of New England, composed in three Bookes. 
The first Booke setting forth the originall of the Na- 
tives, their Manners and Customes, together with their 
tractable Nature and Love towards the English. The 
second Booke setting forth the naturall Indowments of 
the Country, and what staple Commodities it yealdeth. 
The third Booke setting forth what people are planted 
there, their prosperity, what remarkable accidents have 
happened since the first planting of it. pp. 192. 4® 
half calf. Printed at Amsterdam. 1637 

A book of such rarity that Mr. Muller, the Amsterdam book- 
seller, remarks : " Although this book is printed in my native place. 
Amsterdam, I have never seen or heard of it here." 


2512 Morton, Mrs. S. W. The Power of Sympathy; or, the 

Triumph of Nature, founded on Truth, pp. 138, 158. 
Frontispiece. 2 vols, in i. 12^ sheep, (broken). 

Boston, 1789 
Rare first edition, suppressed. 

2513 [MouRT, G.] A Relation or Journal of the beginning 

and proceedings of the English Plantation setled at 
Plimoth in New England, by certaine English Aduen- 
turers both Merchants and others. With their difficult 
passage, their safe arriuall, their ioyfull building of, and 
comfortable planting themselves in the now well de- 
fended Towne of New Plimoth. As also a Relation of 
Fovre seuerall discoueries since made by some of the 
same English Planters there resident, I. In a iourney 
to Pvckanokick the habitation of the Indians greatest 
King Massasoyt. II. In a voyage made by ten of them 
to the Kingdome of Nawset, to seeke a boy that had 
lost himselfe in the woods. III. In their iourney to the 
Kingdome of Namaschet, in defence of their greatest 
King Massasoyt, against the Narrohiggonsets. IV. 
Their voyage to the Massachusets, etc. pp. 72. Small 
4** morocco, extra, gilt edges, (title and some leaves 
remargined). Printed for John Bellamie, London, 1622 

Another " corner stone " and almost unobtainable in as good 
condition as this copy. 

" A daily journal of the first twelve months, (Sept., 1620 to Dec. 
II, 1 621), aoubtless written by Bradford and Winslow. — //. M. 

2514 Mourt's Relation; or. Journal of the Plantation at Ply- 

mouth. With an introduction and notes, by H. M. 
Dexter. Map. pp. 176. Small 4® cloth, uncut. 

Boston, 1865 
Only 250 copies printed. 

2515 MosHEiM, J. L. Ecclesiastical History, from the Birth 

of Christ to the Beginning of the eighteenth Century. 
Translated by A. Maclaine. pp. 822. Imperial 8** 
sheep. London, 1833 

2516 [Motley, J. L.] Merry-Mount; a Romance of the 

Massachusetts Colony. First ed. pp. 222,249. 2 vols, 
in I. 12° cloth. Boston, 1849 

2517 Motley. John Lothrop Motley, a Memoir. By O. W. 

Holmes. First ed. pp. 278. Portrait. Small 4° cloth. 

Boston, 1879 
Presentation copy with autograph of the author. 

2518 MouLTON, J. W. and Gates, J. V. N. History of the 

State of New York, including Aboriginal and Colonial 
Annals, pp. 428. Plate, 2 vols, in one. 8** morocco, 
giltp New York, 1824-O 


2519 [MoTTLfcY, Juhn.] Joe Miller's Jests; or, the Wits 

Vade-Mecum, London 1739. PP* 7o- 8** half roan, 
uncut. (Reprint:) London, 1862 

2520 MuLLER, F. Catalogue of Books relating to America, 

including a large number of rare works printed before 
1700. pp. 104. 12** half roan. Amsterdam, 1850 

2521 MuNOZ, Don J. B. History of the New World, with 

notes by the translator. Vol. i. (all published.) pp. 
552. Portrait and map. 8° sheep, (cracked). 

London, 1797 

2522 MuNSELL, J. A Chronology of Paper and Paper-Making. 

pp. no. 8** half roan. Albany, 1857 

2523 MuNSELL*s Historical Series. 8 vols, small 4** cloth, pa- 

per and bqards, uncut. Albany, 1857-87 

Comprises: I. Commissary Wilson's Orderly Book. VII. Or- 
derly Hook of Lieut. Gen. John Burgoyne, edited by £. B. O'Calla- 
han. VIII. Early Vovages up and down the Mississippi, with an 
introduction, notes and index by J. G. Shea. XI. Orderly Book of 
Sir John Johnson, 1776-7. Annotated by W. L. Stone. XII. Had- 
den*s Journal and Orderly Books, kept in Canada and upon Bur- 
goyne's Campaign, 1 776-1 777. With notes by H. Rogers. XIII. 
Account of Red Jacket and his People, 1750-1830, by J. N. Hubbard. 
XIV. Journal of Captain Pausch, 1776-7, during the Burgoyne Cam- 
paign. Translated by W. L. Stone. XVI. Digby's Journal of the 
British Invasion, 1776-7. With historical notes by J. P. Baxter. 

2524 Murphy, Henry C. The Voyage of Verrazano; a Chap- 

ter in the Early History of Maritime Discovery in 
America. Maps. 8° half morocco. New York, 1875 

2525 Murphy. Catalogue of his Library, Books relating to 

America, sold by auction, New York, March 1884. pp. 
434. With addenda and list of prices. Royal 8^ paper. 

New York, 1884 

2526 Murray, A. M. Letters from the United States, Cuba, 

and Canada. Map. 2 vols, in i. S^ cloth. 

London, 1856 

2527 Murray, H. A. Lands of the Slave and the Free; or, 

Cuba, the United States and Canada. Illustrated. 2 
vols. 12° half roan. London, 1855 

2528 Murray, Rev. James. An Impartial History of the 

present War in America, pp. 573, 576. Numerous 
scarce portraits. 2 vols. 8** half calf. Newcastle, (1779) 

2529 Murray, Rev. John. Records of the Life of. Written 

by Himself. Portrait by A. Bowen. 12° morocco, 
gilt. Boston, 1827 

2530 Murray's Family Library, comprising: British Painters, 

Sculptors and Architects, by Allan Cunningham; — 
Trials of Charles the First; — Salmagundi, by Irving; 
— History of New York, by Irving. Steel portraits 
and plates. 9 vols. 16^ cloth, uncut. London, 1830-39 


2531 MuzzEY, A. B. Reminiscences of Men of the Revolu- 

tion, and their Families, pp. 424. Illustrations. 8® 
cloth. Boston, 1883 

2532 Mynshul, Gefifray. Essayes and Characters of a Prison 

and Prisoners. London 1618. pp. 91. 12® half calf, 
uncut, (broken). Reprinted: Edinburgh, 1821 

2533 Mystery (The) of Money explained, and illustrated by 

the Monetary History of England, from the Norman 
Conquest to the present time. pp. 272. 8** cloth, un- 
cut. London, 1862 

2534 ^JaLSON, J. A True Copy of the Journal of the 
i 1 High Court of Justice for the Tryal of K. Charles 

I. pp. 128, 6. Fine portrait of Charles I, by R. White. 
Folio, calf. * London, 1684 

2535 Nantes, (Edict of.) Nouember the 29. The true origi- 

nall Edict of Nants as it was enacted by Henry the 
Third, and conformed by the last French King Henry 
the Fourth, pp. 53. Small 4® half morocco. 

London, 1622 

2536 Nantucket, Mass. History of Nantucket, together 

with the rise and progress of the whale fishery. By 
Obed Macy. pp. 300. Map. 12® cloth. Boston, 1835 

2537 Napoleon. Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte, with a 

continuation, embracing an account of the Hundred 
Days, and of his residence and death at St. Helena. 
By M. de Bourrienne. pp. 796, 819. Maps and plates. 
2 vols, royal 8** cloth, uncut. Glasgow. 

2538 Napoleon. Memoirs of Napoleon, his Court and Family. 

By Duchess D'Abrantes. pp. 548, 520. 16 plates. 2 
vols. 8° cloth, uncut. . London, 1836 

2539 Napoleon. Las Cases, Count de. Journal of the Pri- 

vate Life and Conversations of the Emperor Napoleon 
at Saint Helena. 4 vols. 8® half sheep. Boston, 1823 

2540 Nason, Elias. Sir Charles Henry Frankland, Baronet; 

or Boston in the colonial times, pp. 129. 8° paper, 
uncut. Albany, 1865 

2541 Nason. A Monogram on our National Song. pp. 69. 

8® cloth, uncut. Albany, 1869 

2542 Natick, Mass. History of, from 1650 to 1830. By 

William Biglow. pp. 87. 8*^ half roan. Boston, 1830 

2543 Natick. History of, from its first settlement in 1651, 

to the present time. By Oliver M. Bacon, pp. 261. 
Plates. 8* cloth. Boston, 1856 

2544 Natick. Nonantum and Natick. By Sarah S. Jacobs. 

Illustrations. 12° cloth. Boston, 1853 


2545 Narragansett Club Publications. 6 vols. 4° cloth, un- 

cut. Subscriber's Copy. Providence, 1866-74 

Only 200 copies printed. 

I. A Key into the Language of America, or a help to the lan- 
guage of the natives in that part of America called New England, 
etc., by Roger Williams, 1643. 

II. A Reply to Roger Williams. His Examination by John 
Cotton, edited by Rev. John L. Diman; Queries of the Highest Con- 
sideration, edited by R. A. Guild. 

III. The Bloudy Tenent of Persecution, for Cause of Conscience, 
discussed in a Conference between Truth and Peace, etc., edited by 
S. L Caldwell. 

IV. The Bloudy Tenent, yet More Bloudy, by Mr. Cotton's 
endeavor to wash it white in the Blood of the Lambe; of the 
blood of Millions spilt in former and late Wars, for Conscience's 
Sake, etc., etc., by Roger Williams, edited by S. L. Caldwell. 

V. George Fox digg'd out of his Burrowes, edited by Rev. J. 
Lewis Diman. 

VI. Letters to Roger Williams, 1632-1682, edited by J. R. 

2546 National Portrait Gallery of Distinguished Americans; 

a series of 160 fine steel engravings from the most au- 
thentic portraits. With biographical sketches of cele- 
brated authors. 4 vols. 8** half morocco. Phila., 1834 

2547 Naunton, Sir Robert. Fragmenta Regalia, or observa- 

tions on the late Queen Elizabeth, her times and 
favorites, pp. 43. Small 4° morocco. 

Printed Anno Domini, 1641 
Original edition. 

2548 Naunton. Fragmenta Regalia, pp. 40. Portrait of 

Queen Elizabeth by R. Elstrak. Small 4° calf. 

Printed Anno Domini, 1642 

2549 Naunton. Fragmenta Regalia. New Edition, with 

notes and a memoir of the author, pp. 156. Fine por- 
traits. 8** morocco, gilt. London, 1824 

2550 Naunton. The Court of Queen Elizabeth; originally 

written by Sir Robert Naunton, under the title of 
** Fragmenta Regalia." With considerable biographical 
additions, by James Caulfield. pp. 114. Numerous 
portraits. 4** half morocco, gilt. London, 1814 

2551 Naval Monument, containing official and other accounts 

of all the battles fought between the navies of the 
United States and Great Britain during the late war. 
pp. 326. Plates. 8° sheep, (broken). Boston, 1840 

2552 Naval Temple: containing a complete history of the 

battles fought by the navy of the United States, from 
1794 to the present time. Second ed. Plates, pp. 
322. 8** half roan, uncut. Boston, i8i6 


2553 Naville, Edouard. The Siore-City of Pithom, and the 

Route of the Exodus. 13 plates and 2 maps. pp. 32; 
— Tanis, Part I. 1883-4. By W. M. F. Petrie. 19 

plates, pp. 64. 2 vols, royal 4® boards. London, 1885 
Egypt Exploration Fund Publications. 

2554 Neal, Daniel. History of New England, containing an 

impartial account of the civil and ecclesiastical affairs of 
that colony, to the year 1700. pp. 712, 15. Map. 2 
vols. 8" half morocco, gilt. London, 1720 

2555 Neal. History of New England, containing an impartial 

account of the civil and ecclesiastical affairs of the 
country to the year of Our Lord 1700; to which is added 
the present state of New-England, pp. (6), (8), 392, 
380. Map. 2 vols. 8® calf, (rebacked). Loq^on, 1747 

2556 Neal. History of the Puritans. New edition. 3 vols. 

8° half morocco, gilt. London, 1837 

2557 Negro Plot. An Account of the late intended insurrec- 

tion among a portion of the blacks of the city of Char- 
leston, S. C. pp. 46. 8° half calf, gilt. Boston, 1822 

2558 Neilson, Charles. An Original, compiled and corrected 

account of Burgoyne's campaign, and the memorable 
battles of Bemis' Heights, Sept. 19, and Oct. 7, 1777. 
pp. 292. Map. 12° cloth. Albany, 1844 

2559 Neill, Edward D. History of Minnesota, from the 

earliest French explorations to the present time. pp. 
628. Numerous maps and plates. Royal 4^ cloth. 
Large Paper: only 100 copies printed. Phila., 1858 

2560 Neill. Terra Mariae; or threads of Maryland colonial 

history. 12** cloth. Phila., 1867 

2561 Neill. Pocahontas and her Companions, a chapter 

from the history of the Virginia Company of London, 
1869; — History of the Virginia Company of London, 
with letters to and from the first colony never before 
published, 1869; — Virginia Vetusta, during the reign of 
James the First, a supplement to the history of the 
Virginia Company, 1885; — Virginia Carolorum: the 
colony under the rule of Charles the First and Second, 
A.D. 1625-1685, based upon manuscripts and documents 
of the period, 1886. 4 vols, small 4** cloth and paper, 
uncut. Albany. 

2562 Neill. The Fairfaxes of England and America in the 

seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, 1868; — The Eng- 
lish Colonization of America during the seventeenht cen- 
tury, 187 1 ; — The Founders of Maryland as pourtrayed 
in manuscripts, provincial records and early documents, 
1876. 3 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. Albany and London. 



2563 Neill. Petition to Congress praying the publication of 

the Virginia Company of London, 1868; — Extracts 
from the manuscript transactions of the Virginia Com- 
pany of London, 1868; — Sir George Calvert, First Lord 
Baltimore, 1869; — Memoir of Rev. Patrick Copland, 
187 1 ; — Maryland not a Roman Catholic Colony, 1875; 
— Notes on the Virginia Colonial Clergy, 1877; — 
Early Settlement of Virginia and Virginiola, 1878; — 
Maryland in the Beginning, 1884; — The Last French 
Post, 1887 ; — Light thrown by the Jesuits upon hitherto 
obscure points of early Maryland history; — Writings 
of Louis Hennepin; — Virginia Carolorum. 16 pam- 

2564 Neill, Henry. Historical Notes on the Ancestry and 

Descendants of. (By Edward D. Neill.) pp. 33. 8** 
paper. Privately printed, 1886 

2565 Nell, William C. Services of Colored Americans in the 

Wars of 1776 and 181 2. Second ed. pp. 40. 8** boards. 

Boston, 1852 

2566 Nell. Colored Patriots of the American Revolution. 

PP- 39^- Frontispiece. 12° cloth. Boston, 1855 

2567 Neuman and Baretti. Dictionary of the Spanish and 

English Languages. 2 vols. 8® sheep, (broken). 

New York, 1842 

2568 New Bedford, Mass. History of New Bedford, includ- 

ing a history of the old township of Dartmouth and the 
present townships of Westport, Dartmouth and Fair- 
haven. By Daniel Ricketson. pp. 412. 12° cloth. 

New Bedford, 1858 

2569 Newbury, Mass. A Sketch of the History of Newbury, 

Newburyport and West Newbury, from 1635 ^^ ^^45- 
By Joshua Coffin, pp. 416. Portraits. 8° cloth. 

Boston, 1845 

2570 Newburyport, Mass. History and Present State of the 

Town of Newburyport. By Caleb Gushing, pp. 129. 
12° boards, uncut, (name torn from title). 

Newburyport, 1826 

2571 Newburyport. History of Newburyport, from the 

earliest settlement of the country to the present time. 
By Mrs. E. Vale Smith, pp. 414. Plate. 8** cloth. 

Newburyport, 1854 

2572 Newburyport. Presentation of the Statue of Washing- 

ton to the City of Newburyport. pp. 75. Plates. 8° 
half morocco. Newburyport, 1879 


2573 New England. A Brief Relation of the Discovery and 

Plantation of New England, and of sundry accidents 

therein occurring, from 1607 to 1622. pp. 35. 4° half 

morocco. London, 1622 
Seven leaves in fac-simile and title mended. 

2574 New England. The Humble Petition and Address of 

the General Court sitting at Boston in New England, 
unto the high and mighty Prince Charles the Second, 
pp. 8. Small 4° half roan. Printed in the Year 1660 

2575 New England. A True Account of the Most Consider- 

able Occurrences that have hapned in the Warre be- 
tween the English and the Indians in New England, 
from the Fifth of May, 1676, to the Fourth of August 
last; as also of the successes it hath pleased God to give 
the English against them: as it hath been communicated 
by letters to a friend in London. The most exact ac- 
count yet printed. Title, pp. 10. Small folio, antique 
calf, red edges. Benjamin Billingsley: London, 1676 

2576 New England. A New and Further Narrative of the 

State of New England, being a continued account of 
the Bloudy Indian War, from March till August, 1676. 
Giving a perfect relation of the several devastations, 
engagements and transactions there; as also the great 
successes lately obtained against the barbarous Indians, 
the reducing of King Philip, and the killing of one of 
the queens, etc. Together with a catalogue of the 
losses in the whole, sustained on either side, since the 
said war began, as near as can be collected. Title, 14 
pp. Small folio, antique calf, red edges. 

Printed by F. B. for Dorman Newman: London, 1676 

2577 New England. News from New England. London, 

1676. 4° cloth. Reprint: Boston, 1850 

2578 New England. A True Relation concerning the Estate 

of New England, 1634. With notes by Dr. C. E. Banks, 
pp. 15. Small 4° paper, uncut. Boston, 1886 

2579 New England Historical and Genealogical Register. 

Complete set. Vols, i to 42. Portraits. 38 vols, 
half morocco, gilt, and 4 vols, in parts, uncut. Together 
42 vols. 8®. Boston, 1847-84 

2580 New England Historic Genealogical Society. Memorial 

Biographies. 1845-1862. 4 vols. 8** cloth, uncut, gilt 
tops. Boston, 1880-85 

2581 New England Historic Genealogical Society. Proceed- 

ings 187 1*-89 complete. 19 pamphlets. 

2582 New England Magazine. Edited by J. T. and E. Buck- 

ingham. Portraits. 7 vols. 8® boards. Boston, 1831-34 


2583 New England Primer Improved. Cuts. 48** half roan. 

S. Hall: Salem, 1784 

2584 New England Primer. 48® boards. Printed by 

T. M. Pomroy for S. & E. Butler: Northampton, 1806 

2585 New England Primer. 48® boards. 

Printed for Isaiah Thomas, Jr. : Springfield, 1807 

2586 New England Primer. 48*^ boards. Walpole, N. H., 1814 

2587 New England Primer. 48** boards. 

George Goodwin & Sons: Hartford, 1820 

2588 New England Primer. 48° paper. 

Benj. Olds: Newark, 1824 

2589 New England Primer. 48** paper. Phila., 1840 

2590 New England Primer. 48° boards. Hartford, 1843 

2591 New England Primer. 48** paper. Trenton, 1846 

2592 New England Primer. 48° boards. 

Benj. True: Boston, n. d. 

2593 New England Primer. 48° boards. 

S. A. Howland: Worcester. 

2594 New England Primer. 48° paper. M. Day: New York. 

2595 New England Primer. 48° paper. 

S. Babcock: New Haven. 

2596 New England Primer. 48® boards. 

Mass. Sabbath School Soc. : Boston. 

2597 Primers. Evangelical Primer, containing a minor doctri- 

nal Catechism, by Joseph Emerson. 72 woodcuts, pp. 
72, Bost., 1844; — Progressive Primer, by Mrs. Good- 
heart. Woodcuts, pp. 36. Concord. 2 vols. 16® paper. 

2598 New England Psalms. The Psalms, Hymns, and Spirit- 

ual Songs of the Old and New Testament, for the use, 
etc., especially in New England. Fifteenth ed. pp. 
84. 18° half sheep. London, 1725 

2599 New England Psalms. The same. 27th ed. pp. 334. 

18® morocco. Boston, 1762 

2600 Newgate Calendar; or, Malefactor's Universal Register, 

containing new and authentic Accounts of all the Lives, 
Adventures, Exploits and last-dying Speeches, of the 
most notorious Criminals who have suffered Death, and 
other exemplary Punishments. With numerous notes, 
by William Jackson. Upwards of 40 plates. 7 vols. 8® 
French mottled calf, extra, yellow edges. 

London, (1804) 

a6oi Newgate, Conn. History of Newgate of Connecticut, 

at Simsbury, now East Granby; its Insurrections and 

Massacres, etc. By R. H, Phelps. Portrait. Small 

4** cloth. Albany, j86o 


2602 Newhall, James R. Essex Memorial for 1836, embrac- 

ing a Register of the County, pp. 281. Map. 16° 
half roan. Salem, 1836 

2603 New Hampshire. An Address of the Convention for 

Framing. a new Constitution of Government for the 
State of New Hampshire, pp. 63. 8® half roan, (name 
cut from title). Portsmouth, 1781 

2604 New Hampshire. Laws of the State of New Hampshire. 

pp. 492. 8** sheep. Portsmouth, 1797 

With American bookplate of John Williams and autograph, "John 
Williams, 1800." 

2605 New Hampshire. Provincial Papers. Edited by N. 

Bouton. Volume I. 1631-1686. 8® cloth. Concord, 1867 

With photograph of MSS. inserted and autograph letters from the 
editor laid in. 

2606 New Hampshire Sermons. Hale's Sermon at the Ordi- 

nation of Joseph Woodman, Nov. 13, 177 1 ; — Eames's 
Sermon on the Death of John Tucker, March 22, 1792; 
— Holt's Discourse, Jan. 31, 1838. 3 vols. 8® half roan. 

2607 New Hampshire. Historical Pamphlets relating to. 

Exeter Quarter-Millenial, 1888; — Address on N. H. 
and Vermont, by Clark Jillson, 1882; — Address of 
Charles H. Bell, May 22, 1873; — Exeter in 1776; — 
Services of New Hampshire in the Revolution; — Notes, 
historical and bibliographical on the Laws of New 
Hampshire; — Notes on the First Planting of New 
Hampshire, by J. S. Jenness, etc. 20 historical 

2608 New Hampshire at the Centennial. Compiled by J. B. 

Moore. Portrait. 8® cloth. Manchester, 1876 

2609 New Hampshire Book. Being Specimens of the Litera- 

ture of the Granite State. 12° cloth. Nashville, 1844 

2610 New Hampshire Historical Society Collections. Vol- 

umes 1-8. Vols. 1-5 in half calf, gilt, vols. 6-8 in cloth. 
Together 8 vols. 8**. Concord, 1824-66 

261 1 New Haven, Conn. History and Antiquities of New 

Haven. By J. W. Barber, pp. 120. Plates. 12° half 
calf, gilt. New Haven, 1831 

2612 New Haven. Historical Discourse by J. L. Kingsley at 

the 200th Anniversary of the First Settlement of the 
Town and Colony, April 25, 1838. 8° boards. 

New Haven, 1838 

2613 New Haven. Thirteen Historical Discourses on the 

Completion of 200 years from the Beginning of the First 
Church in New Haven. By L. Bacon, pp. 400. Por- 
traits. 8® morocco, gilt. New Haven, 1839 


2614 New Ipswich, N. H. History of, from its First Grant in 

1736 to the present Time. pp. 488, 4. Plates. 8® 
cloth. Boston, 1852 

2615 New London, Conn. History of, from 1612 to 1852. 

By Frances M. Caulkins. pp. 680. 8® cloth. 

New London, 1852 

2616 Newman, Samuel. (Teacher of the Church at Rehoboth 

in New England.) Large and Complete Concordance 
to the Bible in English. Second impression. Thick 
folio, calf, (no paging.) London, 1650 

2617 New Netherland. Vertoogh van Nieu Nederland; [by 

Van der Donck.] and Breeden Raedt aende vereeniche 
Nederlandsche Provintien. Two Rare Tracts, Printed 
in 1649-50, relating to the Administration of Affairs in 
New Netherland. Translated from the Dutch by Henry 
C. Murphy, New York, 1854. Royal 4® cloth. At the 
Hague, 1650. pp. 190. Reprinted: New York, 1854 
Only 125 copies printed. 

2618 Newnham, W. Essay on Superstition, pp. 430. 8° 

half calf, gilt. London, 1830 

2619 Newport, R. L Early Recollections of Newport, from 

1793 to 181 1. By George G. Channing. pp. 284. 12** 
cloth, (title mended). Newport, 1868 

2620 Newport. Controversy touching the Old Stone Mill, in 

the Town of Newport, R. I. Frontispiece. 12® calf. 

Newport, 1851 

2621 Newport. Cahoone, Sarah S. Visit to Grand-Papa; 

or, a Week at Newport, pp. 213. Plates. 12® cloth. 

New York, 1840 

2622 Newspapers. The Boston News-Letter. June20, 1715; 

— The New England Weekly Journal, April 8, 1728; — 
The Boston Evening Post, Oct. 11, 1742. (3) 

2623 Newspapers. The Spectator. English daily newspaper, 

published by Joseph Addison, March i, 171 1. Oct. 17, 
Oct. 19, and Dec. 26, 171 1. (3) 

2624 Newspapers. Votes of House of Commons, April 7, and 

26, May 5, 8, and 13, 1690. (5) 

9625 Newspapers. The London Gazette. Published first at 
Oxford, the court being there on account of the plague, 
Nov. 7, 1665, and afterwards at London, Feb. 5, 1666. 
Six numbers of this early newspaper, March 16, 1678, 
Dec. 31, 1685, Jan. 24, i688, Jan. 9, 1692, Jan. 12, 1692 
and Feb, 6, 1692; — and one number of The Observer, 
April 14, 1683. (7) 


2626 Newspapers. The Bustoii News-Letter. April 17, 

1704, the first newspaper ever printed in America. Re- 
print (2} and reprints of the Connecticut Courant, Oct. 
29, 1764 and of the Pennsylvania Packet and Daily Ad- 
vertiser, Sept. 21, 1784; — Boston Gazette and County 
Journal, March 12, 1770, in deep mourning and con- 
taining a full account of the Boston Massacre, March 5, 
1770, (reprint); — Bunker Hill Centennial, 1 775-1875, 
a paper, 8 pages folio, printed and published by Rand 
Avery & Co., Franklin St., Boston, June 17, 1875 ^°^ 
filled with interesting matter, fac-similes, reprints, etc. 
connected with the Battle of Bunker Hill. Together 6 

2627 New Testament in English translated by John Wycliffe, 

circa 1380. Now first printed from a contemporary 
manuscript. 4° half morocco, roxburgh style. 

Pickering: London, 1848 

2628 Newton, Mass. History of the Early Settlement of 

Newton, from 1639 to 1800. By Francis Jackson, pp. 
556. Map and portrait. 12^ cloth. Boston, 1854 

2629 New York. Documents Relative to the Colonial His- 

tory of the State of New York; Procured in Holland, 
England and France, by John Romeyn Brodhead, Esq., 
Agent. . . . Edited by E. B. O'Callaghan, M. D. 
[With Index Complete.] With a General Introduction 
by the Agent. 11 vols, large 4° cloth. Albany, 1856-61 

2630 New York. Journal of the Legislative Council of the 

Colony of New York, began the 9th day of April, 1691, 
and ended the 27th of September, 1743. pp. 814. Folio, 
half sheep. Albany, 1861 

2631 New York. A Description of the Province and City of 

New York; with Plans of several Forts as they existed 
in the year 1695. By the Rev. John Miller. Maps. 8° 
boards, uncut. London, 1843 

2632 New York City. The Picture of New York. By a Gen- 

tleman residing in this City. (Dr. S. L. Mitchell.) 16® 
sheep. New York, 1807 

2633 New York City. New York during the last Half Cen- 

tury; a Discourse in Commemoration of the 53d Anni- 
versary of the New York Historical Society, Nov. 17, 
1857. By J. W. Francis, pp. 232, 27. 8® half mo- 
rocco. New York, 1857 

2634 New York City during the American Revolution; being 

a Collection of Original Papers from the Manuscripts in 
the Possession of the Mercantile Library Association of 
New York City. pp. 196. Large paper. Map. Impe- 
rial 8® cloth, uncut. New York, 1861 


2635 New York Historical Society Collections. First series. 

Vols. 1 to 4. Second series. Vols, i, 2, 3. Publica- 
tion Fund series. Vol. i. 8 vols. 8° cloth, boards and 
paper. New York, 1811-68 

2636 New York Historical Society. Discourse by De Witt 

Clinton, Dec. 6, 181 1; — Oration by George Bancroft, 
Nov. 20, 1854; — Dutch at the North Pole, by De Pey- 
ster; — Proceedings on the Death of W. H. Prescott, 
Feb, 1859; — Seven Articles from the Church of Ley- 
den, 161 7; — Declaration by the Colony of Massachu- 
setts Bay. 7 vols. 8® half roan. New York. 


2637 New York Historical Society. The Dutch at the North 

Pole and the Dutch in Maine, a paper by J. W. de Pey- 
ster, 1857 ; — Charter and By-Laws, 1862 ; — Bancroft's 
Letter, 1862; — Commemoration of the Conquest of 
New Netherlynd on its 200th Anniversary, 1864; — Ad- 
dress, Nov. 22, 1864, by F. de Peyster; — Address Dec. 
19, 1867, by C. S. Henry; — Bigelow's Recollections of 
Antoine P. Berryer, 1869; — Declaration of Indepen- 
dence by the Colony of Massachusetts, May 1, 1776; — 
Life and Administration of Richard, Earl of Bellomont, 
by F. de Peyster, 1879; — Peace Negotiations, by John 
Jay, 1884; — Address, Nov. 16, 1886, by G. E. Ellis; 
— Proceedings on the Death of William H. Prescott, 
1869. 13 pamphlets. New York. 

2638 Nichols, John. Literary Anecdotes of the Eighteenth 

Century, 9 vols. ; and Illustrations of the Literary His- 
tory of the Eighteenth Century, 8 vols. . Numerous 
fine portraits. Together 17 vols. 8° full calf, gilt, (bind- 
ings broken.) London, 1812-59 

*'Hundreds of literary celebrities are brought forward, not merely by 
passing anecdotes, but by highly valuable memoirs and sketches, and 
the extensive bibliographical and literary matter which it contains, 
render it one of the most permanently interesting sets of books ever 

In this set 151 extra portraits are inserted. 

2639 Nichols, J. T. G. Sermon delivered at Saco, May 16, 

1852, on the Death of Samuel Peirson. pp. 28. Por- 
trait. 8° half roan. Privately printed: Boston, 1852 

2640 Nicholas, Sir Harris. History of the Battle of Agin- 

court, and of the Expedition of Henry the Fifth of 
France, in 1415. Second ed. pp. 404, 106. Map and 
plates. Royal 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1832 

2641 Nicolas. The Chronology of History, pp. 400. Sec- 

ond ed. 16° cloth, uncut. London. 

2642 NiLES, H. Principles and Acts of the Revolution in 

America, pp. 495. Royal 8** half russia. 

Baltimore, 1822 


2643 Nicolas, N. H. History of the Orders of Knighthood 

of the British Empire, of the Order of the Guelphs of 
Hanover, and of the Medals, Clasps and Crosses con- 
ferred for Naval and Military Services. With colored 
illustrations of each order and of medals, clasps, etc. 
4 vols, royal 4** cloth, uncut. 

London: William Pickering, 1842 

2644 Noble, Mark. Memoirs of the Protectorate House of 

Cromwell. Map and portraits, pp. 480, 544. 2 vols. 
8° sheep, (rebacked). Birmingham, 1784 

2645 NofeLE. Lives of the English Regicides, and other Com- 

missioners of the pretended High Court of Justice ap- 
pointed to sit in Judgment upon their Sovereign King 
Charles the First, pp. 383, 336. 2 vols. 8** half mo- 
rocco. London, 1798 

2646 Noble, Oliver. Sermon preached at Arundel, at the 

Ordination of the Rev. Mr. Silas Moody, January 9, 
1771. pp. 32. 8° morocco. Salem, 1771 

2647 NoN-coNFORMiSTS. A Brief Vindication of the Non- 

conformists from the Charge of Schisme, as it was man- 
aged against them in a Sermon, preached by Dr. Still- 
ingfleet. pp. 56. Small 4^ half morocco. London, 1680 

2648 NoRDENSKiOLD, A. E. Our Broderna Zenos Resor, och 

de aldsta Kartor ofer Norden ; — Trois Cartes precolom- 
biennes repr^sentant une Partie de TAmerique (Green- 
land.) 2 pamphlets royal 8^ paper. Stockholm, 1883 

2649 NoRRiDGEWOCK, Me. History of Old Towns of Norridge- 

wock and Canaan, including Norridgewock, Canaan, 
Starks, Skowhegan and Bloomfield, to 1849. ^y J- ^• 
Hanson, pp. 371. Plate. 12° cloth. Boston, 1849 

2650 NoRTH-American and West-Indian Gazetteer. 12'' half 

calf. London, 1776 

2651 NoRTH-American and West-Indian Gazetteer. Second 

ed. Maps. 12® sheep. London, 1778 

2652 North American Review, 1817-62. 23 numbers 8** pa- 

per, uncut. Boston. 

2653 North American Review, Index to vols, i to 125, 1815- 

77. By William Cushman, Jr. 8° cloth. 

Cambridge, 1878 

2654 North Carolina. A Defence of the Revolutionary His- 

tory of the State of North Carolina from the Aspersions 
of Mr. Jefferson, by J. S. Jones, 1834; — Revolution- 
ary History of North Carolina, by W. D. Cooke, 1853. 
2 vols. 12° cloth and sheep. 


2655 NoRTHCOTE, Sir John. Note Book of Sir John North- 

cote, containing Memoranda of Proceedings in the 
House of Commons during the first Session of the Long 
Parliament, 1640. Edited by A. H. A. Hamilton, pp. 
136. 8® cloth, uncut. London, 1877 

2656 North Eastern Boundary. Report and Resolves in 

Relation to the North Eastern Boundary (Senate of 
Mass.) Map. 1838; — The Right of the United States 
to the North Eastern Boundary claimed by them. Re- 
vised by Albert Gallatin. Maps. 2 vols. 8° half roan. 

2657 Northampton, Mass. Address delivered at Northamp- 

ton, Mass. in Commemoration of the Close of the Sec- 
ond Century since the settlement of the town, Oct. 29, 
1854. By William Allen, pp.56. 8** half roan. 

Northampton, 1855 

2658 Norton, Andrews. The Evidences of the Genuineness 

of the Gospels. 3 vols. 1846; — Internal Evidence of 
the Genuineness of the Gospels, 1855; — Translation of 
the Gospels, with notes, 2 vols. 18 5; — Statement of 
Reasons for not believing the Doctrines of Trinitarians, 
1856; — Religious Controversy between Norton and 
Ripley, 1839. 8 vols. 8** cloth and half roan. 

2659 Norton, Charles B. Literary Letter, comprising Am- 

erican papers of interest. Plates and fac-similes. 
Bound in small 4° half morocco. New York, 1857-60 

Six numbers; all published. Includes bibliography of Maine, 
Vermont and New Hampshire. Complete sets are scarce. 

2660 Norton. The same. Nos. i, 3 and 4. 3 parts small 

4** paper. New York, 1857-9 

2661 Norton, John, of Ipswich. A Discussion of that Great 

Point in Divinity, the Suiferings of Christ; and the 
questions about his righteousness . . . and the imputa- 
tion thereof. Being an answer to a dialogue intituled 
The Meritorious Price of our Redemption, etc., (by 
Wm. Pynchon.) pp. (16). 270, (4). 8® sheep. 

A. M. for Geo. Calvert: London, 1653 

" This book was drawn up by the appointment of the General Court 
of Massachusetts, at a time when theological hair-splitting in the 
legislature held the place of modern log rolling. Pynchon's book 
was forbidden to enter New England under penalty, and this cen- 
sure was backed, in a long letter at the end, by five of the chiefest 
of the ruling Elders of Boston, rebuking the English Ministers 
who had recommended Pynchon*s book. Nothing daunted two 
years later Pynchon hurled at the heads of the General Court, and 
the Boston Elders another thick 4to book under a similar title." 

2662 Norton. Abel being dead yet speaketh; or, the life and 

death of Rev. Mr. John Cotton, late teacher of the 
Church of Christ, at Boston in New England, pp. 56. 
Small 4^ morocco, gilt, London, 1658 


2663 Norton. The Orthodox Evangelist; with a preface by 

John Cotton, pp. 355. 4° calf. London, 1654 

With autograph : " Henry Dunster his book, given by ye author." 
Also autographs of Jno. Sparhawk, 1693, and Nathan Prince, 

2664 Norton. The same. 4° calf. London, 1654 

2665 Norton. The Orthodox Evangelist. London, 1657. 

pp. 32. 8** half roan. (Reprint): Boston, 1851 

2666 Norton. The Heart of New-England rent at the Blas- 

phemies of the present Generation ; or a brief tractate 
concerning the doctrine of the Quakers, pp. 83. 18° 
morocco. London, 1660 

2667 Norton, Mass. History of, from 1669 to 1859. By 

G. F. Clark, pp. 659. Portrait. 12° cloth. 

Boston, 1859 

2668 Norway, Me. History of. By David Noyes. pp 215. 

8° cloth. Norway, 1852 

2669 Norwich, Conn. History of, from 1660 to 1845. ^y 

Miss F. M. Caulkins. pp. 359. Plates. 12** cloth. 

Norwick, 1845 

2670 Norwich. History of, from its Possession by the Indians 

to the year 1866. By Frances M. Caulkins, with an 
appendix, containing notes and sketches, continuing 
the history to the close of 1873. pp. 714, 11. Por- 
traits. 8"* cloth. Hartford, 1874 

2671 [Norwood, Abraham.] Acts of the Elders, commonly 

called the Book of Abraham, pp. 160. 12^ boards. 

Providence, 1842 

2672 Nova Scotia Historical Society Collections. Vols, i to 

4. 4 vols. 8° boards. Halifax, 1879-85 

2673 Novels and Novelists of the i8th Century; — Men and 

Things by Baker; — Barclays of Boston; — Miracles, 
past and present; — Bulwer's Miscellanies; — District 
School, by Burton", etc. 9 vols. 12® cloth. 

2674 NovES, James. (Teacher of the Church at Newbery in 

New England.) The Temple measured; or, a brief 
survey of the Temple mystical, etc. pp. 95. Small 4° 
half calf. London, 1647 

2675 /^'CALLAGHAN, E. B. Documentary History of the 
^^ State of New York. Portraits, maps and plans. 4 

vols. 4° cloth. Albany, 1850 

2676 O'Callaghan. History of New Netherland; or. New 

York under the Dutch. Second ed. pp. 493, 608. 
Maps^and portraits. 2 vols. 8° cloth. New York, 1855 


2677 O'Callaghan. Remonstrance of New Netherlahd, and 

the Occurrences there; addressed to the States General, 
July 28, 1649, with Secretary Van Tienhoven's Answer, 
pp. 67. Royal 4*^ half morocco. Albany, 1856 

Only 100 copies printed. 

2678 O'Callaghan. A List of Editions of the Holy Scrip- 

tures and Parts thereof, printed in America previous to 
i860, pp. 415. Imperial 8^ boards, uncut. 

Albany, 1861 
Only i 50 copies printed. 

2679 OccoM, Samson. Sermon at the Execution of Moses 

Paul, an Indian; who had been guilty of Murder, 
preached at New Haven; with Observations on the Lan- 
guage of the Muhhekaneew Indians, by Jonathan Ed- 
wards, pp. 24, 16. 8" antique calf, gilt, red edges. 

London, 1789 

2680 Ogilby, John. America; being the latest and most ac- 

curate Description of the New World, containing the 
Original of the Inhabitants, etc. pp. 675. Numerous 
maps and plates. Large folio, calf, gilt. London, 167 1 

2681 Oglethorpe, James. Biographical Memorials of James 

Oglethorpe, Founder of the Colony of Georgia. By T. 
M. Harris, pp. 424. Portrait. 8^ cloth. Boston, 1841 

2682 Ohio Historical and Philosophical Society. Journal. 

pp. 131. Transactions. Part second. Vol. i. pp. 334. 
2 vols. 8° sheep and paper. 

Cincinnati and Columbus, 1837-72 

2683 Ohio. The Cincinnati Pioneer, Nos. i, 2 and 3, 1856; 

— Information wanted with reference to the Early Set- 
tlers of Losantiville (now Cincinnati); — Tappan's Dis- 
course before the Hist, and Phil. Society of Ohio, Dec. 
22, 1832; — Discourse on the Aborigines of the Valley 
of the Ohio. By W. H. Harrison, 1838; — Early Maps 
of Ohio and the West. By C. L. Baldwin, 1875; — 
Washington County and the early settlement of Ohio, 
1877; — Ordinance of 1787, by W. P. Cutler, 1887; — 
Pre-historic Remains, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1876; — Geo- 
graphical History of Ohio, by C. C. Baldwin, etc. 12 

2684 Old English Plays. The Second Maiden's Tragedy, a 

Pleasant conceited Comedy, wherein a Man may chuse 
a good Wife from a Bad. London 1602; — Love's Mis- 
tress. By Thomas Heywood. 1640; — Tragedy of 
Albertus Wallenstein, by Henry Glappthorne, 1639; — 
Dido, Queen of Carthage. By Marlowe and Nash, 1594; 

— Ladies Priviledge, by Glappthorne, 1640. 8** half 
morocco, Reprinted: London, 182^^ 


2685 Old Colony Club. A Transcript of the ''Records of the 

Old Colony Club," 1 769-1 773, from the original manu- 
script. Reprinted in Mass. Hist. Society Proceedings. 
Second series, vol. 3. Small folio, half morocco. 

2686 [Oldmixon, J.] The British Empire in America, con- 

taining the History of the Discovery, Settlement, Pro- 
gress and State of the British Colonies on the Conti- 
nent and Islands of America. Map. Second ed. 2 
vols. 8° calf, gilt, (cracked.) London, 1741 

2687 Oldys, William. The British Librarian, exhibiting a 

compendious Review or Abstract of our most scarce, 
useful and valuable Books, pp. 402. Portrait. 8® 
calf, gilt, red edges. London, 1738 

2688 [Oliver, Peter.] A Poem sacred to the Memory of the 

late Secretary Joseph Willard. pp. 16. 8** half roan. 

Boston, 1757 

2689 Oliver. The Puritan Commonwealth, an Historical Re- 

view of the Puritan Government in Massachusetts, pp. 
502. 8® cloth. Boston, 1856 

2690 Orderly Book of that Portion of the American Army 

stationed at or near Williamsburg, Va., under the Com- 
mand of General Andrew Lewis, from March 18, 1776, 
to August 28, 1776. With notes and introduction by 
Charles Campbell, pp. 100. Small 4® boards. 
Only 100 copies printed. Richmond, i860 

2691 Orderly Book of Col. William Henshaw of the American 

Army, Apr. 20-Sept. 26, 1775, with a memoir by Em- 
ory Washburn, and notes by Charles C. Smith, pp. 86, 
1877; — Some Extracts from the Orderly Book of Col. 
Israel Hutchinson of the American Army, Mar. 20- 
July 8, 1776. With an introduction by Lucius R. Paige, 
and notes by Charles C. Smith, pp. 32, 1878; — Dairy 
and Orderly Book of Sergeant Jonathan Burton, of Wil- 
ton, N. H., Dec. 10, 1775-Dec. 26, 1776. By I. W. 
Hammond, pp. 38, 1885. 3 pamphlets. 

2692 Oregon, a short history of a long journey from the At- 

lantic Ocean to the region of the Pacific, by land, by 
J. B. Wyether, 1833; — History of Oregon Territory, 
by T. J. Farnham, 1844; — Oregon Question; or, a 
statement of the British Claims to the Oregon Territory, 
by Thomas Falconer, 1845; — Oregon, there and back 
in 1877, by Wallis Nash; — Correct View of that part 
of the United States which lies west of the Alleghany 
Mountains, 1814. 5 vols. 12® paper and cloth. 

3693 Orono, Me. Centennial Celebration and Dedication of 
Town^ Hall, March 3, 1874. pp. 168. Illustrations. 
^"^ cloth. Portland, 1874 


2694 Orta, Garcia Ue. Aromatuiii et Simplicium aliquot 

Mcdicamentorum apud Indos Nascentium Historia, in 
Latino contractadCarolo Clusio. — Christophori Acosta, 
Aromatum et Medicamentorum in Oriental! India Nas- 
centium Liber. — Monardis, Simplicium Medicamento- 
rum et Novo Orbe delatorum, etc. pp. 456, with illus- 
trations. 12° vellum. Antverpiae, 1593 

Contains Clusius' Latin translations of Orta, Acosta and Monardi, 
with continuous paging. 

2695 OsBORN, Francis. Works, Divine, Moral, Historical, 

Political. Ninth ed. pp. 628. 8® antique morocco 
binding, tooled back and sides, gilt edges. London, 1689 

2696 Otis, James. Life of James Otis of Massachusetts. By 

William Tudor. Portrait and plates. 8** half morocco. 

Boston, 1823 

2697 Otway, Thomas. Works of, consisting of Plays, Poems 

and Letters, with a Sketch of his Life. pp. 478, 466. 
Portrait. 2 vols. 8° half calf, uncut. London, 181 2 

2698 OviDius Exulans; or Ovid Travestie. A Mock-Poem of 

five Epistles of Ovid. By Naso Scarronomimus. pp. 
86. 18** half calf. London, 1673 

2699 Owen, John. Britannia Depicta, or Ogilby improved; 

being a correct copy of Mr. Ogilby's Actual Survey of 
all y* direct and principal Cross Roads in England and 
Wales. By Eman Bowen, Engraver. Maps. 4** calf. 

London, 1731 

2700 Oxford, (Eng.) A Hand Book for Visitors to Oxford. 

pp. 250. 128 woodcuts by Jewitt, and 29 steelplates 
by Le Keux. 8** cloth, uncut. Oxford, 1858 

2701 Oxford, Mass. The Huguenots in the Nipmuck Coun- 

try, or Oxford prior to 17 13. By G. F. Daniels. Map. 
12** cloth. Boston, 1880 

2702 I JACKARD, Alpheus S. Memorial of, 1 798-1 884. 
% pp. 95. Portrait. 8** cloth. Brunswick, Me., 1886 

2703 Pagan, Count of. An Historical and Geographical De- 

scription of the Great Country and River of the Ama- 
zones in America. Map. pp. 153. 12** russia, gilt. 

London, 1661 

2704 Paget, John. A Defence of Church-Government, ex- 

ercised in Presbyterian, Classicall and Synodall Assem- 
blies. pp.256. Small 4® old calf (broken). Lond., 1641 

2705 Pagitt, E. Christianographie; or the Description of 

the multitude and sundry sorts of Christians in the 
World, not subject to the Pope. Second ed. Maps of 
America, etc. 4° old calf. London, 1636 


2706 Pagitt. Heresiography, or a Description of the Here- 

tickes and Sectaries of these latter Times, pp. 164. 
Engraved title. 4** half calf. London, 1647 

2707 Paine, R. T., Jr. Works in verse and prose, with 

Notes. To which are prefixed sketches of his life, 
character and writings, pp. 465. Portrait. 8° sheep. 

Boston, 181 2 

2708 Paine, Robert Troup. Memoir of, by his Parents, pp. 

526. Portrait. Royal 4° morocco, gilt edges. 

New York, 1852 

2709 Paine, Thomas (Pastor in Weymouth). Sermon preached 

at the Ordination of the Rev. Samuel Willard, at Bidde- 
ford, Sept. 30, 1730. pp. 51. 12** half calf. Boston, 1731 

2710 Paine, Thomas. Political Writings. pp. 507, 516. 

Portrait. 2 vols. 8® half morocco. 

Middletown, N. J., 1839 

27 1 1 Paine. Theological Works, pp.384. 12** half calf. 

Boston, 1840 

27T2 [Paine.] Common Sense; addressed to the Inhabitants 
of America. Third ed., pp. 147; — A Dialogue between 
the Ghost of General Montgomery and an American 
Delegate, pp. 71; — Plain Truth, addressed to the In- 
habitants of America, containing Remarks on a late 
Pamphlet entitled Common Sense, pp. 84; — Observa- 
tions on the Reconciliation of Great Britain and the 
Colonies, pp. 40. In i vol. 8° half calf, gilt. 

Philadelphia, 1776 

2713 Paine. Rights of Man; being an Answer to Mr. Burke's 

Attack on the French Revolution. Fourth ed. pp. 171. 
8** calf. London, 1791 

2714 Paine. The Trial of Thomas Paine, for a Libel, con- 

tained in the second Part of Rights of Man, Dec. 18, 
1792. pp. 43. 8*^ half calf, gilt. Boston, 1793 

2715 Paine. Tom Paine's Jests; being an entirely new and 

select Collection of Patriotic Bon Mots, Repartees, etc., 
on Political Subjects, pp. 72. 16° cloth. 

Philadelphia, 1796 

2716 Paine. The Ruling Passion; Phi Beta Kappa Poem at 

Harvard, July 20, 1797. pp. 32. Small 4® half calf. 

Boston, 1797 

2717 Paine. A Letter to George Washington, pp. 53, Lond., 

1 797 J — A Letter to Thomas Paine, in Answer to his 
scurilous tpistle addressed to our late worthy President 
Washington. By an American Citizen, pp. 24, N. Y., 
1797. 2 vols. 8° half calf and paper. 


2718 Paine. The Decline and Fall of the English System of 

Finance, pp. 33, 1796; — Thoughts on the Increasing 
Wealth and National Economy of the United States of 
America, pp. 40, 1801; — Some Account of Thomas 
Paine in his last sickness, pp. 8. 1820. 3 vols. 8° half 
roan and paper. 

2719 Palev, William. Principles of Moral and Political Phil- 

osophy, 1825; — Sermons on various Subjects, 1827; — 
Memoirs of William Paley, 1810. 3 vols. 8® half calf 
and russia.- 

2720 Palfrey, John G. Academical Lectures on the Jewish 

Scriptures and Antiquities, pp. 511, 435. 2 vols. 8** 
cloth. Boston, 1840 

2721 Palfrey. History of New England. Maps. Vols. 1 

to 4. 4 vols, royal 8** cloth, uncut. Boston, 1858-75 

2721* Palfrey. The same. Vols, i, 2, 3. 3 vols, imperial 
8° cloth, uncut. Boston, 1865 

Largb Paper : only 100 copies printed. 

2722 Palfrey. Compendious History of New England, from 

1689 to 1765. pp. 469, 439. 2 vols. 12® cloth. 

Boston, 1872-73 

2723 Palgrave, W. G. Dutch Guiana. pp. 264. Map. 

8® cloth, uncut. London, 1876 

2724 Palmer, Joseph. Necrology of Alumni of Harvard 

College, 185 1 to 1863. pp. 536. 8® cloth. Boston, 1864 

2725 Pamphlets. President's Messages to Congress, April 

3, 1798; — Adams and Morse Controversy, 1814; — 
Belsham on Unitarianism, 1815; — Wheaton's Address, 
Dec. 14, 1824; — Rives's Discourse on John Hampden, 
1845; — Bennett's Sermon in Woburn, Jan. 4, 1846; — 
Bushnell's Speech for Connecticut, June 4, 1851; — 
Dean on Teaching History, 1857. 8 vols. 8° half roan. 

2726 Paper Money. An Historical Sketch of the Paper 

Money issued by Pennsylvania, together with a com- 
plete list of all the dates, issues, amounts, denomina- 
tions and signers, pp. 40, 1862 ; — History of the Issues 
of Paper-Money in the American Colonies anterior to 
the Revolution, pp. 20, 185 1. 2 pamphlets. 

2727 Pardoe, Julia. The Court and Reign of Francis the 

First, King of France, pp. 530, 640. Portraits. 2 
vols. 8** cloth, uncut. London, 1849 

2728 Pardoe. Louis the Fourteenth, and the Court of 

France in the Seventeenth Century. Third ed. Por- 
traits. 3 vols. 8® cloth, uncut. London, 1849 


2729 Parish, Sir W. Buenos Ayres and the Provinces of the 

Rio de La Plata. Second ed?, enlarged, pp. 434. 
Map and illustrations. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1852 

2730 Park, Mungo. Travels in the Interior Districts of 

Africa, in the Years 1795, 9^ ^^^ *97J — Journal of a 
Mission to the Interior of Africa, in the Year 1805. 
Portrait and maps. 2 vols, royal 4^ russia. 

London, 1799-1815 

2731 Park. Journal of a Mission to the Interior of Africa, 

in the Year 1805. pp. 302. Map. 8** half sheep. 

Philadelphia, 1815 

2732 Parker, Joel. Daniel Webster as a Jurist; — Habeas 

Corpus; — International Law; — Character of the Re- 
bellion, etc. 15 pamphlets bound in one vol. 8^ cloth. 

Cambridge, 1853-76 

2733 Parker. A Biographical Memoir of the late Sir Peter 

Parker, Captain of H. M. Ship Menelaus, killed in Ac- 
tion while storming the American Camp at Bellair, near 
Baltimore, Aug. 31, 18 14. pp. in. Portrait. Royal 
4^ boards, uncut. London, 1815 

2734 Parker, Samuel. Bishop Parker's History of his own 

Time. Translated from the Latin, by Thomas Newlin. 
pp. 425 and index. 8® calf. London, 1727 

2735 Parker, Theodore. Discourses and Sermons, 1841 to 

1850. 24 vols. S^ half roan. Boston. 

2736 Parliamentary Debates on the Dissenters* Chapels 

Bill, A. D. 1844. pp. 492. 8'' cloth. London, 1844 

2737 Parnell, Thomas. Poems on several Occasions, pp. 

222. 8° calf. London, 1737 

2738 Parr, Samuel. Bibliotheca Parriana; a Catalogue of the 

late Rev. Samuel Parr. pp. 708, 8. Portrait. 8° boards, 

uncut. London, 1827 

With autograph of Wm. Hone. On pp. 522 is a note by Dr. Parr 
referring to the Ireland forgeries. 

2739 Parsons, Theophilus. Memoir of Theophilus Parsons, 

Chief Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court of Massa- 
chusetts, pp. 476. Portrait. 12® cloth. Boston, 1859 

2740 Parton, James. General Butler in New Orleans. His- 

tory of the Administration of the Department of the 
Gulf in the Year 1862. pp. 649. Portrait and map. 
8"* cloth. New York, 1864 

2741 Passavant, M. Tour of a German Artist in England, 

with Notices of Private Galleries, and Remarks on the 
State of Art. pp. 334, 323. Plates. 2 vols. 8° cloth, 
uncut. London, 1836 


2742 Pascal, Blaise. Provincial Letters, containing an Ex- 

posure of the Reasoning and Morals of the Jesuits, pp. 
296. 8° cloth. Philadelphia, 1843 

2743 Pattersoj^, Robert. A Narrative of the Campaign in 

the Valley of the Shenandoah, in 1861. Map. 8** 
cloth. Philadelphia, 1865 

2744 Pattie, James O. Personal Narrative of James O. 

Pattie, of Kentucky, during an Expedition from St. 
Louis, through the vast Regions between that Place 
and the Pacific Ocean, to Mexico, etc. Edited by 
Timothy Flint, pp 300. Plates. 8** mottled sheep. 

Cincinnati, 1833 

2745 Pauw, C. de. Selections from M. Pauw; with Addi- 

tions by Daniel Webb. 8** calf. Bath, 1795 

Contains much material relating to America. 

2746 Payne, E. J. Voyages of the Elizabethan Seamen to 

America; thirteen Original Narratives from the Collec- 
tion of Hakluyt. pp. 396. 12** cloth, uncut. 

London, 1880 

2747 Peabody, George. An Account of the Proceedings at 

the Dinner given by Mr. George Peabody to the Amer- 
icans connected with the Great Exhibition at the Lon- 
don Coffee House, 27th October, 1851. pp. 114. Im- 
perial 8° cloth. Privately printed. 
Large Paper. W. Pickering: London, 185 1 

2748 Peabody Education Fund. Proceedings of the Trustees 

of the Peabody Education Fund, from 1867 to 1887. 
Portraits. 3 vols. 8** cloth. Boston, 1875-88 

2749 Peabody Museum, ist, and 6th to 22nd reports of the 

Trustees of the Peabody Museum of American Archae- 
ology and Ethnology, 1870-88. 18 pamphlets. 

2750 Peacham, Henry. The Compleat Gentleman; fashion- 

ing him absolute in the most necessary and commenda- 
ble Qualities, etc., to which is added the Gentleman's 
exercise, pp. 455. Engraved title. Small 4** calf. 

London, 1661 

2751 Pease, J. C, and Niles, J. M. Gazetteer of the States 

of Connecticut and Rhode Island, pp. 389. Maps and 
2 portraits. 8° sheep. Hartford, 1819 

2752 [Pegge, Samuel.] Anonymiana; or, ten Centuries of 

Observations on various Authors and Subjects, pp. 
527. 8° half calf, gilt. London, 1809 

2753 [Peirce, Augustus.] The Rebelliad; or Terrible Trans- 

actions at the Seat of the Muses; a Poem. pp.'77. 
Frontispiece. 16** boards, Cambridge, 1863 


2754 Peirce, Benjamin. History of Harvard University, 

from its Foundation in the Year 1636 to the Period of 
the American Revolution, pp. 314, 159. Plate. 8** 
morocco, gilt. Cambridge, 1833 

2755 Peirce, E. W. Indian History, Biography and Geneal- 

ogy, pertaining to the good Sachem Massasoit of the 
Wampanoag Tribe, and his Descendants, pp. 261. 12° 
cloth. North Abington, Mass., 1878 

2756 Peirce, James. A Vindication of the Dissenters, in An- 

swer to Dr. William Nichols* Defense of the Doctrine 
and Discipline of the Church of England, pp. 287. 8° 
old calf. London, 17 17 

2757 Pemberton, E. a Sermon preach'd in New-Ark, June 

12, 1744 at the Ordination of Mr. David Brainerd« a 
Missionary among the Indians, pp. 39. 8° calf, gilt. 

Boston, 1744 

2758 Penhallow, Samuel. History of the Wars of New Eng- 

land with the Eastern Indians. With notes by W. 
Dodge, pp. 138, 36. 4® cloth. Cincinnati, 1859 

2759 [Penn, William.] An Epistle, containing a Salutation 

to all faithful Friends, a Reproof to the Unfaithful, and 
a Visitation to the Enquiring, in a solomn Farewell to 
them all in the Land of my Nativity, pp. 7. Small 4** 
calf. (1682) 

2760 Penn. A Brief Account of the Rise and Progress of the 

People called Quakers. Portrait by Edwin, inserted, 
pp. 158. 1 8*** calf. London, 1695 

2761 Pennsylvania. Remarks on the Address of sixteen 

Members of the Assembly of Pennsylvania to their Con- 
stituents, dated Sept. 29, 1788, with some Strictures on 
their Objections to the Constitution, etc pp. 28. 1 2** 
half morocco. Phila., 1787 

2762 Pennsylvania Historical Society Publications. 3 vols. 

royal 8"* cloth. Phila., 1855-60 

Comprises: History of Braddock's Expedition, in 1755, by W. 
Sargent. Some Account of the Society of the Cincinnati, by A. 
Johnson. History of the Western Insurrection, by T. Ward. Re- 
cord of the Court at Upland, 1676-1681. Denny's Military Journal, 
1781-1795, etc. 

2763 Penrose, John. A Treatise on the Evidence of the 

Scripture Miracles, pp. 356. 8° half calf. London, 1826 

2764 Pepperrell, Sir William. The Life of. By Usher Par- 

sons, pp. 352. 8° cloth. Boston, 1855 

2765 Pepmp, Samuel. Memoirs of, comprising his Diaty from 

1659 to 1669, and a Selection from his Correspondence. 
Edited by Richard Lord Braybrooke. Portraits and 
plates. 2 vols, royal 4^ half calf. London, 1S25 


2766 Pepys. Diary and Correspondence of. With a life and 

notes by Richard Lord Braybrooke. Fourth ed. Por- 
traits. 4 vols. S° cloth, uncut. London, 1854 

2767 Percy, Thomas. Reliques of Ancient English Poetry, 

consisting of Old Heroic Ballads, Songs, and other 
Pieces of our earlier Poets. New edition. 3 vols, 
small 8^ half roan, uncut, gilt tops. London, 1839 

2768 Percy Society Publications. Scottish Traditional Ver- 

sions of Ancient Ballads, by J. H. Dixon; — Life and 
Martyrdom of Thomas Beket; — Pastime of Pleasure, 
by S. Hawes; — The Civic Garland; — Ancient Poems, 
Ballads and Songs of the Peasantry of England, by J. 
H. Dixon; — Romance of Syr Tryamoure; — Introduc- 
tion to the Seven Ages, by T. Wright; — Popular Songs, 
illustrative of the French Invasions of Ireland, Part 2; 
— Canterbury Tales, by Chaucer; — Dialogue on Wit 
and Folly, by Hey wood. 10 vols. 12** paper, uncut. 

London, 1845-46 

2769 Perkins, Samuel. History of the Political and Military 

Events of the late War between the States and Great 
Britain, pp. 512. 8® half morocco. New Haven, 1825 

2770 Perley, Jeremiah. Debates, Resolutions, and other 

Proceedings of the Maine Convention, 1819. pp. 300. 
16'' boards. Portland, 1820 

2771 Perry, Com. M. C. Narrative of the Expedition of an 

.American Squadron to the China Seas and Japan, in the 
years 1852-54. Compiled by F. L. Hawks. Numerous 
maps and plates, (with the suppressed plate). 3 vols. 
4° cloth. Washington, 1856 

2772 Perry, Rev. W. S. A Sketch of the History of the 

Episcopal Church in Portland, Me., from 1763 to 1863. 
8® paper. Portland, 1863 

2773 Perry. Papers relating to History of the Church in 

Virginia, A. D. 1650-1766. pp. 585. Royal 4® cloth, un- 
cut. Privately printed, 1870 
Only 200 copies printed. 

2774 Perry. Journals of General Conventions of the Protes- 

tant Episcopal Church in the United States, 1785-1835. 
3 vols. 8° cloth. Claremont, N. H., 1874 

2775 Persian and Turkish Tales. Translated formerly from 

those Languages into French, by M. Petis de la Croix, 

and now into English, by Dr. King. pp. 434, 404. 

2 vols. 16** calf. London, 1739 
With bookplate of Lord Hawke. 


2776 Peters, Hugh. A Dying Father's last Legacy to an 

Onely Child; or, Mr. Hugh Peters's Advice to his 
Daughter. Portrait, pp. 122. 18** old calf. 

London, 1661 

2777 Peters. The Tales and Jests of Mr. Hugh Peters, to- 

gether with his Sentence, and the Manner of his Execu- 
tion; with a short Account of his Life. Frontispiece, 
pp. 51. 8** calf, gilt. London, 1807 

2778 Peters. History of. By Rev. Sannuel Peters. Portrait. 

8° half roan. New York, 1807 

2779 Peters. Memoir and Defence of. By J. B. Felt. Por- 

trait. 8° half roan. Boston, 1851 

2780 Peters. Historical and Critical Account of. Portrait. 

London, 1751. 4° boards. Reprinted: London, 1818 

2781 Peters, Samuel. General History of Connecticut, from 

its first Settlement under George Fenwick, to its latest 

Period of Amity with Great Britain. Second ed. pp. 

436. 8® half calf, gilt. London, 1782 

One of the author's extraordinary statements is the following won- 
derful account of the Upper Cohoes Falls, " where water is consolidat- 
ed without frost, the pressure, by swiftness, between the sturdy rocks, 
to such a degree of induration that no iron crow can be forced into 

^782 Peters. General History of Connecticut; to which is 
added a Supplement verifying many important State- 
ments made by the Author. 8 engravings. 12° mauve 
crushed levant, morocco, extra. New Haven, 1829 

2783 Peters. The same. With additions by S. J. McCor- 

mick. 8** cloth, uncut. New York, 1877 

2784 Peterson, Rev. Edward. History of Rhode Island. 

pp. 370. Frontispiece. 8'' cloth. New York, 1853 

2785 Petty, Sir William. Political Arithmetic. 16** calf. 

Glasgow, 1 75 1 

2786 Phelps, Matthew. Memoirs and Adventures of Capt. 

Phelps, formerly of Harwington in Connecticut, now 
resident in New Haven in Vermont, particularly in two 
Voyages, from Connecticut to the River Mississippi, 
from Dec. 1773 to Oct. 1780. By A. Haswell. pp. 
210, 64, 12. 16® calf. Bennington, 1802 

2787 Phenix (The) ; or, a Revival of Scarce and Valuable 

Pieces from the remotest Antiquity to the present 
Times, pp. 570, 552. 2 vols. 8** old calf. 

London, 1707-8 

2788 Phenix (The). A Collection of Old and Rare Frag 

ments. pp. 298. 12° half calf. New York, 1835 


2789 Philadelphia, Pa. Annals of Philadelphia, being a 

Collection of Memoirs, Anecdotes, and Incidents of the 
City and its Inhabitants. By John ¥. Watson, pp. 
740, 78. Portraits and plates. 8^ boards, uncut. 

Phila., 1830 

2790 Philadelphia. Proceedings on the looth Anniversary 

of the Introduction and Adoption of the ** Resolution 
respecting Independency" held in Philadelphia, June 7, 
1876. pp. 89. Imperial 8^ paper, uncut. Phila., 1876 

2791 Philobiblion. a Monthly Bibliographical Journal, con- 

taining critical notices of, and extracts from rare, cu- 
rious and valuable old books. Vols, i and 2, with the 
extra number. Printed entirely on India paper, pp. 288, 
290. 2 vols. 4** paper, uncut. New York, 1862-63 

2792 Phipps. Journal of a Voyage undertaken by order of 

his present Majesty for making discoveries towards the 
North Pole by Commodore Phipps and Captain Lut- 
widge in His Majesty's sloops Racehorse and Carcase, 
to which is prefixed an account of the several voyages 
undertaken for the discovery of a Northwest passage to 
China and Japan. Maps. 8** stitched. London, 1774 

2793 Pickering, John. A Vocabulary, or Collection of Words 

and Phrases which have been supposed to be peculiar 
to the United States of America, pp. 206. 8® half 
calf. Boston, 1816 

2794 Pickering, Timothy. A Review of the Correspondence 

between John Adams and Wm. Cunningham. 8** mo- 
rocco, gilt. Salem, 1824 

2795 Pidgeon, William. Traditions of De-Coo-Dah, and An- 

tiquarian Researches. pp. 334. Illustrations. 8** 
cloth. New York, 1858 

2796 Piers Ploughman's Vision and Creed. Edited with 

notes and a Glossary by Thomas Wright. Second ed. 
Frontispiece. 2 vols. 16® cloth, uncut. London, 1856 

2797 Pietas et Congratulatio CoUegii Cantabrigiensis apud 

Novanglos. pp. 106. 4° calf. Bostoni-Mas- 

sachusettensium: Typis J. Green & J. Russell, 1761 

'* The Harvard College elegiac and complimentary volume, in 
Latin, Greek and English, celebrating the death of George II. and 
the glorious accession of George III. These poems were the result 
of an invitation set up in the college inviting competition, and foi 
which prizes were awarded." 

2798 PiGAFETTA, A. Primo Viaggio intorno al Globe Terrac- 

queo ossia Ragguaglio della Navigazione alle Indie 
Orientali per la via d'Occidente, 1519-22. Maps and 
plates. 4** half vellum, pp. 237. Milano, 1800 

This is the fullest account we have of the voyage round the world 
of Magellan in 1519-22. 


2799 i'lt^AFETTA, Filippo. A Report of the Kingdom of 

Congo and of the surroundings. Newly translated by 
M. Hutchinson. With fac- similes of the original maps 
and a preface by Sir T. F. Buxton. 8° cloth. 

London, 1881 

2800 Pike, James L. The New Puritan; New England two 

hundred years ago, some Account of the Life of Robert 
Pike. pp. 237. 12° cloth. New York, 1879 

2801 Pike, Z. M. An Account of Expeditions to the Sources 

of the Mississippi; and through the Western Parts of 
Louisiana, to the Sources of the Arkansaw, Kans, La 
Platte, and Pierre Jaun Rivers. Portraits and maps. 
8** half roan, uncut. Phila., i8io 

2802 PiNKNEY. Life of William Pinkney. By Rev. William 

Pinkney. Portrait. 8** cloth. New York, 1853 

2803 PiOMiNGO. The Savage. By Piomingo, a headman and 

warrior of the Muscogulgee Nation. 12° morocco, gilt. 

Phila., 1810 

2804 Piozzi, Mrs. Autobiography, Letters and Literary Re- 

mains of Mrs. Piozzi (Thrale.) Edited by A. Hay- 
ward, pp. 531. Small 8° cloth. Boston, 1861 

2805 PiTKiN, Timothy. Political and Civil History of the 

United States of America, from 1763 to 1797. pp. 
528, 539. Portrait. 2 vols. 8° mottled calf. 

New Haven, 1828 

2806 Pitman, Benn. The Trials for Treason at Indianapolis, 

disclosing the plans for establishing a north-western 
confederacy, pp. 389. Portraits. Royal 8° cloth. 

Cincinnati, 1865 

2807 PiTTSFiELD, Mass. History of. By Rev. David D. 

Field, pp. 80. Map. 8° half roan. Hartford, 1844 

2808 Pius VL Historical and Philosophical Memoirs of Pius 

the Sixth, and of his Pontificate. Translated from the 
French, pp. 340, 391. Portrait. 2 vols. 8® cloth, un- 
cut. London, 1799 

From the library of Robert Southey, with his autograph, and 
with the muslin covers, done by his daughters, and bookplate on 
fly leaf. 

2809 Plans for Gentlemen's Libraries, with remarks on their 

formation and arrangement, book-binding, catalogues, 
etc. pp. 54. 12° cloth. London. 

2810 Pliny. The Letters of Pliny the Consul. With occa- 

sional remarks by William Melmoth. pp. 388, 342. 
Portrait inserted. 2 vols. 16° calf. Edinburgh, 1807 
With Chippendale bookplates of E. D. Ingraham. 


aSii Plumer, William, Jr. Life of William Plumer. Edited, 
with a sketch of the author's life, by A. P. Peabody. 
Portrait. 8** cloth, (shaken). Boston, 1857 

2812 Plutarch's Lives. The Translation called Dryden's. 

Corrected from the Greek and revised by A. H. Clough. 
5 vols. 8** sprinkled calf, gilt, extra, by Riviere. 

Boston, 1859 

2813 Plymouth Colony. The Book of the General Laws of 

the Inhabitants of the Jurisdiction of New Plimouth 
collected out of the Records of the General Court, pp. 
56. Small folio, calf. (Title page and last leaf in fac- 
simile, some leaves remargined.) 

S. Green: Cambridge, 1672 

2814 Plymouth Colony. The Compact with the Charter and 

Laws of the Colony of New Plymouth; together with 
the Charter of the Council at Plymouth, pp. 357. 
Royal 8** sheep, (broken). Boston, 1836 

2815 Plymouth Colony. Records of the Colony of New Ply- 

mouth in New England, 1633-1697. Edited by N. B. 
Shurtleff. 10 vols, small folio, cloth, gilt tops. 

Boston, 1857 

2816 Plymouth Colony. A Declaration of the warrantable 

Grounds and Proceedings of the First Associates of the 
Government of New Plymouth; together with the 
general fundamentals of their laws. pp. 24. Small 8 
morocco Boston, 1773 

2817 Plymouth, Mass. History of, from 1620 to 1832. By 

James Thacher. First ed. Map and plate. 12^ boards. 

Boston, 1832 

2818 Plymouth. The same. Seconded. Map. 12** cloth. 

Boston, 1835 

2819 Plymouth. History of, with a sketch of the origin and 

growth of separatism. By William T. Davis. Illustra- 
tions. 4** cloth. Phila., 1885 

2820 Plymouth. Ancient Landmarks of Plymouth. By 

William T. Davis, pp. 350, 312. 8° cloth. Boston, 1883 

2821 Plymouth. Guide to Plymouth, and recollections of the 

Pilgrims. By W. L. Russell. Map and plates. 16® 
cloth. Boston, 1846 

2822 Plymouth. Pilgrim Memorials and Guide to Plymouth. 

By W. L. Russell. First ed. Map and plates. 12® 
half morocco, gilt top. Boston, 1851 

2823 Plymouth. The same. Second ed. 12** cloth. 

Boston, 1855 

2824 Plymouth. The same. Third ed. Map and plates. 

12^ cloth. Boston, i860 


2825 Plymouth. Plymouth and the Pilgrims; or, incidents 

of adventuje in the history of the first settlers. By J. 
Barnard, pp 288. Illustrations. 16° cloth, (water 
stained). Boston, 185 1 

2826 Plymouth. Proceedings at the Cushman Celebration, 

Aug. 15, 1855; — Proceedings at the Consecration of the 
Cushman Monument, Sept. 16, 1858. 2 vols. 8° cloth. 

Boston, 1855-9 

2827 Plymouth. Speech on the death of Col. Isaac Lothrop, 

by Nicholas Sever, pp. 2 ; — Speech on same by Peter 
Oliver, pp. 12. 8® paper. Boston, 1750 

2828 Plymouth. Oration at Plymouth, Dec. 22, 1802, by 

John Q. Adams, pp. 31; — Sermon at Plymouth, Dec. 
22, 1802, in memory of the landing of our ancestors, by 
Adoniram Judson, pp. 23. 1803; — Semicentennial 
Discourse, Oct. i, 185 1, at the Third Church, by 
Charles S. Porter, pp. 47. 3 vols. 8* half roan. Boston. 

2829 Pocahontas, alias Natoaka, and her descendants through 

her marriage at Jamestown, Virginia, in April, 1614, 
with John Rolfe, Gentleman. With biographical 
sketches by Wyndham Robertson, and illustrative notes 
by R. A. Brock. Photographic portraits. 8** cloth, 
uncut. Richmond, 1887 

2830 Poetry. Calvary, or the Death of Christ, a poem, by 

Richard Cumberland, 1796; — Festus, a poem, by P. J. 
Bailey, 1845; — Ossian's Poems, 1840, etc. 4 vols. 12® 
cloth and sheep. 

2831 Poetry. Miscellaneous, English and American Poetry. 

28 pamphlets. 8^ and 12^ paper. 

2832 PoiNTis, Sieur. A Genuine and Particular Account of 

the Taking of Cathagena by the French and Buccaniers, 
1697. Map. 8° stitched. London, 1740 

2833 PoLACK, J. Manners and Customs of the New Zealand- 

ers. pp. 288, 304. Map and illustrations. 2 vols, 
small 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1840 

2834 Political Tracts. Letter from a Clergy-man, vindica- 

ting the Bill for preventing the Translation of Bishops, 
1702; — Letter sent from beyond the Seas to one of the 
Chief Ministers of the non-conforming party, 1674; — 
Lay-Man's Opinion, sent in a private letter, 1687; — 
Lay-Man's Answer to the Lay-Man's Opinion, 1687; — 
Rebels Doom; or, an historical account of the most 
remarkable rebellions, 1684; — No Protestant Plot. 2 
parts. 1681-2; — New Test of the Church of England's 
Loyalty, 1687, etc. 4° half calf. London, 1 674-1 702 


2835 Political. Harper's Observations, 1798; — Address to 

the People of Massachusetts; — Rufus King on the 
Missouri Bill, 1819; — Principles of the Revolution, by 
J. P. Blanchard; — Letters on the Hartford Convention, 
by H. G. Otis; — Debate in the Senate on Martin Van 
Buren; — Curtis on the Supremacy of Congress over the 
Territories, 1859; — Nebraska Question, 1854, etc. 9 
vols. 8° half roan. 

2836 Political. History of American Politics, by Alexander 

Johnston, 1884; — Prote.ction of Majorities, by J. P. 
Quincy, 1876; — Manual of Political Economy, by J. E. 
T. Rogers, 1869; — American Political Ideas, by John 
Fiske, 1885; — History and Analysis of the Constitution 
of the United States, i860; — Familiar Exposition of the 
Constitution of the United States, by Joseph Story, 
1847. 6 vols. 12® cloth. 

2837 Pollard, Edward A. The First Year of the War. pp. 

368. Portraits. 8** cloth. Richmond, 1862 

2838 Pollard. Observations in the North, Eight months in 

Prison, and on Parole. By E. A. Pollard, pp. 142. 8° 
paper. Richmond, 1865 

2839 PoLYANTHOS. The Polyanthos enlarged. Portraits and 

plates. 4 vols. 8® half sheep. Boston, 1812-14 

Complete with all the portraits and plates, which are generally 

2840 [PoMEY, Francis.] The Pantheon, representing the Fab- 

ulous Histories of the Heathen Gods, and most illustri- 
ous Heroes. (Translated) by Andrew Tooke. pp. 360, 
34. Copperplates. 12** half morocco. London, 1784 

2841 Pond Genealogy. A Genealogical Record of Daniel 

Pond and his Descendants. Bv E. D. Harris. 8** cloth. 

Boston, 1873 

2842 PooLE, W. F. Index to Periodical Literature. 8® cloth. 

New York, 1853 

2843 PooLE. The Ordinance of 1787 and Dr. Manasseh Cut- 

ler as an agent in its formation, pp. 38, 1876; — Re- 
marks on Library Construction, pp. 34, 1884; — The 
Early Northwest, pp. 26, 1889; — Who Owns Spot 
Pond? (newspaper clippings. 4 pamphlets. 

2844 [PooLE, John.] Hamlet Travestie; with Annotations by 

Dr. Johnson and Geo. Steevens. pp. 94. 16** calf. 

London, 1810 

2845 PoPE» John. A Tour through the Southern and Western 

Territories of the United States of North America. 8® 
cloth, uncut. Richmond, 1792 

Reprinted, with Index by C. L. Woodward, New York, 1888. 



2846 PoPHAM, Sir John. Reports and Cases collected by Sir 

John Popham, late Lord Chief Justice of England, pp. 
212, 8. Folio, calf. London, 1656 

2847 PoPHAM Colony. Memorial Volume of the Popham Cel- 

ebration, August 29, 1862, commemorative of the Plant- 
ing of the Popham Colony on the Peninsula of Sabino, 
August 19, 1607. Map. 8** cloth. Portland, 1863 

Only 700 copies printed. 

2848 Popham Colony. A Discussion of its Historical Claims, 

with a bibliography of the subject, 1866; — Colonial 
Schemes of Popham and Gorges. Speech by J. W. 
Thornton, Aug. 29, 1862 ; — Hist. Address by J. W. 
Patterson at 258th Anni. of Popham Colony, 1865; — 
Remarks on the Popham Celebration, by S. F. Haven, 
1865; — Hist. Address by E. C. Benedict before N. Y. 
Hist. Soc, 1864; — An Address on the Character of the 
Colony founded by George Popham, by E. E. Bourne. 
1864. 6 pamphlets. 

2849 PoRCACCHi, Thomaso. L' Isole piu famose del Mondo 

descritte da Thomaso Porcacchi e intagliate da Giro- 
lamo Porro. pp. 201. Numerous maps of all the Is- 
lands of the World. Folio, vellum. Venetia, 1576 

The third part treats upon the West Indies, and besides the spe- 
cial maps of the American islands, includes a mappemonde as well 
as a general map of the Western continent. 

2850 Portland, Me. History of. By William Willis. Map 

and plate. 2 vols, in one. 8° half morocco. 

Portland, 1833 

2851 Portland. History of, from 1632 to 1864. By Wil- 

liam Willis. Second ed. pp. 928. Map and illustra- 
tions. 8° cloth. Portland, 1865 

3852 Portland. Extracts from the Journals kept by the 
Rev. Thomas Smith, late Pastor of the First Church in 
Falmouth, from 1720 to 1788. By Rev. Thomas Smith. 
With an Appendix by S. Freeman. Portrait of Smith 
and portions of his original Journal, 1741, and' letter of 
Wm. Willis inserted. 12® canary calf, red top. 

Portland, 1821 

2853 Portland. Journals of the Rev. Thomas Smith, and 

the Rev. Samuel Deane, Pastors of the First Church in 
Portland, with a Summary History of Portland. By 
W. Willis. Portrait. 8° cloth, (one page letter inserted.) 

Portland, 1849 

2854 Portland in the Past, with historical notes of Old Fal- 

mouth. By William Goold. Portraits and illustrations. 
8° cloth. Portland, 1886 


2855 Portland Convention. Address of a (Convention of 

Delegates, met at Portland, Jan. 28, 1795, ^" ^^e Sub- 
ject of Separation from Massachusetts, pp. 31. 8® 
half morocco. Portland, (1795) 

2856 Portsmouth, N. H. Annals of Portsmouth, comprising 

a Period of two Hundred Years from the first Settle- 
ment of the Town. By Nathaniel Adams, pp. 400. 
8® morocco, gilt. Portsmouth, 1825 

2857 Portsmouth. Rambles about Portsmouth; Sketches of 

Persons, Localities and Incidents of two Centuries. By 
C. W. Brewster, pp. 376, 375. Portrait. 2 vols. 8® 
cloth. Portsmouth, 1859-69 

2858 Portsmouth. The Portsmouth Jubilee. Reception of 

the Sons of Portsmouth, resident abroad, July 4, 1853. 
pp. 80. 8° half roan. Portsmouth, 1853 

2859 Portsmouth Records, 1 645-1656. A transcript of the 

first 35 pp. of the earliest Town Book, Portsmouth, N. 
H., with notes by Frank VV. Hackett. 8° half roan. 

Privately printed: Portsmouth, 1886 
Presentation Copy with inscription on title. 

2860 Potter, I. R. Life and Remarkable Adventures of 

Israel R. Potter, who was a Soldier in the American 
Revolution, pp. 108. Frontispiece. 16** half sheep. 

Providence, 1824 

2861 Potts, Thomas. The WonderfuU Discoverie of Witches 

in the Countie of Lancaster, with the Arraignment and 
Triall of nineteen notorious Witches, August 17, 161 2, 
the Triall of Jennet Preston, etc. Not paged. Small 
4° half calf (title mended). London, 1613 

2862 Powers, Rev. Grant. Historical Sketches of the Dis- 

covery, Settlement and Progress of Events in the Coos 
Country and Vicinity, 1 754-1 785. 12° sheep. 

Haverhill, N. H., 1841 

2863 Powers. The same. 12° cloth. Haverhill, 1880 

2864 PowNALL, Thomas. The Administration of the Colonies. 

Third ed. London, 1766; — Same. Second ed. Lon- 
don, 1765; — A Review of Mr. Pitt's Administration, 
London, 1762. 8° half sheep. 

2865 PowNALL. The Administration of the British Colonies. 

Fifth ed. 2 vols. 8® calf. London, 1774 

Autographs of Rufus Choate and ex-libris of Jas. Stewart, Esqr., 

;2866 PowNALL. The Speech of Th-m-s P-wn-11, Esq., late 
G-v-rn-r of this Province in the H-se of C-m-ns, in 
Favor of America, pp. 16. ^ half calf. 

With note by J. S. Barry. (December, 1768) 


2867 Pratt, Phinehas. A Declaration of the Affairs of the 

English People that first inhabited New England. Ed- 
ited, yirith notes, by R. Frothingham. 8^ half calf, 
gilt. Boston, 1858 
** Tinted Paper " Copy, only 4 so issued. 

2868 Pray, J. C, Jr. Prose and Verse, from the Port Folio 

of an Editor, pp. 186. 12^ cloth. Boston, 1836 

2869 Pray, Lewis G. History of Sunday Schools, and of Re- 

ligious Education, from the earliest Times, pp. 262. 
Portrait. 12** cloth. Boston, 1847 

2870 Preble, G. H. A Chronological History of the Origin 

and Development of Steam Navigation, 1543-1882. pp. 
483. 8° cloth. Phila., 1883 

2871 Prentice, Thomas. Thanksgiving for the Reduction of 

Cape Breton, preached at Charlestown, July 18,1745. 
pp. 39. 8^ half roan. Boston, 1745 

2872 Prenties, S. W. Narrative of a Shipwreck on the Island 

of Cape Breton, in a Voyage from Quebec, 1780. pp. 
108. Fourth ed. 16° sheep. London, 1783 

2873 Presbyterian Doctrine. Some short Observations made 

on the Presbyterian Doctrine of Election and Reproba- 
tion, pp. 38. 18° half roan. 

Andrew Bradford: Phila., 17 21 

2874 Prbscott, Benjamin. Letter to the Rev. Mr. Joshua 

Gee, in Answer to his of June 3, 1743, addressed to the 
Rev. Mr. Ells. pp. 28. S^ half roan, (title stained). 

Boston, 1743 

2875 Prescott, James. Report of the Trial of James Pres- 

cott. Judge of the Probate of Wills, for Middlesex 
County, for Misconduct and Maladministration in 
Office, pp. 225. 8^ boards, uncut. Boston, 182 1 

2876 Prescott, W. H. History of the Conquest of Mexico. 

First ed. Portraits. 3 vols. 8** cloth. New York, 1843 

2877 Prescott. History of the Reign of Ferdinand and Isa- 

bella the Catholic. Tenth ed. Portraits. 3 vols. 8** 
cloth. Boston, 1844 

2878 Prescott. The same. First ed. 3 vols. 8** cloth. 

Boston, 1838 

2879 Prescott. History of the Conquest of Peru. Portraits. 

2 vols. 8® cloth. Boston, 1855 

2880 Prescott. Memoir of Abbott Lawrence, (prepared for 

the National Portrait Gallery), pp.51. Portrait. Royal 
4® cloth. Privately printed, 1856 

2881 Prescott. Life of. By George Ticknor. pp. 491. 

Portrait. 4° cloth, uncut, gilt top. Boston, 1864 

Xmrox Papkr . 


2882 Price, Richard. State of the Public Debts and Finance 

at Signing the preliminary articles of Peace, Jan. 1783; 

— Reflections on the Observations on the Importance 
of the American Revolution, 1786. 2 vols. 8^ half calf. 

London and Phila. 

2883 Price. Observations on the Nature of Civil Liberty, etc. 

London 1776; — An Appeal to the Justice and Interests 
of the People of Great Britain, in the present Dispute 
with America, Lontion 1775; — Declaration by the Rep- 
resentatives of the United Colonies of North America, 
(bound together). 8® sheep. London, 1775 

2884 Prichard, J. C. An Analysis of the Egyptian Mythol- 

ogy, in which the Philosophy and the Superstitions of 

the Ancient Egyptians is compared with those of the 

^ Indians and other Nations of Antiquity, pp. 427, 16, 

128. Plates. 8"^ half calf. London, 1838 

With notes by Henry Thomas Buckle. 

2885 Priest, Josiah. American Antiquities and Discoveries 

in the West. pp. 400. Plates. 8** half roan, uncut. 

Albany, 1838 

2886 Priestley, Joseph. Disquisitions relating to Matter and 

Spirit, 2 vols., 1782; — Examination of Dr. Reid's In- 
quiry into the Human Mind, 1775; — Letters to a Phil- 
osophical Unbeliever, 1787; — Letter to the Rev. John 
Palmer, 1779; — Comparison of the Institutions of 
Moses with those of the Hindoos, 1799; — Doctrines of 
Heathen Philosophy, 1804; — History of the Corrup- 
tions of Christianity, 1797; — Remarks on Fourth Vol- 
ume of Blackstone's Commentaries, 1773; — An Appeal 
to the Public on the subject of Riots in Birmingham, 
1792; Tracts in Controversy with Bishop Horsley, 1815; 

— Letters to a Young Man, 1792; — Lectures on His- 
tory and General Policy, 1803; — Priestley-Linn Con- 
troversy, 1803; — Memoirs of, to the year 1795. '^ 
vols. 8** calf and half calf. 

2887 Prince, Thomas. A Sermon occasioned by the Great 

and Publick Loss in the Decease of the Rev. Cotton 
Mather, pp. 26. Small 8** calf, gilt, (corner of title 
mended). Boston, 1728 

2888 Prince. Chronological History of New England, in the 

Form of Annals. Portrait. 2 vols. 12** morocco, 
bevelled sides, red edges. Boston, 1736-55 

The two numbers of vol. 2 are very scarce, having been printed 19 
years after volume ist, (17 55)* Most of the copies of the first vol- 
ume were bound, and are ususdly found in that form. 

Autograph of "Fra. Foxcroft, July i, 1737" on title page. 


2906 Prior Documents. A Collection of Interesting, Authen- 

tic Papers, relative to the Dispute between Great Britain 
and America, shewing the Causes and Progress of that 
Misunderstanding from 1764 to 1775. pp. 280. 8* half 
sheep. J. Almon: London, 1777 

2907 Prize Essays on a Congress of Nations, pp. 706. 8*^ 

cloth. Boston, 1840 

2908 Proclamations for Thanksgiving, issued by the Conti- 

nental Congress, President Washington, by the National 
and State Governments on the Peace of 18 15, and by 
the Governors of New York. pp. 183. Royal 8** paper, 
uncut. Albany, 1858 

2909 Proud, Robert. History of Pennsylvania, in North 

America, from 1681 till after the Year 1742; to which 
is added a brief Description of the said Province. Por- 
trait and map. 2 vols. 8^ boards, uncut. 

Philadelphia, 1797 

2910 Prynne, William. A Looking Glasse for all Lordly 

Prelates, pp. 104. 4** half calf. (London, 1636) 

(Title page wanting.) 

2911 Prynne. Histrio-Mastix; the Players Scourge, or Ac- 

tors Tragaedie, divided into two Parts, pp. 1006, 40. 
Thick small 4° calf. London, 1633 

For writing this book the Author was fined ;£'5000, stood twice in 
the pillory, lost both his ears, etc. 

2912 Prynne. A New Discovery of the Prelates Tyranny, 

etc. pp. 227. Portrait of William Lord, Arch-Bishop 
of Canterbury. Small 4^ half calf. London, 1641 

2913 Prynne. The Popish Royall Favourite; or a full Dis- 

covery of His Majesties, Extraordinary Favours to 
Papists, Priests, Jesuits, etc., pp. 76, London, 1643; — 
A Fresh Discovery of some prodigous New Wandring- 
Blasing- Stars and Firebrands, stiling themselves New 
Lights, etc., pp. 88. London, 1646. In i volume, 4^ 
half morocco. 

2914 Prynne. The Signal Loyalty of Gods true Saints and 

Pious Christians towards their Kings, London, 1660; — 
Seasonable, Legal and Historical Indication of the Laws 
of England, London, 1655; — The Levellers levelled to 
the very Ground, London, 1647; — Vindication of the 
Liberties of England against Illegal Taxes, London, 
1649; — Speech in the House of Commons, Dec. 4, 
1648, London, 1649; — A Breife Memento to the pres- 
ent unparliamentary junto, London, 1649; — Prynne, 
the Member reconciled to Prynne, the Barrester, Lon- 
don, 1649; — Historical Collection of Ancient Parlia- 
ments, London, 1649; — A Gospel plea for Tythes, Lon- 
don, i66o. Bound in 4 vols, small 4^ half morocco. 


2915 Prynne. a Breviateof the Life of William Laud, Arch- 

bishop of Canterbury, pp. 35; — Canterburie's Doome, 
or a Compleat History of the Tryall, Condemnation, 
Execution of William Laud, pp. 565; — Hidden Workes 
of Darkness, brought to Publike Light, or a Necessary 
Introduction to the History of the Archbishop of Can- 
terburie's Tryall, pp. 255. Frontispieces by W. Hollar. 
Bound in one volume. Folio, calf. London, 1645-46 

2916 [PsALMANAAZAAR, George.] An Historical and Geo- 

graphical Description of Formosa. Second ed. pp. 
296. Map and plates. 8^ calf. London, 1705 

2917 PsALMANAZAR. Mcmoirs of . . . commonly known by 

the Name of George Psalmanazar, a reputed Native of 
Formosa, written by Himself. Second ed. pp. 307. 
Portrait. 8** calf. London, 1765 

2918 Psalms and Hymns. Belknap's Psalms, 1818; — The 

Same, 1820; — Willard's Sacred Poetry, 1830; — Watts's 
Psalms, 1808; — Hymns for Private Worship, 1827 (3 
copies); — Ellis's Collection of Psalms, 1845. 8 vols. 
12° and 16** sheep. Boston. 

2919 Ptolemy. Geographia Vniversalis, vetus et nova. Li- 

bros viii. Quorum primus nova translatione Pirckheim- 

heri & accessione commentarioli illustrior quam hacte- 

nus fuerit, redditus est. . . . pp. 155. Maps. Folio, 

calf. Basileae, 

apud Henricum Petrum: Mense Martio, Anno, 1540 

The first edition of Ptolemy, by Sebastian Munster, which was re- 
printed in 154X, 1545 and 1552. The first map, *' Typhus Univer- 
salis,'* contains the western continent, the southern portion of which 
bears the name, ** America seu insula Brasilij," with a description on 
the reverse. 

2920 PucKLE, James. The Club; in a Dialogue between 

Father and Son. In Vino Veritas. London, Printed 
for the Author, James Puckle, 171 1. New edition, 
with an Epistle to the Reader. Portrait by Bragg, and 
numerous fine wood-cuts by Thurston. Imperial 8° 
half morocco, gilt top, uncut. London, 1817 

Largk paper : with the Portrait and all the wood-cuts, proofs upon 
India Paper. 

2921 PuLSZKY, Francis and Theresa. White, Red, Black. 

Sketches of Society in the United States. 3 vols. 12** 
half calf, gilt. London, 1853 

2922 PuLTENEY, William. Thoughts on the present State of 

Affairs with America, and the Means of Conciliation. 
Fourth ed. pp. 102, 8® half morocco, uncut. 

London, 1778 


2923 PuRCHAS, Samuel. Hakluytus Posthumus or Purchas 

his Pilgrimes. Contayning a history of the world, in 
sea voyages and lande-travells, by Englishmen and 
others. Wherein God's wonders in nature and Provi- 
dence, the actes, arts, varieties and vanities of men 
w"' a world of the worlds-rarities, are by a world of ey- 
witnesse authors, related to the world. Some left 
written by Mr. Hakluyt at his death. More since added, 
his also perused, and perfected. All examined, abre- 
viated, illustrated with notes, enlarged with discourses, 
adorned with pictures and expressed in roapps. In 
fower parts, each containing five books. By Samuel 
Purchas. Engraved title, and numerous maps and 
plates, including the Hondius map inserted at page 65 
of Vol. I, and a fac-simile map of the world in Part i. 
5 vols, folio, superbly bound in full crimson crushed 
levant morocco, extra, gilt edges. 

William Stansby: London, 1625-26 

2924 Purchas. Purchas his Pilgrimes. The fourth Part. 

Folio, bound uniform with the ** Pilgrimes." 

London, 1625 

This is a duplicate of Volume IV, the volume which relates chiefly 
to America. It was once in the possession of Thomas Prince, and 
contains numerous MS. notes by him, and was used by him in the 
compilation of the Chronological History. 

2925 Purchas. Purchas his Pilgrimage, or Relations of 

the World and the Religions observed in all Ages and 
Places discouered, from the Creation unto this present 
Time. First ed. pp. 752, 18. Folio, bound uniform 
with the ** Pilgrimes." 

Printed by William Stansby: London, 16 13 

2926 Purchas. Purchas his Pilgrimage. Second ed., much 

enlarged with Additions through the whole work. pp. 
918, 36. Folio, bound uniform with the ** Pilgrimes." 

William Stansby: London, 1614 

2927 Purchas. Purchas his Pilgrimage. Third ed. pp. 

1102, 40. Folio, bound uniform with the ** Pilgrimes." 
Large paper. William Stansby: London, 161 7 

The above 9 vols, of Purchas, form a remarkable set of all the edi- 
tions, fine tall copies in perfect condition. 

2928 Purchas. Purchas his Pilgrim. Microcosmu^ or the 

Historic of Man. pp. 818. 12° full crimson morocco 
extra, gilt edges, inside borders. London, 1619 

2929 Purchas. Spiritual Honey from Natural Hives; or. 

Meditations and Observations on the Natural History 
and Habits of Bees. 16° cloth. London, n. d. 



2930 PuRCHAS. Pelgrimagie, Gedeylt in twintich Boecken. 

Waer van het eerste Boeck begrijpt de Voyagien en 
Keysen ghedaen door de oude Coninghen Patriarchen, 
Apostelen en Philosophen. . . . Engraved and printed 
title, pp. 303. Small 4° vellum. 

Jacob Benjamin: Amsterdam, 1655 

2931 PuRRY, J. C. Memorial presented to the Duke of New- 

castle, Chamberlain of H. M. King George, upon the 
present condition of Carolina, 1724. pp. 34. Small 4^ 
paper. Augusta, 1880 

Only 250 copies privately printed. 

2932 PuTLiTz, Gustave. Forest Voices. Translated from the 

German. Edited by Rev. C. A. Smith, pp. 102. Il- 
lustrations. 4^ cloth. Albany, 1866 

2933 Putnam, F. W. Reports upon Archaeological and Eth- 

nological Collections from Vicinity of Santa Barbara, 
Cal., and from ruined Pueblos of Arizona and New 
Mexico; with appendix of Indian vocabularies, pp. 
497. Maps and plates. Large 4° cloth. (Wheeler's 
Survey, Vol. 7.) Washington, 1879 

2934 Putnam, G. P. American Facts, pp. 292. Map and 

portraits. Small 8^ cloth, uncut. London, 1845 

2935 Putnam, Israel. Life of. By Increase N. Tarbox. pp. 

389. Map and illustrations. 8^ cloth. Boston, 1876 

2936 Putnam, Gen. Rufus. Journal of, kept in northern 

New York during four campaigns of the old French 
and Indian War, 1757-1760. With notes by E. C. 
Dawes, pp.115. Small. 4° paper, uncut. Albany, 1886 
Only 100 copies printed. 

2937 Putnam's Monthly Magazine. Vol. L 8° cloth. 

New York, 1853 

2938 Pvnchon, William. The Meritorious Price of Man's 

Redeniption; or, Christ's satisfaction discussed and ex- 
plained. 4° calf. London, 1655 

An Answer to Norton's " A Discussion of that Great Point, etc., 
1653." written by Norton by order of General Court, in answer to 
Pynchon*s " The Meritorious Price of our Redemption,'* 1650, 
(an entirely different work from this,) which was ordered to be burned. 

2939 Pynchon. The Covenant of Nature made with Adam, 

described and cleared from sundry great mistakes, 
pp. 531. 4^ sheep. London, 1662 

This is a continuation or supplement to the above, and is a fuller 
answer to Norton's " Discussion.*' 

2940 ^^UAERE (A) concerning the Church-Government 
^^ practised in the separate congregations, pp. 14. 

Small 4^ half morocco. London, 1643 



2941 Quaker Tracts. A Declaration and an Information 

from us the Quakers, to the present Governors, the 
King, etc., London, 1660; — Christian Tolleration, 1664; 
— Conscientious Cause of Sufferers, called Quakers, 
1664); — Persecution inconsistent with Christianity, 
1670); — Christian Testimony born by the Quakers in 
London, (1679), etc. Bound in one vol. Small 4^ half 
morocco. London, 1660-1679 

2942 Quakers. Something in Answer to a Book printed in 

1678, called the Hidden Things brought to Light, with 
Robert Rice of Barbadoes his name to it. pp. 43. Small 
4° calf. n. p., 1679 

2943 Quakers. Remarks on the Quaker unmask'd; or plain 

truth found to be plain falshood. pp. 8**. 16** half calf. 

John Morris: Phila., 1764 

2944 Quarles, John. Regale Lectum Miseriae; or a kingly 

bed of miserie; in which is contained a dreame with an 
elegie upon the martyrdome of Charls, late King of 
England. Second ed. pp. 104. 2 plates. 18** calf. 

Printed in the yeare 1649 

2945 Quebec. Hawkins' Picture of Quebec; with historical 

recollections. Numerous plates. 12° calf, red edges. 

Quebec, 1834 

2946 QuEVEDO y Villegas, D. Francisco. The Visions of. 

Made English by Sir Roger L'Estrange. Eighth ed. 
PP- 344- 8** calf. London, 1696 

2947 QuiNCY, Edmund. Treatise of Hemp-Husbandry, being 

a collection of approved instruction as to the choice 
and preparation of the soils most proper to the growth 
of that useful and valuable material and also as to the 
subsequent management thereof, agreeable to the experi- 
ence of several countries wherein it has been produced, 
both in Europe and America. Plate, pp. 33. Small 
4** half calf. Boston, 1765 

2948 QuiNCY, Josiah, Jr. Reports of Cases argued and ad 

judged in the Superior Court of Judicature of the Prov- 
ince of Massachusetts Bay, between 1761 and 1772. pp. 
606. 8° sheep, (rebacked). Boston, 1865 

2949 QuiNCY. Memoir of the Life of Josiah Quincy, Jr., of 

Massachusetts, pp. 498. Portrait and two autograph 
letters inserted. 8** half calf, gilt. Boston, 1825 

2950 Quincy. The same. Second ed. pp. 431. 8® cloth. 

Boston, 1874 

2951 Quincy, Josiah. Speeches delivered in the Congress of 

the United States, 1805-1813. pp. 412. 8° cloth, un- 
gut. Boston, 1874 


2952 QuiNCY. History of Harvard University, pp. 612, 728. 

Portrait and plates. 2 vols, royal 8** cloth, uncut. 

Cambridge, 1840 

2953 QuiNCY. History of the Boston Athenaeum, with bio- 

graphical notices of its deceased founders, pp. 104. 
Portrait inserted. 8** cloth, uncut. Cambridge, 1851 

2954 QuiNCY. Orations, Speeches, Addresses, etc., 1830- 

1867. (19) 

2955 QuiNCY. Tribute from the Massachusetts Historical So- 

ciety, 1864; — Memoir, by James Walker, 1867; — Essay 
on Soiling of Cattle, 1859; — Manuscript Corrections of 
Shakespeare's Plays, 1854;' — Observations on the Act 
of Parliament, 1774, (lacks title page); — Address to 
Boston Aldermen, 1829; — Speech in Music Hall, Aug. 
16, 1854, etc. 8 vols. 8^ half roan. Boston. 

2956 QuiNCY. A Brief Account of the Quincy Family of 

Boston, pp. 7. 8** paper. Boston, 1857 

2957 QuiNCY, Mass. Some Account of the Early History of, 

by George Whitney. Plate. 1827; — Two (historical) 
Discourses at the 200th Anniversary of the First Cong. 
Church, by W. P. Lunt, 1839; — Commemorative Dis- 
course at the 200th Anniversary of the Incorporation 
of the Town, by G. Whitney; — Lunt's Funeral Dis- 
course on John Quincy Adams, 1848,; — Everett's 
Eulogy of J. Q. Adams, in Faneuil Hall, Boston, 1848. 
* Bound in one vol. 8** boards. 

2958 QuiNCY. History of Braintree, Mass., 1639-1708, the 

North Precinct of Braintree, 1708- 1792, and the town 
of Quincy, 1 792-1889. By Charles Francis Adams. 8** 
cloth. Cambridge, 1891 

Only 50 copies privately printed. Presentation copy. 

2959 QuiNTANA, Don M. J. Memoirs of Gonzalo Fernandez 

de Cardova, styled the Great Captain. Translated by 
Joseph Russell, pp. 226. 12^ cloth, uncut. 

London, 185 1 

2960 I R abelais, Francis. Works of. Translated by 
y^ Sir Thomas Urquhart and Motteaux. 4 vols. 16° 

cloth, uncut. London, 1845 

2961 Rae, John. Statement of some New Principles on the 

Subject of Political Economy, pp. 414. 8** half calf. 

Boston, 1834 

2962 Raine, Rev. John. History and Antiquities of the Par- 

ish of Blyth, in the Counties of Nottingham and York, 
pp. 191. Plates. Royal 4** cloth, uncut. 

Westminster, i860 


2963 Raleigh, Sir Walter. The Discoverie of the Large, rich 

and bewtiful Empire of Guinea, with a Relation of the 
Great and Golden Citie of Manoa, and the Provinces 
of Emeria, etc., Performed in the years 1595. pp. 112. 
Small 4** red crushed levant morocco, extra, gilt edges, 
by Pratt. Robert Robinson: London, 1596 

" This book very seldom occurs for sale. This results from the 
double demand, on one side, in the market for early works of dis- 
covery in America, and on the other, from collectors of Elizabethan 
literature. The great name of Raleigh lends a treble value to his 
English text as compared with the Latin translation, although the 
latter is adorned with plates, and very rare. The ** Discoverie '* is 
also interesting as having been read by Shakespeare, and as having 
afforded him matter for illusion. Indeed, the influence of Raleigh's 
Guiana is found throughout English literature in the entire seven- 
teenth century. " — Quaritch Cat, 

2964 Raleigh. Newes of Sir Walter Rauleigh with the true 

Description of Guiana; and also a Relation of the excel- 
lent Government, and much hope of the Prosperity of 
the Voyage, pp. 46. Portraits of Raleigh and Queen 
Elizabeth inserted. Small 4® morocco, gilt edges. (Ti- 
tle mounted.) London, 1618 

2965 Raleigh. A Declaration of the Demeanor and Cariage 

of Sir Walter Raleigh, as well in his Voyages, as in, and 
sithence his Returne. pp. 63. Small 4** sprinkled calf. 

London, 1618 

2966 Raleigh. Another [copy. Small 4** boards, uncut, 

(corners of last 10 leaves repaired). London, 1618 

2967 Raleigh. The Prerogative of Parliaments in England. 

pp. 66. Small 4** half morocco. Midelburge, 1628 

2968 Raleigh. The Life and Death of Mahomet, the Con- 

questor of Spaine, etc. Portrait, (mounted). 16** 
sheep. London, 1637 

2969 Raleigh. The Prince, or Maxims of State, pp. 46. 

Small 4^ half morocco, uncut. London, 1642 

2970 Raleigh. Judicious and Select Essays and Observa- 

tions; — Apologie for his Voyage to Guiana; — The 
Royall Navy and Sea Service, etc. Fine portrait by 
Ro. Vaughan. 16° half calf. London, 1650 

2971 Raleigh. The Marrow of Historie, or an Epitome of 

all Historical! Passages from the Creation, to the End 
of the last Macedonian War. Abreviated by A. R. 
(Alexander Ross), pp. 574. Fine portrait by John 
Whittaker. 16° calf. London, 1650 

2972 Raleigh. The Arts of Empire, and Mysteries of State 

discabinated in Political and Polemical Aphorisms. 
Published by John Milton, Esq. pp. 238, 2. 12° calf. 

London, 1692 


2973 Raleigh. Three Discourses of Sir Walter Raleigh. 

Published by Phillip Raleigh. Portrait by Van Hove, 
pp. 204. 12^ half calf, uncut. London, 1702 

2974 Raleigh. Works of, now first collected; to which are 

prefixed the Lives of the Author, by Oldys and Birch. 
8 vols. 8** polished calf, extra, marbled edges. 

Oxford, 1829 

2975 Raleigh. Life of the Valiant and Learned Sir Walter 

Raleigh, Knight, with his Tryal at Winchester, pp. 
243. 12° half calf, gilt, uncut. London, 1677 

2976 Raleigh. Memoirs of the Life of Sir Walter Raleigh, 

with some Account of the Period in which he lived. By 
Mrs. A. T. Thompson, pp. 496. 8° half calf, gilt. 

London, 1830 

2977 Raleigh. Life of Sir Walter Raleigh, 1552-16 18. By 

J. A. St. John. New edition, pp. 481. 8** cloth, un- 
cut. London, 1869 

2978 Ramsay, Allan. The Gentle Shepherd, a Scotch Pas- 

toral. Attempted in English, by Margaret Turner, pp. 
103, 6. Portrait. 8° morocco, gilt. London, 1790 

2979 Ramsay. The Gentle Shepherd, a Pastoral Comedy; 

with illustrations of the scenery, pp. 772. Portrait 
and plates. Second ed. 2 vols. 8° half morocco. 

Edinburgh, 1814 

2980 Ramsay. Poems. A new edition, corrected and en- 

larged, with a Glossary, pp. 380, 608. 2 vols. 8° calf, 
gilt. London, 1800 

2981 Ramsay, David. Military Memoirs of Great Britain; 

or, a History of the War, 1755-1763. pp. 473. Por- 
traits (lacks one plate). 8** half calf. Edinburgh, 1779 

2982 Ramsay. History of the Revolution of South Carolina, 

from a British Province to an Independent State. 
Maps. 2 vols. 8° sheep. Trenton, 1785 

2983 Ramsay. History of the American Revolution. NeW 

edition. 2 vols. 8® half morocco, uncut, gilt tops. 

London, 1793 

2984 Ramsay. History of South Carolina, from 1670 to 1808. 

Portrait and 2 maps. 2 vols. 8^ half morocco. 

Charleston, 1809 

2985 Ramsay. History of the United States, from 1607 to 

1808; continued to the Treaty of Ghent, by S. S. 
Smith. Second ed. 3 vols. 8'' sheep. Philadelphia, 1818 

2986 Ramsay, J. G. M. Annals of Tennessee, to the End of 

the eighteenth Century, pp. 744. 8** cloth. 

Philadelphia, 1853 


2987 Ranke, Leopold. Ecclesiastical and Political History 

of the Popes of Rome. Translated by Sarah Austin, 
pp. 503, 507. 2 vols. 8° cloth. Philadelphia, 184 1 

2988 [Raspe, R. E.] Gulliver revived; or the Vice of Lying 

properly exposed, containing singular Travels, Cam- 
paigns, Voyages and Adventures, by Baron Munchau- 
sen. Seventh ed. pp. 263, 239. Plates. 2 vols. 16** 
half sheep. London, 1793 

2989 [Raspe.] The Travels by Sea and Land of the renowned 

Baron Munchausen, pp. 108. 18® cloth. New York. 

2990 Raspe. The same. pp. 87. Frontispiece. 16** half 

morocco, uncut. Glasgow, 1804 

2991 Raumer, Frederick von. The Political History of Eng- 

land, during the i6th, 17th and i8th Centuries, pp. 550, 
514. 2 vols. 8® morocco extra, gilt edges. London, 1837 

2992 Raymond, N. H. History of. By Joseph FuUonton. 

pp. 407. Portraits. 8** cloth. Dover, 1875 

2993 Raynal, Abb^. The Revolution of America; — Letter 

addressed to the Abb^ Raynal on the Affairs of North 
America. By Thomas Paine. In i volume, pp. 181, 
76. 8** calf. London, 1781-82 

2994 Raynal. A Philosophical and Political History of the 

Settlements and Trade of the Europeans in the East 
and West Indies. Translated by J. O. Justamond. 
Maps and portraits. 8 vols. 8° calf, gilt. London, 1783 
With bookplates of Gorham Parsons. 

2995 Rebellion and Slavery. Pamphlets relating to. (57) 

2996 [Redding, Cyrus.] Shipwrecks and Disasters at Sea; or 

Historical Narratives of the most noted Calamities and 
Providential Deliverances, which have resulted from 
Maritime Enterprise. Map. 3 vols. 8° half calf, gilt. 

Edinburgh, 181 2 

2997 Reed, Joseph. Life and Correspondence of. By W. B. 

Reed. Portrait. 2 vols. 8** cloth. Philadelphia, 1847 

2998 Reed, Rebecca T. Six Months in a Convent, 1835; — 

Supplement to ** Six Months in a Convent,** 1835; — 
Six Months in a House of Correction, or the Narrative 
of Dorah Mahony, 1835; — Awful Disclosures of the 
Hotel Dieu Nunnery of Montreal, by Maria Monk, 
1836; — Further Disclosures, by Maria Monk, 1837; — 
Awful Exposures of the Atrocious Plot against the 
Clergy and Nuns of Lower Canada, 1836; — The Nun, 
by Mrs. Sherwood, 1834. 7 vols. 16** cloth. 

Boston and New York. 


2999 Reeve, John and Muggleton, Lodowick. Joyful News 

trom Heaven; or the last Intelligence from our glorified 

Jesus above the Stars, pp. 78. Small 4° calf. 

London, 1658 

The Massachusetts Colony passed a law against the books of 
Reeve and Muggleton, in 1654, two years before the Quakers made 
their appearance in Boston. 

3000 Reeve, Jphn and Lodowick Muggleton. A Divine Look- 

ing-Glass; or, the third and last Testament of Our Lord 
Jesus Christ. Third ed., 1719, pp. 200; — An Answer 
to Isaac Pennington, 17 19, pp. 24; — A Discourse be- 
tween John Reeve and Richard Leader, pp. 16; — An 
Epistle of the Prophet Reeve, 1656, pp. 24; — True In- 
terpretation of the Witch of Endoz, 1724, pp. 50. Small 
4** half morocco. London. 

3001 Reeves, John. History of the Government of the Island 

of Newfoundland. 8® calf. London, 1793 

3002 Rehoboth, Mass. History of Rehoboth, Mass., com- 

prising a History of the present Towns of Rehoboth, 
Seekonk and Pawtucket. By Leonard Bliss, Jr. pp. 
294. 8° cloth. Boston, 1836 

3003 Rehoboth in the Past; an Historical Oration delivered 

on July 4, i860. By S. C. Newman, pp. 112. 8° 
cloth. Pawtucket, i860 

3004 Reinhard, F. V. Memoirs and Confessions. Trans- 

lated by O. A. Taylor, pp. 359. Portrait. 12° half 
calf, gilt. Boston, 1832 

3005 Rengger and Longchamps. The Reign of Doctor Jo- 

seph Gaspard Roderick de Francia in Paraguay; being 
an Account of a six Years' Residence in that Republic, 
from 1819-1825. pp. 208. 8° half calf. London, 1827 

3006 Report from the Select Committee on Public Libraries. 

pp. 317. Small folio, paper. London, 1849 

3007 Reports of the Prison Discipline Society, Boston, 1826- 

'S57. 3 vols. 8® cloth. Boston. 

3008 Retrospective Review, and Historical and Antiquarian 

Magazine, consisting of Criticisms upon, Analysis of, 
and Extracts from Curious, Valuable and Scarce Old 
Books. The three series complete. 16 vols, half calf, 
gilt, and 2 vols, in cloth. Together 18 vols. 8®. 

London, 1820-26, 1828, 1853-54 

'* An excellent Review of early English Literature. The Criticisms 
in the first series were written by George Robinson, Esq., W. Gray, 
Elsq., Mr. Sergt. Talfourd, Joseph Parkes, Esq., etc., the whole being 
under the superintendence of H. Southern, Esq. The second series 
was edited by Henry Southern and Nicholas Harris Nicolas. The 
papers in the third series were chiefly written by Thomas Wight, 
Esq., J. O. Halliwell, Esq., and M. A. Lower, Esq." — Lowndes, 


3009 Revolutionary. Detail and Conduct of the American 

War under Generals Gage, Howe, Burgoyne and 
Vice Admiral Lord Howe, 1780; — Taxation no Tyran- 
ny, by Samuel Johnson, 1775; — Remarks on the Re- 
view of the Controversy between Great Britain and 
her Colonies, 1769; — An Humble Address and Earnest 
Appeal to the landed Interest respecting the American 
Colonies, by Josiah Tucker, 1775; — Remarks on Lord ' 

Sheffield's Observations on the Commerce of the United 
States, 1784, etc. 6 vols. 8° half roan and calf. 

3010 Reynolds, Sir Joshua. Literary Works of. With a 

memoir of the author, by H. W. Beechey. pp. 463, 
493. Portrait. 2 vols. 12® cloth, uncut. London, 1846 

30 1 1 Rhode Island. Records of the Colony of Rhode Island 

and Providence Plantations in New England, 1 636-1 792. 
Edited by John Russell Bartlett. 10 vols, small folio, 
half roan, uncut. Providence, 1856-65 

Largb Paper : only 50 copies printed. 

3012 Rhode Island. Indian Names of Places in Rhode 

Island, 1861; — Discourse by Henry Jackson, 1854; — 
Hunter's Oration at Newport, July 4, 1801; — Discourse 
by Henry Wheaton, 1849; — Addresses to Rhode Island 
Hist. Soc, by W. Ganimell, 1883, 1886, 1887, 1888; — 
By G. W. Greene, 1849;— By E. B. Hall, 1855; — Con- 
cise History of the Public Schools, Providence, 1876; — 
Historical Sketch of the Redwood Librarv and Athen- 
aeum, by David King, i860; — Remarks on the Narra- 
gansett Patent, 1863; — Canonicus Memorial, 1883. 17 

3013 Rhode Island. A Concise History of the Efforts to 

obtain an Extension of Suffrage in Rhode Island from 
181 1 to 1842, by Jacob Freeze; — Life and Recollections 
of John Howland, by E. M. Stone, 1857; — Life and 
Times of Thomas Wilson Dow, with outlines of the 
political history of Rhode Island, 1859; — Discourse de- 
livered at Providence, 1836 in commemoration of the 
first settlement of Rhode Island; — Proceedings of the 
First General Assembly of **The Incorporation of 
Providence Plantations " and the Code of Laws adopted 
by that Assembly, 1647. By W. R. Staples, 1847; — A 
Brief Account of Emissions of Paper Money made by 
the Colony of Rhode Island, 1837. 6 vols. 8® and 12® 
half roan, cloth and boards. 

3014 Rhode Island Historical Society Collections. 7 vols. 

bound in 5 vols. 8** half sheep and cloth. 

Providence, 1827-85 


3015 Rhode Island Historical Society Proceedings, 1872-1878. 

6 vols. 8** paper. Providence, 1872-78 

3016 Rhode Island Historical Society. Gammeirs Address, 

Nov. 20, 1844; — Durfee's Discourse, Jan. 13, 1847; — 
Hazard's Discourse, Jan. 18, 1848; — Greene's Dis- 
course, Feb. I, 1849; — Potter's Address, Feb. 19, 1851; 
— Parsons' Discourse, Feb. 16, 1852; ' — Arnold's 
Discourse, Jan. 17, 1853. 7 vols. 8° half roan. 


3017 Rhode Island Historical Society. Annual Reports, ist, 

2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 19th, 1864-82; — The Dutch and 
the Iroquois, a paper by C. H. Hall, read Feb. 21, 1882. 

7 pamphlets. New York. 

3018 Rhode Island Historical Tracts. Nos. i, 4, 6 to 19, 

(parts I and 2.) Illustrations. 18 vols, small 4^ paper, 
uncut. Providence, 1877-84 

Only 250 copies printed. 

3019 Rich, O. Bibliotheca Americana. Complete set. 6 

vols. 8® cloth and half calf. London, 1832-46 

I. Catalogue of Books. 1 500-1700. 

II. Bibliotheca Americana Vetus, and Supplement. 1493-1700. 
pp. 16, 8. 

III. Bibliotheca Americaha Nova. Vol. I. 1 701-1800. 

IV. Supplement to the Bibliotheca Americana Nova. Additions 
and corrections. (170Z-1800). 

V. Bibliotheca Americana Nova. Vol. 2. 1801-1844 in 2 vols. 

3020 Rich. Bibliotheca Americana Nova. Part 2 of Vol. 2, 

printed on one side of the leaf only. 8° cloth. 

London, 1846 

3021 Rich. Books relating to America. 1493-1700. pp. 4. 

4** paper. 

3022 [Rich, Robert.] Hidden Things brought to Light; or 

the discord of the Grand Quakers among themselves, 
discovered in some letters written to and from George 
Fox, James Nayler and John Perrott. pp. 44, 7. Small 
4° half roan. Printed in the year 1678 

3023 Richard II. The Life and Reign of King Richard the 

Second. By a Person of Quality, pp. 240. Portrait. 
16** calf, gilt, (cracked). London, 1681 

3024 Richardson, Charles. New Dictionary of the English 

Language. 4 vols, royal 4** boards. 

W. Pickering: London, 1836 

3025 Richardson, Samuel. Clarissa, or the history of a 

young lady. Comprehending the most important con- 
cerns of private life. Copper plate frontispieces. 8 
vols, 12** calf, (worn). London, 176^ 

2S2 Catalogue. 

3026 Richmond, J. W. Rhode Island Repudiation; or the 

history of the Revolutionary Debt of Rhode Island. 
Second ed. 8° cloth. Providence, 1855 

3027 RiCRAFT, Josiah. A Survey of England's Champions 

and Truths faithfuU Patriots. London, 1647. PP- *74- 
Numerous portraits. 8** morocco. Reprint: London. 
Only 50 copies printed. 

3028 Rider, S. S. Book Notes. Vols. 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, 

(lacks a few nos.) 5 vols. 8** half roan and paper. 

Providence, 1885-9 

3029 RiDGLEV, Thomas. A Body of Divinity, wherein the 

Doctrines of the Christian Religion are explained and 
defended. Third ed. pp. 729. Folio, half sheep. 

Glasgow, 1770 

3030 RiEDESEL, Madame de. Letters and Memoirs relating 

to the War of American Independence, and the Capture 
of the German troops at Saratoga. 12** antique calf, 
gilt, red edges. New York, 1827 

3031 RiEDESEL. Letters and Journals relating to the War of 

the American Revolution, and the capture of the Ger- 
man troops at Saratoga. Translated by VV. L. Stone, 
pp. 235. Portrait. 8° cloth, uncut. Albany, 1867 

3032 RiGGS, L. R. Tah-Koo-Wah-Kan; or, the Gospel 

among the Dakotas. Portrait, pp. 491. 12° cloth. 

Boston, 1869 

3033 Ringgold, C. A Series of Charts, with Sailing Direc- 

tions of California. Imperial 8** cloth. Washington, 185 1 

3034 RiTTENHOUSE. Memoirs of the Life of David Ritten- 

house. By William Barton. Portrait. 8° calf. 

Phila., 1813 

3035 [RiTSON, Joseph.] Bibliographia Poetica; a catalogue 

of English poets of the i2th-i6th Centuries, with a 
short account of their works, pp. 402. 12° calf. 

London, 1802 

3036 Rivers, W. J. A Sketch of the History of South Caro- 

lina to the close of the Proprietary Government by the 
Revolution of 17 19. pp.470. 8° cloth. Charleston, 1856 

3037 RoBBiNS, Rev. P. Sermon preached at the Ordination 

of the Rev. Chandler Robbins, in Plymouth, January 1 

30, 1760; with an appendix containing an account of 
the Church of Christ in Plymouth, pp. 22, 35. 12** 
morocco, gilt edges. (Last leaf has new top margin, 
note in ink on back of title). Boston, 1760 

3038 RoBBiNS, Thomas. Historical View of the First Plan- 

ters of New England, pp. 300. 16° sheep. 

Hartford, 1815 


3039 RoBBiNS. Diary of, 1 796-1854. Edited by Increase 

N. Tarbox. pp. 1052, 1131. Portrait. 2 vols, royal 
8° cloth, uncut. Boston, 1886 

3040 Roberts, A. The Adventures of (Mr. T. S.), an English 

Merchant, taken Prisoner by the Turks of Algiers, and 
carried into the Inland Countries of Africa, pp. 252. 
18® calf. London, 1670 

3041 Robertson. An Attempt to explain the Words Reason, 

Substance, Orthodoxy, etc. Third ed. pp. 252. 16® 
calf. London, 1767 

3042 Robertson, William. Works of. Portrait. 6 vols. 8** 

calf, extra. London, 1851 

Comprises : History of Scotland, 2 vols; — History of the Reign 
of the Emperor Charles V., 2 vols.; — History of America, 2 vols. 

3043 Robin, Abb^. Nouveau Voyage dans TAm^rique, Sep- 

tentrionaleen TAnn^e 1781, et Campagne de TArm^e de 
M. le Comte de Rochambeau. 8® mottled sheep, gilt. 

Phila., 1782 

3044 Robinson, Conway. An Account of Discoveries in the 

West until 15 19 and of Voyages to and along the Atlan- 
tic Coast of North America, from 1520 to 1573. pp. 
491. 8^ cloth. Richmond, 1848 

3045 Robinson, John. A Defence of the Doctrine propounded 

by the Synode at Dort, against John Murton and his 
Associates, pp. 203. Small 4^ calf, gilt edges, (cor- 
ners of title and 4 leaves mended, slightly stained). 

(London), 1624 
John Robinson was Pastor to the Hlgrims. 

3046 Robinson. Essayes; or. Observations, Divine and 

Morall. The second ed. pp. 566. 18® calf, (binding 
cracked). London, 1638 

3047 Robinson. A Justification of Separation from the 

Church of England, against Mr. Richard Bernard, his 
invective intituled : The Separatists Schisme. pp. 388. 
4® old calf. Printed in the yeere 1639 

3048 Robinson. A Manvmission to a manvduction, or an- 

swer to a letter inferring publique communion in the 
parish assemblies upon private godly persons there, 
pp. 24. Small 4^ antique calf, gilt edges. n. p., 161 5 

3049 Robinson. (Ames, W.) A Second Manvduction for Mr. 

Robinson. Or a confirmation of the former in an an- 
swer to his Manumission, etc. pp. 35. Small 4° an- 
tique calf, gilt edges. n. p., 1615 

For " Manvduction for Mr. Robinson. (By W. Ames). See under 
Bradshaw, William. No. 392, Part I. of this catalogue. 


3050 Robinson. Works of John Robinson, Pastor of the Pil- 

grim Fathers. With a Memoir and Annotations by 
Robert Ashton. 3 vols. 12** cloth, uncut. Boston, 185 1 

3051 Robinson, Edward. Memoir of the Rev. Wm. Robin- 

son, of Southington, Conn., with some account of his 
Ancesters in this Country. 8** cloth. 

Privately printed: New York, 1859 

3052 [Robinson, Matthew.] Considerations on the measures 

carrying on with respect to the British Colonies in 
North America, 1774; — Further Examination of Our 
Present American Measures and of the reasons and the 
principles on which they are founded. Bath, 1776. 
pp. 256. 2 vols. 8^ half sheep. 

3053 Robinson, William and William Leddra. Several Epis- 

tles given forth by two of the Lord's faithful Servants 
whom he sent to New England, to bear Witness to his 
everlasting Truth. And where there (by the Priests, 
Rulers and Professors) after cruel and long Imprison- 
ment and inhuman Whippings and Banishment, put to 
death, (etc.) pp. 11. Small 4** polished calf. 

London, Printed in the year, 1669 

'* One of the rarest tracts relating to the persecution of the New 
England Quakers.'* — Sahin, 

3054 Robinson, W. D. Memoirs of the Mexican Revolution, 

including a Narrative of the Expedition of General 
Xavier Mina. pp. 396. 8® sheep. Phila., 1820 

3055 Robson, Joseph. An Account of six Years Residence in 

Hudson's Bay from 1733 to 1736, and 1744 to 1747. pp. 
84, 95. Maps. 8** half roan. London, 1752 

3056 Rochester, Earl John. Works of. pp. 314. Portrait. 

18*' calf. London, 17 14 

3057 Rochester. Some Passages in the Life and Death of 

John, Earl of Rochester. Written by Gilbert Burnet. 
Portrait, pp. 141. 12° half calf, (broken). 

London, 1820 

3058 Rogers, Richard. Seven Treatises, containing such Di- 

rection as is gathered out of the Holy Scriptures, pp. 
834 and table. Small 4** calf. London, 1630 

3059 Rogers, Samuel. Poems. Vignette illustrations, pp. 

311. 12** morocco, gilt edges. London, 1839 

3060 Rogers, Capt. Woodes. A Cruising Voyage round the 

World, first to the South Seas thence to the East-Indies, 

, and homeward by the Cape of Good Hope, 1708--1711; 

with an account of Alexander Selkirk's adventures, etc. 

Maps. 8® calf. London, 1712 


3061 Rogers, Robert. A Concise Account of North America: 

Containing a Description of the several British Colo- 
nies, etc. Also, of the Interior or Westerly Parts of 
Country, upon the Rivers St. Lawrence, Mississippi, 
Christino and the Great Lakes. To which is subjoined 
an Account of the several Nations and Tribes of Indians 
residing in those Parts. London : Printed for the Au- 
thor. 1765; — Journals of Major Robert Rogers: 
Containing An Account of the several Excursions he 
made under the Generals who commanded upon the 
Continent of North America, during the Late War. 2 
vols, in I. 8° sheep, (cover broken). 

London: Printed for the Author, 1765 

" Major Rogers headed, with much reputation, the provincial 
troops called Rangers, during the whole course of what were called 
the French wars in America. " 

3062 [Rogers.] Ponteach; or the Savages of America, a 

Tragedy, pp. no. 8° calf, (3 leaves stained). 

London, 1766 

3063 Rollins, John R. Records of Families of the Name 

Rawlins or Rollins, in the United States, pp. 345. 
Plates. 8** cloth. Lawrence, 1874 

3064 Rome Rhym'd to Death; being a collection of choice 

poems. Written by the E. of R., Dr. Wild, and others 
of the best modern wits. pp. 130. Frontispiece. 16** 
calf. London, 1683 

3065 Rosier's Narrative of Waymouth's Voyage to the Coast 

of Maine in 1605, complete; with remarks by George 
Prince. Map. 8° paper. Bath, i860 

3066 Roundheads. The Master-piece of Roundheads, or an 

explanation and declaration of the right Round-heads 
indeed. And such as are and shall be the true Round- 
heads by all consent and act of Parliament. Written 
by a well-wisher to King, Parliament, Religion and 
State, pp. 8. Small 4** stitched. n. p., n. d. 

3067 Roundheads. Answer to the Rattle-Heads concerning 

their fictionate Resolution of the Round-Heads. 4 
leaves. Small 4° paper. London, 1641 

3068 Roundheads. A Sad Warning to all prophane, malig- 

nant spirits, who reproach true Protestants with the 
name of Roundheads, pp. 6. Small 4° paper. 

London, 1642 

3069 Roundheads. A Description of the Roundhead and 

Rattlehead. pp. 6. 4® paper. London, 1642 

3070 Rousseau, J. J. A Discourse upon the Origin and 

Foundation of the Inequality among Mankind, pp. 260. 
8*" calf. London, 1761 


3071 RowE, Nicholas. Works of, consisting of his plays and 

poems, pp. 415, 360. Portrait. 2 vols. 16** half calf. 

London, 1756 

3072 RowLANDSON, Mary. A True History of the Captivity 

and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson, a minister's 

wife in New England, wherein is set forth the cruel 

usage she underwent among the heathens for eleven 

weeks* time, and her deliverence from them. pp. 46. 

4** sprinkled calf. First printed 

at New England and Re-printed at London, 1682 

" One of the earliest narratives of Indian Captivities, and possibly 
one of the most authentic. The relation of the manners and pecu- 
liarities of the Indians of New England in 1675, hy one so observant 
and scrupulous in her statements, has more than ordinary interest 
and value." — Field* s Indtan Bibliography, 

3073 RowLANDSON. The same. Sixth ed. 16° calf. 

Lancaster, 1828 

3074 Rowley, Mass. History of Rowley, anciently including 

Bradford, Boxford, and Georgetown. By Thomas 
Gage. pp. 483. Plate. 12° cloth. Boston, 1840 

3075 RowLY, Samuel. When you see me, you know me; or 

the famous Chronicle History of King Henrie the 
Eighth, with the birth and vertuous life of Edward 
Prince of Wales. 43 leaves. Small 4° half roan. 

London, 1632 

3076 RowsoN, Susannah. Mentoria, or the Young Ladies 

Friend, 1794; — Miscellaneous Poems, 1804; — Charlotte 
Temple, 1843; — Lucy Temple, a sequel to Charlotte 
Temple; — Memoir of Susannah Rowson, by Elias 
Nason, 1870. 5 vols. 8° and 16'' cloth and sheep. 

3077 RoxBURGHE, John; Duke of. Catalogue of the Library 

with Supplement (and prices.) pp. 284, 73. 8** calf. 

London, 18 12 

No. 6292. II Decamerone di Boccaccio, folio, £d. Princeps, 
Venet, 1471* was bought at this sale by the Marquis of Blandford, 
at ;^226o, and was the occasion of the formation of the Roxburghe 

3078 RoxBURY, Mass. History of Roxbury Town. By 

Charles M. Ellis, pp. 146. 8° half roan. Boston, 1847 

3079 Royal American Magazine, or Universal Repository of 

Instruction and Amusement. Vol. I (six numbers) in 
half calf, and the numbers for Jan. and Feb., 1775. 

Boston, 1774-5 

Lacks the last number (March, 1775), and five copperplates to 
complete the set. 

This set contains the rare copper portraits of Hon. John Hancock, 
Mr. Samuel Adams and Sir Wilbraham Wentworth and eleven 
other copper plates engraved by Paul Revere and two plates by 


3080 [Roy ALL, Mrs. Anne.] Sketches of History, Life, and 

Manners in the United States. By a Traveller, pp. 
392. 12° half morocco. New Haven, 1826 

3081 Royal Genealogy. The New-England Royalls. By E. 

D. Harris, pp. 27. 4** paper, uncut. Boston, 1885 

3082 Ruggles, C. L. The Great American Scout and Spy, 

*' General Bunker." pp.400. Illustrations. 8° cloth. 

New York, 1870 

3083 Rupp, J. D. An Original History of the Religious 

Denominations at present existing in the United States, 
pp. 734. 8** sheep. Phila., 1844 

3084 Rush, Richard. Memoranda of a Residence at the 

Court of London. Second ed. pp. 501. 8° cloth, 
uncut. Phila., 1833 

3085 Rush. The same. pp. 640. 8° cloth. Phila., 1845 

3086 Russell, William. History of Modern Europe. With 

a continuation of the history to the present time, by 
William Jones. 3 vols. 8° sheep. New York, 1859 

3087 Russell. Some Account of the Life of Rachel Wrioth- 

esley Lady Russell, followed by a series of letters from 
Lady Russell to her husband, from 1672 to 1682. pp. 
387. 8° half calf, gilt. London, 1820 

3088 Rutherford, Samuel. The Due right of Presbyteries, 

or, a peaceable plea for the Government of the Church 
of Scotland, wherein is examined, i. The Way of the 
Church of Christ in New England. 2. Their Apology 
for the said Government. 3. A Treatise for a Church 
Covenant. 4. The Arguments of Mr. Robinson. 5. 
His Treatise called The People's Plea for the exercise 
of Prophecy. 6. Divers late arguments against pres- 
byteriall Government, etc. Small 4° old calf. 

E. Griffin for R. Whittaker: London, 1644 

"A large proportion of this volume of nearly 800 pages is taken up 
with a refutation of the various arguments and tenets of John 
Robinson, chief of the Pilgrim Fathers. * Robinson's arguments 
for separation found light and empty,* etc. Indeed nearly all the 
books of the New England men published prior to 1644, and quoted 
and commented upon, especially those referring to the Way of 
the Churches in New England, and the power of Civil Magistrates in 
Church matters." 

3089 Rutherford. A Survey of the Spirituall Antichrist; 

opening the secrets of familisme and antinomiasme. 4° 
old calf, (broken). London, 1648 

3090 Rutherford. A Survey of the Survey of that Summe 

of Church Discipline, penned by Mr. Thomas Hooker, 
late Pastor of the Church at Hartford upon Connecticut 
\t\ New England, pp. 521. Small 4° calf. London, 1658 


3091 Rye, William B. England as seen by Foreigners, in the 

Days of Elizabeth and James the First, comprising 
translations of the journals of the two Dukes of Wirtem- 
berg in 1592 and 1610, both illustrative of Shakespeare. 
Illustrations. Small 4^ cloth, uncut. London, 1865 

3092 Rymer, Thomas. The Tragedies of the last Age con- 

sider'd and examined by the Practice of the Ancients, 
pp. 144. 12° half calf, gilt. London, 1678 

3093 Rymer. A Short View of Tragedy; its Original, Excel- 

lency and Corruption; with some Reflections on Shake- 
speare and other Practitioners for the Stage, pp. 182. 
12** half calf, gilt. London, 1693 

Bookplate of Newburgh Hamilton on reverse of title. 

3094 [Ryvks, Bruno. J Mercurius Rusticus; or the Countries 

Complaint of the barbarous Outrages committed by the 
Sectaries of this late flourishing Kingdom. Frontis- 
piece. 12° calf, gilt, red edges. London, 1685 

3095 ^^ABBATH at Home, an Illustrated Religious Maga- 
^^^ zine. Vol. i. 8° boards. Boston, 1867 

Contains articles on the Pilgrims in England, Holland and in New 
England, by Rev. H. M. Dexter. 

3096 Sabin, Joseph. A Dictionary of Books relating to Amer- 

ica. Parts 2-16, (Allen-Casas.) 13 vols. 8° paper, 
uncut. New York, 1867-70 

3097 Sabin. A List of the printed Editions of the Works of 

the Fray Bartolom^ de las Casas. pp. 27. 8** boards. 

New York, 1870 

3098 Sabin's Reprints of Rare Historical Tracts. Quarto 

Size. Complete set. 10 vols, small 4** boards. 

Only 50 copies printed. New York, 1865 

I. Byfield, Nathaniel. An Account of the late Revolution in New 
England, 1689. 

IL A Relation of Maryland, (reprinted from the London edition 
of 1635), ^^h Notes and an Appendix, by F. L. Hawkes. Map. 

III. Whitfield, Henry. A Further Discovery of the Present 
State of the Indians in New Engiand, 1650. 

IV. Certain Inducements to Well Minded People, 1643. 

V. Whitfield, Henry. Strength out of Weakness, or a Glorious 
Manifestation of the Further Progress of the Gospel among the In- 
dians in New England, 1652. 

VI. A Further Manifestation of the Progress of the Gospel 
among the Indians in New England, 16^9. 

VII. New England's First Fruits, 1643. 

VIII. Further Queries upon the Present State of New England 
Affairs, 1689-90. 

IX. Day- Breaking, if not the Sun-Rising of the Gospel with the 
Indians in New England, 1648. 

X. Shepard, Thomas. The Clear Sunshine of the Gospel break- 
ing forth upon the Indians in New England, 1648. 


3099 Sabin*s Reprints. Octavo Series. 6 vols. 8° paper and 

cloth, uncut. New York, 1865-69 

Only 200 copies printed. 

I. Journal of Major George Washington. Map. London, 1754. 

II. Journal of two Visits made to some Nations of Indians, by 
Rev. David Jones, Burlington, 1774. 

III. Vindication of the Captors of Major Andr^. New York, 

IV. A brief State of the Province of Pennsylvania, by William 
Smith, London, 1755. 

V. Present State of Virginia, by Hugh Jones, London, 1724. 

VI. History of the first Discovery and Settlement of Virginia, by 
William Stith, Williamsburg, 1747. 

3100 Sabin. a Bibliography of Bibliography, or a handy 

book about books which relate to books. 8° paper, un- 
cut. New York, 1877 

3101 Sabine, Lorenzo. American Loyalists, or Biographical 

Sketches of Adherents to the British Crown in the War 
of the Revolution, pp. 733. 8° cloth. Boston, 1847 

3102 Sabine. Biographical Sketches of Loyalists of the 

American Revolution, with an Historical Essay, pp. 
608, 600. 2 vols. 8** boards, uncut. Boston, 1864 

3103 Sabine. Notes on Duels and Duelling, alphabetically 

arranged, pp. 394. 8° cloth. London, 1855 

3104 Saco and Biddeford, Me. History of Saco and Bidde- 

ford, with Notices of other early Settlements, and of 
the Proprietary Governments in Maine. By George 
Folsom. pp. 331. Map and plates (and plan inserted). 
12"* half calf, gilt. Saco, 1830 

3105 [Sadler, John.] Rights of the Kingdom; or, Customs 

of our Ancestors, touching the Duty, Power, Election 
or Succession of our Kings and Parliaments, pp. 319. 
Small 4** calf. London, 1682 

3106 Sagard, Gabriel. Histoire de Canada et Voyages que 
. les Freres Mineurs Recollects y ont faicts pour la Con- 

uersion des Infidelles. Paris, 1636. 4 vols. 12** paper, 
uncut. (Reprint): Paris, 1865 

3107 Sagard. Le Grand Voyage du Pays des Hurons, situ^ 

en I'Amdrique vers la Mer douce, ^s derniers confins de 
la Nouvelle France dite Canada. Nouvelle Edition 
par E. Chevalier. (Avec un Dictionnaire de la Langue 
Huronne.) 2 vols. 12® paper, uncut. Paris, 1865 

3108 Sainsburv, W. N. Original unpublished Papers illustra- 

tive of the Life of Sir Peter Paul Rubens, as an Artist 
and a Diplomatist, pp. 391. Colored plate. 8° cloth, 
uncut. London, 1859 

3109 Sainsbury. Calendar of State Papers, Colonial Series, 

1574-1660. Imperial 8** cloth, uncut. London, 1869 


31 lo St. Amand, George. An Historical Essay on the Legis- 
lative Power of England. 12° calf. London, 1725 

31 1 1 St. Augustine. Pious Breathings; being the Medita- 

tions of St. Augustine, his Treatise of the Love of God, 
Soliloquis and Manual. Made English by G. Stanhope. 
Fifth ed. pp. 414. Frontispiece. Small 8® half 
morocco. London, 1720 

31 12 St. Augustine, Fla. Sketches of St. Augustine, with a 

View of its History and Advantages as a Resort for In- 
valids. By R. K. Sewall. pp. 69. Plate. 12® cloth. 

New York, 1848 

3 113 St. Augustine. History and Antiquities of the City of 

St. Augustine, Florida, founded A. D. 1565. By G. R. 
Fairbanks, pp. 200. Plates. 8° cloth. New York, 1858 

31 14 St. Clair, Arthur. A Narrative of the Manner in which 

the Campaign against the Indians, in the Year 1791, 
was conducted, under the command of Major General 
St. Clair, pp. 273. 8® boards, uncut. Philadelphia, 1812 

3115 St. Domingo. History of the Island of St. Domingo, 

from its first Discovery by Columbus, to the present 
Time. pp. 446. 8° half calf. London, 1818 

3116 Saint-Mery, L. E. M. de. Topographical and Political 

Description of the Spanish Part of Saint-Domingo. 
Translated from the French, by William Cobbett. 2 
vols, in one. 8® sheep. Philadelphia, 1796 

311 7 Saint-Pierre, B. The Indian Cottage, pp. 87. 16° 

sheep. London, 1791 

Bookplate of Eliza Andrews. 

3118 Salem, Mass. Annals of Salem. By J. B. Felt. First 

ed. Portrait. 8° morocco, gilt. Salem, 1827 

31 19 Salem. The same. Second ed. Volume i. Salem, 

1845. Volume 2, Salem, 1849. Together 2 vols. 12** 
calf and cloth, uncut. 

3120 Salem. Old Naumkeag; an Historical Sketch of the 

City of Salem, and the Towns of Marblehead, Peabody, 
Beverly, Danvers, Wenham, Manchester, Topsfield and 
Middleton. By C. H. Webber and W. S. Nevins. pp. 
312. 12** cloth. Salem, 1877 

31 2 1 Salem Witchcraft; comprising more Wonders of the In- 

visible World, collected by Robert Calef ; and Wonders 
of the Invisible World, by Cotton Mather. With Notes 
and Explanations, by S. P. Fowler. 12° cloth. 

Salem, 1861 

3122 Salem Witchcraft. The same. pp. 450. 4** cloth, un- 

cut. Wm. Veazie; Boston, 1865 

Only 250 copies printed. 


3123 Salem Witchcraft. The same. Portrait of Mather on 

India Paper. Large 4° cloth, uncut. Boston, 1865 

Largk Papbr: only 100 copies printed. 

3124 Salem Witchcraft. Records of Salem Witchcraft, copied 

from the Original Documents, pp. 279, 287. 2 vols. 
4** paper, uncut. Roxbury, 1864 

Only 215 copies printed. 

3125 Salem Witchcraft. The Mather Papers, Cotton Mather 

and Salem Witchcraft. By W. F. Poole, pp. 23, 1868; 
— Cotton Mather and Salem Witchcraft. By W. F. 
Poole, pp. 63, 1869; — Some Miscellany Observations 
on our present Debates respecting Witchcraft, pp. 24, 
1869; — Salem Witchcraft and Cotton Mather, a reply. 
By C. W. Upham, pp. 90, 1869;— The Witchcraft De- 
lusion, by Thomas Hutchinson. With notes by W. F. 
Poole, pp. 43, 1870. 5 vols. 8® and small 4° paper, 
uncut. Boston and Morrisania. 

Only 100 copies printed of each. 

3126 Salem Witchcraft. Notes on the History of Witchcraft 

in Massachusetts, with illustrative documents, 1883; — 
Supplementary Notes on Witchcraft in Massachusetts, 
1884; — Final Notes on Witchcraft in Massachusetts, 
1885, ^y George H. Moore; — Reasons for concluding 
that the Act of 171 1, reversing the Attainders of the 
persons convicted of Witchcraft in Massachusetts, in 
the year 1692, became a law, 1884; — Further notes, 
(on the same) plate, 1884. By Abner C. Goodell, Jr. 
5 pamphlets. 

3127 Salisbury, Stephen. Essay on the Star Spangled Ban- 

ner, 1873; — The same, with additional notes and songs, 
1^73 ; — Memorial of Governor Endicott, 1874; — Troy 
and Homer, 1875; — The Mayas, the source of their his- 
tory; Dr. Le Plongeon in Yucatan, his account of dis- 
coveries, 1877; — ^Antiquarian Papers, memorial of John 
Endecott, etc., 1879; — Mexican Calendar Stone, etc., 
1879; — Mexican Copper Tools, etc., 1880; — Partial 
Index to the Proceedings of the American Antiquarian 
Society, from its foundation in 181 2 to 1880, 1883; — 
Memorial of Stephen Salisbury, 1885; — Memoir of 
Stephen Salisbury, by J. D. Washburn, portrait, 1885. 
II vols. 8° cloth and paper. Worcester, 1873-85 

Privately printed. 

3128 Sampson, Deborah. The Female Review. Life of 

Deborah Sampson, the female soldier in the War of the 
Revolution, with an introduction and notes by J. A. 
Vinton, pp. 267. Portrait. Small 4** paper, uncut. 
Only 250 copies printed. Boston, 1866 


3129 Salisbury, Vt. History of. By John M. Weeks, pp. 

362. Portraits. 12** cloth. Middlebury, i860 

3130 Sanderson, John. Biography of the Signers to the 

Declaration of Independence. Portraits. 9 vols. 8** 
sprinkled sheep. Phila., 1823 

3131 Sands, Robert C. Writings of, in prose and verse, pp. 

395, 408. (Portrait wanting.) 2 vols. 8** cloth, uncut. 

New York, 1834 

3132 [Sandys, Edward.] A Relation of the State of Religion 

and with what hopes and Pollicies it hath been framed, 
and is maintained, etc. fol. 341. Small 4® blue mo- 
rocco. London, 1605 

This is the first edition of the Europae Speculum — issued sur- 

With two autographs of John Robinson on the titlepage. 

** I do not entertain the shadow of a doubt that you are the owner 
of two genuine autographs of one of the greatest and best men of 
his time." — Letter from Rev. H, M. Dexter to Mr. Deane^ LondoHt 
Dec, 2^t 187 1. 

3133 [Sandys.] Europae Speculum; or a view or survey of 

the state of religion in the westerne parts of the world, 
pp. 248. Small 4° vellum. Hague-Comitis, 1629 

First authorized edition. 

3134 San Francisco, Cal. Annals of San Francisco. By F. 

Soul^, J. H. Gihon, and J. Nisbet. pp. 824. Map and 
illustrations. 8** morocco, gilt edges. New York, 1855 

3135 Sansom, Joseph. Sketches of Lower Canada, historical 

and descriptive, pp. 301, 16. Frontispiece. 12** boards, 
uncut. New York, 1817 

3136 Sanson, Nicholas. L'Amerique en plusieurs Cartes, en 

divers Trait^s de Geographic et d'Histoire. Maps, 
(some missing.) 4** old calf. Paris, 1657 

3137 Santarem, Viscount. Researches respecting Americus 

Vespucius and his Voyages. Translated by E. V. 
Childe. pp. 221. 12** cloth. Boston, 1850 

3138 Sarcastic Notices of the Long Parliament; a list of the 

** Members that held places, both civil and military, 
contrary to the self-denying ordinance of April 3, 
1645," ^^c- PP- 49- Small 4** half roan. London, 1863 
Only a few copies reprinted. 

3139 Sargent, L. M. Hubert and Ellen and other Poems. 

First ed. pp. 135. 8® boards, uncut. Boston, 1813 

3140 Saugrain's Diary of a^ Journey from the Falls of the 

Ohio to Philadelphia, in May, June and July, 1788. 
Manuscript, written by E. F. Bliss of Cincinnati. 16** 
roan. Cincinnati, 1875 

Translated from the original French manuscript. 



T^ligion: and with n>hat Hopes and 

Pollictesic hkch beene framed, and is mamtai- 

neduthtfevirdl^/itei §f ttiejewe^erpt 

ff pani of (he uotM. n 




printed for Simon Water/on dwcl- 
ling m Taules (hurchyardat the 

fignc of tij- Crownc, 

Fac-sihilb of Title Vaoe of "Sandy's Relation o 
Kelicion, 1605." No. 3132. 


3141 Saunders, Daniel. A Journal of the Travels and Suf- 

ferings of Daniel Saunders, Jr., a mariner on board the 
ship Commerce of Boston, which was cast away on the 
coast of Arabia, July 10, 1792. pp. 128, 15. 18® mo- 
rocco. Salem, 1794 

3142 Savage, E. H. A Chronological History of the Boston 

Watch and Police from 1631 to 1865. Second ed. pp. 
408. Portrait. 8° boards, uncut. Boston, 1865 

3143 Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the first 

settlers of New England. 4 vols. 8° cloth. Boston, i860 

With genealogical notes and errata, by Mrs. C. H. Dall, and index 
by O. P. Dexter. 

3144 Savannah, Ga. Historicaf Record of the City of 

Savannah. By F. D. Lee and J. L. Agnew. pp. 212. 
Maps. 1 2° cloth. Savannah, 1869 

3145 Sawyer, George S. Southern Institutes; or an inquiry 

into the origin and early prevalence of slavery and the 
slave trade. 8° cloth. Phila., 1858 

3146 Savbrook Confession and Platform. A Confession of 

faith owned and consented to by the elders and messen- 
gers of the churches in the colony of Connecticut in 
New England, assembled by delegation at Say-Brook, 
September 9th, 1708. New London in N. E. Printed 
by Thomas Short, 17 10. To which is appended: The 
heads of agreement assented to by the united ministers 
formerly called Presbyterian and Congregational, and 
also articles for the administration of church discipline, 
etc. pp. (2), 116. i6° calf, gilt. 

Thomas Short: New London, 17 10 

A fine copy of the first edition of the Saybrook Platform, and the 
first book printed in Connecticut. 

3147 Saybrook Confession and Platform. The same. pp. 

144. 18° blue crushed levant morocco, extra, gilt edges. 

Reprinted: Bridgeport, 18 10 

3148 Scheffer, John. History of Lapland, shewing the ori- 

ginal manners, habits, religion and trade of that people, 
with a particular account of their gods and sacrifices, 
marriage ceremonies, conjurations, diabolical rites, etc. 
pp. 90. 8** stitched. London, 1751 

3149 Sch6ner, Johann. A reproduction of his Globe of 1523 

long lost With new translations and notes on the 
globe, by Henry Stevens of Vermont. Edited with an 
introduction and bibliography by C. H. Coote. Por- 
trait, plates and three folded maps. 8° cloth, uncut. 
Large paper. London, 1888 


3150 School Books. Webster's Grammatical Institute, Pan 

II, 1794; — Enfield's Speaker, 1795; — Murray's English 
Reader, 1799; — Webster's Prompter, 1803; — Webster's 
Compendious Dictionary, 1806; — Bingham's American 
Preceptor, 1809; — Bingham's Columbian Orator, 1810; 
— Scott's Lessons in Elocution, 1820; — Lowe's Colum- 
bian Class Book, 1825; — Murray's Introduction to the 
English Reader, 1827; — Webster's American Spelling 
Book, 1828; — Hale's History of the U. S. 1830. 12 

3 15 1 Schoolcraft, Henry R. Notes on the Iroquois, pp. 

498. Portrait, colored. 8° cloth. Albany, 1847 

3152 Schoolcraft. The ^lyth of Hiawatha, and other oral 

legends of the North American Indians, pp. 343. 12® 
cloth. Phila., 1856 

3153 ScHOUTEN, Guillaume. Journal ou Description du Mer- 

veilleux Voyage de Guillaume Schouten, fait es annees 
1615, i6i6 et 1617, comme (en circum-navigeant le 
Globe terrestre) il a decouverte vers le Zud du destroit 
de Magellan un nouveau passage, jusques d la grande 
Mer de Zud. With all the maps and plates, pp. 88. 
Small 4° vellum. Amsterdam, 1619 

A perfect copy of the celebrated voyage of Le Maire and Schou- 
ten, in which the Straits of Lemaire were discovered, and Cape Horn 

3154 SciTUATE, Mass. History of Scituate, from its first 

settlement to 1831. pp. 408. By Samuel Deane. 8* 
morocco, gilt. Boston, 1831 

3^55 Scoresby-Jackson, B. E. The Life of William Scoresby. 
pp. 406. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1861 

3156 Scott, Benjamin. Pilgrim Fathers neither Puritan nor 

persecutors, a lecture at the Friend's Institute, Jan. 18, 
1866. pp. 39. 8° cloth. London, 1866 

3157 Scott, John. A Visit to Paris in 1814. Third ed. ; — 

Paris revisited in 18 15, by way of Brussels, pp. 343, 
405. 2 vols. 8° calf, gilt. London, 1815-16 

3158 Scott, Sir Walter. Memoirs of the Life of. By J. G. 

Lockhart. 2 vols. 8*" half calf, gilt. Phila., 1838 

3159 Scott, Lieut-General Winfield. Memoirs of. Written 

by Himself, pp. 653. Portrait. Royal 8** cloth, un- 
cut. New York, 1864 

3160 [ScouGEL, Henry.] The Life of God in the Soul of Man. 

With a preface by Gilbert Burnet. Seventh ed. pp. 
153. 16** half calf. London, 1739 


3161 [ScoTTOW, Joshua.] Old Men's Tears for their own 

Declensions, mixed with Tears of their Posterities fur- 
ther falling off from New England's Primitive Constitu- 
tion, pp. 1-18. 18** crimson levant morocco. (Title 
mounted and restored, and edges of leaves repaired.) 

Boston, 1733 
With a reprint of the preface to the first edition, 1691. 

3162 Sears Genealogy. Genealogies and Biographical 

Sketches of the Ancestry and Descendants of Richard 
Sears, the Pilgrim, pp. 64. 8° cloth. Boston, 1857 

3163 Secret Proceedings and Debates of the Convention 

assembled at Philadelphia, in 1787 for the Purpose of 
forming the Constitution of the United States of Amer- 
ica, pp. 335. 12° cloth. Richmond, 1839 

3164 [Seelev, J. R.] Ecce Homo, a Survey of the Life and 

Work of Jesus Christ. Sixth ed. pp. 330. 8° cloth, 
uncut. London, 1866 

3165 Segur, Count Philip de. History of the Expedition to 

Russia, undertaken by the Emperor Napoleon, in the 
year 1812. 2 vols. 16° half calf. London, 1825 

3166 Selden, John. The Table-Talk of. With a Biographi- 

cal Preface and notes, by S. W. Singer. Second ed. 
pp. 170. Portrait. 16° cloth, uncut. London, 1856 

3167 Selden. Table-Talk, with a Biographical Preface and 

notes, by S. W. Singer, pp. 270. Portrait. 12° cloth, 
uncut. London, i860 

3168 Selden. Memoirs of, and Notices of the Political Con- 

test during his Time. By G. W. Johnson, pp. 374. 
Portrait. 8** cloth, uncut. London, 1835 

3169 Select Views of American and European Scenery, by 

W. H. Bartlett, Tombleson, T. Allom and others, en- 
graved on steel by E. Finden and others. 80 full page 
plates, some with descriptive text. Bound in one vol. 
4° half morocco. 

3170 Selfridge, Thomas O. Trial of, for killing Charles 

Austin on the Public Exchange in Boston, Aug. 4, 1806; 
— Correct Statement of the whole preliminary contro- 
versy, 2 vols. ; — Sermon by Rev. William Emerson on 
the Lord's Day after the Calamitous Death of Mr. 
Charles Austin, 1806. 4 vols. 8° half calf. 

31 7 1 Semple, Robert B. History of the Rise and Progress of 

the Baptists in Virginia, pp. 446. S^ sheep, (few 
leaves slightly stained.) Richmond, 1810 

3172 Sergeant, John. Select Speeches of John Sergeant of 

Pennsylvania, pp. 367. 8° morocco, gilt, red edges. 

Phila., 1832 


3173 Sergeant, Rev. John, (of Stockbridge.) Letter to Dr. 

Colman of Boston, containing Mr. Sergeant's proposal 
of a more effectual method for the education of Indian 
children, pp. 16. 8** half morocco, (name on title,) 

Boston, 1743 

3174 Serials. Odd numbers of Congregational Quarterly; — 

Continental Monthly; — Old Dominion; — Science. (28) 

3175 Sermons. D. Andrewes. April 6, 1604; — Bishop of 

Chichester. Sept. 28, 1606; -^ Bishop of Elie. Au- 
gust 5, 1610; and other Sermons preached between 
1604 and 161 1. Small 4^ vellum. London, 1604-11 

With autograph of Henry, Duke of Newcastle, 1696. 

3176 Sermons. Thanksgiving Sermon, July 18, 1745-, at 

Charlestown, for the reduction of Cape Breton by an 
army of New England Volunteers under the command 
of William Pepperrell, by Thomas Prentice; — Sermon 
at Charlestown, Jan. 28, 1747, on a Publick Fast after 
the destruction of the Province Court House, by fire, 
by Thomas Prentice; — Sermon at Newbury, May 22, 
i755» ^t the desire and in the audience of Col. Moses 
Titcomb and many others inlisted under him and going 
with him in an expedition against the French, by John 
Lowell; — Sermon at Ipswich, Nov. 7, 1765, by Moses 
Parsons, etc. 6 pamphlets bound in one vol. 8° half 
morocco, gilt. 

3177 Sermons, Orations and Addresses. 18 pamphlets bound 

in one vol. 8° half roan. Boston, 1822-37 

3178 Servetus. An impartial History of Michael Servetus, 

burnt alive at Geneva, for Heresie. pp. 216. London, 
1724; — Life of Servetus, by J. G. de Chauffpie. Trans- 
lated from the French, by James Yair. pp. 212. 2 vols. 
8° sheep. London, 177 1 

3179 Settle, Dionyse. A True Reporte of the laste voyage 

into the West and Northwest regions, etc. 1577, 
worthily achieued by Capteine Frobisher of the sayde 
voyage the first finder and Generall. With a descrip- 
tion of the people there inhabiting, and other circum- 
stances notable. Written by Dionyse Settle, one of the 
cumpanie in the sayde voyage, pp. 63. 4° cloth, un- 
cut. London, by Henrie Middleton: Anno, 1577 
Only 50 copies reprinted for John Carter Brown. 

3180 Seventy Six Society. Publications of. 4 vols. 8® sheets, 

folded, , uncut. Phila., 1855-7 

Only 250 copies printed. 

Comprises : Papers in relation to the Case of Silas Deane; — Ex- 
amination of Joseph Galloway; — Papers relating to Public Events in 
Massachusetts preceding the American Revolution; — Papers relat« 
ing chiefly to the Maryland Line during the Revolution. 


3 18 1 Seventy Six Society. Vols., i and 2. Bound in one 

vol. 8° half roan. Phila., 1855 

3182 Sewall, David. Tutor Henry Flynt's Journey from 

Cambridge to Portsmouth in 1754. Edited by Charles 
Deane. pp. 9. 8° cloth, uncut. Cambridge, 1878 

Only 50 copies reprinted. 

3183 Sewall, Joseph. Sermon preached at Cambridge, upon 

the Death of Mr. Benjamin Wadsworth, President of 
Harvard College, March, 1736, 7. pp. 32. 8® half 
roan (broken). Boston, 1737 

3184 Sewall, J. M. Miscellaneous Poems, pp. 304. 16® 

sheep (broken). Portsmouth, 1801 

3185 Sewall, R. K. Ancient Dominions of Maine. Plates.- 

pp. 366. 8^* cloth. Bath, 1859 

3186 Sewall, Samuel. Phaenomena quaedam Apocalyptica 

Ad Aspectum Novi Orbis configurata, Or, some few 
lines towards a description of the New Heaven. Second 
ed. pp. 64, 24. Small 4® stitched. 

B. Green: Boston, 1727 

3187 Seward, William. Journal of a Voyage from Savannah 

to Philadelphia, and from Philadelphia to England, 
1740. pp. 87. 8° half roan. London, 1740 

3188 Sewel, William. History of the Rise, Increase and 

Progress of the Christian People called Quakers. 2 
vols. 8° mottled calf. London, 1795 

3189 Sever, Rev. Samuel. Memoirs, Historical and Topo- 

graphical of Bristol and its Neighbourhood, from the 
earliest Period down to the present Time. pp. 535, 601. 
Numerous plates. 2 vols, royal 4® half morocco, extra, 
gilt edges. Bristol, 182 1 

3190 Shadwell, Thomas. Dramatick Works of. Portrait by 

Gribelin. 4 vols. 16° calf. London, 1720 

3 191 Shaftesbury, Earl Anthony. Characteristicks of Men, 

Manners, Opinions, Times. Fifth ©d. Portrait and 
vignettes by Gribelin. 3 vols, royal 8® russia. 

Baskerville: Birmingham, 1773 

3192 Shakers. The Testimony of Christ's Second Appearing, 

containing a General Statement of all Things pertaining 
to the Faith and Practice of the Church of God in this 
Latter-Day. Second ed. pp. 622. 12® morocco, gilt. 

Albany, 1810 

3193 Shakers. A Portraiture of Shakerism. Drawn up by 

Mary M. Dyer. pp. 446. 16** half calf, gilt. 

Printed for the Author, 1829 


3194 Shakers. Reply to the Shakers' Statements, called *' A 

Review of the Portraiture of Shakerism." By Mary M. 
Dyer. pp. 112. 16® half calf (corner stained). 

Concord, 1824 

3195 Shakespeare, William. The First Collected Edition of 

the Dramatic Works of William Shakespeare. A repro- 
duction in exact fac-simile of the famous First Folio, 
1623, by the newly-discovered process of photo-lith- 
ography, executed under the superintendence of H. 
Staunton. Large folio, cloth, uncut. London, 1866 

3196 Shakespeare. The Plays of Shakespeare. 9 vols. 48** 

cloth, uncut. London, 1825 

Pickering's miniature edition. 

3197 Shakespeare. A Reprint of his Collected Works, as 

put forth in 1623. Portrait and view. 3 vols. 4® limp 
cloth, uncut. London, 1863-4 

3198 Shakespeare's Will, copied from the original in the Pre- 

rogative Court, preserving the interlineations and fac- 
similes of the true autographs of the poet, with a few 
preliminary observations. By J. O. Halliwell. pp. 4. 
4® paper. London, 1851 

3199 Shakespeare. Collier Folio. Notes and Emendations 

to the Text of Shakespeare's Plays, from early manu- 
script corrections in a copy of the Folio, 1632, pp. 512, 
1853; — Few notes on Shakespeare, with occasional re- 
marks on the emendations of the manuscript correc- 
tions in Mr. Collier's Copy of Folio, 1632, pp. 156, 
^853, by Rev. Alex. Dyce; — New Facts regarding the 
Life of Shakespeare, pp. 55, 1835; — New Particulars 
regarding the Works of Shakespeare, pp. 68, 1^36; — 
An Inquiry into the Genuineness of the Manuscript 
in Mr. J. Payne Collier's annotated Shakespeare Folio, 
1623. By N. E. S. A. Hamilton, pp. 155, i860; — Re- 
ply to Mr. N. E. S. A. Hamilton ** Inquiry," pp. 72, 
i860; — Strictures on Mr. N. E. S. A. Hamilton's •* In- 
quiry," pp. 28, i860; — Observations on some of the 
manuscript Emendations of the Text of Shakespeare. 
By J. O. Halliwell, pp. 16, 1853; — A Few Remarks on 
the Emendations, etc., pp. 15, 1852; — Curiosities 
of Modern Shaksperean Criticism, pp. 32, 1853; — 
A Complete View of the Shakspeare Controversy, 
pp. 351, 1861, by C. M. Ingleby; — The Shakspeare 
Fabrications, by C. M. Ingleby, pp. 116, 1859; — 
A Few Words in reply to the animadversions of Mr. 
Dyce, pp. 23, 1853; — A Review of **An Inquiry," by 
C. W. Frederickson, pp. 32, i860. 14 vols. 8° cloth 
^nd paper. 


3200 Shakespeare. The Devonshire '^ Hamlets." Hamlet 
by William Shake-speare, 1603; Hamlet by William 
Shakespeare, 1604: being exact reprints of the first 
and second editions of Shakespeare's great drama, 
from the very rare originals in the possession of his 
Grace the Duke of Devonshire; with the two texts 
printed on opposite pages, and so arranged that the 
parallel passages face each other. And a bibliograph- 
ical preface, by Samuel Timmins. pp. 100. 8** cloth, 
uncut. London, i860 

3301 Shakespeare's Sonnets. Reproduced in Fac-simile, 
from the unrivalled Original in the Library of Bridge- 
water House. Square 8° half roan. London, 1862 

3202 Shakespeare. Notes upon some of the obscure Pas- 
sages in Shakespeare's Plays, pp. 375. 8*^ calf. 

London, 1805 

3303 Shakespeare. The Authorship of Shakespeare. By 
Nathaniel Holmes. Third ed. pp. 696. Portrait. 12° 
cloth. New York, 1875 

3204 Shakspeare. William Shakspere, a Biography. By 

Charles Knight, pp. 329. Illustrations. 8^ cloth, 
uncut. London, 1851 

3205 Shakspeare. Studies of Shakspere. By Charles Knight. 

pp. 560. Portraits. 8® cloth, uncut. London, 185 1 

3206 Shakspeare's Scholar; being Historical and Critical 

Studies of his Text, Characters and Commentators, 
with an Examination of Mr. Collier's Folio of 1632. pp. 
504. By Richard Grant White. 8** cloth, uncut. 

New York, 1854 

3207 Shakespeare. Reasons for a new edition of Shakes- 

peare's Works, by J. P. Collier, 1842; — Home of 
Shakspere, by F. W. Fairholt, 1847; — Proposed Emen- 
dations of the Text of Shakespeare's Plays, by S. Jervis, 
1861; — Lowell Shakspeare Memorial, 1864; — Shakes- 
pearian Pronounciation, by Noyes and Peirce, 1864; — 
Notes and Emendations on the Plays of Shakspere, by 
J. Grimaldi, 1853, etc. 7 pamphlets. 

3208 Shakespeare. A Collection of Pamphlets relating to 

Shakespeare, bound in i vol. 8^ half calf. 

CoMPRiSBS : Observations on an Autograph of Shakspere, and the 
Orthography of his Name. By Sir F. Madden. London, 1838; — 
An Historical Account of the Monument Bust of William Shaks- 
peare. By A. Wivell. London, 1827 ; — Account of the Second Com- 
memoration of Shakspeare, April, 1830; — Account of the Second 
Royal Gala Festival at Stratford, 1830 ;— Catalogue of all the Books, 
etc^ relating to Shakspeare. 


3209 Shakespeare and his Friends. By R. F. Williams, pp. 

484. 8** half calf. Paris, 1838 

3210 Shakespeare Proverbs. By Mary Cowden Clarke; — 

The Shakspeare Calendar. By W. C. Richards. 2 vols. 
16** cloth. New York, 1848-50 

321 1 Shakspeare. Tercentenary Celebration of the Birth of 

Shakspeare, by the New England Historic-Genealogical 
Society, at Boston, April 23, 1864. pp. 71. Folio, pa- 
per, uncut. Boston, 1864 
Large Paper : only 25 copies privately printed. 

3212 Shakespeare. The same. 8** cloth. Boston, 1864 

Only 275 copies printed. 

3213 Shaler, William. Sketches of Algiers, Political, His- 

torical and Civil, pp. 310. 8° boards, uncut. 

Boston, 1826 

3214 Shapleigh, Me. History of. By Rev. Amasa Loring. 

pp. 40. 12** half roan (worn). Portland, 1854 

3215 Shattuck, Lemuel. Memorials of the Descendants of 

William Shattuck. Portrait. 8° cloth. Boston, 1855 

3216 Shaw, Rev. Samuel. Works of. pp. 440, 456. Por- 

trait. 2 vols. 12® half morocco. Boston, 1821 

3217 Shaw, Samuel. Journals of Major Samuel Shaw, the 

First American Consul at Canton. With a Life of the 
author, by Josiah Quincy. pp. 360. Portrait. 8® cloth. 

Boston, 1847 

3218 Shea, J. G. Discovery and Exploration of the Missis- 

sippi Valley, pp. 268. Map. 8** cloth. New York, 1852 

3219 Shea. The Bursting of Pierre Margrys La Salle Bub- 

ble, pp. 24 (Privately reprinted), 1879, with a. l. s. of 
author; — The Commodities of the Hand called Manati 
Ore Long He, which is in the Continent of Virginia, 
pp. 16. n. p., n. d. (Printed by Joel Munsell, Albany.) 
2 pamphlets. 

3220 Shea. Expedition of Don Diego Dionisio de Penalosa, 

Governor of New Mexico, from Santa F^ to the river 
Mischipi and Quivira in 1662, as described by Father 
Nicholas de Freytas. pp. 10 1. 8° paper, uncut. 

New York, 1882 

3221 Sheffield, Lord John. Observations on the Commerce 

of the American States. 8** calf, (cracked and name 
cut from title). London, 1784 

With bookplate of Duncan Campbell. 

3222 Sheldon, E. M. Early History of Michigan, from its 

first Settlement to 1815. pp. 409. Portrait. 8"" cloth. 

New York, 1856 


3223 Sheepscott and Newcastle, Me. History of Ancient 

Sheepscott and Newcastle, including Early Pemaquid, 
Damariscotta, and other contiguous Places, with Gen- 
ealogies. By Rev. D. O. Cushman. pp. 458. Map 
and portraits. 8° cloth. Bath, 1882 

3224 Shepherd, Rev. Dr. History of the American Revolu- 

tion, pp. 64. 8° cloth. London. 

3225 Shepard, Thomas. Works of, comprising: The Sin- 

cere Convert and The Saints Jewell, 1655, pp. 247; — 
The Sound Believer, 1653, pp. 317; — The Doctrine of 
the Sabbath, 1655, pp.320; — Select Cases resolved, 
>^55» PP- 32; — The First Principles, 1655, pp. 17; — 
Subjection to Christ, 1657, pp. no. Thick 12** old calf. 

London, 1652-55 

3226 Shepard. The Sincere Convert, discovering the small 

number of true Believers, etc. pp. 216. 12** calf. 

London, 1664 

3227 Shepard. Autobiography of; with additional notices of 

his Life, by N. Adams, pp. 129. 16** antique calf, red 
edges. Boston, 1832 

3228 Sherburne. Memoirs of Andrew Sherburne, a Pen- 

sioner of the Navy of the Revolution. Written by Him- 
self. Second ed. 12** sheep. Providence, 1831 

3229 Sheridan, R. B. Dramatic Works of; with a Biographi- 

cal and Critical Sketch, by Leigh Hunt. pp. 153. 
Royal 8® cloth. Moxon: London, 1840 

3230 Sheridan. Memoirs of the Life of. By Thomas Moore. 

8° half calf. Paris, 1835 

3231 Sheridan. ^Memoirs of the Public and Private Life of. 

By John Watkins. Second ed. pp. 485, 543. Por- 
traits. 2 vols. 8** marbled calf, (cracked). London, 181 7 

3232 Shillibeer, Lieut. J. Narrative of the Briton's Voyage 

to Pitcairn's Island, including an interesting sketch of 
the present state of the Brazils and of Spanish South 
America. Plates, pp. 180. Seconded. 8° half calf, 
gilt, uncut. London, 1817 

3233 Sharp, Granville. Law of Retribution. 12° boards, 

uncut. London, 1776 

3234 Shoreham, Vt. History of the Town of Shoreham, Vt., 

from 1 761 to the present Time. By Rev. J, F. Good- 
hue. Together with a Statistical and Historical Ac- 
count of the County of Addison. By Samuel Swift, 
pp. 198, 132. 2 portraits. 8** cloth. Middlebury, 1861 

3235 Shrewsbury, Mass. History of, from its Settlement in 

17 17 to 1829. By Andrew H. Ward. Portrait. 8** 
half sheep, (worn). Boston, 1847 


3236 Short, (A) Account of the Lives and Sufferings of 

several Godly Persons, who dy*d in England for the 
Sake of the Gospel under the Reign of King Henry 
VIII, and Queen Mary. pp. 126. 16** morocco. 

London, 1727 

3237 Shurtleff, N. B. The Passengers of the May Flower 

in 1620. 4^ paper, uncut. Boston, 1849 

Only i 00 copies privately printed. Inserted photographic portrait. 

3238 Shurtleff. Thunder and Lightning and Death at 

Marshfield in 1658 and 1666. 8° half morocco. 
Presentation copy. Boston, 1850 

3239 Shurtleff. Another copy. 8** boards Boston, 1850 

Only 100 copies privately printed. 

3240 Shurtleff. A Perpetual Calendar for Old and New 

Style. Second ed. Royal 4** cloth. Boston, 1851 

Only i 50 copies privately printed. 

3241 Shurtleff. A Decimal System for the Arrangement 

and Administration of Libraries, pp. 80. 4** cloth. 
Large paper. Privately printed: Boston, 1856 

3242 Shurtleff. A Perpetual Calender for Old and New 

Style, prepared for the use of those engaged in antiqua- 
rian and historical investigation; — Calendar for the 
Hebrew Years 5622-5660, being also for the years of 
Our Lord, 1861-1900. 2 vols, small 4® cloth and 12° 
paper. Boston, 1848-63 

3243 Shurtleff, William. Sermon preach'd at New-Castle 

in New Hampshire, January 1, 1726, 7, in Commemora- 
tion of the Sufferings, etc., of a Company of Mariners, 
ship-wreck*d upon Boon Island Rock, to which is added 
a Narrative of the Same. pp. 50. 16** morocco. 

B. Green: Boston, 1727 

See Deane's Narrative. London 1762, (No. 1030), also, Account 
of the Voyage of the Nottingham Galley, etc. London, 171 1 . No. 

3244 Sibley, John L. Biographical Sketches of Graduates of 

Harvard University. 1642-1689. 3 vols, royal 8** 
cloth, uncut. Cambridge, 1873-85 

3245 SiDDONS, Mrs. Life of. By Thomas Campbell, pp. 

299» 394- Portrait. 2 vols. 8** half morocco. 

London, 1834 

3246 SiDDONS, J. H. Familiar History of the United States 

of America, pp. 243. 16° cloth. London. 

3247 Sidney, Sir Philip. Miscellaneous Works of. With a 

Life of the Author and illustrative notes, by William 
Gray. pp. 380. Portrait. 8** half roan, uncut, gilt 
top. Boston, i860 

Large Paper. 


3248 Silk. An Historical Review of the Rise and Progress 

of the Silk Culture, Manufacture and Trade, in Europe 
and America. 8** half calf, gilt. Phila., 1831 

Presentation copy to John Pickering, with autograph of Peter L. 
Du Ponceau of PhUa. He was a native of France and came to this 
country to aid Steuben in 1778. 

3249 SiLLiMAN, Benjamin. Remarks made on a short Tour 

between Hartford and Quebec, in the Autumn of 1819. 
Second ed. Plates. 12° morocco, gilt. 

New Haven, 1824 

3250 Simcoe's Military Journal. History of the Operations of 

a Partisan Corps called the Queen's Rangers, com- 
manded by Lieut. Col. J. G. Simcoe, during the War of 
the American Revolution, pp. 328. Maps. 8** boards, 
uncut. New York, 1844 

3251 SiMMS, J. R. Trappers of New York, or a Biography of 

M. Stoner. and M. Foster, with Anecdotes of the cele- 
brated Hunters. Portrait. 12® cloth. Albany, 1857 

3252 SiMMS. The American Spy, or Freedom's Early Sacri- 

fice; a Tale of the Revolution, pp. 63. 8® half roan. 

Albany, 1857 

3253 SiMMS, Richard. A Manual for the Genealogist, Topo- 

grapher, Antiquary and Legal Professor, pp. 526. 8** 
cloth, uncut. London, 1856 

3254 SIMMS, W. G. History of South Carolina. New and re- 

vised edition, pp. 437. 12** cloth. New York, 1866 

3255 SiMPKiNSON, J. N. The Washingtons; a Tale of a 

Country Parish in the 17th Century. pp. 326, 89. 
Frontispiece. 12** cloth, uncut. London, i860 

3256 [Singer, S. W.] Some Account of the Book printed at 

Oxford in 1468, under the title **Exposicio Sancti Jero- 
nimi in Simbolo Apostolorum"; in which is examined 
its claim to be considered the first book printed in 
England, pp. 44. 8^ half calf. 

Privately printed: London, 1812 

3257 Sketche of Popular Tumults; illustrative of the evils 

of social ignorance. 12° cloth, uncut. London, 1837 

3258 Slater, Samuel. Memoir of Samuel Slater, connected 

with a history of the rise and progress of the cotton 
manufacture in England and America. By George S. 
White. Second ed. pp. 448. Portraits. 8° cloth. 

Phila., 1836 

3259 Slafter, E. F. Assassination Plot in New York in 1776. 

pp.6. 1869; — Pre-Historic Copper Implements, pp. 
15, 1879; — Incorrect Latitudes, 1535-1740. pp. 20. 
1883; — Royal Memorials, pp.28. 1889. 4 pamphlets. 


3260 Slaughter, Rev. Philip. History of St. Mark's Parish 

Va., with notes of old churches and families, pp. 200. 
12° cloth. Baltimore, 1877 

3261 Slaughter. Memoir of William Green, LL.D. pp 131. 

1883; — Memoir of the Life of the Rt. Rev. William 
Meade, D.D. pp. 51, 1885; — Colonial Church of Vir- 
ginia, pp. 43. 1885. 3 pamphlets. 

3262 Slavery. Anthony Burns, a history. By C. E. Stevens, 

1^56; — ^^^ Black Man, his antecedents, his genius and 
his achievements. By W. W. Brown, 1863; — The Sable 
Cloud. By N. Adams, 1861; — The Rejected Stone. 
By M. D. Conway, 1862; — Letters to William Jay. By 
D. M. Reese, 1835; — An Inquiry into the Character 
and Tendency of the American colonization and Anti- 
Slavery Societies, 1837; — A View of the Action of the 
Federal Government in Behalf of Slavery, 1839; — 
Secession, or prose in rhyme, 1864; — Slavery, letters 
and speeches, by Horace. Mann, 1851. 9 vols. 12"* cloth 
and boards. 

3263 Slavery. Lectures before the Chelmsford Ladies' Anti- 

Slavery Association, April 17, 1832, by Joseph Ivimey; 
— Remarks on Channing's Slavery, 1835; — Correspond- 
ence between Appleton and Palfrey, 1846; — Papers on 
the Slave Power, by J. G. Palfrey, 1847; — Review of 
Stuart's Pamphlet, by R. W. Clark, 1850; — Review of 
Webster's Speech, by Wendell Phillips, 1850; — Pro- 
ceedings in theU. S. Senate on the Fugitive Slave Bill, 
1850; — Admission of California, by W. H. Seward, 1850; 
— Slavery among the Puritans, 1850; — Clay's Speech, 
1850; — Slavery in the United States, 1851; — Boston 
Slave Riot and Trial of Anthony Burns, 1854; — Obser- 
vations on Dr. Gannet's Sermon, 1854; — Letter to the 
President of the United States, 1855; — Struggle for 
Slavery Extension, by Greeley, 1856; — Responsibility 
of the North, 1856; — Argument of G. T. Curtis on the 
Dred Scott Decision, 1856; — Review of the Dred Scott 
Decision, etc. 21 vols. 8® half roan. 

Boston and Washington. 

3264 Smiles, Samuel. Lives of Boulton and Watt, compris- 

ing also a history of the invention and introduction of 
the steam engine, pp.521. Portraits and illustrations. 
8** cloth, uncut. Phila., 1865 

3265 Smith, Buckingham. An Inquiry into the Authenticity 

of Documents concerning a Discovery in North America 
claimed to have been made by Verrazzano. pp. 31. 
Folio, boards. New York, 1864 


3266 Smith, Charles John. Historical and Literary Curiosi- 

ties, consisting of fac-similes of original documents; 
scenes of remarkable events and interesting localities, 
and the birth-places, residences, portraits, and monu- 
ments of eminent literary characters, with a variety of 
reliques and antiquities connected with the same sub- 
ject. Numerous fine plates, some illuminated. 4** half 
olive morocco, uncut edges, gilt top. London, 1852 

3267 Smith, Elias L. Life, Conversion, Preaching, Travels 

and Sufferings of. Written by Himself. Vol. I. Por- 
trait. 16° sheep, (recovered). Boston, 1840 

3268 Smith, James. The Voyage and Shipwreck of St. Paul. 

Second ed. pp. 276. Map and plate. 8® calf, extra. 

London, 1856 

3269 SxMITH, Horace. Memoirs, Letters and Comic Miscel- 

lanies in Prose and Verse. Edited by Horace Smith, 
pp. 359, 367. Portraits. 2 vols, small 8° half mo- 
rocco, uncut edges, gilt tops. London, 1840 

3270 Smith, J. P. Four Discourses on the Sacrifice and 

Priesthood of Jesus Christ, pp. 316. 8® half calf. 

London, 1828 

3271 Smith, Captain John. A True Relation of such Occur- 

ences and Accidents of noate as hath hapned in Virginia 
since the first planting of that CoUony, etc. Written 
by Captaine Smith, Coronell of the said Colony. Title 
I leaf. To the corteous reader 3 pp. Text, 18 un- 
numbered leaves. Small 4** boards, uncut. 

London, 1608 

The earliest published work relating to the colony at Jamestown 
Virginia (the first permanent settlement in North America.) It is 
also the first printed work of Capt. Smith. 

3272 Smith. A True Relation of Virginia. With an intro- 

duction and notes by Charles Deane. pp. 88. Map. 
4° cloth, uncut. Boston, 1866 

No. 5 of only six copies printed on India paper. Portrait in' 

3273 Smith. The same. Map. Royal 4*^ paper, uncut. 

Boston, 1866 
Large Paper: Only 35 copies printed. 

3274 Smith. The same. Map. 4° crushed levant morocco, 

gilt, extra inside borders, uncut edges, gilt top, by 
Matthews. Boston, 186^ 

No. I of the edition of 280 copies. 

3275 Smith. The same. Map. Small 4° cloth, uncut. 

Only 280 copies printed. Boston, 1866 


3276 Smith. A Map of Virginia. With a description of the 

covntrey, the commodities, people, government and 
religion. Written by Captaine Smith, sometimes Gov- 
ernour of the countrey. Wherevnto is annexed the 
proceedings of those Colonies, since their first depar- 
ture from England, etc. Title **To the hand," i page, 
vocabulary 2 leaves. Text, pp. 39, no. With the 
map, containing a picture of Powhatan holding a 
council; in fac-simile. Small 4** half calf. 

Joseph Barnes: Oxford, 1612 

The first portion of this tract was written by Smith, as he states in 
his " Generall Historic," ** with his owne hand." It consists of a 
description of the country, its soil, and productions, with a full ac- 
count of its native inhabitants. This part ends at page 39. 
The second part has a separate title, beginning as follows : 
The Proceedings of the English colonie in Virginia since their first 
beginning from England in the yeare of our Lord 1606, till this pres- 
ent 1 61 2, with all their accidents that befell them in their iourneys 
and discoveries, etc. pp. 1x0. 

3277 Smith. Description of New England; or, the observa- 

tions and discoveries of Captain John Smith (Admirall 
of that country) in the north of America in the year of 
Our Lord 1614; with the success of sixe ships that 
went the next yeare 1615; . . . with the proofe of the 
present benefit this country affoords; whither this pres- 
ent yeare 1616 eight voluntary ships are gone to make 
further tryall. Small 4° full crushed crimson levant 
morocco extra, by Bedford. 

Humphrey Lownes: London, 1616 

First edition of Smith's New England, with the original engraving 
of the first map of New England, containing Smith's portrait in the 
upper left hand comer. 

Title, Dedication to Prince Charles, one leaf. To his Majesties 
Councell, one leaf. History of old and new names, one page, 
(fac-simile.) To the Adventurers, 3 pp. Poems 7 pp. Text, 61 pp. 
Poems 2 pp. Also a fac-simile engraved map inserted. 

This is the first book published, which speaks of New England, 
previously called North Virginia. — /^icA. 

3278 Smith. Viertzehende Schiffart, Oder GrUndliche vnd 

warhaffte Beschreibung desz Neuwen Engellandts, einer 
Landschafft in Nordt Indien, eines Theils in America, 
vnter dem Capitein Johann Schmidt, Rittern, Admiral 
derselben Landtschafft, auch dem glUcklichen Fortgang 
so er mit Sechs Schiffen deren Orts gehabt, etc. pp. 
62. Original map with portrait of Smith in upper 
corner, with slight variations from the map in the 
English edition of 16 16. Small 4° boards. 
Franckfurt am Mayn. In verlegung der Hlilsischen, 16 17 

The fourteenth part of the collection of Hulsius, containing a map 
of New England. 

[A True Description of New England, a country in Northern 
India, a part of America, by Captain John Smith, Knight, Admiral 
pf that country ; also, of the success with six ships]. 


3279 Smith. A Description of New England, pp. 89. Fac- 
simile map. Royal 4° cloth, uncut. Boston, 1865 
No. I of only six copies printed on India paper. 

3380 Smith. The same. pp. 89.* 4^ cloth, uncut. Boston, 1865 
Only 75 copies printed. 

3281 Smith. New England's Trials; declaring the successe 

of 80 ships employed thither within these eight years, 
and the benefit of that countrey by sea and land. 
Second ed. 16 leaves. Title, Dedication to Prince 
Charles, one leaf. To the worthy adventurers, one 
leaf. Text, 13 unnumbered leaves. Small 4^ calf. 

Printed by William Jones: London, 1622 

Five leaves at the end in fac-simile, and fac-simile map of the first 
issue of Smith's map inserted. 

** The interest connected with all the writings of Captain John 
Smith, has induced the owner of the present tract, one of the rarest 
and least known productions, to print a few copies. 

«< No copy of the first edition has fallen under the notice of the 
possessor of the present copy." — Preface to John Carter Brown's 

3282 Smith. New England's Trials. Folio, half morocco. 

London, 1620 

This is a transcript from the original tract in the Bodleian Li- 
brary, which was reprinted in the Proceedings of the Mass. Hist. So- 
ciety, Feb., 1873. 

3283 Smith. New England's Trials. A reprint of the rare 

first edition of 1620. With a prefatory note by Charles 
Deane. Small 4° paper, uncut. Cambridge, 1873 

Reprint on antiaue paper, onlv i copy so printed, laid into one of 
the edition on ordinary paper ot 50 copies. 

3284 Smith. The same. Small 4^ paper, uncut. 

Cambridge, 1873 
Only 50 copies printed. 

3285 Smith. New England's Trials. Second ed. London 

1622. Facsimile reprint with map. Imperial 8^ cloth, 
uncut. Cambridge, 1867 

Only 60 copies privately printed. 

3286 Smith. A Sea Grammar, with the Plaine Exposition of 

Smiths Accidence for young Sea-men, enlarged. Di- 
uided into fifteene Chapters: what they are you may 
partly conceiue by the Contents. Written by Captaine 
lohn Smith, sometimes Gouernour of Virginia, and Ad- 
mirall of New England. Title, dedication to the Coun- 
cil, I leaf, Dedication to the Adventurers, i leaf. Poems, 
2 leaves. Contents, 1 leaf. Text, pp. 86. Small 4*^ 
calf. London, lohn Haviland: 1627 



3287 Smith. The General Historie of Virginia, New 

England, and the Summer Isles: with the names of 
the Adventurers, Planters, and Governours from their 
first beginning An®: 1584 to this present 1624. With 
the Proceedings of those Severall Colonies and the Ac- 
cidents that befell them in all their Journeys and Dis- 
coveries. Also the Maps and Descriptions of all those 
Countryes, their Commodities, people. Government, 
Customes, and Religion yet knowne. Divided into sixe 
Bookes. By Captaine lohn Smith sometymes Governour 
in those Countryes & Admirall of New England. En- 
graved title, pp. (12), 96, 105-248. 4 maps. Size 7^x 
II. Folio, full morocco, extra, gilt edges, by Hayday. 
(With portrait of Smith, Duchess of Richmond and 2 
portraits of Matoaka inserted). London, 

Printed by I. D. and I. H. for Michael Sparkes, 1624 

3288 Smith. The Trve Travels, Adventvres, and Observa- 

tions of Captaine lohn Smith, in Europe, Asia, Affrica, 
and America, from Anno Domini 1593, to 1629. His 
Accidents and Sea-fights in the Straights; his Service 
and Stratagems of warre in Hungaria, Transilvania, 
Wallachia, and Moldavia against the Turks, and Tar- 
tars; his three single combats betwixt the Christian 
Armie and the Turkes. After how he was taken 
prisoner by the Turks, sold for a Slave, sent into Tar- 
taria; his description of the Tartars, their strange man- 
ners and customes of Religions, Diets, Buildings, 
Warres, Feasts, Ceremonies, and Living; how hee slew 
the Bashaw of Nalbrits in Gambia, and escaped from the 
Turkes and Tartars. Together with a continuation of 
his generall History of Virginia, Summer lies. New 
England, and their proceedings, since 1624, to this 
present 1629; as also of the new Plantations of the great 
River of the Amazons, the lies of St. Christopher, 
Mevis, and Barbados in the West Indies. All written 
by actuall Authours, whose names you shall finde along 
the History. Title, Dedication, i leaf. Contents, i 
leaf. Poems, 3 leaves. Text, pp. i-6o. 9 plates. Folio, 
full morocco, extra, red edges. 

London, Printed by F. H. for Thomas Slater, and are 
to bee sold at the Blew Bible in Greene Arbour, 1630 

Inserted Portrait. The large folding plate published with this 
book, and also a fac-simile of it have been cut up and each division 
inserted in the proper places throughout the book. 

3289 Smith. True Travels, Adventures and Observations; — 

and General Historie of Virginia, etc. Portrait and 
maps. 2 vols. 8° boards, uncut. Richmond, 1819 


3290 Smith. True Travels, Adventures and Observations in 

Europe, Asia, Africke and America. — General Historie 
of Virginia, New England and the Summer lies. Maps 
and plates, also reprint of map laid in. 2 vols, in one. 
8® green morocco, extra. Richmond, 1819 

3291 Smith. Advertisements for the unexperienced Planters 

of New England, or any where. Or, The Path-way to 
experience to erect a Plantation. With the yearely 
proceedings of this Country in Fishing and Planting, 
since the yeare 1614 to 1630 and their present estate. 
Also how to prevent the greatest inconveniences, by 
their proceedings in Virginia, and other Plantations, by 
approved examples. Map of the Coast of New Eng- 
land, with portrait of Captain Smith in an upper cor- 
ner. Title, Dedication, i leaf, to the Reader, i page, 
Sea Marke, i page, Contents, i leaf. Text, 40 pp. 
Small 4° calf, gilt. John Haviland: London, 1631 

Contains two chapters (xi and xii) on the settlement of Salem and 
Charlton (Charlestown) and an account of the sad conditions of the 
colony for months after the Winthrop emigration. 

3292 Smith. Advertisements for the unexperienced Planters 

of New England, or anywhere, pp. 72. (With preface 
by Charles Deane.) Fac-simile map. Royal 4** cloth, 
uncut. Boston, 1865 

No. I of only 6 copies printed on India paper. 

3293 Smith. The same. Map. 4® cloth, uncut. Boston, 1865 

Large Paper; only 75 copies printed. 

3294 Smith. The same. Map. 4** paper, uncut. Boston, 1865 

Only 250 copies printed. 

3295 Smith. Adventures and Discourses of Capt. John 

Smith, sometime President of Virginia and Admiral of 
New England. Newly ordered by John Ashton, with 
illustrations taken by him from original sources. Por- 
trait and fac-similes. pp. (20) 309. Small 8° cloth, 
uncut. London, 1883 

3296 Smith. Works of, 1 608-1631. Edited by Edward Ar- 

ber. pp. 984. Maps. 8** boards, uncut. 

Birmingham, 1884 

Presentation copy from the editor, ** The first copy sent to New 

3297 Smith. Captain John Smith (1579-1631), a Study of his 

Life and Writings. By C. D. Warner, pp. 307. 16° 
cloth. New York, 1881 

3298 Smith, John Russell. Bibliotheca Americana, a Cata- 

logue of Books relating to America, pp. 308. 8® half 
morocco. London, 1865 


3299 Smith, J. T. Discovery of America by the Northmen 

in the Tenth Century. Maps and plates. 8** calf, red 
edges. London, 1842 

3300 Smith. An Antiquarian Ramble in the Streets of Lon- 

don, with Anecdotes of their more celebrated Resi- 
dents. Edited by Charles Mackay. pp. 414, 465. 2 
vols. 8® cloth, uncut. London, 1846 

3301 Smith, John J., and Watson, J. F. American Historical 

and Literary Curiosities, consisting of Fac-similes of 
Original Documents relating to the American Revolu- 
tion, etc. Second ed. 69 plates. Folio, cloth. 

Philadelphia, 186 1 

3302 Smith, John Jay. American and Literary Curiosities, 

consisting of Fac-similes of some Plates, etc., relating 
to Columbus, and Original Documents of the Revolu- 
tion. 64 plates. Large folio, half morocco, uncut, 
gilt top. New York, i86o 

Large Paper : Second Series, complete in itself. 

3303 Smith, P. H. Acadia; a lost Chapter in American His- 

tory, pp. 381. 8° cloth. Pawling, N. Y., 1884 

3304 Smith, S. The History of the Colony of Nova-Caesaria, 

or New-Jersey; Containing, an Account of its First 
Settlement, Progressive Improvements, the Original 
and Present Constitution, and other Events, to the 
Year 1721. With some Particulars Since; and a Short 
View of its present state. 8® sheep. 

Burlington, in New-Jersey, 1765 

3305 [Smith, Seba.] Life and Writings of Major Jack Down- 

ing, of Downingville, away down in the State of Maine, 
pp. 260. Second ed. Frontispiece. 12** half calf, 
gilt. Boston, 1834 

3306 Smith, Rev. S. S. An Essay on the Causes of the Va- 

riety of Complexion and Figure in the Human Species, 
pp. Ill, 31. 8® half morocco. Philadelphia, 1787 

3307 [Smollett, Tobias.] Expedition of Humphry Clinker. 

2 vols. 16** sheep, (worn). London, 1788 

3308 Smollett. Adventures of Peregrine Pickle; — Rod- 

erick Random; — Humphry Clinker. 4 vols. 16*^ pa- 
per, uncut. Leipzig, 1845 

3309 Smyth, J. F. D. A Tour in the United States of Amer- 

ica, pp. 400, 456. 2 vols. 8** half russia, gilt. 

London, 1784 

3310 Smyth, William. Lectures on Modern History. Sec- 

ond American Edition, by Jared Sparks, pp. 433, 518. 
2 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. Cambridge, 1843 


331 1 [Snelling, W. J.] Truth; a New Year's Gift for Scrib- 

blers; — The Rat-Trap; or cogitations of a convict in 
the House of Correction. 2 vols. 18** boards and sheets. 

Boston, 1831-7 

3312 Snowden, Richard. History of America, from its Dis- 

covery to the Death of General Washington. 2 maps 
2 vols, in one. 12^ sheep. Philadelphia, 1805 

3313 Snowden. The American Revolution; written in Scrip- 

tural, or Ancient Historical Style; — The Columbiad, a 
Poem on the American Revolution, by R. Snowden. 
Bound together. 16^ half calf, gilt. Baltimore, n. d. 

3314 Society for Propagating the Gospel among the Indians. 

Discourse, by T. M. Harris, Nov. 6, 1823, pp. 50: — 
Report of the Select Committee, May 31, 1855, by (S. 
K. Lothrop), pp. 135; — Sermon, by Alden Bradford, 
Nov. 4, 1830, pp. 51. 3 vols. 8** half roan. Boston. 

3315 Soldier's Pocket Bible. An exact Reprint of the Orig- 

inal Edition of 1643, with a preparatory note by George 
Livermore. pp. 16. 16° morocco. Cambridge, 1861 
Only 100 copies printed. 

3316 Soldier's Pocket Bible. The same. 16® sheets. 

Cambridge, 1861 
Parchment copy. Only 10 copies printed. 

3317 Soldier's Pocket Bible. The same. 8** boards. 

Cambridge, 1861 
Vellum copy. Only 3 copies printed. 

3318 Soldier's Pocket Bible, issued for the Use of the Army 

of Oliver Cromwell, pp. 24. 18° paper. New York. 

3319 Soldier's Pocket Bible. The same. pp. 32. 24® cloth. 

New York. 

3320 SoLEMNE, (A) League and Covenant for Reformation 

and Defence of Religion, the Honour and Happynesse 
of the King, etc., London, 1643. pp. 6. 8° half roan. 

Reprint: Boston, 1852 

3321 SoLis, Antonio de. History of the Conquest of Mexico 

by the Spaniards. Translated by Thomas Townsend. 
pp. 252, 152. Portrait and plates. Folio, calf. 

London, 1724 

3322 SoLis. History of the Conquest of Mexico by the Span- 

iards. Done into English, by Thomas Townsend. pp. 
970. Map and plates. 2 vols. 12° calf. Dublin, 1727 

3323 SoMERs, Lord. The Judgment of whole Kingdoms and 

Nations, concerning the Rights, Power and Preroga- 
tive of Kings, and the Rights of the People. 12th ed. 
pp. 156. 8° half roan. Newport, 1774 

3324 SoMPRS. The same. 8"* paper, uncut. Newport, 1774 


3325 SouTHACK, John. Life of, written by Himself; to which 

is added a History of the State Prison in Charlestown. 
12° half morocco. Printed forthe Author, 1806 

3326 South Boston, Mass. History of South . Boston, for- 

merly Dorchester Neck. By Thomas C. Simonds. pp. 
331. Portraits. 12° cloth. Boston, 1857 

3327 SoMERViLLE, W. C. Letters from Paris, on the Causes 

and Consequences of the French Revolution, pp. 391. 
8° half calf. Baltimore, 1822 

3328 South Carolina. Collections of the South Carolina His- 

torical Society. Volume i. pp. 307. 8** cloth. 

Charleston, 1857 

3329 SouTHEY, Robert. Vindiciae Ecclesiae Anglicanae. Let- 

ters to Charles Butler, comprising Essays on the Romish 
Religion and Vindicating the Book of the Church, pp. 
526. 8^ half calf, gilt. London, 1826 

3330 SouTHEY. Poetical Works of. pp. 810. Portrait. 

Royal 8° half morocco. New York, 1839 

3331 SouTHEY. The Doctor, etc. Edited by John Wood 

Warter. pp. 694. 2 portraits. Square 8** cloth, un- 
cut. London, 1848 

3332 SouTHEY. The Book of the Church. Sixth ed. pp. 

542. 8° calf, gilt. London, 1848 

3333 Southwell, Robert. Marie Magdalen's Funerall Teares. 

London 1634. pp. 204. Portrait. Square 16° morocco, 

gilt edges. Reprinted: London. 

Large Paper. 

3334 Spanish America. Observations on the Instructions 

given by the President of the United States to the 
Representative of that Republic at the Congress held at 
Panama in 1826, etc. pp. 68. 8° half roan. 

London, 1829 

3335 Sparks, Jared. A Collection of Essays and Tracts in 

Theology. 6 vols. 12° half calf. Boston, 1823 

3336 Sparks. An Inquiry into the comparative moral Ten- 

dency of Trinitarian and Unitarian Doctrines, pp. 418. 
8** half calf, gilt. Boston, 1823 

3337 Sparks. Life of John Ledyard, the American Traveller. 

8® morocco, gilt. Cambridge, 1828 

3338 Sparks. The same. pp. 419. 12° half morocco. 

Presentation copy from the author. Boston, 1864 

3339 Sparks. Letter to Lord Mahon, 1852; — Reply to the 

Strictures of Lord Mahon and others, 1852; — Remarks 
on a Reprint of the Original Letters from Washington 
to Joseph Reed, 1853. 3 vols. 8° half roan. Boston. 



3340 Sparks. Correspondence of the American Revolution; 

being Letters of Eminent Men to Washington, from the 
time of his taking Command of the Army to the end of 
his Presidency. Edited from the Original Manuscripts 
by Jared Sparks. 4 vols, imperial 8** cloth, uncut. 
Large paper. Boston, 1853 

3341 Sparks. The Diplomatic Correspondence of the Ameri- 

can Revolution. 12 vols. 8° sheep. Boston, 1829-30 

3342 Sparks. Library of American Biography. Both series 

complete. Portrait. 25 vols. 16^ cloth, uncut. 

Boston, 1838-44 

3343 SPARROW-Hawk. The Ancient Wreck. Loss of the 

Sparrow-Hawk in 1626, remarkable Preservation and 
recent Discovery of the Wreck. Three different edi- 
tions bound in i volume. 12^ cloth. Boston, 1865 
With clippings and tickets inserted. 

3344 Spelman, Henry. Relation of Virginia, 1609. Plate. 18® 

paper, uncut. London, 1872 

Only 100 copies printed for J. F. Hunnewell at the Chiswick 
Press. Presentation copy. 

3345 Spence, Rev. Joseph. Polymetis; or an inquiry con- 

cerning the agreement between the works of the Roman 
poets and the remains of the antient artists, pp. 361. 
Portrait and 41 plates. Large folio, russia, gilt. 

London, 1755 

3346 Spence. A Parallel; in the manner of Plutarch, between 

a most celebrated man of Florence and one scarce ever 
heard of in England, pp. 104. 16^ calf. 

Strawberry Hill, 1758 

3347 Spence. Anecdotes, Observations, and Characters of 

Books and Men, with notes and a life of the author, by 
S. W. Singer, pp. 396. Portrait. 12** cloth, uncut. 

London, 1858 

3348 Spencer, Mass. History of Spencer, to the year i860, 

including a brief sketch of Leicester, to 1753. By 
James Draper. Second ed. pp. 276. Portrait. 8** 
boards, uncut. Worcester, i860 

3349 Spenser, Edmund. Works of; with the principal illus- 

trations of various commentators. To which are added 
notes, some account of the life of Spenser, and a glos- 
sarial and other indexes, by the Rev. Henry John Todd, 
etc. Portrait. 8 vols, imperial 8® boards, uncut. 

London, 1805 

3350 Spenser. The Faerie Queene. With a glossary, pp. 

352, 10. Portrait. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1841 


3351 Spotswood. Genealogy of the Spotswood Family. By 

Charles Campbell, pp. 44. 8° paper, uncut. 

Privately printed : Albany, 1868 

3352 Sprague, Charles. Writings of, now first collected. 

pp. 124, 58. 8° cloth, uncut, gilt top. New York, 1841 

3353 Sprecher, F. Rhetia. pp. 414. 24® vellum. 

Ex officina Elzeviriana Lugd. Batavorum, 1633 

3354 Stamp Act. The General Opposition of the Colonies to 

the Payment of the Stamp Duty, and the consequence 
of enforcing obedience by military measures impartially 
considered, pp. 40; — The Necessity of Repealing the 
American Stamp Act demonstrated, pp. 46; — The 
Grievances of 'the American Colonies candidly ex- 
amined; — Political Debates (on the Stamp Act.) pp. 
18. 4 vols. 8^ half roan. London and Paris. 

3355 Stanhope, Lady Hester. Memoirs of, as related by 

Herself in conversations with her physician. Portrait. 
3 vols. 12® cloth, uncut. London, 1846 

3356 Stanley, A. P. Lectures on the History of the Jewish 

Church. Part L Abraham to Samuel, pp. 572. Maps 
and plans. 8® cloth, uncut. New York, 1863 

3357 Staples, W. R. Documentary History of the Destruc- 

tion of the Gaspee, compiled for the Providence Jour- 
nal, pp. 56. Small 4® half roan. Providence, 1845 

3358 Staples. Rhode Island in the Continental Congress, 

with the Journal of the Convention that adopted 
the Constitution, 1 765-1 790. Edited by R. A. Guild, 
pp. 725. 8® cloth. Providence, 1870 

3359 Stark, John. Memoir and Official Correspondence of 

Gen. John Stark, with notices of several other officers 
of the Revolution. By Caleb Stark, pp. 495. Por- 
trait. 8** cloth. Concord, i860 

3360 Stearns, Samuel. The American Oracle, comprehend- 

ing an account of recent discoveries in the arts and 
sciences. 8° half morocco, uncut. London, 1791 

3361 Stearns, William. Fast Sermon preached in Marl- 

borough, Mass., May 11, 1775. pp. 33. 8° morocco. 

Watertown, 1775 

3362 Stedman, Capt. J. G. Narrative of a five years' ex- 

pedition against the Revolted Negroes of Surinam in 
Guiana, on the wild coast of South America, from the 
year 1772 to 1777, elucidating the history of that coun- 
try, and describing its productions, viz., quadrupeds, 
birds, fishes, reptiles, trees, shrubs, fruits and roots; 
with an account of the Indians of Guiana, pp. 415, 
413. 80 plates. 2 vols. 4° calf, London, 1796 



3363 Stedman, E. C. Poets of America. 12® cloth, uncut. 

Boston, 1885 

3364 Steel, David. Naval Remembrancer; or the gentle- 

man's maritime chronology of the various transactions 
of the late war, from its commencement to 1783. Square 
16** sheep, (broken). London, 1784 

3365 Stephen, Thomas. History of the Church of Scotland, 

from the Reformation to the present time. Portraits. 
4 vols. 8^ cloth, uncut. London, 1843 

3366 Stephens, John L. Incidents of Travel in Central 

America, Chiapas and Yucatan, pp. 424, 474. Num- 
erous plates. 2 vols. 8^ cloth. New York, 1841 

3367 Stephens. Incidents of Travel in Egypt, Arabia, 

Petraea and the Holy Land; — Incidents of Travel in 
Greece, Turkey, Russia and Poland. Map and plates. 
4 vols. 12® cloth, uncut. New York, 1839 

3368 Stephenson, Marmaduke. A Call from Death to Life 

and out of the Dark Wayes and Worships of the World 
where the Seed is held in Bondage under the Merchants 
of Babylon. Written by Marmaduke Stephenson, who 
(together with another dear servant of the Lord called 
William Robinson) hath (since the writing hereof) suf- 
fered death for bearing witnesse to the same truth 
amongst the professors of Boston's jurisdiction in 
New England, pp. 32. Small 4^ full polished calf, by 
Bedford. London, 1660 

See Robinsoii, William, No. 3045, etc. 

3369 Stephenson. A Call from Death to Life, being an ac- 

count of the sufferings of Marmaduke Stephenson, 
William Robinson and Mary Dyer, in New England, in 
the year 1659. London, 1660. 4^ cloth, uncut. 

Providence, 1865 

Only 100 copies privately printed. Presentation copy, with letter 
of the editor. 

3370 Sterne, Laurence. Works of, with a Life of the Au- 

thor, written by Himself. pp. 791. Portrait. 8® 
cloth, uncut. London, 1839 

3371 Stetson Genealogy. Genealogical and Biographical 

Sketch of the Name and Family of Stetson, from 1634 
to 1847. By J- S. Barry, pp. 116. 8** paper. 

Boston, 1847 

337a Steuben. Life of Frederick William von Steuben, Ma- 
jor General in the Revolutionary Army. By Frederick 
Kapp. Second ed. Portrait. 8° cloth. New York, 1859 

3373 Stevens, A. de Grasse. Old Boston, a Romance. 3 
vols. 12^ cloth, uncut. London, 1884 


3374 Stevens, Henry. Catalogue of my English Library. 

pp. 107. 16** cloth, uncut. 

Privately printed: London, 1853 

3375 Stevens. American Bibliographer. Vol. i. Nos. i and 

2. (All published.) 2 vols. 8** paper, uncut. 

Chiswick, 1854 
Only 100 copies printed. 

3376 Stevens. Historical Nuggets. Bibliotheca Americana, 

or a descriptive Account of my Collection of rare Books 
relating to America, pp. 804. 2 vols. 16** cloth, un- 
cut. London, 1862 

3377 Stevens. The same. Vol. 3. Parts i and 2. 2 vols. 16" 

paper, uncut. London, 1885 

3378 Stevens. Historical and Geographical Notes. 1453- 

1869. pp. 40. 8° cloth, uncut. New Yorlf, 1869 

3379 Stevens. Historical and Geographical Notes, 1453- 

1530. pp.54. Maps. 8® cloth, uncut. New Haven, 1869 
Only 75 copies printed. 

3380 Stevens. The same, in the American Journal of Science 

and Arts, for Nov. 1869. 8° paper, uncut. 

New Haven, 1869 

3381 Stevens. The Tehauntepec Railway, its Location, Feat- 

ures and Advantages under the La Sere Grant of 1869. 
Maps and plates. 8® cloth. New York, 1869 

With a copy of ** Historical and Geographical Notes, 1 453-1869 
By Henry Stevens ** inserted. 

3382 Stevens. Schedule of two Thousand American Histori- 

cal Nuggets, taken from the Stevens Diggings in Sep- 
tember 1870 and set down in chronological order of 
Printing from 1490 to 1800. Imperial 8° cloth, uncut. 

Privately printed: Chiswick Press, 1870 

3383 Stevens. Bibliotheca Historica, or a Catalogue of 5000 

volumes of books and manuscripts relating chiefly to the 
history of North and South America, pp. 234. 8** 
boards. Boston, 1870 

3384 Stevens. Sebastian Cabot; — John Cabot, pp. 32. 16® 

cloth, uncut. London, 1870 

3385 Stevens. Historical Collections, Part I, sold by auction, 

in London, 1881. pp. 229. S° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1881 

3386 Stevens. Who spoils our New English Books? 18° 

cloth, uncut. London, 1884 

3387 Stevens. Catalogue of Rare Books relating to America. 

Part I. A-Cot. pp. 48. 12° paper. London, 1885 


3388 Stevens. Recollections of Mr. James Lenox of New 

York, and the Formation of his Library, pp. 211. 
Portrait on India paper. Square 8^ boards, uncut. 
Large paper. London, (Chiswick Press), 1886 

3389 Stevens. The Dawn of British Trade to the East Indies 

as recorded in the Court Minutes of the East India 
Company, 1599-1603. Containing an account of the 
formation of the Company, the first adventure and 
VVaymouth's Voyage in search of the North-West Pas- 
sage. With an introduction by Geo. Birdwood. 8® 
cloth, uncut. London, 1886 

Large paper : only 50 copies printed. 

3390 [Stevens, John.] A New Collection of Voyages and 

Travels, containing: I. A Description of the Molucco 
and Phillipine Islands, by Argensola. II. A New Ac- 
count of Carolina, by Mr. Lawson. III. The Travels 
of P. de Cieza, in Peru. IV. The Travels of the 
Jesuits in Ethiopia, pp. 244, 264. Maps and plates. 
2 vols, small 4** calf, (worn). London, 171 1 

3391 Stevens, Rev. W. B. History of Georgia, from its first 

Discovery by Europeans, to 1798. pp. 503, 524. 2 
portraits. 2 vols. 8° cloth. New York, 1847 

3392 Sternhold and Hopkins. The Whole Book of Psalms, 

collected into English metre. 8** sheep. London, 1754 

3393 Sternhold and Hopkins. The Whole Book of Psalms 

collected into English metre. 18° calf. 

John Baskerville: Birmingham, 1762 

3394 Stickney, Charles E. History of the Minisink Region, 

which includes the present towns of Minisink, Deer- 
park, Mount Hope, Greenville and Wawayanda, N. Y. 
By Charles E. Stickney. pp. 211. 8** boards, uncut. 
^ Middletown, 1867 

3395 Stiles, Rev. Ezra. History of three of the Judges of 

King Charles I. Whalley, Goffe, and Dixwell, who at 
the Restoration, 1660, fled to America, pp. 355. Por- 
trait and 9 plates. 16° sheep. Hartford, 1794 

3396 Stiles. Discourse on the Christian Union, delivered 

before the convention of the Cong. Clergy in the 
Colony of Rhode Island, 1761; — Election Sermon, 
preached at Hartford, 1783. 2 vols. 8® and 16° morocco. 

Boston and Worcester. 

3397 Stiles. Life of. By Abiel Holmes, pp. 404. Por- 

trait by S. Hill. 8° half morocco. Boston, 1798 

3398 Stiles, H. R. Bundling; its origin, progress and de- 

cline in America, pp. 139. Square 16** cloth, uncut. 

Albany, 1869 


3399 Still6, Charles J. How a Free People Conduct a Long 

War, 1863; — Corate de Broglie, the proposed Stadtholder 
of America, 1888; — Life and Services of J. R. Poin- 
sett, 1888; — Religious Tests in Provincial Pennsyl- 
vania, 1885; — Beaumarchais and '* The Lost Million," 
a chapter of the secret history of the American Revo- 
lution. 5 pamphlets. Phila. 

3400 Stith, William. The History of the First Discovery 

and Settlement of Virginia. With the appendix to the 
first part, etc. pp. (8), 331, (5), 134. 8® half mo- 
rocco, gilt. 

Williamsburg: Printed by William Parks, 1747 

3401 Stith. The History of the First Discovery and Settle- 

ment of Virginia. With appendix to the first part, etc. 
(Old map inserted.) pp. (8), 331, (5), 134. S^ crimson 
crushed levant morocco, extra, gilt edges, inside 
borders, by Matthews. 

Virginia printed: London, reprinted, 1753 

3402 Stobo. Memoirs of Major Robert Stobo, of the 

Virginia Regiment. Map. 18® cloth. Pittsburgh, 1854 

3403 Stockbrtdge, Mass. Stockbridge, Past and Present; or 

records of an old mission station. By Miss £. F. 
Jones, pp. 275. 12® cloth. Springfield, 1854 

3404 Stoddard, Solomon. A Guide to Christ; with an epistle 

prefixed, by the Rev. Increase Mather, pp. 85. 16° 
sheep. F. Draper: Boston, 1735 

3405 Stockdale, John. A Geographical, Historical and 

Political Description of the Empire of Germany, Hol- 
land, Italy, etc., compiled and translated from the 
German, pp. 390, 87. Maps. Large 4° half russia, 
(broken). London, 1800 

3406 Stolberg, Count F. L. Travels through Germany, 

Switzerland, Italy, and Sicily. Translated by Thomas 
Holcraft. Second ed. 4 vols. S° half calf, gilt. 
Autograph and bookplate of Robert Southey- London, 1797 

3407 Stone, W. L. Life of Joseph Brant-Thayendanegea; 

including the border wars of the American Revolution. 
Map and portraits. 2 vols. 8** cloth. New York, 1838 

3408 Stone. Life and Times of Red- Jacket, or Sa-Go-Ye- 

Wat-Ha. pp. 484. Portrait. 8** cloth. New York, 1841 

3409 Stone. Uncas and Miantonomoh; or historical dis- 

course delivered at Norwich, Conn., July 4, 1842. 18° 
cloth. New York, 1842 

3410 Stone. The Campaign of Lieut. Gen. John Burgoyne, 

and the Expedition of Lieut. Col. Barry St. Leger. 
pp.461. Map and illustrations. 12^ cloth. Albany, 1877 


341 1 Stone. Memoir of the Centennial Celebration of Bur- 

goyne*s Surrender, held at Schuylerville, N. Y., Oct. 
17, 1877. pp. 189. 8® paper, uncut. Albany, 1878 

3412 Stoneham, Mass. A Brief History of the Town of 

Stoneham, Mass. By Silas Dean. pp. 36. 16^ boards. 

Boston, 1843 

3413 Stonington, Conn. The Defence of Stonington against 

a British Squadron, August 9th to 12th, 1814. pp. 54. 
4^ paper, uncut. Hartford, 1864 

Only i 24 copies privately printed. 

3414 Story, Joseph. Eulogy on General George Wash- 

ington, Marblehead, January 2, 1800. pp. 24. 8^ calf. 

Salem, 1800 

3415 Story. The Power of Solitude, a poem in two parts. 

First ed. pp. 100. 12** boards, uncut. 

Printed by John Russell: Boston, n. d. 

3416 Story. The same. New and improved edition, pp. 

260. Frontispiece. 16° calf. Salem, 1804 

3417 Story. Commentaries of the Constitution of the United 

States. Abridged by the author, pp. 736. 8** half 
calf, gilt. Boston, 1833 

3418 Story. Commentaries on the Constitution of the United 

States. Third ed. 2 vols. 8** sheep. Boston, 1858 

3419 Story. Life and Letters of. Edited by his son William 

W.Story; — Miscellaneous Writings of. Portrait. 3 
vols. 8° cloth. Boston, 1835-51 

3420 Stoughton, John. Our English Bible, its translations 

and translators; — Dissent in its relation to the Church 
of England, by Curteis. 2 vols. 12® cloth. 

3421 [Stour, James.] The Antiquarian Itinerary, comprising 

Specimens of Architecture, Monastic. Castellated and 
Domestic, with other Vestiges of Antiquity in Great 
Britain. Numerous plates. 7 vols. 8® cloth, uncut. 
Large Paper. London, 1816 

3422 Stratton, C. S. Sketch of the Life of Charles S. Strat- 

ton, the Man in Miniature, known as General Tom 
Thumb. 12** half roan (broken). New York, 1847 

3423 0tO1O« Jol|1l. The Annales, or General Chronicle of 

England, augmented by Edmond Hawes. pp. 988 and 
table. Slack Utter. Folio, calf. 

Thomas Adams: London, 1615 

3424 Strickland, Agnes. Lives of the seven Bishops com- 

mitted to the Tower in 1688, pp. 393. 12'' cloth, 
uncut. London, 1866 


3425 Streeter, S. F. Maryland two Hundred Years ago. 8** 

half morocco, gilt edges. Baltimore, 1852 

3426 Strutt, Joseph. Sports and Pastimes of the People of 

England. Second ed. pp. 357. Illustrated by 39 
plates, selected from Ancient Paintings. Royal 4** halj 
calf. London, 1810 

3427 Strutt. Sports and Pastimes of the People of Eng- 

land. New edition by William Hone. pp. 420. 140 
engravings. 8** cloth, uncut. London, 1838 

3428 Stuart. Memoirs of Prince Charles Stuart (Count of 

Albany), commonly called the Young Pretender; with 
Notices of the Rebellion in 1745. By C. L. Klose. 
Second ed. pp. 410, 383. Portrait. 2 vols. 8® cloth, 
uncut. London, 1846 

3429 Suckling, George. Historical Account of the Virgin 

Islands in the West Indies, from their being settled by 
the English near a century past, to their obtaining a 
Legislature of their own in 1773 and the lawless state 
in which his Majesty's subjects in these islands have re- 
mained since that time to the present, pp. 116. 8** 
stitched. London, 1780 

3430 Sullivan, James. Observations upon the Government 

of the United States of America, pp. 55. 8° calf. 

Boston, 1 791 
Inscription on title, " Theophilus Parsons, Esqr., from the Author." 

3431 Sullivan. History of the District of Maine. Map. 8** 

half morocco (name on title). Boston, 1795 

Copy of two Deeds, 1643, inserted. 

3432 Sullivan. History of Land Titles in Massachusetts. 

pp. 392. 8® sheep (broken). Boston, 1801 

3433 Sullivan, John. The Military Services and Public Life 

of Major-General John Sullivan, of the American Revo- 
lutionary Army. By T. C. Amory. pp. 320. Portrait. 
8** cloth. Boston, 1868 

3434 Sullivan, William. Historical Causes and Effects, from 

476 to 1517. pp. 615. 12° cloth. Boston, 183S 

3435 [Sullivan.] Familiar Letters on Public Characters, 

and Public Events, from 1783 to 1815. pp. 468. 12** 
half calf. Boston, 1834 

3436 Sumner, Charles. Fourth of July Oration, 1845; — Re- 

marks on the same, by a citizen, 1845; — ^^^ Beta 
Kappa Address, Aug. 27, 1846; — White Slavery in the 
Barbary States, 1847; — Fame and Glory, 1847; — 
Speech on the Fugitive Slave Bill, Aug. 26, 185a; — 
Sumner Outrage, 1856. 7 vols. 8^ half roan. Boston. 


3437 Summer Cruise; — Ingham Papers; — Ninety Days 

worth of Europe; — Country Living; — Country Think- 
ing; — Gentle Life. 8 vols. 12® cloth. 

3438 SwETT Genealogy. Mementos of the Swett Family. 

By J. W. Thornton. 8"* cloth. Roxbury, 1851 

Only 100 copies privately printed. 

3439 Swift, Jonathan. A Tale of a Tub, written for the 

Universal Improvement of Mankind. To which is 
added, an Account of a Battel between the Antient and 
Modern Books in St. James's Library. With the 
Author's Apology; and Explanatory Notes, by W. 
W[o]tt[o]n, B. D., and others. Fifth ed. pp. 344. 
Plates. 8** calf. London, 17 10 

3440 Swift, Samuel. Statistical and Historical Account of 

the County of Addison, Vermont, pp. 132. Portrait. 
S° paper. Middlebury, 1859 

3441 Sydney, Algernon. Memoirs of. By G. W. Meadley, 

with Appendix, pp. 400. Portrait. 8® half calf. 

London, 1813 

3442 Syllacius, Nicolaus. De Insulis Meridiani Indici Maris 

nuper inventis. With a translation in English, by Rev. 
John Mulligan. Royal 4° half morocco, uncut, gilt 
top. New York, 1859 

Only 100 copies printed. 

3443 Symmes. Rev. Thomas. The Original Account of Capt. 

John Lovewell's *' Great Fight" with the Indians at 
Pequawket, May 8, 1725. New edition, with notes, by 
N. Bouton. pp. 48. Map. 4° half calf. 

Concord, N. H., 1861 

3444 ^Tablet (The), or Picture of Real Life; justly rep- 

\ resenting, as in a Looking-Glass, the Virtues and 
Vices, Fopperies and Fooleries of the Age. pp. 371. 
8® calf. London, 1762 

3445 Tales of the Fireside. By a Lady of Boston, pp. 225. 

12° boards, uncut. Boston, 1827 

3446 Talfourd, T. N. Ion, a Tragedy in five Acts. Fourth 

ed., to which are added Sonnets, pp. 128. 8° half 
morocco. Moxon: London, 1837 

3447 Tallmadge, Col. Benjamin. Memoir of. Prepared by 

Himself. Portrait. 8*" cloth. New York, 1858 

3448 Tanner, H. S. Description of the Canals and Rail 

Roads of the United States, pp. 272. Map. 8® cloth. 

New York, 1840 


3449 Tasso, Torquato. Jerusalem delivered, an Heroic 

Poem. Translated by John Hoole. First American 
edition, pp. 339, 368. Portrait. 2 vols. 8** sheep 

Newburyport, 1810 

3450 Tasso. Jerusalem Delivered. Translated into English 

Spenserian Verse, with a Life of the Author, by J. H. 
Wiffen. Third ed. pp. 560. Portrait. 2 vols. 16** 
half calf. London, 1830 

345 1 Tate and Brady. New Version of the Psalms of David, 

fitted to the Tunes used in Churches. First ed. pp. 
318. 18" calf, gilt, yellow edges. London, 1696 

3452 Tate and Brady. The same. Second ed. pp. 314. 18® 

calf, gilt, yellow edges. London, 1698 

3453 Tate and Brady. New Version of the Psalms of David. 

pp. 232. 8® morocco. London, 1770 

3454 Tatham, J. The Rump; or the Memoir of the late 

Times. A New Comedy, pp. 68. Small 4® half russia. 

London, 1660 

3455 Taylor, Isaac. Natural History of Enthusiasm; — 

Spiritual Despotism; — Fanaticism. 3 vols. 12® half 
morocco. Boston, 1830-34 

3456 Tavler, J. J. A Retrospect of the Religious Life of 

England, or the Church, Puritanism, and Free Inquiry, 
pp. 563. 8** cloth, uncut. London, 1845 

3457 Taylor, Jeremy. A Discourse of the Liberty of Prophe- 

sying. First ed. pp. 267. Engraved title by W. Mar- 
shall, (mounted.) Small 4** half morocco, gilt. 

Printed for R. Royston: London, 1647 

3458 Taylor. The Rule and Exercises of Holy Living; — 

Holy Dying, pp. 424, 327. Portrait. 2 vols. 8** an- 
tique calf, red edges. W. Pickering: London, 1847 

3459 Taylor, John. A Paraphrase with Notes on'the Epistle 

to the Romans, pp. 460. 8** morocco, gilt. 

Dublin, 1746 

3460 Taylor, W. C. Romantic Biography of the Age of 

Elizabeth, pp. 420, 392. Portraits, 2 vols. 8° cloth, 
uncut. London, 1842 

3461 Ternaux, H. Bibliotheque Am^ricaine, au Catalogue 

des Ouvrages relatifsa TAmdrique, qui ont paru depuis 
sa d^couverte jusqu'a TAn 1700. pp. 191. Royal 4° 
cloth, uncut. Paris, 1837 

3462 Terneaux. Notice sur les Imprimeries qui existent ou 

pnt exists en Europe, pp. 146. 8° half roan. 

Paris, 1843 


3463 Terry, G. W. The Alphabet annotated for Youth and 

Adults, in Doggerel Verse, by an Old Etonian. Royal 
4^ cloth. London. 

3464 Thacher, B. B. Indian Biography, pp. 324, 319. Por- 

trait. 2 vols. 16° boards, uncut. New York, 1832 

3465 [Thacher.] Traits of the Tea Party; being a Memoir 

of George R. T. Hewes, one of the last Survivors. Por- 
trait. 16** morocco. New York, 1835 

3466 Thacher, James, Military Journal, during the Ameri- 

can Revolutionary War, from 1775 ^^ 1783; describing 
the events and transactions of this period, with nu- 
merous historical facts and anecdotes. To which is 
added an appendix, containing biographical sketches 
of several general officers, pp. 487. 8° half morocco. 

Boston, 1827 

3467 Thacher. American Medical Biography; or Memoirs of 

Eminent Physicians who have flourished in America, pp. 
436, 280. Portraits. 2 vols, in i. 8** half morocco. 

Boston, 1828 

3468 Thacher. An Essay on Demonology, Ghosts, and Ap- 

paritions; also an Account of the Witchcraft Delusion 
at Salem, in 1692. 16^ morocco. Boston, 1831 

3469 Thacher, Peter. An Oration delivered at Watertown, 

March 5, 1776, to commemorate the Bloody Massacre 
at Boston, March 5, 1770. pp. 15. 4** half morocco. 

Watertown, 1776 

3470 Thacher. Sermon preached October 20, 1793, occa- 

sioned by the Death of Governor John Hancock. 8® 
half calf. Boston, 1793 

3471 Thackeray, Rev. Francis. Researches into the Eccle- 

siastical and Political State of Ancient Britain under the 
Roman Emperors, pp. 335, 290. 2 vols in i. 8** 
boards, uncut. London, 1843 

3472 Thane, J. British Autography; a Collection of Fac- 

similes of the Hand Writing of Royal and Illustrious 
Personages, with their authentic Portraits. 3 vols, 
royal 4** claret straight grained morocco, extra, gilt 
edges. J Thane: London. 

248 fine portraits : Original issue. 

3473 Thane. Supplement to the British Autography, com 

prising 27 portraits, 3 plates of fac-similes, and private 
plate of the late Mr. J. Thane. Published by Edward 
Daniel. Royal 4^ half morocco. London. 

Only 100 copies printed. 


3474 Thayer, Elisha. Family Memorial. Part I. Genealogy 

of Fourteen Families of the Early Settlers of New Eng- 
land, of the Names of Alden, Adams, Arnold, Bass, 
Billings, Capen, etc. Part II. Genealogy of Ephraim 
and Sarah Thayer, with their fourteen children, pp. 
i8o, loo. 8° cloth. Hingham, 1835 

3475 Theological. The Educational Systems of the Puri- 

tans and Jesuits compared. By N. Porter, 185 1; — 
Puritanism; or, a Churchman's Defence against its 
Aspersions, 1845; — History of the Protestant Episco- 
pal Church in America. By S. Wilberforce, 1844; — 
American Unitarianism. By Thomas Belsham, 1815; — 
Christian Politics. By Ely Bates, 1806; — History of 
Moral Science. By Robert Blakey, 1836; — Devotional 
Letters, By Philip Doddridge, 1832; — Smith's Ser- 
mons, 1866. lo vols. 12® and 8** cloth and boards. 

3476 Theological. Sermons and Discourses by P. Dod- 

dridge, J. P. Blanchard, W. H. Furness, W. R. Wil- 
liams, James Mackintosh, N. L. Frothingham, T. 
Dwight, John Jay, Henry Ware, C. P. Cooper, etc. 19 
vols. 8** half roan and cloth. 

3477 Thevet, Andrea. Historia dell' India America detta al- 

tramente Francia Antarctica. Tradotta di Francese in 
Lingua Italiana, da Guiseppe Herologgi. 12" vellum, 
gilt. In Vinegia, 1561 

3478 Thomas, E. S. Reminiscences of the last sixty-five 

years, commencing with the Battle of Lexington, pp. 
300, 299. 2 vols, small 8° cloth. Hartford, 1840 

3479 Thomas, Gabriel. An Historical and Geographical Ac- 

count of the Province and Country of Pensilvania, and 
of West New Jersey in America. London 1698. Map. 
Lithographic Fac-simile. 12*^ cloth. New York, 1848 

3480 Thomas, Isaiah. History of Printing in America. With 

a Biography of Printers, and an Account of Newspa- 
pers. To which is Prefixed a Concise View of the Dis- 
covery and Progress of the Art in other Parts of the 
World, pp. 487, 576. Plates. 2 vols. 8° calf, gilt. 

Worcester, 1810 

With inscription on title " William Lincoln from Isaiah Thomas, 

3481 Thomaston, Me. History of Thomaston, Rockland and 

South Thomaston, Me. By Cyrus Eaton, pp. 468, 472. 
2 vols. 12° cloth. Hallowell, 1865 

3482 Thompson, Benjamin. Essays, Political, Economical 

and Philosophical. By Count Benjamin Rumford. 
First American edition, pp. 464, 496. Portrait and 
plates. 2 vols. 8° sheep. Boston, 1799 


3483 Thompson. Memoir of Sir Benjamin Thompson, Count 

Rumford, with Notices of his Daughter. By George 
£. Ellis. pp. 860. Portraits and plates. 4^ cloth, 
uncut, gilt top. Boston, 187 1 

3484 Thompson, Benjamin F. History of Long Island, pp. 

536. Plate. 8° half roan. New York, 1839 

3485 Thompson. History of Long Island, from its Discovery 

and Settlement to the Present Time. Second ed. Por- 
traits and plates. 2 vols. 8° cloth. New York, 1843 

3486 [Thompson, Charles.] An Inquiry into the Causes of 

the Alienation of the Delaware and Shawanese Indians 
from the British Interest; together with the Journal of 
Christian Post, among the Indians of Ohio. pp. 184, 
67. Map. 8° calf. London, 1759 

3487 Thompson, Richard. Historical Essay on the Magna 

Charta of King John, to which are added the Great 
Charter in Latin and English, and other Charters. 
Thick 8® cloth, uncut. London, 1829 

Large Paper. With heraldic borders to every page. 

3488 Thompson, Waddy. Recollections of Mexico, pp. 304. 

8** cloth, uncut. New York, 1846 

3489 Thompson, Zadock. History of the State of Vermont. 

pp. 252. Map. 16® half sheep. Burlington, 1833 

3490 Thoms, W. J. Human Longevity, its Facts and its Fic- 

tions, pp. 320. 8** cloth. London, 1873 

3491 Thomson, Mrs. A. T. Memoirs of Sarah Duchess of 

Marlborough, and of the Court of Queen Anne. pp. 
573> 475- 2 vols. 8® cloth, uncut. London, 1839 

3492 Thomson. Memoirs of the Jacobites of 17 15 and 1745. 

Portraits. 3 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1845 

3493 Thompson, Peter G. Bibliography of the State of Ohio; 

being a Catalogue of the Books and Pamphlets relating 
to the History of the State, pp. 436. Imperial 8® 
cloth, uncut. Cincinnati, 1880 

3494 Thoresby, Ralph. Diary and Correspondence of. Now 

first published by the Rev. Joseph Hunter. Portrait. 
4 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1830-32 

3495 Thornton, John Wingate. First Records of Anglo- 

American Colonization, pp. 12, Bost., 1859. (Only 250 
copies) ; — Memoir of, with list of his publications, by 
T. C. Amory, Portrait, pp. 20, 1879; — The Landing at 
Cape Cod, 1854. 3 vols. 8° cloth and paper. 

3496 Thornton, Thomas. The Present State of Turkey. 

Second ed. pp. 304, 428. Map. 2 vols. 8° half calf. 

London, 1809 


3497 Thorowgood, Tho. Jewes in America, or, Probabili- 

ties that the Americans are of that Race, with the Re- 
movall of some contrary reasonings, and earnest desiers 
for effectual! Endeavour to make them Christian, pp. 
139. 4** half blue morocco, gilt edges, by Hayday. 

London, 1650 

Title and 2 leaves at the end in fac-simile, and some preliminary 
leaves wanting. 

3498 Thorowgood. Jews in America, or Probabilities that 

those Indians are Judaical, etc. Small 4^ calf, gilt. 

London, 1660 

3499 Thucydides. Translated into English, with Introduc- 

tion, Marginal Analysis, and Index. By B. Jowett. 
Edited by A. P. Peabody. pp. 699. 8° cloth. 

Boston, 1883 

3500 TiCKNOR, George. History of Spanish Literature. 

Third ed. 3 vols, small 8° cloth. Boston, 1863 

3501 TiMPERLEY, C. H. A Dictionary of Printers and Print- 

ing, with the Progress of Literature, ancient and 
modern, pp. 996, 12. Royal 8° polished calf, gilt. 

London, 1839 

3502 Tobacco. Proclamation concerning Tobacco, pp. 4. 

Folio, half calf. (Inner margins repaired). Imprinted 
at London, by Bonham Norton and John Bill, 1624 

3503 TocQUEViLLE, A. dc. Democracy in America. Trans- 

lated by Henry Reeve. Fourth ed. pp. 494, 385. 2 
vols. 8° cloth. New York, 1843 

3504 TocQUEViLLE. Democracy in America. Translated by 

Henry Reeve. Edited, with notes, by Francis Bowen. 

pp. 559, 499. 2 vols, royal 8** cloth, uncut. 

Cambridge, 1864 
Large Paper: only 100 copies printed. 

3505 ToDKiLL. My Lady Pokahontas; a true Relation of 

Virginia; Writ by Anas Todkill, Puritan and Pilgrim. 
With notes by J. E. Cooke, pp. 190. i6° cloth, uncut. 

Boston, 1885 

3506 ToNSTALL, Cuthbert. A Sermon preached on Palm Sun- 

day, 1539 before King Henry VIII. 12* half roan. 

London, 1823 

3507 TooKE, John Home. Memoirs of, together with his 

valuable speeches and writings. By John A. Graham, 
pp. 238. Portrait. 8® boards, uncut, (inscription on 
title). New York, 1828 

3508 ToRREY, Jesse, Jun. A Portraiture of Domestic Slavery 

in the United States, pp. 94. Plates. 8® boards, un- 
cut. Phila., 1817 


3509 ToRRiNGTON, Conn. History of, from its first settle- 

ment in 1737, with biographies and genealogies. By 
Rev. Samuel Orcutt. pp. 817. Portrait. 8** cloth. 

Albany, 1878 

3510 TouLMiN, Joshua. Memoirs of the Life, Character, 

Sentiments and Writings of Faustus Socinus. pp. 471. 
8® half calf. London, 1777 

35 1 1 Town, Ithiel. A Detail of some particular Services 

performed in America, during the years 1776, '77, '78 
and '79. pp. 117. 12** cloth. New York, 1835 

3512 Tracts. Magna Charta, with its history and Defence. 

Edinburgh, 1794; — Trial of Thomas Muir, for sedi- 
tion. Edinburgh, 1793; — Look before ye Loup. By 
Tim Thrum. Edinburgh, 1793; — Love makes a Man, 
a comedy. By C. Cibber. 12** half sheep. 

3513 Tracts. Dummer, J. Defence of the New England 

Charters. London; — Otis, James. Rights of the 
British Colonies. Boston, 1764; — Authentic Account 
of the Proceedings of the Congress held at New York, 
1765. 1767; — Two Papers on the Subject of Taxing 
the British Colonies in America. London, 1767; — 
Justice and Necessity of Taxing the American Colonies. 
London, 1766; — Dickenson, J. Letters from a Farmer 
in Pennsylvania. True Sentiments of America con- 
tained in a collection of letters, etc. London, 1768; — 
Privileges of the Island of Jamaica vindicated. Lon- 
don, 1766; — The late Occurences in North America 
considered. London, 1766; — Correct Copies of the 
two Protests against the Bill to repeal the Stamp Act. 
Paris, 1766. Examination of Dr. Franklin. 1767. 3 
vols. 8° half sheep. 

3514 Tracts. Search after Happiness. Phila., 1774; — 

Armine and Elvira. Phila., 1774; — Observations on 
the Boston Port Bill, by Jpsiah Quincy. Phila., 1774; 
— Summary View of the Rights of British America. 8** 
sheep. Phila., 1774 

3515 Tracts. Search, E. Freewill, P'oreknowledge and 

Fate. London, 1763; — Priestley on Philosophical Ne- 
cessity; — Butterworth, L. Thoughts on Moral Gov- 
ernment. Evesham, 1792. 8° mottled calf. 

3516 Travels. A General History of Travels and Voyages. 

pp. 480. Maps and portraits. 8° sheep. Glasgow, 1810 
Two maps inserted. 

3517 Treaty of Amity, Commerce, Navigation between his 

Britannic Majesty and the United States of America, 
pp. 190. Seconded, 8® sheep. Phila., 1795 


3518 Travers, George. Trial of, for the murder of James 

McKim and Thomas Hasey at the U. S. Navy Yard in 
Charlestown, Nov. 27, 18 14. pp. 91. 8® boards, un- 
cut. Boston, 1815 

3519 Trescott, W. H. The Diplomatic History of the Ad- 

ministration of Washington and Adams, 1 789-1801. pp. 
283. 8° half calf. Boston, 1857 

Autograph of Rufus Choate. 

3520 Trial. Report of the Evidence at the Trial of Levi 

and Laban Kenniston on an indictment for the Robbery 
of Major Elijah P. Goodridge, Dec. 19, 1816. pp. 32. 
8° paper, uncut. Salem, 181 7 

3521 Trial of John R. Buzzell before the Supreme Judicial 

Court of Massachusetts for arson and burglary in the 
Ursuline Convent at Charlestown. pp. 103. Boston, 
1834. (With other tracts bound in.) 8** half sheep. 

3522 Trial. Life of Samuel TuUy, who was executed at South 

Boston, Dec. 10, 18 12 for piracy. Written by himself, 
pp. 36. 8° stitched. Boston, 181 2 

3523 Trial. Report of the Trial of Ephraim Wheeler for a 

rape committed on the body of Betsy Wheeler his 
daughter, a girl thirteen years of age, before the Su- 
preme Judicial Court at Lenox, County of Berkshire, 
on the second Tuesday of Sept., 1805. pp. 57. 8** 
paper, uncut. Newburyport, 1805 

3524 Trial of Jonathan Martin at the Castle of York, March 

31, 1829, for setting fire to York Minster, portrait on 
title, pp. 36; — Account of the Alarming and Destructive 
Fire in York Minster on Feb. 2,* 1829, with a sketch of 
the life of Jonathan Martin. Frontispiece, pp. 36. 2 
vols. 8° paper, uncut. York, 1829 

3525 Trial. Important Trial for Seduction, in the Superior 

Court of New York, before Justice Oakley, Nancy Van 
Haun vs. Silas E. Burrows, Nov. 27-28, 1833. pp. 20. 
8° stitched. n. p. n. d. 

3526 Trial. Full and Authentic Report of the Testimony on 

the Trial of Matt. F. Ward, with the speeches of Crit- 
tenden, Helm, Marshall and Wolfe, and the reply of 
Alfred Allen, pp. 176. 8° paper, uncut. 

New York, 1854 

3527 Trial. Report of the Trial of Rev. Ephraim K. Avery 

for the murder of Sarah M. Cornell, by Richard Hil- 
dreth. pp. 143; — Arguments of Counsel in the close of 
the Trial of Rev. Ephraim K. Avery for the murder of 
Sarah M. Cornell, May 6 to June 2, 1833. pp. 207. 2 
vols. V sheets folded. Boston. 


3528 Trial of a Lady on the Suspicion of Theft, who was 

confined thirty-three days in the Suffolk jail. pp. 11. 
8° paper. Boston, 1829 

3529 Trials. Report of the Trial of Archibald H. Rowan, 

for the distribution of a Libel, Dublin, 1794; — Trial of 
William Skirving, Secretary to the British Convention, 
for Sedition. Edinburgh, 1794. Bound together. 8® 
half sheep. 

3530 Trial. Commonwealth vs. J. T. Buckingham on an In- 

dictment for a Libel, Dec. 1822, pp. 60; — Letter to 
the Hon. Josiah Quincy on the Law of Libel as laid 
down by him in the case of Commonwealth vs. Bucking- 
ham, by (H. G. Otis, Jr.) pp. 62, 1822; — Report of 
the Trial of John N. Maffitt before the Council of the 
Methodist Episcopal Church, in Boston, Dec. 26, 1822. 
pp. 31. 3 pamphlets. Boston. 

3531 Trollope, Mrs. Domestic Manners of the Americans. 

Plates. 2 vols. 12® half calf, gilt, yellow edges. 

London, 1832 

3532 Trollope. The same. pp. 325. Plates. 8** cloth. 

New York, 1832 

3533 TrObner, Nicholas. Bibliographical Guide to American 

Literature, pp. 554. S^ half roan. London, 1859 

3534 Trumbull, Benjamin. History of Connecticut. Vol. 

I, (all published.) Map and portraits engraved by 
Doolittle. 8** sheep. Hartford, 1797 

3535 Trumbull. General History of the United States, from 

the Discovery in 1492. pp. 442. (Vol. I, all published.) 
8° half calf. Boston, 18 10 

3536 Trumbull. A Complete History of Connecticut, civil 

and ecclesiastical, from 1630 to 1764. pp. 567, 548. 
Portrait. 2 vols. 8** sheep. New Haven, 1818 

3537 Trumbull, Henry. History of the Discovery of Amer- 

ica. Folded and other plates, colored. 8** half mo- 
rocco. Boston, 1832 

3538 Trumbull, John. Poetical Works of, with explanatory 

Notes. Portrait and plates, pp. 177. 235. 2 vols, in 
I. 8° blue morocco, extra, red edges. Hartford, 1820 

3539 Trumbull. M'Fingal, an Epic Poem in four Cantos. 

pp. 95. 16° sheep, (stamp on title.) Phila, 1791 

3540 Trumbull. M'Fingal, an Epic Poem. With introduc- 

tion and notes by B. J. Lossing. pp. 322. Portrait. 
Lnperial 8° cloth, uncut. New York, i860 

Large Paper. 


3541 Trumbull. M'Fingal; a Modern Epic Poem, with Ex- 

planatory Notes, pp. 184. 18^ boards, uncut. 

Boston, 1826 

3542 Trumbull. Autobiography, Reminiscences and Letters 

of, from 1756 to 1841. pp. 439. Portraits. 8° cloth, 
uncut. New York, 1841 

3543 Trumbull, Jonathan. Life of Jonathan Trumbull, Sen. 

Governor of Connecticut. By L W. Stuart. Colored 
plates. 8^ cloth. Boston, 1859 

3544 Trumbull, J. Hammond. The True-Blue Laws of Con- 

necticut and New Haven, and the False Blue Laws in- 
vented by the Rev. Samuel Peters, pp. 360. 12° 
cloth. Hartford, 1876 

3545 Trumbull. The Rev. Samuel Peters, his Defenders 

and Apologists. 8** paper. Hartford, 1877 

Only i 50 copies printed, presentation copy. 

3546 Trumbull. A Letter from Rev. Thomas Hooker of 

Hartford, in answer to the complaints of Gov. Winthrop 
of Mass. against Connecticut, pp. 18. 1859; — A Sin- 
gle Leaf at the end of Eliot's Indian Bible, (both edi- 
tions.) 35 copies privately printed, pp. 4. 1865; — 
Origin of M'Fingal. pp. 40. 1868; — Best Method of 
Studying the American Languages, pp. 25, 1870; — On 
Some Mistaken Notions of Algonkin Grammar and on 
mistranslations of words from Eliot's Bible, pp. 19, 
1870; — Re-Interment of the remains of Lady Alice 
Apsley Boteler Fenwick, Old Saybrook, 1870. pp. 24; — 
Composition of Indian Geographical Names, illustrated 
from the Algonkin Languages, pp. 51, 1870; — On 
Some Words derived from languages of North American 
Indians, pp. 14, 1872; — Notes on Forty Algonkin 
Versions of the Lord's Prayer, pp. 116, 1873; — His- 
torical Notes on the Constitutions of Connecticut, 1639- 
1818. pp. 60, 1873. 10 pamphlets. 

3547 Trusler, Rev. John. Chronology; or, the Historian*s 

Vade-Mecum. Eighth ed. pp. 246. 12" calf. 

London, 1776 

3548 Truro, Mass. Truro, Cape Cod, or Land Marks and 

Sea Marks. By Shebnah Rich. pp. 580. Illustrations. 
8° cloth. Boston, 1883 

3549 Tucker, Beverly. The Partisan Leader. Secretly 

printed in Washington (in the year 1836) by Dufif Green, 
for Circulation in the Southern States, but afterwards 
suppressed, pp. 392. 9 vols, 12® boards. 

New York, i86i 


3550 Tucker, St. George. A Dissertation on Slavery; with 

a Proposal for the Gradual Abolition of it, in the State 
of Virginia. Philadelphia printed, 1796. 8° half mo- 
rocco, gilt edges. New York reprinted, x86i 

3551 Tucker, William W. The Valley of Andorra. (By J. 

F. Blade.) pp.66. Map; — The Neutral Territory of 
Moresnet. (By Charles Hoch.) pp. 18. Map. 2 vols. 
12^ cloth. Privately printed: Cambridge, 1882 

3552 TucKERMAN, H. T. America and her Commentators. 

pp. 460. 8** cloth. New York, 1864 

3553 Tudor, Henry. Narrative of a Tour in North America, 

comprising Mexico, pp. 468, 548. 2 vols. 8^ cloth, 
uncut. London, 1834 

3554 Tudor, William. An Oration delivered March 5, 1779, 

to commemorate the Bloody Tragedy of the Fifth of 
March, 1770. pp. 23. 4° half morocco. Boston, 1779 

3555 Tudor. Letters on the Eastern States. Second ed. 

pp. 423. 8° half calf, gilt. Boston, 1821 

3556 TuLLOCH, John. English Puritanism and its Leaders, 

Cromwell, Milton, Baxter, Bunyan, pp. 488; — Leaders 
of the Reformation, Luther, Calvin, Latimer, Knox, 
pp. 413. 2 vols. 12^ cloth, uncut. Edinburgh, 1860-61 

3557 TupPER, M. F. Proverbial Philosophy. Second ed. 

pp. 311. Small 8® morocco, gilt. London, 1838 

3558 Turner, Charles. Anniversary Sermon, preached at 

Plymouth, December 22, 1773. pp. 48. 12** half 
morocco. Boston, 1774 

3559 Turner, Dawson. Catalogue of his Manuscript Library, 

Autographs, Missals, etc., sold by Auction, London, 
June, 1859. pp. 308. Numerous fac-similes. Royal 
8^ cloth, uncut. London, 1859 

3560 Turner, Ohio. History of the Pioneer Settlement of 

Phelps and Gorham's Purchase, pp. 614. 8^ sheets, 
folded. Rochester, 185 1 

3561 TuRELL, Rev. E. (Pastor in Medford). Memoirs of the 

Life and Death of Mrs. Jane Turell; with two Sermons 
preached at Medford, by her Father, Benjamin Colman. 
pp. 172. 16** light polished calf, gilt, yellow edges, by 
Bedford. London, 1741 

3562 TussER, Thomas. Five Hundred Points of Good Hus- 

bandry, pp. 146. Small 4** calf. London, 1672 

3563 TussER. A Hundrethe Good Pointes of Husbandrie; 

copied from the First ed., 1557. pp. 20. Interleaved. 
8^ calf. London, 18 10 


3564 Tyler, J. E. Henry of Monmouth; or, memoirs of the 

life and character of Henry the Fifth, as Prince of 
Wales and King of England, pp. 403, 444. Portrait 
and plate. 2 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1838 

3565 Tyler, Moses Coit. History of American Literature. 

1607-1765. 2 vols. 8** cloth. New York, 1878 

3566 [Tyler, Royal.] The Algerine Captive; or, the life and 

adventures of Dr. Updike Underhill, six years prisoner 
among the Algerines. 2 vols, in one. 16° calf. 

Walpole, N. H., 1797 

3567 Tyler, Rev. W. S. Memorial of Adj. Frazar A. 

Stearns, of the 21st Massachusetts Volunteers, killed at 
Newbern, March 14, 1862. 7 leaves. Portrait. Royal 
4° paper, uncut. 

Printed for the Junior Class of Amherst College. 

3568 Tyndale, William. The New Testament of Our Lord 

and Saviour Jesus Christ, published in 1526. With a 
memoir by George Offor. Bagster's Reprint. Folio, 
212. Portrait. 8** morocco. London, 1836 

3569 Tyndale. The New Testament of Our Lord and Sa- 

viour Jesus Christ. The original edition, 1526. New 
edition by J. P. Dabney. Portrait. 12* half morocco. 

Andover, 1837 

3570 Tyndale. The First Printed English New Testament. 

Translated by William Tyndale. Photo-lithographic 
fac-simile. Edited by Edward Arber. Small 4® half 
roan. London, 187 1 

3571 Tyson, Job R. Discourse before the Historical Society 

of Pennsylvania, Feb. 21, 1842 on the Colonial History 
of the Eastern and some of the Southern States, pp. 
64. 8*^ half roan. Phila., 1842 

3572 Tytler, William. An Inquiry, historical and critical, 

into the evidence against Mary Queen of Scots. 
Fourth ed. pp. 381, 422. 2 vols. 8** calf, gilt. 

London, 1790 

3573 I I NDERHILL, Capt. John. News from America; 
\J or, a new and experimental! discoverie of New 

England, pp. 44. Map. 4** half morocco. 

London, 1638 

This is an early narrative of the first serious trouble with the 
Indians, in 1637, the Pequot War. Captain Underhill was comman- 
der of the Massachusetts forces at the storming of the fort. 

The plan of the Indian fort is executed with a pen. Two leaves 
are too closely trimmed at the bottom. 

Capt. Underhill was one of the three deputies from Poston to the 
General Court, and one of the earliest officers of the Ancient and 
Honorable Artillery Co. 





Hew Em o lands 



War-like proceedings thefetvro yeareslaft 

paft, witb a Figure of the Indian Fort, 

Ai£o Aii&wexy of cWel 
{daces, that as yet hive { 
very few or no Inhabi- t 
tantowhicti would yceld >yi^ < 

l^eciall acconunodatioii 

to fnch as will Piatt 


iMftffs River. 
l,0Mi IJUmL 

€/$zjitctb Iflandu 
PufcifUJWdy. i 
Cm J kg widi about a him* 
dred Iflandr, nccre to 


ByCaptaineloHK Umoskh X'.x.,aCoinfliaikkfc 

in tot Warreathere; 


Prititfidby f.D.htPetir C##r^aiidareto befdldattfaefigiie 
of the Glove in Corae«htU neere the 

Fac-simile of Title Page of "Underhill's Newes from America, 1638." 

No. 3573. 


3574 Union, Me. History of, with a Family Register. By 

J. L. Sibley, pp. 540. Portrait. 12** morocco. 

Boston, 1 85 1 

3575 United States. Return of the whole Number of Persons 

within the several Districts of the United States, pp. 
56. 8** half calf. Phila., 1791 

The first Census of the United States. Autograph of Thomas 

3576 Updike, Wilkins. Memoirs of the Rhode Island Bar. 

pp. 311. 8*^ cloth. Boston, 1842 

3577 Updike. History of the Episcopal Church in Narra- 

ganset, R. 1., including a history of other Episcopal 
Churches in the State, pp. 533. Portrait. 8® cloth. 

New York, 1847 

3578 Upham, C. W. Lectures on Witchcraft, comprising a 

History of the Delusion in Salem, in 1692. 16° half 
russia. Boston, 1831 

3579 Upham. Salem Witchcraft; with an account of Salem 

village, and a history of opinions on witchcraft and 
kindred subjects, pp. 469, 553. Frontispieces. 2 vols. 
8° cloth, uncut. , Boston, 1867 

3580 Upham, Thomas C. American Sketches, pp. 120. 

18° half morocco, uncut, gilt top, (foxed). 

New York, 1819 

3581 Upham. A Philosophical and Practical Treatise on the 

Will. pp. 400. 8® boards. Portland, 1834 

3582 Uring, M. a History of the Voyages and Travels of 

Capt. Nathaniel Uring. pp. 384; — A Relation of the 
late intended Settlement of the Islands of St. Lucia 
and St. Vincent, in America, pp. 135. Maps. 8** 
calf. London, 1726-27 

3583 Usher, James, Bishop of Armagh. The Rights of 

Primogeniture; or, the excellency of royall authority in 
a sermon preached before His Majesty in the Isle of 
Wight, upon the anniversary of his birth day. pp. 12. 
Small 4° calf. London, 1648 

3584 \ /aNBRUGH. Sir John. Plays written by Sir John 

1/ Vanbrugh. pp. 372, 341. Portrait. 2 vols. 12** 
calf. London, 1776 

3585 Vane, Sir Henry. Tryal of Sir Henry Vane, Kt., at the 

Kings Bench, Westminister, June 2nd and 6th, 1662, 
with his speeches and other papers written by him. pp. 
135. Small 4° blue morocco, gilt edges, by Hayday. 

(London), 1662 


3586 Vane, Sir Henry. A MS. volume containing 45 folio 

documents, 1619-1652, warrants drawn on the Receiver 
General by the Committee for the Revenue, and signed 
by Sir Henry Vane, the elder, (spelled ffane). Sir Henry 
Vane the younger, the Regicides Valentine Wanton, 
Sir Henry Mildmay, Cornelius Holland, James Temple, 
Sir Thomas Gray, Humphrey Edwards, Richard Deane, 
Lords Salisbury, Pembrokes, Day and Seale, etc., Denis 
Bond, the favorite of Cromwell, Edward and Alex. 
Popham, and many others. Beautiful sepia portrait, 
stipple, of the elder Vane, engraved portrait of Gover- 
nor Vane, woodcut of Raby Castle, and letter of John 
Waller of London, explaining how the papers came into 
his hands. Bound in small folio, half morocco. 

3587 Varnhagen, F. a. de. Amerigo Vespucci, son Caract^re, 

ses Ecrits, sa Vie et ses Navigations. Map. Small 
folio, cloth, uncut. Lima, 1865 

3588 Varnum, J. M. The Case, Trevett against Weeden; on 

information and complaint for refusing paper bills in 
payment for butcher's meat, in market at par with 
species, tried before the Superior Court of R. L, Sep- 
tember term 1786. pp. 4, 60. 4** half morocco. 

Providence, 1787 

3589 Vassall Genealogy. The Vassalls of New England and 

their immediate descendants. By E. D. Harris, pp. 26. 
8** paper. Albany, 1862 

3590 [Vaughan, Dr. Benjamin.] The Rural Socrates; or, an 

account of a celebrated philosophical farmer, pp. 203, 
13. 8** sheep. Hallowell, 1800 

3591 Vaughan, Samuel, of London. Manuscript Journal, 

76 pages, 8®, of a tour made in America in 1787, from 
June 18, to Sept. 4; including seven water-color plans 
and views. ** Minutes made by S. V. from stage to 
stage on a Tour from Fort Pitt or Pittsbourg in com- 
pany with W. Michael Morgan O'Brien, from thence by 
S. V. only — through Virginia, Maryland and Pennsyl- 
vania." Interesting account of Bethlehem and the 
community there, of Yorighagony Falls, with a colored 
view of Warm Springs, Berkly County, (Va.), with 
colored view of Yorktown battle field, of Mount Ver- 
non, with colored plan and account of his visit to Gen. 
Washington, etc. In Sparks's Washington, vol. g, pp. 
281, is a letter from Washington to Vaughan, Nov. 12, 
1787, as Vaughan was about returning home. It speaks 
of a plan of the house sent by Vaughan to the Gen. , 
probably a copy of this one. Bound in 8** light 
polished calf, extra, yellow edges, by Pratt. 


3592 Vaughan, Rev. Robert. History of England under the 

House of Stuart, including the Commonwealth. 1603- 
1688. pp. 935. 2 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. London. 

3593 Vaughan. Religious Parties in England, their princi- 

ples, history and present duty. pp. 180. 8** cloth, 
uncut. London. 

3594 Vaughan, William. The Golden Fleece. Diuided into 

three parts, vnder which are discouered the errours of 
religion, the vices and decayes of the kingdome, and 
lastly the wayes to get wealth, and to restore trading 
so much complayned of. Transported from Cambrioll 
Colchis, out of the Southernmost part of the iland, 
commonly called the Newfovndland. By Orpheus 
Junior, pp. (i), 13, 149, 105, 96. Map of New- 
foundland. Small 4^ boards, uncut. 

Francis Williams: London, 1626 

Purchas, in his list of '* names of divers honourable persons who 
have undertaken to aduance his Majesties Plantation in the New- 
foundland,*' says, " the Worshipful William Vaughan, Doctor of 
Ciuill Law, hath also vndertaken to plant a circuit in the New- 
foundland, and hath in two yeeres sent thither diuers men and 
women and hee is willing to entertaine such as will be Aduenturers 
with him vpon fit conditions.'* — Purchas his PUgrimes^ Lond., 1625, 
Vol. IV, page 1888. 

3595 Venegas, Miguel. Noticia de la California, y de su 

Conquista temporal, y espiritual, hasta et Tiempo 

presente. Maps and plates. 3 vols, small 4° vellum. 

Madrid, 1757 
Bookplates of George W. Pratt. 

3596 Venegas. Natural and Civil History of California, pp. 

455» 3^7- Map and plates. 2 vols. 8** calf. 

London, 1759 
With bookplates of James Stevens. 

3597 Verburg, Isaak. Reis Beschryving door de Zuid-Zee, 

langs de Kusten van Chili, Peru en Brazil, 1712-1714, 
pp. 406, 16. Numerous maps and plates. Small 4^ 
vellum. Amsterdam, 17 18 

3598 Vermont State Papers, being a collection of records and 

documents, connected with the assumption and estab- 
lishment of government by the people of Vermont, pp. 
567. 8° sheep. Middlebury, 1823 

3599 [Verstegan, R.] A Restitution of decayed Intelligence 

in antiquities concerning the most noble and renowned 
English nation, pp. t^t^^^ 12. Engraved title. 4** calf. 

London, 1634 

3600 Vetromile, Rev. Eugene. The Abnakis and their His- 

tory, pp. 171. 12° cloth. New York, i866 


3601 [Vespucius-Hylacomvlus.] Cosmographiae Introdvc- 

tio cvm qvibvsdam Geometriae ac astronomiae prin- 
cipiis ad earn rem necessariis Insuper quatuor Am- 
erici Vespucij nauigationes. Vniuersalis Cosmo- 
graphiae descriptio tam in solido quam piano, eis etiam 
insertis quae Ptholomaeo ignota a nuperis reperta sunt. 
52 leaves. Small 4*^ olive morocco, gilt edges, very 
fine tall copy. [St. Did,] Septembris, 1507 

This rare tract by Waldsee-Miiller contains the Latin version of 
Vespucius' epistle to Soderini, giving a brief account of his four 

" The idea of calling the newly discovered world America origin- 
ated with the compiler of the work before us. The suggestion to 
which we owe our national name will be found- on the reverse of the 
fifteenth leaf. " See reproduction. 

[Translation. — But now that these parts have been more exten- 
sively examined, and another fourth part has been discovered by 
Americus Vespudus (as will be seen in the sequel), I do not see 
why we should rightly refuse to name it America, namely the land of 
Amerigen or America, after its discoverer Americus, a man of saga- 
cious mind, since both Europe and Asia took their names from 
women : — Jokn Carter Brown Caiaiogue^ 

3602 Vespucius. The Life and Voyages of Americus Ves- 

pucius; with illustrations concerning the navigator and 
the discovery of the new world. By E. E. Lester and 
A. Foster. Portrait. 8° cloth. New York, 1846 

3603 Vicars, John. England's Worthies; under whom all the 

civill and bloudy warres since Anno 1642, to Anno 1647, 
are related. London, 1647. pp. 108. Numerous 
portraits. 12® half roan, uncut. Reprint: London, 1845 

3604 Vincent, Francis. History of the State of Delaware. 

pp. 478. 8® half crimson morocco. Phila., 1870 

3605 Vincent, Rev. H. History of the Wesleyan Grove, 

Martha's Vineyard Camp Meeting, from 1835 ^^ 1858. 
16^ cloth. Boston, 1858 

3606 [Vincent, P.] A True Relation of the Late Battell 

fought in New England between the English and the 
Pequot Salvages. With the present state of things 
there, pp. 24. Small 4° half calf. 

London, M. P. for Nathanael Butter, 1637 

'* The authorship of this exceedingly rare pamphlet, has been at- 
tributed to Vincent by the Publishing Committee of the Massachu- 
setts Historical Society, in their note to the reprint of the Relation, 
in the third volume of their collections." 

" It is a narrative of the battle with the Pequods, fought by Cap- 
tains Mason and Underbill, an account of which was written by the 
last doughty commander and printed in 1638 under the title of News 
from America (No. 3573) Vincent's Relation is of even greater 
rarity than Underbill's. This is attested by the fact that the reprint 
named was made from a mutilated copy, the imperfections of which 
were uncorrected in the reprint, from the impossibility of finding a 
perfect copy for comparison." — Field*! Indian Bibliography. 


o of the jid or last leaf, luirounding ihe printer's mark.) 






btis Anno fupnfcf 

se of the islh leaf, as foUewa:) 

Nunc vers & hc{ pattcs (iint (atitu tuftntx/ 8C 
alia quarta pais per AmaicnVdpuhiinK vtiaCe* 
qiuntibm audictiir>niucntacft:quanon video cut 
Amt* Ijuis iurc vctct ab Amnicoinucntore fagads inge 
iko ni)vux>AnKrigenquafi Amelia' tenam/liueAnK 
licam dicendam:cum & Europa 8c Afia a mulieri* 
bus ftia fortita flnt nomina-Eius fitS & geniri mo» 
Ks ex bis binis Amend nauigadonibus qu{ fequS 
tur liquide intellfgi datur. 

[Translation.— But now that these parts hai 
and another fourth part has been discovered by Amt 
the sequel), 1 do not see why we should rightly refuse t 
of Amerigen or America, after its discoverer Americi 
both Europe and Asia took their names from women- 

America, namely the land 
I, a man of sagacious mind, since 
-/a/rn Carltr Brmvtt Calnlapie.^ 



3607 ViLVAiN, Robert. Enchiridium Epigrammatum Latino- 

Anglicum; an Epitome of Essais, Englished out of 
Latin. 16^ half sheep. London, 1654 

The identical copy described by Lowndes, with autograph of the 
author and an epigram to '* Mr. J. Row " inserted. 

3608 Vindication of the Ministers of the Gospel in and about 

London, from the unjust aspersions cast upon their 
former actings for the Parliament, as if they had pro- 
moted the bringing of the King to capitall punishment, 
pp. II. Small 4° half calf. London, 1648 

3609 Vinton, J. A. The Giles Memorial. Genealogical 

memoirs of the families bearing the names of Giles, 
Gould, Holmes, Jennison, Leonard, and other families. 
By J. A. Vinton. Portrait. 8° cloth. Boston, 1864 

3610 Virgil. The Works of Virgil, translated into English 

verse, by Mr. Dryden. A new edition by John Carey. 
Plates. 3 vols. 8° calf. London, 1806 

36 1 1 Virginia. True Declaration of the Estate of the Colonie 

in Virginia, with a confutation of such scandalous re- 
ports as have tended to disgrace of so worthy an en- 
terprise. Published by the Councell of Virginia, pp. 
60. Small 4** half morocco. London, 1610 

** This tract is an earnest defence of the design of colonizing Vir- 
ginia. It was composed at a time when many urged its absmdon- 
ment." Priced by Quaritch at jf 120. 

3612 Virginia. Nova Britannia. Offering most excellent 

fruits by planting in Virginia, exciting all such as be 

well affected to further the same. London, 1609. 

Edited by F. L. Hawks. Not paged. Royal 4° boards, 

uncut. New York, 1867 

Large paper Reprint; only 50 copies. 

3613 Virginia. The same. 4° boards. New York, 1867 

Only 250 copies printed. 

3614 Virginia. Publick Good without Private Interest; or, 

a compendious remonstrance of the present sad state 
and condition of the English Colonie in Virginia. 
Small 4° paper, uncut. (Reprint), London, 1657 

3615 Virginia. Abridgement of the Publick Laws of Vir- 

ginia, etc. (No titlepage and imperfect at the end.) 
16" half calf. (London, 1728) 

With bookplate of Josiah Quincy. 

3616 Virginia. The Statutes at Large; being a collection of 

all the laws of Virginia, from the first session of the 
Legislature in 16 19 to 1808. By W. W. Hening. 13 
vols. 8° sheep. New York, 1823 

3617 Virginia. Colonial Record^ of Virginia. pp. 106. 

Large 4** paper, uncut, Richmond, 187^ 


3618 Virginia. Report and accompanying Documents of the 

Virginia Commission appointed to ascertain the boun- 
dary line between Maryland and Virginia, pp. 314, 32. 
8** boards. Richmond, 1873 

3619 Virginia. Letters of Thomas Nelson, Jr., Governor of 

Virginia, pp. 71. Royal 4** paper, uncut. 
Only 500 copies printed. Richmond, 1874 

Virginia Hist. Society Publication. New series No. i . 

3620 Virginia. Views of the Constitution of Virginia, con- 

tained in the essays of ** One of the People," etc. pp. 
66. 8"* half calf. Richmond, 1850 

3621 Virginia Historical Society Collections. New series. 

Vols. 1-8. 6 vols, cloth, and 2 vols, paper, uncut. 
Together 8 vols. 8**. Richmond, 1882-89 

Comprises : Spotswood Letters, 2 vols. ; — Dinwiddle Papers, 2 
vols. ; — Huguenot Emigration to Virginia ; — Miscellaneous Papers, 
1672-1865; — Virginia Company, 1619-1624, 2 vols. 

3622 Virginia Historical Society. Discourses at the Annual 

Meetings of the Society. By H. A. Washington, 1852; 
— By W. H. Macfarland, 1851; — By H. B. Grigsby, 
1853; _ By R. M. T. Hunter, 1854; — By J. P. Hol- 
combe, 1856. Bound together. 8° half morocco. 

3623 Virginia. Proceedings of the Va. Hist. Soc, with the 

address of W. \V. Henry, on the early settlement of 
Virginia, 1882; — Discourse on the Life and Character 
of Gov. Tazewell, i860; — Oration by H. B. Grigsby, 
Norfolk, 1831; — Final Report of the Virginia Commis- 
sioners on the Maryland and Virginia boundary, etc. 
12 pamphlets. 

3624 Volney, C. F. View of the Climate and Soil of the 

United States of America, pp. 503. Maps and plates. 
8° calf. London, 1804 

3625 VoLNEY. The Ruins; or, a Survey of the Revolutions 

of Empires, pp. 392. Plates. 8® half morocco. 

London, 1807 

3626 Voltaire, M. de. The Metaphysics of Sir Isaac New- 

ton; or, a Comparison between the Opinions of Sir 
Isaac Newton and Mr. Leibnitz. Translated by D. E. 
Baker, pp. 72. 8° calf. London, 1747 

3627 Voltaire. The Maid of Orleans, or. La Pucelle. Trans- 

lated into English Verse, with Notes, by W. H. Ireland, 
pp. 288, 279. 2 vols, in one. 8^ half calf. London, 1822 

3628 Vries, David Peterson de. Voyages from Holland to 

America, A. D. 1632 to 1644. Translated from the 
Dutch by Henry C. Murphy, pp. 199. Portrait. Royal 
^^ cloth, uncut. New York^ 1853 


3629 \X/ ACE. Master Wace, his Chronicle of the Norman 

Vw Conquest, from the Roman de Rou. Translated 
with notes and illustrations, by Edgar Taylor, pp. 
(29), 314. 8° cloth, uncut. W. Pickering: London, 1837 

3630 Wachsmuth, William. Historical Antiquities of the 

Greeks, with Reference to their Political Institutions. 
Translated by E. Woolrych. pp. 472, 574. 2 vols. 8® 
half roan, uncut. Oxford, 1837 

3631 Waddington, John. Survey of Congregational History. 

pp. 368. 12° cloth. London, 1866 

3632 Wafer, Lionel. A New Voyage and Description of the 

Isthmus of America. Second ed. Copper plates, pp. 
283. 8** calf. London, 1704 

3633 [Wagstaff, Thomas.] A Vindication of K. Charles the 

Martyr; proving that His Majesty was the Author of 
Eikon Basilike, against a Memorandum, said to be 
written by the Earl of Anglesey; — A Defence of tht 
Vindication, etc. Third ed. pp. 162, 96. Small 4^ 
calf. London, 171 1 

3634 Waite, Mrs. C. V. The Mormon Prophet and his Ha- 

rem. Fifth ed. pp. 318. Square 12® half morocco. 

Chicago, 1867 

3635 Walcot, James. " The New Pilgrim's Progress, or, the 

Pious Indian Convert, pp.316. 16® sheep. 

London, 1748 

3636 Walcott, Charles F. History of the Twenty-first Regi- 

ment Ma.ssachusetts Volunteers, 1861-1865. pp. 502. 
Portraits and maps. 8° cloth. Boston, 1882 

3637 Waldron, F. G. The Shakespearean Miscellany, con- 

taining a collection of scarce and valuable Tracts, Bio- 
graphical Anecdotes of Theatrical Performers, with por- 
traits of Ancient and Modern Actors, etc. Large 4® 
russia. London, 1802 

3638 Walker, Charles M. History of Athens County, Ohio, 

and incidentally of the Ohio Land Company, and the 
first Settlement of the State at Marietta, pp. 600. Map 
and portraits. 8^ cloth, uncut. Cincinnati, 1869 

3639 [Walker, Clement.] Relations and Observations, His- 

torical and Politick, upon the Parliament, begun Anno 
Dom. 1640. The four parts complete. Folding plate 
of the Royal Oak and portrait of Cromwell. Small 4** 
calf. Printed in the year 1649-50 

3640 Walker, Sir Edwaird. Historical Discourses upon sev- 

eral Occassions. (Relating to the Reign of Charles I.) 
pp. 369, 98. 5 portraits inserted. Folio, calf. 

London, 1705 


3641 Walker, Sir Hovenden. A Journal; or full Account of 

the late Expedition to Canada, pp. 304. 8** half calf, 

gilt. London, 1720 

Sir Hovenden Walker was the naval commander of the Great Ex- 
pedition against Canada which sailed from Boston in 1710, but which 
proved a complete failure. 

3642 Walker, Thomas. Journal of an Exploration in the 

Spring of the year 1750, with a preface by William C. 
Rives. Frontispiece, pp. 69. Small 4** boards, uncut. 

Reprint: Boston, 1888 

3643 Wallabout Prison Ships. Martyrs to the Revolution in 

the British Prison-Ships in the Wallabout Bay. pp. 64. 
Map. 8** half roan, gilt. New York, 1855 

3644 Wallace, J. W. An Address Delivered at the Celebra- 

tion of the Two Hundredth Birth Day of William Brad- 
ford, who Introduced the Art of Printing into the Mid- 
dle Colonies of British America, pp. 114. Fac-similes. 
8** boards, uncut. Albany, 1863 

3645 Walpole, Horace. Catalogue of the Royal and Noble 

Authors of England, Scotland, and Ireland, with Lists 
of their Works. Enlarged and continued to the present 
Time, by Thomas Park. Numerous portraits. 5 vols. 
8® cloth, uncut. London, 1806 

3646 Walpole. Memoirs of the Reign of King George the 

Third. Edited with notes, by Sir Denis Le Merchand. 
Portraits. 4 vols. 8® cloth, uncut. London, 1845 

3647 Walpole. Letters of, including numerous letters, now 

first published from the original manuscript, 1 735-17971 
6 vols. 1840; — Letters addressed to the Countess oJF 
Ossory, from 1769 to 1797. Edited with notes by R. 
V. Smith, 2 vols. 1848; — Letters to Sir Horace Mann. 
4 vols. 1843. Portraits. Together 12 vols. 8** cloth, 
uncut. London. 

3648 Walsh, Robert, Jr. An Appeal from the Judgements of 

Great Britain respecting the United States of America. 
Second ed. pp. 512. 8° half morocco, uncut, gilt top. 

Phila., 1819 

3649 Walter, T. The Sweet Psalmist of Israel, a Sermon 

Preach'd at the Lecture held in Boston, by the Society 
for promoting Regular and Good Singing, and for Re- 
forming the Depravations and Debasements our Psalm- 
ody labours under. In order to introduce the proper and 
true Old Way of Singing. By Thomas Walter, M. A., 
Minister of a Church in Roxbury. . . . pp. 28. 16° 
half morocco. Boston: Printed by J. Franklin for S. 
Gerrish, near the Brick Meeting-Housein Cornhill, 1722 
Autograph of *'Samuel Holyoke, 1722." 


3650 Waltham, Mass. Past and Present, and its Industries. 

By C. A. Nelson, pp. 152. 55 photographs. Small 4" 
cloth. Cambridge, 1882 

3651 Walton, Izaak. The Lives of Donne, Wotton, Hooker, 

Herbert and Sanderson. pp. 442. Portraits. 48° 
cloth, uncut. London, 1827 

Pickering's miniature edition. 

3652 Walton and Cotton. The Complete Angler. Frontis- 

piece, pp. 314, 8. 48** cloth, uncut. London, 1825 
Pickering's miniature edition. 

3653 WaltzemOller. Martin Hylacomylus Waltzemtlller, ses 

Ouvrages, et ses Collaborateurs. (By Avezac.) pp. 176. 
8° paper, uncut. Paris, 1867 

3654 Wansey, Henry. An Excursion to the United States of 

North America, in the Summer of 1794. pp. 270. Por- 
trait of Washington. 16° half calf. Salisbury, 1798 

3^555 Wansey. The same. pp. 290, 24. Portrait of Washing- 
ton. 8** half roan, uncut. Salisbury, 1796 

3656 War of 1812. Essex Junto and the British Spy, 1812 ; — 
Report of the Committee on the Impressed Seamen, 
1813; — Speech of Gov. Strong, 1813; — Speech of R. 
G. Harper, Jan 20, 1814; — Messages from the Presi- 
dent of the U. S. on the negotiations of Peace with Great 
Britain, 1814; — Important State Papers, by James 
Madison. 6 vols. 8^ half roan. Salem and Boston. 

3^57 [Warburton, George.] The Conquest of Canada. 
Second ed. pp. 432, 508. Portraits. 2 vols. 8° cloth, 
uncut. London, 1850 

3658 Warp, Edward. A Collection of the Writings, hitherto 

extant, of Mr. Edward Ward. Folio, half calf. 

London, 1700-1 

Contains: Part VIII, A Trip to Jamaica, and Part XIX, A 
Trip to New England ; with a character of the Country and People, 
both English and Indians. Part XIII, London Spy. 

" Ned Ward was a graceless scamp. His Trip to New England 
fairly matches the Rev. Sam Peters' History of Connecticut. " 

3659 Ward, Rev. Nathaniel. The Simple Cobler of Agavvam 

in America. Willing to help 'mend his Native Country, 
lamentably tattered, both in the upper-Leather and sole, 
with all the honest stitches he can take. And as willing 
never to bee paid for his work by Old English wonted 
pay. It is his Trade to patch all the year long. pp. 72. 
Second ed. Small 4® sheets, (a few leaves wanting at 
the end, corner of title neatly restored in fac-simile and 
two leaves remargined.) 
J. Dever & R. Ibbitson for Stephen Bowtell: Lond., 1647 


3660 Ward. The Simple Cobler of Agavvam, etc. pp. 80. 

Third ed. 4** calf. London, 1647 

3661 Ward. The same. Fourth ed. 4** half morocco. (Ti- 

tle mounted and corner of i leaf mended.) London, 1647 

3662 Ward. The same. Fifth ed. 16*' sheep. London, 17x3 

3663 Ward. The same. Edited by D. Pulsifer. 8** cloth. 

Boston, 1843 

3664 Ward. Memoir of the Rev. Nathaniel Ward, Author of 

the Simple Cobbler of Agawam in America, with notices 
of his Family. By John Ward Dean. pp. 213. 8° cloth, 
uncut. Albany, 1868 

3665 [Ward.] A Word to Mr. Peters and two Words for the 

Parliament and Kingdom ; or, an Answer to a scandalous 
Pamphlet, entitled: A Word for the Armie, and two 
Words to the Kingdom, Subscribed by Hugh Peters, 
pp. 38. Small 4° half calf. London, 1647 

3666 Ward. A Sermon preached before the honorable House 

of Commons at their late Monethly Fast, June 30, 
1^57- PP* 27. Small 4^ calf. London, 1647 

3667 Ward, R. P. An Historical Essay on the real Charac- 

ter and Amount of the Precedent of the Revolution of 
1688. pp. 298, 334. 2 vols, in I. 8^ cloth, uncut. 

London, 1838 

3668 Warden, D. B. On the Origin, Nature, Progress and 

Influence of Consular Establishments, pp. 331. 8^ 
mottled sheep. Paris, 1813 

3669 Warden. Statistical, Political and Historical Account 

of the United States of North America. Map. 3 vols. 
8° boards, uncut. Edinburgh, 1819 

3670 Warren, J. C. The Great Tree on Boston Common. 

pp. 20. Frontispiece. 8** cloth. Boston, 1855 

3671 Warren, John. Eulogy on the Honorable Thomas Rus- 

sell, delivered May 4, 1796. pp. 31, 3. 4** morocco. 

Boston, 1796 

3672 Warren, John. Life of John Warren, Surgeon-General 

during the War of the Revolution. By Edward Warren, 
pp. 568. Portrait. 8° cloth. Boston, 1874 

3673 Warren, Jonathan Mason, M.D. Memoir of. By H. 

P. Arnold. Portrait. 8° cloth, uncut. 

Privately printed: Boston, 1886 

3674 Warren, Joseph. Life and Times of. By Richard 

Frothingham. Portrait. 8** cloth. Boston, 1865 

3675 Warren, Mrs. Mercy. Poems, Dramatic and Miscel- 

laneous, pp. 252. 12® sheep. Boston, 1790 

Bookplate of Williams. 


3676 Warren. History of the Rise, Progress and Termina- 

tion of the American Revolution. 3 vols. 8** half mo- 
rocco. Boston, 1805 

3677 Warren, Me. Annals of the Town of Warren, with the 

early history of St. George's, Broad Bay, and the 
neighboring settlements on the Waldo patent. By 
Cyrus Eaton, pp. 437. 12° cloth. Hallowell, 1851 

3678 Warren, R. I. Discourse, by J. P. Tustin, at the 

Dedication of the New Baptist Church, May 8, 1845, 
with a history of Warren, R. I., by G. M. Fessenden. 
18® cloth. Providence, 1845 

3679 Warton, Thomas. History of English Poetry, from 

the close of the eleventh century to the commencement 
of the eighteenth century. From the edition of 1824, 
superintended by Richard Price. Portrait. 3 vols. 8** 
cloth, uncut. London, 1840 

3680 Warville, J. P. de. New Travels in the United States 

of America, performed in 1788. pp. 483, 6. 8^ half 
roan, uncut. London, 1792 

3681 Warwick, R. I. History of, from 1642 to the present 

time. By O. P. Fuller, pp. 380. Illustrations. 8** 
cloth. Providence, 1875 

3682 Washburn, Emory. Sketches of the Judicial History 

of Massachusetts, from 1630 to 1775. PP* 4°7* ^** cloth. 

Boston, 1840 

3683 Washington, George. The Writings of George Wash- 

ington; being his correspondence, addresses, messages, 
and other papers, official and private, selected and pub- 
lished from the original manuscripts, with a life of the 
author, notes and illustrations by Jared Sparks. Por- 
traits. 12 vols, imperial 8® cloth, uncut. Boston, 1837 
Large Paper. 

3684 Washington. A Political Epistle to his Excellency 

George Washington, Esq., Commander-in-Chief of the 
Armies of the United States of America, from an in- 
habitant of the State of Maryland. To which is an- 
nexed a short sketch of General Washington's life and 
character, pp. 24. Portrait by Sharp. 4° half calf, 
gilt, (remargined). 
Annapolis: Printed, 1779. London: Reprinted, 1780 

3685 Washington. A Poetical Epistle to his Excellency 

George Washington, from an Inhabitant of the State 
of Maryland. Annapolis, 1779. pp. 24. Royal 4® 
paper, uncut. Reprint: Albany, 1865 

Lajlob Pafxr ; only 25 copies printed. 


3686 Washington. Official Letters to the American Con- 

gress, written during the war between the United Colo- 
nies and Great Britain, pp. 364, 384. 2 vols. 8° sheep. 

London, 1795 

3687 Washington. Epistles, Domestic, Confidential, and 

Official, pp. 303. 8® boards, uncut. New York, 1796 

3688 Washington. The same. Portrait by Rollinson after 

Savage. 8** morocco, gilt. New York, 1796 

3689 Washington. Address of, to his Fellow Citizens on 

Declining being considered a candidate for their future 
Suffrages. 16** half morocco. Boston, 1796 

3690 Washington. Letters from His Excellency George 

Washington, President of the United States of America 
to Sir John Sinclair on Agricultural and other interest- 
ing subjects, pp. 57. 4° half morocco. London, 1800 

3691 Washington. Letters to Arthur Young and Sir John 

Sinclair, containing an account of his husbandry, pp. 
128. 8° half roan, (foxed). Alexandria, 1803 

3692 Washington. Reprint of the Original Letters from 

Washington to Joseph Reed, during the American 
Revolution, referred to in the pamphlets of Lord Mahon 
and Mr. Jared Sparks. By W. B. Reed. pp. 155. 8® 
half roan. Phila., 1852 

3693 Washington. Diary of George Washington, from 1789 

to 1791. Edited by B. J. Lossing. pp. 248. 8° cloth. 

Richmond, 1861 

3694 Washington's Political Legacies; to which is annexed 

an appendix containing an account of his death, etc. 
pp. 208, 14. 8° sheep. Boston, 1800 

3695 Washington. Farewell Address. Portrait by Leney. 

t6° morocco. Albany, 1810 

3696 Washington. Farewell Address to the People of the 

United States. Embellished with arabesque designs 
and illuminations. 12 leaves. Portrait. F^olio, antique 
morocco, gilt edges. Phila., 1858 

3697 Washington. A Heliotype of Washington's Autograph 

Address to the Officers of the American Army, at New- 
burg, N.Y., March 15, 1783. Folio, paper. 

Published by the. Mass. Hist. Society: Boston, 1876 

3698 Washington. An Inquiry into the Formation of Wash-, 

ington's Farewell Address. By Horace Binney. pp. 
250. 8"^ cloth. Phila., 1859 

3699 Washington; his Person as represented by the Artists. 

The Houdon Statue, its History and Value, pp. 23. S" 
boards. Washington, 1873 


3700 Washington. General Washington's Farewell Address. 

pp. 24, n. p. n. d. ; — Commemoration of Washington, a 
discourse by G. E. Ellis, Feb. 22, 1857, pp. 30; — 
Oration before the Mass. Legislature on the looth anni- 
versary of the birth of Washington, by F. C. Gray, pp. 
80. 3 vols. 8° half roan. 

3701 Washington. Eulogies and Orations on the Life and 

Death of General George Washington, pp. 304. 8** 
half calf, gilt. Boston, 1800' 

3702 Washington. Eulogy on George Washington, George- 

town, 1800. By Francis Kinloch. pp. 19. Royal 8^ 
paper, uncut. New York, 1867 

Privately printed, only 60 copies. 

3703 Washington. Eulogy, by Thomas Paine, 1800; — Ad- 

dress in Latin, by Joseph Willard, 1800; — Fac-Similes 
of the Memorial Stones of the last English Ancestors of 
George Washington, 1862; — Farewell Address in Eng- 
lish and German, 1852; — Libels on Washington, by 
George H. Moore, 1889; — Portrait of Washington ; — 
Washington Papers, etc. 9 pamphlets. 

3704 Washington. Monuments of Washington's Patriotism; 

containing a Fac-simile of his Publick Accounts kept 
during the Revolutionary War. Portrait. Folio, roan. 

Washington, 1838 

3705 Washington. The same. Folio, roan. Washington, 1841 

3706 Washington. The same. Folio, cloth. Brooklyn, 1857 

3707 Washington. Life of. By John Marshall. Portrait 

and numerous maps. 5 vols. 8** half roan, gilt, red tops. 

London, 1804 

3708 Washington. Life of. By John Marshall. Second ed. 

pp. 460, (42), 448, (32). Portrait. 2 vols. 8® sheep. 

Phila., 1833 

3709 Washington. Atlas to Marshall's Life of Washington, 

containing maps and subscribers' names. 4° boards. 

Phila., 1807 

3710 Washington. Life of George Washington. By David 

Ramsay. Portrait by Heath. 8** half green morocco. 

London, 1807 

37 11 Washington. The same. Portrait by Leney. 8° half 

green morocco. New York, 1807 

3712 Washington. Life of George Washington. By Ed- 

ward Everett, pp. 348. Portrait. 8** cloth, uncut. 

New York, 1869 
Thick paper copy. 


3713 Washington. Memorials of Washington and of Mary, 

his mother, and Martha, his wife. By James Walter. 
Portraits. 4® half morocco, uncut. N. Y., 1887 

3714 Washington. Life of. By John Corry, London, 1800; 

— Will of Gen. Washington, to which is annexed a 
schedule of his property, London, 1800. Bound to 
gethcr. 16° half sheep. 

3715 Washington. Life of. By M. L. Weems. pp. 228. 

Portrait and cuts. 12** sheep. Phila., 1832 

3716 Washington. Washington in Domestic Life. By Rich- 

ard Rush. pp. 85. 8® cloth. Phila., 1857 

3717 Washington. Life of. By J. T. Headley. pp. 477. 

Plates. 8** cloth. New York, 1856 

3718 Washington. Life of. Written by Himself. Edited 

by C. W. Upham. pp. 443, 423. 2 portraits. 2 vols. 
12^ cloth, uncut. London, 185 1 

3719 Washington. Memory of Washington, comprising a 

Sketch of his Life and Character and the National Tes- 
timonials of Respect, pp. 246. Portrait by Hamlin 
after E. Savage. 12® sheep. Newport, R. L, 1800 

3720 Washington. An Historical Biography. By Thomas 

E. Scudder. Portrait and illustrations. 16** cloth, un- 
cut. Boston, 1889 

3721 Washington. Recollections and Private Memoirs of 

Washington. By G. W. P. Custis. Edited by B. J. 
Lossing. pp. 644. Portraits. 8** cloth. New York, i860 

3722 WASHiNGTON-Crawford Letters. Being the Corres- 

pondence between George Washington and William 
Crawford, from 1767 to 1781, concerning Western 
Lands. Arranged and annotated by C. W. Butterfield. 
pp. 103. 8** cloth, uncut. Cincinnati, 1877 

3723 Washington Benevolent Society of Mass. Directory 

containing Names, Places of Business, and Residence of 
Members. 12° paper. Boston, 1813 

3724 Waters, Henry F. Genealogical Gleanings in England. 

Parts 1-13. 13 parts 8° paper. Boston. 

3725 Waterston, R. C. Address on the Life of Thomas 

Sherwin, Nov. 16, 1870; — Letter to the Massachusetts 
Historical Society from San Francisco, 1870; — Semi- 
centennial Anniversary of the English High School, 
May 2, 1871, with poem; — Remarks on the Life and 
Writings of Charles Sprague, 1875 J — Tribute to W. C. 
Bryant, June 13, 1878; — Memoir of George Sumner, 
1880; — Educational Principle, 1881; — Address at a 
Meeting, Jan. 29, 1882; — English High School Asso- 
ciation, its origin and purpose, 1882; — Brief Memoir of 
R. C. Waterston, 1869. 10 pamphlets. Boston. 


3726 Watertown, Mass. Historical Sketch of Watertown, 

from its first Settlement to the close of the Second Cen- 
tury. By Convers Francis, pp. 151. 8** half morocco. 

Cambridge, 1830 

3727 Watertown. Genealogies of the Families and Descend- 

ants of the Early Settlers of Watertown, including Wal- 
tham and Weston; to which is appended the early His- 
tory of the Town. By Henry Bond. pp. 1094. Maps 
and portraits. 8® cloth. Boston, 1855 

3728 Watson, Elkanah. History and Rise, Progress, and 

existing Condition of the Western Canals in the State 
of New York, from 1788 to 18 19. pp. 212. Fine por- 
trait and map. 8^ half morocco, uncut, red top. 

Albany, 1820 

3729 Watson. Men and Times of the Revolution; or Me- 

moirs of Elkanah Watson, including his Journals of 
Travels in Europe and America, from 1777 to 1842. By 
W. C. Watson. Second ed. Portrait. Large 12® 
cloth. New York, 1857 

3730 Watson. Pioneer History of the Champlain Valley. 

pp. 231. 8° paper, uncut. Albany, 1863 

3731 Watson, J. F. Memoir of John Fanning Watson, the 

Annalist of Philadelphia and New York. By Benj. 
Dorr. Portrait. 8** cloth. (Library stamp.) Phila., 1861 

3732 Watson, Rev. John Lee. Paul Revere's Signal; the 

true Story of the Signal Lanterns in Christ Church, Bos- 
ton. (With Remarks by Charles Deane.) pp. 16. 8** 
cloth, uncut. Cambridge, 1877 

3733 Watt, R. Bibliotheca Brittanica; or a General Index of 

British and Foreign Literature. 4 vols. 4** half morocco. 

Edinburgh, 1824 

3734 Watts, Isaac. Hymns and Spiritual Songs in three 

Books, pp. 264, 84. 40th ed. 16** morocco, (broken). 

Newburyport, 1784 

3735 Watts. The Psalms of David imitated in the Language 

of the New Testament. First Worcester edition, pp. 
224. 12° sheep. Isaiah Thomas: Worcester, 1786 

Autograph of Jo$iah Quincy. 

3736 Watts. The Psalms of David imitated. New edition. 

pp. 256, table. 18** morocco. Boston, 1787 

3737 Watts. Psalms and Hymns. New edition, illustrated 

with 20 designs by Martin and Westall. pp. 640. 8° 
cloth, uncut. London, 1845 

3738 Webster, Daniel. Works of, with Biographical Memoir 

of his Public Life, by Edward Everett. Portraits and en- 
gravings. 6 vols, imperial 8® cloth, uncut. Boston, 1851 
Large Paper: Subscriber's copy. 


3739 Webster. The Private Correspondence of, edited by 

Fletcher Webster. Portraits. 2 vols, imperial 8® cloth, 
uncut. Boston, 1857 

Large Paper. 

3740 Webster. Life and Memorials of. From the New York 

Daily Times, pp. 261, 300. 2 vols. 16** cloth. 

New York, 1853 

3741 Webster. Memoir of. By S. L. Knapp. pp. 234. 

Portrait. 12** cloth, uncut. Boston, 183 1 

3742 Webster. Address at the Laying of the Corner Stone 

of Bunker Hill Monument, fifth ed., 1825; — Discourse 
on John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, Aug. 2, 1826; — 
Discourse at Plymouth, Dec. 22, 1820; — Letter to 
Webster, by a traveller, 1840; — Address at Bunker 
Hill, June 17, 1843; — Defence of the Christian Reli- 
gion, Feb. 10, 1844; — Speech at Marshfield, Sept. i, 
1848; — Speeches of Hayne and Webster on the Foot 
Resolution, 1849; — The same, 1850; — Sp.eech on 
Clay's Resolutions, March 7, 1850; — Letter from the 
Citizens of Newport, to Webster, 1850; — Conscience 
and the Constitution, 1850. 12 vols. 8^ half roan and 
boards. Boston, 1825-50 

3743 Webster. Speech on Slavery, March 7, 1850; — Address 

at Washington, July 4, 185 1; — Speeches at Buffalo, 
Syracuse and Albany, May, 185 1; — Address to the 
N. Y. Historical Society, Feb. 23, 1852; — Review of a 
Discourse on the Death of Webster, 1853; — Whipple's 
Life and Services of Webster, 1852; — Personal Memoirs 
of, 185 1 ; — Last years of, by G. T. Curtis, 1878; — In- 
auguration of the Statute of Webster, Sept. 17, 1859; — 
Address and Proceedings of the Friends of Webster in 
Faneuil Hall, Sept. 15, 1852; — Catalogue of his Libra- 
ry. Sold by auction, Boston, 1870. 12 pamphlets. 


3744 Webster, J. W. Description of the Island of St. Michael. 

pp.244. Map and plates. 8^ boards. Boston, 1821 

3745 Webster Trial. Illegality of the Trial, by L. Spooner, 

1850; — Statement of Reasons showing the illegality of 
the verdict, 1850; — Webster Trial, (Monthly Law Re- 
porter); — Review of the Webster Case, by a member of 
the New York Bar, 1850; — Extraordinary Confession of 
J. W. Webster, 1850. 5 vols. 8° half roan and paper. 

New York and Boston. 

3746 Webster, Mrs. M. M. Pocahontas; a legend. With 

historical and traditionary notes. Frontispiece. 12° 
original boards. Phila., 1840 


3747 Webster, Noah. Letters to a Young Gentleman com- 

mencing his Education; to which is subjoined a brief 
history of the United States. 8® sheep. 

New Haven, 1823 

3748 Webster. Elementary Primer, pp. 36. 18° paper. 

John Wilcox: Newport, N. H., 1834 

3749 Webster. American Dictionary of the English Lan- 

guage, thoroughly revised and greatly improved, by C. 
A. Goodrich and Noah Porter. 2 portraits on India 
paper. 2 vols, folio, half morocco. 

Riverside Press: Cambridge, 1865 
Large paper ; only 250 copies printed. 

3750 Weems, M. L. The Philanthropist; or a good twenty- 

five cent's worth of political love powder for honest 
Adamites and Jeffersonians. pp. 30. 8** half roan, 
gilt, uncut. Dumfries, (1798) 

3751 Weems. God's Revenge against Adultery; — The Drunk- 

ard's Looking Glass; — God's Revenge against Duelling; 
— God's Revenge against Gambling; — God's Revenge 
against Murder. Bound in one vol. Illustrations. 8*^ 
half sheep. Phila., 1818-23 

3752 Weever, John. Ancient Funerall Monuments within 

the United Monarchic of Great Britain, Ireland, and 
the Islands adiacent, with the dissolued monasteries 
therein contained, etc. Engraved title and portrait. 
Folio, sprinkled calf, extra, by Cecil & Larkins. 

London, 1631 

3753 Weise, a. J. The Discoveries of America to the year 

'S^S- PP- 3^0. Maps. 8** cloth, uncut, gilt top. 

New York, 1884 

3754 Welde, Thomas and Winthrop, John. Antinomians and 

Familists condemned by the Synod of Elders in New Eng- 
land. With the Proceedings of the magistrates against 
them, and their apology for the same. Together with 
a memorable example of God's judgments upon some of 
those persons so proceeded against. Title, To the 
Reader (in MS.) i page, Preface (in M.S.) pp. 21. 
Text pp. 66. Small 4® crimson crushed levant morocco 
extra, gilt edges, by Pratt. (The titlepage skilfully 
mended in the margin). 

Printed for Ralph Smith: London, 1644 

This is the original edition of the ** Short Story," with the Preface 
by Welde and one page " To the Reader ** as it appeared in the latter 
copied in an early hand, inserted after the title page. 

On the reverse of the title is the following note in a contempora- 
neous hand: 

** True copy as I learned from M. T. W. that was there, etc." 


3755 Welde, Thomas and Winthrop, John. A Short Story of 

the Rise, Reign and Ruine of the Antinomians, Fami- 
list and Libertines, that infected the churches of New 
England. Title, to the Reader, i p. Preface i6 pp. 
Text 16 pp. Small 4** calf. 

Printed for Ralph Smith: London, 1644 

Mr. Deane was the earliest to discover (in February 1851 ) Win- 
throp*s authorship to this book, and the above copy contains five 
letters from James Savage and other memoranda relating to the con- 
troversy about the authorship. 

For a spicy account of this controversy see Adams* Antinomianbm, 
Prince Society, No. 2902. Vol. 18 

3756 [Welde, Thomas.] A Brief Narration of the Practices 

of the Churches in New England, pp. 18. 4* half roan. 

London, 1645 

3757 [Weldon, Sir Anthony.] The Court and Character of 

King James, pp. 198. Portrait. 18° calf. 

London, 1650 

3758 Wellington. The Life of Arthur, Duke of Wellington. 

By G. R. Gleig. Portrait. 8** cloth, uncut. 

London, 1865 

3759 Wells and Kennebunk, Me. History of, from the earli- 

est settlement to the year 1820, with biographical 
sketches. By Edward E. Bourne. Portraits and illus- 
trations. 8® cloth. Portland, 1875 

3760 Wenham, Mass. History of, from 1639 ^^ i860. By 

M. O. Allen, pp. 229. 12° cloth. Boston, i860 

3761 West, Benjamin. The Life and Studies of Benjamin 

West, prior to his arrival in England. By John Gait. 
2 portraits, (one inserted.) 8® morocco, gilt. 

Phila., 1816 

3762 Western Martyrology; or, bloody assizes. New edi- 

tion, pp. 336. 12® cloth, uncut. London, 1873 

3763 Westminster Catechism. The Shorter Catechism agreed 

upon by the Reverend Assembly of Divines at West- 
minster, pp. 24. 18** morocco. Boston, 1765 

3764 Weston, E. P. The Bowdoin Poets. Second ed. pp. 

180. View of Bowdoin College. 12° cloth. 

Brunswick, 1849 

3765 Weymouth, Mass. Proceedings on the 250th Anniver- 

sary of the permanent Settlement of Weymouth, with an 
historical address by Charles Francis Adams, Jr., July 
4, 1874. pp. 1Q7. 8® cloth. Boston, 1874 

Presentation copy with autog^ph of the author. 

3766 Wharton, Francis. Digest of the International Law 

of the United States. 3 vols. 8° sheep. 

Washington, 1887 



3767 Wheatley, Phillis. Poems on various subjects, pp. 

128. First ed. Portrait. 12** calf. London, 1773 

Autograph of Phillis Wheatley on the fly leaf. 

3768 Wheatley. The same. pp. 92. 16® vellum. 

Albany, 1793 

The same. pp. 86. 18" sheep. 

Walpole, N. H., 1802 

3769 Wheatley. 

3770 Wheatley. 

8^ half roan. 

3771 Wheatley. 

12® cloth. 

3772 Wheatley. 

3773 Wheatley. 

3774 Wheatley. 

Memoir and Poems, pp. 
The same. pp. 114. 
The same. pp. 155. 

The same. pp. 94. 

Hartford, 1804 

103. Portrait. 
Boston, 1834 

Portrait. 18** cloth. 
Boston, 1835 

Portrait. 16"* cloth. 
Boston, 1838 

The Negro equalled by few Europeans, 
translated from the French. To which are added. 
Poems on various Subjects, by Phillis Wheatley. pp. 
259, 244. 2 vols. 12° sheep, (cracked.) Phila., 1801 

3775 Wheatley. Letters of Phillis Wheatley, the Negro- 

Slave Poet of Boston, pp. 19. 8® cloth, uncut. 
Only 100 copies privately printed. Boston, 1864 

3776 Wheatley. Memoir of Phillis Wheatley, a Native Afri- 

can and a Slave. By B. B. Thatcher, pp. 36. Portrait. 
18^ boards. Boston, 1834 

3777 *Wheaton, Henry. History of the Northmen, or Danes 

and Normans. 8° boards, uncut, (foxed). Phila., 1831 

3778 Wheaton. Elements of International Law. Eighth 

ed. by R. H. Dana, Jr. pp. 551. 8*" sheep. Boston, 1866 

3779 Wheaton. The same. Second annotated edition by 

W. B. Lawrence, pp. 1095, 47. 8** sheep. Boston, 1863 

3780 Wheeler, John H. Historical Sketches of North Caro- 

lina, from 1584 to 185 1, pp. 138^ 480. Frontispiece. 
2 vols, in one. 8® cloth. Phila., 185 1 

3781 Wheelock, Rev. Eleazar. Memoirs of the Rev. Eleazar 

Wheelock, Founder and President of Dartmouth Col- 
lege. By David McClureand Elizah Parish. Portrait. 
8° sheep. Newburyport, 181 1 

3782 Wheelwright, John. A Sermon preached at Boston in 

New England, upon a Fast Day, the i6th of January, 
1636. pp. 28. 8* boards. Morrisania, 1867 

3783 Wheildon, W. W. History of Paul Revere's Signal Lan- 

terns, April 18, 1775, in the Steeple of the North 
Church, pp. 63. Plate. 8** boards. 

Privately printed: Concord, 1878 


3784 Wheildon. Siege and Evacuation of Boston and Char- 
lestown, with a brief account of pre-revolutionary pub- 
lic buildings, pp. 64. Map^ 1876; — Curiosities of His- 
tory, Boston, Sept. 17, 1630-1880. pp. 141, 1880; — 
New Chapter in the History of the Concord Fight, pp. 
32, 1885. 3 pamphlets. 

3785 Whincop, Thomas. Scanderberg, a Tragedy. With a 
List of all the Dramatic Authors, and of all Dramatic 
Pieces ever published in the English Language to the 
year 1747. Plates. 8® calf. London, 1747 

3786 Whitaker, Nathaniel. An Antidote against Toryism, 
or the Course of Meroz, a Discourse, pp. 34. 8® half 
morocco. Newburyport, 1777 

3787 Whitbourne, Captain Richard. A Discovrse and Dis- 
covery of New-found-land, with many reasons to 

I prooue how worthy and beneficiall a Plantation may 

I there be made, after a far better manner than now it is. 

I Together with the laying open of certaine enormities 

and abuses committed by some that trade to that 
Countrey, and the meanes laide downe for reformation 
thereof. Small 4° half morocco. London, 1620-1622 

First edition, reprinted in 1622 and 1623, with additions. Trans- 
lated into Latin and German and included in Hulsius' " ColUction of 
Voyages, " Part XX. 

One of the most successful in directing the attention of the people 
of England to Newfoundland, was Captain Richard Whitbourne. He 
states that he became an adventurer into foreign countries at fifteen 
years of age, was captain of a vessel of his own in 1 588, and rendered 
good service at the time of the Spanish invasion. 

The above contains the First edition of Whitboume's " A Dis- 
course and Discovery," 1620, and ** A Discourse containing a loving 
invitation both honourable and profitable, etc. Written by Captaine 
Richard Whitbourne. pp. i, 6, 46. London, 1622. 

It also contains the following letters which were printed in the 
second edition of the " Discourse,'* and are here inserted. 

" A Letter from Captaine Wynne, Governor of the Colony at Ferry- 
land, to the Rt. Hon. Sir George Calvert, Kt. " " Another Letter 
to Secretary Calvert from Captain Daniel Powell, 28 July, 1622." 
Captain W ynne to Secretary Calvert with " the names that stay 
with me this yeere." '* Letter from N. H., a Gentleman living in 
Newfoundland, to a worthy friend W. P. " 

3788 Whitbourne. Westward hoe for Avalon in the New- 

found-land, as described by Captain Richard Whit- 
bourne, of Exmouth, 1622. Edited and illustrated by 
T. Whitburn, 1870. 12** cloth. London. 

3790 White, Rev. George. Historical Collections of Georgia. 

Third ed. pp. 688, 41. Map and illustrations. 8° 
cloth. New York, 1855 

3791 White, R. G. National Hymns, how they are written 

and how they are not written, pp. 152. Frontispiece. 
8^ cloth. New York, 1861 


3792 [White, Rev. John.] The Planter's Plea, or the grounds 

of plantations examined and usuall Objections answered. 
Together with a manifestation of the causes mooving 
such as have lately undertaken a plantation in New 
England, pp. (a), 84. Small 4° full polished calf. 

London, 1630 

** An original contemporaneous history of the highest value, as it 
contains facts relating to the earliest attempts at settlement in Massa- 
chusetts Bay, which can be found nowhere else. — Young's Chroni' 
cUs of the Pilgrims.** 

3793 White, Rev. William. Memoirs of the Protestant Epis- 

copal Church in the United States. 8^ boards, uncut. 

Phila., 1820 

3794 Whitefield, George. Journal of a Voyage from Lon- 

don to Savannah in Georgia; with **A Continuation of 
the Journal" and an Account of the Wonderful Preserva- 
tion of a Gentlewoman from Shipwreck, pp. 58, 38, 
16. 8** calf. London 1738-39 

3795 Whitefield. A Continuation of the Rev. Mr. White- 

field's Journal during the Time he was detained in Eng- 
land, and from his Embarking after the Embargo to his 
Arrival at Savannah in Georgia, pp. 145, 205. 2 vols. 
18** green straight grained morocco, extra, gilt edges, 
by Bedford. B. Franklin, Phila., 1740 

Volume I is wrongly lettered, so it is really vol. 2 of a different is* 
sue; it contains the same matter as vol. 2, after pp. 65, with a differ 
ent pagination. 

3796 Whitefield. A Short Account of God's Dealings with 

the Rev. George Whitefield, written by Himself; — The 
Church of England turn'd Dissenter at last. 2 tracts, 
pp. 76, 107. 8** calf. London, 1740 

3797 Whitefield. A letter to the Rev. President, and Pro- 

fessors ... of Harvard College .^ . . in answer to a 
Testimony published against the Rev. Mr. George 
Whitefield and his conduct, pp. 22; — A letter to the 
Rev. Mr. George Whitefield by way of Reply to his an- 
swer. By Edward Wigglesworth. pp. 61, 5. 2 pamph- 
lets, small 4**. Boston, 1745 

3798 Whitefield. Life and Times of. By Robert Philip. 

Third ed. pp. 605. Portrait. 8® cloth, uncut. 

London, 1842 

3799 VVhitehead, John. The Written Gospel-Labours of 

that ancient and faithful Servant of Jesus Christ, 
John Whitehead, pp. 48, 314. 8"* sheep. London, 1704 

3800 Whitelocke, R. H. Memoirs, Biographical and His- 

torical of Bulstrode Whitelocke. pp. 475. Portrait. 8** 
cloth, uncut, London, 1869 


3801 Whitelocke, Bulstrode. A Journal of the Swedish 

Embassy in the years 1653 and 1654. First published 
by Dr. Charles Morton. A new edition, revised by 
Henry Reeve, pp. 451, 468. 2 vols. 8° cloth. 

London, 1855 

3802 Whitman, Z. G. An Historical Sketch of the Ancient 

and Honourable Artillery Company, from its formation 
in 1637 to the present time. S^ boards, uncut. 

Boston, 1820 
Presentation copy from the author to Gov. William Eustis, with 

3803 Whitman. History of the Ancient and Honourable 

Artillery Company, pp. 463. Second ed. 8** cloth. 

Boston, 1842 

3804 Whitmore, W. H. Record of the Descendants of 

Francis Whitmore of Cambridge, Mass. 8° paper. 

Privately printed : Cambridge, 1855 

3805 Whitmore. Handbook of American Genealogy, pp. 

271. 4** boards, uncut. Albany, 1862 

3806 Whitmore. Brief Genealogy of the Descendants of 

William Hutchinson and Thomas Oliver. 4** sheets. 

Boston, 1865 

3807 Whitmore. The Massachusetts Civil List for the 

Colonial and Provincial periods, 1630-1774. pp. 172. 
Royal 8° cloth. Albany, 1870 

3808 Whitmore. Memoranda relating to the Lane, Reyner 

and Whipple Families, pp. 24, 1857; — The Cavalier 
Dismounted, pp. 48, 1864; — Notes on the Winthrop 
Family, pp. 10, 1864; — Proposed Tax on Coats of 
Arms, pp. 8, 1868; — Unjust Taxes, pp. 18, 1877; — 
Abel Bowen, engraver. Plates, pp. 32, 1884. 6 

3809 Whitney, D. fl. The Suffolk Bank. pp. 73. Royal 8** 

cloth. Privately printed: Cambridge, 1878 

3810 Whitney, Geffrey. Choice of Emblenies. A fac-simile 

reprint. Edited by Henry Green, with an introductory 
dissertation, essays, literary and bibliographical, and 
explanatory notes, pp. 433. Numerous fac similes of 
old emblems. Royal 4° cloth, uncut. London, 1866 
Subscriber's copy. 450 copies printed. 

381 1 Whitney, J. L. . Catalogue of the Spanish Library and 

of the Portuguese Books bequeathed by George 
Ticknor to the Boston Public Library, pp. 476. 
Imperial 8° half morocco, uncut, gilt top. Boston, 1879 

3812 Whitney, Peter. History of the County of Worcester, 

Massachusetts. Map. 8° sheep. Worcester, 1793 

With autogiaph " Artemas Ward, Jr." 



3813 Whittemore, Thomas. Early Days of; an autobiogra- 

phy extending from a.d. 1800 to a.d. 1825. Portrait. 
12° cloth. Boston, 1859 

3814 Whittier, J. G. Poems written during the Progress of 

the Abolition Question in the United States between 
the years 1830-1838. First ed. pp. 103. 16° cloth. 

Boston, 1837 

3815 WiGGERS, G. F. Historical Presentation of Augustinism 

and Pelagianism from the Sources. Translated with 
notes and additions, by Rev. Ralph Emerson, pp. 383. 
8** calf. • Andover, 1840 

3816 WiGGLESwoRTH, Edward. Two Public Lectures on the 

Trial of Spirits. April 22 and 29, 1735. PP- 34- i*** 
half roan, (broken). Boston, 1735 

3817 WiGGLESwoRTH. Lcctures on the Imputation of Adam's 

first sin to his Posterity, pp. 90. Boston, 1738; — 
Doctrine of Reprobation, pp. 48. Boston,; 1763. 
•Bound together. 8® half morocco, gilt. 

3818 WIGGLESWORTH. A Discourse occasioned by the Death 

of the Hon. John Winthrop, delivered at a public lecture 
in Harvard College, pp. 34, 3. 8** inlaid to 4°. Small 
4** half morocco. Boston, 1779 

3819 WIGGLESWORTH, Michacl. The Day of Doom; or a de- 

scription of the great and last Judgment. (Third ed.) 
pp. 92. 18** crimson morocco, gilt edges, bevelled 
sides. London, 1673 

Two leaves in fac-simile. An autograph letter of James Russell 
Lowell relating to the book, inserted. 

3820 WIGGLESWORTH. The Same. 18** calf. Boston, 1828 

With a Life of Wigglesworth, by Cotton Mather. 

3821 WIGGLESWORTH. Sketch of the LiflJof. By John Ward 

Dean. To which is appended a fragment of his auto- 
biography, some of his letters and a catalogue of his 
library, pp. 20. 8** half roan. Albany, 1863 

3822 Wigglesworth. Memoir of. By John Ward Dean. 

Second ed. pp. 160. 8® cloth, uncut. Albany, 1871 
Only 100 copies printed. 

3823 WiLBERFORCE, Samuel. History of the Protestant 

Episcopal Church in America. • pp. 464. Third ed. 
Map. 16** cloth, uncut. London, 1856 

3824 Wilbraham, Mass. Historical Address delivered at the 

Centennial Celebration of the Incorporation of the Town 
of Wilbraham, June 15, 1863. By R. P. Stebbins. pp. 
317. Plates. 8*^ cloth. Boston, 1864 


3825 Wilde, Richard Henry. Conjectures and Researches 

concerning the Love, Madness and Imprisonment of 
Torquato Tasso. pp. 270, 2, 34. 2 vols, 1842; — 
Wilde's Summer Rose, or the Lament of the Captive, 
an authentic account of the origin, mystery and ex- 
planation of R. H. Wilde's alleged Plagiarism. By 
Anthony Barclay, pp. 70, 187 1; — Life, Literary 
Labors and Neglected Grave of Richard Henry Wilde. 
By C. C. Jones, Jr. pp. 21. 1885. 4 vols. 8** and 12** 
cloth and paper. 

3826 Wilkes, John. A Complete Collection of the Genuine 

Papers, Letters, etc., in the case of John Wilkes, Esq. 
pp. 272. 16** calf. Paris, 1767 

3827 WiLKiNS, John. Of the Principles and Duties of Natural 

Religion, pp. 410, 55. Portrait. 12® calf. 

London, 1678 

3828 Wilkinson, General James. Memoirs of My Own Times. 

With an atlas of diagrams and plans, illustrative, of the 
principal battles and military affairs treated of in the 
memoirs. 3 vols, royal 8° half calf, gilt, uncut edges, 
and one vol. of plates and maps, 4** boards, uncut. 
Together 4 vols. Phila., 1816 

3829 Wilkinson, Jemima. History of Jemima Wilkinson, a 

Preacheress of the eighteenth century. By David 
Hudson, pp. 208, 20. 12° half morocco, uncut, red 
top. Geneva, N.Y., 1821 

3830 WiLLARD, Joseph. An Address to the Members of the 

Bar of Worcester County, Massachusetts, Oct 2, 1829. 
(With historical and biographical notes ) pp. 144. 8® 
boards. Lancaster, 1830 

3831 WiLLARD, Rev. Joseph. Prayer by Rev. Dr. Lathrop, 

and Eulogy by Prof. Webber, at the Funeral of Rev, 
Joseph Willard with a Sermon, the next Lord's Day, 
by the Rev. Mr. Holmes, pp. 41. 8® half roan, gilt. 

Cambridge, 1804 

3832 WiLLARD, Samuel. The Sinfulness of Worshipping with 

Men's Institutions, pp. 29. 18® calf, (date torn oflf.) 

Boston, (1693) 

Rev. Samuel Willard was pastor of the Old South Church. He 
opposed the proceedings of the magistrates at the time of the Witch- 
craft delusion, although three of the judges were members of his 

3833 WiLLARD. Sermon preached at the Ordination of John 

Hovey, at Arundel. With a Funeral Sermon on Wil- 
lard, by W. Thompson, preached at Biddeford, and a 
Preface by Rev. Mr. Prince, pp. 60, 35. 18** calf, 
(title and corners of 2 leaves repaired.) Boston, 1743 


3834 WiLLARD. A Complete Body of Divinity, pp. 915. (Por- 

trait missing.) Folio, calf, (binding cracked.) 

Boston, 1726 

3835 WiLLARD, Sidney. Memories of Youth and Manhood. 2 

vols, 12'' cloth. Cambridge, 1855 

3836 WiLLARD Memoir; or. Life and Times of Major Simon 

Willard, with notices of three Generations of his De- 
scendants. By Joseph Willard. 3 plates. 8** cloth. 

Boston, 1858 

3837 WiLLEY, B. G. Incidents in White Mountain History. 

Illustrations. 12° cloth. Boston, 1856 

3838 Williams, Mrs. Catharine. Biography of Revolutionary 

Heroes, containing the Life of Brigadier Gen. William 
Barton and also of Capt. Stephen Olney; — The Neu- 
tral French, or, the Exiles of Novia Scotia. 2 vols. 12'' 
cloth. Providence, 1839-41 

3839 Williams, C. V. Life and Administration of Rt. Hon. 

Spencer Percival, with details of his Assassination, etc. 
pp. 328. 12° morocco, gilt. Phila., 1813 

3840 Williams, Rev. Daniel. Catalogue of the Library in 

Red Cross Street, Cripplegate, founded pursuant to the 
Will of the Rev. Daniel Williams, who died in the year 
1 7 16. 3 vols. 8® cloth, uncut. London, 1841-54 

** The most comprehensive and extensive collection of pamphlets, 
volumes, and original papers for illustrating the whole history of 
Puritanism and Dissent, is in what is known as Dr. Williams' Library, 
in London. " — /^ev. Geo, E. Ellis in Narrative and Critical History, 

3841 Williams, Rev. E. Life of Te-ho-ra-gwa-ne-gen, alias 

Thomas Williams, a Chief of the Caughnawaga Tribe of 
Indians in Canada, pp. 91. Royal 8^ half roan. 

Albany, 1859 
Large Paper. Only 200 copies printed. 

3842 Williams, Gorham D. The Penal Statutes of Massachu- 

setts, pp. 304. Small 8° sheep. Greenfield, 1880 

3843 Williams, John. The Redeemed Captive Returning to 

Zion . . . The third edition. As also an Appendix, 
containing an account of those taken captive at Deer- 
field, February 29, 1703-4. Of those kill'd after they 
went out of town; those who returned; and those still 
absent from their native Country; of those who were 
slain at that time in or near the Town; and of the Mis- 
chief done by the enemy in Deerfield, from the begin- 
ning of its settlement to the Death of the Rev. Mr. 
Williams in 1729. With a Conclusion of the whole, by 
the Rev. Mr. [Stephen] Williams of Springfield, and the 
Rev. Mr. Prince of Boston, pp. 4, 104. 16** crimson 
morocco. Boston, S. Kneeland, 1758 


3844 Williams. The Redeemed Captive returning to Zion, 

or, a Faithful History of remarkable Occurrences in the 
Captivity and Deliverance of Mr. John Williams, of 
Deerfield. Frontispiece. 16** cloth. Northampton, 1853 

3845 Williams. The same. i6° half morocco, uncut. 

New Haven, 1802 

3846 Williams. The same. 12** calf. Greenfield, 1837 

3847 Williams, John. An Enquiry intothe Truth of the Tradi- 

tion concerning the Discovery of America. By Prince 
Madog ab Owen Gwynedd, about 11 70; — Farther Ob- 
servations on the Discovery of America, containing the 
account given by General Bowles, the Creek, or Chero- 
kee Indian, lately in London, and by several others, of 
a Welsh tribe of Indians, now living in the western parts 
of North America. 8** half roan, uncut. London, 1 791-2 

3848 Williams, Roger. A Key into the Language of America: 

or, An Help to the Language of the Natives in that 

Part of America, called New England. Together, with 

briefe Observations of the Customs, Manners and Wor- 
ships, etc., of the aforesaid Natives, in Peace and 

Warre, in Life and Death. Title, (7), 196, (3). i8** 
polished calf, extra, yellow edges, by Bedford. 

London, Gregory Dexter, 1643 

This is the earliest printed book of Roger Williams. In the Pre- 
face he says, ** I drew the materialls in a rude lumpe at sea, as a pri- 
vate helpe to my owne memory, that I might not by my present ab- 
sence lightly lose what I had so dearly bought in some few yeares 
hardship and charges among the barbarians; yet being reminded by 
some, what pitie it were to bury those materialls in my grave at land 
or sea. " 

3849 Williams. G. Fox digg'd out of his Burrowes, or, an 

Offer of Disputation on fourteen Proposalls made this 
last Summer 1672 (so called) unto G. Fox, then present 
on Rhode Island in New England, by R. W. etc., with 
an appendix, pp. 208, 119. 4® crimson morocco, extra, 
uncut edges, gilt top. 

Printed by John Foster, Boston, 1676 
Title page and first three leaves in fac-simile. 

3850 Williams. George Fox digg'd out of his Burrowes. Bos- 

ton 1676. Edited by Rev. J. L. Diman. pp. 58, 503. 
Royal 4° full crimson morocco, extra, uncut edges, gilt 
top. Providence, 1872 

Narraganset Club Publication. Vol. V. Club Copy. (Large 

3851 Williams. Experiments of Spiritual Life and Health, 

and their Preservatives. London 1652. 4** boards. 

Reprinted: Providence, 1863 


3853 Williams. The Spirit of Roger Williams, with a por- 

trait of one of his descendants. By L. D. Johnson. 
1839; — **What Cheer"; or, Roger Williams in Banish- 
ment, a poem. By Job Durfee, 1840; — Life of Roger 
Williams. By William Gammell, 1846; — Life of Roger 
Williams. By Romeo Elton, 1853; — Memoir of Roger 
Williams. By J. D. Knowles, 1834. 5 vols. 12° cloth. 

3854 Williams. Ceremonies at the Unveiling of the Monu- 

ment to Roger Williams, erected by the City of Provi- 
dence, October 16, 1877. 2 plates. 8® cloth. 

Providence, 1877 

3855 Williams, Samuel. Natural and Civil History of Ver- 

mont. Map. Second ed., corrected and much en- 
larged. 2 vols. 8° half morocco. Burlington, 1809 

3856 Williams, S. W. Genealogy and History of the Family 

of Williams in America, more particularly of the De- 
scendants of Robert Williams of Roxbury. Portrait. 
12*' cloth. Greenfield, 1847 

3857 Williamson, Hugh. History of North Carolina, pp. 

289, 289. 2 vols. 8** sheep. Phila., 181 2 

3858 Williamson, William D. History of the State of Maine, 

from its first Discovery, A. D. 1602 to the Separation, 
A. D. 1820. pp. 696, 729. Portrait, map and plate. 
2 vols, royal 8° half crushed levant morocco, uncut, gilt 
tops. Hallowell, 1832 

3859 Williamson. History of the State of Maine, from 1602 

to 1820. pp. 696, 729. Portrait and plate. 2 vols. 8° 
sheep. Hallowell, 1839 

3860 Willis, William. History of the Law, the Courts and 

the Lawyers of Maine pp.712. Portraits. 8° cloth. 

Portland, 1863 

3861 Willis* Current Notes. A series of articles on antiqui- 

ties, biography, heraldry, etc., for 1850-57. 7 vols, 
small 4^ cloth. London. 

3862 WiLLOUGHBY. Somc further Portions of the Diary of 

Lady Willoughby which do relate to her Domestic His- 
tory and to the stirring events of the latter years of the 
Reign of King Charles I, the Protectorate and the Res- 
toration, pp. 178. Small 4° cloth, uncut. London, 1848 

3863 Wilson, Henry. Wonderful Characters, comprising 

memoirs and anecdotes of the most remarkable persons 
of every age and nation. Numerous portraits. 3 vols. 
8** half calf. London, 1830 

3864 Wilson, Joshua. Historical Inquiry concerning the 

Principles, Opinions, and Usages of the English Presby- 
terians, pp. 260. 8^ half calf, gilt. London, 1835 


3865 Wilson, R. A. New History of the Conquest of Mexico, 

in which Las Casas' Denunciations of the Popular His- 
torians of that war are fully vindicated, pp. 539. 8° 
cloth. Phila., 1859 

3866 [Wilson, Thomas.] The Knowledge and Practice of 

Christianity made easy to the meanest capacities; or, an 
essay towards an instruction for the Indians, pp. 257. 
16° sheep, (binding broken). London, 1741 

3867 Winchester, Elhanan. Course of Lectures on the 

Prophecies that remain to be fulfilled, 4 vols. 1790; — 
Dialogues and Poems, 1793; — Sermons at London and 
Phila., 1 782-1 793; — Ten Sermons on Various Subjects, 
1799; — Sketch of the Life of Elhanan Winchester, by 
W. Kidder, 1797; — Biography of Rev. Elhanan Win- 
chester, by E. M. Stone, 1836. 8 vols. 8° calf and 
half roan. 

3868 Windham, Conn. History of Ancient Windham. Gene- 

alogy, Part I, A-Bil. By W. L. Weaver, pp. 112. 8** 
paper, uncut. Willimantic, 1864 

3869 Windsor, Conn History of Ancient Windsor, includ- 

ing East Windsor, South Windsor, and Ellington, prior 
to 1768, and Windsor, Bloomfield and Windsor Locks to 
the present time. By H. R. Stiles, pp. 922, 144. Il- 
lustrations. 2 vols. 8° cloth. Albany, 1863 

3870 WiNGFiELD, Edward Maria. A Discourse of Virginia. 

Now first printed from the original manuscript in the 
Lambeth Library. Edited with notes and an introduc- 
tion by Charles Deane. pp. 45. Royal 8° beautifully 
bound by Matthews in full crimson crushed levant 
morocco, gilt back and sides, inside borders. 

Boston, i860 
Only 100 copies privately printed. 

3871 Wingfield. ** a Discourse of Virginia." Edited with 

notes and an introduction, by Charles Deane. Royal 
8° half crimson morocco. Boston, 1859 

Cancelled edition. Only 200 copies privately printed. 

3872 Wingfield. A Discourse of Virginia. 20 pp. of MSS. 

Folio, half morocco. 

This is a transcript made by H. G. Somerby from the original 
manuscript in the Lambeth library. It was printed in a volume of 
the American Antiquarian Society, i860. 

3873 WiNSLOw Memorial, family records of Winslows and 

their descendants in America, with the English ancestry 
as far as known. Kenelm Winslow, vol. 1. By D. P. 
Holton. Portraits and genealogical plates, pp. 656. 
8° cloth. New York, 1877 


3874 WiNSLOW, Edward. Good Newes from New England; 

or, a true relation of things very remarkable at the 
plantation of Plimoth in New England. Shewing the 
wondrous providence and Goodness of God, in their 
preservation and continuance, being delivered from 
many apparent deaths and dangers, pp. 66, (2). Small 
4® half morocco. London, 1624 

" The book/' writes Professor Tyler, <* is a story of the griefs and 
perils and escapes of the young settlement, of their various encoun- 
ters, in amity and in enmity with mean red men and meaner white 
ones ; of the interior administration of the little commonwealth, and 
of its steady advancement through all obstructions into solid security ; 
above all else, it is a description of the country with reference to 
its desirableness as the seat of a new English community.** — Hist, 
American Lit,^ Vol. I. 

With a reprint of the leaf contained in a later issue, inserted. 

3875 WiNSLOW. Hypocrisie Unmasked, by a true relation 

of the proceedings of the Gouvernour and Company 

of the Massachusetts against Samuel Gorton and his 

accomplices, a notorious disturber of the peace and 

quiet of the severall governments wherein he lived, 

with the grounds and reasons thereof, examined and 

allowed by their Generall Court holden at Boston in 

New England in November last, 1646. pp. (i), 6, 103. 

Small 4° full crimson crushed levant morocco, extra, 

inside borders, gilt edges, by Pratt. London, 1646 

See Gorton's Simplicities Defence, No. 1501. 

** Winslow, the diplomatist of Plymouth and Massachusetts, was 
sent to England to defend the Bay Colony against Gorton's 

The appendix contains the first connected account in print of the 
life of the Pilgrims in Holland and the preparations for removal to 
America ; it also gives a report of Robinson's farewell sermon to the 
departing portion of his flock." 

The Epistle Dedicatory of 6 pp. printed in fac-simile. 

3876 VViNSOR, Justin. Narrative and Critical History of Am- 

erica. Numerous illustrations. 8 vols, folio, boards, 
uncut. Boston, 1885-6 

Large paper ; only 550 copies printed. 

3877 WiNSOR. Columbus; a bibliographical note from the 

catalogue of the Ticknor Collection, pp.12. Royal 8° 
sheets, folded. Boston, 1876 

Only 30 copies printed. 

3878 WiNSOR. Library of Harvard University Bulletins. 4 

vols. 8** half roan. Cambridge, 1879-86 

3879 WiNSOR. Library of Harvard University, Bibliographi- 

cal Contributions. Nos. i to 21 inclusive (complete.) 
19 parts 8°, Cambridge, 1879-86 



3880 WiNSOR. Governor Bradford's Manuscript History of 

Plymouth Plantation, pp. 18, 1881; — Two Brief 
Papers, pp. 10, 1886; — Arnold's Expedition against 
Quebec, 1775-6, pp. 12, 1886; — Elder William Brewster 
and other notes, pp. 17, 1887; — Note on the Spurious 
Letters of Montcalm, 1759, pp. 6, 1887; — Cartographi- 
cal History of the Northeastern boundary Controversy, 
pp. 24, 1887. 6 pamphlets. 
Only 75 copies printed of each. 

3881 WiNTERBOTHAM, W. HistoHcal, Geographical, Com- 

mercial and Philosophical View of the United States of 
America. First American edition. Portraits of Wash- 
ington, Franklin, etc. 4 vols. 8° sheep. New York, 1796 

3882 WiNTHROP, John. Journal of the Transactions and Oc- 

currences in the Settlement of Massachusetts and the 
other New England Colonies, from the year 1630 to 
1644. pp. 364. 8** antique calf, gilt. Hartford, 1790 

3883 WiNTHROP. History of New England, from 1630 to 

1649. Edited by James Savage. Portrait, pp. 424, 
429. 2 vols. 8^ morocco, gilt. Boston, 1825-26 

3884 WiNTHROP. The same. New edition. Portrait, pp. 

514, 504. 2 vols. 8° half morocco. Boston, 1853 

3885 WiNTHROP. A Review of Winthrop's Journal, as edited 

and published by James Savage, under the Title of **The 
History of New England," etc. 8® half morocco. 

Boston, 1854 

3886 WiNTHROP. Life and Letters of John Winthrop, 1630- 

1649. Edited by R. C. Winthrop. pp. 452, 483. 2 
portraits. 2 vols. 8^ cloth. Boston, 1864-67 

3X87 Winthrop. The same. 1630. pp. 452. 8® boards, un- 
cut. Boston, 1864 

3888 Winthrop, Robert C. Addresses and Speeches on va- 

rious Occasions, 1835-1886. Portraits. 4 vols. 8° 
cloth. Boston, 1852-86 

3889 Winthrop. Introductory Lecture to the Course on the 

Early History of Massachusetts, at the Lowell Institute. 
Boston, Jan 25, 1869, pp. 27. 8** cloth. 

Privately printed : Boston, 1869 
Presentation copy from the author. 

3890 Winthrop Washington, Bowdoin, and Franklin, as 

portrayed in Occasional Addresses, pp. 186. Frontis- 
piece. 8° cloth. Boston, 1876 

3891 Winthrop. Historical Addresses. 5 vols. 8° half roan. 

Boston, 1839-59 


3892 WiNTHROP. Address before the Maine Historical So- 

ciety, Sept. s, 1849; — Address at Harvard College, 
July 22, 1852; — Lecture at the Boston Library Asso- 
ciation, Dec. 21, 1853; — Address at Boston, Sept. 17, 
1855; — Oration, on the Statue of Franklin, Sept. 17, 
1856; — Address at Boston, May 21, 1857; — Speech at 
New York, Sept. 19, 1864; — Tributes to Edward Ever- 
ett, 1865; — Remarks on Prof. Agassiz, Oct. i, 1866; 
— Address at Boston, May 19, 1869; — Eulogy on George 
Peabody, Feb. 8, 1870; — Oration on the 250th anni- 
versary of the landing of the Pilgrim fathers at Ply- 
mouth, Dec. 21, 1870; — Fourth of July Oration, Boston, 
1876; — Memoir of J. H. CliflFord, 1877; — Correspond- 
ence of Hartlib, Hoak, Oldenberg and others with Gov. 
Winthrop of Connecticut, 1661-1672, 1878; — Pedigree 
of the Winthrop Family, 1874; — Memoir of Nathan 
Appleton, 1861; — Centennial Oration, July 4, 1876; — 
Address on Webster Statue, Nov. 25, 1876; — Letters of 
Mrs. Lucy Downing, 1626-1674, 1871; — Life and Ser- 
vices of James Bowdoin, 1 726-1 790, 1876; — Memoir of 
Henry Clay, 1880; — Address on the Prescott Statue, 
June 17, 188 1 ; — Centennial Oration at Yorktown, Oct. 
19, 1881; — Portrait of John Hampden and Lafayette, 
1881; — Addresses Dec. 14, 1882 and Feb. 8, 1883, at 
the Mass. Hist. Society; — Address June 18, 1883; — 
Dedication of the Washington National Monument, Feb. 
21, 1885; — Words in Defence of an Elderly Lady, 
1885; — Memoir of David Sears, 1886; — Tributes to 
John P. Kennedy; — Notice of M. Mignet; — Memoir 
of W. Minot; — Sir Walter Raleigh. 45 pamphlets. 
Presentation copies. 

3893 Winthrop, Me. Brief History of Winthrop, from 1764 

to 1855. By David Thurston, pp. 247. 12® cloth. 

Portland, 1855 

3894 Wirt, William. The British Spy. 16'' calf. 

Newburyport, 1804 

3895 Wirt. Letters of the British Spy. Eighth ed. Por- 

trait and view of Richmond. 16° calf. Baltimore. 

3896 Wirt. Letters of the British Spy. Tenth ed. Portrait. 

Small 8** light calf, uncut. New York, 1832 

3897 Wise, John, (Pastor in Ipswich.) The Churches Quar- 

rel espoused, pp. 96. 12^ polished calf, extra, gilt 
edges. Boston, 1772 

3898 Wise. A Vindication of the Government of New Eng- 

land Churches, pp. 283. 16° half crimson morocco, 
extra, uncut edges. Boston, 1772 


3899 Wisconsin. Reports and Collections of the State His- 

torical Society of Wisconsin, from 1854 to 1882. Vols. 
I to 9. 6 vols, cloth, 2 vols, paper, i vol. half roan. 
Together 9 vols. 8**. Madison, 1855-82 

3900 Witchcraft. The Wonderfull Discoverie of the Witch- 

crafts of Margaret and Phillip Flower, executed at Lin- 
colne, March 11, 1618. pp. 26. 8** half roan. 

(Reprint,) London, 1619 
Only 250 copies reprinted. 

3901 Witchcraft. A Short Treatise touching Sheriffs Ac- 

compts. Written by Sir Matthew Hale. To which is 
added, A Tryal of Witches, at the Assizes held at Bury 
St. Edmonds, for the County of Suffolk, Mar. 10, 1664. 
pp. no, 59. Small 8° calf. London, 1682-3 

3902 Witchcraft. A Full and Impartial Account of the Dis- 

covery of Sorcery and Witchcraft, practised by Jane 
Wenham of Walkern in Hertfordshire, also her Tryal, 
etc. pp. 36. Fourth ed. 8** half morocco. 

E. Curll: London, 17 12 

3903 Witchcraft. The Case of the Hertfordshire Witchcraft 

considered, being an Examination of a Book entitled, 
A Full and Impartial Account of the Discovery of Sor- 
cery and Witchcraft, practised by Jane Wenham, etc. 
pp. 86. 8° half morocco. London, 1712 

3904 Witchcraft. The Impossibility of Witchcraft further 

demonstrated. (A Fragment of, pp. 1-6, and 11-15.) 
12'' half morocco. London, 17 12 

3905 Witchcraft. A Discourse on Witchcraft, pp. 47. 8*^ 

half morocco. London, 1736 

3906 [WiTHiNGTON, Leonard.] The Puritan; a series of 

essays, critical, moral and miscellaneous. By John 
Oldbug, Esq. pp. 248, 268. 2 vols. 16** cloth. 

Boston, 1836 

3907 WoBURN, Mass. History of, from the grant of its Ter- 

ritory to Charlestown, in 1640 to i860. By Samuel 
Sewall. pp. 677. Portrait. 8° cloth. Boston, 1868 

3908 WoLCOTT, Roger. Poetical Meditations, being the im- 

provement of some vacant hours; with a preface by 
Rev. Mr. Bulkleyof Colchester, pp. 82. 16° morocco. 

T. Green: New London, 1725 

Autograph of " John Imlay, 1753.** 

3909 Wolfe, Gen. James. Instructions to Young Officers, 

also his orders for a battalion and an army, a Placart 
to the Canadians, etc. Second ed. pp. io6. i6* 
crimson morocco, gilt, uncut edges. London, 1780 


3910 VVoLLASTON, William. The Religion of Nature Delinea- 

ted. Seventh ed. pp. 413, 12. Portrait. 8** half 
morocco. London, 1750 

391 1 VVoLSEY. The Life of Cardinal Wolsey. By George 

Cavendish. With notes and other illustrations, by S. 
W. Singer, pp. 542. Portraits and plates. 8** cloth, 
uncut. London, 1827 

3912 Wood, J.. P. Memoirs of the Life of John Law of 

Lauriston, including a detailed account of the rise, 
progress, and termination of the Mississippi system, 
pp. 234. Portrait. 16° half calf. Edinburgh, 1824 

3913 Wood, John. History of the Administration of John 

Adams, Esq., late President of the United States. 8° 
half roan, gilt, uncut edges. New York, 1802 

Nearly all this edition were destroyed. 

3914 Wood. The Suppressed History of the Administration 

of John Adams. Republished with notes and an ap- 
pendix, by J. H. Sherburne, pp. 392. Portrait. 12° 
cloth. Phila., 1846 

3915 Wood, Silas. A Sketch of the First Settlement of the 

several Towns on Long Island. New edition, pp. 184. 
8** boards, uncut. Brooklyn, 1828 

3916 Wood, William. New England's Prospect. A true, 

lively and experimental! description of that part of 
America, commonly called New England; discovering 
the state of that countrie, both as it stands to our new- 
come English planters, and to the old native inhabi- 
tants, laying downe that which may both enrich the 
knowledge of the mind-travelling reader or benefit the 
future voyager. Map of the south part of New Eng- 
land, pp. I, 6, 98, 6. Small 4° calf, gilt. 

London, Thomas Cotes for John Bellamie, 1634 

First edition. Wood's New England's Prospect is the earliest 
topographical account of the Massachusetts Colony, so far as the 
settlement then extended. It also has a full description of its fauna 
and flora, and of the natives. — Charles Deane in Narrative History. 

Copies with the map are exceedingly rare. This copy has also a 
fac-simile map bound in at the end. Pictorial ex-libis of William 
Tyson, Bristol. 

3917 Wood. New England's Prospect; being a true, lively 

and experimental description of that part of Am- 
erica commonly called New England. Third ed. pp. 
I, 17, 128. 8° paper, uncut. 

London, printed, 1639. Boston: reprinted, 1764 

This is really the 4th ed., with autographs of Cotton Tufts who 
has inscribed on the title-page : " The Gift of Nath. Rogers, Esq. (to 
Cotton Tufts), 1767, by whom the Introductory Essay was written.*' 
— See Proc. Mass, Hist. Soc. VI. 334-337. 


3918 Wood, Anthony A. Athenae Oxonienses; an exact his- 

tory of all the writers and bishops who have had their 
education in the University of Oxford; to which are 
added the Fasti, or annals of the said University. 
New edition with a continuation by Philip Bliss. 4 vols, 
royal 4® calf. London, 1813 

3919 Woodbury, Conn. History of Ancient Woodbury, from 

1659 to 1854. By William Cothren. pp. 833, 5. Por- 
trait. 8® cloth. Waterbury, 1854 

3920 Woodbury. Second Centennial Celebration of the Ex- 

ploration of Ancient Woodbury, and the reception of 
the first Indian Deed, held at Woodbury, July 4, 1859. 
Edited by William Cothren. pp. 105. 8** half roan. 

Woodbury, 1859 

3921 Woodman. List of the Descendants of Mr. Joshua 

Woodman, who settled at Kingston, N. H., 1736. By 
J. H. Woodman, pp. 54, 1856; — List of some of the 
Descendants of Mr. Edward Woodman, who settled at 
Newbury, Mass., 1635. ^V Joshua Coffin, pp. 16, 
1865. 2 vols. 12** and 8** half roan. 

3922 [WooDNOTH, Arthur.] A Short Collection of the most 

Remarkable Passages from the Originall to the dissolu- 
tion of the Virginia Company. Title, pp. (i), 20. Small 
4® half blue morocco. London, 165 1 

" In the Dedicatory Epistle, the work is stated to have been written 
by Arthur Woodnoth, a member and sometimes Deputy of the 
Virginia Company. An ancient adventurer and deligent prosecutor 
of the best ends for the advancement of the Virginia Plantation." 

3923 Woodstock, Conn. An Historical Sketch. By C. W. 

Bowen. pp. 62. 8° cloth, uncut. New York, 1886 

3924 Woodstock, Me. History of Woodstock, with family 

sketches and an appendix. By W. B. Lapham. pp. 
315. Portraits. 8*^ cloth. Portland, 1882 

3925 WooDWORTH, Samuel. Melodies, Duets, Trios, Songs 

and Ballads. Second ed. pp. 288. Frontispiece. 18** 
half russia. New York, 1830 

3926 Wool. Hayes, J. L. Address in Phila., Sept. 6, 1865; 

— Protection a Boon, 1867; — The Angora Goat, 1868; 

— The Protective Policy, 1868; — American Textile 
Machinery, 1879; — Custom Duties on the Necessaries 
of Life, 1884; — Fires in Woolen Mills. 12 vols. 8" 
cloth and paper. Boston. 

3927 WooLEY, Charles. A Two Years Journal in New York, 

and part of its territories in America. New edition, 
with notes by E. B. O'Callaghan. 8** cloth, uncut. 

New York, i860 


3928 WooLMAN, John. Journal of the Life, Gospel Labors 

and Christian Experiences of. 12** boards. 

New York. 1845 

3929 WooLRYCH, H. W. Memoirs of the Life of Judge 

Jeffreys, sometime Lord High Chancellor of England, 
pp. 442. Portrait. 8** half calf. London, 1827 

3930 Worcester, Marquis. Life, Times, and Scientific La- 

bours of the second Marquis of Worcester, to which is 
added a reprint of his Century of Inventions, 1663. By 
H. Dircks. pp. 625. Portrait. 8** cloth, uncut. 

London, 1865 

3931 Worcester, Mass. History of Worcester, from its ear- 

liest Settlement to September, 1836. By W. Lincoln, 
pp. 384. 8® morocco, gilt. Worcester, 1837 

3932 Worcester. History of Worcester, from its earliest 

Settlement, to 1861. By William Lincoln and Charles 
Hersey. pp. 448. Portraits. 8** boards, uncut. 

Worcester, 1862 

3933 Worcester. Notes, Historical and Chronological, on 

the Town of Worcester, Mass. By Nathaniel Paine. 
Plates. Royal S^ paper, uncut. Worcester, 1876 

Only 35 copies privately printed. 

3934 Worcester. Addresses of Inauguration of the Free In- 

stitute of Industrial Science, Nov. 11, 1868; — Remi- 
niscences of the Fire Society, 1870; — Remonstrance 
against the Division of Worcester County, 1874; — Cen- 
tennial Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, 
July 4, 1876; — Thomas's Address July 4, 1876; — Sen- 
sational Literature in Public Libraries, by S. S. Green, 
1879; — Relation of the Public Library to the Public 
Schools, 1880; — Gleanings from the Second Parish, 
by S. S. Green, 1883. 7 pamphlets. 

3935 Worcester Magazine and Historical Journal, cojitaining 

Topographical and Historical Sketches of Worcester 
County. Edited by W. Lincoln and C. C. Baldwin. 
Portrait. 2 vols. 8® boards, uncut. Worcester, 1826 

3936 Wordsworth, Christopher. **Who wrote Eikon Bazil- 

ike?" considered and answered, pp. 413; — Documen- 
tary Supplement to **Who wrote Eikon Bazilike?" pp. 
50; — King Charles the First, the Author of Icon Ba- 
silike, further proved, pp. 256. In i vol. 8** morocco, 
gilt. London and Cambridge, 1824-28 

3937 Wordsworth. Ecclesiastical Biography; or. Lives of 

Eminent Men, connected with the History of Religion 
in England. Third ed. 4 vols. 8** half calf, gilt. 

London, 1839 


3938 WoTTON, Sir Henry. Letters to Sir Edmund Bacon. 

pp. 166. 18° half morocco, (writing on title.) 

London, 1661 

3939 WoTTON. The Characters of Robert Devereux, Earl of 

Essex, and George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham, com- 
pared and contrasted. Edited by Sir Edgerton Brydges. 
PP- 37* S° calf, gilt. Lee Priory Press, 1814 

Only 100 copies privately printed. 

3940 Wrangham, Rev. Francis. The British Plutarch. New 

edition, with additional Lives. 6 vols. 8° dark calf, 
gilt. London, 1816 

Only 3 copies printed on blue paper. 

3941 [Wright, Frances.] Views of Society and Manners in 

America, pp. 387. 8° boards, uncut. New York, 1821 

3942 Wright, H. C. Six Months at Graefenberg, with con- 

versations in the saloon on non-resistance and other 
subjects. Portrait. 12** morocco, red edges. 

London, 1845 

3943 Wright, Thomas. A Collection of Old English Pieces. 

Edited with prefaces, notes and glossary. 4 vols., 
square 18° half morocco, uncut. 

W. Pickering: London, 1836 

3944 Wycliffe, John. The New Testament in English trans- 

lated by John Wycliffe, circa 1380. Now first printed 
from a contemporary Manuscript. 4° half roan, uncut. 

W. Pickering: London, 1858 

3945 Wynne, James. Private Libraries of New York. pp. 

472. Imperial 8° cloth, uncut. New York, i860 

Large Paper. Only 100 copies printed. 

3946 N^ONGE, William. England's Shame; or the Un- 

I masking of a Politick Atheist, being a full and 

faithful Relation of the Life and Death of that grand 

Impostor Hugh Peters. Portrait, (mounted), pp. 88. 

18° sheep. London, 1663 

The author testified against Peters at his trial, 1660. 

3947 York, Me. Ancient City of Gorgeana, and Modern 

Town of York, from its earliest Settlement to the pres- 
ent time. By G. A. Emery, pp. 256. Illustrations. 
16° cloth. Boston, 1874 

3948 Young, Alexander. Library of the Old English Prose 

Writers. 9 vols. 16® russia, (bindings broken). 

Cambridge, 1831 

Contents : FuUer's Holy State. — Sidney's Defence of Poesie. — 
Selden's Table Talk. — Sir T. Browne's Works. — Fell tham's Re- 
solves. — Walton's Lives. — Latimer's Sermons. — Selections from 
J. Taylor. — Sir T. More's Works. 


3949 Young. Chronicles of the Pilgrim Fathers of the Colony 

of Plymouth, from i6o2 to 1625. Portraits, (photograph 

and memoir of the author inserted.) 8° cloth, uncut. 

Boston, 1841 
With fac-simile of Blaskowitz's map of Plymouth and of Peregrine 
White's Will inserted. 

3950 Young. The same. Second ed. 8** cloth, uncut. 

Boston, 1844 

3951 Young. Chronicles of the First Planters of the Colony 

of Massachusetts Bay, from 1623 to 1636. 5 inserted 
portraits and MSS. notes by Mr Deane. 8° morocco, 
red edges. Boston, 1846 

3952 Young. Another copy. 8° cloth, uncut. Boston, 1846 

3953 Young. Evangelical Unitarianism, 1830; — Discourse 

at the Ordination of James W. Thompson, Feb. 17, 
^830; — Discourse on Nathaniel Bowditch, 1840; — Dis- 
course at the Ordination of George E. Ellis, March 11, 
1840; — Discourse on William Prescott, Dec. 15, 1844; 
— Sins of the Tongue, 1845; — Discourse on William 
Parsons, March 26, 1837; — Discourse on the 20th An- 
niversary of his Ordination, Jan. 19, 1845; — Discourse 
at Harvard, May 13, 1846; — Discourse on Benjamin 
Rich, Jan. 8, 1851; — Discourse on Mrs. C. G. Pres- 
cott, May 23, 1852. II vols. 8® half roan. 

Boston, 1830-52 

3954 Young, Edward. Night Thoughts. With the Life of 

the author, and notes, portraits and fine plates after 
designs by Stothard. pp. 364. Royal 8® calf, gilt. 

London, 1798 

3955 Young, Thomas. Hopes Incouragement; a Fast Ser- 

mon, preached in Westminster, February 28, 1643. PP* 
38. Small 4° half morocco. London, 1644 

3956 Young and Minns. The Defence of Young and Minns, 

Printers to the State, before the Committee of the 
House of Representatives; pp. 68. 8** half roan, gilt. 

Boston, 1805 

3957 Young Mans Calling, or the Whole Duty of Youth. 

pp. 425. Curious plates. 18° calf, gilt. London, 1678 

3958 T^EISBERGER, David. Diary of David Zeisberger, 
^L« a Moravian Missionary among the Indians of Ohio. 

Translated and edited by Eugene F. Bliss, pp. 464, 
532. 2 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. Cincinnati, 1885 

3959 Zeisberger's Indian Dictionary. English, German, Iro- 

quois — the Onondga — and Algonquin — the Delaware. 
Printed from the original Manuscript in Harvard Col- 
lege Library. 4° cloth. Cambridge, 1887 
Presentatioii copy. 


3960 Zenger, John Peter. The Tryal of John Peter Zengcr, 

of New York, Printer, who was lately try'd and acquited 
for Printing and Publishing a Libel against the Govern- 
ment. Fourth ed. pp. 32. 4^ half calf, uncut. 

London, 1738 

3961 Zenger. Trial of J. P. Zenger, of New York, Printer, 

who was charged with having printed and published a 
Libel against the Government, and acquitted, also. 
Trial of Mr. William Owen, Bookseller, pp. 59. 8* 
half roan. London, 1765 

3962 ZiEGLER, J. Qvae intvs continentvr. Syria, ad Ptolo- 

maici operis rationem, Praeterea Strabone, Plinio, & An- 
tonio auctoribus locupletata. Palestina, iisdem auctori- 

bus Schondia, tradita ab auctoribus, qui in eius 

operis prologo memorantur. pp. no. Folio, half vel- 
lum. Argentorati, Petrum Opilionem, 1532 

*' The last map in the volume relating to the northern regions, con- 
tains Greenland and Terra Bacallaos. In the work is a division re- 
lating to the northern regions under the general name of Schondia, 
in which are separate chapters on Greenland, Iceland, Lapland, etc. *' 

Zeigler lived in Rome, where, from two Bishops who had Uvea in 
Greenland and Iceland, he obtained the facts given in his work. 

3963 ZuRLA, Placido. Sulle Antiche Mappe Idro-Geografiche 

lavorate in Venezia Commentario. pp. 96. Maps. 
Royal 4* paper, uncut. Venezia, 1818 


3964 Caricature. A New Drop Scene for D. L. T. Lon- 

don, 1808. Thomas Scrutiny, del. et sculp. 7 x 13 
inches. Colored caricature. 

3965 Dean, Nicholas, President of Croton Acqueduct Dept. 

Oval lithographic portrait. 

3966 Franklin, Benjamin. The Politician, painted by S. 

Elmer, engraved by T. Ryder, London, 1824. iij^x 
1^}^ inches, (cut close.) 

3967 Franklin. Photographs of Paintings. (2) 

3968 Portraits. Heliotypes. Wm. Tudor; J. Davis; Jas. 

Savage; Geo. R. Minot; Thos. L. Winthrop; Christo- 
pher Gore; Thomas Wallcutt. (16) 

3969 Portraits. Wood-cuts. (8) 

3970 Portraits. Phillis Wheatley; Edward Everett, (2); 

and 3 other unsigned proofs. (6) 

3971 Portraits. Mr. C. Churchill, and Col. Benjamin 

Church, by P. Revere (the same likeness); Theodore 
Sedgwick, by St. Memin; James Otis; Thos. Smith; 
George Thacher; Thos, Prince; Tosiah Winslow, etc. 



3972 Portraits. Sir Edmund Andros; — Samuel Sewall, 

India proofs. (2) 

3973 Portraits. Charles V; — Geo. Cruikshank; — R. B. 

Sheridan; — Mrs. Siddons, etc. (12) 

3974 Revere, Paul. North Battery in Boston. Engraved by 

Paul Revere. 6 x 7 J^ inches. Reprint from the origi- 
nal copper. 

3975 Shakspeare. Portrait of Shakspeare, engraved by 

Martin Droeshout. London, (for first folio.) Evident- 
ly a contemporary copy of the original copper plate. 
7^ x6X inches, narrow margins. 

3976 WiLLARD. The Reverend Mr. Saml Willard. Engraved 

by Van der Gucht, 7 x io>^ inches. Reprint from 
original copper. 

3977 WiNTHROP. Portraits of Gov. John Winthrop; — Adam 

Winthrop; — R. C. Winthrop; — View of Groton Church, 
with tomb of Adam Winthrop; — Photographs of tombs 
and fac-similes of documents, etc., all relating to the 
Winthrop family. (15) 


3978 America noviter delineata. M. Meriam, fecit. Map 

II X 14 inches. 

3979 Boston. Plan of the Town of Boston and the circum- 

jacent country shewing the present situation of the 
King's Troops and the Rebels Intrenchments, 25th 

July, 1775- 

A water color map, 17 x 17 inches, mounted on linen. 

3980 Boston. The same. Lithographic fac-simile. (6 copies.) 

3981 Boston. A New Plan of y* Great Town of Boston in 

New England in America, with the many additional 
buildings and new streets, to the year 1769. By William 
Price. Folio, 17 x 24 inches. 

3982 Boston. A Plan of the Town of Boston, with the In- 

trenchments, etc., of His Majesty's Forces in 1775, 
from the observations of Lieut. Page of His Majesty's 
Corps of Engineers and from the plans of other gentle- 
men. Engraved and printed for Wm. Faden, 1777. 
17^ X 21 inches. 

3983 Boston. Plan of the Town and Harbor of Boston, 1774* 

(plate engraved in England) from an accurate survey 
by British authority just previous to the Revolutionary 
war and was used by them as a guide and campaign 
map. 15 X 18 in. Heliotype fac-simile. Boston. 


3984 Boston. The Town of Boston in New England, by 

Capt John Bonner, 1722. Re-engraved by George C. 
Smith, 1835. Folio, mounted with rollers. 

3985 Boston and its Vicinity. By John G. Hales. Engraved 

by Edward Dillingham. Mounted on linen and folded 
in case. 

3986 Boston. Plan of Boston, by William Burgess. Origi- 

nally engraved by Thos. Johnson in 1728, reproduced in 
1869. 10^ X 14J4 in. Heliotype. 

3987 Boston, Old and New. Heliotype in colors, showing 

the old town limits with the new, with references. i 

9 X 1 1 J^ in. 

Presentation copy from Justin Winsor. 

3988 Boston. Carte de la Ville, Baye, et Environs de 

Baston. Par Jean Baptiste Louis Franquelin. 11 x 15 
in. Heliotype. 

3989 Boston. Bartlett's Illustrated Map of Boston. Tinted 

lithograph. 22 x 31 in. New York, 187 1 

3990 Boston. Plan of Boston, corrected under the direction 

of Committee on Printing of City of Boston, 1866. 
Folio, 27 X 39 in. 

3991 Boston. Plan of Fort Hill, showing improvements as 

proposed, 1866. Large folio. 

3992 Boston. A New Survey of the Harbour of Boston in 

New England. 16 x 21 in. Old copper plate, very 
badly damaged. Dublin. 

3993 Bunker Hill. Sketch of the Battle of Bunker Hill. By 

a British officer. Published by George G. Smith. Bos- 
ton, 1843. 12 ^ ^9 ^"• 

3994 Carta da Navegar de Nicolo et Antonie Zeni Furono 

III, tramonta Tano 1380. 11 x i4j4 in. Heliotype. 
(4 copies). 

3995 Centennial Map of Concord, by H. W. Blaisdell, 1875; 

— Centennial Map of the City of Charlestown, 1875. 2 
pieces. 4 

3996 Chart. Remarques sur la Navigation de Terre-Neuve 

d New York afin d'^viter les Courrants et les bas-fonds 
au Sud de Nantuckett et du Banc de George. 13 x 14J4 
in. Paris, n. d. 

3997 Hennepin. A Map of a New World between New Mexico 

and the Frozen Sea, newly discovered by Father Lewis 
Hennepin. 10)^ x 17 in. ; — A Map of a Large Country 
newly discovered in the Northern America, situated 
between New Mexico and the Frozen Sea. By Father -* 
Lewis Hennepin. 14^ x 17 in. 2 original maps. 


3998 Hennepin. Carte de la Nouvelle France et de la Louisi- 

ane, 1683. Par le Rev. Pere Louis Hennepin. 11 >^ x 
19 in. Fac-simile map mounted on linen. 

3999 Hubbard's Map of New England, 1677. Fac-simile of 

the Wine Hills map, published by W. B. Fowle, 1846. 


4000 Kentucky. A Map of Kentucky, from actual survey, 

by Elihu Barker. Engraved for, and sold by Mathew 
Carey, Phila. 17)^ x 39 in. 

4001 Map of the Battle Ground of Greenbrier River, drawn 

and published by A. T. McRae, C. S. A. Quitman 
Guards, First Regt. Ga. Vols. Engraved by J. Baum- 
garten, Richmond, Va. Curious wood-cut map. loj^ 
X 16)^ in. 

4002 Map of the country between Albemarle Sound and Lake 

Erie, comprehending the whole of Virginia, Maryland, 
Delaware, and Pennsylvania. Engraved for the 
** Notes on Virginia." Folio, 24 x 24 in. Lithographic 
fac-simile. London. 

4003 Map of North Sea and Lands, delineated upon a chart 

in the 14th century by Antonio Zeno. Reproduced by 
G. E. Emery. 3 heliotypes. 

4004 Map of St. Helena Sound and the Coast between Char- 

lestown and Savannah. Boston, i86t. 9 x 12 in. 

4005 Map of the State of Maine, with the Province of New 

Brunswick, by Moses Greenleaf, 1828. Large folio, 
with rollers 

4006 Map of the World, on Mercator's Projection. By David 

H. Burr. Folio, 19 x 23 in. 

4007 Maps. Heliotypes of Old Maps, etc., reproduced for 

** Narrative and Critical History," etc. (27) 

4008 Narragansett Bay. Plan of the battle of Newport in 

the Revolution. Lithograph from the original in the 
possession of the Massachusetts Historical Society. 

4009 NEwfEngland. Fac-simile by S. G. Drake for his 

edition of Hubbard's History, 1865. ** Wine Hills " 
map, on bond paper. 

4010 New England. The South Part of New-England, as it is 

Planted this yeare, 1634. 7^ x 10^ in. Heliotype. 

401 1 New Englands and New France. Heliotype reproduc- 

tion of early map. g}^ x 12^ in. (3 copies). 

4012 North America. An Accurate Map of North America. 

By Eman Bowen and John Gibson, engraver. Photo- 
lithographic reproduction. 2oJ^ x 23 in. 


4013 North Carolina. A Compleat Map, from an actual sur- 

vey, by John Collet. 13x19)4 in. Photo-lithographic 

4014 Plan of the Entrance of Chesapeak Bay with James and 

York Rivers, wherein are shewn the respective posi- 
tions, in the beginning of October. By an Officer. 16 
X 20 in. London, 1781 

4015 PowNALL, T. A Map of the Middle British Colonies in 

North America. First published by Mr. Lewis Evans 
of Phila., in 1755, and since corrected and improved, 
as also extended, with the addition of New England 
and bordering parts of Canada. Engraved by Jas. 
Turner, Phila. 19^ x 23^ in. 

4016 Rhode Island. Map of the State of Rhode Island, taken 

mostly from surveys, by Caleb Harris. Engraved for 
Carter & Wilkinson, Providence, 1795. Reprint from 
old copper. 16 x 22 in. 

4017 Rhode Island. A Topographical Map of the State of 

Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. Surveyed 
by James Stevens, 1846. Folio, with rollers. 

4018 Sketch Map of Pascataway, Maine and New Hampshire; 

— Map of the Lakes and Head Quarters of the Andros- 
coggin River. 2 pieces. • 

4019 Sketch Map of a portion of Plymouth Colony, to 

illustrate Church's Annals of Philip's War. Lithograph, 
1865. Folio. 

4020 Smith. The Summer lis. Reproduction of the map 

from the first edition of Smith's ** Generall Historic of 
Virginia." 13)^ x loj^ in. (3 copies). 

4021 Stevens, Henry. Maps issued with the Geographical 

Notes and Tehuantepec Railway. Photo-lithographic 
reproductions. Folio. (8) 

4022 Telegraph Chart showing the track of the great sub- 

marine Atlantic Telegraph, and the depths^of the ocean. 
With an account of the invention and operation of the 
magnetic telegraph. Folio. New York, 1858 

4023 Trelawny Patent (heliotype) and Pemaquid Map, (a 

tracing.) (2 pieces). 

4024 United States of North America; with the British Terri- 

tories and those of Spain. Engraved by W. Faden, 
1793. Folio, 20 X 23 in. Lithographic fac-simile. 


4025 United States. General Map of the United States. 

New York, 1861. Folio, mounted with rollers. 


4026 Virginia. Carte de la Virginie et du Maryland. Par 

le Sr. Robert de Vaugondy, 1755. Folio, 18 x 23 in. 
Lithographic fac-simile. London. 

4027 Virginia and Maryland, as it is planted and inhabited 

this present year 1670, surveyed and exactly drawne by 
Augustin Herrman. Folio, 20 x 24 in. Lithographic 
fac-simile. London. 

4028 Virginia. Smith's Map of Virginia, with picture of 

Powhatan in the left hand corner. (2 variations) ; — 
Map of the most inhabited part of Virginia, containing 
the whole of the Province of Maryland. Drawn by 
Joshua Fry and Peter Jefferson. 14 x 19 in. 3 re- 

4029 York County, Me., from actual survey by J. Chase, Jr., 

published by J. L. Smith & Co., Boston, 1856. Large 
folio, mounted with rollers. 



a, /. s, autograph letter signed ; /. s. letter signed ; d. s. document signed ; 
a H. J. autograph note signed. 

4030 Adams, John Quincy, President of the United States, 

a. d. s, I page 8°, **Oct. 22, 1814"; — Daniel Webster, 
Statesman, a. I, s. i page 8° and address, **Boston, 
Oct. 12, 1844," to N. D. Hubbard, making a business 
appointment. Secretaries of State. (2) 

4031 Allen, Col. Ira, Revolutionary officer, brother of Ethan 

Allen, a. I. s. 1 page 4° and address, **Fortfradreck, 
October 14, 1774," to Col. Ethan Allen, on business 
connected with the Land Grants; — Levi Allen, another 
brother of Ethan, a. /. s. 2 pages 4° and address, 
**Quebec, July 7, 1787," to Col. Ira Allen, on business. (2) 

4032 Amherst, Sir Jeffrey, Commander-in-Chief of the British 

Forces in America, Colonial Governor of Va., a. I. s, 
I page 4°, *'Camp of Tionderoga, Aug. i, 1759," to 
Col. Bradstreet. **. . . . pray be so good to forward the 
brewing apparatus as fast as possible, the Army is be- 
ginning to grow sickly and I believe from no other 
reason but drinking water wherever they find it, which 
sickness will, I hope, be got the better of by spruce 
beer. . . . The shoes will be of great use to us . . . ." 

Autograph letters of Gen. Amherst are rare. 


4033 Anne, Queen of England, d, s. portion of, 1-2 page 4°. 

Sign manual, at the head of a document. 

4034 Belcher, Jonathan, Colonial Governor of Massachusetts, 

1730, and of New Jersey, 1747, a. d, s. portion of, 1-2 
page 4°, **Boston, June 2, 1720'*; — Thomas Gushing. 
Governor of Mass., 1785, M. O. C. etc., a. L s, i page 
oblong 8°, **Boston, Jan. 9, 1764." Written and signed 
as selectman of Boston, and signed also by Samuel 
Sewall, and Henderson Inches. (2) 

4035 Belknap, Rev. Jeremy, Historian, Minister of Federal 

St. Church, founder of the Mass. Hist. Soc, a, /. s. i 
page 4° and address to Mrs. Leach in regard to her 
joining his Church ; — J udge Mellen Chamberlain, a. L s. 
I page 8°, 1878, sending the same to Mr. Deane. (2) 

4036 BowRiNG, Sir John, Author, linguist and statesman. Gov. 

of Hong Kong, a. I, s. i page 8**, ** London, Oct. 4, 
1841," to Richard Allanby, regarding a petition to 
abolish the Slave trade, which he intended to offer in 
the House of Commons. 

4037 Br.\dfori), William, Second Governor of Plymouth Col- 

ony, 1621, and one of the **Mayflower" Pilgrims, author 
of the "History of Plymouth Colony, 1602-1647," lately 
given to Massachusetts by the Bishop of London, a. /. s. 
I page 4° and address, *Tlimouth, Dec. 11, 1645/' 
to ** his much honoured friend, Mr. John Winthrop, 
deputie Gou'. of Ye Massachusets these be d. d.," and 
bearing Winthrop's endorsement. **....! am re- 
quested to write these few lines unto you in the behalfe 
of some Indeans of Yarmoth, who complaine that Mr. 
Affley owes them 6 coats of trading cloath, and a pair 
of small briches, for service they did him, in taking of 
sturgion. Some of them affirme that they were loath to 
have loast their hunting when he Importuned them to 
help him, and now not to repay them for their laboure 
they take it very ill, and take occasion therby to scan- 

dalice all Ye English " This letter is the one 

sent to London for comparison with the MS. in the Ful- 
ham Library to determine if the latter was the long miss- 
ing Bradford History. See ** Proceedings Mass. Hist. 
Soc. April 12, 1855." 

In perfect condition and very rare. 

4038 Bradstreet, Col. John, In Pepperrell's regiment at 

Louisburg, with Amherst at Ticonderoga, captured 
Fort Frontenac, etc., a. I. s. i page 4**, ''Albany, Dec. 
24, 1759," to Capt. Abraham Dow. An order for the 
payment of money for "the Publick Service." Rare. 


4039 Broadside. — ** Boston, Dec. r, 1773. At a Meeting of 

the People of Boston and the neighbouring Towns, at 
Faneuil Hall in said Boston, on Monday the 29th of 
November, 1773, nine o'clock, a. m., and continued by 
Adjournment to the next Day; for the Purpose of con- 
sulting, advising and determining upon the most proper 
and effectual Method to prevent the unloading, receiv- 
ing or vending the detestable Tea, sent out by the East 
India Company, Part of which being just arrived in this 
Harbour " Heliotype reproduction. 

4040 Broadside, — **The First Great Western Empire, or The 

United States of America, January 15, 181 2." Pub- 
lished to inspire the Patriots to enlist in the War of 
1812. Reprint. 

4041 Brooks, Dr. John, Revolutionary officer. Governor of 

Massachusetts, etc., a. I. s. i page folio, **Medford, 
May 22, 1801," to Jonathan Jackson. 

4042 Burleigh, William Cecil, Lord, Secretary of State to 

Queen Elizabeth, Lord High Treasurer, 1572, etc., d. s. 
I page folio, endorsement for the payment of the bill of 
William Robinson **for ryding with letters from the Rt. 
Hon. my Lord Burleigh, Lord High Treasurer of Eng- 
land to Mr. William Sands, Esquire, one of the Com- 
missioners appointed for the repair of the forts and 
Castles, etc." 

4043 Burns, Robert, Scotch poet, a. d. 2 pages 8**, (1793- 

94). A copy of his famous impromptu, written when 
Gen. Dumouriez deserted the Army of the French Re- 

" You're welcome to Despots, Dumourier, 

You're welcome to Despots, Dumourier, 

How does Dampiere do ? 

Ay, and Beurnonville too ? 

Wny did they not come along with you, Dumourier? ....** 

Very rare. 

4044 Bute, John Stuart, Earl of. Prime Minister of England, 

d. s. portion of, 1-2 page 8°, **Whitehall, Sept., 1762," 
signed also by T. Dashwood, and James Oswald; — two 
other portions of Treasury documents, signed by 
Charles Townshend, Duke of Newcastle, Grenville, 
Legge and others, each 1-2 page 8®. (3) 

4045 Carlos, Don, King of Spain, grandson of Ferdinand and 

Isabella, and of Maximilian of Germany, /. s. i page 
oblong folio, and address, **Burgos, June 17, 1524." 
To the Master of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, 
appointing Pedro de Peaztagni to a commandery in the 
Order, and bearing the official signature **Yo el Rey." 
Very rare, and in very good condition. 


4046 Gary, Sir Robert, Officer of the Household of King 

James I., of England, d. s, i page folio, **Aug. 17, 
1 61 9," warrant for a treasury payment, to one of the 
officers **of his highness" wardrobe." 

4047 Ghalmers, George, Scotch historian. Secretary of the 

Board of Trade, a. I, in 3d person, i page 4**, and wrap- 
per franked, **Whitehall, 16 June, 1789"; — and <i. </. 
I page 4**, an extract from the Gharter of the Golony of 
Rhode Island, (a) 

4048 Gharles I., King of England, /. s. 2 pages folio and 

address, **our Gourt att Oxford, December 21, 1642," 
to **Our trusty and Welbeloued Our high Sheriflfe of Our 

Gounty of Montgomery Wee are very much 

moued and afflicted with the Sence Wee haue of the 
Pressures and Sufferings of Our good subjects of that 
our Gounty in so high a measure from the forces of the 
Rebells, and in some Degree from such forces of Our 
Own w*** Wee were constrained by this Rebellion to rays 
there for the necessary Defence of Ourselfe and of that 
our Gounty .... Wee are afflicted for the Difficulties 
and Dammages they have sustayned by occasion of this 
Desperate Rebellion .... nothing but the necessity 
of Warre . . should euer in Our Raigne haue brought 
upon them . . . ." Most interesting letter written just 
at the beginning of the war. In perfect condition, and 
very rare in this form. 

4049 Gharles V., Emperor of Germany (Gharles I. of Spain), 

/. s. I page folio and address, **Oct. 7, 1529," to the 
Prince of Orange, to retain and treat well Don Diego 
Somiento. Stained, and margin injured, but signature 
intact. Rare. 

4050 Glap, Rev. Thomas, President of Yale Gollege, 1740, 

a. I. s. I page folio and address, **New Haven, June 
25, 1762," to the Rev. Jared Eliot. A notification for 
a meeting of the Gorporation of the Gollege, before 
Gommencement. Rare. 

405 1 Glay, Henry, Statesman and orator. Secretary of State, 

etc., a. L s, 1 page 4°, ** Washington, Oct. 10, 1828, 
(Gonfidential)," to Mr. Madison. In regard to the quali- 
fications of Mr. Trist, a member of Mr. Jefferson's fam- 
ily, for a position in the State Department. 

4052 GoNFEDERATE States. Bonds and Gertificates, issued by 

the Gonfederate States Government, during the Givil 
War, and authorized by Acts of Dec. 24, 1861, Feb. 20, 
1863, and Feb. 17, 1864, all in blank. Also a blank 
Commission for a Privateer. **Montgomery," i86i. (7) 


4053 Confederate States Fractional Currency. Specimens of 

the currency issued by several of the states during the 
Civil War, 1861-1863. North and South Carolina, 
Alabama, Georgia, etc., in sums of five to fifty cents; — 
also a $1 note of the Castine Bank, 1819. (10) 

4054 Confederate States Paper Currency. Specimens of 

the currency issued by the Confederate States Govern- 
ment during the Civil War, 1861-1864, in sums of one 
to fifty dollars, and various issues; ^also a one dollar 
note, issued by the State of Virginia, May 15, 1862. 
All in fairly good condition. (14) 

4055' Connecticut Lottery Ticket, '*for the Benefit of the 
Ferry-Point-Wharff in New Haven, 1754," signed by 
Jared Ingersoll; — Loan office Certificate, **Jan. 11, 
1782," signed by M. Hillegas, Moses Brown, and 
others; — and three checks of the Bank of the United 
States, 1799, 1800, 1801. (5) 

4056 Continental Money. Currency issued by the Conti- 

nental Congress, 1775-76-77-78, in sums of three, five, 
seven and eight dollars, and one-sixth of a dollar; — 
also specimens of the issues of the Colonies of New Jer- 
sey, 1776, Maryland, 1774, Pennsylvania, 1775-1777, 
and Massachusetts, 1780, and one rare bill of Nov., 
1776. (14) 

4057 Cotton, Rev. Seaborn, Minister to Hampton, son of 

Rev. John Cotton of Boston, a. /. s, i page 4® and ad- 
dress, **Hampton, Aug. 3, 1682," to his brother John. 

4058 Cotton, William, d. s. double folio, **Boston, Feb. 9, 

1668." A deed of land in Boston, to Jonathan Shrimp- 
ton, and signed also by Edward Rawson, Secretary, 
flfrancis Robinson and William Pearseson. Two good 
impressions of Cotton's seal. On vellum. 

4059 Cruikshank, George, English artist and caricaturist, 

autograph signature, 1 page oblong 8®, '*Oct. 3, 1866. *' 

4060 Davis, Judge John, Comptroller U. S. Treasury, the 

youngest member, and last survivor of the Convention 
to adopt the U. S. Constitution, a profound antiqua- 
rian, Pres. of the Mass. Hist. Soc, 18 18-1843, a. /. s, 
I page 4** and address, ** April 26, 1834, " to Thomas 
L. Winthrop. 

4061 Deane, Rev. Samuel, Minister of Falmouth, (Portland), 

Poet, gained for the best English ode on the death of 
George II., and the accession of George III., one of the 
six prizes awarded by Harv. Coll., MS. Sermon. 16 
pages 8^ **Dec. 26, 1874." 


4062 Deane, Silas, Diplomatist, agent for America in Europe 

during the Revolution, M. O. C, etc., a, I. s. 1 page 
4^ ** Wethersfield, Feb, 5, 1770." Describes the in- 
dignation and the efforts *'.... to make a stand here 
and if possible break thro, the nonimportation agreement 
. . . . " Also copy of a most indignant letter to John 
Hancock, upon the way in which he was being treated by 
the Congress. 

4063 Dickinson, John, Member of the Stamp Act Congress, 

1765, signer of the Articles of Confederation, member 
of the Annapolis and Constitutional Conventions, M. 
O. C, etc., a. /. s, 2 pages 4**, ** Philadelphia, * June 
22, 1769." 

4064 Doddridge, Dr. Philip, English nonconformist clergy- 

man and theologian, Auto. MS. 3 pages 8®, ** North- 
ampton, Feb. 21, 1747-8." A Sermon in short-hand 
** Of being brought into YeCovnt under the Rod." 

4065 Downing, Emanuel, Representative to the General 

Court from Salem, 1638-43, married Lucy, sister of 
Gov. John VVinthrop, a. I. s. 1 page 4°, and address, 
** Salem, 5th day morning, (endorsed,) 1641," to '* his 
verie loving cosen Mr. Peter at Boston." Wishing 
him a safe journey to England, etc. Presented to Mr. 
Deane by Mr. R. C. Winthrop, and printed in the Col- 
lections of the Mass. Hist. Soc, Vol. 6, (4th series), 
page 58. Very rare. 

4066 Dyer, Eliphalet, Member of the Stamp Act Congress, 

1765, M. O. C. , etc., a. I. s. 2 pages folio and address, 
** York-Town, Feb. 17, 1778," to William Williams, the 
Signer, and endorsed by him. **.... the distresses of 
our diminished army, the little prospects of Magazines 
being laid up sufficient for an Increase equal to our de- 
mands, fill me with much anxiety, the South States say 
you must not depend upon us, when we turn our eyes 
eastward they say we must not depend upon them. . . . 
You doubtless before this will hear various rumours of 
a Canada Expedition and may wonder among our many 
wants, we should undertake thiswild plan. The Truth is 
Genl. Gates had laid the plan and made every prepara- 
tion for Genl. Stark with a party under him .... 
to make an irruption into Canada, as his accounts were 
the Garrison at St. John and Chamble were very weak. 
.... We have just received a letter from Genl. 
Washington that a cartel is settled between him and 
Genl. How for a full exchange of Prisoners which will 
redeem all our privates and a great part of our Officers. 
. . . . " A very fine letter. 


4067 DwiGHT, Theodore, Jr., Author and journalist, a. L s. 

3 pages 4** and address, '* New York, Dec. 26, 1846," 
to Mr. Charles Deane, in regard to the authenticity of 
** Madame Knight's Journal." See Pro. Mass. Hist. 
Soc, Dec. 1877, pp. 386-8, where this letter is printed. 

4068 Elizabeth, Queen of England, d, s. i page oblong 

folio, n. d. Sign Manual to an Act of Parliament. On 
vellum. Rare. 

4069 Endecott, John, First Governor of Mass. -Bay, 1629, 

a. d. s. double folio, '* the sixteenth day of the ffourth 
moneth, 1656," an acknowledgement before him as 
Governor. Indenture, given and signed by Edward 
Tyng, Jr., Elder William Colburn, and Elder James 
Penn, to the Company of the Waterworks to lay and 
maintain a conduit ** in the street now called orknowne 
by the name of Conduit Street," (Dock Square). Signed 
also by Edward Rawson, secretary, and others. On 

4070 Franklin, Benjamin, Signer of the Declaration, Member 

of the Congress at Albany, 1754, and of the Constitu- 
tional Convention, M. O. C, etc., a. /. s. 1 page folio, 
'* Philadelphia, Dec. 19, 1763," to Mr. Ingersoll. Writ- 
ing as Postmaster General of America with Mr. Fox- 
croft, in regard to Mr. Holt, a local Postmaster who 
had fallen in debt to the office. 

4071 Free Church of Scotland. Fac-simile of ** Act of Sepa- 

ration and Deed of Demission executed at the meeting 
of the Assembly of The Free Church of Scotland, Held 
at Edinburgh, on the 23d of May, 1843." Signed by 
all the Protesting Ministers and Elders. A roll 8 
feet X 15 inches; — Other fac-similes of Increase Mather, 
Lord Byron, Bishop Samuel Seabury and others. (7) 

4072 Gage, Thomas, Commander in Chief of the British 

forces in America, Governor of Mass., etc., a. I. s. i 
page folio, ** New York, May 8, 1769," to Col. Brad- 

4073 George I., King of England, d. s. 2 pages folio, ** Court 

of St. James, May 9, 1719." Permission to the Duke 
of Bolton and Earl Stanhope to be absent from the 
realm. Signed also by James Craggs, Secretary of 
State. In fine condition, and rare. Beautiful impres- 
sion of the great seal. 

4074 George II., King of England, d. s. 2 pages folio, ** Court 

of St. James, Feb. 27, 1758." A warrant for the payment 
of money to a contractor, for supplying the army with 
bread, wood, etc. Signed also by the Duke of New- 
castle, and other officials. 


4075 GiBBS, Rev. Henry, Minister of Watertown, a, d. 4 pages 

8**, n. d., MS. Sermon, ** Behold now is the accepted 
time." Written in an almost microscopic hand, but 
perfectly legible. 

4076 Goodrich, Chauncey, Jurist and Statesman, member of 

the Hartford Convention, a. I. s. 2 pages 4**, '*New 
Haven, April 11, 1780," to Stephen R. Bradley, con- 
gratulating him upon the successful work which he had 
done, for the benefit of the future state of Vermont. 

4077 Gordon, Lord George, Member of Parliament, leader in 

the ** No Popery Riots," June, 1780, tried for high 
treason, etc., a. d. s. i page folio, ** June 18, 1785." 
A declaration before a Justice of the Peace that he con- 
siders his life in danger, in consequence of threatening 
letters which he has received from Ireland. Signed 
also by Robert Abington, the magistrate. The Gordon 
riots form much of the plot of Dickens* Barnaby Rudge. 

4078 Hallam, Henry, English historian, a. /. s. 2 pages 8', 

**Tunbridge Wells, Oct. 4, 184a," to the Master of 
Trinity College, Cambridge, regarding his son's enter- 
ing the college. Rare. 

4079 Hancock, John, President of Congress, Signer of the 

Declaration, and of the Articles of Confederation, 
Governor of Mass., etc., a. I. s. i page 4° and address 
franked, ** Boston, Dec. 19, 1770," to James Ahearn, 
on business. 

4080 Hazard, Ebenezer, United States Postmaster ^General, 

1782-89, a. I. s. I page 4°, *' New York, June 11, 
1789." A personal letter to Rev. Dr. Jedediah Morse. 

4081 Hazen, Moses, Brigadier General in the Revolution, 

a. I. s. 3 pages 4° and address, ** Fishkills, Feb. 5, 
1781," to Col. Timothy Bedel. **.... I hear noth- 
ing more of the Expedition which we wish to have 
undertaken. The Commotions in the army and that in 
the Pennsylvania line and the Jersey Troops are at 
length settled, the latter to the Hon' of our arms, I 
wish I could say as much for the former. The Com- 
mander in Chief is a going to Rhode Island in a few 
days, which is a good symptom — as the Marquis is to 
accompany him We have lately made a suc- 
cessful excursion on our Enemies Cantonments at New 
York. Taken near sixty prisoners, killed a number 
without much loss, we are Impatient to hear from 
Europe in order to Determine whether it will be 
peace or War many politicians Depend on the former.'* 


4082 Henry VII., King of England, d, s. oblong folio, ** Given 

at our Manour of Holymount, March 6, 1506**, signed 
also by Edmond Dudley. On vellum. 

4083 Henry VIII., King of England, /. j. i page oblong 

folio, and address, ** Nov. 17, 1533," to Sir William 
Breton, appointing William Davenport, as Sheriff of 
Chester. Upon paper bearing watermark of a crowned 
hand, (1468). See ** Historical Documents, Scott & 
Davy," page 5, of Watermarks. Rare. 

4084 Houston, William Churchill, Member of the Annapolis 

and Constitutional Conventions, M. O. C, etc., /. s. 2 
pages 4^, **In Committee of Foreign Afifairs, Phila., 
July II, 1780,'* to John Jay, inclosing a Resolve of 
Congress, appointing Henry Laurens to solicit a Loan 
from the Low Countries. Signed also by James Lovell, 
M. O. C. 

4085 Hutchinson, Thomas, Colonial Governor of Mass., 

1769, et seq., member of the Congress at Albany, 1754, 
d. s. double folio, ** Boston, Oct. 2, 1772, "signed 
also by John Cotton, Secretary, and Clerk of the 
Stamp Act Congress, 1765. Rare engraved military 
Commission to Edward Dean of Taunton. Backed. 

4086 James I., King of England, (James VI. of Scotland), /. s. 

I page folio and address, ** June 8, 1616," to Thomas 
Egerton, (Lord Ellesmere), Lord Chancellor of Eng- 
land. Appointing Sir John Dachombe as Chancellor 
of Lancaster. In perfect condition, with beautiful im- 
pression of the seal, and fine watermark. Rare. 

4087 Jay, John, President of Congress, one of the Signers of 

the Treaty of Peace, Sept. 3, 1783, first Chief Justice 
of the U. S., etc., /. s. i page folio, ** March 31, 
1785," to the Governor of Massachusetts. **.... 
Your Excellency will perceive from these papers that 
the Bishops of Denmark will confer holy Orders on 
American Candidates without any Tests, which, (like 
those insisted on in Engiand), would be improper for 
Americans to comply with " 

4088 Jay, John, a. I. s. i page 4° and address, *' Bedford, 

April 28, 1805," to Goldsborow Baneyar. A personal 
and familiar letter. 

4089 Johnson, Sir William, Commander of the Crown Point 

expedition, Superintendent of Indian affairs, member of 
the Albany Congress, 1754, etc., a, L s. 2 pages 4*, 
'* Johnson Hall, Oct. 27, 1773." A business letter. 


4090 Jefferson, Thomas, Signer of the Declaration, M. O. C, 

President of the United States, etc., a. I. s. i page 
4°, ** Monticello, June 15, 1815," to President James 
Madison, asking for the appointment of an Indian agent. 
** . . . . Monroe is with us, and his daughter Mrs. 

Hay extremely ill Bonaparte, unprincipled 

as he is, is at length placed in a situation to claim all 
our prayers against the enterprises meditated on the in- 
dependence of his nation " 

4091 Lafayette, Gilbert Motier, Marquis de. Major General 

in the American Revolution, etc., a, I. in 3rd person, i 
page 4° and address, ** August 1, 1828," to Mr. Petit de 
Villes, inclosing him a ticket for the meeting on the 
following day. 

4092 Lincoln, Levi, Jr., Governor of Massachusetts, 1825, et 

seq., a, I. s. i page 4° and address, ** Worcester, Feb. 
14, 1820," on legal matters. 

4093 Livingston, Philip, Member of the Stamp Act Congress, 

1765, Signer of the Declaration, M. O. C., etc., a, L s, 
I page folio, ** New York, Sept. 2, 1751," a business 
letter. **.... Mr. Bryan is dead and did during 
his Life act the part of an honest man with me as far 
as he was able. But 1 cannot say so much for Mr. 
Clarke who makes no bones to make promises without 
any design to perform. I desire you to see him with- 
out delay " Very rare. 

4094 Louis XIV., King of France, d. s. i page large folio, 

** Fontainebleau, Sept. 25, 1694." Military route for 
some soldier from Hasnault to Paris. 

4095 Louis XVI., King of France, d, s, i page large folio, 

** Paris, May i, 1791." An order to the Treasurer 
General of the civil list, to pay to the Abbd Caussin, his 
salary as Chaplain of Marley. Signed also by the 
Minister Laporte, who was afterwards guillotined. 

4096 Lyon, Col. Matthew, Politician, founder of Fairhaven, 

Vt., M. C, opponent of Roger Griswold, gave the vote 
which made Jefferson president, etc., a. I. s. i page 
folio and address, ** Fairhaven, May 2, 1789," to Col. 
Ira Allen, on business. 

4097 Mackenzie, Henry, Scotch lawyer and novelist, author 

of ** The Man of Feeling, " etc., a. I. s, 2 pages 4® and 
address, ** Edinburgh, Jan. 11, 1783, " to Cadell the 
publisher, regarding Mrs, Yates's acting of a new play, 
and the chance of Mr. Harris producing it at Covent 
Garden Theatre. Torn, but repaired. 


4098 Malone, Edmund, Irish critic and Shakesperian writer, 

a. I. s. 2 pages 8^ •* Aug. 20, 1810, " in relation to his 
Essay on Ford. '*.... I took much pains on this sub- 
ject about a year ago, and conceive that I am quite im- 
pregnable. I defy even Buonaparte and all his Myrmi- 
dons to make the least impression on my fortification. 
. . . "; — Dr. Nathan Drake, English physician and 
essayist, a. /. s. 2 pages 8°, **Hadleigh, Dec. 31, 
1825." (2) 

4099 Mather, Rev. Dr. Increase, President of Harvard Col- 

lege, Minister of the North Church, Boston, the first 
person to receive the degree of D. D. in America, a. d, s. 
I page 8**, *'Aug. 13, 1713. " A list of marriages; 
also a. d. 1-2 page oblong 8*^. Memo. Rare. (2) 

4100 Miscellaneous Letters, 4^ and folio, 1813-1840, some 

of them written to W. Deane; and three documents, 

1733-1799- (11) 

4101 Monmouth, James Scott, Duke of, Son of Charles II. of 

England, leader of ** Monmouth's rebellion," 1685, 
executed July 15, of the same year, /. y. i page folio 
and address, ** Whitehall, Oct. 18," with seal. To 
Sir Richard Bulstrode. '*.... I have acquainted his 
majesty with yours, who is pleased to promise that you 
shall deliver his compliments to the Governor there upon 
the peace .... As to the Bread it was Pereira's agree- 
ment with me att Bruxelles that he would aske no more 
for what hee should furnish, than what should bee con- 
tracted for here. ..." Written probably while Com- 
mander-in-Chief, and before the Peace of Nimeguen. In 
perfect condition, and very rare. 

4102 Moody, Rev. Silas, Minister of the Congregational 

Church at Arundel, Maine, 1771-1816. MS. Sermons, 
8°, 1770-1815. (6) 

4103 Nottingham, Charles Howard, Earl of, Lord High Ad- 

miral of England, commanded the fleet against the 
Armada, /. s. i page folio and address, '* Richmond, 
Jan. 13, 1599. The Privie Councell for allowance of 
His petition to Arthur Gregory as Engineer for ye for- 
tifications at Ventnor Castle. " Signed also by Sir John 
Popham, Thomas Egerton, (Lord Ellesmere), Lord 
Buckhurst, Robert Cecil, (Lord Salisbury), and others, 
members of the Council. 

4104 Oliver, Andrew, Secretary of the Province of Mass., 

Lieut. Governor, and Stamp master, a. /. s. i page 4® 
and address, ** Boston, July 20, 1767, to Jared Inger-: 
30II, on law business. 


4105 Oath of Allegiance, Small broadside, i page 4°, ** Feb. 

1685, on solemn oath, before Almighty God, 

did abjure and renounce the late Traiterous Apologeti- 
cal Declaration, in so far as it declares War against His 
Majesty, and asserts that it is lawful to kill such as 
serve His Majesty in Church, State, Army, or Countrey, 
conform to His Majesties late Proclamation of the thir- 
tieth day of December last The ink in which 

the names were written has entirely faded out. 

4106 Oliver, Robert Dudley, English naval officer in the war 

of 1812, /. s. I page folio, •* H. M. Ship Valiant, Off 
New London, Dec. 2, 1813, " to Henry Gahm, Swedish 
Consul at New York. Announcing that by order of Sir 
John Borlase Warren, Long Island Sound is in a state 
of Blockade. 

4107 Parsons, Theophilus, Chief Justice of Massachusetts, 

Attorney General of the U. S., a. d, i page 4**, authen- 
ticated by a note from his son, Judge Parsons. The 
MS. is upon the reverse of a, L s. 3 pages 4** , ** Mar- 
blehead, Jan. 10, 1804, " of Chief Justice Samuel Sewall, 
in regard to the drafting of a new bill on the descent, 
etc., of Intestate estates; Ch. Justice Parsons' MS. re- 
ferring to the same subject. 

4108 Perkins, James, Loyalist, addresser of Hutchinson, and 

of Gage, and a protester against the Whigs, arrested, 
April, 1776, by order of the Council; his residence was 
on the ground where the Tremont Building now stands, 
a, I. s. 6 pages 4° and address, ** Halifax, Aug. 2, 
1776, " to. Gardiner Greene. Most interesting letter 
giving details of the movements of the British troops, 
the loyalists, etc. **.... every day may bring forth 
something new where War rages. You undoubtedly en- 
quire how I came here, I will tell you. About the mid- 
dle of March past, Genl. Howe with his army consisting 
of about 7 or 8000 men with women and children. In- 
habitants of Boston, Refugees from the Country, etc., 

quitted the Town of Boston & came down to 

this Hole I blame no one, for the Devil himself 

couldn't think to see the present unhappy War increase 

to so great a Height in so short a Time Half of 

Boston is now in England, and they tell me that the 
Bostonians are so thick about the streets of London 
that it is imagined Selectmen, Wardens, etc., will be 
chosen there according to the old Bostonian method. 
. . . . " Printed in the Proceedings of the Mass. 
Hist. Soc, for June, 1873. 


4109 Peale, Rembrandt, Artist, son of Charles W. Peale, 

painted from life a portrait of Washington, 1795, ^- ^- '^* 
I page 8°, '*Bost., Dec. 4, 1859, " to Frederick Kidder. 

41 10 Peters, Rev. Samuel, D. D., Celebrated clergyman, and 

loyalist, elected Bishop of Vermont, but not consecrated, 
author of ** History of Conn., " 1781, a. I. s. 3 pages 
4® and address, ** London, June 28, 1795, " to Col. Ira 
Allen, on business matters. 

41 1 1 Plymouth, England. Impression of the Seal of the 

Corporation of Plymouth; given Mr. Deane by James 
P. Baxter, of Portland, Maine, 1882. 

41 12 PoPHAM, Sir John, Chief Justice of the King's Bench, 

England, 1591, et seq., /. s. i page folio, ** Court at 
Richmonde, Oct. 9, 1601. " Signed also by Lords Not- 
tingham, Ellesmere, Buckhurst, Salisbury and Stanhope, 
and others, members of the Privy Council. An order 
to the Lord Treasurer to pay for the provisioning of the 
army, etc. 

41 13 PowNALL, Thomas, Colonial Governor of Massachusetts, 

1757, and of South Carolina, 1760, a. I. s. 1 page 4° 
and address, *' Richmond, Jan. 17, 1781, " to Joseph 
Sharpe, on legal business. 

41 14 Prince, Rev. Thomas, Minister of the Old South Church, 

Boston, 1718, etseq.j author of ** Annals, " etc., a, L s. 
I page 4°, Jan. 30, 1744-5, ** to Rev. Charles Chauncy, 
Minister of the First Church, Boston. The paper con- 
tains also an a. /. s. of Chauncy to Prince, and a second 
letter of Prince in reply. The correspondence, all re- 
ferring to Mr. Whitefield's preaching in Boston, Mr. 
Chauncy being bitterly opposed to him, having in 1742, 
published ** Discourse on Enthusiasm," directed against 
him. This correspondence, (three letters on one sheet), 
is printed in the Mass. Hist. Soc, Collections, Vol. 2, 
4th Series, pp. 238-9. Very interesting and very rare. 

41 15 Prospectuses, of the publication of ** Hubbard's His- 

tory of New England, " of ** Historical Collections,'' and 
of ** Hutchinson's History, " each a printed broadside 
of I page folio, 1814-1827. (3) 

4116 Quick, Rev. John, English clergyman, and friend of Dr. 

Benjamin Colman, a, /. s. 2 pages 4** and address, 
** Sydenham, in Kent, July 11, 1701, " to Dr. Colman. 
See N. E. Hist. Gen. Register, Vol. III. pp. 109-115. 

411 7 QuiNCV, Josiah, Jr., Orator and patriot of the Revolu- 

tion, a. d. I page 4°. Aut. address of letter; authenti- 
cated by Robert Gilmor, to whom it was sent by Miss 


41 18 Rees, Rev. Abraham, D. D., English Unitarian minister, 

editor of *' Cyclopaedia, " 1803-19, a. l. s. i page 4** 
and address, ** Clifton Wood, June 28, 1823, '* to Rev. 
Mr. Lowell. 

41 19 Robinson, Col. Beverley, Major under Wolfe at the 

storming of Quebec, Col. of the Loyal American Regi- 
ment, his house was Arnold's Headquarters at the time 
of the treason, a. /. s. 1 page 4® and address, ** New 
York, Sept. 29, 1766, " to Jared Ingersoll, on law busi- 

4120 Rush, Richard, Statesman and diplomatist, Cabinet offi- 

cer, a, I. s. 3 pages 4**, **Washington, Aug. 12, 1815, " 
to President Madison. A personal letter, sending him 
the ** last Edinburgh Review. " 

41 2 1 St. Pierre, Jacques Henri Bernardin de, French novel- 

ist, author of ** Paul and Virginia, " a. d. 2 pages fo- 
lio, ** Notes on Natural History. " Authenticated by 
the celebrated Louis Aim^ Martin, French educational 

4122 Scott, Sir Walter, British novelist and poet, a, I. s. 1 

page 4** and address, ** Edinburgh, Feb. 2, 1826, " in 
regard to accounts owed. **....! should wish the 
smaller debts and poorer people settled with if possible. 
.... I am happy to say Woodstock advances so well 
that if God Grant me life, health and spirits it will be 

on the counters even in the end of February 

Lady Scott has agreed to make no more accompts. . . . " 

4123 Sheridan, Richard Brinsley, English statesman, orator 

and dramatist, a. I. s, (initials), i page 4° and address 
franked, 1806, to Richard Wilson; — also/, s. i page 4** 
and address, ** Nov. 25, 1806. '* An election circular. 


4124 Sherman, Roger, Signer of the Declaration, and of the 

articles of Confederation, M. O. C, etc., a, d, 2 pages 
4®, ** Philadelphia, Nov. 13, 1775. " James Dean's In- 
formation "; — Robert Morris, Signer of the Declara- 
tion, and of the Articles of Confederation, member of 
the Annapolis and Constitutional Conventions, M. O. 
C, etc., /. s. portion of, 1-2 page 4®, ** Sept. 15, 
1783, " signed also by Thomas Willing, M. O. C. An 
official notice of the admission of a new member to the 
firm of ** Willing and Morris." (2) 

4125 Sherman, Roger, a. d, 5 pages 4**, *'June 13, 1787, 

Report of the Committee. '* The Report consists of 
nineteen Articles upon the establishment of the legisla- 
tive branch of the U. S. Government. See Madison 
Papers, pp. 73^-35» and 858-61. 


4126 SiDDONS, Harriet, English writer, a. /. s, 5 pages 8** 

and address, ** Edinburgh, July 23, 1833," to the 
Duchess of St. Albans, asking aid for a worthy object 
of charity. 

4127 Smith, William, Jr., Chief Justice of New York, loyalist 

in the Revolution, Chief Justice of Canada, 1786. Au- 
thor of ** Hist, of New York," a. L s. 2 pages 4°, ** New 
York, Aug. 29, 1767," to Jared IngersoU. **.... 
England is in great wrath, our Legislature to be sus- 
pended, a Board of Revenues established for this 
country, and an independent support to be provided for 
the Government and administration of Justice. I am 
not afraid of their Principles, (the affairs of Taxation 
excepted) but I am of their Passion, and that our mu- 
tual Bickerings will teach us to hate each other, and so 
hasten a Day which neither you nor I wish to see. 


4128 Stiles, Rev. Ezra, D. D., Clergyman and scholar, Presi- 

dent of Yale College, 1778, et seq., a. L s. 1 page folio 
and address, " Newport, June 23, 1756," to Jared In- 
gersoU, on the subject of Free Masonry. Rare. 

4129 Stilson, James, </. s. double folio, ** Newcastle, March 

27, 1733." A deed of land on the Muscongus River near 
Pemaquid, to Samuel Waldo. Signed also by Philip 
Carteret, Stephen Minot, Joseph Moody, and John Bal- 
lantine. On vellum. 

4130 Thacher, George, Judge, M. O. C, etc., a. I. s. 3 pages 

folio and address, ** Biddeford, Aug. 24, 1817, " to 
Messrs. Waterston and Pray, on business matters. 

4131 Thoms, William John, English antiquary and author 

founder and editor of '* Notes and Queries," /. s. 2 
pages 4** and addre.<;s, ** Westminster, April 22, 1839," 
to T. Crofton Croker. 

4132 Trumbull, Jonathan, d. s. i page folio, ** Lebanon, 

Jan. 18, 1776." A Proclamation. **.... Whereas 
I have authentic Intelligence that the army under the 
command of the late Gen. Montgomery has been re- 
pulsed in attempting to dispossess the Enemies of Am- 
erican Liberty, of the City of Quebeck, the General 
slain, with several of the officers and soldiers, and a 
number taken Prisoners, whereby re-inforcements are 
become indispensibly necessary in order to maintain the 

advantages already gained in that country 

I have thought it necessary that at least one Regiment 
of Foot Sh'od be raised by voluntary inlistment in this 

Colony, etc " The whole document in the 

hand writing of William Williams, the Signer. 


4133 Trumbull, Jonathan, Colonial Governor of Connecticut, 

and the one who espoused the cause of the people, a. /. s. 
2 pages folio, ** Lebanon, April 14, 1757, "to the *' Com- 
mittee of the Pay Table, at Hartford," giving an ac- 
count of arms for the nth Company in Col. Phinehas 
Lyman's Regiment, for the next campaign. 

4134 Vernon, James, English officer, a. I. s. 1 page 4** and 

address, '* Whitehall, Veb, 20," circa 1678-9, to the 
Chevalier Bulstrode, British Minister at Brussels. 
*'.... 1 have spoke to my Lord Duke (Monmouth) 
about some consideration for the paines you have taken 
about the forces, which no doubt hath been extraordin- 
ary and expensive too, and his Grace .... hath 
promised to speak to the King upon that point. 


4135 Walpole, Sir Robert, afterwards Earl of Orford, Eng- 

lish Statesman, Chancellor of the exchequer, etc., d. s. 
portion of, i page 4**, *• Whitehall Treasury Chambers, 
June 5, 1710." Signed also by Lord Godolphin, Sir 
Stephen Fox and others. 

4136 Walsingham, Sir Francis, English statesman and diplo- 

matist. Secretary of State, 1573, etc., d. s. portion of, 
1-2 page 4°. Rare. 

4137 Warren, James, President of the Provincial Congress of 

Mass. Bay, 1775. Military Commission to William 
Henshaw, signed also by Sam'l Freeman; — Benjamin 
Banneker, Negro astronomer, a, I. s. 3 pages folio, 
** Aug. 19, 1791," to Thomas Jefferson; — Diploma from 
the University of Edinburgh, Oct. 17, 1785," to Gover- 
nor James Bowdoin. Fac-similes. (3) 

4138 Washington, Gen. George, First President of the U. S., 

etc., a. I. s. I page 4°, ** New York, June 4, 1790." 
Very good signature. 

4139 Washington, Gen. George, d:. d. s. 1-2 page oblong 8°, 

** Mount Vernon, Oct. 17, 1798." Autograph check 
for $129.60, on the United States Bank; with two 
letters from Robert Spring, of Baltimore, giving its 

4140 Washington, Mrs. Martha, Wife of Gen. Washington, 

a. I. in 3rd person 1-2 page oblong 8°, (a slip), and ad- 
dress, n. d., to Mr. Foster, a store keeper in Alexandria. 
Wishing to know **the price of needles by the thou- 
sand," etc., with a note of Mr. Deane in regard to it. 

4141 Webster, Noah, Lexicographer, a. l. s. i page 4** and 

address, ** Philadelphia, Nov. 25, 1803," to Isaac Beers, 
on business. 


4142 Webster, Daniel, Statesman and orator, a, I. s. 3 pages 

4® and address, franked, ** Washington, March 2, 1825, 
to James Madison. **. . . . You will be pleased to 
learn that the Bill for re-funding to Va., the sums paid 
by her for interest on money borrowed for the use of 
the U. S. having passed the H. R., passed the Senate 
also last evening. I concurred in this measure very 
cheerfully regarding the claim as just in itself, and ap- 
proving the wise and generous use to which the fund is 
destined " 

4143 Wheatley, Nathaniel, Son of Mr. John Wheatley, the 

master of Phillis Wheatley, /. s, 1 page 4° and ad- 
dress, ** Boston, Nov. 12, 1770," to Mr. William Chan- 
ning of Providence. The letter is in the hand writing 
of Phillis Wheatley. 

4144 Wheatley, Phillis, Negro poetess, her poems published 

in London, 1773, a. I. s. 2 pages folio, ** Boston, May 
19, 1772," to Arbour Tanner of Newport. **.... 
let us rejoice in and adore the wonders of God's infinite 
Love in bringing us from a land semblant of darkness 
itself, and where the divine light of revelation (being 
obscured) is as darkness. Here the knowledge of the 
true God and eternal life are made manifest. But there 

profound ignorance overshadows the Land " 

Printed in Mass. Hist. Soc. Proceedings, Nov. 1863, pp. 
273-4- Very rare. 

4145 Wheelock, Rev. Eleazer, Founder and first President 

of Dartmouth College, a. l. s. 3 pages 4°, '* Lebanon, 
Aug. I, 1766," to Jared Ingersoll. **.... I need 
not inform you that the school yet continues, and is 
flourishing under the smiles of Heaven and that four 
Missionaries, and seven School Masters, are at present 
imployed in the Indian Country, and they as well as the 
school, supported only by the charitable Donations 
which have been put into my Hands for that Purpose 
and without any settled Fund. And a wider Door than 
ever is opened, and seems still to be opening for the 
Progress of the grand Design in view. ..." Printed 
in Geneal. Register, July, 1848. 

4146 Wheelock, John, Second President of Dartmouth Col- 

lege, and son of Rev. Eleazer a. I. s. 2 pages 4° and 
address, ** Dartmouth College, July 7, 1791," to Col. 
Ira Allen. Concerning three students of the College, 
who have left without leave, and are therefore to be 

■ » 





4147 Wheelwright, Rev. John, Minister of the Church at 

Braintree, but banished from the Colony, founder 
of the town of Exeter, and later of Wells, Maine, etc., 
a.d. s. I page 4**, " Salisbury, April 15, 1668." A de- 
position in regard to the lands purchased from the 
Indians, ** when I with others first came to sit downe 

at Exeter, etc " Signed also by Edward 

Colcord, Samuel Dudley, and Thomas Bradbury. Very 

4148 Williams, William, Signer of the Declaration, M. O. C, 

etc., tf. /. 3 pages folio, ** Lebanon, June 12, 1759," 
to Dr. Porter. Draft of a very curious and confidential 
letter, in which he requests Dr. Porter to tell him, or 
to discover for him, the character of a young lady in 
whom he is very much interested; — also an a, /. s. 3 
pages 8*^, of J. Hammond Trumbull to Mr. Deane in re- 
gard to the letter. 

4149 WiNSLOW, Edward, Governor of Plymouth Colony, 1633, 

et seq., oneof the passengers of the **Mayflower," a, L s. 
I page 4°, '* Cambridge, this last of Aug., 1644," to 
Mr. Bradford and Mr. Prence, in regard to the treaty 
and contract with Mr. Latour, for recompense for loss 
and wrong Mat achabignatus, by M. D'Alney, etc. 
Printed in Mass. Hist. Soc. Proceedings, March, 1878. 
p. III. Very rare. 

4150 WiNTHROP, John, Colonial Governor of Mass. Bay, 1629, 

ct seq., a. I. s. i page 4**, and address, ** Feb. ir, 
16129, " to ** my very loving wife .... at Groton. " 
Printed in Life and Letters, Vol. i, p. 374; very rare, 
particularly in this form; — also a. L s. i page 8**, 1880, 
of Robert C. Winthrop, presenting the letter to Mr. 

4151 Winthrop, John, a. d. s. i page oblong 8°, '* May 26, 

1647, " signed also by Edward Rawson, Secretary. Au 
order of the General Court. See Mass. Col., Rec. Vol. 
IL p. 194. Very rare. 

4152 Winchester, William Paulet, Marquis of, Distinguished 

English statesman. Lord High Treasurer, 1551, et seq., 
d. s. I page folio, **July i, 1560" ; — signed also by 
Sir Walter Mildmay, Chancellor of the Exchequer, and 
Sir Richard Sackville, father of Lord Buckhurst. 

4153 Witherspoon, Rev. John, D. D., Signer of the Declara- 

tion, President of Princeton College, M. O. C, etc., 
a. l. s. I page 4**, ** Princeton, Dec. 26, 1774, '*to Jared 
Ingersoll, on business. 

— END.—